The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on May 31, 1947 · Page 6
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 6

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1947
Page 6
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Personals Designs for Living -.—-——-•f »fA ittowN^^"-*^-" Calendar furtl - 4lil M»^ Wiltfl ii«iitii*iiiftMtiitlltiii»iiiiii<ttl«ltililtiil«itiitiiiii<iiM«iii«t>i>* ' ' • ' * ISJ R*M ivfnii* h**» returned from 'an #*tend*d trip through \V|« Vu- j Rini*. Pemmlvani*, N*w Jersey New Yoi<lt. They »^nt t *eek '«, ah th* ftev, Wslt*r Kei*l*r *t i' «r 1he*0ener«l Ai- of Regular flapliit C t uuc h«« m Atlantic osy and fi«v. Rf( > se sp ,, ke in ( .| UI)C ) lt » )n Phiu- dtlphia. Pi. and Ixing Island. To- morto* Re\. Rre.»e lesvet for Can- Miss Martha Cremeans Will Become Mrs, Rudy Skriletz On August 23 *m! Rudy MAtlft f<wl».y nf MlHh* Skrlltpt* Whirri will hi* «n *v»nf of AnjrnM --'I MIIO j* the ttalififhtfr nf MriS. Mdr ('rerfip«in of MR Union •.tree- Hkrilrt* i* Ihf Son nf Mr«, HeHhH Mkrilei* nf 1'J'J Virginia Demirjian IsEngadedToWed FrankM, Denes Mr, and Mr*. John Demirjian of. the Gtntral Molori Company. JJ7 Harvard avenue are announcing, p f Grddu*t« Nufiii tn* engagement of their daughter, Virfinia, to Frank A. Dene*. Me i* the non of Mr. and Mr*. #rank M, Denes of R D. No. 1 LaOrange. Beth Mws Demlrjmn and her fiance attended Elyria High School. . Mii» Cremfan* *-»!< , . from f.lyri* high »eh.,< 1 with (he, !"" *her« he will »pend a »«*k and • <•(»«» e! \9t\. »nd u fniplnyrd .n the ip««| at c^.uigeliatic ter^Ues. nffit* of ihp Crl*on C'impany , .\| r , (JPOI-K* Tuik. editor ol Ohio' 1 ] Mr Skr-,iet7 wm giachuted fiom , fijm,,).. i>» c her Bulletin, And Mi».. j Klyna high Jfhool in 1938 find from t - ^ RIWJ,»H. of L«O:ang* nil*! j Oenison Univernly .n 1941. He ; t .pj-vic« thaiiman (if the Ohio Con- i«eived m ihe Navy (• i Ihire year*.- ,,,,.,,), „[ Pannix and Tvac'ncis. ase [one year nf «hlch *s.' 'fl-nt in the , ,, mmig ln ^ ;,;, O ), lo mpm bei<i of ll.i i Pacidr. He i« now t-mployed by^tate boaid wiio will aiiend Hir an- ru»l (Q»\ention of the Natn/tihi Congress of I'aienta and 'i'enthi'is in Chu-Afco Hicy \vtil Ipjve tomtn • tX-mirjian tn employed in thej Office of the Ehna Horn* for the! Agtd and Mr Denes by the Reliance Machine Product! Inc. I On Thursday evening Id Inembex io« ami icluiii on Thursday. iof the «ljn» Memorial Hospital l'h« Ohm Mat* Umveiaity» O.I- i , , ... , ,, elge of Commerce honor Iiilt tn- igraduating cl«s* tere truest* of the * ' ' ., 1 '.elude* fiom f.lyri.i, Km* M. Mult/. ' F.ine«t M Yotiovilz, Richard I) BoyUn, Willinm E, Winsorv, F'mnk .f. Kick, Maigatet R. Shubert and Elyiia Memorial Hospital Alumnae A.«*ociaiioft it dinner at the Oifty- stone Hotel. Th* U-shaped table * at co-.ered *'ith a white eloih and , .ibeautifully appomied with talisman •s ii emplojed |t>je , jmowbalU and lilac* to carry Council Meets For Election The Catholic Study Club Council'- held a special meeting in St. Mjry's church basement on Thutadav even- out the etnsi colom. The tall tap- etji were tictl with aqua ribbon and at each member'i plat-" *.i» a compact and a gardenia i-oii-tge, gifts Robert F,. NieUen. Mi<« Jnne Ann Riddle. HaujilUrr. of Mr. and Mr». H. K Riddle ofj 10i< Middle av^nur, arrive* hoinrj this evening from Tex.u Christian j t'nuemty. Foil Worth. Texai She! IF uf/Wy «f flt*lb/« . . (g) 1947, CKir4.56 Timai. MOSfSAf Capt«W P. D. fte*f,t Cirell. Lldltt O. A. ft. iff*** *lth Mills* tto*- It JOS CA/IC*dl «rt»t. •t. of RftSltfiRjf* tft* t*hin| , l*c* collet*; ItYtln* Bitftti, Miami . O.; Ifitf WlHIfli |drir 14 yelriTof *je irt { t?d • CMtr*)ration*l church has dinner party at th$ hom« of Mr*, f.lvi.- 1 ?ion, r.oram i:*5 p. ffi. OffictH So b* in*tall*d. . V. W. C. A, ihttrtJtinl I.Idft* ' Canton Loraln Nf>. 48, I.*die» Auxiliary No. 11 h«v* meeting. and ProfeAsionat Boy» and firls ifc W*lim*ter1 «h- offer- Ittdium to M« th* CleteUnd Indiinl pl»y ban, this* offer i* through <he <ro- 6p*r*tton of th« Cuyihofa County [Council of 'tht American Legion, Caplain Roth of th* Cleveland Po- lict Department and Sill VeWk and Club hai dinner and in*t at 8 36 p. m. at filyria Wonft-'t Club Cla*« of F!r«t to. m lAttffttt, fttt futftt *f Mr, Mri. OtSrJre I. W*rn*f fof llufthl. Miititf MUrWet am? Warner visited <tf. »nd Mr*. B \V*rn*r In Cleveland. Mr. *nd Mr*. Willilm tudor, It, h*v* * son. Willitrn 'fudof. jr\ Ut, borft *.< Obfcrim hostrtiKI. He. nine; eunc*l M**t Curdlnll Shmuli f»o. J of th» Oirl Seouti met »t thtir rtwmt fhufidny Iflcnitton. They _pr»f>. tic*d « program they will us» *' dut church ha« mother-daughter ,'Clty, Texan, to visit their' son-in-law !i.mquet *t Spring Valley Country David J Nye chapter nf De Molay rne*t.« *t 7 to p. m, in Knight* of PythiM hall , Stick and Rudder Club meet* at „ a P m. at Y. M. C. A. with E. H.[j,,,jv *« al*o injured in th* S. Model Club. 'plosion. ! 4-lt Af UvHlM the Cleveland Baseball Co. through i* P*rty for theif mothers «t i later -Spirit of "}»" Wtliingiort American da'*Legion Post coot«r*tiftf with them.' TOo new membtrs Were- wel- Ns d»U ha» Men let A» y«, eometf. feathtr Toth and filltattsth ' OB Wit t« fliii Ka»Un, The girl* will meet again Wednesday, June J. at the room.*. Leader II Mis* Jetnnctte Warner, With Mrs. fVed Snyder and Mrs, Mr. »nd Mr*. K. J. obefi, S*fk*r Street, »rft on .th*il- Wily to tex« and daughter, Mr. *nd Mri. Ororge ?*Ikner. (Elfy Oli«iu. Mt*. Feik- ner *«.< *everely Injured In the City explosions, »n<j only re- w«i releMed from tlw'hoi- pa*!. Hie Pelkner'* little daughter . Ladiex Auxiliary to V t. W , 1070 has mwiu R. The Outdoor 4-H club **? tm- 8*an«er. ft«.*|jiting. f« Or#M« Clay Polxom >*S been engaged In cne.rsee. the recreation (i,»ld again tin* >ear. Director ?o!som has been Hiked by the leaders of the Girl Scout day camp tn lend assistance to them With thrir group tinging, Fallh W*re Given Recognition Timnjend Club meet* in Victory, able to hold iu picnic at We.ulakei F*ith Ware, daughter of Mr. ami , '?„ *' p ' . m , (Park WedtT?SrUy Instead members' Mts. E. E, W«ie, \*a* rerogtiifed women* Auxiliary Horn* for',.-,.,,, to (! , f . homp of MrJ j j*|th w week for her scholastic ubiii- !/\ged mcv?U m Taft Parlors at I 1 BllblU on Hamilton *trect. where uw- faili! stored the higheU "r - M * r- • r- "it '" e 4 ''S U|€ "' nie-eling Was held ral!-! Wore in ft teccnt eighth grade ; ,-hn,"rh*,«•/' h, u !i.? n ! «! to ofclft> b y President Betsy I fholarslnp test conducted here. «nd ! 2 n m '" ".Aril* him been given honorable mention ! j Belly Arndt and Donna Mend! bv tire state educational authoritirs conducted »n initiation for Shirley for fnulhing in the upper ten per Ward. Charles Kreemrin, Mafilvn'rrnl of all ronte«(anf« in Ohm. She \tni ju»t completed her fieshman ,if the Alumna*. j>" r - Folowing the dinner an invita Licenses Wellington Bt COXA ML 8HF.PARD ; 1U lUrkn SL Phfto* tl-t Astociation Newt t»t Dellvert Senrlt* Call : rAiTH • ftertlek A*e We»t Cofinn* Woodlngi Ij Rscipient Of Gifti tion «'*» extended to the gradtutt* to join the Aluninnf by Mils Cora pre*irient Mr*. Edilh HI K*»t Broad llreet, and 1'vl. \Vil- nue. laborer, and Willie M*e Miller. lard Watson, son of Mr. and Mis 13(1 R f) j Fuller road ' ' Ing to elect officers, following routine 'bunineM ilu. Fred Fittpatrick. ehainnan of the nominntinx com- mltte. presented the »lale of offi- eer» t»t the coming ve«r She w«j awutpd on her commiMe by Mr*. Paul Tilman and Mr«. F. R. Dally, The newly elected officers ore " Mrs. rjnlph Ott. president; Miss Catherine Plas, vice-president; Mr> . r. R. Daily, »ecretnry; and Mrs, Paul Tilmntt, .treasurer..'. Th* retiring officers »re Miss LouUe Foreman, president; 'Mia*'Marian Daly, vice-president; Mrs. S. P. Schaefer, secretary; and Mr*. Richard WaUh, tre«atirer. This was th* final meeting of the MHS041. Entartaini Patrol Boyi The patrol boy* of O»t«i trhool were entertained Thurtday noon by th* P.-T,, A. with a dinner and JMcher* of the ichool »»re guejiti. Mr», C. Boyd, Mrs. R, Owen. Mr». Cl. E. Hall and Mr*. R. Seekmi Mrved the meal. After the boyv had enjoyed the typical boy*' dinner uliuffle board ai>d ping pong were, played. Certificate* were awarded from the Cleveland. Automobile dub to the tclUiwini boys: 'Captain "Corkey" Perkins, Ueut. Ed Hemminger. of the jrnirning offi(-e, spoke briefly complimenting th* graduates and Miss Lillian Romano, responded for the senior rim*. Tine member* and guest* then atended th* performance of "Fir*t Lady" given by the Playmakers. Miu Alice Klin«i-t had charge of arrangements fur the dninci andj w«« assisted by Mis* Vkgmia Hoiu- erman, Mr*. John Pail and Mrs, Donald Hutching*. ! Members of the iraduating honored were Arditii Andrews, nore Buchs, Jo«n Tilford Van Dyke, son of Mr snd Mr*. F.. H. Van of Will'Rutledge, 47, 1828 West av«. , street, left v°' A"? r Nc\v Orlr-ai Kmbarkallon for Panama on ./o.eph Alack. ». Amhenl. «ler- ' • >r. welder, and Margaret Chocol, Wednesday. May 18. B River -* « TROOP H Tlie Girl Scout Troop No 14 f H71 East 1 -'"SfP' 1 Salata, 21, S27 Irondale! p | ay «l tea fi i-j street, apprentice carpenter. »nd of McKinley school met lait Monday p. m. with Iheir- mothert a* guest*. Th* reirular bitiiness rne*l- jing was held, after which a ihort Stanf.eld, Matold WKlker, Harold I' s foritwr KoJie ^nd Jamei Bab.It. j rjirner. An offiri-is' tnceting *as an• nounred for Monday e\eniri({ fit 8 o'clock at the irhool auditorium. Spveial local 4-H leaden and others j will explain the Summer* sel-upj Mrs. Jonathan Woodings o! West for the tlub members. River road entertained 32 relatives Both aunnysideu and Outdoor, anr | ftieiids of her sixtcr-in-law, . . 4 ' H clnbs b °5S and girls will hold;Cortnn« Woodings of Amherst at a WELLINGTON—"Hani Out the! tnrir flrtt * ollbs11 practice at one j miscellaneous shower on Tuesday 'o'clock Wednesday afternoon, June night. Miss Wooding* I* the bride- Phone « I ENTKRTAIN8 F.-f. A. Sun" was the three-act play pre- \. al tnfe school a[hltllc fleM ; *enied Tuesday ni«hl at the Parent Teacher*' Association Kathrvn Mouser and by her Miss home dav honoring MIM Vivian Hackett Viifiima Kolopo*. 21, 112 Stanford economics girl*. The group made GuesU Honor Graduate* Mr. and Mr*. C. M. Barnhart entertained at open house Thuisday elect nf Jame.s Kaiser. Bingo w.i «the diversion of the with Mrs, Elmer Bischff Mr*. Harold Bates winning the . . ninht in honor of their son Carl, I prlirs. Following the gam<-< the. th* dav afternoon. 111 Sun- avenue. Miw Hackelt hn*l Geoi«e L. Smith. 2*. R D. 1 firaf- merits were then served. • nd io11 . trucker, and Eileen 'Reismgc., The l»sl m«etinn until Fall will Mose Johnson, Tom..Butllff, Owen, Harland Holobarh, Don Alan PV»nk Brunner, Joe Tayloi. Alvin Knipper, Jack Bauer, Jack Mohare, Tom Fisher, Don Swan*on. Bob Tarrj*. Oeorgc Blrk, Clay Shannon. Alan Pitman, Ralph Bur- g*tl, George Ktiahncr. Don Car* penter, Marvin Kat*. Richard Atkinson, Keith Meyer* and Don Phillip*, Overseas Wives To Meet On the • fie moon of W*dncsday, June 4, there will b* a mMting 1 of the Oversea* Wives Committee at lh« Elyrit Y. W. C. A. b«twetn J;30 p. m, and 5 p. m. Mrs, Howard Robinson, chairman of the commute*, hopes that th«r* Will b* a good attendance. She also would Ilk* to hear from thoit who h«v» not answered her letur questioning th* continuance of the** meetings Mrs. M. C. Hacked at 921 Park 20 324 Wmckles street, Robert Sheldon, 20, R. D 4 Gn.f- n d ton, and Victoria Gimben, 17, R. '' Bc-rnlta Ferber, MarcelU Oremore. Anne Nesipak, Julia Toth. Madge Stabo. Lillian R'liiann, Florence Koesch and Dorothy Falkner. Celebrates 80th Birthday Mr, and Mr*. Clarence Everett of avenu". Twenty-seven members * Club vvenliU- •« Wellington. a;ifej t-e.-t-! "alt' Miller, 21, 2101 Lake ave- „ ...iaurimt in Lakewotxl.foi dinner and S nue. truck driver, mid BHty Gunn ; l«l«r attended Ihe Exposition in thejder. 21. 113 Parkview court, Genty. 44, Cleveland, and Helen Zimmerman, . . -jtlieir beautiful dresses for the oc- who was a member of ihe gi aduat- j honmee unwrapped her luvrlv gifts In which each member of r.a.«ioi-i, They m»v pieient the play Sing class. Those from out-of-town after which n buffet luncheon was troop had a part. Refresh- "' 'he ten-county meetm*. Cora 'were Mrs. Orart Armstrong. Colum- I served by the hostess The table Mosher and Nancy Jewett took bus; Mrs. Sam Ziliox and Mrs 'was beautifully decorated with tall Alice Ellsworth. Akron; Mr. and) while tapers and flowers and zs?£Siss ss-TiS sas,- M " ™ ""-"Lftr, evening. Mr*. Betty Stocklale and grand- rago are upending the week-end si t.nrain. Vied Wilkin*. 2(1. Columbia Sla- tion, shop work, -and Mary KruecK, the home of Mrs, .Stncklal<-'» sistei J20, Lorain. and biothcr-in-law, Mr. and Mu. T | John Kolradt. Lorain. repair- be in the form of a picnic held iU tlie Obcrlin road grounds next j Monday after school. sANNOUNCEMENTS There nre about 200 more hoxe* of cookies in the Girl Scout office. If anyone wishes more ci)s>kieii she can obtain them at the office, 3J;' F.lyria Block. All cookie money is due June <l RCKisiratinn for D.iy Camp be- Bins ,it 9 a. m Monday morning June 2 'Hie nrst one hundred j —, . .. *tn - ••!», I i . J I VIITT I 1 Ul 1V1 1 t Li F. Seller* of Harvard Avenue. jtnan, and Katherme Spolanch, 2-. j KU i» aKe , 7 lo i 8 ,„ reg ,, ter Wl |j Sgt, David T. Sellers, son of Mr. Lorain. i. . parts. Mrs. Norman Linder Installed thej Mr*. Charles Ellsworth, Hudson'centered with brides and groom* newly elected officers of the P-TA. [Several town guests were also pres- :>s'follows: Mrs. Myron Boije, pi en-sent. cakes. Guests were present from Welt.- idcnl; Mrs. Harold Kepler, vice-j Mr. and Mrs. Han>)d Norton had ! ingt.'m, "obetlln.^ESyria, Lor»in. and president: Mrs. Victor Herrick, sec-las gueitr, for their, daughter, Joan, i Ho<ky' River lelary, and Mrs. Lyman DavU,' Jollowing commencement, Mr. »nd; Tlie wedding will be solemnized lrea.«urcr. Mrs Linder then pre- Mr*. W. V, Shipman, New London;' ,u st. Mary'* parish house on Jun« srn'.rd past president pins to Miss'Mr, and Mrs. Glen Norton, Ober-'j ' %'era Matthews and Mr*. Floyd:Un; Mr. and Mrs Robert Sutliffj ... „ , . i j • --• — • - • -- i taken for the camp The Girl 1M Parmtley avenue tntertained ali and Mt , T r Sellers, arrived home Frank Thomas , 31, I.orain,jscout ofTlce u open from 9 a m dinner yesterday noon for the for-(Thursday evening after receiving]assembler, and F.lvera Toth, 2B,| tr , ]3 nonn on week A ' Anv The Misses Theresa Murawskl vacation in Chicago. mer'* fath»r, Ttank Everett of the h,;, terminal leave from the Army Grtswold road, who celebrated hi* m Tort Sheridan, Illinoi*. 80th birthday. The table wa* centered with a large birthday cake and set for his children, including Mr. and "Mrs. Willaid Redman of Lorain, Mr*. Chrlsltnt Brill of Amherst. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Schramm of Schramm road, Mrs. Frank Everett, and the host and hostess. In the afternoon 17 of tht honored guest*' giandchildren surprised him. Out of doors games were played and enjoyed. At five o'clock a desaert lunch wns *erved by Ihe . hott arid hostess and Mr, Everett received a purse of money from hi» family. Hostess To Circle Members of St. Paul;* Circle No, I were th* guests of Mrs. Ida Otar of Sixth street Thursday afternoon lor H nveeling. Mr*. Martha Wuth, president, opened the session by 878 West River street. Kirl who is IR years of »ge or ov»r Leo Zelmski, 2-4^22.1 Winckle«!, mr | W ishej to be a camp aide can Registration* for Camp las-See- street, repairman, and Agnes of South Maple street and Irene ;i3, Lot am. Andrrejcr.yK of Thirteenth street! Wllbeit . Z'eiie. 21, I.orain, tool j Ke-i ~ai-e bi-ing accepted, if left yesterdnv tn *pend a wcek'sinnd die worker, nnd Mary Besean, 20, Loram. S a choice of a cabin mae it i< well lo remsier immediately Miss Menedcs Martin,^t Richard Farnsworth, 19. New Ms the rtuui choict places will be Nurse In training at Springfseldj London, foundi vn«m, and Nellie; taken soun. City Hospital. SpruiKlield. Ohio, isj Belfiore. 17, Wellington, j^. , spending her vacation at her home; Loins Viuady, 26. 303 Foster- ave- : Club Hears Review at 832 Middle Menuc Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Sherman of Toledo spent D«y at ttie home of Mr. and Mrs, Lowell F, Sellers, 124 Chase street, Mr and Mrs, Wilbur 8hu.«-1er nf 1741>i Oration toad are the parents of B daughter born May 30 at jmie, factory worker, and Jucundaj .Vembera of the Rp>e».rrh Club Seitili, 29. Lorain. jlw.-ml » review of the book "Spin James HillliiK*. 22, Lorain, stu-,a .Silver Dolljr" by Alberta Hum- dent, and Carol Poscy. 18, LurMin. jmine. »t the club t meeting Thurs- Edley Gi.iysini, 27. Lorain. clerk, jd;iy ;ilt> riroon'at tlic home of Mrs and Anticline Tomazin, Robert Epple.y, 22. R D. I.orain : A. F. Scruiber on Lake Avenue 2 Am- Mis, Si h.iber presided, in the - i Miss Woodings w-a» a WAC dur- I'l-'h. jand Mr. and Mrs., William Reed, ' jng the war with oversea.' service. The new president announced, 1 Quests of Vernon urketl were! ,,nd Mr. Kaiser was with the Coatt hei-comir.ittc«« as IdilMws: program. Mr .and Mrs. Wade Urich, Jonn!ouard. Mrs. Jo* B.ibitt; heulth, Mrs Ar-jRvan. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Young, j Ihur Cdve; Ipgislation, Mrs Harry "all of Maimfield; Mrs; C. O Youne. Wagner; publitity, Miss Eh/abetli'john Yovmg and Betty Mock, all Hunt; meibcrship, Mrs. Paul Wil-! o f Shiloh. kmson; wn\t and means, Mrs. How- j Guests of Kenneth Avery, jr., nrd Arndt; hospitality. Mrs, GJcnjwere Mr. and Mrs, H. C. Stevens, ~ ' room mother, Mnr. Earl Knowlton Avery, of Oberlin; Erwin Reighley. Brighton. Per*onala school j Dr, W. Z. Barrett, his son-in-law Conkle. To Sing Over Radio The Wellington High mixed chorus of more than 60J;ind dauRhter, Mr. and Mrs. Wll- voice* will be heard over station lisrn Bowen, of Worxibridffe, N. J., WTAM from 4:15 to 4:30 Saturday called on the former's cousin Cora afternoon. June 7, according to M. Shepard and uncle Winilow Clay Fohom. "diicclor They plan j Shepard, Thur.wlay. Tl>ey were on to use two of the school buses and make a day of it, taking in Inter- r-;r.\K buildings and institutions in Only woman taxi driver in Whitstable, England, has had no accidents in 21 year*' driving. their way to New London, to attend commencement and alumnij activities and from then will go to Cleu-laiid j California for several week*. This Three .members of the Welling- is vacation tune for both men. . , heist, electrician, and Audrey Lem- jrfbiivtic'e of the president. Mrs. Fox Elvna Memorial hospital. |mKcr. 17, 423 Krnyon avenue. -A buMiiess nieetinj; was he'd !• Born to Mr. and Mrs, Andrew] Robert Heazl<!. ,?0. Slronxsville !«a» the last nn-rtinj} of ihe !?4ti-»7 Dobo»Ki. a «on, on Mav 30 at Elyna ; farmer, and Phyllis Porter, 18. : ' Memorial Hospital. In Orafton. Their home lijAvon Lake Fred Burke. 23. •held Liter. 'He ci-.:b. A picnic will ue R D 2 Welling- reading "In the Living Room ofj of , daughter at Elyrla Memorial Jesus" and Mrs. Klara Schaub had Hospital on May charge of the devotlona taken from| A fon wa , Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Martin ofjtori, «teel worker, and Netla Boice. Silver Beaver Award radio Given Oberlin Man Vermilion are announcing the biithj24 i Wellington Cliarge. 01 mt aevouona ia»en inmi| A fon wa , ^^ , o Mr ind Mr , L ( , r ,,, n the llth chapter of Matthew. She j ^ O b«rt Rourke at Ctyria Memorial j Klvm Stiail. 21 Route i Nnv; »l»a read a poem and Closed the on May 3». Tlsey "live at ! foundry worker, and Mary Motti Orald We»t, 22 Lorain. technician, and Irene Emmoni, 20.! v. S Hail. Ol-erhn College in- period with praver. i 1710 Park View court. Monthly report* of the commit- A „,„ wn , hol n , 0 Mr , nd Ml , 21, R. D [ Giaftrm Auttersnn. 28, Ueu oil 'stmi-nt executive, reccn cu me a,..Siher H.-aver Awaid KUen by tl.e Moita. .Boy Scouu of America for '"dm- !iM»;u !;i-d «ci\icr In bovhood' 1 at a m w!i.,g of Die executive board tae chairmen w.r. rncludexl m l»e!t wOU) , SMn , e of Case ro..d May 30,'«miclui-al checker, and Rosemanc . !,„,„ 'the K.reland. Area CminrilI ,,. >*i A ..tii,« IM»| •.iui,-.On»-»Mi«M( wa«: , .-,. &. . . • .... i .1 . . ' '•"'•«'"-» .»^>ir«v-WUHV.(ltt. Bo-.kev, 21. Lorajn. AntlioMv Jarven fellow avenue. in:>chiniM. 22, 120 I'.OMK- Hose- N< 'Hi. iU p « i1< ! meiting »nd annovlncenieiil wasi,,, E| ylu Memorial H"sp.ial. mad* of a nunmaite sale to be : lield June 30 and at at the home "f ; Honori Miss Crooks Mrs. Giar. At the rontlusjon ol j , n rul ,,, )lltnf , nt ,„ h?r |, rf ,, hfr -,. ir.aiy Alficn, 19. R u. I A* on. »h«.bU»in*Mlh« hostel* served re-i nil , UT ^ Mu> Hr , ( . n) . ril!m .. pn , fl .,, freshmrnts from one Urg« tablei fr(K , ,' ll}vf!y s , lrnrr) ,» ,h,,^, i,, Bride-tl«ct Honored centered with lilies of the v*ll«y. |M,,, J( ,, n c:,-oi.k,« Thursday eveninj;! On Phumdav evening MiM"Al!r.-e'<H>..M Til* n»»t meeting will ht a;, t her home on Huron »treet Mus^Waisoo u as honored fit a >hover' Hii lUieen cla.ner al th* churti) on|cn.oki became The bride ««f Orou;- Riven bv i» o o! her mini*. \ir« (; ti!(.ic i^^J'r ._ _ i" r'lhrnori this morninj; m S! li.tiMcr m>ri M r < C C .N ( »on lii-lij i"ri-? •VKne.s ie<-tor» at Uie laitei s home on Princeton i»nfls Garden flowers were i:sei| -ti pin. avrnnr. f; ( .*iiin ihn ughi-ut Hie hrime fi.j 'Ji' (;,in.«"j were |i!aved during the occasion and n color mot;f of pir.K e\cni>g v.i'h linres K oli 'K lo -*l ;v .iMrt pivdonunatrd in ihe ap. Hobe! I I)4Vie>. Mrs, R^y Wai.-on pO;i:'.n!ej»n when a Itjneheon nail*'"; ami A;iine Watson. •• * sn-ved to the «Q gue;ls by the' A lunch «.*» seived buffet M 1 ,!^ lui»tr««, assuled bv Mrs, John : and the gut-it of hiinor recencd ,iUie;.'. Sr.| Mrs. EIv, ell Ro'-vell i many mi > elUneous gifts ,Si:i> in- Uunves of 1'Miiio provided tht di--mother Mrs,. Rav Wat*i>n and !'. veiMnn fif 'nr <>\ pnmg ; »ioorn-elei. t's mother. \',-> 'Hu\ «ueit» wert from ' HebehiAnil vtrte pre*e-»ied. v, •'.:-. t.orain »r.d La• ; cor.sareit at tli* begiriiiins of ii.r THE ONLY SHOP IN ELYRIA--- Which Offtn Ov«rwt*\ ing A* Wtll As General JHending and Miner Alteration*. MocKAY MENDING SERVICE FREDA MaeRAY Or«rvr»«vltig — General Mending ~ Minor AUerstUm Oul-Of-Towi, Cuslcmtn Serred By Mail ,.. «,,1 0|!|Ui: " A M U ' r - M ~ CU »» 11 Wrt»M4»ra. ?M FOURTH ST. PHONK 7MI iiU.. it H.IH aiinonnrcd today. I'vvi.rd, Inchest given along n ViiMui line oy the acouts. ii l.av i> heen pre^entvd al the I ii-oiii Hireling here approxi- v ,i miji-ih ai;o but Hart was >• '.•• attend that meeting, t i PCI H ed ihe award for !':.!:i :Ul •. racs of arMvity in tt ou with scouts in Ih* Fire- A |Vi:p\,in frnrn the. Falklind l»iii* w.a' f'.o.-n irom Souih Arnti- i !o li:i';n!\ for special rm-dical •airrent ai she London Zoo for .-.'.-i.-il foo!. j ,- | ATTENTION JUNE 1937 GRADUATING CLASS Calebratt your lOfh Ann!v«r»«ry with your claitmatti. Call bafor* Wedneiday ivcninq, Junt 4th and maki your reservation! (or informal dinner «t Sprinq Vall»y Country Club, Friday, Jun. 6, 1947 at e:00 P. M. Huibandi «nd i invit«d. $2.50 ptr parton. PHONE: 37 933 — 7422 — 37.?35 «f 43.773 Or Writ* Louiit Hendricki, 120 l«4tfi*4d Av«., ByH«, Ohio (Mi 1 nf low n DM I is, t, M;< I, NEW! INVISIBLE. HEARING Yeungsttr's Clathci St«y «rn«|ingly and pert whtn cl««rnd Wyckoff'l m o d § r n -^btcauit f«bric$ iptcially tr«0rfd to rat*in original b««u- ty, durability and rax- turt, DIAL 2094 FOR DIUYBUY suvici Monte Wyckoff DRY CLEANING Hi Slrvtl INVEST IN A HOME, BUSINESS OR FARM ALL PROPERTIES LISTED WITH US ARE GIVEN PERSONAL AND IMMEDIATE ATTENTION R.F.REDINGTON REALTOR PHONiS I402-247S 28 REDINGTON ILOCK NEW SONOTONE WF-4.I/OWT'' IARTIP FOI flUSUlf W HIAIIN6I ll».» you btsllfttil lo «f«r * Ix-jrlng aid (>rr»u**u(rnib«rr*H- mrnr.n he nrw Suuutun* •'Ul'l'- A-J>I(;||1" l.*frip vomplfirlr ««V.ei unity |b« Hilt* "bimon •• • ««« U>« rar—ih4t miagei re- iritrr ta intporr**! to brrn-r h. arms—inJ purl Ir oui ol »t|ht miJtr >our colUr' l-*»rrii«lr uo- >lrr «uur U«tr, if you»re» wotnjin! luttftlffif t |,i« rc*o|uUoa»rr cttirlopatcai. MOW 4¥4IUIlf IP 411 NfAlilli A» Uilli * ..... 27 Years of Dependable Service * EXPERT CLEANING revitolkc and restore the beauty of your furs and winter garments, * SAFE STORAGE , , . m spotlessly clean, motlhiiroof storage rooms, located on our own premises, protected by $250,000,00 insurance coverage* ¥ FUMIGATION , ,, a &* treatment which is perfectly harmless to furs, jet destroys all moth life and /<irv#f> * FURRIER METHOD CLEANING . -, the economical way to proton? tht Itfe and be«mtv of precious furs — includes also, air blowing and 90] HYGRADE DRY CLEANERS IIUNCH OF ROIINSON THi P8Y CIUN|I Ul MIDOtl AVENUI »™ f FREE! 8 EXTRA ITEMS With Any BEDROOM SUITE DURING OUR SALE! OVER 90 NEW BEDROOM SUITES NOW ON DISPLAY. URMS-AS LOW AS S 9'°° PER MONTH AT THI Elyria Furniture CO. ill w. IROAD

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