Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1954
Page 8
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_ f»r,-f* ,r fe&^Y' r,^W Jr <•"• i HOPE STAR, H5PI, ARKANSAS aivfff.-- 1,-jjV' * JLI-i i ' - T !tf#iw#!$* _ft[,*-*, --f-n i t if- '-uTiiirr -- 1 - i •!• — French Chief Continued ffbm Page <5ffe tftfiy wWle Ftahce continued ta, «ffiGe their foreign affairs, are • till iti the talking stage. Mender-France s?id while he ««, here thatthe poor st.te of the FfS'ft'Cit "ScoHc^Viy hiakes ire inreai of communism more dangerousJn- ternolly thaft externally, and that hfe must gita ,Jiis Country itiii ccor nbmic ovcrhBiillrti.. He ,'hfcs»».t scratched the surface yet ; • • His Stock in this doutilry - ft., when he Silently lot the French Assembly scuttle HDC, wmch called fnr a single European s,rmy an s rearmed Geimnny. a plan c)os-3 to the heart of Washington offl- MARKETS . ......,.*.*,-....»-«--^.... n , r , : « foyt.*' • buy me |Ke s W T> V. !?-4598 His KIOCK went up when he quickly agreed to a substitute for rearming 'Gci'many. But he slili has to make good of that He gets his chanc* whon the French Assembly voles. He serms confident it will approve. uive&tocK , ' SfOfiKtAttes, Itl Hafes'll.&M; uneven!*' low; er; 180-310 Ib 18.75-l9.0d; ex' tremes dowft to 18.50 on ovcrfat 210 Ib; bulk 220-240 Ib l8.25-oO; 240-2180 b 177518.25; 270-300 Jb 17 00^30rlSO'lT'd Vb 18.^0-19.00; sows HP to 400 lb i6.50-i7.f>6; mostly ; .6Hb pHce 17.00 for 350 lb dpwn;:;$oy£ft over 400 : :1B 14.50-16.00; b'bars. 12.wl- 15 00. -J ''''.- • " : • •• •'•- •• •. u ! '-"t'\j \ '•' Cattle ^."§00; iffiWes ^SQp;,'cHoke cteers strong at: 34.00-26.50; .utility, coh'.tneroial cows- 0,50-18.00} moderate Showing 13.56k *;P n "*P fehd Mttiri 'e.so^.bo; bun*..utimy nhd cpmmei-cial 11.00-13.00; heayj mt , « ,**_ «A ^A ft nn»'" nh'vttri lat y d, Few Changes in Budget Requests : LITTLE (T)P) 'the . ( . 'state • constitutional bfficers ' t6d.ay " Reduction in Taxes Appears Unlikely WASHINGTON Sentiment within the Eisenhower administra tion appeared today td be running srtongly aeainst any mew tax rc- fluclion next year unless; business f alters. . • , ••'••'- •••••••. .-High officials of ;four fodera agencies, which: : presumably! will -ra •flucnce the ; shaping ,iOf.;Pr'esiden' sae • co .|. IlucncG - tne S n apmB . ;<V I<IJ-ICEIU«>I submitted burget requests to" the ..Eisenhower's recommendations ;to ' ' sume re ..Eisenhowers recommenaon ; ArkarisaS Legislative' Council that 'c.ongrftss in January-, .inftica,tecl ;i were- 'almost 'identical to those u'n-'ii n t er yicws : that/ a .fpial'decjsion, o *' ' ' plementing the head..** treat-1 resultant further improvement in inenft *Cwin exhaust vents Hre a fuel economy pai;t of ihe rear bumper assembly. Lincoln for 1955 has an advanced design automatic transmission which combines fluid torque converted with three, speed planetary gear/to give the ultimate in smooth ( performance through all driving j ranges. Exclusive features make It more flexible than arty previous transmission. A specially designed throttle kickdpwn permits a particularly fast getaway. With Lincoln's new transmission and more powerful engine it has New Lincolns Show today ajf trading Post ' A new standard in automotive luxury is beinf set by Lincoln with its 1955 models, A restyled exterior, an entirely new and exclusive Turbo-Drive transmission, a redesigned overhead valve V-8 engine developing.. 225. .horsepower ahd. a mor p . major- chassis ' innovations" . ar» ' been possible. to . reduce ^tne, rear some: of the features in.the Lincoln; axle ratio irom 3.3i,-'to 3'.0»,. with a, wei-e- 'almost'identical to thoisd tiny, interviews: that/ a ; f>al ; cleejsion.. dtff'wiich' they now are'operating <nx-policy hinges'on < business :: • crow'a-' few' changes v/efe. sut;- ', ^i^nrrrnnto «f .O-!tv, next , • sevie Onij?" a — „,- ...... D &sted from the present fiscal setups' : in : requests submitted by the governor the lieutenant ""—- 1 weeks. . . , . . • , . , • - , . But each said the state, of gov- and Lincoln Capri for 1955. ' file -neW models''will be on dis* play In dealet's showrooms through^ 6u't'the 'nation on November 23 and in Hope at the Trading Post. A new horizontal grille bar behind the front bumpers and a new gold Lincoln crest create a distin- to the new ARTHRITIS? I have been wonderfully blessed in being restored to active ..life after being crippled ih nearly every joint in .rriy body and with rhusculor soreness ' from : head to foot. I hod Rheumatoid Arthritis and other forms |; he state treasurer, the land com- Now Wants the Heavyweights NEW YORK (/P>— Boardwalk Billy Smith, n ninth round tech nictil knockout winner pvcr A " chie McBride, wants to i heavyweights Nino Valcbs or Cockell while he waits for Archie I Moire to defend his light heavy wei?ht title. /Smith, Nd. 1 'contender in 175-pound class, dropped McBride three times for nine-counts <«**night a,t- St." Nicholas Arena lore Referee .Mark Conn stopped it. McBrido ,was down twice ... m the leventh and oricc in, the ninth. He Was Sagging 'against- tho- ropes 'at the end. t I S lO.wV*iU« VV f w *••»»• -*t <r* 17 00; Utility and low cornmercinl* 9.CO-11.00. Sheep 2,000; rtbout steady; choice to prime wool lambs 20.00-50: fewes POUUTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO Liv e poultry ,1 toady; receipts in cppps &9a yes;" terday ,1322 coops '380472 Ib; .1-o.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 17-19; •light hens 12-14; fryers and broilers 23-3?; old roosters 13- capbriettes 27-29; hen turkeys torn ,turkeys-23-26; farmer ducks .ov'iir nlssioner the Supreme Court, cir- ut and chancery judges and presenting attorneys. • . Th'is was a new experience for he harassed councl w hch. has aeen faced with requests for large ncreases from most agencies' and departments of the state government. The total proposed budget for he next benniurrt for the const- 37-37.fi;' . ducklings .30; ._ 5 Ib 22' under 5 Ib .18: :•. . CHICAGO- («" Butter firm;- re 659429; wholesale buying unchanged; 93 score A/ 92 A £9.25; 00 B 5835; 8 C 7; cars 90 B 58.; 80 C 7 Eggs top weak balance .steady receipts 1557; whol es ale buyin prices unchanged to 3 lower; U.S large whites 35; mixed 35; Shims 30i U.S. standards 52; cui lent receipts 27; dirties 24; check ci-nmcnt figures a f $4/760,000.000 'deficit is expected by June 30 cUve ornamentation to tne new ••-- .—.-—- ••• •••- -... . doec not justify further business^ or I ^ bdelg A {orward thrust , ? impHc d °^ e ^'7 e V h ° nds dc< ° rmed ""' my limited »po«e prohibits telling you more here bu> if you will write me, I will reply ot once and tell you how I received thit wonderful relief. Mrs. Lela S. Wier _ 2805 Arbor Hills Drive AA P. O. Box 2695 Jackson 7, Mississippi individual tax cuts, assuming that the economic recovery is still on the unbeat at the turn of the year. This probably means that the administration.no only will oppose by a new headlight bezel which rake's to the front. A new rear quarter panel eight Inches longer than in previous mo- is culminated ih an unusual .utional officers compared, with totaled 3,898,298 $1,004.36 ft-r the advocated by a number -, . c canted tail light assembly.com .&53-5S biennium, an increase of $6,018. The governor's office asked for $57,555; the same budget .now in effect. Atty. Gen. Tom Gentry asked Democrats whose party will control the next Congress, out will tnke a stand against scheduled reductions in corporate income and excise tax rates. _ The corporate tax rate is due drop from 52 to 47 per cent on pril 1, under present Jaw. Several excise levies, including lose on automobiles and gasoline. Iso are due for reduction next pring. ! Morrilton, ending an apparent five- day holiday frcm death on Arkansas highways. State Trooper Jack Snntc said NEW YORK STOC8 NE"M YORK (R Chemicals led the Steels oils and stock market dlditlVr W*O A«»V« »-•— — higher today in heavy trading. Mining issues rubber producers radio-telcvlslion and movie maker's Were'also generally higher. Mo tors airlines utilities pnd iailroafls for .a $750 increase from hif present budget of $70,00, 'most of it going to salary increases or for secretarial help !' • .State Treasure J. Vance ;Clay- tort said he could get airing' ; with less money in both fiscal years The state treasurer's appropriation for 1953-54 was $37.P94 compared with a request for 1955-56 of $87 150. In 1954-55, Clayton asked for $80,094, and raid today he wil need only $8,250 for 1957. ' The cbuncil today considered r quests for the teachers' retiremen fund and for the state library com mission. '..•' This afternoon, it was schedule were fairly steady irregular. ' Gains, generally losses. Air'crafts were i ' out-di'r,tancodl , to take up'the controversial depar ment of education budget whtc asked an increase of $12,500,000 fo the' public school system. Negro Killed in Morrilton By The Associated Press An 80-year-old Negro was killec Saturday crossing 'Highway 74 in Richard Blackwell Morrilton FOR QUALITY and Let us fill those Vital Prescription* for speedy delivery from 7 DEPENDABILITY Crescent Drug 225 S. MAIN ".t- * vas killed when he was struck by a car driven by Charles William Rowland of Dallas. Tex. Curtis Gray, 44-year-old Hot Springs'eroccr, was killed accidentally • at "Stuttgart yesterday.- Starting oh a duck hunt, ho v/as killed when his shotgun discharged while he was taking it out of his car. •Five otherpersons died violently in Arkansas • during the seven-day period. Three died in . shootings, one was a suicide and cue death resulted from a fight.- STEEL CONSTRUCTION Sheds, Farm Buildings and Industrial Buildings made according to specifications. Can Be* constructed ot low cost. • CALL... PR 7-4683 for complete information. DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. Faubus Favors Plan to Withhold Funds Japan's death .rate from hear [disease -is about one-tenth; .that of the United States. i ; »|jn -•-,«j >' <^^_^-_ y h > „ if?*'?^' * Quick V easy to >« v4o'6kUn just a few minutes you'll ",'have white, tender, fluffy rice! '^Tempting .. . delicious! • university. •'.•-,,,_' LITTLE AOCK W A proposal Colay laid the bill would b« . to withhold state education funds ilar to that recomm ended to schobl districts Ahose property vious assembly by_ the . lax assessments are below stan Commission on Higher Education. dard cdarreSiyed the supnrtrt Colay was chairman rf group of government-elect Orval Faubus. whichr was formed m 1 The proposal was advanced' last - 7- week by Sen. BUIs Fagan of Pii| ,. . . . Legal investigated it , too No ; 7053 .In the Chancery Court of WEST BROS. • SS" . SALE! G ASK FOR THESE ITEMS SHOWN BELOW: nvs HV^W" to reveal what type] of information he had received. Wonts Single Board to Control Colleges LITTLE ROCK tfl Rep. Harry B. Colay Columbia County says he will introduce to the 1035 General Assembly legislation ,,o create a single board • of control for state-supported colleges and the (SEAL) L, E. Ci-ain, • Attorney Ad Litem John P.. Vesey, . . „; Attorney for Plaintirt. Oct. 9, 16, 23, 30 Legal Notice No. 7681 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County Wilt BE CLOSED ALL DAY THANKSGIVING * ' Thursday Nov. 25th service $tations listed below will be closed Thanksgiving qlj day. We urge you to have your car serviced j^pday'and Wednesday. iTOigre dosing so our employees may have Thanksgiving Ejtf'to be with their family and friends, iL^'^f ' \ David Frith'sJsso Station ley's Downtown Texaco Station Ipsciri's Cities Service Station f ^inkle's Magnolia Station •• jOrren's lion Station W allfon's GMlf Station Raschke Gulf Station . ' i 1 •'•' mm *m _ _ • „-. Ark, Frances Messer '........ Plaintiff vs Walter L. Messer Defendant WARNING ORDER ' The defendant, Walter L. Messer is warned to appear in this j court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Kijances Messer. , ' i , Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 8 day of Novem- ber l ' Garrett Willis, Clerk By L. C. Byers, E>. CX (SEAL) L. E.Crain, i Attorney Ad Litem j John P. Vesey, . i Attorney for Plaintiff i Oct .9, 16, 23, 30 : . . -..•.. . i !..••( •*..-, -• r •' • . . C _'.-.! ,._ , Ladies Cotton These have tailored collars, long sleeves, »^ and .French cuffs. Sizes : 32 to 38. Ladies New Fall DRESSES Beautiful rayon.flannels, wrinkle'.,resistant rayon . shantung, and'Rayon Basket wjeayes. ; ;.Sizes. 7 to ; 1-5" and 12 td'-20. Tuesday, November 23,1954 HOM STAR, NOM, ARKANSAS Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 Calendar Tuesday November 23 Tuesday night, November 23, at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. F. J. I Burroughs, 921 West 4th, for the The Business Woman's Circle of the First Baptist Church will meet SREI1GER • TODAY ONLY* — FEATURE T'lMES — 2:bo - 3:39 - 5:35 • 7:31 - 9:27 SHOCK AFTER SHOCK! MILE AFTER MILE I HIGHWAY DRAGNET CONTE • BENNETT • HENDRIX • SHORTS • I.Leon Errol Comedy 2 .Heavyweight' Champions 3. Little Indian Cartoon Pack 62 of the Cub Scouts will meet Tuesday, November 23, at 7 m. at Garland School. The Cosmopolitan Club will meet uesday night at 7:45 in the home f Mrs. R. E. Jackson, with Mrs. yle Brown as co-hostess. Mrs. Franklin Horton will enter- ain the P. E. O. Sisterhood on Tuesday, November 23, at her ome, • «*u 5 . The Kathleen Mallory Circle is meeting tonight at 7:30 in the ome of Mrs. W. W. Andrews at Oakhaven. Mrs. John Turner will inish.the Mission Study Book and 11 members are urged to attend. O Wednesday & Thursday O Legal Notice "jtt* t*i rf N>! jf ^ 407 **^ V ™ ™ ~ ~ Tfr ^V ^™ " T -r^t ?• "r~* ^ „, lqrne> Magnolia Station :J»oa"s •-" c *-* u " ^HE.s/"^^''.^' , . ./ l»r , NOTICE ' IN THE PR03ATE COURT, OF 1 HEMPSTEAO COUNTY, . -.ARKANSAS . •, IN THE MATTER OF ' THE ESTATE OF I A. J. Kwt,. deceased >.[ Last .'khown address of decedent: Route 1, Patmos, Arkansas; Date of deatji: October 30, 1954 . $n Instrument dated ^arch 13; 1,948, was on the 10th day flf.Np-. vember,' 1954, admitted to pr/obate as the last will of the above jVamed detedent' and tt>e under signed, nave •< bson appointed executors there- under. A contest of the probate of the will can be eftected qnly by lining a petition within th«; time I ^^sSsSng claims aW^t •ate must exhibit them, duly , wrw^l, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of ^jhte npti?e, or *"-- shall be forever bawd and from »ny benefit in the 'Published ?? day j •oe Kent > i il Ladies Pleated SKIRTS Genuine Burlington Orion and rayon pleated skirts. Colors of Brpwn-pn'd <3rey. Washable. Sizes Ladies Beautiful Cotton BLOUSES These are short sleeve blouses. Colors of recj, maze, pink, blue" : and white. udy of "Pilgrimage to Brazil." 11 members are urged to be pre- ent. will meet at the Catholic Parish Hall at 7:30 tonight. Friday November 28 the ladies of the Columbus Methodist Church will sponsor a bfehe- fit sale in the Columbus school auditorium on Friday night, November 26. Haskell Jones of Hope, will emcee the program. Mrs. Haskell Jones and Linda Gayle Rogers will be in charge of the musical program. The Civic Club of DeAnn is having a chill supper Friday night, November 26, at 7:00, for the benefit of the school building. The supper will be held In the club room of the school building. The public is invited. .^ There will be a Parent Education tudy Group at Oglesby School at p. m. Tuesday, November 23. Peggy Ann Wls« To Wed A. Loye Jones A December wedding will be that of Peggy Ann Wise, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Wise of Minden, and A. Loye Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Jones of Min- dcn. Boyle Continued ttbfft !»*§« On* had merely cfumbled 4 patch m ice. , But when we alighted the captain immediately went to one w the wheels and discovered it had snapped. As two big Wheels are paired oh each side against sufih an emergency, the danger if any had been slight. A broken wheel on 'a covered wagon in the days when the West was being settled was often a real calamity. But this mishap to our plane was only a mild vexation another chore in the day's work —to our captain. "We will have to locate another wheel and put it on before we can take off" ho Said matter-of- factly. "It will take a few hours." It always amazes me how modern people born in the days of horse-and-buggy travel now take the miracle of air passage for The Hope Duplicate Bridge Club The wedding will be performed Sunday, December 19, at 3:00 p. m. at the Lakeview Methodist Church in Minden. All friends are asked to accept this as an invitation to attend. A reception will follow in the Fellowship Hall. granted. Two businessmen were still grumbling a bit about the delay even after breakfasting well in their terminal on bacon eggs and steaming coffee. It was no con solation to them that Christopher Picture Studio Gambling on Religious Film By 803 THOMAS HOLLYWOOD W) A «ilm studio is gambling two million do! lars on the hope that audiences will buy tickets to hear sermons and to See the life of a remarkable preacher Twentieth Century-Fox is making "A Man Called Peter" the biography of the late Peter Marshall a famed Presbyterian minister This is a far cry from the studio's other CinemaScope offerings Wh i ch ha ve specialized in sex and spectacle Perhaps the studio feels as many do that it's time the big screen said something Producer Sam Engel spent more than a year working on the script which was written by Eleanor Grifjtin Academy Award winner for "Boy's Town" He insisted on keeping large hunks of the minister's sermons in the film "You wouldn't film 'The Jolson Story' without songs" he reasoned "Nor would you make the life of a great preacher without. using his while working Ort * ..... president £is6fthoWef** 4bih8-fot- to be Russia Quickly Continued from Page On* vlet social functions. Malik leaves Britain Jr. d fairly warm wave of editorial approbation in the British press for the conciliatory speech he made yesterday at Birmingham* Exuding unusual Cordi&Hty Malik attended a British-Soviet friendship exhibition the midlands city Then speaking at a lord mayor's lunch he lauded British influence called for closer British-Soviet cultural ties and dwelt at length ort the Russian need for greater trade with Britain. A delegation spokesman said Vi' shinsky .would lie in state and that high government officials and acquaintances would be invited to file by the coffin. An earlier announcement from| wn \7 1 ^ u '^ al ]y'p;i n ' t " ma jo r "news''de the delegation said the public velopments on inside pages an would be permitted "to pay its nounced Vishinsky's death In two respects'' to the dead chief Soviet C oluhin-"Ws at the lower lef U.N. delegate but it was made cor rei of their front pages. Non< known early today that strangers carried details of his death or A tOVEU i LANE CEDAR CHEST Green Thumb Junior Garden Club Elects Officers The Green Thumb Junior Garden Club met at Paisley school on Friday, November 19, and elected the following new officers: President, Jan Ellis; vice-president, Billy Wilson; secretary, John Whitten; song leaders, Don Mullins and Brenda Parris. Members made individual turkeys to be used as table decora^ tions for their .Thanksgiving dinner in the school cafeteria on Wednesday, November 24. A film commemorating Thanksgiving was shown by Mrs. Don Westbrook, followed by a film on "Birds" .shown by Mrs C. V. Nunn, Jr. Cookies were served to those present. peaife . Vishinsky was alone in the tdwn whfeft he wfi* stricken with the fatal seizure ttiat paralyzed his heart frnisfetes. Thus it was iiot known whether he died in the agony tyoital ot angina pectarls of suddenly with* out ps in. News of his death was Withheld until after French Premier Pierre Mendes'France had delivered a major address to the tfnhed Ifa tions. He had attended a receptten given the french premier ohly the night before. The United Nations WfiS deeply shocked by Virhihsk's death. U.S Chief Delegate Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. made an eloquent tribute to Vishinsky aft a Soviet patriot dur ing the afternoon eulogies whicn were boycotted only by the nation allst Chinese delegation. Moscow morning newspaper ^^^.^M^«MM««Mjg^gjgg^gggggm(jm^j ft E ASoVj>iM*l tos jWfcuSi riT* 1 WSM, 43. tat* flttP* ge stiff.UlttriJU^ were not invited. picture of the chief Moscow spokes After the Iron Curtain again falls man in the United Nations, on that part of Park Avenue at 3 p.m. The Soviets will prepare for Columbus had had a considers- sermons bly rougher time on his voyages Darryl Zanuck okayed the script On the other hand a group of and approved a top budget Film- elderly tourists returning from aUng began this fall in Atlanta Ga: three-month tour of Africa were Washington D C and Annapolis quite gay and cheerful An 87-year- Md The picture is now being corn- old retired California banker and pleted here his wife wanted to organize a The sermon are designed to oc- quick tour to see the sights of cupy 20 minute in the entire film ReyKjovck, Iceland's ' 'capital and one lasts a full eight minutes An American Air Force corpor- Just In case the public won't go al stationed at the base here for such big doses the scenes have waved his hand at. the polar dark-been designed so the sermons can . Wohl is a city dog fmiwwt IIYouW ', '., «*; ili.*!-*- • *l Use Clinic Whefl you tas you Set one that i« . by ft clinic th«t *rdtlrtN«ttt : j itU fha tfatt. Fafttottt ' " Clinic'* 6intoent te medical >afld «utflc*T than 76,000 taws. 11 found it pdteibl« IS d« defibltely by tiftteg th< itch-soothing*, cooling MUM Thornton Mtod experienc* has ahowtt work bast and how a compound«d. ItV th« having a spatial clinic, for your own case—«tt. Mtow Cllnki PU positories, $1 ,*t ness outside and advised: be cut But the studio hopes thai '"Drn't bother There's nothing won't be necessary to Bee" I visited the set and met Rich The octogenarian banker mard Todd the Dublin-born actoi promptly sat down by a young who is portraying Marshall He had mother nursing her infant and fell never known of the preacher be > i"..^*. !-- Stunning modern in popular blond oak veneers. JEquipped with self-rising iray. Mrs. M. J. Welsh Entertains Sorority On Monday evening, November 22, Mrs. M. J. Welsh entertained members of the Beta Rho Chapter of the Epsilon Sigma Alpha inter- sound asleep fore the film came upn but has book. He was a truly remarkable AS ADVHIISfD IN LIFt York Furniture Co. Buy Now Pay Later vOW* • PLUS • WEST BROS. ttf^^MML^iiMti iQFfeo&y^viIf, LADIES 100% NYLON SWEATERS OV^jIry;' 1 / (*?wf ",'•.V WI V '-T;. i' , 'ofpirik, orchid, blue and maize. "CORRAL CUTIES" A DUDE RANCH PARTY FEATURETTE With TENNESSEE ERNIE Diamond Watches SENSATIONAL VALUES 10 DIAMOND WATCH only Beautiful modern styling plus the brilliance of fine quality diamonds. Come in and see these exceptional watches and buy now for that birthday, anniversary or. Christmas gift. ".i national sorority in her home at Oakhaven. Following the ritual which was led by the president, Mrs. Harold Brents, a discussion was held concerning a project for the sorority. At the conclusion of a short business session the hostess served dainty sandwiches, individual cakes and coffee to Mrs. Brents, Mrs. Vf. Vf. Andrews, Mrs. Lloyd Gucr- Because of the monotony of the since learned much of life life from post American Air Force men are (friends and Marshall s widow stationed here only a year usual- Catherine who wrote the best-sell ly spend a month of leave during ~~ that period touring England or the continent man Todd sald apparently h "We stick pretty much to our- had none of the repulshual mini selves" a sergeant said "We have iestations that many churchmen to wear uniforms if we go intoUdopt He was a vigorous man to town and the u n i f o' r m kind a whom religion was a very real cramps a man's style here at living thing least in peacetime." " To him ,.. TT , . u * Civilian sentiment is divided-strong personality He described p.m. A chartered plane is expected to! eave fo'r Moscow by way of Paris .nd Prague with Vishinsfcy's body at 6 p.m. His widow and daughter Zinaida will accompany the body. Vishinsky's $8000 copper-lined casket was wheeled to its lying-instate place on the second floor of he headquarters building one lloor beneath the living quarters 19 WES found dead of a heart attack yesterday. Police red 'tape held un the embalming of Vishinsky's body for almost 10 hours.. A Soviet ; physician . identified only as Dr. Kosov said Vichinsky died at 9:30 a.m. of stonocnrdtn and excruciaitngly painful heart ailment known more familiarly as angina pectoris. But New York embalmerf refus ed to touch the body because Dr. To him Jesus was a very about havng a U. S. airbase here as a man wnose guests never The country mantain no army lacked for'_ wine who could navy or fort of it own. in, Mrs W. B. Jean Nash. Hansen and Miss Soon the arsticsum.'.— there are ing mob only 1 . 6 to 8 hours of daylight this time of year poked wanly kbove the horizon then glamed like a | white bonfire across the field of. shoulder his way through a taunt- Personal Mention Friends of Mr. C. C. Collins will be glad to learn that he is recuperating in a Texarkana hospital. ;i> Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mr. Cecil Kidd, Hope. Mrs. W. R. Arnold, Rt. 1, Hope, Melba Sue Bristow, Rt. 1, Fulton. Discharged: Mr. Oren Harris, Rt. 1, Hope, Mrs. G. A. Hollis, Patmos, Mr. T. J. Hicks, Emmet, Sandra Anderson, Emmet, Ruby Fleming and baby girl, Hope Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Arnold of Rt. 1, Hope announce the arrival of a baby girl on November 21, 1954. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Homer L. Jeter, Rt. 4, Hope, Mrs. J.' G. Harwell, Saratoga, Arkansas, Sandra Kay Starkey, Hope. Discharged: Patsy Brooks, Hope, Mr. H. E. McKinney, Saratoga, Mrs Emma Lou Butller, Texarkana Rev. Wm. H. Stingley, Blevins, Angela Couch, Columbus, Mr, Tibb L; Chambless, Hope. snow. ' ;.••"..' "It doesn't stay up -long -^ look quick or you'll miss it" laughed the. corporal. "The plane is ready" announced a steward. ; A we climbed aboard the aged banker yawned then peered Interestedly around .at. Iceland a country he has never seen in his 87 years and probably would never see again. But in his pockets were- some postcards to prove he'd been there. Adventure over. Next stop Idlewild New York City. Deaths Over the Nation By"The Associated Press" WILMINGTON Del Mrs Army Officer Is Killed at DeQueen Public Relations Continued from Page One tions are proposed by the auditor, treasurer and the land commissioner, while the secretary of the state, lieutenant governor and th3 governor's mansion are seeking a renewal rif their current appropriations. An appropriation increase from $66,600 to $78,770 is being sought for retired circuit, chancery and supremp court judges. ,Hogan said that seven additional judges are expected to retire Jan, 1. The council yesterday withheld its final decision on the State Education Department's proposed $42.- Ethel Pyle du Pont 73 whose husband Eugene is a director of the Du Pont chemical firm and whose daughter Ethel v/as once married to Frrnklin D Roosevelt Jr Died Monday HOLLYWOOD M oroni Olson 65 veteran character actor who appeared in scores of movies and played on the stage with Helen Hayes Katharine Cornell and many other Broadway stars Born in Ogden ' Utah Died Monday SAN FRANCISCO — Maj Gen Walter M Robertson 66 who after 38 years in the Army including service as lommander of the 2nd Infantry Division in World War II Kosov was not licensed to practice in New York state. It was not ua til Dr. Milton Helpern Nsw York deputy medical, examiner signet the death certificate at 7:15 a. m that permission "was given to* pro ceed with the embalming. Vishinsky's shroud was not the familiar blue serge suit which he wore, while : delivering vitriolic speeches against the United States. Instead his remains were clothed a black suit white shirt and dark tie. His, horned-rim eyeglasses were placed among his personal effects. A crowd milled outside the headquarters building, .last, night but a police detail kept it orderly. Photographers were permitted to enter the building however and found 'BIGGEST LITTLE STORE In Blue, red, brown, black and Camel: Sizes 5 to 12. Widths AAAA to C $9.95 priced • " ' • I for cleverest 14 K»W WKUe COLD Cu* .. 17 JEWELS FULLY GUARANTEED •ALL PRICES INCLUDE rEDCKALTAX DE QUEEN I/P) A retired Stewart's Jewelry Army Lt. Colonel was crushed to death near here yesterday when a tractor he was driving overturned. The dead man was identified as John H. Pickett, 51, of near by Chapel Hill community. He is survived by his widow ana three sons. "FAITH FOR OUR DAY" 11 Matthew 7 Luke 15 John 3 10 The following Scripture selections on the theme Faith for Our Day have been made by the American Bible Society, for daily B.ble reading from Thanksgiving through Christmas: November 10 25 Thanksgiving Psalms 1 26 ......*. Psalms 23 27 ; Psalms 27 28 Sunday John 1:1-34 29 Psalms 37 30 .-. Psalms 46 December 1 . : : ,.... i; Psalms 51 2 ;.................. Psalms 91 3 Psqlms'103 ••4 :......,. Psalrns 121 .5 Sunday Isaiah 40 6 Isgiqh 53 7 ".... liQJgh 55 8 > ......... Matthew 5 9 Matthew 6 12 Universal Bible Sunday 13 •"-•••• •-. 14 John 14 15 John 15 16 John 17 17... Romans 8 18 * Romans 12 19 Sunday ..'.„ I Corinthians 13 20 , I Corinthians 15 21 Ephesians 6 22 Philippians 4 23 „ Hebrews 11 24 - Revelation 21 25 Christmas Uuke 2:1-20 The Hope Ministerial Alliance has placed this in the paper for your Daily Bible Reading? from Thanksgiving through Christmas. C'00,000 budget $13,500,000 a year. State Education Arch Ford told the council members that the increase was necessary to provide "a satisfactory minimum program for all of ths state's children." He said the money would provide a $2,400 salary fcr all teachers and give the districts enough funds to 1 equalize Negro and white facilities. The budget had been approved by ihe state Board of Education and endorsed ty a laymen's committee for better schools and the Arkansas Education Association. Council members appeared divided in their Attitude toward the proposed budget. Over $5,000 for Coach Wyatt Fund FAYETTEVJLLE., UP More than $5,000 was reported yesterday as fans concluded their drive in the Bowden Wyatt appreciation fund. James Kays, vice president of Fayetteville's Mcjlroy Bank, said slightly more than $2,000 has been received at the bank here and at Little Rock final-day tabulation showed a total of $3,02? in appreciation of Wyatt's showing as coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. headed California's civil defense died Moriday. PHILADELPHIA Dr Thomas L Cline 63 executive secretary of the Board of Pensions of the United Lutheran Church in America 'Since 1947 an d former head of the English department at Gettysburg Pa College Born In Culpepper Va Died Monday LOUISVILLE Ky — Dr Roscoe M Wheat '75. former Methodist minister who in 1919 organized the first Negro Boy Scout troop in the United States Died Monday PRINCE ALBERT Sask William Lewers Davis 56 publisher proposed ?4Z.- O f the r ij n iplon Man Miner and an increase of pres ident of radio station Chab at , Moo'se Jaw Died Sunday Commissioner MAKSHFIELD Wis — Joseph Skerbeck 80 retired owner of .carnival and circus shows, that operated in northern Wisconsin . and Upper Michigan Born in' Germany Died Sunday Georgi Zarubin Soviet ambassador to tne United States; Kuzma Kiselev Byelorussian delegate to the United Nations and two members cf the Soviet delesationAr- kadiv Sobolev and Ambar Kuch- kazov standing at attention beside the casket. Flowers lining the west wall of the luxurious reception room dispelled setae of the gloom cast by the black borders around the flag of the Soviet Union and the black crope hanging from the chandeliers. The exact circumstances, of Vis- hinsky's death at the age of 70 remained a mystery. Unconfirmed reports said 'he collapsed , on the •••idewalk and was taken back into the building. The official Soviet vession said Vishinsky collapsed at his desk as advertised in FQ.S-TPRI FAMILY SHOE STO|f| "Where Good Shoes ore Fitted CorrecHy 113 E, 2nd, Corbin Foster - "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STOJIE IN TOWN" A v skunk produces about a third of an ounce of th ebdorus chemical it uses for defense in a week. * ' 'f '« ' i V A J" 1 f-* i fi *V f "l'">- < iS^ASf^!ia' t 't'V. r&.m'i I i DAY uni Pillow's Gift Shop YOUR PRESCRIPTION Who takes the highly speculative financial plunge to supply the risk capital for jneoigo- chemical research, ; You, the citizen, through your taxes, together, hand in hand, with the pharmaceutttoal and chemical manufacturer,- nave filled the druggist's shelves with revolutionary new drug? for treating .disease, The Basically important anil* blotics of the last decade are end results of this mutual effort and have supplied the, stimulus to the newer drugs which appear regularly on your physician's prescription pad. 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