The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1940
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH -I, IfllO IT" lECHhm Hollywood B r e a k s Last Barrier With Moclci u 'Super' Productions fly TOM WOI.I-' NfiA Service .S'UJl Coricsuoiuteiil There ure new faces on Bro id- way's movie lines. fw Uie first (line since D. w. :;riintli save "Birth to a Nation Hollywood is pulling leKiiimiu hfatcr patrons off niidloiva Mm hatliin's theater-packed side struts onto Broadway. New York's mouf.- IIOUKC rnaiu drug. '•Hollywood now lias produced sufficiently vita! films to npprcu break the barrier Hut IMS' always divided New Yorkers into' two groups—movie-goers or phj So says Abel Green, the man probably best equipped lo »n Me the tempo of New York's fu t moving entertainment world. He is imuiagjng editor of Variety the gospel of the entertainment' world. "I.EUIT" STANDBYS ACTUAI.l.Y SEE M.OVIKS "Don't get me wrong," Mr. Green cpminueil. "I don't that legitimate theater patrons have for saken the theater. BUI for the first lime (hey are actually going to the movies. The movies are building themselves a new audience. "Withoul deprecating the pics I Bill fans, these nev; film patron-, are the academic, intelligent 'li( srati' who have heretofore been disinterested in the intellectually unimportant product of Holly- vood." New Yorkers don't quite know ivhat to mate of it. Shop girls in line have their toes stepped on by the Four Hundred. Overnight the screen has adopted the stage's once-exclusive properties — ctutain-to-curlain depth of characterization; seriousness of topic; fearlessness of approach. It has painted these, with its vastly larger technical brush, on its vastly broader celluloid canvas BROADWAY WAITS FOR ITS WORRYING Broadway producers are not sure if they should worry yet. "Griui | of Wrath," "Abe Lincoln in Illinois," "Of Mice and Men." '-Dr. (ARK.) rnu Hollywood ? Dii>-s In' At, New York GETS Roosc-vcli Regius Now Act- ' minisli'alive Y e ;i r In While House. Il's Not Always A Bad Thing ToJ] e Fresh And Stay Fresh "w'li'h 1 ' 1 ;-;^ "r^'wifiio^ loday (.,i|-a fi ,.,| („ h!s m ,,| s( '"'^' uciilar dijiioimitif move ami p or . hups idiiinnpiniln,, ||, ( . possibility " Ihird term. j <li|'lam!i.oy ami domi'slir | H >.' | lilimv Und'TsiTK'lury or Sumncr UVllc..; |, s - moving the I'arK-London of a hint": "ow lowa l>ii» e «1 his llerlm around i'.uropv | n | to ,, u , uml Mf. iiiKl llnls tt . Hdpsi'vrll uiinoiiiiccd little . ,,| welii-s' purpose ihan lo H Hud he was to visit liome the priiu-lpui belligerent cap- Hut ,K 1 0] , S( Belles uml Kiry 01 snilo cordcll Hull urc f "! all details of that p,oj- BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON Ehrlich's Magic Bullet," ' "Gone | With Ihe Wind" are playing nightly to almost capacity Broadway houses. Yet for only 11 cents more than (hey pay to see these pictures first-rim, New .Yorkers could buy .balcony'seals toi- any of the legit- hits — "DuBarry Was a liiuly." "Hellzapoppfn," "Life with Father," "The Alan who Came to Dinner," "My Dear Children," "The Male Animnl," "Too Many Girls," and the others. The significance of this (rend is, .to borrow a Hollywood expression, "colossal." H means (hat long as Hollywood produces films of the serious import and technical excellence to (hose that have won New York, it matters little whether you live in New York: or Styx Corners. Either place you can sec Ihe tops. Gates Funeral Rites Are Held At Keiser OSCEOLA, Ark., March 4—The first of two funeral services held for Mrs. Lucille Holt Gales, 36. of Reiser who died nt. the Baptist 'nospilal in Memphis Friday night was held from the Gates residence in Keiser at ten o'clock Sunday meriting by (he Rev. J. W. Watsou, pastor of the Keiser Methodist Church. The remains were then lakcn by motor hearse to Lonoke, Ark,, for a second service- at the Lonoke Presbyterian Church by the pas-' tor, the Rev. William Hunt, pastor of (he church. Burial was in Lonoke following the four o'clock service there. Mrs. Gates was taken to the hos- pilal February twenty-third suffering from tubercular meningitis. •Mr, Gates, who is connected willi the W. M. Taylor Mercantile Company In Keiser, and Mrs. Gates had only a few months ago completed a new home there. :She leaves her husband: her mother, Mrs. Lena Holt; (hrec sisters'. Mrs. w. M. Taylor of Keiser; I1Y flKUG'E CATTON Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, Mr. I.—The real nature of the split in Labor Board has so far eluded even (lie Smith committee, although it vvns the Smith committee which made Ihc split public. The disharmony between Board Member William M. Leiserson, on one side, and Members J. Warren Madden and Edwin S. Smith, on the other, goes far deeper than the publiccd row over "slipshod procedure" and the proper stalling of the board. H readies down to fundamentals, and—although Ihe fact is nol generally realized—on the basic point at issue, Smith and Madden are actually much closer to Ihe Smith committee's position than is Dr. Leierson. JiKOAI) FUNCTIONS OF JtOAItl) Allli HIT Basic complaint against (he board throughout the Smith hearings has been the charge that it is judge, jury and prosecutor all hi one. Congressman Smith has hammered at this point repeatedly, drawing out much testimony intended to show that a board willi those three jobs lo (ill is apt to go haywire here and there. Defense lactics. as shaped by Madden and Smilh and Hoard Counsel Fahy. have been to show that tlie situation really isn't as bad as it looks; that the different fuuclions of Ihc board are kept in air-tight compartments, so ihat ;,,„. the job of prosecution is thorough- [ j las generation ajio—the school of the elder Iji Follette and Ihc famous Dr. John H. Commons. That philosophy, in brief, runs like this: Complex modern life creates problems which existing machinery cannot handle; problems partly legal, partly administrative, partly judicial. Courts can't handle them, because they've only partly legal problems; ordinary administrative agencies can't handle them cause they're only partly administrative problems. The problems can't be solved al all unless there is a new agency combining all of these functions in one. I.EISUUKON IS NOT A KICHT-WINOKU This is what is back of Lciser- son's oft-repented complaints about "too much of tlie legalistic viewpoint" on the board. Because thai viewpoint Is prevalent, he feels, tlie board has hamstrung itself in its right on its enemies' own ground. The odd pint about, it. all is that Leiserson is commoniy regarded as the board's one "moderate." even as its lone right-winger. Actually, he is much farther from the Smith committee'.*; viewpoint than nre its two favoriic targets, Smith and Madden. accepted n position with the American Airlines Hospital lit Hig Springs. Texas, where she WHS chosen fov special training with a class of thtrty-tlirce at the New York Field. She went by plane iicjii Bif Springs to New York the middle nf February anil will complete her course around April first. The modern airplane stewardess is a product of careful selection and rigid training and is trained in principles of flight and pjitne operation, serving of meals In flight, commercial routes and plane .schedules. hi- Receives World War Award, 22 Years After CAHUTHERSV1U,E, Mo.. March •!— Jiick w. Wilb.-inks, Wardell, Mo., resident of this county, lias been awarded the Bilvcr Star decoration by (he War Department for gallantry in action near Montrebcau Woods. France, on Sept. 28, 1018. The award and cilation came 22 years atter the deed. Members ot I'emiscot County Post 88 of the American Legion had planned to make . the presentation tonight when Stale Commander Lou C. Lozier was to have To Receive Training: For Air Line Position OSCEOLA. Ark., Mar. •! — Prudence laslnndrr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I\ B. Elsliin'dei- of Driver, been selected by the American Iy instated from the job or fa"ct- rmcUng. There is where Leiserson most sharply dilTers with his colleagues. By iiis philosophy, the only way to answer the jiidgc-jiiry-prosecu- lor charge is to say: '"Why, of j dav bv her parents" course we're those three things in jfe El.slnmler. who one—that s the only way in which a board like this can work; the only way in which a law like the problem Airlines, Inc.. for special training for the position as stewardess on their lines and has entered the American Airlines Training School at La Guard'ui Field. New York, according to an announcement to- Wagnor net can meet the it was created to meet/ 1 VIEWPOINT ADOPTED FKOM WISCONSIN Leisersoii draws his philosophy from the Wisconsin .school of a Fistula Sufferers Face Danger ; One of the tragic results of'neg- lected fistula frequently is loss of boivel control together with nervous diseases and general ill health . ... --- was reared in the Cnrson Lake and Wilson communities, is a graduate of Wilson High School tiiul fhc University of Tennessee School of Nursing in Memphis. Following her graduation in Memphis last Sprliu;. she was given a position on (lie stalt at the John Scaly Hospital. Galreston, Texas: from there she paid this post an official visit, BUI. __ _ >ci "'' when C'oinmnnder Lozler advised J the post lie would be unable to come, (he medal and cilntion were delivered lo Mr. Wllbanks at his home. Willjiuifcs. a native of Ridglcy, Term., was ;nt the lime'a private Ill-si class in Company B, I39l)i In- fiintry, Mill Division. American Expeditionary Forces. The citallon sets out he received (he award and cilatioii for heroic iiction and great courage for carrying messages from the company comaiuler to platoon readers under heavy enemy artillery and machine 151111 fire. Lusl August. Willjantcs was elect- | ed as second vice-president of the j Pemiscol Comity Legion Post. I Nonr ljut Mr, Roosc volt knows whu iiis <!«•„• political plans ore (his year ]»u Hi,, number of |»r- Mins hen- who nmslrlio slk-nci' us n^M.iil lo a |)iecodvii(-smasblng llnul loi-iu cinulldncy is urowlns 1 <uiv day. ' I The prcslilnit ivlll observe the anniversary ol his llrst liutuijimi- tion iculiiy by atlcmllnu service:; al St. John's Episcopal church, just across .Incksmi Smmre from the While House. H is n modest, yellow building wlicro, on March •I. 1933. he asked God's nld In iiicclliil! ihe most disastrous situation tills nation ever experienced. To SI. Johns the president will be Accompanied by Mrs. Ifoosevult and his mother, Mrs. Sarah Delano Roosevelt, cabinet members and Iliclr wives. Democratic cou- KiTOslouiil lenders, heads of government auniclcs and Dr. Endl- coll Pc-abiKly, heiulmasler at Clro(on when Mr. Roosevelt prepared there for Harvard. During '(he dny Mr. Roosevelt will meet with his eon(jie«sioniil leaders for the llrst lime in I wo ivceks. He was expected to discuss with them continuing Inroads of the economy bloc which already Iwis slashed $29,000,COO from Ills budget recommendations and Is shooting al a goal of $-IGO,OOu.OOO. Perturbed because Ihc house refused (tie war department $15,- OCO.OM for work on n third set of locks at the I'aimma Canal, Mr. Hoostvell has accused Uie house appropriations ccininlUce of cum[ oufldghiy ils reasons for idlmlnat- ! Ins Mir fund mid warned that congress must take (he lull responsibilities lor any iiuulecniacles thai inighl tlt'vclop. The committee .struck • out, and the house sus- ininecl Ihc action, nil except $850,100 ot (lie fund on (he premise Ihat the war department .cantiol stint work on the locks least, two years. TII.RKK pans with 2-3 of mixture. To re- nmlnliiK third add spices, molasses mid fruit, four Into urcapcd and' IMper-llned layer pan. riatte : In moderate oven 1.175 degrees l'\ Tor » inlnules. place spice layer Iwlweeii light layers v.-ilh ctiiTant icily between and sf-veii-mlmiln or boiled idni/ on lop and sides of cake, Woman, 85, I.IUi's Skalliij; BOSTON IU1>) — EUjhly-llvc- jrar-old Mrs. Ix)ls A, Mitchell is, Melilfd" ia Hie umuwmenl of spectators whenever she skates over the frozen lni;oon in Die I'uWlc Ciaiden. Worklnu liard and pliiyliiB hard l. s the way to keep .iijf, lu'cordliiK to the 08-pound, 5-foot woman, wjio works as a (iiriler, Constipated? »»tefi.u±S:^«tt!t Wlcrib nlwnyj hclM.illfl't away. N'U. 1 "' ra "' i ADLERIKA Klrbv Mros. l)ni|; Co. and lloblnscn's Drug Co, Tire$tone STANDARD TIRES for Children's SNIFFLES Elephants live to an age of ISO lo SCO years. WEARY DESPONDENT "monthly" painshould find a real "woman's rrk-nU" in I.ydia K. Fink- nam a \CBtlaUlc Compound. Try it! LydiaLPinkham's^S S VARE your clillil much of tho inlstry of snUtUhu, ancu/.lnk' niid aniotliLTy iiostrllj duo to colils by Inserting Muntholnluin In Ms nostrlh. This senile olntiiiciU soothes aiut prolecln Irrllnled mucgus membrane, reduces ftwelHii(j, and thus opens tircnLhliu; passages wlflcr. H soon cJicci:.t ancc/.jnt: anil hiilllllnn. Also rulj Mciitliolatlnn on tlie clllWa clicst, bad:, nnrl urck. Tills will Improves local lilooct clr- Clillitlon ntitl lieJ[> relieve cold oifcomiorLa more cticctlvcly. Arcntliolatinn liclpalnsomnny w>y» thnl you should nliviiys rc- incmbcr ttilsiKorDlJCmnlorts or Cotds—McniliolnluRi.UDk lti«n together In jour mind. Give. COMFORT Dally mother, Mrs. Lena Holt; ihrec sis- ™" lVCl ponlrol together with nerv- , ters: Mrs. w. M. Taylor of Reiser- ous diseases and general ill health and Mrs. H. F. Adams and Mrs J i CiUlsccl by sdf J-olsoning. Thous- ', B. Elkin botli or Macon Mlssissin- flluls cou!d 5nvc themselves from ; pi. ' ' liunillialton and serious illness by' ., .Swift Funeral Home was in ^charge of arrangemciits Pallbearers were, active: J. w. sharp Curtis Miles, W. W. Lorcn, Lewis Haynes, Oris Clilles, W. C. Wall- honorary: H. P. Dunn van t, R. H' Robinson and Dr. J. T. Polk Porcupines do not slioot their QUllls. Some or the quills Tall out. when they try lo (inil enemies with their (ails. Worr-ToT ~ FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating Don't, be embarrassed by loose false teeth slipping dropping or wabbling wlien you eat, talk or laugh. Just sprinkle a little FAS- TEETH on your plates. Tills pleasant powder gives a remarkable sense of added comfort and secu- -Hy by holding plates more firmly, •«° gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling, it's alkaline (non-acid). Get FASTEETH al any drug store. Adv. 4 taking proper treatment in time.' The Thornton it Minor Clinic—old- j est known rectal insUUUion in (lie world—offers a FREE Book which ' explains Fisltila and other rectal '' diseases; (ells how more than 50,- i 000 persons have been benefited by i their mild, corrcclive inslitulional treatment — without hospital confinement. Write for this Fie» Bo'ik and Reference List. Address Thornton fc Minor Clinic, Suite 719 926 Mcoce St., Knnsas City, Mo. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Sen-ice I LIKE MV SMOKfNG S-L-O-W. CAMELS BURN SLOWER_TASTE MILD AND COOL '- YOU SAID I AND THERE'S EXTRA FLAVOR AND EXTRA SMOKING IN EVERy PAC OF CAMELS In recent laboratory tests, CAMEI-Sburacd 25*7o slower tlian the average nf die 15 other of ihc largest-selling brands tested -slower tlian <uty of them. Tliat means, on the average, a smoking plus equal to 5 GXTRASMOKES re* PACK/ FOR EXTRA MILDNESS, EXTRA COOLNESS, EXTRA FLAVOR- CAMEIS SLOW-BURN1NG COSTLIER TOBACCOS This cake II V AlltS. (iA'iN'Olt MAUDOX NI;A Htrvice sum vi'iitor .Sinidiiy's cuke should lust UirouRh Moiidiiy. Hut IUH-L-'S one thiU will slny nioisl rijjhl Ihrounh Uie week. Muliissos Chwohili' C'ake One cup Miniir. l-'J 'cuii .sliorti'ii- InK, 'i eyes, well lienlcn. 1-2 cup New Orleans inolii.wcs, 1 teaspoon .•iodn, 1 CUD tjollltii; miter, | ;(.,i ciip.s flour, ;i (uiilesiioons eneon, 1-a tci>.s|iooii salt, 1 teaspoon viintlln. Crenni MIBIU iind shorlcnliiu. Add (he lieiiten egijs, uiolusstis, mid Ihe sodn which hn.s been dissolved In Milne \vi\ter, 'I'licn iu ld the dry hiBredliints which luive bmi silted (ogctlu-r, mid Inslly. (he vnnlllii Hnkc In wcll-ercnscd ,-nkc pnn In n inodcrntc oven (350 degrees K) uljout 40 uilnuk'.i. Top willi irosi- or whipped cruiiin. Tills cake will rcmuhi moist for n week. ICIMioii Cukr Two-lhlrd.'i cup butler, i \-'l clips iBiir, 3 cjjg.s, 1 lens|)tmn vniilltn :i cups (ilflctl cnke flour, :t ttu- spooils bnklni; powdc'r, 1-2 teuspoiin salt, I cup milk, 3-1 icnspoon cin- iminon, !-•! tcaspooti iiiiliueii, 1-8 teaspoon cloves, l-ii (impcion inni:o. 1 1-2 tublcspoons molasses. l-'S cup raisins. I i.|:i s s ciui.uil i- ,.-. Crettm buKer, lulu surjnr mid fiTiini until llulit mid Duffy. Add i'l!i; yolks one ut n lime niul Ui'ut well utter ,mch uddUloii. Add (illletl flcuir. baking powder mid snll iilleiimtfly willi milk. Told In sllffly Ijcnlcn ei*i> \vhlle.s. Mil a Bicused «ii!l pupor-llniicl layer Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly If you suffer from rheumatic, arthritic or neuritis iinln, try this simple Inexpensive Jioiiiu iix-lpc Hint tlioiisinids nre using, not a piickuKc 01 itu-Ex Coinpoiiiul today. Mix It vvllh u quart of waler, mid the J(ifc e of I lemons, it's eiisy No trouble ul all mid plensiuil Yoti need only '2 tables|)oons(u) (wo (lines a dny. Ollen wllliin W hours — sometime..! ovcriilghl — splendid i-i'Mill.s nru olilnlncd. If Ihc pulns do nol quickly Irave and ir you «lo not fed lifter, Itu-Ks will cost you nolhliii! | 0 iry lls a l s wild by your drucBlst uiidev an absolute iiioniiy-lmck guiuiintce. Hu - Ex C'diiiiitninil In (or .Mile mid recommended by Klrby Hron. Dru« Co. and Kood drut; Mores cverywhcie. •OTHER SIZHS PROPORTIONATELY tOW // AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! As JJAc I'cr Week I,»w As vU On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 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