Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1954 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 23, 1954
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rl ' F , PBF*.^'*""*'' HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, November 22, t Jf t' r ». BETHINKS TKEELL FIND AT > WIGGLY ALL THY THANKSGIVING .. . AMD BOOST THY BUDGET ALSO 18-22Lb. Toms Lb. OAD-BREASTED 10-12 .ONG ISLAND Lb. Lb. "BELTSVILLE6-8 -If Lb. ARMOUR'S JUNIOR YOUNG Lb. SAVORY-SLICED Lb. ,.,.Aye, 'tis a symple thing for ye modern ladies to prepare a , Thanksgiving feast... a table overflowing with the fynest of foods . . . and your modern Piggly Wiggly store features top quality, nationally advertised foods, pre-packaged, ready to serve with so little preparation at low, low every dcy prices, too. And, remember, you "save as you spend" with valuable "S&H" Green Stamps on every dime you spend at Piggiy Wiggiy. PRICES EFFECTIVE TUES., & WED., NOV. 23-24 DRISCOLL FROZEN SLICED •^b. • mi ^m 10 Oz. Ctn. TURKEY DAY TRIMMINGS PROMEDARY CREAMY, SMOOTH I MIRACLE WHIP SALAD PIGGLY WIGGLY H WOODBURY CFNTFR VA1 UES V^i-Ell L,g\ y/^lmWKaikJ' $1.00 Size 100 FAMILY PAK VICKS Small Size LJSTERINE OCEAN SPRAY PICTSWEET FROZEN CUT BEANS AND CUT CORN Pkg FOR LIGHT TENDER 3 Lb. FLAKY PIE CRUSTS £an ROBIN HOOD FLOUR FROZEN BORDEN'S NON SUCH IMPERIAL SUGAR McCORMICK'S POULTRY No. 300 Can WHOLE SPICED No. 2!/z Can TO LIMIT QUANTITIES We Will Be CLOSED AH Day Thanksgiving Thurs, PASCEL THE BEST PRODUCE Lb. 10c FRESH Lb. Box FLORIDA Lbs, ^ X^ ^'T-^T'f-?. 5 '***!> • L-^S. ^.. feme Our Doily Bread TKIn by The Editor lex. H, WMhburtr^.^ Mueh Percentage 4n Southern Townt ; '"•'••'. tubbing Each Other )• i f :• : - a ' • .i. Wave my facts; correct, one ifie -new-industry propositions ;ls floating around the SoUth- ^alls/for relocating a plant ihanuiacfuflng cloth and employ- aiyf "2,000. ; persons. TThe terms — a milllon.dollar 4nvestmeht by the public — are too Steep'for' any one city, so someone -poised the question whether such a J&»rit might not be located somewhere in the triangle bounded by Texarkanai Hope, and Nashville, 56TH YEAfc: VOL. 56 —.'NO, 35 ,»' r *"/5*35| ; < f'?ffig f 'y$, t i ,\ A&IS-, . J.-J . ' ' . r,f « , t' - -ft^-fif 5 ' tfp /' ^u* c i r , "A'S.j/"£iL' £&ffi ,. w*rffief tonight, Cooler S4*6ti?S .efldlnf At d«y, High 58, tow a ** J.n. II, 1*2* MOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY NOVEMBER 23,1954 Russia to UN Post By BRUCE W. Munn NEW YORK (UP) The So jllitaiiat * i\sf b f *»»iv* *-»wti»«»*««.^j — .- • . helped financially by all three viet delegaticn .to the United Na tions opened the doors of Us Park the Avenue headquarteis building 'to- niture'of"'^ *particulap"ptant it day to permit dlplmats nnd carc- 4aesn't sound like an advantageous j fully-screened. 'Blends" to -View community risk. (the body of the late Andrei Y. of the textile industry are Vishinsky. 27 Arkansans to Arrive in U. S. SEATTLE, Wash. tJP) .Twenty-seven Arkansas servicemen ara aboard the USS Gen. W. M. MH- chell, due : to arrive today from the Fir-East. The Arkansans are: PFC Lee Barnes, Jr., Gillham;] Cpl. M.'lton H. Bassett, Monticello; Cpl. Harold J. Baugh, Bono; M-Sgt. Richard H. Burrous, Grav- ettej Cpl Harold D. Cook, Beri; msn; SFC James • D. Ferguson, Sprlngdale; PFC Charles A. Goodman, Jonesboro; Pvt. Robert L. Gray, Forrest City; Cpl. Tommy L. Gray, Jonesboro; PFC Bobby . Halfield, Fayetteville; Cpl. Dor- attractive community unless the operating companies finance everything except llje '^building. Hope promoted on» textile relocation — Shanhouse company jacket-manufacturing here from Illinois. But Shah._..! is a • top-rated concern, and I ,the community furnished them L hew building at a low lease Successful ([when the rioved''... a • (JJut there is considerable distress ,M%* textile industry, and not so Shanhouses to bank'on when to risking heavy commu- in order . to attract <act?ri'es" : to our town, SlKJSs''this, writer understands it. n ;which wants to move a fabric plant to some . pp'lnt in r the Southwest is now local- 'ijil^a theVGulI Coast. It wants to : ; intiv* because of two handicaps: '•1.;'In its present location on the "'Coast, it is subject to extra ; labor . costs .because of 'the of organized waterfront ' Across the Atlantic, it .was announced in Loridon that Jacob Malik, Soviet ambassador to Great Britain had been ordered to fly to New York tonight and take over leadership of the Russian delegation to the United Nations from. Vishinsky who dled : of a, heart; attack yesterday.; . . . , •''Malik now is serving .the Krem- fln as its ambassador to the Court of St. James. "The -ambassador will leave by air about 8 p. m; (3 p. m. EST'.' the embassy spokesman said.. British Overseas Airways Corp disclored that Malik traveling,with only one aide had booked,'passage aboard BOAC M o n si r c h. flight BA509.'' '- , . ' ; - • : .:• 1;. Thus within h buns ,of Vishinsky's death the Kremlin' shutted an e pcrienced hand inttf .the vacancy. Malik'was:,perm»nent-Soviet del ugate to the-"United-Nations.-.be fore he was dispatched ta London after the death ,of Stalin.', He was ey Horton, ROck Springs; Cpl. ethard Lee, Gillham; Cpl. Pat •Long, Norphlet; PFC Jack H. lartin, Kensett; Sgt. Leroy Moora, rossett. Sgt. Willard L. Pendergrass, Bigers; PFC Ruben Perry, Dell; Cpl. harles C. Pipkin, Magnolia; CpL ohn S. Quarles, Arkadelphia; Pl^ Jlllle J. Reames, Romance; Sgt. harles O. Riddle, Cotton Plant; gt William F. Spears, Malvern; pi. .Leonard R. Spillars, Fayette- ille; M-Sgt. T. J. Stafford, McCrory; .Cpl. Porter W. Vinson, Ty- onza; Sgt. Voyne B. Webb, Cabot; nd PFC Edward L. Wilson, Marked Tree. moved out of the- United Nations to make way for ..Vlshlnsky.' .wh ' £2.!' Much of its machinery Is old '"'' needs to .-replace the plant same time it relocates. :. explains .why a million dol- . -.-iars-.'.''-is", •-.heeded, and the expen' frfliure makes sense to a company. .•ij*janing. 'to regain a sound come^ .position in the textila — • but it is a formidable load to'^ask' any town or group of towns ft'iielp" carry. 'J •"S In : the 'first place, a textile unit the wage potential npr potential to make it that the public would ever recover its million'investment. , ; -••ih;/ ! 1the" second- place, this j^r'ticular factory is already in the ';Spvith'and 'merely wants to move •jjr'onv one Southern area to another 4r -'a questionable- matter where Bommiinity fuhds are to be risked- '.•i'O'ui -neighbor town of DeQueen puft up a lot of. money to bring in B. ' pump-manufacturing concern, kep;t 'it 18 months — only to see it , Stolen by .Longview, Texas. This * iurt DeQueen, and sound businessman suspect it won't do Longview any .good in the long run. ^ There are industries, to be had, liut the best bets are those wanting to-move. South from the high-cost North and East. Once moved, down here they are likely to be permanent citizens. : We're' not apt to do either ourselves :or the other fellow any good by' exploring the troubles of indus- » try that is aready in the South. had been demoted:-' from minister in the shakeup'- that .fpl lowed the ascension -to power ; b the new Soviet rgeixn'e. '*; Malik-s broad expressionless fac and athletic ; build are familia to millions elf American televisjpi viewers who watched rhirn perforr as Soviet top man-'at the Unite Nations. • • ..' ' '-:.'•' -'.. • Malik 48 in contrast with th lively Vishinsky is the strong ,s lent'type. ' " '•• • ':'•• •' Where Vishinsky would thunde and fume Malik ppk.cr.. faced an with little outer shpw-: of- emotlo Would doggedly/stock to the "~ Jin directed tpijr.se.; . Ironically Majik like Vishinsky reported to puffer from heart troU ble. Public Relations Fund Asked for House Speaker LITTLE ROCK UP The 1955 Arkansas General Assembly will be asked to provide "public relations' expenses of $1,200 for its speaker of the House of Representatives. The expense item, which apparently was proposed for Ihc first Yoirth on Trial for Double Slaying WALDRON UP! The first degree murder trial of Billy Hughes, whicli apparently'is attiacting :wide interest "in this town of 1,292, was scheduled to go into its second day- session today. Hughes, 22, is charged with the fatarshootings' of two elderly Waldron farmers. Henry Roe and C. W. Bcker, Aug. 23. The two men wer-2 found shot several times with a 22 caliber Run ard robbed of a total of $13. 'He is being tried in the death lot Roe. Can't Reason Why He Killed Little Girl ALLAN MERRITT LEBANON, Mo.: W) Thurman Prjest, ; avowedly as batfied as jveryone'Clse over the reason, was locked up today with months ahead of .him to figure put why he killed thS. niece he 'says he worshipped, man with a talking Avas time in the Case of the House speaker, was included in a budget summary for constitutional officers submitted to the Arkansas Legislative Council by state Budget director Julian Hogan. The Council is considering budgets proposed by state agencies for the next two fiscal years. The grpup, of legislators will recommend action on the proposals to the next Legislature. Hogan said the public relations expense was the speaker of the House WPS included among budget proposals submitted by all departments headed by elected constitutional officers. The 1953 Legislature passed $1,300 appropriations for public relations expenses- for the seven elected constitutional officers through Gov. Francis Cherry vetoed the item for the governor in signing the bill. The .955-57 proposal contains no public relations expense for the governor. . • The proposed budget, submitted by Hogan, for the elected executive constitutional officers is an increase of '$1,018 annually over the present budget. Brooder U.S. to Customers, AP&L Ordered LITTLE ROCK (UP) Customers of the Arkansas Power and Light Co will receive refunds within the next 75 days on the higher rntss they have been paying since June 1954. The State Public Commission to day issued a formal order on its recent ruling dismissing the company's application for a permanent Chtn«yMdyG«t Highway Job UTfLt no C K UP,) former State.Sen'. Orville Chen*y. Called Kdck.. today appeared ,tft have the inside traek 4ct the job of State Revenue commissioner under RoV-elect Orval E, FaUbUs. Cheney would not confirm the re ports he had b«n offered the job But he said he would be in Little Rock Wednesday for.a news conference scheduled by Faubus. Fau* bus had stated earlier that he probably -would have an announcement to make at the news conference concerning appointment cf a department herd. Cheney is former president pro- tem of the Senate during the ad* Ldt'm Nations By BEN F. MEYER QUITANDINHA. Brazil (/P) Sec- rotary of the Treasury George M. Humphrey today announcsd changes in U.S. economic policy calling for broader aid to Latin America. He 'read a message from Pros! dent Eisenhower before the Inter American Economic Conference that proclaimed "the policy of the good partner" and appealod to hemispheric nations to join in com mon dedication to partnership. "We agree with you thnt sub- t-tantial foreign lending will be $2,900,000 annual rate Increase which had gone into effect under bond. The otdcr becomes effective .5 days from today and refunds must be made within another The former order stated thai AP&L has earned 5.985 per cerit on its capital investment which is only slightly below the -?lx per cent permitted Arkansas utilities. The company argued it was making much less than six per cent. The order stated that the company must include construction work in progress in determinn" Us rate of return. PjiCfeM ministration ol former Cheney Is a Calico Rock merchant. ' . Speculation for the $8,500 per year commissioner's Job previously centered around Carl Parker, former revenue chief under Mfr Math. ; , said death sentences ha nista descrived a Vast?, The strange little convincing way of sador to Japan. Since his 'appointment as ambassador to the Court of S?. James the hui-ky Russian has developed an affable side, puying the past year he has presided smiling at an unusual number of So- Continued on Page Three transferred to the Webster ..County jail on the third floor of the courthouse in nearby Marshficld last night. -.; . ' . :••••' .'There he will, await trial next yejar in Circuit Court at Lebanon CinTa-chargc^of first-degree ; murdec in :'the pistol" kiiUnfoti 1-year-old Je'annette Earnest last Wednesday. The 48-year-old Grand Prairie. Tex., quditor led searchers Sunday night to the body of the child he abducted last Tuef day near . her home in Fort Worth, Tex. Afain he insisted that his love for- the child,'who could pass for much older than her years, was EirhHar to that of a father for a daughter. There was no sex factor, he said.. The governor's office secko a talary raise:for its receptionists to $3,600 from $3,000. The attorney general's office see'cs higher sal- tries for |ive secretaries from $2,850 a year to $3,000, The Supreme Courtasks an additional $5,806 in raises lor its clerical staff.' '.'-•'••• Slight reductions in appropna- Continued on Page Three Dierks Co. Evicts Workers Out on Strike MOUNTAIN Pine, Ark, (fP) — Dierks Forests Inc. today gave notices of eviction to 128 workers who are striking against the com? necessary iC we are to aC'nieve our goals • in this hemisphere." Humphrey said. "We shall do our part.; generously ! and loyally in meeting that need." Confirming that Eisenhower's government had refised its official attitude toward aid for its so'uthern neighhoru, Humphrey snid "to that end we have .reviewed the whole scope, of our public policies, and have [arrived at certain changes whichf we consider significant." Sheppard Maid Sciys Nothing Was Missing ** BytTACK LOTTO CLEVELAND (INS) The' state sought to pin down its contention that the vicious murder of Marilyn Sheppard wns premeditated in its effort to send Dr. Sam Sheppard to the electric chair. The maid in the Sheppard home Elnora Helrns testified "there was Student Hours Basis for Fund to Colleges LITTLE .ROCK (/P)— The Arkansas Legislative Council today adopted a proposal that state-supported colleges be allocated funds on the basis of the total number of semester hours earned by students. State. Sen. Tom Allen ot Brinkley who is chairman of the council submitted the proposal. He criticized the present method of di- French Chief Makes a Good Impression By JAME9 MAWLOW , WASHINGTON U|l French Pre mier Pierre Mendes-France mad< a good jmpfesiion,on official Wash ington by saying wljat %e United States wanteiMo heat: h«" was for Europeap unity, he'was'I6r ' olonol and -major,, hose sentenced Ipr i _. T . cna tte ' 'seriously''j edttbij security of Ghlna.J' In all 2S 1 ^ersohS' 1 enced the broadca T st|;I||i The several death^slnj were pronounced;\diiv|Gnii tlohnl* convktt-d SW^fi the Amhrictin •, esplonaiB the of th8\supremfe ;t-- the people's^republlc' ( 'o< day ot 'thec crinwi^ jeopardizing- th6 'wtol., the Red-b/08dcas'fc t 8|id| , # ,.-,*, J ,f .rto (^ v»pji The Peiplng l jbr,oadca| following sentences 'we j John; Jack DonovanV&'riKCO ;te impr^orimont/ nf. JCnowland May Have Helped His Cause blfciy' RAYMOND LAHR - WASHINGTON U P) Sen, Wil Uam F, Knosvland's latest pPllisipn iyith administration foreign policy .appeared today to have strength- ihed'rather than weakened his grip pn the Senate Republican leaders-hip- ' i jCnowland kicked up a storm last we'^k by calling for. a iuUSdress i«evJew^ of U, -S. pcllcles oh the -grounds that "peaceful co-exist' fltjcie" with Russia would lead even- tually'to a Communist victory. •the ' statement, in a Senate. . .^pep'ch,. pui him a todds with administration policy and there vere . ^Vlggestions in some circles that 'this might be inconsistent with his position as the Republican leader •Jp <thB Senate. friends said Knowland has Paisley to Hold Annual Observance The sixth grade of Paisley school will present their annual /Thanksgiving program on Wednesday morning in the school auditorium. The traditional Puritan theme will be carried out in the following pro- • jjij intention of resigning and willing to -Jefcmd his position the' Senate GOP caucus it he FhjJlenged. '^fte possibility of any such chal- iiw«i j s cpnsi.dered remote, how- Any dc>mnn dfdr a chanac in 100th Psalm; a story of the Pilgrims; "Thanksgiving", a choral reading; "America the Beautiful;" "The Pilgrims,"-a song; "Father in Heaven, We. Thank TheP," a choral reading: a song, "Over the River and'Through the Woods". ; Sixth grade children' taking part in the program will be Hugh Barwick, Don Beck,. Lester Bennett, without James ijoyd, Thoma> .B^-antley,. request. Russell Butterfield, Glen Calhoun, Charles Ray Glark, Clarience Cook, Leland Fant, Jerry Hatfield, Carol McKee, • Richard McRoy, Bobby Pate, Bobby Stewart, Jimmy Tomp-< kins. Charles Wren,' , Alfred Flesher, Pim.Ash'n, Dar- Jene Braden, Patsy Bratcher; Norma Jean David, Margaret. Ellis,, Rosanne Freeman, ; Mary Jane Kelly, Jo Carolyn i-ewis, Janie May, Penny Roberts,' Naomi Sinclair, Violet Tonnemaker, Shirley White,. Sylvia Yooum, Patsy Jones and Sara Phillips. ; The Green Thunib, Junior Garden Club, under thi leadership of Mrs, C. V, Nunn, J,r, and Mr?, Don Westbrook, made tj>'e"turkeys to be used- as table decorations at theThankij- giving dinner to i>e held in the school lunphf(X)m on Wednesday. Theses leaders will be dinner, guests; Sees McCarthy Striking Out at Critics By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (#) Is Sen. McCarthy R-Wisl planning to strike out with fresh blows at this critics OT is he ready with some sort of retraction designed to soften the censure charges pending against him in the Senate. ine Germany; and ^h'e stiff-armed ' ' " M Massachusetts r *-SO •*•' >*'*** '•* The v Russlans,' vho .handled the pany. The notices, giving the owners, three days to vacate the property, were handed to the Garland County sheriffs office today. They -were signed by Delbert Cook of De- Queen, Ark., a member of the company's legal staff. The CIO International Wood Workers union has been on strike against four Dierks Forest plants since early August. Twenty-three of the Houses are located at the Blakely lumber camp at nearby Jessieville and the rest are located in Mountain Pine, Mountain Pine is a "company town and most of the businesses and residences there are owned by Dierks Forests. Stell Adams and Fred E. Miller, deputy sheriffs, were scheduled to nothing missing' from the upstairs murder bedroom. The state contends that the accused wife-killer carried the murder weapon into the room to beat his pregnant wive to death with 35 devastating blows on the morning of July 4th. viding state funds about equally among the four district colleges and two teachers colleges. Schdols which would be ^affected by the nropcral if it is adopted by llie 1955 G eneral Assembly are Arkansas Stati' College t at Jonesboro A«r kansas P olytechnic Col- Icpe at Russellville Southerii State College O 't Magnolia Arkansas AtM College- at Monticello Arkansas State Teachers College at Conway and Henderson State Teachers College at Arkadelphia. Each of there schools requested about $600,000 >a year for the next biennium although their enrollments vary. Allocation of $ta>e funds on thp semester-hour.-, method proposed by Allen would , result in a redistribution of the appropriations. , Under the proposal passed by council members each of the schools will be asked t> submit bnd Washington. *rencted'-to his i-talements" -hcra" by blasting, hini yesterday beforj he\statted honwj. •, He! "cari;e-here to* discuss pro!} leips between'this* .country and Fraiice. If-ihe also- 1 csiWc, to" wjn ccessful. Mendes-FraBce \fcecii in ' JUrie. Th« 'history v ot prernter ' rench accident in^ rpon Thpy w<ffli lal> fnctior Rich'ard onment. .JUtV^ffi^ ya>di<^p' Eimer'^ "*»^#,., -Wallace year si- i VMIIC <MtC* IflBt V^MV^-^M*t* it'dcwa underlthfc/mercvlr? ctionnliam of-France's many ' $1 Mrs. Helms' testimony may help ^formation on the total r.vmber of Senators puzzled ever this quec tion today even thought McCarthy was refused the forum he sought — 15 minutes free television time over the National Broadcasting Co. network on Thanksgiving Day. NBC late yesterday turned down, without explanation, the senator's iquest. McCarthy himself wasn't answering calls placed to him by reporters although he posed for news pictures yesterday with his wife Jean at Bethesda Md.i NaVal start serVing the noticees this afternoon. The union and the company are still negotiating and the next meeting is scheduled tomorrow at Dp- Queen. "We are employing people to run our plant and simply need those houses," a statement from Cook said. "The facilities are needs to would be less likely to .come : from pro.-admin.istration sen etors than frorn. those adpiinistra- Verities who .\yere on,ce plosely With the late .Sen. Robert Hospital, where he went last week for treatment of an injured elbow. In his absence, the Senate js marking time until next Monday, with a likelihood that debate on a censure' resolution wpvld be delayed beyond that -date if he is not out of the hospital. §en. Dirksen (B-I11), an ally of McCarthy in the light agamst the cep'sure niove, said today he has "no idea" whether McCaithy will be out of the hospital by vhen. house the workers being employed to replace the striking union members," State Sen. Q. Byrum Hurst, an attorney for the union, called the eviction notices an "inhuman act." 1 "Those people are still employes of Dierks even if they are on strike," Hurst said, "and the firm owes these workers their vacation time under last year's contract." He said that Cook gave no indication that the eviction notices were contemplated when they met during a negotiating session at- Hurst's farm late Saturday afternoon. to prove tho crime was planned before it was committed a vital ingredient in a first degree muv- der charge. The part-time maid in the Bay Village home of the Shcppards since ".952 also testified the family dog Koko got blood all over the house a couple months before tha murder. She said she scrubbed it up with the exception of the carpets. The state claims a trail of human blood was found leading from the upstairs bedroom to the basement. Mrs. Helm who referred to the murder as "the accident" said that a week -after the Shcppards came back from California ' in March thay moved into the room with the twin beds in which Marilyn was found dead. Under defense questioning Mrs. Helms said Mrs. Sheppard told her they had quit the room with a double bed because Dr. Sam "had a bnd cold.' The event happened shortly after Dr. Sam had been living in L'js Angls for a wek with pretty Eusan Hayes. A policeman testified yesterday that DJ-. Sam related to Him that he had told his wife about extra marital affair. semester hours being earned in the current term. The adoption of this proposal follows previous sessions ir. wmqn «ome legislators suggested that some of the smaller state-supported schools should be either eliminated or reduced to junior colleges n order to strengthen the remaining four-year college, pf the school. 'Rnpvvland has strengthened hi? jjpiltioh with these COP critics of , ihei»d,ministration by his show erf Ip^epcndsnce. There js e sizable Sipdy of Senate opinion which hclda that the adm'aistratiPi flooi 1 lead- cr in 1he Sen&te is npt a Whit* HftUse agent hpt the spoke, t >man for ;i.bi Senate is. not a White Jjlouse Group Mating Co/terf meeting of the newly organized Reserve Engineer Pipeline Conv pany has been called for 7:30 n m. Wednesday, NO.V, 24, at the National Guard Armory. The company will W paid for drills each month and the Senate with the which will 'reina|ii ppen untU all in. Breakdown in Old Horse, Buggy Pays Was Near Tragedy, But Not So in Worl d Today HAI. ESOYLE KEFLAViK AIRPORT, ' nation as an unexpected bonus. Ice land So I felt fortunate that strong T-': All that goes up has to come But sometimes the international air tourist of today doesn't always come down where he planned to The vagaries ol wind and weather still influence the big. wjnged covered wagons he in, and on pcpasioh tljey combine to land him for a free" look at » cpuntiy that headwinds —and a wheel broken m Seven New Polio Coses in State tITTLE ROCK l# Seven new cases o£ polio were reptirted to the State Health Department last week. That brings the total number of cases reported in Arkansas so far this year to 349 compared to 205 by the Mime date last year. Of the new cases one each was reported from A sh lo y Crawford landing gave me a chance to land at this northern U.S. airbase. and see my first sunrise on Iceland. Our big Sabena DC6 planp, after taking off from Pru&sfls, vub supposed to pause at ghannon in Ireland before proceeding U> New York,- But to avoid powerful Atlantic headwinds? it curved northward Benion Plant Contract Signed BENTON (fP)-~ Representatives of the McCoy-Couch Furniture Co. and the CIO Woodworkers union today worked out a new contract proposal to .fubmil to workers ton ttrike frdm the company's 'plant here. ,- v , A union meeting tp.vote on .the proposal is set for tomorrow morn-, toS- . ' , •;-.- • Neither union nor. r compariy pffi^ I'ials wpu'd reveal the tei-rpH of the proposal. Bat workers said they were bping offered a fivo-c,ent-an< hour wage increase and t\yo additional paid holidays,, . , . : The union originally askt-d fpr a IQ-cent-an-hour raise pn the present base pay of $1.24 an hour. The workers went on si; ike Nov. H. Tm>y arc still picketing Ihe McCoy-Couch plant. 14TIJU4.VV.V* »»«•.. —T- ' r - \,*A Jef fe rs on Lawrence Ouachita Poinsett and Saline counties, Committee Votes to Limit Expenses i LITTLE ROCJC W The Efficiency Committee of the 1955 House of Representatives yesterday voted to limit expenditures for Arkam wns' 1955 legislative session to $264,000. The proposed expenditure was the same as that spent during the 1953 legislative sesion, politiear partips. To * survive, long,-- e'nough 1 to 'give France a sense of direction and a new grip of life, he' will need 'all Ihe strength he. can find* .He is f at- from firmly in" the saddle-yet. His tes-ts in the French Assembly lie. ahecd. . - • '. »•,.•' " Once he gets-a solid hold on his job, ^if he'set}-, it, he:-may be a tough man for Ihp United States to do' business'with; not.because of any $nta£pn|sm to thi scountry but for othef reasons, • • He's already shown tbnlt he's a tough bargainer, that he doesn't waste energy on ^motion, and that he's' a- French nationalist determined/ to exact the last conession for France. He has also demonstrated he is a man of action by the speed with which he q> mide ap armistice \vithjtho Communists In Indochina: (2) agreed on rearming West Germany after the Freeh Assembly killed the European Pcfense Community; (3) proposed political reforms in Tunisia, to quite the demands of France's North Afripjin colonials; and (4) proposed 'economic reforms in Frnncfc, He stiliLhas'tp demonstiatp both his wj?4pm and his ability and or willingness IP turn hig plans into deeds. > Tlie truco he signed on Indochina gqve the Communists half of Viet Nam. It may, let the Communists get nil Viet Nam-unles.s Ihe French work with the Indo* Chinese in their area to prevent At ,this moment dispfUhces from Southern Jndochina report £ chaps. reaj-s,. t > jfr., ,,»$&$&$ Tjie'H leans an The ans-" vplved/in •The .broadoa p. C. It s officer,'of '>t>i' ^ <\ '^^^-s^S German Mendes.Franee, .perhaps because of his preoccupation with, the 'prob. Jems of Europe, apparently hssn't spent much thought OR thft Sputta east corner of Asia, whose loss to communism would be a, disrpa} blow to the West, His. pjans for political vefw-ros Tunisia, giving the Wo,rth Afyiqarts there almost complete ^» •Conttavied co ?a»e, AH Around the Town ' ' * * 9y Tin M§f Wftff ' t •: The '^thletib Department .petted ll'os'rrom the'P»egcott ga,me ' day night. the guarantee INJURIES FATAlr JONJ2SBQRO VP Raj Dawson, 31, of Salern, died }n a hospital here tqday from Jnjuvies suffered }n § car accidpn); last ' , r refuel here, skimmed to a perfect >gi fe«t &$ we }-$}6$ acrpss , , the Bobcats was *15Q but meals cost $32 and transportation ,$10 the Guernsey Blue Devils will w*-«» on teams from Hope tonight, starting at 0:30 m the Guernsey gymA' |sium, , , . buses will run. Thursday is Thanksgiving the first thing it brings to next to Turkey )8 no parking charge. . . did you notice . Hope Auto paid for th$ metgys.,H] day the new Ford W88 showing'"" the city was fujl pf awtes »ll s . . plenty ot evldencg tl ip,g meters are valuftbje fa »nd merchants and l?t'S_i,! i 1,11111 purs -pwbllp »nd. ,not to f" ,'-,, Ph. tt»?t, ^oo » , ( ,v» WWl f cijme» ^ m L.BT1

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