Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1954 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1954
Page 18
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Monday, Not eftifar ft, 1954 • | j i j i-|iii- ^ B— MMM^MMMH By Ed Strop! ARKANSAS HdM Sf OZARK III 9j Chick Young 6<3f CHA, COACrU . PARAIXZE EM WITH. . A BILL C6LL6Ct6R —HE *—V ± CALLED TODAY AND SAID OWED POR 1 LAST MONTH'S if 'INSTALLMENT--,® i ON MVSEWINS MACHINE T/ " SA>§ »—>.{ ± &&H6 \-r IN FOfmiNE 4 OUR FAbEAWM PLAY AT THE' FIRST; OPPORtUNITV WlLOCATS/NA SAVAGE GRO 6FF£NSIVE AGAINST ^ LEASHED BY "SLWGER ,4 HAKD-fOJJGH ,,~,^.., FIRST HALF EUDS WITH Bv Michael O'Molley and Ralph Lon» Bv J. R. WHIiamt V«C FLINT mit ou* WA> VOU KNEW WE't? CATCH VC VOUfc ZjNSPeCTOIZ, THAT'S. AP5UBP/.t I'LL BUV VOUIZ. IMS/ IN1SPECTO , 1 RDN'T CARS WHAT HA£\ WHO PO6& THAT f WE'LL BE HOME \ V_ IM A MINUTE J ^OR SO NOW/ 7 T W WI*« «_^IFN^r b-<W ' W^/ I f K^ • ^ r-j^tr+rr-** - .• CLIENT/ ^7\ W&MT TO VIC PLIMT OP MY VOU SOONER OK LATBK. ' JENT,- ' A W&NT TO VIC RUIN! U 5£ BUJ&ll OWN) ACCOIZ7 AKIP-- to Previous Puzzle FLilsJT PROVE YOU PlPN T .... JIMMVfe 90&S POPS A 5AFB PULU OF POUeH,THEW " JIMMV? i, k'WIN I ^n**»C »Tnr-ii m^ » i..™* * _, .J. ^ ..MM HAPPEMEP- SINCE HUSH 1 UEAV6 A& THE CHlEP j „._*. ^_ J....^MMHI.I»V»»_ f _^» At I AWC/"T^ _ •4 Certain 4%tma SMascutine HE'S INNOCENT. 6 Gentlewomen 7 Employs 28 Baseball term 46 Be borne »«»«. 28 Upright .47 Blackbirds Of exercises 30 Arrow poison cuckoo family ; 20 Believer in 31 Simmer 48 Roman i f- »» God' ' 33Periods emperor i s (poet.) 22 Kind^'J 35 Comes In - 50 Feminine 24 Sleeping 40 Hebrew ascetic appellation | •places "< 43 Got through 51 Obstruction | — 25TowawUhe (with over) 52 Essential being; ^lt\f . sheltered side 45 Toll roads 55 Legal matters I nmation, "„ ,*.. , ' -v^. •- . . .' .-. : ; :•'-... • By Leslie Turner WASH TUBES P.FRMP £0..SHe W^5 VERY UP$ET WHEN ^MB REfURMBP FRO\N A WE&TERN TRIP AMD FOUNP I'D.JUST WARRIEP THE WB'P-BOTH-BBBN IN LOVE .WITH!. SHE TRV TO COMPOSE .YOURSELF HAIS.&1 :1MU&I A,£K A t=EW ROUTINE QUESTION.'DO YOU -KNOW KNY 9SMQH WHX SHE'P:TA,KE HER LIFE? LIFE'S LOW6EST MIMUTE With Maior Hoopla OUR BOARDING HOUSE EASi-LY-PAtMT TH-ACT SLACK: MUSTACHE 8y Edgar Martin AMID HE«r BUDDIES W •(((••(- •:---r'--;r-/-^6;v6o iy^— -—-r-J*. .WWfe- « ^Ur^ By Dick Turner T 1 ' -•^' t j^-f^i'.:^,' •' PUGS BUNNY NOTHIN T'SET EXCITED ABOUT i OKAV, OK^Vi LEND ME VER. STEP-LADDER AN' I'LL TAK5 SOMETHING DONE ABOUT THAT BWANCH WIGHT NOW I IT SCWATCHES /AY CAR WHEN I BACK OUT! COAAE OUT OF VOU WABBIT By V. T. Homlin AUEY OOP -WE? HOW'D WE GET HEfeE ANP. WHO WAS THAT APE YOU 6LAPPE BACK to stop a fight between another guy a»id myselfl" _ By Galbraith "Beading further, 'Being of isound mind and body, 1 spent : ; my mpriey-—there is no estate}' " ; PIE B Nodine Seize? Bv Al Vermeet COULD YOU CHANGE THEM FOR A HERE YOU ARE, pRI-oCILLA! , TEN OF THEM! WHAT ARE 5, YOU AGOING TO DO W\TH THOSE PENNIES FOR CAN I HAVE YOUR PENNIES THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI WONOfRW$V«pTH«r-. OOKS N9W m mm HW topk on her MMfWMZ II-?3 WSfc'Iy.AfeiS Monday, Novemfcer li, HOP1 STA-R, Wept, ^_ t SMALL APPLIANCES for everyday home needs. JOHNSON ILECTRIC CO. 319 West 2nd. Phone 7-2155 BAR-B-Q BURGERS Hickory Smoked — 25c Sliced Pork-Beef — $1.50 Chickens Ready to Eat—$1.55 ea. Sandwiches — 3 for $1.00 BURT'S BAR-B-Q Rear A&P and Kroger Stores SPECIAL DISPLAY Fine New Fabrics A'rrlvlng Every Day TAILORED TO FIT Tom Ward laws Main Street Tailor Shop CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be in Office Day" Before Publication WANT AD RATES All Want Adi are payable In advance but od5 will' be accepted over the telephone and occomoda- tlon accounts allowed with the understanding the account Is payabl* when statement It rendered. •lumber 5f Word! 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Phone 7-2381 JOHNSON PRINTING CO. • Printing • Office Supplies Phone 7-2541 W Front St. Top's Service NEW AND'USED GLASS INSTALLED NEW AND USED PARTS for most cars, see us before you buy. T. O. (TOP) PORTER Owner & Operator. Dial 7-2767 Hope Hy 67 West For Complete Parts and Service for New Holland Balers and Ford Tractors Phone or Write Fallin Tractor Co. Magnolia, Ark. Pho. 882, 689 & 1140-R TERMITES CURRY'S Termite Control Co. BONDED - INSURED GUARANTEED For Free Inipeetion Coll A. D. MIDDLEBROOKS Jr. Day Phone Night Phon* 7-2821 7-2822 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY i t.'mo ........................ 75c per Inch 3 times ......... . ........... ... 60c per inch 4 times ...................... 50c per inch Rates quoted above are tor con- «ecu1ive insertions. Irregular or skip- dote ods will take the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted until 5 p. m. for Dubllcatioii the following day. The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisements offered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted Initials of one or mor* letters, groups or figures such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not bs responsible for errors in Wont Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and thotv for ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 SEE US FOR YOUR AUTO&TRUCK REPAIRS We .have expert mechanics with the experience to repair any make car or truck. We also have a complete stock of parts for all cars and trucks. PONT WORRY AiouT THE MONEY PEfiAUSI WE WIU FINANC! THE WORK, SEE y§ NOW, Services Offered MATTRESS renovation and Innerspring work Cobb Mattress Co. 316 South Washington. Phone 7-2622. I4ar. 4-tf FOR PLUMBING Repairs, Call Theo Long. 7-3407. 15-1 Mo. RALPH Montgomery Market. Cus- Blevins Drops Final Game ofSeason The "Blevins 'Hoi-nets lost their last game of the season Friday night to the Lewisville Red Devils by a score of 21 to 6. The first quarter was scoreless, though the Hdr .nets moved to the 9 yard line in the opening minutes, they lacked the (scoring punch and the Red Devils tom slaughtering. Phone 7-3361. 10-1 Mo. FOR water well service, any size or depth, see or Clark, Cale, Ark. write O. T. 19-t£ Opportunity SKILLED CRAFT training job open due to expansion Hope business. Permanent job. Requirements: Male, in 20's, with military service behind him, high school graduate or belter. yourself in letter in Tell about own hand- k.cked out' of danger. Lewisville's first touchdown came on a pass to Hershel Kit" chens from the 6 yard line. Another pass was good for the extra point and the Devils led 7-0. Blevins ! kicked off after the half and the | Lewisville eleven marched down [the field'to the one on line smash es and end runs with Landes going over for the score. A pass to Patton was good for the extra polnl and it was 14 to 0. There was no more scoring in the third period and the final quarter started with the Red Devils sit Hope Star Star of Hop* 1899; Press 1*27 Consolidated January 18, 192f Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Atax. H. Woshburn, Stey-Trw. at The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansat writing. Write: Opportunity X, .ting on the 15. Two line plays took P. O. Box 98, Hope, Ark; 27-tf | the pigskin to the G and a pass to Patton was good for the T. D i . . ** Again a pass for extra point was fw4 flllP 1 fl 1 £^ sl!t*£^ good and Lewisville had 21 poinj* of Leodingin Yards Rushing Blevins' touchdown came late in Unless Rice's DALLAS W) Dicky MooelH breaks a leg rr something he'll bo the Southwest Conference's leading ball-carrier like ten.pins. Try for extra pom the game by courtesy of Arthur Willis who took a Red Devil pun on his own 35 and swivel hippet down the sidelines the •remaihini 65 yards, shaking off Devils al the. way and going over standini up. It was the most exciting play of the ball game and "good block ing cut the Lewisville boys dowr Alex. H. Wathburn, Editor & Pubtlrtw Paul H. Jonei, Managing Editor Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager George W. Hosmer, Mech. Supt. but other statir.tical championships are a;; unceitain as the weather. The Rice express roamed for 100 j yards against Texas Christian Inst week to bring his total for the sea Entered as second clasj matter «t the Post Office at 'Hope, • Arkansai, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulation! Subscription Rates (payable In advance): •y carrier In Hope and neighboring towns— Per week 25 Per year 13.00 By mall In Hempstead, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard, and Miller counties— On*' month 85 Three months _ 1.60 Six months 2.60 One year « — 4.50 ,AII other mall— One month - 1.10 Three months .— 3.25 Six months ..: 6.50 On* year ,.., '3.00 Hofl Advertising. Representativei: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; 1602 Sterick •Idg., Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 Texas Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42d St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldfl., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member of The Associated Press: fhe Associated Press is entitled ex- -eluslVely"to~.the U^e for republicatlon of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. son 1 to 770 a lead of 170 over runnorup Hnnry Moore cf Arkansas. Dicky f>ets his last chance to cov er territory Saturday as Rice closes the sor.son a.noinst Baylor at Waco. Duano Nutt of Southern Method ist still tops the passers with 53 coinpletions in 104 'throws for 7R3 his margins is mighty Raylor's Billy Hooper, yards .but : ']im over >vhn gained 132 yards against SMU Saturday. Hooper is just 1C yards back. The Beylor quarterback- made 29 yards rushing and shoved into 1he lead in total offense, replacing Elwood Kettler of. idle Texas A&M. Hooper now, has 886 yards on 143 plays. Kettler is second with 852 on 201. ' Ray Taylor of /Texas . Christian still leads the punters with an av erage of 41.9 yards on^ 44 boots. Henry Gremminger of Baylor is the leading pass-receiver with 83 yards on 15 catches. Preston Car penter of • Arkansas and FVank F.idom of SMU have caught the most, however,' with 19 apiece.- When Baylor gained 376 'yards rLisbjng;.ftii.d passing tn day it-took away the la'tter's r 'de was wide and the game ended few moments later. Final score: Lewisville 21,-Ble vins 6. The Hornets made 11. firs downs, passed 13 times and com pleted 3 for 30 yards with 3 inter cepted. They made 125 yards rush ing and received 3 -penalties fo 15 yards. The Red Devils made 1 first downs, completed 6 passe out of 13 for 185 yards. They mad 145 yards rushing and received penalties for 30 yards. This game ended High School football for eight Blevins Seniors: Fullback Wayland Bryson, Half- Bodcaw Wins 2olSFrom Spring Hill In basketBan, pla* last weiekchd he Spring ttiH Junior boys defeat- d the Bodcaw youngsters 38 to 31 with CarltOB ttfr Borfea* high point or his team witft. 11 and fown- end leading the way tot the win- icts with- 1* ' fiodcaw's senior girts downed ipring Hill girl's Si to 26 With Coir- jelius tossing -in> 30 counters, Rashke was bigft fo* Spring Mill, with 7.. • In the senior boya game Won out 62 to S5 in an overtirtie icriod. the regular game ended 1-all. Sutler .was high fof- Bodcaw with 1ft but Spring; H&'* Siajrard tossed- in- 24 Yerger Upsets El Dorado leant 21-7 Yerget's' Tigers Tourneyed;; to El Dorado Saturday night- and scored a 21 to 7 upset victory over the oil city eleven, ; . • Hope rolled*-up two, tallys in the opening quarter. Tyus tossed a pass to Stuart who ran, tea yards for the first .one "and Wilson brok* loose for 50 yards to. score'the second. ., -.,-•••.-... The Hornets caflne.back in the.se- cond pe'riod to scora ; ith'eir -only tally with J. Childs going" over and T. Gipson making the point after. Again in. the' third quarter/ Wilson scored after all yard run .giving the fTigers . a 19 to 7 lead. Hope pushed: the Hornets back for a safety in .the. iinalr period, giving Yerger a • 21-7 win. • Hope gained'315 yards rushing, 89 passing,, had 15 first downs and were penalized 35 yards. El Dorado gained. 68 rushing,, 52 passing, six first dwns .and: lost 40 yarda in penalties. < 1st...by far. New "Total Power" •i '*• * Esso Extra is breaking all past ^ * sales records... -k, far outsells every other premium - ' - , \ gasoline because it's , t the best you can buy! ** v--:w •«H*I I backs Stone, Donald Centers Worthy- and Ja6k Lloyd Don and Henr . Zumwa lt. Tackle Jappy Barl -, . r* her. End Eugene Spicer and uard Jimmy Phillips. Coach Russell Stephens stated that the 'Hornets will go into basketball practice in a few days and hoped.-.: for. another victorious season comparable to last year. The Blevins basketball schedule will be announced at'a later date. . . Funeral Directors OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE 2ND & HAZEL . . . PHONE 7-2123 AD-1 Mo. TF| €sso Fintinsdteiof f both preniium and • regitlitr gdioline iii the area where Euo prodtictfafe told! " i ** *< l»>. • »,/.;.•>•-«! VW|"Mfc9$ bES^W&S W-« ^ iTour sign of "Happy Motoring" lr?ti . . .. . iKww*"* 1 L vr- -."..- >^ijr^^«;'~ 1 t « iW " V J. J n$ Vifrfj&v-'frHj One estimate Indicates, that America will have about five million college students in 1S»75 compared to about 2% million hi 1953. PODS ESSO SERVKENT , f, . |"U r. -.1 I- ,( .?< • LUBRICATION. GAS • OIL • lIUB*ICANTSb^ 401 E. THIRD ^ODROiGERi ,-.- -. - »•- tfvvm tensive leadership. Texas. ._A&M how is tops, giving up only "252.7 yards- while SMU is 253.9. But Southern mams the Jflb^Off •with 337.2 yard's "'per second -with Methodist re .team HERNTJON CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for our agents A23-1 Mo. For Sole Layoway Open on TRIKES - BIKES - DOLLS and Many Other Items OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY COMPANY. WALLPAPER, lOc a single roll and up. Bill Wray Supply Co., 510 S. Walnut, Phone 7-2348. 20-3t For Rent NICELY furnished 4 room apartment and bath. Private entrances 7-3497. 23-tf. 'OUR room furnished apartment. Electric refrigerator, Garage. No children. Mrs. Ann a Judson, 220 N. Elm. 10-tf 'URNISHED apartment. 4 rooms nd bath, $35. % block from City Hall. Adults only. Phone 7-2153. 22-tf Found 250 Ib. CALF found in my pasture. J, W. Reyen'go, Emmet. 20-3t Instructions CLASSES in tap, acrobatic, ballet and toe. Katharine Windsor. 104 E. 14th. Phone 7-3327. 22-1 mo. : -VA ^ • >* Hydra-Matic trucks now have the ^^^^^ • > m ' " • ; . > , - l',k%u • . . - t 'te&&$S& . ; /; -; -< >.*•*;<$&§ :/; •,'.- \ ,'^;i| > J , ,i <M!"<n / ' ' ^"^'^1*' in design, in styling, in,power,!;T'"|^| .' - • •. • : \^y?*m ->* . , . •v> V J^ in performance and efficiency Lost WHEEL and tire. 700 x 17, between Hope and Shover Springs. Write Box 61, Route 2. Hope. Ark. 22-3* It's impossible not to feel a healthy, mellow glow as cares and worries, aches and pains melt away. Expert attendant*' are maintained in the Majestic 1 * own bath department to restore your vim, vigor and vitality. And remember, our Bath House fs operated in accordance' with regulations prescribed by the National Park Service of the US Government's Department of the Interior, HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, ARKANSAS , ''>->%i J ("J * v^Vt T tf™ ,» i 'HtlfSSS -V- .r^#^J '•' \K T f J f n: Bowling Tourney Gets Underway HOT SPEINGS (/P)— The Women's State Bowline tournament com pleted the first half of its two- 'weeljc«.end' schedule here last night. Miss Patsy Carroll for Fort Smith led the women in total number of pips.Knocked-down in-all matches \uth $ ?core Q| 1,541. Jn doubles, Jsen Pettit and Florence Shelton, p| Little Kock led with I.J31, and Pplly^lilmore of Little first |B Stogies ^|th a ,., »,,, t . v ' .Here at the MAJESTIC HOTEL you'll find* rest and relaxation, fine food and f«n to suit your mood and your budget. Writ? today for further information, MAJESTIC HOTEL S APARTMENTS ifl PATHS f COTTAOES that you may find in some trucks * ^ to be built in the future. i , Why wait? You'll be time ani<J money ahead if you see us *St«*J«r<( n ma*3 midtltj optional at txtra coit an tomt mhtrj $$*$*> W P, too, ctlegate the aobievfmunt of Motors' first 30 million cars, For we deeply ap» , prccint* the accumulated knowledge, research fftciljtit8 , •nd production iwsources that enable us constantly to ofttr bitter trucks and better values to our customer,*, HEMPSTEAD MOT Ark. T^py-fr;*™ , , i.\ t J'^, • ,-t «>? J-^V* «*». f V«

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