The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on August 30, 1942 · Page 26
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 26

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 30, 1942
Page 26
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THE ENQUIRER, CINCINNATI, SUNDAY, AUGUST .10, 1012 20 rooks Lose, Lead Cut To Four Games As Cardinals Win TWO IN NINTH Net Cubs 4-To-3 Win. Hack's Single Sends (her Winnins Itnn After McCullnuRh Arid Mrrullo Lrarl Off With Hits Lnn Warneke Is Winner. Chicago, August 29 (I'Pl-The, Chicago Cubs rallied for two rung: In the ninth lnnlnE today to trip the league-leading Brooklyn Dodger", 4-3. Clyde MrCullough, Cuh catcher,: smi Shnitstop In Monillo opened! the ninth with singles. MrCullough; eored Inter on Pinrhhitter Jimmy: " Fnxx's long fly end Stanley Hark gent the winning marker rcioss With nnnther hit. BACK-HAND SHOT 4. a , WW I NO. 17 Is Hung Up By Cooper Many Tickets Already Sold For Service Days At Downs Al'hough the sale of tickets will large number of "Ticket to Tokyo Nirlliday For Sla As Males' Timelv Blows XpI not b'vfm "tl'll,r,mf" c;h"- Man Srhn mm ffrnrrn man- 5-2 Kite Om I'liils. Sf yrts i 0M t, 41 ntl Berlin" were golrl among trc hoieemen t Hlver Powng yester- Hnv TW Tlvmana nrnmlnitnt Pin- aper of the Netherlnnd riar.g and ( nnrlfitj Rpr,rlgrnRn , mads thp ,BrB,st Ilrihert Schmidt, I'rejident of theismKln purche.g during th day, M,i,.n Blota Tn-n n,,.,Mne Tniludepohl Brewing Company, gn , when he bought 500 tickets, nounred yesterdny that flur.atg lor Account. For Three Runs And Winning Margin. .St. Iifiulg, AiiKUKt 29 -(AD-Seven-hit flinging by hueky Mort Cooper and timely hitting by the tail-end of the t"r I'rcmlses from the various hcadn nf Virnwurlaa In r.rnntAi1 Plnfllnnafl the Army and Navy KmerKen. y wou(, c0 tt , dH. REISER OUT. Chicago. Auguet 2! dTi-The Brooklyn Dodgers, their National league lead fading lapidly, suf-feied another blow today when it Via announced that Outfielder Pet rteieer, the club's leading hitter, would be sidelined for several day He is Kiiffenng from atom miiicle in his leg. l,on Wainrke was the winner, chalking up his tenth victory of the season. 1-on allowed elfjht hits, but only four of them mine after the Dodgers' three-run fi't Inning. Manager Ieo Purorher filed protest over the game on a decision Umpire Al Barllck made on a play t first base In the seventh Inning Warneke had singled and Hack grounded to Polph Camllll who threw to second, forcing Warneke, TheTllv' at first -was -ehise and Jfack wandered off the hug to Inquire fiom the umpire whether he waa safe or out. Me was tasked ' r Z. " I l M y- AimorlBlfO 1'rfia Wi:r,ih'lii. Frnnkie Prker of Los AnRelrs, second geeded in the ntionI trnni singles t Forest Hills, poes to the net for a backhand shot in his match with Jark Oiler of New Rochelle, N. Y. ' Parker won, 60, 60, 60. Hardy Men, These Swedes! Track Stars Prefer Hot Dogs And Soda Pop Instead 01' Catiar And Champagne. 7,1 iVi MOHT ( ((Oi r.K. nv lion nut Mri v. New York, August 29-(!NS-Here'g fiilr warning to the Hot Dog and S6d7rTpTrhdorg Union at Mfidieon 8'iiaifl fJarden: When (Jurider IfirR and Arnc Anderson, but Rorllck refused to allow the the Swedish trark iitfirs, arrive on "out." nn,. hosnltahle shores this winter. give them plenty of air. This Is the reason why; Swedish athletes think our hot dogs nd V han .lb 3 flaltin.rf 4 nmilll Ih 4 VMw'k If J ll.rinin It 4 Own.r 4 PfMPM 4 Allen. n a llflfl p 4 Csmv p n Tftll .14 HHOOKI.YN. I CHII-Ano AR II I'O A A'l II TCI A W ilker rf 4 2 A n llrl lb J 0 n 1 n Cavr'ta.lh 4 1 2 3 .1 n Mrh'ln'n.rf 4 01) n o n rial ''itrn.rr 4 1 3 ni soda pop a better combination then ? ? Meruiin 5.e J t t Slcavier and champagne. They are batting order today brought the Cardinals a ft-2 victory over the Philadelphia Phils and another step nearer the lra?ue-lead-Ing Brooklyn Dodgers. It was Cooper's seventeenth tii- umph of the campaign and the club'g third straignt over the Phils, which, coupled with Chicago's defent of Brooklyn, moved the Cards within four games of the Dodgers. Marty Marlon, a .Inhnny-come-lately to the slugging business, blasted two doubles from his eighth spot In the batting order to accmint for three runs end the winning margin s eaily as the sixth. In that frame, also, Whitey Kurowski punched his second two-base, blow, driving in a counter. Mort Cooper, In trying for his seventeenth victory, wore shirt No. 17, which eirly In the year belonged to Rookie Ervin Dusak. PlllLADKLf'Hl aTT KT. IX) t i I H. AB H PO.A! AH H PO A Mav .11) 3 0 1 3 Prnwn 2h S 1 1 2 0 1 H W Ik l rf 3 2 1 n 2 2 n Hlnuu-h'r.rr 4 0 n n I 2 n Mu.iial.lf S 0 2 n 1 111 I W l'rn' e .1 I 3 1 1 0 ii; llr.pi, in 4 2 12 n 1 li 3 Klirn'akl.Sh 4 2 12 1 1 fl M ,non 1 4 2 S 3 (I 0 I'M Cnop'r.p 3 0 0 1 0 10 - 0 0 ii Totals 3.1 10 27 0 0 0 Relief Days, September 2, 3, and 4 at the River Downs race track already had been sold. All gate receipts and money derived from the sale of admlsaion tickets to the track during the three days will go to the relief fund. River Downs Is defraying all expenses In connection with the drive, so that every penny received will go to the fighting men and their dependents. I Members of the Junior Minute W'oir;en's Committee of the URO poaing of the tickets, were received by Cochnlrman Schmidt, who de clared that a '.remendous effort to outdo all other cities will be made. Major John W. Masner, Wright Field Air Corps, Dayton, Ohio, who is In Cincinnati acting as contact man between the Civilian Committee and the Military Committee from Fort Tomas, declared that all indications point to three tremendous days. "The military officials are highly pleased," Major Masner declared, "over the manner In which Mayor James Garfield Stewart and other headed by Miss Martha Jane Hilde- Cincinnati officials are cooperating." Murt'Kh.M 1 3 ' K"x 0 0 0 - - - I Tnlala S'21 Indoor track meets, explained today. "A few years ago, Eric came to this country. What a picture run- non V, . Kill ., ,., M ! Nnvl'ir ef ... . .... ...... . ........ ,jilw.l,r lf finish a race at Madison Square iKtirn.lh Oarden. We couldn't understand N"rtii"v rf whiit was the matter, the crnwdsi irK in ,. were friendly and always pul'ing i p -ir-on p for the bid, but still he never could get to the finish line. 'iinrK p "We didn't learn what was wrong TnMI 24 "',. until his last race. He had been --" " buying out the vendor, and feast- l"? ,nr"?T t 5 s T s . ing on not dogs ana pop. A a re-' phiiH.iuhi onni lonoo 2 suit he contracted cramps In thejat. luia ..jionaoaiox-n Stomal h" R,ln" P,,l,l ln-Ktlrn Marnn 3 Mav. ' , ,, , , IKurnwuhl, Honp, To-Fa Hll N'avlnr, Tha temptation for Itaegg, 'hn lKurnwaKl j f.ltwhllrr. Marion 2 Braitan. set a new world's record for 3,000 st.ii.-n Baar -iinnp. Hncriiu- May. iv.u. , c ,j j, ihir Playa-Murtauah to Olosaop io Kitfn; meters Frld iy--covering the dls- M-,ri,.n to Brown m H"pp. i,-ri "wh -tance in elg'-t minutes and two- i'hiaiiphia 4. ai iu n Ba nn ,u. u t'biI. -Oft Prr"nn 5. Berk 2 M ronp.r I tenths seconds against the old maik ;,,, 0, Bv Bf(.k , , np,r 3 hih- rf fi flllflnrf Anni-iAn will hn kviin nil tar.n S in M Innln., llnr. A in o o o- aiaker from the land of Icy glades , lronR han ,h, that over-i ;.;,.r'- ,' J' j Rp.irdnn, l.Stio. l 0 n o 14 27 I I spert, but. rant resist our American smoking puppies. As a result of this stiange pss-sion, many a would-be record brandt, announced that a number of tickets had been sold In the various hotel lobbies yesterday. Among the Junior Minute Women Captain Spottswood Duke, Fort ThomaB Army Emergency Relief Officer, announced that the Military Committee, headed by Colonel who are participating in the gale George W. Price, was making elab-are Miss Hildebrandt, Miss Gen:- orate preparations for the three vleve Hart, Miss Mary Clark, Miss days, I aaawa in aigyp i ;. ii .an j) l y Ik A. WIN STREAK Of Bonham Snapped At Kilit (iamps, C'levrland Again Turning Trick. Mary Helen O'Conner, Miss Billie 0'C:onner, and Miss Mary Donahue. Peter Horbark, President of River Downs, announced that a One of the many features will he the appearance of the famous Fort Thomas Military Band at River Downs during the three days, To Hun On Coast 1a Angeles, August 29 (AD Jerry dealer, Chairman of the California Ilorsn Racing Board, said today the Western Defense Command had granted tha Bay Meadows track permission to operate this fall and that he hoped the same privilege would be extended to Santa Anita for a winter meeting. TITLE PLAY 4 Will Continue Today. Heavv Action Is Killed On All Amateur Fronts. . Tn out wh'n winning run arnrM, 1Pitfd for Warn'Kt In mnih. lnolnas... 1 2 S 4 S 1 UrnnMvn.... 3 0 0 0 0 0 Chtessn 1 o n 0 1 o o o a- ind frtrhlng blond Krrora Dll"annro, Nirnnnnn. ituna Jattpil In- Herman. Oalan, liwfn, tlalle un lrn. Knxi. Hark 2 Hacrlflc - Smrg-on l.n nn Bhh- Brooklyn . ('hlrsgn 7 Ban on Bnli-0(f A Urn 1, Ufad 1, War nfko 1 S'nirk Out By Hi-art .1, Varn; S HI'a (ilt Alli-n. 2 In 13 Inning; Hfal In 7 23 I'a.ay, 1 in 2 3. losing piirhar H"Hd. t'mpir- Ballanfanl, Bnfll'k Hhd Plnalil. Time-2 14. AtHnrtanct -lAoluth 14.B..7. til A NTS WIN TWIN Hill.. Piliaburgh, Auu 2ft (INSi- Sui-i-lve , hnm run blaan by Ml Oil mil Johnny Mira Hi th aaventh Inning sava th (iianta a 7-4 drrlainn In tha afcnnrl gama ol tortay'a OniibK hfadfr Kith III' Hiralaa ind a aweap for lha afti-rnoon Hal H'-hu-nia.hrr blank'd tha Buca. 2-0, on three kna In tha npanar. l'ha rnranlia had Juat tlrd lha ori In tha ith frama nf tha arrond tamr lth thraa run., kavning Hni. ( ariirnirr, Ihfn Ott and Mm quickly look rharua. I It aa dtt'a twfniv nith homrr o! tha year and the twenty-eernnd (or Mite. The 1 fiiants collected 12 hita off Boh Kilmer. ith Ott driving In four of the Oianti rwna In tha niglnrap Bill WrOea rt-eived tredlt lor the win HBST C.AMR. ; pfw V o R K i rl T TS Bt ' Hi i H AB H PO A AH H PO A rhar 3h 4 2 0 ornara'rt .'a 4 12 4 W Hek 2h 4 tl W aedell If 4 0 10 en it 4 0 10 tiarrelt rf 4 0 2 n oiio rf 4 0 J 0 HUott 3h 3 0 0 2 0 etcher II) 2 1 s 0 Phelrs.r 3 0 7 3 3 I ll M Klo cf 3 0 3 0 0()utlo2h 3 14 1 I I net i. n 2 0 0 0 gals has re-; rime N. Y. turned to his native land with litlle impossible to obtain in Sweden, Meat Is now almost .Vmnlrrg - SncU. Conlan. and Tlma 1 :sa. Aitemlmce (paidi mor to show for his trip than hotel and steamship stickers. "You can't keep (hem away from your hot dogs and soda pop," Eric Wlnburg, a Swedlxh newspaperman who will help show tin boys around when they get hers thlg winter to participate In gome of our burs; lamented Wlnburg says. The average two-week allotment amounts to approximately what wa down In one sitting In this country. "I shudder to think what will happen when Haegg and Anderson Phils Here Today Continued From Preceding riige. Andrews and Williams are the t.ct eyes on 1 batch of gleaming 1 pHzM Adams, a second baseman mil anus ana pnsiening Bona, win Vavn'd ft 0 0 2 Jarna.lf 4 0 .1 urifi i 4 0 3 atmruen.e 4 I S c!i en r d 2 0 0 PAICE RETURNS TOP PLACES To Oppose Nyasses Are Kept By Leaders When Mnnarrhs Play ( Invins In In American Assnrinlion Bsllinj; Another Night lis me At f mslcy l ield Tuesday. Cincinnati Clowns, Negro base- Ilarc Slanky In Front iVith .3.1.1 Amacf. Chicago, August 2! AP)-ad- haH's most entertaining team, willing halters In the American Asso-make their farewell appearsnre of 'nation kept their positions through who is only 20 years old, has drawn the attention of many scouts. Recently Bill Terry of the Giants made a big offer for him, hut was turned down. At present, Adams is out of the game with injuries. Adams was hitting .260 at the time of his In jury and leading the league in doubles. men in tne league ano a great fielder. He also la very aggressive. GROSSI TEAM Is Foe Of Engineers In Feature Of Softliall Tourney Tonmrrnw i;hl Hide Park Is Scheduled. Gross! Furniture team returns to action to meet the United States Engineers tomorrow night on Deer Creek No. S in what promises to be the feature In the Municipal Association's Softball tournament, which has progressed into the quarter-finals in both the open and j Industrial divisions, oame canea at 9 o'clock. Hyde Park Community team will pace Molloy's Kids in a quarterfinal consolation series contest at 7 :!.& o'clock on Deer Creek No. 5. A complete tournament card is on the docket Tuesday night with the headliner bringing together He is one of the fastest "an eroiners ana m ' the Highland tiar-4ir i iuo enKae All Stars Meet North Bcnd-Cleves While Listermans Take On Overlook Outfit. Municipal Association Class A teams continue play in the city wide elimination series today with a number of interesting games In prospect. Madisonville All-Stars, having returned to their early season form will travel to College Hill to tangle with the unbeaten North Bend Cleves nine in what should be the best Class A open game. In other open league games the defending champion Listerman Garden team will attempt to oust Overlook from the series at Deer Creek No. 6, while the Union Printers No. 1 will attempt to avoid elimination when they face the once-beaten Wright Aeros at With- row. Closed-loop engagements bring Associated Preaa. Chicago University alumni presented Alonzo Stagg with a birthday cake last night, upon when the former coach reached the age of 80. Forty years of Stagg's career were passed at the Chicago University. Al Smith Turns Back Yarikpes To Reenact Feat Of June 7 Weatherly Stars. New York, August 29 (INS) The Cleveland Indians whipped the Yankees, 6-5, today to hand Ernis Bonham his fifth defeat against 17 victories. This was the second tlms the Tribe had snapped an eight-game winning streak for the big fork-baller. He had accumulated that number June 7, when the Indians gave him "the works." Lefty Al Smith was the winner today, as he was June 7. Roy Weatherly collected five hits '.In five times at bat for the Invad ers, including a two-run homer and a triple. Bonham lasted only four innlng3, with Johnny Lindell being sent to his rescue. Grid Favorites If you can't wait here are the grid champions! Or at least a conrensus of early expert opinion: National J.'otre I)ame; Great Lakes or Iowa Trefllght Services. Big Ten Michigan or Minnesota, Big Six Missouri. raclflo Coast California or Southern California. South Alabama. Southwest Texas Aggies. East Fordham. TITLE BOUT LIKELY CLEVKI.ANrt NfW YORK AB H.PO.A AB HPO A Horkett.rf 4 1 1 0 Riiauto.aa t ri I ,13 0 Hajjett.lh 4 1 10 1 1 3 2 Honrlch.rf 2 0 0 0 2 7 O lILM' 3 110 1 4 0 Gordon 21) 3 0 14 t 0 2 Keiier.lf 4 2 10 1 3 2'Rnsr.e 3 0 7 0 0 S 1 Pickev e 1 0 0 0 0 0 n Prkldy.3h 4 12 1 0 0 0 Bonham. p 10 0 1 Lindell, p 2 0 0 2 37 12 27 7 'Rolf 110 0 Totals 33 7 27 11 W'th'rlv.rf A Keltner.3h 5 Kl'nung. lb 4 Heath. If 4 B'dreau.aa 4 frnmee.2b 3 4 Smith, p 4 Bag-by, p 0 Totala Batted for tlndell in ninth. Innlnrl. ... 1234587SI Cleveland ... 10320000 0- New York... 30000011 05 Errors Prlddy. Henrlch, Crimea. Rum Batted In Fleming 2. Henrlch, DiMacRlo 2. Keller, Heath, Weatherly 2. Llnclell. Two-Base Hita Klemlns. Hansen. Keller. Three-Basa Hit Weatherly. Home Run Weatherly. Stolen Bases Boudreau. PI-Maqgio. Double Plays Keltner to Klem-Ine;, Lindell to Oordon to Hassett, Boudreau to Grlmps to Fleming Left on Buses New York ft, Cleveland 8. Basel on Balls Off Smith 4. Lindell 4. Struck. Out By Bonham 3. 6m!th S. Lindell 3. Hits Off Bonham 10 In 4 Inninga, Lindell 2 In fi, Smith 8 In 7'i, Bafrhy 1 In !. Winning Pitcher Smith Losing Pitcher Bonham. Umpires Summers. Plperai, and Pasarella. Tlma 2; 16. Attendance 2,931. KENATOKH 4, TK.ERS 1. Washinston, August 29 ( AP ) Washington evened a two-same aeries by defeating titm Tlcrar 1.1 Ihla mttmmnnw, For Beau Jack With Angott,jBobo Nf,om w' thi ',, pPner, Lightweight Champ. New York, August 29 (AP) A fight card at Madison Square Garden that was slated to produce an opponent for Lightweight Champion Sammy Angott produced $18,752 last night, York, lb 2 M'Cosl;v.lf 3 Unrrl. rf 4 That's not a bad rtnss.Jb 4 return on four fights that didn't ; Bridges. p 2 have a headline performer among them, but it still left quite a problem for the folks who are trying logeiner tne winson hhoe team to line Up an October lightweight o..v r.nftiici ji ins in WIC tUll- tinuance of the hotttest rivalry in Tot an 32 fi27 S lnnma ... 1 2 Kaw York ... 0 0 riltshursh... 0 0 KTora (Justine, fileu T-i'ala S 4 S 0 7 S 2 o o ii n n ii v oooooono Runs Ratted In Wltek 2. Two Base Hit Wltek siolrn Fast - Mine. Sarrifb ea Mrhiunaker. liieu JlollM Plav -Wltrk to Jll'Kea to Wife. I.efl en Bases- New Yolk S. t'ltt.sburgh 2. Base en Balls-OH g.-humai-lier I. Dieit a Utruek Out By Mela ft. Rchumarher a Vmpireareari, Stewart and Ilunn. Time e 1.47, mtond coir.. riTTSBI'Rilll the season at Crosley Field Tues 2H 3 27' ojday, when they meet S;itrhel Pnli;e and his Kansas City Motmrchs, three-time champions of the Negro American league, In a night game. The game marks the renewal of a rivalry that is one of the most popular in Ncrio ranks as 'Tea-nuts" Nyasses of the Clowns is a real jinx to the fabulous Paige. The "clown prince of Negro base- Shortstop Williams has been having a great season for the Chiefs. A former Dayton player, he was South with the Reds in lf4t. His health was not of the hrst then, hut he is in perfect shape now, as evidenced by his having played every game in which his team has the week, Milwaukee's F. 1 Stnnky participated this season Iradieg the hit paidde with a .n.U's hitting .270 Williams average, ,only two points ehead of his teammate, Hal Perk. Among the four top swingers. Stanky was ths only one to slip a notch in the percentage reckonings, which wers computed through Wednesday. A week ago his league-leading mark was .834. reck stepped in as the closest challenger for the lead by raining his average from .329 to .331. He was followed Tot a i .10 ft .'7 I .' NEW YORK ABHPOA! AB H PCI Al w-n.. u. healon Pnlon n.nrnflti Werner 3b ft 2 0 1 Cos'art ss 4 1 I 0 . , . , , Wttek 2b ft 3 2 4 Aaedeil.lf S 1 3 n than any other hurler and he will Ott rf ft s 3 n Rarteti ri 4 i 4 n h(. out to repeat last year's four- wVehf !! 1 'a orietcherih S X i !' ""en h. meets Satchel 1.1 .... - a fi n n niUs.- n .f 4 n N A nit tha mniinrl Ttmarlnv nlftkl r..nnlr" e I 2 1 SKarT " 3 ? 3 n ralKft "n1 hl" m',,',, ,,,nr1 ,0r '321 H,irU B,Ck" f Mil" t'riMM. soft Kim rer p 2111 that loss by handing; the Clowns alwaukee with .321. farr ier p jioi wiikiep i o o i 4 1 rfpfrat here two weeks son, but oni -- . . ... . ...... ii" innru ti. rvrn inr iiiuni wun I Nyasses, who was sidelined because lnnns... 1 2 S 4 ft s s S '"f illness Nyasses definitely will lw York ..101020201- oppose Paige Tuesday night and s r...bur,h 0 0 1 0 0 3 O0O, ,,,. of r.f dl,f, . FrTorOnararart Runs Batted In -OM , . 4 Wltek. Coerarart. Mita 2 Bsrr-tt 2 pec-tel. rietrhfr Two Ri.a Hit -Mite Thrre ! The Clowns will have two new-Fiava Jura.s to ttitek to Mite witrk tn l'.oose) Tatum and Oscar iBIsh) Jurte, to M'te l.fft on Base. NewjTvsnn who mem nut chased from ithe New York Lincoln Giants last week Nate Andrews has won 17 games for the Chiefs, has hurled seven shutouts, and 21 complete games. Ha will be 30 years old September 30. He is a big fellow, weighing 200 poundg and standing 6 feet tall. Blackwell, the nineteen-year-old, 8-foot, 5-Inch high school boy, is the top pitching prospect of the lot, though. Scoufs, who have seen the Chiefs, sn.V he is the best looking young pitcher in the minors. He has won 12 and lost 9, amateur ranks at Taft Field No. 1 and the Schaeperklaus Coals against Globe Chemicals in the other game at Dempsey Park. FAVORITE AGAIN. Madisonville now is back in the running as favorite to overthrow .111 inn maul ciui, iiu ujiouo jt Detroit while Trtmmv Brldres wss the victim. It was the Tiaers' last appearance In Warn-Inklon for the season, PET POIT. WASHINGTON AR.HPOA ABHPOA Llpnn ss 4 0 2 0 Case. If 4 12 9 reamer rf S 1 1 0 Spenc-e.lf . S 1 4 0 Q-nn-;cr2b4 1 4 3 C'pbell.rf 4 2 3 0 0 10 1 Vernon, lb 3 17 0 5 2 0 Ktalella.3h 3 0 0 1 1 1 0ulltvan.M 4 2 2 2 2 1 4 Cr'cher jb 1 1 i 0 2 1 Evans. c 3 0 5 0 0 1 I Newsom.p Sill 000 - noil Totals 30 27 10 0 0 0 Railchif 1 Mpnrirrs.p 1 tFranklin 1 Totala 35 S24 11I Batted for Bridges In seventh. tBatted for Manders in ninth. 1234. 1S7I? 10000000 0-1 Los Angeles brat Maxie Shapiro iWashinston.. 30000010 x 4 of New York. But that didn't nec- Krrnrs Harris, Kstalella, Croucher. Runs ,. . ... tv,. Patted In McCoskey. Sullivan, Campbell, essarily get him to spot with the!7wo.Ba5, Hits - Bpente. Cramer. Mnien Champion. When Beau Jack, tne , Eases Case, Ve'non. Sacnfira Llpon. Unjee p Tot a it 1001 41 U -.'7 13 Hoth youngsters made hits Others in the high ten were Powell, St. Paul, .M9; I?oh Pillinger, Toledo, .315; Joe osmik. Minneapolis, and Bill Norman. Milwaukee, both with .30$; Eri Levy, Kansas City, .3nn, and Jim Grant, St. Paul, snv Milwaukee retained Its team batting lead with a .20 percentage, while Toledo registered .181, Minneapolis .260, and Iiouisvllle and Indianapolis .?W each. Ixitusvllle's new pitcher, Coving York S. Pitl.hiirah 2 Rases on Rsllt Cf Tarpanter 2 1. Smirk Out fly Klirter 3 Carpsn'er 1 Hits Off Csr tentr 4 In ft Inntnis. 1 In 4 Ir-lnn. !1 In SI. U',H.,a 1 1- U'Ih rong Pit. her M. Losing richer ' with their spectacular play snl, "th .P.i,,.t n Hofot Kfncer. rmpir st,-,-, nnn and clowning and they should prnvel., . , . " " ,.,,,,.. . (ears Time-i ;ft. Attendance tArtuan, , . . ..' , ... n ., but of the steady perroimers for "-ft.212. with the fans early In the season , itn.trhH ni, wlnnlnR ftrtnk KESUME TOURNEY TODAY. Sixteen survivors in the Ohio A A. U. horseshoe pitching tourney-Will meet at 10 o'clork this morning at the Norwood Horseshoe Courts to continue competition. Each contestant will be required to pitch against every other entrant In the round robin for grand total of 240 contests. Bill Martin f Norwood, with a high oualifylng core of 1!)2, Is favorite. TRUSSES ABDOMINAL SUPPORTS ELASTIC HOSIERY I5RACES We Close 1 P. M. Saturdays tnt the ermvrnteltee mt thnsa tr.-klng, make horn ralla In the aiming for fittinis. Nn etlra eharge. Surgical Svpplici Crocker-Fels 7th St, Between Vine and Race valuable additions to the Clneln nsitians In their drive for the pen-nnnt in the Negro Major League. The game has been rescheduled at the request of numerous fans who missed the last contest because of Inclement weather. Game called at 8.30 o'clock. Redskins Favored Continued From Preceding Tage. corral Baugh, but his linemen know their assignments and if they can execute them Sammy won't have much time to pick out bis pass receivers. Washington will outweigh the Army in the line and in addition will possess the advantage of experience, having played together ss a unit for several years. But here again Wade Is trying to us men who are familiar with one another's play, and there will be four Texas Aggies among his forwards. Both teams have been drilling for about three weeks. Wade started hia men out at Camp Cooke and then moved Into Pasadena's Rose the season, Kansas City's Herb Katpel had one of the best records with 10 victories in 11 starts. ment. A mound duel Is In prospect j e two-year king, Listerman Gar- when the Economy Savings Club ' of Hamilton, Ohio, tackles the Five All-Star regulars are among highly touted Citron Cafe team. the 10 leading hitters in the open Wright B-14 outfit can slip into , rinks. Eddie Theln will be Man-the Industrial division's semi-finals ! "EC- Stuart Barrirk's pitching se-by extending their winning streak lection to oppose Lefty Alex Hess at the expense of the King Ma- on the hill this afternoon, chine Tool team. Overlook club, which already has Complete schedule at Deer Creek been beaten, will struggle to re-Commons this week: ; mailt in the series when it battles Tomorrow No. 5. 7:4S p. m. the Listerman Gardens team. Hude Park vs. .Molloy's Kids;' Listermans hold a trio of vlcto- 9 p. m., Gross! Furnitur" vs. United ries over the Price Hill team dur-States Enginers; No. , 7;4S p. m.,jing the regular campaign, the clos-Westinghouse vs. loser I Wright , est tussle being a 9-8 triumph in the by Joe Bestudik of Indianapolis' with most of his defeats coming early in the season. He nas allowed only 57 runs In 193 Innings and has permitted only 142 hits. Shokes, who also wss off to a miserable start, has been hitting at better than a .300 clip the last two months. His total average is .2fi. Saner, who looked like a great hitting prospect. Is only hitting for a .210 average. He fielded well in the outfield, but flunked In his hitting. None of the men recalled or purchased will report to the Reds until next spring. Syracuse and Columbus are both heavily engaged In their own pennant races. ine last two momns, nom riuosi have been the hottest in their respective leagues. Bill Mumm, a young righthander from Covington, worked out with LINNEMAN IS WINNER. ' ' ?oTrM.nTr EeJ.'Th Inresston on Manacer Steneel with ucorge (Huci; wnneman oi: his high, hard one. vovingion, twenty-one-year-oia ny-ing cadet, won the Ryland Lakes President's Cup yesterday. On Bevel Gear-American Tool Works); 9:00 p. m., St. Barnabas vs. Bethel Baptist. Tuesday -Lodge and Shipley vs. winner (Wright Bevel-American Tool Works); 9:00 p. m., Franz Bros. vs. winner (Highland Ear-417 Club): No. 6, 7:45, Cincinnati Mill ing Machine vs. winner (Globe Wernlcke-Carltnn). Wednesday No. 5, 7:45 p. m., IieBlond vs. loser (Carlton-Glohe Wernicke; 9:00 p. m., Flnig Cafe, vs Hollmnn Dairy; No. . 7:45 p. m. and 9:00 p. m. Wednesday, Open Floodlight League. Thursday No. 5. 7:4r p. m 'Crosley vs. loser (Wright Engine Hos-pital-Fosdick Machine Tool); 9:00 p. m.. King Machine Tool vs. Wright B-14; No. B, 7:45 p. m., Victor Electrics vs. Planers (Thursday League finals); 9 00 p. m., the same first part of the year. Bob Jaspers, the "hard-luck" pitcher in amateur ranks, will oppose Veteran Orv Tempke. LOSER ELIMINATED. Both Union Printers No. 1 and the Wright Aeros have suffered one defeat in the two-and-out series and one of the clubs will confine their baseball activity to the stands after today's games. The Aeros have triumphed In a pair of contests during the regular season, while a lone Printer victory has been a one-hit shutout hurled by Elmer Krebs, who will be sent to the mound today with either Hal Hulsbeck or Hal Hatter in opposition. Gus Wagner Grill team will be out to avenge a 9-4 heating inflicted upon them by Minson Shoes sev- syndicate scrapper from Augusta, Ga., took on Young Billy Murray of Bellaire, Ohio, as a substitute for Chester Rico, he was tenta Double piayj Croucher to Sullivan to Vtr- ton; Croucher to Sullivan; Ross to Yo:k: Knsi to Gehringer to York. Left on Basel Detroit 12, Washington 6. Bases oa Balls Off Newsnm 4. Bridges 4. Struck Out-By Newsom 4, BrlQgei 2. Hits OH tlvely promised the Angott bout if Bridges 7 InWI inninga, Manders 2 In 2. . iiuic.oi,'i.n a. unpins rn'.iiri Bridges. Umpir-s Quinn am McGowan. Time 1:57. Attendance 1,500. he won decisively Jack won, but his victory wasn't any too impressive. Besides, the Beau has an affair with Vine? Dell Orto carded in Holyyoke, Mass., next week and the last time ha was up that way he lost to Carmine Fatta. It was the same Fatta, incidentally, who stepped in as n substitute and took the measure of Carmelo Fenoy of Spain in another of last night's four-roundcrs. As things shape up now, it probably will be Beau Jack against Angott some time after Sammy finishes his nontitle affair with Jimmy-Hatcher in New Orleans September 28. CUBS BUY TWO two teams will play If Victor de- eral weeks ago In the league cham-feats the Planers. Ipionshlp encounter. Whirly Takes $8,500 Race; Goes Ahead On Back Stretch Camden, N. J., August 29-(AP)-the back stretch In the mile and a whirl.. wnn th. sio.OOO added i fulrong race forged ahead by a Trenton Handicap at Garden State Park today, as everybody expected, but he surprised the crowd by be- BT ASSOCIATED PRI8I. (Threi leaden In each league) BATTING. Purer Huh O A74 R Williams. R So 127 44 III W-lh. Whtlft , aa .too 41 Rowi to finish up. Flaherty gsth-ioordon Yankeei. i;n 4is 7i ered his ptos at San Diego. On . p"n"r" The Reds also announced the out-rich? relfiASA of Tnfi.Mar Bnhhv Labor Day he will be presented j Mattick to Birmingham, farm club 'coming a front runner instead of with tha tpnnk., fr flnollir .l.fil.t.l.- . . . . , ., , ... ........j - ,n Ine ooumern Association, inia ing Pat Ooonenough 8 and 4. Cadet automatically mskrs Mattick sub-Linnemsn had previously showed jprt to the baseball draft as the tha tar.v trt .lnhn TiillncW .ttornev . j .-..j , released nim omngm. ne ivns-i.". . . by an 8 and 7 finish, JamesLCobh, came to the Reds with Ji mmy Glea - who lumned his total earnings to aw."y . . annnirr r nwn t son from the Cubs in 1911 in a deal 54(57.036 with the winning purse of $8,500, was given aroubing battle by nose over Rosctown. It was Whlrlaway by a neck at the three quarters with Jockey Nicholas Coule, up on Rosetown, giving the wonder horse of the turf a or.nt hattl. WThirlv held the demonstrating his famous stretch cominff int0 the stretch and drive. 1 while Rosetown tried gamely, the The long-tailed Calumet Croesus. Warren Wright ace was pulling From Tulsa Of Texas Loop Nats Land Chattanooga Flayers, Chicago, August 29 (AP) Purchase of a pitcher and an outfielder from the Tulsa club of the Texas League was announced today by James T. Gallagher, general manager of the Chicago Cubs. The players are Joe Berry, a right hander who has won 18 games, and Marvin Rickert, a left-handed batter who has been hitting around .310. They will report to the Cubs at the end of Tulsa's season. Chattanooga, Tenn., August 29 (AP) Pitcher Lou Bevil and In- fieldcr Ray Hoffman of the Chat tanooga Southern Association Look outs were sold to the Washington Senators today. Lookout Manager Joe Engel announced the sale of the two players in a straight deal, but did not disclose the cash price. Bevil, a right hander, has been one of Chattanooga's most effective moundsmen, high spotting his sea son with a no-hlt, no-run victory over the Atlanta Crackers in July. 'age and experience. BED SOX 4, WHITE SOX I. Boston, Masi., August 29 (INS) Scor-Ink all their rum In the second Innlnt, the Boston Red Sox defeated the rhicagi White Sox, 4-2. today. Pitcher Jake ttale waa kno-ked out of the box by the Red .sox in the se,-ond and Bill Dietrich, who relieved him, pitched airtight hall the rr.B of the way. Dietrich's hit In the XourtlJ Inning scorid Chicago s two runs. CHK'Ai-,0. , BOSTON! ' ABHPOA ABHPOA Kol' 4 1 10 1 DIM' 3 0 6 0 M-ises.rf 4 14 0 I' ft 1 1 3 Kennedy, If 4 0 2 0 Williams. lf 4 0 3 0 Appllnc. ss 3 0 12 Doerr.2h 3 0 3 4 Lorllg nl.3b 4 2 2 3 Tabor. 3D Mueller. cf 3 0 3 0 Fox rf Webb, 2b 3 112 Turner, o 3 0 1 lConroy.c Wade.p 0 0 0 0 Wagner.p Dietrich, p 2 10 3 Dickey 1 0 0 Oj Totals Totals 31 24 121 4 111 2 2 10 3 17 0 3 19 0 2 0 0 S 29 (27 10 principal of Newport HI, by 8 and 4. and George Beuttel 8 and 4. brother for jjjUy Myers. or mi Mayor pi Covington, xiuo Ltnneman, son of funersl director Henry O. Llnneman, took the trophy with a medal score of 75. LEADING BATTERS. condition alone the service boys appear to have the edge, but It Isn't so marked ss to make any great difference. The Redskins are three deep In almost every position. Tomorrow's titanic is one of a series Wade's aggregation will play for army relief. From hers he will take his men to Denver. JK4 4"! 37ft S3 7S H I.M 1"1 1S no i us Pet 3o :7 Lamanno pulled a muscle In his right side in the seventh inning and was forced to turn over the catching duties to Al Lakeman. George D. Wldener'g Rosetown, but crossed the finish line a length Marshall's game-winning homer was his fifth of the season and his third off Brave pitching. It barely carried over the screen in front of the right field bleachers. Aonbnrr closed fast to take show position in a photo finish with Rosetown. A top heavy favorite. Whirlaway paid $2 80 to win and $2 30 to place. Rosetown returned $2.80 for place. ahead of the Widener mare. Miss There was no show betting. Helen Hickman's Aonbarr was third. A total of $81,447 was bet on the a nose behind Rosetown. with Mrs. n'lth 3,839 placed on "Whirly" C. S. Bromley's In Question fourth, TW?ner Ren .Tone, declared his 103 Slaughter. Cards. .120 Musial, rardin-i'i 1 1 1 HIIMK Rl . National laaiie. American leame. ott. Olan:s 2ft Wltllami. R Sox 27 Mlae. Olsnts ....22 .Keller. Yankera.,2.1 Camllll, Dodgeri.21 Laana, Browns., .22 Rl Sn BATTf.n IN. National I .earn Amertraa tagw. Slaughter, Tarda SS Williams. R S .113 Camilll. podgere SS PiMagglo. Yanki SO i .'.13ft old doubt .1. Outside of Eddie Miller and our friend. Ernie Lnmbardi, we and last. Despite four-year-old ran a "perfect race. Jockev Eads explained the front Inclement weather, a crowd of 18.402. Including many'n"'"t performance by saying . Whirlaway became excited on the celebrities, turned out to watch fir.t ,urn sn(, nf ri(icirt.d t0 ,ft ,he very much whether the ' lurmom a nuisiaimniK ihm.-o m m.- noise h;o ro ine ironv eaiuci niii .315 Slaves could get more than the ', first rare on the new track. i had been planned. waiver price for any of their play- Wlth Jockev Wendell Ends In the' "hiriy covered tne nisisnce in erg otherg than th nitchen ' . !l:.VS seconds, one-fifth oft the en, omen man tne pucndi. ,.., u-hli- u v waa au nv Inst . . ... ., ,.n ' iracit recora. j-iib rimes were .n?t, Derringer's triumph was his, usual, from the starting gate be seventh of the season and his fourth j hind Rosetown, Aonbarr and In at the expense of the Braves. Big I Question. Paul has tasted the bitter dregs of At tha first turn Whirlaway ued.icK, tHKigen m Ooerr, Re4 aci.. it' defeat 10 limes. atartcd to creep up and going down 48H. 1:12V and 1:37V Jones paid he will decide tomorrow whether to run Whirlaway next at Washington Park or Nar-ragansctU $1,000 Tor War Work Our Loan No. 742004 is a former automobile dealer. When new cars were frozen, this man immediately looked around for a way to keep busy in his garage. Wlfti the help of a friend, he secured a Goverv ment order calling for $50,000 worth of airplane parts. He borrowed ll.ono , . , bought a punch press and now haa started work filling the order. He stands to ' profit and fill a definite war need, too. Anyone requiring a personal loan can come right to The City Loan and get It. No matter what your ned may be, we're glad to help you if we can. TheCityLoas Mnd Sivings Company Norwood OffW, 4B3t Monlgomerjr Rd. ME 1942. Office Houn: 3i A. M to S no p. v. Open Monday Nujnt. at w (beat boo tar uveal eUie. ll m laan.a siain aawemel , Ret Vt rersonallr . . . t.rnRfir scut l.rn. Mgr. Phone TA U'.t Fifth and Walnut, Cincinnati. Batted for Dietrich In ninth Inning. . lnnlnci ... 1234SSTII Chicago .,..00020000 01 Boston 04000000 X t Krror Appling. Runs Batted In Pl.t-rich 2. Pesky 2. DIMaealo. Wagner. Two. Rasa Hiti- Lodlgianl. Tabor. Sacrifice Wdur. Double Flays Kolloway to Ap-pllni: to Kolloway; pesky to Doerr tn l.upien 2. Left on Bases Chicago 7, Boston to. Bases on Balhj Off Wade a, Dietrich 5. Warner ft Struck Out Rv Wade 1. Wagner 4. Hita Off Wade. J in 21. Iit.mss: off Dietrich. 4 In SV P"4 Ball Turner Umplree r.rieve. Huhbard, and Rue. Time- 2:02 Attendance 6,512. DRILLS START TUESDAY For DePauw Football Squad 40 Freshmen To Report. Greencastle. Ind., August ' 29 (AP) More than 75 varsity football Espirants largest grid squad strtee 1929 will report for opening drill Tuesday at DePeuw University, Coach Raymond Neal announced today. Barkbone of the squad, including 40 freshmen, will consist of six returning lettermen and 14 freshmen numeral winners fiom last year. Neal explained the large squad was due to the fact that for the first time in many years freshmen are eligible for varsity competition. Neal lamented, however, that for the same reason the squad will lack t 1

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