Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1954 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1954
Page 13
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f S,, pppppp^ v •"•' 'MW- I ' •" HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS , NoVerrtbef 22,1954 . Scott Cdtihly Circuit, Hughes, Of Waldrort. is accused tf killing two jWaldrbn farmers. He was adjudged sane at a second mental examination Saturday at the Arkansas State Hospital in Lit- Ife ,#ocfc. Hughes previourly had beeft found sane by the same institution after a 60-day observation period. The elderly farmers that Hughes is accused o? killing were found dead Aug. 23. They h<id been robbed of a total of $13. Moore Bros. Serving You Since 1896 FREE DELIVERY f .,4,,1,^ JK ^,* ~- ork Roast ire Pork Sausage 39c Lb. Delicious Apples 25c K)3 Can Peas f * ' *«. «• a i. / 'Cans •iresn Coconuts lOc Lb. Ground Beef ' IfcROSJFOR A •RESH DRESSED ? ^TURKEY IO FROZEN ONES Far Juicy HENS 29' Lb. Curtis Marshmallows 2 '?£• 33c Fresh Pork Chops Picnic Hams 35« Lb. Chase & Sanborn VACUUM COFFEE 98 ILb. Tin Stalk Celery Stalks Cranberry Sauce 2 Cans 39C Gallon Ice Cream 49c i ' Betty Crocker Cake Mixes Boxes Fresh HAMS Half or Whole 45 Lb. Beef Roast 25< Colored Oleo 2 - 39c 5 Lb. Bag Oranges 25C Bag PRESCOTT NEWS Lge. 21 can Peaches 49C Fresh Eggs JB 4fc Grade A 43c Dozen ROUND STEAK STEAK SIRLOIN STEAK 49c 39c 35c Fresh Fryers 39' Lb. Mre. W. F. Sp«ars Hostess To West Side H. D. Club Mrs. W. F. Spears was hostess o the West Side Home Demonstfa- ion Club in her home November 7 at 2 p. m. There were 14 members, Miss Loretta McClennahari, and Mrs. D. O. Montgomery from he Helping Hand Club present. Mrs. J. G. Westmoreland gave he devotional .and led group sing- ng. Miss McClennahan installed the 'ollowing officers with a most im- iressive ceremony: President, Virs. A. E. McGuire, Vice-president, Mrs. W. F. Spears; Secretary- measurer, Mrs. Fred White; Reporter, Mrs. Westmoreland; Spriri- .ual Leader, Mrs. Jack Leslie, Recreation, Mrs. Robert Peachey. Mrs. Harry Keeley was presented a gift and expressed her appreciation for the splendid cooperation shown by officers and members during the past year. Mrs. George Teat was winner of the door prize. Happy Birthday was sung by the group to Tina Bolton, Club Mascot, for her second birthday. There was a lovely display of articles that were made by mem bcrs and Mrs. Teat gave a gift wrapping demonstratjlon. A very informative demonstration on making Christmas decorations was given by Miss McClen nahan. The West Side Annual Christmas party will be in the home of Mrs W. B. Sage with Mrs. Harry Keeley co-hostess on December 15 at 7:30 p. m. Miss McClennahan announced that the Christmas luncheon will -be at the Redland Community House on Friday, December 17 a 11 a. m. Plates will be $1.00 each and gifts for exchange are not to exceed 50c. A very informative demonstra tion on making Christmas decora tions was given by Miss McClen nahan. Delicious refreshments iwere served by the hostess assisted by Mrs. McGuire. Annual session of the grand chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star of Arkansas held in Little Rock last 'week. Howard Burke was a business visitor in Shreveport last week. T. M. Bemis served on the Fed eral Petit Jury in Texarkana last week. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee and granddaughter, Gail Gee, motored to Hot Springs Wednesday for the day. A-lc Billy Danner has returned to Fort Bragg, N. C. after a visit The owl was the badge of ancient Athens. Very little oxygen and water exist oh Mars. with his parents, Gordon Danner. Mr. and Mrs. ROKs Order Red Truce Gang Out SEOUL, Korea (UP) The Re public of Korea's fiery provost marshal ordered Communist mom bers'of the truce supervisory com mission today to get out of Korea within a week, but the United Na lions command warned it would protect the Beds with trcops. APPLES SPECIAL • FLORIDA ORANGES 3 Doz. $1.00 • CAGE EGGS RUSSELL'S CURB MARKET 901 West 3rd Phone 7-9933 OVE DY Completely cleaned and individually boxed for your convenience. Ready to pop into the oven and roast to a luscious golden brown. AND LOOK AT THIS KROGER LOW PRICE! 18 Pounds and Larger Lb. '47 Cliib Entertained - ; By Mrs. Charlie Scott 'Members of the '47 Bridge' Glub were entertained on Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. Charlie Scott at her home. C f '. The rooms arranged for the .fcla- yers were decorated with bouquets of vari-colored chrysanthernufps. The high score prize was won by Mrs. E. R. Ward and the cut', 'prize by Mrs. Glenn Hairston. A dainty dessert course was served to members Mrs. O. W. v ;W.at- kins, Mrs. R. F. Yarbrough, Mrs. C. R. Gray, Mrs. Dudley Gordon, Mrs. B. A. DeLamar, Mrs : *t)P^V. McMahen, Mrs, Jim. Nelson, ; ; jY|rs, Ward, Mrs. Hairston, bridge .'Quests, Mrs. Blake Scott, Mrs.'Geovge E. Wylie, Mrs. William Dates and tea guests Mrs. Jack Robey, Mrs. Sid Purtle and Mrs. S. V. Scott. SMALL Miss Marianne Bramlett, Mrs. W. C. Ennis, Mrs. C. L. Parchm^n, and Mrs. James Foppanio of Memphis, Tenn., Mr. Clyde Buffajoe and Mrs. Billy Akin of Summer 1 ville, Tenn.,- attended the funeral services for Vernon R. Warren on Wednesday afternoon at Caney Baptist Church. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Moore and their guest, Mrs. H. S. Streeter of Fort Hood, spent Wednesday in Texarkana. Mrs. Electa Wells, Mrs. Paul Koslosky, Mrs. Lawrence Sto'vall, Mrs. Johnny Harrison and Mrs,' Burke Shelton attended the 79th BIGGEST CAR, BIGGEST BUY * '"" "" - • -• •• • OF THE LOW-PRICE 3 .4* f-««.- ;-Sfif*»i- «•-. ,r» ALL-NEW »LYMOUTH f« • _ i I ! • . lOIVIE IN TODAYI SEE IT! DRIVE IT! 11-16 Ibs. Oven Ready Lb. C 4 to 10 Ibs. Oven Ready Ib. Completely clean: Oven Ready Young, tender Oven ready. DUCKS GEESE BAKING HENS Fr'ing Chicken 3 to 5 ; ,jbs. Oven ; ready. Completely • t Clean. Whole. lb. .lb. Ib. Lb. 59c GROUND BEEF 59c Pork Sausage Standard Oysters Lots of lean Q Value Price. O Ibs. Lb. Roll 39c 17 £ z , 89<f 39c Smoked Hams wholeJrTdiT Lb. 59c Preserves Embassy Strawberry. Made with pure Fruit. Ocean FRUIT CAKE It's easy to bake praise-worthy pies with this. CRANBERRY SAUCE. Value Price. 2 24 Oz. Jar 303 Can 300 Cans Kroger's HOLIDAY Brand. Lb. Cake KROGER BREAD /Loaves' J/C Fine for Dressing. ry Copyright 1?49, The Krgger Co, j FRESH, GREEK CALIFORNIA PASCAL Stalk Cranberries OCEAN SPRAY Value Price Lb, PFTCP 177 witk .fy' ttv-fve Y • Powerful new ffy'Fire V-8 and PowerFlow 6 engines • PowerFlite* ,.. finest no-clutch transmission made, with Ftite-Control Drive Selector on the instrument panel « New full-View Windshield, swept-back, really lets you see • Full-time Power Steering* • Wide-pedal Power Brakes* f fm-Clide Power Seats* » Sasy-Lift Power Windows* ,.* Jj$eles$ tires Plymouth SWEET , WBP. ^HP^ ^PP ^BWW ilBP ^^K^^ , ^Wi^^ ^^^^ FANCY TEXAS PORTA RICOS 2 Lb , FLORIDA Full of Rich natural juke, * Monday, Noremfcftr 22,1954 HOP! StAft.. HO PI Boyle Continued from Page One .trains of European 'culture, is a Ittle living museum, crowded with the treasured masterpieces of the past. No country its size has so many historuc objects woith pic turing on postcards. But while he admires these old glories, the ordinary Belgian isn'1 overwhelmed by them. He is almost as gadget-crazy as an American, and if his hqme doesn't havo every labor-saving, device on the gnarket it is for only one reason- Tie can't affdrd them. But he is HOT WATER HEATER HEADQUARTERS • Day & Night • Rheem • Crane • General One - Three - Five - Ten year warranty HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing - Heating 309 N. Main Phone 7-2811 ager to try new things, and new rays of doing old things better. The cleanliness of Belp.'um's an- ient cities afcd small towns puts America's: newer metropolises to hame. The grime of ti*ne has eft a pleasant patina of age upon ncient building, but the streets nd Mdewalks are spotlessly clean. Memo to an American mayor: Why not send the head of your ocal department of sanitation over here on sn inspection trip to find ut how the Belgian.*-, do it? Belgium, more densely crowded :han China, is plagued at present >y considerable unemployment. But there is practically no emigra- .ion from the country. The hard-working Belgian, if he :s out: of .a job, prefers to stick it out in his own homeland unftil limes improve. But there is no beggary. '* 1 < In New York you see plenty of street panhandlers every day. In a week here I haven't encountered one. The loneliest Belgian alive is perhaps former King Leopold, who abdicated, in favor of his soft, Bau. douin. He never appears in public here, spend much of his time abroad. The resentment of his people, stirred by Leopold's wartime remarriage while his country was occupied by the Germans, had died down. "We are indifferent to him as long as he stays out of sight," said one Belgian. Young bachelor King Baudouin himself has aroused little enthisi- asm. "The king never smiles Sn public," complained one Belgian. "Ha smiles only when he is with his father, Leopold, and his stepmother. He is too much under their control. He cares more for them than he does for his people." Whether this is true or not,-most Belgians regard their royr.1 family more with apathy than pride. HELP for Coughs You feel cooling, soothing help from the very first dose. Clogging phlegm is loosened, you breathe deeper. CREOMULSION relieves Coughs, Chest Colds, Acute Bronchitis Gable Laughs Off Romance Rumors HONG KONG (UP) Clark Ga ble shrugged of with a laugh to day rumors that a romance is brew ing between him and curvaceous Marilyn Monroe. Publicitymsn A. L. His paid Ga ble denied Hollywood gossip about himself and the blonde actress, who divorced former Yankee slug ger Joe DiMaggio Oct. 27. Miss Monroe met Gable for the first time at a party celebrating the completion of her latest pic ture, the nii;ht before she was hos pialized for minor surgery. Hix said the two "danced a num ber of times and that's all there was to it." . Gable, who is making a movie in this British China-Coast colony- took time out yesterday to visit nearby Portuguese Macao. Mrs. Tucker 1 Lb. Can FREE When You Buy 3 & 87c Fruit Cocktail DELMONTEand LIBBYS 2 COFFEE MAXWELL HOUSE and FOLGERS 1 Lb. Can BUSH WHOLE FANCY BEANS 2 No. 2 Cans FREZERT MELLORINE 49c Gallon OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY SAUCE Cans PET & CARNATION MILK 4 C"" 45 C GREENIES PEAS Cans LIBBYS and DEL MONTE PUMPKIN 2 ,303 Cans 23c IN HEAVY SYRUP STRAWBERRIES 2 lOOz. Boxes 45e PASCAL CELERY Large Stalk 14' PRODUCE CARROTS 2 Lg. Pkgs. DEPT. YELLOW ONIONS Lb. FRESH Tomatoes Lb. MEAT DEPT. All Brands BISCUITS 3 Cans 27 < CURID HAMS 53< CHUCK ROAST lb. FRESH DRESSED HENS 33' PORK ROAST lb. 49« MED. SI^E FRESH COUNTRY EGGS 3 doz 1Q7 WE FEED THE PARKING METER FOR YOU Prices for Tuesday, N0v. ?3rd, Wednesdoy, Npy. 24th, Friday, NOY, 26th end Satwrdoy. NOY. 27th Wi oiuvn SUPER DIAL 7-4501 A&P HAS MONEY-SAVERS BY THE SCORE FOR Prices are effective through Wednesday, November 24. OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY v SAUCE . ••*"-•• -1O4 16-or. Can..-.;:.r.-.v..«.r... I T T I ! \ Ann Page Pure Spices CINNAMON 4-.«. can 23 < WHOLE .CLOVES can 15< GROUND CLOVES eon 25* GROUND SAGE can 15 < FANCY 'No. PUMPKIN Caif....'7Vrr.-.,rrt^ \i,.:> PARKER Stuffing — SUPER v young ant/ Succu/f nf TOMS 14-lbs. Up OYSTERS FRESH PORK HAMS FRESH DRESSED OVEN READY HEN! ALLGOOD BRAND > SLICED BACON THANKSGIVING SPECIALS! BAKER'S MOIST SHREDDED COCONUT 4-oz. Pkgs. 31* BETTY CROCKER PIE CRUST MIX 2 9-or. Pkgs. ....29* A&P RAJAH APPLE SAUCE 2 • 29c COCONUT A&P WHOLE BORDEN'S GREEN BEANS No .303 Can SULTANA Lux Flakes Large Pkg... 29* .' Lifebuoy PRUNE PLUMS OLD-IVORY WHOLE SPICED PEACHES No. 2'/2 Can 25c CREAM CHEESE 2 ' ' - ' ! f \Ji-^ *&•& MM 19c ANN PAGE ANN PAGE FRENCH No. 2H Can ;l6NA Reg. Bars. 25* Lifebuoy 3 Bath Bars..:.:.:... Ot** Rinso Blue v - -, Giant Package...r:V.. PEARS 3 No. Cans 29c DRESSING A SULTANA STUFFED 1.00 OLIVES A&P GRAPEFRUITJUICE'»19c REYNOLDS lux Soap ^ * 3 Reg. *artr.-.:r..r.^..A*f ALUMIUM FOIL ANN PAGE VANILLA EXTRACT BORDEN'S — BALLARDS & PILLSBURY BISCUITS 25 ft. Roll 4 Or. Bot. Lux Soap • 3 BatrTBars.. :;.^.. Silver Dust .,' Giant Package JANE PARKER'S FAMOUS FRUIT CAKE Jane Parker'i Sfwefal, Beovfffvlly 0*(orat«d ' Thanksgiving Cake n*™*)....:.,:;:** 79* 7^ c BROCCOLI AJ BROCCOLI «»* ^C c SPINACH ^mt& m M ••• ••• m MINCE PIE i"-. p.r k .r........ ....„-. ;.....-...™...«.A 45* BREAD CRUMBS &..I .-^-JSS I?4 DINNER ROLLS &?*., „..,„.; , J k ?i ISf. COfKE CAKE » , .„#* %fi DECEMBER ISSUE NOW ON SALE! Surf / - - -^ • "• CT4 Giant Packqg*..."..".. if/ T woman's day THE A&P' V Still MAGAZINE Only MBBY'S FROZEN ORANGE JUICE ANGELlTS MARSHMALLOWS ''•"• MBiRTV MARASCHINO 35' CHERRIES > ( 'Breeze v J Giant Package Spry , r cw .,,.,-.,-. 8S« \ Clan? lux Liquid & '^ Festive favorites iu Qur .--^•r w - V/INESAP f RISH O'ANJOU -' s :'.^l APPLES «• 15c D|:ADC 4 * FRESH - rfw*»M» A?' CRANBERRIES - 2U CELERY RED DELICIOUS HONPUIAS APPLES « 15c CQCplH! GRAPEFRUIT 8 % 39c I U»S- NO, 1 RilQJAII

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