Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1954
Page 10
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^P:- HOPE STAR, HOP6, ARKANSAS n, i§§4 JNTY, * ntfo. wr Jo£ de|Td44 *T.*.4, ,„„-.£ * im*i ttifweTWh Hay of Koh lflWladmttU<b to,, ferotoate i*. sswj^ t ft£ hfcotfe named HIW . _ there* fcL.'&SteBt^of ,the probate iui >.*«. tk..>_*Mrt»>4j(|, only by the time claims against Credit Association Meets Here Tuesday Night ,. the date of the „*! ofi this, notice, or inaut, om. fttfevet? barred and i 4^fiohx'any benefit In the ^notice, ittst published 22 day i, Lula Kept «•*•", - Lfeiter Kent fcf', ; \ BJdridffe Formby %T' , '' Executors ^}."Boutel 'LATE'MAIL SALISBURY, N. H.,' (UP) Mrs. Harry F. Twombly of Salisbury wondered why she was re- ceicing a Christmas gift thank-you note with the holiday still a month away-. A glance at the post mark showed the note had been mailed from Franklin-a town nine miles away on Jan. 1, 1915. Believes China Will Launch Offensive WASHINGTON (U P) Senate Republican Leader William F. Knowland maintained today lhat Red China will launch a new aggression "within a year" end llvit IB United States 'must have h? will" to stand up against it. "I think the Chinese Communists will move somewhere within a 'oar,' he- said. "The fact that they are talking about Formosa doesn't mean it will be that. It could be Korea again or to the South." Knowland said when en attack comes, the United States should make an issue of it. But he warned against a bluff "if v/e aren't ready to act." "We shouldn't talk unless we're ready to follow through." he said. "That only ronvinces the Communists, os 'it has in the paft that we wont act next time. That mad? us what they call in the Orient a 'paper tiger.' Unless we arc willing to sacrifice those people to Red slavery we must have the will to stand.' 1 Knowland made the statements in a question-and-answer interview with Fortnight, a California news magazine, v/hich was made public last night. He emphasized he v/as speaking for himself rather thrm the administration with which ho is frequently at odds on foreign af- with a demand for a full-dress review of t}. S. foreign and defense policies ort Ihc grounds fiat a coexistence policy with Russia will- lead to eventual Communist vic- Sen. J. William (Fulbright CD- Ark) said in a TV interview yesterday that Knowland's position .leaves no alternative except "preventive war." HP said the United States must oct in a responsib! mannsr "if there is 1o be a continuation of peaceful co-existance" with Russia. thews, 62, who died Saturday night of a heart attack. For many years. Mrs Mathews was a member of the staff- of the Mountain View tcho. a weekly newspaper here. She was the wife of Don Mathews wno retired last June after 40 years w , editor and pait owner of the p|^ Pe Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Glenn Tye of ClarksviNe. In his intoiview, Knowland sa.ic "it is possible" hydrogen a n P atomic bombs will nt-t be used in a future war. But he raid this country's atomic lead is the only thing that would save Western Europe if the Communists struck there in "the next year or two." EDITOR'S WIFE DIES YELL-VILLE UP) Funeral services were held here this after noon for Mrs.Chlce Ruddell Ma- ITS'. >:-.. ** <F *• #• "' . j~r, r They're Arriving Tomorrow... LINCOLN FOR ^V See and : drive fee new beauties! New Turbo-Drive - most far-reaching .advance in no-shift driving in 14 years, New hi|h4or|ue, high'Output V-8 engine — for mattlfe perform^noe in every.range, f$yj '¥" \- We've just seen the new Lincoln for 1955. All of us have spent the last few hours iust looking-wd once in a while running a hand, gently, along what seem like the longest, sleekest fenders ever, This car, in. our opinion, is more than beautiful. It is everything a fine car should be—but so seldom is! Now-come in and see for yoursell. The new Lincoln styling-the new colors and fabrics-merit a long look, And then you must-as we have-daw B new 1955 Lincoln pr Lincoln Cap"Because beneath this beauty is new per- fprmance words cannot describe. ^ You wiist experience Lincoln s Turbo-Drive to realize how far ahead it brings driving, It gives' you, for the first time in any car, ultra smoothness »nd instant acceleration •- with neither lelt out for the sake of the other. And the new Lincoln V-8 engine! You ve cot to feel its silky power iu action to believe it. You must feel Us incredible response in every driving range from start to superhighway speeds, AND A NOT* .OF WWI shipment of new Lincolns jriay not -with us long, Early orders weaft e» deliveries, ^ We're looKing* forward to sbovnng.yow this 1955 Locate i -* THE TRADING POST 321S* Low re I Hope/ AHk» FAST COLDS'PAIN RELIEF, GettheOS/y forlfSS DEMAND i A / Plough ' Pfoduct stirred up fu ^^^__^- ror last week 200 Tablets 790 * 100 Tablets 490 FOR QUALITY and Let tit fill those Vital Prescription* for speedy delivery from 7 DEPENDABILITY Crescent Drug 225 S. MAIN B/ERym/JV<rS READY FOR YOU* THANKSGIVING MtAL^ THESE rr^\ t OUR TURKEYS ARE FRESH DRESSED, NOT FROZEN TOMS 8 to 12 Lbs. LB. HENS 7 to 12 Lbs. Lb. ic 11 HENS -J %mmm^m We Have Plenty of Hams to Choose From BY THE STALK CELERY Nice Size FRESH Each Coconuts HMXI^» BLACKBERRY. PRESERVES WHITE or YELLOW ONIONS 2 Lbs. LARGE HEADS LETTUCE MEYERS BROWN N' SERVE Pkgs. LIBBY'S CATSUP BotHe OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY SAUCE 2 - PET MILK Cans FOLGERS COFFEE GOLD MEDAL FLOUR Lbs, MBBY'S GARDEN FRESH ENGLISH PEAS 5-Jl.OO HP 303 Con* Mo 22, HOPt STAft^HOPI* ARKANSAS v-**^ f ^ , > v -Si; ;«^*35 * j a s? ^ / y"& " , ;> »i-,' ( . ' ' v :V SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Tuesday night at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. R. E. Jackson, with Mrs. iLyle Brown as co-hostess. Mrs. Franklin Horton will entertain the Tuesday, home. clock. Mrs. Floyd Fuller, hostesS; was assisted by Mrs. Troy Greenlee and Mrs. Carl Greenlee. The meeting was called to order,] , and the grpup repeated the "Lord's" P.. E. O. Sisterhood on p raye r" in unison. Mrs. C. B. Riley November 23. at her ca n e d the roll and the members in said there is little doubt he rnn dor to Russia, Charted fe have the .chairmanship of the party's policy committee if he .wants.it. The present chairman, | Sen. Ferguson of Michigan, was Sen. Bridges, defeated "for re-election for Policy Committee By JACK BELL WASHINGTON MB .,--. of New Hampshire todiiy was re-1 rnctgcs. senior Republican in Calendar Monday November 22 the First Baptist Church will meet Friday November 26 The ladies of the Columbus 'Such a move would fill two top tt l~ajldl IIIC 1UJI ctlJU 111C IIICIIIVCLA p-- -•-•• --» 1 , . --_ , ^ „ , ^ !*_• • C? » 4* . «. answered with a hint on "How toiP°rted in line for chairmanship of point of service in the Senate, was Keep Cut Flowers Fresh". • l»hc Senate ClO P^icy Committee, one of lho*e who fought tmnicMSs- ' An installation of officefs fully agotasl confirmation of Bohlett odist Church will sponsor a bene-j ing as j nsta llaUon officer. Mrs: tot at times of Tuesday night. November 23, at fit sa]e in tne Columbus school au_,,,.„.„. . . _ 7:45 in the home of Mrs. F. J.! nitm-inm nn TVirlav niahl Novem- The Beta Hho-Chapter of; Epsllon Burroughs, 921 West 4th, for the ' dltoiium on Fnday mgm> JN ° Vem Sigma Alpha Sorority will meet Monday night in the home of Mrs. Mary Welchj OakhaVen. November 23 The Business Woman's Circle of study of "Pilgrimage to Brazil." All members are urged to be present. snencER * TMfATRf * * LAST DAY * — FEATURE TIMES — 2100 - 3:50 - 5:4Q • 7:30 - 9:20 no man «v*r loosed such fury... no woman ever felt such fire! BURT LANCASTER IN COLOR BY Technicolor JEAN PETERS Released Ihiu United Artists • SHORTS • 1. Claude Thornhill Orch. 2. News of the Day Tuesday Only! SIZZLING MANHUNT For Thrill-Killer! HIGHWAY DRAGNE RICHARD' CONTE JOAN BENNETT Pack 62 of the Cub Scouts will •neet Tuesday. November 23, at 7 m. at Garland School. ndlnlratlon policies. --- --- -------emcee the program. Mrs. j-angements show. to be sponsored . Jones and Linda Gayle Rogers will by the Federation in December-. be in charge of the musical pro gram The Civic Club of DeAnn is having a chili supper Friday night, November 20. at 7:00, for the bene- There will be a Parent Education m of the schoo i building. The sup that job although he divcrgos_frotn President Eisenhower Mrs. Joe Reese presented an in-^ ary 0 ( state Dulles tudy Group at Oglesby School .at p. m. Tuesday, November' 23. teresting program on the nine' basic principles of flowers arrangements. A salad plate, carrying out the Thanksgiving motif, was served to Mrs. J. C. Carlton, Mrs. Dewey Baber, Mrs. Ross and over Secie- some The Cosmopolitan Club will meet Best-Known Home Remedy Forsufferingof Rub on Relief...Breathe in Relief YOUR PRESCRIPTION Who takes the highly speculative financial plunge to supply the risk capital for medico- chemical research. You, the citizen, through your taxes, together, hand in -hand, .with the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturer, have filled the druggist's shelves with revolutionary new drugs for treating disease. The basically important antibiotics of the last decade are end results of this mutual effort and have supplied the stimulus to the newer drugs which appear regularly on your physician's prescription pad. When you visit your druggist to fill your next prescription, remember that you are helping yourself as you are also helping others. Wa rd & Son DRUGGIST 102 W. Second St. Phone 7-2292 invited. per will be held in the club room c Coleman. Mrs. B. F.'Johnson, of the school building. The public is Mrs Bever] y Johnson, Mrs. J. O. Luck. Mrs Guy Downing, Mrs. Guy Linaker, Mrs. Joe Reese, Mrs. A. C. Ball, Mrs. A. D, Middlebrooks. Mrs. C. B. Riley, Mrs. Ira Turner, Mrs. Dick Erwin, Miss Lulie Allen, Mrs. Elton Hughes. Mrs. Dalton Dragoo and the hostesses. Mrs. A. C. Ball won the flower arranging contest with her occidental line arrangement. aspects of international policies. V/hile Bridges has not publicly indicated his intentions, colleagues Sehhower's nominee fcr Mrs. Story and Mrs. Whlta Entertain Friday Music Club Mrs. Garrett Story and Mrs. W. E. White entertained the Friday Music Club on Thursday night, November 18, in the home of Mrs. Story. The history of the Hymn of the Month, "Not Alone for Mighty Empire" was presented and sung by the group. After the business meeting, Mrs. Lloyd Guerin led the study on "American Folk Music". She introduced the following performers: Trio—"Old Folks at Home" by Mrs. Jack" Wilson," Mr'si Heridrix Sprafigins and Mrs. Arch Wylie. Solo—"Sing Song Kitty", Mrs. Harrell Hall; Duet—"Lonesome Valley" by Mrs. Harrell Hall and Mrs. Jas. McLarty, Jr.;Piano solo—"Baggatell"—Mozart by Mrs. B. W. Edwards. • Refreshments were served to the 15 members present. V. F. W. Auxiliary From District 10 Meets The Ladies Auxiliary to the V. F. W. from District 10 met Sunday, November 21, at the V. F. W. hut. Mrs. Cecil Waller, District 10 president, presided, and Mrs. Marie Ramsey, Post District president, gave the opening prayer. Reports on the work- for the year cake and coffee to members and four visitors, Mrs. Lorena Harper of Little Rock. Mrs. Cecil Waller, Mrs. Ruby Hall and Mrs. Ramsey of Magnolia. Hospital Notes Branch 'Admitted: Mr. T. J. Hicks, Em rrtett. Mrs. Malcolm Hinton, Hope, Mrs. Dutch Walters, McCaskill. .Discharged: Mrs. Dutch Walters. McCaskill. Admitted: Mrs. Marie Erwin, Rt, 4, Hope, Sandra Kaye Anderson. . Hooe.' Discharged: Mrs. W. A. Powell. Patmos. Mr. Oren Harris.' Rt. 1. Hope, Julia. Cheater . . . . ' Admitted: Mr. Rufus M. .Taylor, Rt. .1, Hope, Angela Couch. Columbus. Patsy Brooks. Hope. were given by Mrs. T. B. Fenwick. I Discharged: Mrs. Emtnet P. T.- A. Meets The Emmet Parent-Teachers Association met on Thursday, November 18, at 3:15 p. m. at the school The meeting'was called to order, and a scripture was read by.Janice Matthews. with Nancy Traxler leading in prayer. A reading, "I'm Thankful", was presented by Suzanne Jones. Mrs. Thompson's students gave a pantomime with Josephine Theis acting as narrator. Mrs. Cofield's room won the room count. The P. T. A. is sponsoring a Thanksgiving supper Monday night, November 22, starting at 6 o,'clock. All mothers are asked to bring R pie. • • Sr., president to Ramsey Cargile Post 4511 of Hope; Mrs. Ramsey, Auxiliary to Billy Bennett Post 2870 of Magnolia; Mrs. Mary .Keck, essay chairman, Auxiliary 4511. reported the essay contest theme. "What Civil Defense Means to Me" had been placed in the Hope High School. Mrs! Martha Lea Willis \yas installed as District secretary and treasurer to fill the unexpired term of Mrs. Polly Antoon of Magnolia. Mrs. Lorena Harper, department president of Little Rock, gave a very informative talk on the work of the organization and discussed plans for the coming year. The meeting was closed with prayer. The next meeting is to be les. Rt.. 4, Hope, Claud Shank- Mrs.. Howard White. Hopei Mr. Kelly Walton. Hope, Mrs. Horace Hubbard and daughter, Houe. Dahlia Garden C<ub Discussses Christmas Arrangements Show Mrs. Bevei'ly Johnson, president, presided over the meeting ; of the Dahlia Garden Club."oh Friday afternoon, November 19) at 2 o'- Save calls with an EXTENSION ELEPHONE c in your home month PIUS TAX ANP I BARRY'S GROCERY arid MARKET 111 SouthMoin W«R»H«r Ph«n« Call the telephone business office today SOUTHWiSTIRN BILL-ARKANSAS m ,T^f^'"'i _;,_, 'VfyfSr •••••r* i vW <• ? \ ^, 5 , , ' eld in Magnolia. The hostess auxiliary served Pillow's Gift Shop Personalized Christmas Cards SOS S. Laurel STEEL CO^STL_ Sheds, farm fiutfc!fnbi-4B(Kt S»W«U made aceofdifig ta spee]fifeaH6HS.' " strutted at low tt>& i6t eemplete DUCKETT St IE EQUIPMENT Thanksgiving Program November 25th 0> ' * t~4 Hope Gospel Tobernach * . -At »i>. L.J J-tfun. _. Edmund Pendleton, Presiding^ v^Lf'^H George Hicks, Music ^ Johnfdyter/Oigartlst 1 ^ ' , - i . V. *< i>Pf Edmund Pendleton .: S.A Whltiq .'. Garland JoWori Organ'Prelude Hymn Invocation . ... Scripture Reading Prayer .. . Hymn Offering Sermon •'. . Doxology ( ' , ; Benediction L-T- Lawrence" Music by Tabernacle Choir From know-How gained In building BO MILLION CAR ' • > ,' •f^'i - fr '• "^ t M. *\>r<l .-......•• ( " . ^ comes an all-hew General Motorsmasterplece ^^. . ,.••-•,•.•.-.-•. ) f / > "** ^i PONTIAC The 1955 Pontiac is getting a royal welcome, "It's hot," they're saying all means to you. Let y° u *at here is the thing that makes an automobile great, ..„„.„, _.. , . , , _ > The reason lies in General Motors' _ , , over America, "the hot, car of the year." V a?t experience. Research experience that highway, Let your, OWH And no wonder! With.jts striking Vogue .uncovers what you want and need. new handling Two-.Tone styling and dynamic Strato- Design experience that creates new great newStrj^.^-,-^ * Streak V-8 engine, Bontiae wraps up trends. Engineering experience producing own senjiatiQnjil.'WWS of more beauty, luxury, size and power than more dollar-for-dollar quality. HNU*** away and coylling #OW«F, a like amount of money ever bought That's the background of this Ail- $** 8 *°5 V °^ FontJacVn«J before. The price is-near the lowest, New General Motors Masterpiece, reliability—sn4 feq^ **™ ? '^ r '^SS'"l|4^ < ^'^' but the car is way out front in every- Come in, drive it, and find out what it buy this futwe-faahfowd WVff< ** 4 , Vw j, J ^ t * •. ^''-'T >i **?# "<^^t^»^''j,iv>^* ( * ># >1 J ,A*"E;'')' - - ?>".» " . :*tt*te&Z>&^^^<',\ >.:**& * i^, • }^m j n< IL i f <* A o^nf mMH IBH WHK mp» ^ir*^ •» K^*r ^ ^^^r^pji^^f^iff^^'ii^c^ ' .Mpwa*^'" 4

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