The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1940
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VOUJMR XXXVI—NO. 290. __ TH^IfWEWSMPEH OF NORTHRAW ARKANSAS AND SOtjTHEA ^TO/ "^ * ^ ^ Blythovllle Dully Mows Blylhcville Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Blythcvllle Herald Russians Closing In On Doomed City Of Viipuri, Is Claim YiipJIfS S'^.r^t^^LSl^u^^-iFSA GivosTiru i-lii irawl the capture ol' ;m entire Finnish heiulmiarler's i ( r-,; m n,-, I?' l', ' A, ' An army communique said lhe+ —. '"'" uls - K al| l' l lg Klgllls Al Russians in .surrounding the city i occupied Ihe hamlet of stmrels, to I'VAliKA.VSAS, MONDAY, MARCH Survivor Tails Of Ailnck On Linn Domala SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS lli-lllsli liner Domain tnlo "hell nils and then ripped holes Inlu guns a«<l a ° r "" 3-hicli fully equipped The Russians also occupied the important Island of Tiiup',,",, on "IP Btilf coast just south of 'vii- puri and captured six defensive iorlificalion.s, it »•„., asserted. Five W the lortlJicatiraLs were ariillery (•"•one points, in which the Rs-•.•tans found heavy coastal gun.s in soewl order, according to the coni- innnigue. The full commiuiio.ue, n s issued . through ihc official new ' 'i'nss, said: ews agency BOLES 111 J. Appeals Courl Reverses, Sends Anti-Trust Case Back For Trial WASHINGTON, Mar. 4 - Th ; Southern rl e hls to . on J at Dyess Ruins, a mini himestcad project In Mississippi njnniv A requesl granted by for rctoBiillliin 13,-. will Ali-xunder . ixuner KSA iitliriinistralor, at a roiirereneo will) union H'presenliitii'e.s and u .sliare-croppei r.-sldent ,,f (ho |im' If. $30.000 JUDGMENT—H UTTLE ROCK. Mar. 4 Mitchell. Memphis. llimibs and machine guns killed I0» civilians ubourd the Domain early Saturday in (Jit- deadliest air mid on u iiritlsh ship since I he win- bofiiin. The IDS survivors who .shared .space un lifeboats and I'ufl.s ,,, with Ihe bodies of machine Ijiui. laier i".s;ni ships or rode oul heavy seas K> "With Worst Storm Since J1ILEB ON 1938 Rages Along IHEFT CHME5 ; Eastern Seaboard Five Brotlu:i-s Arrested; Officers Cl.-iim Confessions From Sevan.) , , , ; .: • ' - 1 "" "i nu-uoiii i ex'iini'd ••"" luken aboard otlu-r'irom s | n k will, my drad comriides. M ° l I'-'lvc Ijrolhn-s of nein- Hrana City. Mo., have l>en iinvsti'il on clmiue.s «f Hiund lareeny In the theft, of eotton seed and otllceiK helleve tlwt H unmoor uf unsolved thefts which reeenlly oeeiiiri'd In I'einl- lln<1 mi! o oasuaiiv ,..,., 112 tlvilinn lives heat and ila and the ma H '.vi.', like hell (UPI e surv vmx ^n. lh,> 11^,1,1,1,1^ "Headquarters Leningrad area: military "March 3 in the Karelian isthmus Soviet troops continued lo sin-round the town of Vilpurl They occupied the hamlet of Saarela north of VHpuri aim captured four 7l> millimeter guns and the fully equipped headquarters of a ]nr»e military foriuallon. They ,,] so O c- cupicd the island of Tuupuran, wilhdraivn bffoic entered.) —«...,, ^i i iiii^rui »[ -sositli of Viipuri, where they captured six defensive fortifications including live iron and concrelc- artillery foils with heavy coastal guns which were found' in full I order. "In other sectors of the front there was nothing of importance. "Soviet aviation acted against enemy troops and military objectives. Ten enemy airplanes were brought down in air combats." (It was indicated that (he Russians were closing on Viiupri along four mnln railroad lines. Yesler- day's communique had asserted thai the Russians occupied a railroad station at Viipuri and the -southern part of the town. As regards the reported capture of a Finnish headquarters at Sanrela. it ivas assumed that the Finns had Russians Tlie Leningrad headquarters, in a statement in refutation of Finnish allegations that Russian air- pjane.s had bombed civilians, denied also thai Russia had iise'rl poison gas and added: "The Red army considers Hint the use of such gas is immoral and criminal and must be unrc- univermlly con- It was pointed out. as regards airplanes, that the Finns in a note to the League of Nations had alleged tlmt civilians had been not. only bombed but machine gunned. Calling the allegations "transpar- enlly false and fantastic." the statement called attention to tiie Finnish assertion that sometimes more than 500 planes took part in bombing raids in one day and that more than 20.000 bombs hart been dropped, | -Tlic noie itself reveals the full extent o! (he clumsiness of the Flnnis): slory tellers." said stateineiit sernted The stale supreme court today re- d ?"!? !'",". """''' l)l!1 " 'wo-lhlrds ....—, —, .... * ^ o\ the Jlfj heads of families at Hit , BOvcrnmenl-owucd project were I versed and dlsjnisscd the ii_ ,. _ *'vu vin, liarrv -.-- Of Casson against the [, ; Ih.-ir struck u mine. i l«u the lleinkel veered oil at'ter Irom !*""'• wl " 1)( ' solved belore the In- vo.sllunllou Is completed t'etc Klllott, Tl; Hilticr Ulllott -!l, iiiul Hulpli Klllott 21 have adinlllcd .steallnu n«0 pniiiids of ?±"' ^.l '''"'". n ™' " m *» ^"i 1 " .' "-'• V>Cl:>MJll ClKtUUSt LlJP ! » r J""J-.V,L VH-IV Southwestern Bell Telephone eoi - j-" c "" jere of " le Vlnio " ""'I w"»«l , "-I'.lullt, I.UI11 f ., .- I,,,,,,,,!,, r,!,. .1...... ! Ctork eraiilcd him il lo bargain for them in the mnn- a $30.000 judgment Mitchell said the recognition . ^.n, „, Ul LlllLlll V I |-X.. A I,,.,,. ) care to furnish a rcasonablv s-ir'e : ' AleXK »'l« Place in which the employe ^^^ w im ,h perform his duties and 1 Ijor • servedly and demned." s>- -•-«••»-1.1 injii ii sju uuy iitfiGitiPfit ' ii *-v«t»«Miv*ii for injuries in an accidentat TI ,? ,'T " le Wlly !w 11 »""»™- ccmpany's plant in Batesville ! sharecroppers and tenants The tribunal in reversing' the I ?,'' P wal f 1 V-°»'"«i cotton planlji- lon-er court held tlmt. -the uinsleri, Vi , " ( -' nm l )a l8" '» oWalu Is not insurer of hi.s servant's safe l! ft "'! 1<ml 'cognition of the organ'.v the only obligation resting upon ' " Jl ™"'.. . „ '""' " the exercise of ordinary i ,-,,^7 , .?, 'V 1 '™*" 1 *W«Mf '-- • - - >». Alex-nuclei- said he agreed lo Die union bemuse it majority of the project, colonists, lie said he would gram similar recognition to any group on any PSA project, whether i it be a union or mil. ,| S i al!s as j t represented a mjaorjtly. The Dyess project is a community of small cotton forms. Mast of the tenants have agreements for the purchase of the government land Ihey now cultivate. Specific, matters to be discussed "t projected conferences between (lie PSA and a union committee included financing of farm purchases, methods of paying loans and rentals and discipline of the colonists. The union suid that tlic .,..,„„,,, ""• , , "'" ""• neniKei vet red oil atler ,,, . ?i , ' „ """""' ''" J , °"" »"• '"'.M shell and conccnlraled IICKI.SS the English Channel from!,,n |) u Antwerp. 10 a liiilish port curried; T| a crew of 150 nnd 2S:i lirUlsh-ln-| w , ( h 1 Of the latter. , 1)|) ' 1 ' . . , 1) Ha had j,, S | Lee,, rcpatrinted from) ,.' . , 1 ' "?}» i nussca, , , " " 0[ Ck ' 1 '" '"""'' Cicrmuny. Young Weight-lifter, Girl Friend Victims Of Brutal llelnkel bomber attacked A lltL>1 »nf cont:ilnln« Indians e enel bomber attacke nn« nans between -t und s n.m. in the light. llll<t "' 1K ' Europeans landed at a of a wiuilng moon. A lifeboatman] sm '""" sl const town Saturday eve- said Ihe ixmuiln'K ei-ew watched! "'"I!- Two bodies, one un Indian It approach wiih all nni'lgalion! [ "•' °""-'r a Earopcmi, were laiuled lights burninii and thought IL was "' llu ' - salllt ' "I™ 1 - Inlcr. Other suv- a British plane. vivors were Irunsferred to u hos- « British plane. The crew waved as the bomber swooped to within -10 feet of the liners deck, l-'our bombs dropped. One missed. oilier three struck the decks on the bridge, amldsliip. ami iisleru. Wllhtn 20 iiifuutes the ship wns nbliitc. the captain >i-,is killed on his bridge nnd 100 others were killed by the bomb explosions m I nipped and burned in the interior of the ship. One sun-Ivor said that after the first bomb, the plane swtnuued low- am! sprayed ihc decks with nui- pilal ship and treated for Injuries and exposure before landing. The Doiimla, bound from Ant- t> M*J jiniKu ijiiy •il'iay night which they sold lo Ulyllicvllle Cotton Oil Mill Kuiur- III John p. Itclimillicr iiinmuiiced loday, Melvln union, 33, niul Steve Kl- nott. ,'ili. huve not lulmltted theft of .200 pounds of seed cotton found In their possession early Stilurday when Ihey were turesU'd uy county olllocra near lilylheville. 'I'lnee of (he brothers I'ele Mel- Hi) nnd Steve, have served'terms In the Arkansas slnto prison oh eharaes of urand larceny and bine- lary. according ( 0 omecr Itetn- ulller, who snld also (hut brothers were Involved In n s( . llt ,. s of vob . •Ii -I. (Lfl 1 )—The worst storm since ,. , •. , --• liiirriciinc rajjiHl alonu l)io eastern w:ili.«»l l««y Tram I'uinniylvunin t«> Cnnudn ^'"f «!'" s '«'< 1 *. N«w York, Now Jersey'and sections i la WOK; covorwl with ic« caused by a driving, iiuu wjis wliipped liy slrong northeast winds, indicated the highest loss fuburbiih areas suffered most mill electric wires sagged under the ice. The wind, .sometimes ns high as -10 miles an hour, blew dotvn branches and snapped off lele- pbone and le]e|.rnph poles I floverntueiit weather forecasters 'predicted the rain and wind v;ould , conllnne Into tonight, gradually W .,, ,.. ,.. „ jiwovliiK toward the iiorlheasl. They ill Iry lo Reach Ilillv I s ' " ; k(! woul1 ' c °nllnue to ac/ .- . .'"" vu ""0 icuiiiidfite on wires and trees Despite British Interception Order wiirned motorists highways. and to stay off the I'dWIT Hlljl|lly WATEUUUfiY, conn., Mar. IfO'lTKlJIJAM. llnllnnd. Mar. 1. ""'lanuuiii, uoiin,, Mar. 4 iDl'i-l'li-e liiilltiii ships, currying (UP)—Electric power failedthrough- "boul nau.tiui) ions of Cleruimi coal OUL U'^ Induslrliil elly sliortly bc- '"• Uiily, sailed loduy despllo iiril- j '<»'» noon loday'when feed lines ...L L,u,.i,uii, uuiiiKi iiuni /vui- •"."- (inuiiTu in a series of rob- werp 10 Indlu b.v way ol a llrlllsh belles o! grocery stores rnlliv«y ""' -'—- '-•- '- stations and ofhcr buildings at port, wus taken into u Uritlsli port. Two persons were killed when the British steamer Alunno, l.nii- the Scottish Wuluut •'••i-i..jjf,,l ll\- Ark., eight years Missouri o/llcer: tody of Pete, re were given cus- ccast Balurdiiy, It was revealed to- "'"" , wc ''' c ''^novcil lo llie Jail at iiay. Survivors said the ship lift-' ^"'ulhersvllte liy Depuly Sheriff ed out of the water alter an ex- V Y"""" 1 Thomas who said ehurijcs plosion and sank tn two minutes' 0 "''""' l lnl '«ny would be lodged chine gun bullets as passengers brld»c. The cnplalu was lest seen on the we o!l '«"« o the people ' Ca " bK scoll|ie(1 - »'«l active co-op" lsl "" 1 °" »' c »«* ol the, wcigljt-liftcr. and His pretty' bru-, nelle ^companion. Sarn Rawls 1 -, .... .... ,..^ ^...L WJ i, ll: whose brutally hacked bodies were'!'', ™ s by enmtmg. a grciitei J , Mini't! ID (]}{; '' ~ ' here in a pick-up truck. Charley Wilkerson, 19-year-old farmer, found the bodies sprawled in the mud ol his cornfield early Sunday. Ford's body lay 30 yards from the truck, which had been driven into the field, and the girl's body was beside it. Miss Ron-Is' head and one sboul- had been crushed by heavy the properties in order lo protect the investments of the government. "N'o Comment" tjlllLE ROCK. Ark:, Mar. •!.— ..IKH.ILC m-'iu. ouy onicinis esiimat- "Wc have received no information etl niore Hum 1500 of Ihe persons from our Washington office con- i livi »B in (he affecled area were •-»<•"•»» an agreement with (he I rendered at least temporarily 24-Block Area Sinks Into Mine Diggings; Propei ty OamageHigh SFIKNANOOAH, Pa, March 4. (UP)—A 2'1-Wock yrcji ol this iiiitlimeili! city wink into mine di>fgii)|f.s lothiy «f- I eel ing properly wovlli move Llian §1,000,000 and roi-ting more tlian '1,0(10 persons lo flee their Iwistrd and (lumajjed Iho Irip for Ihc (heft of collon seed u m | Hull Ihey would also be questioned In Ihe recent robberies of numerous smoke nouses In Southeast Missouri Outers from Ciirdivell, Mo., identified the cotton seed, In wicks, nnd llres on Ihc car driven by — •••»' «-i«« in n LJI uy Melvtn and Steve Elliott as this lumoanccmeut Hut the allied blockade henceforth would Inter. I'epl such shipments, Auoiil 20 iliilini, S ),i| K ,„,.„ ln porl. either loaded or loarlhu: Ger- uuin coal for Huly, tin l«ndou source snld auttiorllaltve wns prepared lo wl/.c any Ocrmaii conl carnoes enroule to Italy aboard any vessel Including ucutml ships us result of a decision effective March i.) The Ittillai, delegation for Clcr- roni) I' snld .several other ships were loiulhiu for (lepurlure Tues- .Iny manilnti. "KverythhiB Is proceedliiB as usual." a spokesman said. homcs. The cave in was Ihc worst. In Ihe history of Ihe soiilhcrn nn-. thraclte field. City olllclnls cstimal- f . -.£,.^ o "' lein ' r " ni! *' Union." director of (ter had been crushed by heavy! V } ' le B"""" fltrector of Wows and her arms bore deep. ,. , "" Scclll "i'.v Admliilstrnllon stashing eulK. Ford had Ix-en kill- , lnsl n ' 8hl - " u "'il we do, we cd by eiKlit hard blows which; Ml " c "° ™»imciu to make.- he :d by eight hard blows which crushed his skull. , Officers pointed oul Hint ^"'iool i/I h^ffi ^ c(r.idn! ,m,,,,,. .HIM ' ^ U 'OLH snld. The PSA took over the Dyess project from the Work; had been a strapping youna man. „' . - - - -- --- ...... - ••^•^ one of Ihe two in Henry couiHv c AdmmLstration several "" n °' A com homeless as many more were made jobless. A loin] of jUioiit, (WO buildings were alfectcd by the sltleaient. Many were only .slightly damaged. Gibers were moved from their foimdaltons. AI least :I5 O r ihe siiucluies housed commerclnl establishments nnd factories. '['he 1500 pupils unending tlic settled nearly two feet. One of Ihc tchool houses wns cracked in half. Loss of life was averted as warning rumblings enabled residents lo 1'ivi- Men Trapped I.AFOLI.E1TK. Tenn.. Mur. -1 (UP)—Five men were Irnpped In the Pcabody coal mine near here when a unsollne engine exploded n hnlf mile back In the workings. Two of the miners, miifc-rlng Iroiu l.nlnful lint not serious yis burns.' were rescued. I'l-iilrsl Derision ROMK, Mur. .|. (UP)—Italy formally protested to Clrcal Urltaln lodny the extension of the allied contnilmnd control tn Clcrmau sea shlpmenls of rani to Italy and crlllclzed lirlllsh mall A commi "ce Horn the who could life a 450-pound anvil! . "Manifestly exa and that, it. would have been dlf- i ' r °8 io "«l o«icc of the l\vo schools in tlie settlement area Finnish figures refe i the colony reap- were ordered to slay home. lone assailant lo kill MA%;i-iKLD, O. (UP)— Mrs Hin- piaismg the farm units nnd mak- Polioe ro|)ed off the district and i o i.'. Ernsbcrgcr used to who had been IJOUIB - -- ( Truck Line Permit i °' sunk five feet Mhlle The Finnish statements of McDonough, Ihe . il was asserled. showed that Russian bombing flights had been directed—and successfully - against military objectives and that only a few civilians hud been victims. Then the statement took up charges that the Russian army had used war prisoners and civilians as shields and had used ''comatose gas." These charges, the Leningrad statement said, were fabrtca- j lions "of Finnish rulers who became entangled hi their criminal deeds." county feat. Ford also lived near McUonongh. Tlie county seat LflTLE HOCK. Ark., Mar. 4._ ;'ihj Arkansas Corporation Com— — - was aroused] mission authorized Ihe transfer of over the double slaying and olfi- pMlions of a permit he-Id tav Careers planned to lodge any suspects! I0]l W. Spriggs ol Memphis ' lo they alight arrest i n a distant' operate a motor lrfmsporl?lion line jnil. ! Ho;ii .Metnpbi.? to the Arkansas- i Missouri line via Blylheville to the Grass Fire • East Tl?!i " s Motor rretght 5 1 and Maurice atanlev nnrl fnr-ii u Ihe city firemen to make% run. I'lftv squnrc feet of lemhcr is yielded by n 12-foot shark. These men were round sleeping on Ihe side of the road In u Model A; Ford with the sneks of need in Ihe rear seiil mid « fVw hours later I'ele Elllolt sold Ihn oil mill about 11011 pounds of seed afler Boliig to the mill In another cur ol isliiillnr imike. Melviu niul stove Elliott will be given iirellmtnury hcurlngx In M,,. nlclpal Court Thiusday. in ihc meantime Ihey nn; bein« held In Jail K-ltliout bond. Chief Deputy Sheriff rielnmlller siiid loday lhat n uioic thorough Invcslliiiitlon WHS iilremly underway In un ellorl to solve other re- ceni robberies In Missouri. Borum Auto Found, Wrecked, Abandoned 'Hie into Uuick sedan beloiiKlng <•» Nfr. and Mrs. Kdgiir Uormn. which was stolen from (h e garUKe of llieir home Prlday i,f B ht. was found wrecked Saturday night ncnr Portagevllle, Mo. The cur, which when found Iiiul Missouri license tuns on It Instead of Arkansas (nus, wns In n ditch us If Ihe machine hud been wreck- end and then abandoned. .-,. .. ..vj. ivtu niiva broke under the. 'wc'lghl of Ice coatlnas. All factories liere and at Niitigttltick suspended operalloiis and newspapers were unable to publish. i Small British Ship Also Goes Down Off Scottish Coast . •- LONDON. Mar. 4. (UP)—the Swedish steamship Ugnholm,' 2,818 lou.'i, lias been sunk by 1111 explosion off the west coast of Scotland, II was announced loday. It wns bDllevcd that ,iil iiiembcVa of the crew had been saved. . T«'o persons 'were killed a was revealed loilny when the. Uritisti steamer Albnno, 1,170 tons was sunk otf tht-gcoitisli coast Saturday. ••'; ^ /.-""'I-' •' ", f ... :•;., fs said the siilp lifted out of the water ,-ifler t m explosion and sank U> Iwo minutes.. The cap- lain was lust seen sUiuIIng on the bridge. Files WPA Project Anpli- i , T 'i 0 , Sco " ls " "' awlcr Um AL! » ._ J 'IJJJJH O f IJJ [om . .„„, i.| n ,,. T . ,.,, . , , cation For $40,000 Stniclurc Application has been made lo (he WPA for n J.IC.OOO gymnasium for Wilson nigh school which is ex- pecled lo be fuvmably iicled upon within n row weeks. II Hie project Is :i|iprove-|. woirk will start nt ones on the n™- brk-k slructure. lo be erected nn H>A school campus, so Mini ihe .. of 15J tons, «'us blown up tochy -jy on explosion off the Sjolthli cnsl coast with loss of I'ine men. , , may be ready for use when Khool L " " ' , ceas c '' ''° " of un(lcr cpeas Septemhcr W. C. Gates Buys River Island From State UTTLE noCK, Ark.. Mar. •!-* Mississippi river Island hns been scl:l to W. C. Gates, of Blythevllle by the stale- Inntl oltlcc for S1.25 nil aim, Laud Commissioner Otis Page The property was the Completion of a gymnn.vlum would v ,. give the school a complete mill of mnl V s physical equipment In n program planned a number of years ago was H. ige said Ihc Island. Harsh- Island, contained 108.04 • cre.s. The United Slates government ..„ ...... irassed a law giving jurisdiction of L - Lee isinmis wll | ch fornlc( | ln mvjo(t . I'igcou races have been held In EiiSlcind with as many as 50,000 liomlDj. pigeons competing. I ubjccts. us,,. A Memento For Legion Commander Kelly Mr. ['ago said Ilaislimau'r, Islanil | formed In (he Mississippi river in | Mississippi county about 15. years Stock Prices ' l)Cing llone - A. T. & T Am. Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Beth. Steel Chrysler Cities Service ..... Coca Cola Gen'l. Elect Oen'l Motors Int. Harvester Mont, Ward N. Y. Central North Am. Aviation Packard Phillips Radio Sccony Vac Sludebaker Stn. of N. J Texas Corp. 172 5-8 88 1-2 29 3-8 10 1-11 83 3-4I New York Cotton to operate their liiim through the slate nif.i uo intermecimte service 'their routes will change utter eu- tci::i< Missouri. 38 1-4 loci 523-4 D ec. 33 iM Jan. S3 3-4 1C 1-8 25 5-8 3 1-4 3C 1-2 5 5-8 11 1-8 prcv. open high low dose close . 1031! 1098 1038 1033 1035 10S3 1075 I06i; 101S |C35 ! 1032 10-11 low' 064 97.1 9S1 952 95!) 9 IS 943 053 043 Livestock IO.'1-I 1040 951 913 SS2 95!) 9-13 853 11 5-3 43 5-8 FAST ST. LOUIS, III, ..M ar 4 Ui'l-Hogs: 11.700-10.501) on sale To)). 5.80 ntf-230 Jbs.. 5.60-575 140-1CO Ibs.. 4.60-.5.I5 .17 s\ i ,* ' Hulk Rows, 41B-4 is New Orleans Cotton' came: 3.100-^ 01 , „,„ _ • Steers. 10.50-11,00 Slaughter steers. 6.75-1100 Mlxert yearlings. h e if cts . -,.59.9 00 open high low close closeii May July !100 111)4 I ico U01 IODS 1077 1084 1075 1084 1074 44 I-2-Oct. _„., . U. S. Steel 5B 3-8'nee. Jan. Chicttyo Wheat ; OIKII nigh low close [ Mfty 1001-2 1013-4 1003-8 1003-8 Mn v July 083-4 395-8 981-8 981-4,jnlj. 1043 101 909 975 954 9CO 940 ... '043 988 954 104!) 075 9SO 054 10W 965 951 Chicago Corn Slaughter heifers. 650-1050 licef cows. 5.25-G25 Cutlersjral low cutlers. 3.75-5.00 .lucirnl Cedar Urll Traced ICLLENSBURO, Wash (UP) - Otant ccclir trees similar to those used in the eonslructton ol th- Temple of Solomon in Biblical days once grew in central Wa prof. Geoige F. Beck ^rs. Morehead's Father i" B " ! Dies At Memphis Sunday L, . I ivcighbornood Grocery T. II. Uoyd of Forrest Cily'. fn- ll:cr of Mrs. Charles O. Morchc.ul, | '.lied Smutay noon nt (he Memphis Veterans Hospital where he had been seriously ill tor a week. He was 50. Mrs. Morehead. who has been with him In Memphis, returner! here laic yesterday and she and Mr. Morchcad will go lo Parngoultl Inte (his afternoon where they will .. loin other members of the fnmlly tloncd by police psiidinj p. uior.? .it the home of an aunt, Mrs. J. A, i complete Investigation, it \vas a'n- Kdvvards. . • r.ounccd by Police Chic! E. A. Military riles will be performed Rice. Looted Saturday Night Th; Mcorc nnd BIckerslatT Grocery Store. Cherry and franklin, nas burglarized late Saturday night and a quantity of merchandise stolen which resulted in the arrest of two white youths age 14 and 15. Tlic boys, arrested this morning, lind not at neon Ixen fully que5- - - service Tuesday afternoon ni tlic P.'iraeoiild Mcth- odtsl Church with burl.]) in lhat rily. The World War veteran nnd liis family lived in t'liragoukl for a| ~., -., * ^ ...... -..*number of years until two years ' more streets as if they hart been ngo when ihey moved to Little ' . . Two hams, two boxes cigars, ,-i In pennies, fl.75 in other chni:g;\ a rack of balogna and 18 sacks of tobacco were stolen. 'Ihe clears and tobacco were found in Vine and Sy and later to Forrest City nock where Mr. Lloyd was In llie bottling business. He l.s nJso survived by his wife, Mrs. Viola Edwards Lloyd, mid one son, Thomas Lloyd, also of Forrest Cily. A number from Ihls eily plnn lo attend (he funeral. dropped while a gelawny was being nuule. ope,, hi gh , OK . c|()w _^ _ ^ ^ J37-8 o61-2 557.8 66 ,. s Washington College of 561 -4 57 5«l-4 503-4 hnr, discovered. Raymond J. Kelly, notional commander of lotogmph of a cotton field in Am«rir << Is above (center) county) en! Dud Cason Legion post, is at the extreme right. his vi f the | WEATHER I Arkansas — Fair tonight and i Tuesday, slightly warmer in west and central portions Tuesday. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy cst tempcralure about 30, Tuesday partly cloudy. Bomb Scare Proves Dud, Only Unused Fireworks NEPHI. Utah iUP>—Neuli: authorities thought for a while tl'.ey had a real, hotiest-to-goodness bombing attempt on their hands— but it turned out to be a dud. , : A bomb-like device was found in a canil near the intake of the city's hydro-ele-tri: ulaal, Officers gingerly removed the object from the water anc! scut it to a poiire laboratory for examination. It turned out to be part of & Fourth of July fireworks display.

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