Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, November 22, 1954
Page 3
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lm ."• CO, BUROIRS ke-d^J i* tnd Kf6fltf Storea EftL DISPLAY Fabrics CLASSIFIED .^^^ ^~ ™ ^ ^^ij^T W-^. 44iAt.i*. «..t.1I..A«lAfe Ads Must Be to Office bay Before PtibttMM»j>_ WANT AO RATES occoutrtt *•* account li U wndersd. . Street Tailor Shoj LLDOZER WORK , d : Pbnd Digging. Call MDUCKETT ti Phone 74794 ' " tint Day .45 .60 ,75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.3S 1.50 ttirM Day* < .90 1.20 1.50 1.BO 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 j? 1 * bays 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 On* Month 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 MuMttt* 3f Wordf US to 13 li to 20 tl to 25 26 to 30 M »o 35 36 h) 40 II-to 45 <« to 50 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY I ji ms 75c par Inch 6 time* "!!""""""•"""• SOc per Inch Rates quoted above are for cort- tectrtlve Insertions. Irregular or skip- date ads will <ake 1he one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted Until 5 p. m. for publication the following day. The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisementi offered for publication and to reject orw objectionable advertising submitted Initials of one or more letters, S oups or figures such as house or lephofie numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 For Sate or Ren* TWO Business buildings on Front Street, next to Pool hatt, tt interested, contact A. S, Wffliams, 300 E, 7th. Texatkana, Ark. Phone 7-5860 or 22-6666. 19-1 Mo. Services HOPS SfAft, HOPE, ARKANSAS Bobcats in , 58-0 Win i Over Prescotf The Hope Bobcats mauled the Prescott Curly Wolves by a score of 58-0 at the Wolves stadium last ' Saturday, November 20, MATTRESS renovation and inner- gpfing work- Cobb Mattrei* Co. 316 South Washington. Phone 7-2622. » ar * *•" FOR PLUMBING Repairs, Call Theo Long, 7-3407. 15-1 Mo. RALPH Montgomery Market, Cus torn slaughtertag. Phone 7-3361 10-1 Mo. 1 night. In the opening period Bruce FOR water well service, any size or depth, see or write O. T. Clark, Gale, Ark. 1 Businets Opportunity NOW $14.95 „,,„_ b'efore the eiion'opene and save. ASTERN AUTO OCIATE STORE ••y> % * •* * | ..._ ^i - t== ~ IM^TTRESSES Vr Made Into Innerwrlni Vork Guaranteed Day Service •—* ' „, DAVIS tin ft MottreM G.. llmr.Street Phoiw 7-8211 ~~~ SHARES .ariiifled income fund fcectiii available from il BATES Hope Star "$tar o» Hope 1199} Preii 1J27 Consolidated January II, 1*2* Publtohed every weekday afternoon by r "° STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secy-Tree, at The Star Building .SI2-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Janes, Managing Editor jess M. Davis, Advertising Manage! George W. Hosmcr, Moch. Supt. Entered as second class matter «t Hie Post Office' at Hope; Arkansas, wider the Aet of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau el Circulations SKILLED CRAFT training job open[ due to expansion Hope business. Permanent job. Requirements: Male, in 20's, with military service behind him, high school graduate or better. Tell about yourself in letter in own handwriting. Write: Opportunity X, P. O. Box 98, Hope, Ark. 27-tf | Lost I GREEN Parakeet with touches of I yellow. Very tame. Named "Pete." Reward offered. Susan Davis, 410 South Walker, Phone. Prospect 7-2554. 18-3t| I TWO 8-month old Beagle pups near Red Lake. Notify William Foster, Lewisville, Ark. 16-3t | ONE male hound, blue tick. Weight is 75 or 80 ib. No. 11282. 2 years old. Phone 3226 or 216 North Hervey. C. O. Ellis. 18-3t FAKER—He might look like former King Farouk of Egypt, but actually he's British Army Sgt. Donald Lindsay, shown arriving at Southampton, England, aboard the troopship Empire Kent, after serving in the Suez Canal Zone. With his sunglasses and souvenir tez, Don is a good stand-in -for the deposed monarch. made three touchdown runs of 20 yards, 70 yards, and 34 yards. Paul Huddleston booted the last two extra points. In the second quarter Wayne Johnson crashed through the middle from the 2 yard line for a score. The try for extra point was no good. Eve Curie to Wed In New York NEW YORK, (UP) Miss Eve Curie, 49-year-old writer and daughter of the discoverers _ of radium, and Henry R. Labouisee, 50, American official of the Uniteo Nations, have been issued a marriage license and will be marriec in New York, probably today. Miss Curie refused to disclose said, "I want a quiet wedding.' Miss Curie refused to disclose the couple's plans because, she said, "I want a quiet wedding.' Labcuisse, a native of New Or leans, former New York attorney and for some 10 years an office of the Department of State, is presently director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees with headquarters at Beirut, Lebanon. His first wife, the former Elizabeth S. Clark Madness in the Spring ''.^^""oS",,, -» "«"""« By ELINORE DENNISTON xxm Wade Daggett spoke, "Any decision is risky, Greg. .That's the penalty of being a free man. You have to make your own decisions. Sometimes I think the whole western world is hag-ridden by fear of the responsibility of freedom, and the eastern world has surrendered it altogether. The Age of Anxiety* The Age of Longing. The Age of Self-Pity. Those words make me sick. Stop being so afraid of taking isolation, of reaching other people, of belonging. Some way that was better than the evasion of work or the imsubstantiality of dreams. Greg lighted a cigaret and hastened his pace. He had to find Hannah. cllllicill. ,. At least, he consoled himself, she wouldn't do anything silly. But if she felt that she should leave them, why hadn't she waited till moining? . CO. 'ater Barrels for Sale • Hope, Ark. •Subscription Rates (payable In advance): •y carrier In Hope and neighboring towns— Per week .25 Per year 13.00 By mall In Hempstead, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard, and Miller counties— '.-.- •.. • •.-•'• . .v '« One month ....;.. _••? Three months Ilx months ..; ••••• The Negro Community By Helen Turner 'Phone 7-5830 Or bring Item* to Mlu Turner at Kicks Funeral Horn* '-'0 ilder'i Supply IOHNSON Prjnting ^Office Supplies . W Front St. Service All other mall— One month .., ..... .................. Three month* ., ...... ... ......... • .Ilx months .....;>......... . , One rear ... ....... ......................... 13.00 Nefl Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc.; l602 c Sterlck Kdg., Memphis 2, Tcnn.; 505^ Texas •S&' Bid*. Dallas 2, Texas; : .360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, 111.; 60 E. 42d St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1/63 Penobscot Bldg., • Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, OI Member of The Associated Press! The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republ cation of all the loco pews printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP newi dispatches. _ •__ Funeral Directors .. OAKCREST FUNERAL GLASS l^f P w;. W8bcfore i»irpp) PORTER INSURANCE AMBULANCE The Community club will meet Monday night, November 22, at the I regular meeting place at 7:30. The Rev. Joseph Atkins will preach at Mt. Olive Baptist Chur ch Sunday, November 21, at 11 a. I in.. The'public is invited. ^ Beebee Memorial CME and Mt, I Zion CME Church will sponsor services at Bethel A'ME Church Suff day night, November 21. The Rev 11. M. Manning will do the preach ling. ' ^ Will V. Rutherford, Principal o • Yerger High School, has returned HOME from an overnight trip to the cam 2ND * HAZEL . . . *HOTMg» HERNDON CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 lor our agents A23-1 Mo. For Sole and fop Balers Ford Tractors •if * /i i • i or Writ. in Tractoi -Co. , Ark. THREE registered Guernsey bull calves from high producing dams. David McKee, Route 4, Hope. (Old Blevins Road). 13-6t . Layawoy Open on TRIKES -BIKES - DOLLS and Many Other Items OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY COMPANY. pus of the University o£ Arkansas •Fayetteville, Arkansas, where h vas initiated in the Phi Delta Kap Twelve persons from Oklahoma Missouri, Louisiana and Aikansa were initiated at this meeting. Mr Good, a member of the fraternit and assistant to the president o the University, addressed the orga nization during the banquet. Ph Delta Kappa is a professional ed cational fraternity which stresse Research, Service and Leadershi Mrs. Elizabeth Rooks has returned to her home in Los Angeles, Calif., after spending several days visiting relatives and friends. Charges Filed in ! Madison Vote ite Control Co. ' INSURED it, Night fhoiM 7-2822 FINEST Johnson grass hay at barn 3 miles northeast of -Emmet Walter Sallee, RFD, Prescott, 15-3 BUG-EYED — Claire Mirrer,' 10, of Glen Rock, N. J., is wide- eyed with wonder as she looks at a poisonous tarantula at. New. York City's American' Museum of Natural History. Live specimens of various insects are^ now on^ display. ....• Johnny Nix made the tally by crashing through the middle from the 12 yard line. Try for extra point was no .good. Roy Mullins made the last touchdown in the first half on a reverse or the 20 yard line. Huddleston dded the extra point. The half time score was Hope 9, Prescott 0. In the 3rd quarter, Travis Purtle ntercepted a Wolves pass and aced 50 yard for a touchdown. 'ry for extra point was no good. The Cats received their next core when Johnny Lingo hit the middle from the 5 yard line. Steve Marlar kicked the extra point. Johnny Nix made the final touch- lown when he ran through the middle from the 13 yard line. Try for extra point was no good. The Cats were on the Wolves 5 yard line when the game ended. The entire Bobcat squad played died' in 1945. Miss Curie has not been married before. XXIV a chance. Greg shook his head. Circumstances were against him. So was the May night. He found himself laughing. They started back to the trailer. After a long pause Greg asked, "Where does Kirby expect to deep?" Well, no-w,' Daggett began uncomfortably, "of course there isn t room for an extra person in the The manager of the park shook his head in answer to Greg's question. He had not seen a tall, fair young woman carrying two suitcases. His son looked up from homework. "I saw her cut across the park; she took that dirt ;oad over there." "Where does it go?" "Nowhere but Ferguson's farm and the Murgatroyd place. But they are quite a way up the road." U.S. Pressing for Atomic Pool Program By TOM HOGG UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. UP) With Russian approval virtually, picioni leri r.ea cranny on "«=i s i ie had gone away, sue meant 10 certain, the United States and us younger man's arm, accentuating L t ay hidden .That was why she had atomic allies pressed for a vote ^ hel pi essness . 'And it would be ta ken the dirt road instead of a today on their compromise: plan h on Rupcrt because h e is so main highway . to promote President Eisenno- a£raid that he w m be asked for ghe wa! . so sensible Greg was' v/er's atoms-for-peace program. papers." •- - - T^. , l_ 3:«4- n *3 ,,«nnivYirutC 1UD l-"*f^*o. trailer. Kirby can hardly go to a I Q re g nodded carelessly and hotel because someone would be saun tered across the park, but sure to spot him. There's no point , vnen he was out of sight he hur- in that until" he broke off and r j e( j. jt W as growing dark and he Greg tried to see his face in the , vanlecl to find Hannah without de- deepening twilight. The old man lay she was no (; the kind of girl was up to something. to do a thing like this just to Daggett aware of Greg's sus-Uring him running after her. If leaned craftily on the| glle had gone aW ay, she meant to outstanding defense. on both offense and The Cats made 409 yards rushing, 0 yards passing and were penalized 10 yards. The Wolves made 103 yards rushing, 40 yards passing, and were penalized 15 yards. Hope made 25 first downs, Prescott made 16. Diplomats assent. The U.N.'s 60-nation -,. , , •„,„,, e i-i"o *•«»*••"•" not prepared for an impu:sive ac- predicted unanimous) , lgo l am elected to f in d a room t ion from her. Greg tried to refer myself somewhere after I^t'et member what he had said to Dag- for the night." Igett, what she had heard and mis- u.ne U.IN. i "«•"*""" * """y" Hannah settled for the rugni. gett what s h e had heard and mis- committee, in recess until late to- wuh shame i ess hypocrisy Dag- jnt >reted . phrases kept coming day to let members consult their sdzed on th = s ,. sincc you h - m about Hannah pos i ng governments, hoped to reach a * g ted It you rself as long as 1 - - ' "-i-_ii~(. 4 n «;,rV,i nn 4Vio oovr-n-nnwer Bu °° cc>1 ' '. .. ballot tonight on the seven-power resolution to set up an interna-)' 0 ^ tional atomic agency. mind ,. Oh j doji , t old man's niece and the trouble it might cause. He had Perhaps | sa j d that a woman was in the way onal atomic 3 S encv - _ I can find a nice homey haystack on a trip like th is. but he had never Virtual agreemen^t between Rus ^^ ^ ^ tended otherwise to her. He had reac hed aft - sia and the West was reac hed aft ; Grcg said that he wanted her to Arkansas Football By The Associated Press Bessemer (Birmingham, Ala.) 20 Little Rock 7 Fort Smith 20; Fayelteville 19 El Dorado 46; Test Monroe, La., 7. b , vaiijfe * Coromonies so Km: that had b.en hurt. TOap that Pine Bluff 21; Magnolia 13 Van Buren 13; Subiaco 6 Springdale 27; Huntsville 13 Camden 33; Fordyca 6 Jonesboro 26; Benton 6 Crossett 19; Eudora 7 Hope 58; Prescott 0 Nashville 13; Fairview (Camden; The resolution: «ut right after you did. Then she HUNTSVILLE, W) Petitions charging irregularities in the Nov 2 general election were filed here yesterday by three defeated Bepu- FISCAL WATCHDOG - Joseph Campbell, nominated by President Eisenhower as comptroller general, faces a possible Senate fight on confirmation because of his support of the Dixon -, Yates contract. The comptroller 'general is tha watchdog for Congress over federal spending. At present Campbell is a member of the Atomic Energy Commission. Paragould 7; Corning 6 Stamps 49; Strong 7 Searcy 13; Stuttgart o Osceola 13; Piggott 13 (tie) DeWitt 13; Batesvillc 0 Marianna 53; McCrory 14 Fulmer 13; Murfreesboro 0 Lewisville 21; Blevins G Dirks 26; Mineral Springs 6 Fuller 20; DeValls Bluf! 0 Gillett 53; Elaine ? Deaf school Little Rock (37; Marveil 20 Augusta 38, Heber Springs 0 Rison 34; Gculd 15 Bcebe 20; Des Arc 13'; Star City 18; Whitehall 0 Deueen 64; Gurdon 0 Dermott 20; Hamburg 13 Cotton Plant 54; Hazen C Catholic High (Little Rock) 30; Jacksonville 0 Morrilton 26; Bryant G Ashdown 19; Idabel Okla., 13 Czarlc 34; Waldron 13 Mansfield 14; Clarksville 7 Burdette 13; Wilson 12 Magnet Cove 37; Lakeside (Hot Springs) 7 Mountain Home 26; Berryville 6 Mena 34; Horatio 13 Lake Village IS; Warren 7 Bauxite 47; England 12 Forrest City 19; West Memphis 19 (tie)' resolution: i A Provides that the scientific came back a few minutes ago and conference be held next summer, left a note." 2 Suggests that as soon as the Gre £ ripped open the envelope international atomic agency is set and handed the letter to Da.agett up it negotiate an appropriate When the old man had finished a-reement with the U. N. The reading he gestured with his head SrigfnT resolution called for mak- and Greg helped him into the bed- it a specialized but the Russians objected called for it to be placed under bed and man sank down on the side of the the Security Council. She has gone," he said in con- the agency continue, mended by Russia. 3 Su««ests that negotiations on sternation. "She wrote, 'Thanks so d. bu u _.ebib e rec om- much, Uncle Wade for all youi kindness but I've imposed on i too long. I'll always be gratefu for the most wonderful holiday of j my life. Love, Hannah.' " He looked up at Greg "She has gone and she hasn't a penny." His eyes were accusing. "She must have heard what you said about not wanting her to go along." Murder Ruled In Death of Elderly Couple TUPELO, Miss. UP) An eld- Murder Charges Dropped at Mena MENA, UP) First degree WALLPAPER, 10c a single rol and up. Bill Wray Supply Co., 510 S. Walnut, Phone 7-2348. , 20-3t blican candidates Mrs Norman Chancellor, candi- For Rent HOUSE jacks, Wire stretchers, Post I hole diggers, Tarps, Reaves Bar- date for circuit clerk; and Bill Parsons, running for re-election for sherif, filed petitions in the 'county clerks' office Nov. 24 has been set for the hearing Mrs Chancellors father, Ewell Boyd, now city clerk and a candi- , gain House and Pawn Shop, 205 j ar • , date for county judge, filed a simi- S. Walnut, Phone 7-2471. 18-1 Mo. NICELY furnished 4 room apartment and bath. Private entrances 7-3497. 23-tf Pf5 FOR YOUR I&1RUCK 1PAIRS mechanics ,.„„. incp to rji*. Kf car or truck, .J^ve a complete - • for oil cc POUR room furnished apartment. Electric refrigerator, Garage. No children. Mrs. Anna Hudson, 220 N. Elm. - 10-tt in circuit court Basketball , murder charges against 19-year-old Raymond Oswald of Ink, Ark wei-3 dismissed on a surprise motion, by the prosecution Oswald was accused of killing his widowed mother, Mrs Anna Oswald, 62, by putting her m an abandoned refrigerator at their home A coroner's report had ruled she died by .suffocation Oswalds trial had just opened Polk Circuit Court yesterday By The Associated Press New York Madison Square Gar- Fort Wayne 103, Baltimore 92 erly couple whoso charred bodies' were found in the ruins of their grocery store were murdered before the structive burned officials; said. Dist. Atty. W. P Mitchell said last nisjht an autopsy showed that Mr and Mrs. Sam Addison were beaten to death Addison was 75, his wife 77. The couple's store near amory burned Tuesday night. The bodies were found by fire fighters. "Robbery is probably the mot ive for the murder and arson,' Mitchell said. in I TWO 3-room houses, 1 mile on old Madison County, traditionally a Republican area, elected all Democratic candidates and voted heavily for governor-elect Oryal Faubus. a Madison County resident _ ' - ^ ,i ,i -t State Baptists :„! Close Meeting LITTLE -ROCK, (UP) The Arkansas Baptist State ' convention 67 West, Hazel Watkins. afternoon when Prosecutor Cokei Thomas askc-d for dismissal of the case due to lack of evidence Thomas said that "at this time the availability of witnesses and evidence do not justify conviction Defense attorneys Nabors Shaw and W G Spencer both expressed surprise at the states motion to dismiss the case They sajd they had no previous indication of the Football By The Associated Press Miami Fla 23, Alabama 7 San Francisco State 7, Chico State 0 Bast Central Okla 58, Southeastern OUla 7 San Jose State 28, Fresno Ctate 0 Memphis Navy 23, Tenn Martin Branch U Calif Polytech 13, Humboldt State 0 German Cabinet Approve Agreement BONN, Germany, (UP) The West German Cabinet today gave it reluctant approval to the Paris-London agreements for German rearmament, including the Daggett sat turning the note over her . and over. He was deeply v/orried vere and more upset than he wanted Greg to know. The younger man oV.nd himself on the defensive. And he toe was worried. Hannah was a long way from home and riends, a long way from anyone vho ould lend a helping hand to a otranded girl "She must be crazy to pull a stunt like this!" Greg exclaimed "She is still battered by wha happened to her at that fair,' Da'agett said. "She never speaks about it, bu tbeir.g jiltod like tha iho'ok her self-ccnfidence. If we w^re to fail her, if she were ti feel that we don't value her, i would be the finishing touch to he self-esteem. She has no one els to turn to." lis flashlight caught and pinned a figure against th-3 dark. He stopped"running then. He did not want ler to think that he had been in any hurry. She stood motionless. He could see her fair hair gleaming and her eyes enormous in tha white mask of her face, reflecting in their dark pupils twin shafts of light from the torch. He flashed it on his own face to reassure her and then turned it off He heard her set down the heavy luggage and to groped for her in the dark, a hand on either arm. and shock her. "Hannah," he said harshly, what made you run away?" His hands tightened until he hurt her but she did not speak or move. 'I thought you had some sensa. Going off half cocked like that. When will you grow up?" His 'oice sounded as though he hated 'Where going? did you think you Don't ever pull a tunt like that again. Do you hear? iarinah" L r nder his hands he felt the varmth of her arms. He pulled her against him, cupped her chin n his hand and brushed her mouth with his lips. He kissed her ier again, his lips hard and insistent. His arms held her locked against him. He released her so abruptly that the staggered, flashed on his light and led her to a fallen log set back off the road. He .pulled her down beside him and slipped his arm around her shoulders. "Look," he said, trying to steady his breathing, "you shouldn't have Greg started to speak and closed outh. Finally he said, 111 controversial France-German 16-3t! closed its annual meeting here yes, 'Iterday with a vigorous stand I SIX room house, 2 blocks « against "efforts to break down town, one block from Oglesby I moral s t an dards and wreck chara- school. Phone 7-2249, 7-3390, 16-3t cter . The J.CQQ or more messengers action. I SMALL furnished apartment, Private bath. 5U E. Third. 17-tf .^ . .... - __ _ | i ijjjNjsHED apartment, 4 rppms and bath, $35. % block from city Ball, Adults only. Phone 7-2153. I FIVE room house, 1% miles west on 19th st. Apply across road or see Howard Livingston. l8-3t Found Ig&Q }b. CALF found In my pasture 1 J, W. Reyjjqgo, Emmet, 80-3t approved a resolutions committee report opposing liquor, suggestive movies, indecent comic books and literature, and nudist colonies and nudist magazines Th eresolution called upon Arkansas legislators to take steps against 'these things' In other resolutions, the messengers urged support of the temperance league of Arkansas, reaffirmed their belief In the doctrine of separation of ohurcb. and state, and opposed efforts to make Good Friday a national holiday Instructions »^.>£j FAl,6E ALARM WASHINGTON, after the bounced hour an- Teenage Hoodlums In for Rough Time CHICAGO, (UP) Chicago po lice opened a "get touch" cam paign on teenaged hoodlums today ss a 15-year-old member of a female "wolf pack" admiltde shs helped beat up two girls in an unprovoked attack Th eeirl, a freshman at the Academy o'f Our Lady School wouldn't confess until she had telephoned and recieved permission from the leader of the "Blue Jeans gang to which she belonged. She then admitted she "pushed Judy Qrarom, 13 in a ' fight Wednesday night. Judy is in the hospital with a pelvic injury. ' Texas Radar Confuse Women Drivers AUSTIN, Tex UP) Radar enforcement of the state's speed laws has confused at least t w i west Texas women motorists, the Texas, Department of Public Saf ety says. , The car of ono of the women stalled a short distance clown, the highway after she passed a rortu warning sign. When the mecham arrived she complained. "I wa just driving 65 miles an hour wher they turned that darned radar o greemcnt on the future of the coc-1-righ Saarland border area. The cabinet earlier this month jalked at the Sar agreement and raised .serious doubts whether Chancellor Konrad Adenauer could win ratification for the several inter-related agreements, Jury Is Selected InMurderTria! MDI _v^ sTj^-^srs*? JUO 4ll.V»V»V«« ~ —--„ if* find her. I'll bring her back. Dag°ett brightened "She cant have gone far. And, Greg make her understand we want her with Buse. sure you make her understand that.' "She'll ccme back,' Greg promised, "if I have to drag her by the 'hair of her head." "Look in the luggage compartment of the car first. See if her •;uitcases are ftill there." But the suitcases were gone. The evening retained much of the soft warmth of the day and the sky was still opaline Lateu en it would be very dark for there was nc moon. The light was kind to the trailer park as a lamp is kind to an aging away like that. I was just £> sounding off to Daggett because of V Ihis guy Kirby. That's all there was to it. I didn't mean—" By some alchemy of the night Hannah was transformed. She was ethereal, a Ro&retti girl, poetry incarnate. With a la.st clutch at his control he said unevenly, "We'd bettor go back." tentative jury persons me. 10 were W*«fc«» Mfef&V K». f» to b.<?nw inm ; l,\*4. f I +*•* W «"~" "^ t * J 1 J Four pther guls admitted " they were with thu f&l-'fftMW to The oilier woman telephoned to the Abilene, Tex., office of the highway patrol f or h ulp. "I have a sick grandaughtcr in Amarillo and have to drive up there in a hurry," she explained. "Will you please turn that radar off SP I can get there real fast?" QUAKES~SHAKE TOKYO TOKYO, (UP) Earthquakes HOOK Tokyo today within a period of 12 hours. A sharp earth tremor was felt al 5:45 a. nv and another shook tali buildings at 3 P- *»• d a. m- EgU j u vv wi v; iiiwi.il*-''>-- - -- - •* sentenced a convicted killer Lively's ^torney man, Dorothy Poore in his hotel room acre July 16 anfl stuffing her body NQ 'HOTEL nto a dresser drawer. He confes- tolman spoKe and a swered. Always two, Greg was awate of his loneh | ness as he tince Now as then it When they reached the trailer park Greg broke the noisy silence < between them. -'You had belter come in with me so the old man • will know you are all right. He was pretty sick about your leaving. Then I'll pick up the car and drive you into town where you can get a rcom for the night." She followed him passively into the trailer, blinking in the light. Kirby and Rupert were deep in talk but Daggett put down his book ind looked from one to the other. The living eyes in the dead face ' videned and then narrowed. I've just come for the car to run Hannah into town," Greg said. scowling at Kirby who was to blame for everything. "I might' as well pack a bag for .myself if Kirby is to have my bunk.' * Hannah said nothing about her letter and Daggett did not refer to it. "All set?" Greg asked her. "Hannah," Daggeit said anx« iously "you'll be back I— mean . the killing but his admission. Thc drpve a stolen to la frpnt pf an Our Doily Bread Thin by The Editor _ Alex. H. Washburn We Pay, Little Rock Doesn't; Yet You Voted Down Amendment 43 Speaking of lax figures, the Legislative Audit Committee came up with some real shockers last 56TH,YEAR: VOL 56 — NO. 34 Star •W'-'ZxJ&s An WtAtHtd Hfteiftoon, tonight tm hftHB <*alfc eat 30-S8 £*peftme«t Station hotirs endtag at 8 a. rife KlgH 69 Star of Hope 1899, Press 1927 Consolidated Jan. 18, 1929 what time will you be backV She did not answer. "I'll pick her up before 8, Greg promised and opened the door. She went out to the car without a word and sat beside him in silence. He stole a glance at her profile, at Ihe small streight nose, the wide mouth whose lips were so soft and ( warm- Light reflepted °« *H e tears \ It , _. . _.^ ..1_n«lw» j «3l1VI)*1 JlGI 1 i]ftti November 18 it reported that; a uniform appraisal system applied against local tax assessments in all 75 counties showed: 1. The state-wide average- assessment is 13.69% of true Value. 2. Assessments by individual counties range all the way from • a low of 4.95% to a high of 40.3%. t 3. Least-assessed of all the Counties was St. Francis in east Arkansas, with 4.95%; and . the two highest-assessed counties were in south Arkansas. Calhoun with 40.3%, and Ouachita with 32.96%. 4. The richest county' in the state, big Pulaski. was right behind St. Francis in tax- dodging, with an assessment of only 7.47%. lere are the percentages of the Ihties in our corner of Arkansas: Hempstead 19.75; Howard 23.52: Miller 20.94; Nevada 20.58; Columbia 24.33; Union 28.75 Two facts are obvious: \ Our section is " assessing from half again to twice as much as the state-wide average. And we are assessing at about three times what big Pulaski county and Little Rock are paying taxes on. •jfcut the injustice goes deeper than even these startling figures. Looking at the percentages alone you might shrug them of-f^ by saying: This is local £ e h HE'S GOT THE PORK, NEIGHBORS HAVE THE "BEEF" — Hal white, 33, and son Scott, 1, examine the three choice Tamworth barrows which White is raising in the basement of his Chicago, Annual National Livestock Exposition. — NEA Telephoto. ... i taxation; let every county handle its own affairs as it chooses. But you are wrong about it being merely "local taxation." Big dodge Pulaski property and Little Rock taxes. Therefore Reds Give Up Plan to Spike German Arms By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON (JP) The Rulings in State Supreme Court LITTLE ROCK UP) The kansas Supreme Court today hand-j ed down these decisions: Richard G. Cross and others vs. H. C. Graham and othnvs, ap- , pealed from the PulaEki Chancery Soviet j Court, affirmed. HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1M4 Mendes-France proposes Big 4 Meet in May UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (UP) French Premier Pierre Mendes France proposed to the United Nations today that a Big .Four conference be held next May, but only after the Paris agreements rearming Germany have been approved. The French premier stressed, however, that ratification was not the o'nly condition for holding the East-West talks. The talks, he sairl, "must be seriously and honestly prepared by full exchanges of views, excluding al! maneuvers of purei propaganda which could_ only sow disagreement, harden positions and finally compromise the success which we all hope." Mender-France in a forceful policy ; .declaration to the 60-nation general assembly suggested .the May meeting after explaining thai by that time the Paris pacts wil' have been ratified by all coun tries concerned "as is certainly the case with France." Mendes-France, whose attitude on East-West negotiations: had caused some concern in U.S. government circles, said: "There can be no objective and effective discussions in a confer ence of four except, after the coun .^~~, ,.., National tries of West Europe directly in China claimed it sank two Red Uerestcd have ratified the treaty Member: Th. Assotlafed Mit A Audit *t»tt<tm *» ClrtuldtW** A». Ntt fatd W*l. * Mo*. tftdM* S*»t. SO, 1*34 — »,W - - PfttOW Andrei Vishinsky, Russian UN Dies of Heart Atta iuMk-, •U Nationalists Sink Two Red Warships TAIPEH, Fomosa </P) Industrialists Cautioned on PossibleSlip By FRANK CORMIER WASHINGTON UP) A Senato- louse committee says the nation s "a long way toward achieve ment" of its industrial mobiltza- ion program but cautions: against iny slip below "maximum readiness for any emergency." In its fourth annual report on nationnl defense, productton anr controls, the Joint Committee on Defcns Production said last night "large expansions in basic indus tries have materially increased the country's capacity to produce both for war and for peace " Y, xi^jii A ii VJ J. v^ii V * / .»."»- ——.-—.;»*»,*-»,, — , . - i t A. £ government apparent* has conj, ?J T Elias v. FauseU d ^ a^sea^U* .miles .utheast of eluded a policy reappraisal anclj-^uiasKi unaiiti-iy ^uui i, decided against paying a high! Clou price in either concessions or have to ask a prodigious share ofe.state sales taxes. Sales tax is and other excise collected all' over the state. But much oE the state trades in Little Rock, and, somehow, the lion's share of the sales taxes. Sales tax is collected all over the state. But much of the state trades in Little Rock, and, somehow, the threats to block Western'' rearming of West Germany, American officials believe. Russia's latest moves to prevent the conversion of West Germany into a member of the anti-Soviet defense alliance are. considered here obviously .lacking in boldness and effectiveness. This is taken to mean that in a sense the Soviet government is re.- m . . , si.ened to German rearmament. T lion's share'of the sales tax that' The j n teipretaticn is that the is supposed to help the schools of,K rern lin may have reached this at- all Arkansas always winds up in titude because (1) it was unwilling county—where a dollar's to let Germany be unified ^n West- John Fulks, Stone Circuit Court, affirmed. D. Holland vs. George Elkins, worth of property only 7'/2c! Your editor has this steal for years. is assessed • at been attacking Back in March 1935 when the r-rn terms'" and (2) it 'was unwilling to threaten seriously use. of military forces against the West.. U. S. Ambassador Charles E. Bohlen is due here from Moscow, Chinese warships and routed 11 inl o f Paris. To act otherwise is to go into adventure; is to go toward a certain stalemate." day. The Defense say what type Ministry of Red did not warships was involved but they could have Johnson Chancery Court, affirmed --^ srmored junks, of which the Charles Stewart vs. Ella Bowen, Pulaski Chancery Court, affirmed. C. F. McFherson vs. A. H. Blair, Arkansas Ciruit Court, affirmed Resor-Hill : Corp. vs. Kennedy, Desna Circuit Court, affirmed. General Box Co.' vs. Revenue Commissioner Vance Scuriock, Pulaski' Chancery Ccurt, reversed and remanded. Public Loan Corp. vs. Stanberry, Washington -Chancery Court, affirmed. Communists possess a great number. ' In Tokyo, the Japanese coast guard reported that two apanese The European agreements on defense and unity, he declared, could serve as "a pilot proiect for large institutions twhic(h, we/all hope will one day assure Democratic control and international co- 'o'peration and general disarma- me,i simultaneous regulated and • controlled." The committee also reported tha minimum goals in strategic matei ials stockpiles have beer, reache in some vital areas. Of the 75 ma terials being stockpiled, it said, 3 are at the minimum levels wlivl only 18 are at leass than 50 pe :ent of established goals. Listed as the scarcest of crt cal materials were nickel, tanta- um, selenium, titanium and strategic mico. ; Noting big increases in indus- rial capacity since the mobiliza-- ion program was launched .during .he early stages of the Korean War, the committee said. - .. . . . . Hall 2 per cent state sales tax was |prn bably tomorrow, for. talks open- enacted to save the public schools j ng y/cdnesday with President Ei"' from suspension there was a moral obligation upon the people, after 'senhower and Secretary of State Dulles or. Soviet policy snd putting this special tax on food E tate cf relations between and clothing and all the other the the of life, to sec to it that property assessments were reformed and eciualized. Your editor has carried on this fight for years. In 1952 he helped draft Proposed Amendment 43, the so-culled 100 per - cent assessment amendment. It was shouted down, both in last summer's primaries and the November general election—where it lost by more than 100,000 votes. ^ The spineless Arkansas Gazette. \$.ich said nothing favorable of I<,o. 43 before the November election, made last Saturday its usual after-the-election appeal: • "The defeat of the 100 per cent assessment proposal leaves the problem open and unsolved. We feel- that the state's declining revenue, with the urgent needs of the schools and local units of government, should move the General to take action for United States and Russia. H-Bomb Port of European Defense Plan By ELTON C. FAY WASHINGTON UP) P lans for Ihe defense of Western Europe now appear to include the use of the hydrogen bomb on the battlefield to nrovidc a crushing, all-destructive force where tactical nucleai fission bombs or projectiles might be inadequate. Rcces generalized and laconic references by American military officials to utilizing whatever weapons ?nd tactics are required to counter agression have been Hope Getting Up Special to Cotton Bowl Efforts are being made to get up a special train to the Cotton Bowl January 1, for Hope and fans from surrounding towns it was announced today by Leo Robins, chairman of the Razorback Club here. Mr. Robins also expressed . the appreciation to local fans for contributing to the Bowden Wyatt ap- until ordered two armed patrol ships to investigate. A coast guard report said, "some Japanese fishing boats have been warned to stay away from ths rrea of Nationalist Chinese warships and today's incident indicates the fishermen may have closed in too much toward the coast." FulbrightSees Try to Delay Censure Issue By FRED S. HOFFMANN WASHINGTON IVP) Sen. Ful- being « preciation fund. Petitions Jack's Co. Anyone wantine trio to the Cotton Bowl by tram bright (D-Ark) says he doubts Sen. McCarthy's elbow trouble is "quite as serious as we were led to believe" when the Senate last week suspended debate on censure Meeting Tuesday to Discuss Hope School Problems Tuesday night, November 23, hero will bo a meeting In the Hope unior High School auditorium to' iscuss plans for an organized ef- ort at the local level to secure agreement on the needs of the'pubf ic schools and the cost of satisfy- ng those needs. A member of the Arkansas lay committee will be here to explain he "Educational Program for Arcansas" as developed by the Advisory Council on School Finance, the Arkansas Congress of Parents and Teachers, the Educational Committee of the Arkansas Legislative Council and the A. E. A. All interested citizens are urged to attend. Back in 1930 By PIERRE J. UNITED NATION, : Death of Andrei fishing boats were machine-gunned i Mendes-France after his May and sunk by two' unidentified gun- C ohfererice suggestion said "the boats about 20 miles east-southeastjir re nch government is ready tor its of the Tachens today. (part 1 to organize it at Paris, if Three Japanese fishermen werej that ., v;ou - ld be convenient to'-' the killed and three injured. Two other, oth(J '^ participants." Japanese fishing boats rescued.- H l said that from now about 16 crewmen of the two boats Ma ^ the international siluatiot sunk, coast guard headquarters re- 5^1^ be studied with calm Ihr^gh nprmEil • diplomatic mean and 'outside of "passionate reac lions of overexcited public opin The premier declared lhat the conference must be preceded by attempts to create a climate of confidence and said settlement of one question Austria would be that step. He invited the Soviet Union to make "constructive proposals" to to complete sgrcement on an Austrian treaty.' "In one way or another, he said, "let us find a solution to this unhappy problem of the people of Austria, which-coniributes in itself to poison the international situation." The premier spoke in a hall jammed to capacity with dele- gales and spcctaotrs. The Soviet Union's Andrei Vishinsky was not present. He said the Paris and London agreements testified to the necessity of careful preparations for important meetings and; hailed the pacts as "the first real step toward disarmament." Governor of Iowa Killed in Accident UN Should Expel Russia, Lodge Asserts By MALCOM OLIVER WASHINGTON (INS) U. S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., said today that "from the standpoint of logic" Russia should be expelled from the United Na- . DES -MOINES - Goy- . ons are being . !««« Q l charges against the Wisconsin Re- Newsstand and Cox L»UE bli yhil he unde rwent. hospi- to make the . tl . eplment ;shal Viscount Montgomery of Ala- election is because it lives and does mem. business in the biggest tax-dodging The British startegist said: countv of the stito "1 "'''•'^ to make ll absolutely ^ San says he has an idea clear that we at SHAP (the Paris how to remedy the foul-up in headquarters of the supreme com- assessments. He is mand) are basing all _ our opeia- property planning on using atomi,. Pulaski State Senator Ellis Fagan., - - , „„„ in TJjp Little Rock man says the ™* thermonuclear weapons in •^islature ought to pass a law dnlense. equalizing assessments al 20'.''r of true value — and then cut off all state-aid to countitfs which failed to toe the mark. This would be a solution, of course. But you are asking this incredulous editor to believe that the legislature, a relatively small body of persons upon whom the fiercest fire of the-most powerful K-lobbies oui trio to me uouon ouwi "j "—•• .,j t secms to me " ulbrlght saicl must sign the petition and put up yesterday dlu .j n) g a television a $10 deposit. The deposit will eo interview ; ,. tnat t his de j ay is col .. j t. i ;._ J? „ ,.,Vi inllMTlUnPflG- -_ .. . ... «» i ._ \A\*jji*iijti.i J-***- _._._on the train fare which will be termined later. There are 25,000 tickets available, to Arkansans. Anyone can get as many as four tickets by writing to Mrs. Goldie Jones at University of Arkansas and enclosing checks. The tickets are ?4.80 each, plus 2a cents for mailing charges tainly consistent with an effort to prevent any vote at all." Debate on the censure charges which Fulbright helped initiate was broken r.ff U'St week until next Monday when Dr. George W. Calver,, Capitol physician, reported McCarthy had developed traumatic bursitis" after his el- ' We have really made at London and Paris a very important step forward." he said. "The system of limitation and control of armaments foreseen in S. Beardsley was killed in an automobile-truck crash near here.Jast night, less than two months before lie would have completed his third term as Iowa's chief executive. Highway patrolmen said the cnv crashed int'j the rear of a pickup truck driven by John Gardner, 54, of Des Moines, about six miles north of Des Moiiies on State Highway CO. ; Beardsley, 53, a Republican and one of the early .supporters' of Dwlght Eisenhower ..-for..the Republican presidential nomination in 1952, was the first Iowa chief executive to die in office. ' Beardsley's administration was active in promoting highway safety, He had formed the governor's official traffic safety committee, which included the heads of state departments having to do wlih safely, law enforcement and education, and promoted a statewide meeting of teen-agers last April to draft a safety program for 'oung people. Highway Patrolman Glenn McDole said when he arrived at the accident he found Gov. Beardsley iying with his head in his wife's lions. Lodge defined the purpose .the United Nations charter as creation cf an organization of "peace-loving nations" who .could "try to prevent aggression, in the first plate, and, if an aggression occurred, would get together and repeal it." The U. S. ambassador, in a copyrighted jjeain 01 Anarei v,uuuicivri:>uE« tongued chief of the;S8Vle^jtt gallon at United. Nations ^an(" " a cf Russia's most celeblfajtefii men, was s today. i ' /»A • The announcement 6f of the pre-re volution f; made the switch V'to*^ end earned worfdwldejjfanfej viet prorccutoiv.tn 'V of the 1080's,">was the 1,000 assembled vdolegi spectators by^Eii I<tJ v J Vaii^j! U. N. assembly presfc 1 ""^ Death of Vishinsky was due to a'*hearr The mourning '_„„ -,, ately after Van Kfeffei ment. *• '? ^ j\ Vishinsky, collapsea'^i ing at the < Russian^ dj headquarters in 1 New' | Avenue and^fijtth ^(rte residential .area; of i t He apparently' ^dtj lore, medical'aid cby prdximatcly; 10 a.'fnv normally *woMJd ; i ha: about thqUtrrfe • th'e U.Ni " £«j| The Van'Kle followed by.onlyMhal speech'in. which Vf-*—* llea erre and World Report, said: "If we had known in San Francisco the way they (the Russians) were going to act, I don't think we would have ever been in favor of admitting them." , ' Lodge, however, pointed out that Russia's membership in the U, N. has its advantages. :He said; "It gives them a chance to mrke an exhibition of themselves, and that's a chance of which they take very frequent advantage. And part of the effect' of their making an exhibition of themselves is a unifying of the free world, __ u .. . four-power v held, in Paris a mw*j* ^i - ( . -Van KJefferis and 'in "^ * *"+ r fT "Vai' V.-1 iJ^.f with great l *re|r'etfihat4J|;hj /"^ ,. f" 1 i. J i j * 4.2 Jii.i— ' 'trVln report the 'S3<|*. nev shinky has, 1 died.'V' f the Paris accords constitutes my eyes a useful example The special'train will leave the bow was injured in a Milwaukee 1 . .j handshaking accident. McCarthy has been undergoing reatment at the Bcthescla Naval iospital. The hospital reported morning of January 1 and return the following morning. Pullmans and chair coaches will be available. ' Fans from Nashville, Prescott, Lewisville. Stamps, Emmet. Fulton, and other points in this area are invited to ride the Hope spec- i ial. Hard Fact of Geography Is Reason Belgium Favors Plan to Rearm Western Germany By HAL BOYLE BRUSSELS !/R Leaves U j h /f, eonceuu ' atcd ' wil1 BeUian notebook: •iww do what the people themselves I refused to. do when Amendment 43 from a The Belgian people are heartily in favor of rearming their big _ faced them on the ballot the 2d.Q ei . man neighbors, who overran explained an Amerisan _wno ayes lugger powers. "That is why oven Bel' : ,'i;m tin dsr ground leaders who fought fiercely against the Nazis now are in favor of rearming Germany," day of this very month. I don't believe it. I think Arkansas will continue to search for new special levies, or higher rates on existing special levies .... will leave inexhaustible rat-hole of a<J' ra phy. valorem assessments still unplug-] Tj le so il thorn in two great world wars a single generation. in Many visitors find this hard to understand. To the ordinal y Belgian it is merely a matter of ac- thej t . er ti ng the hard facts of geog- . - , of Belgium literally . . . and then wonder why Little h as been reddened by the blood of k always makes off with most millions, of men through Ihe cen- the loot and the rest of the state turies. Waterloo, Ypi-es, Bastogne is left tax-hungry — no matter how these famous battle fields are many new taxes we dig up in .the known to '--very American hirjh here. "They know it is impossible tp keep the Germans permantely disarmed, and they z-re in favor of any plan that will make all then big neighbors allies instead of enemies." name of all Arkansas. BOSTON, (U P) Police irctd Peter Gianini yesterday. Hi$> left big (op gpl gausM iA a bed spring, school history student. But any high school student here could i.<ame you a doz,en more great battles fought in t)\e area of Belgium, from Roman times unti 1 now. Belgium in wartime is simply an an aecordian of anguish squeezed by H as visitors sometimes see in France. say There ;jre no signs of comba fatigue in Belgium, no exhaustion of the spirit, no frustrated sen;;'- of bitterness again:', the present such they A tidy people in a tidy country Ihe Belgians rre bouncing into the second half of the 20th centiu'.v with the eager yesilcncy of a rub This ?mall land, welding as i does the Teuton! c and Lath •esterday his alls-factory. condition continues in and a "prefignratlon of a more general system. In proposing it and having it adopted, the French government had in view its op- plication to the European scene imd who knows perhaps, one ciay, to the world scene, on the same principles and the same regulations." It was understood that Mendes France worked on his speech for This isn't the first time thati SO me days. Mendes-France he's reported to the hospital when! cus3e d his views on arms controls with President Eisenhower sine Secretary of Stale John Foslei Dulles while in Washington, 's in an embarrassing position." said Fulbright. He did not men- ion othor instances. Fulbright said he wasn't ques- ioning Dr. diver's competence or ntegrity, but that "there is an old custom in the Bethesda Naval Hos- pial that senators and gongress- nen make their own diagnosis." Fulbright end Sen. Lehman (Dib-NY) voted against the 10-day recess, but 76 other senators approved. Mrs. Bird Clark, 80, to Be Buried In Hempstead lap. '•Bill hacn't moved," he quoted Mrs. Beardsley as saying. EASY ARREST OAKLAND, Call t., (U P) Po lice here nabbed a traffic violator right on their door.'itep.' Officers said an automobile driven by Sahag Nahabedian went through a stap sign, struck another car and skidded 100 feet before it stopped with a crash in front of the police station. Rev. Grlndstaft ». to Talk to Men of Baptist Church The Rev. W. E. Grindstaff Assistant Executive Secretary of the Oklahoma Baptist Convention and author of the recent bo'ok "Growing A Giving Church," will be the guest speaker for the monthly ,Brq. therhood supper meeting at the First Baptist Church on Monday November 22, at 7 p. m, In addition to the message by the Rev. Grindstaff, the program w{U Include group singing, and special music by the Brotherhood quartet This will be a Joint meeting of the men and their Wives and a large attendance Is anticipated A.. Fred Luck is the president of the Men's Brotherhood of the First Baptist Church . upon the huge'auditor,Juin[U scmbled rose to , , ,- lence with bowed •• Van „„ that Cample topporjuiuV granted later ' i ences. • , ,i ' Vishlnskyiwns' Mendes-France T ,... sembly by the time , , a received the inforroatioa-, insky's fatal tbearti ett The ' • --- 11 '--"-- tion on ing on the gates from' tres, s 'soni seats 'llj to French diplomat .began t| All Around the Town •y Th» tt»r »t«ff G. C. Smith, 69, Fulton, Burled at Columbus '** Funeral services for Grover C Smith. 69, Fulton, who died unexpectedly of a heart attack while picking pecans on the W. E. Cox farm, were held yesterday at Columbus. He is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Percy Cox of Visalia, Calif., and Mrs. J. -M. Braden of Texark- Mrs. Bird Clark, aged 80, died a na; four sons,. Clifford and Ed- Sunday at the home of a daughter, 'rnond Smith of Texarkana, Grove? Mrs. Jim McMillan, in Tyler, Tex- E. and Delmar Smith of Fulton; i. and one sister, Mrs. Jessie Harris She is survived by another dau- o l Fulton, with whom he made his ghter, Mrs. Dorin Hinchman of home. Lagon, West Virginia; three sons, J. A. and L. E. Clark of Texarkana and Doyle Clark of Midland, Texas; two sisters, Mrs. Amanda Huckab.ee of Hope and Mrs. Mary McCormick of Lewisvillo. Recent real estate transactions by Frank C, DuShane, United Farm Agency, brought new residents to fhis aiea .. .the B. E. Potter 40 acres near Blevins was bought by Walter E. Jones of Searcy . , . . . Lambert estate 100 acres in Button community sold to Glenn E. PU- lard of Wellton. Arizona , . .the Arvil Phillips 158 acres on old U. S. Highway 67. west, sold to H. L. Armstrong of Caddo Gap Walter E. Evans" 20 acres near Columbus sold to A. F. Hardm of Hobbs, N. M. and the Pean Matti- as. The body will be returned to Hempstead for burial. Arrangements, to be announced, will be in chaige of I^erndon Cornelius Funeral Home here. IN CAR EAST ROCK AWAY, N. Y., (UP > More than 200 Nassau County policemen and volunteer firemen searched almost six hours yesterday for little Louis Benton, 7, leported missing by his parents. The boy turned up lalci on the back seat of his parents' car where he "just fell eslepj>." son , . . 78 acres at the edge of ston sold to Norman E. Moss pf Flagstaff, Arizona the local f *t*BP* w "* * *«.«•"-•— ; * , Agency has shown an increase in sales of 300 per cent over 1953 and Mr DuShane was highly commended at a statewide company nieet- ing. _ Legion Auxiliary was very pleased with its Poppy sale Saturday and is grateful to the, public and the girls who sold thqm . . , Pr da Hamm, Elaine Thompson,, 8a.r- Suzannn McNeill, Margaret Lau. terback and Lana Thompson. Carolyn Sue Coffee, Hope, jnpm- ber of Southern State College's RUlerettes, performed at halftime jn the Southern State-Ouapmta game Saturday m Magnolia , « a freshman, Caiolyn, Sue is a repre-. tentative to the student senate^ Correction on the Bobcat game report , , . Bruce Duke scored the first three Hope touchdowns an* not Biuce , . . speakjng of faotb.sU about the worst traffic jam W| \ynter has ever been in greeted; Arkansans a,t Shreveport Saturday ; . . an example: "This is tye ""* time I've ever "smoked a c in a block riding in a car/ 1 ked BM Wray . < , , it Four-staft the Hope WJgh, School' "" -' They were tor of the a cjl and Mrs, sw. ,'. Qther school * were Ft, 8ro||h,' College. Friday thj?y , eon gue«ts at and wer? bera Myers Market nlels. Copky Jones, Jp Jf9 Qwenfi Mrs. A. E. SluiW- h&s returne the General UPQ Roanoke, Vft-, where she ed a Ot mer|t f«| ' v rawrt-s ~fcrj|f,f«jjf :' -V'%iV^tl

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