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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 3

Cincinnati, Ohio
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THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER ay am Tipwlwi Teaterday: Hgfc, Lew. Meaa BwUHjr, M. wutui umii, ren i ab la. VOL. C.

NO. 181-DAILY tSTKLTTSSirSZ MONDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 7. 1940 i THREE CENTS BUB WALTS TO OPPOSE AIL GDinrnaDH ROWE TOPAY 13 BARTELL BOWLS OVER REDLEG CATCHER ii LlASTERPiZOE ras ship War At A Glance Stemmed, Is View or jyasociATtD press) BATTLE OF BRITAIN SIM Asked By Envoy HERS Strange quiet settles over London when Nasi boomers tail to strike capital for first Urn In SO IsBSssBssBfllBsBssBssBssBsBssB Is Spun By Bo-Bo. Reds Are Blanked, With Three Singles, nights; German pilots picture capi f' 'nMsM 1 I Basil mmmmmmmmm-wmmtmmmmmmammtmmm jmmamfimm A A i Of British, Who Watch East Mediterranean. To Take Yanks From Britain, Is Report.

tal as "burning hell;" British Undersecretary of War declares Royal Air Force successfully stemming Nasi tide and steadily crippling German industry in counterattacks; Britons gird for expected Axis thrust in Mediterranean area. Tigers Now Leading, 3-2 Safe Passage Is Problem- More German War Factory MUSSOLINI INSPECTS FORCE Two Are On, Qreenberg Homers In Third. Workers Killed By Raids Than English, Claim. Premier Mussolini makes surprise inspection of Fascist troops Home Leaves Hinted For Embassy Employees. London, October 8 AP Joseph P.

Kennedy, United States Ambas gathering in Northern Italy an RY LOO SMITH. London, October 7 (Monday) controlled press unanimously pre an BiiriTi'H to tm iNvcma. diets "something big" will develop from II Duce's war conference Itrtggn Stadium, Mlch4 sador to England, has asked Washington to send another refugee ship October 8 Sophomore Eugene with Adolf Hitler. Thompson failed here today before BALKANS Rumania's Dictator- to remove Americans from embat a howling crowd of 53,189 fans anil Premier Iron Antonescu, dons green tled Britain, the Embassy disclosed shirt of pro-Naii Iron Guardists the Reds now are in the valley of the shadow. (AP) Britain' antiaircraft barrage opened with a roar over London just before dawn today ai Nazi airmen returned to attack the capital after the firat 'bombleai night in 30 daya of steady pounding.

The raldera struck first at the northwestern district of the capital. Only one short alarm was sounded early last night Thereafter an Unfamiliar quiet settled over the beseiged city. and tells party rally "my triumph tonight Negotiations are understood still to be in progress between Ambas will be yours also if you follow me Iff now that our revolution has come about without bloodshed;" Hun' sador Kennedy and Washington, gary's growing pro-Nazi Arrow Cross party demands voice In the main question hinging on whether Germany and Britain will With the series three gsmes to two against them as the result of the Tigers' crushing 8-0 victory behind big, blustering Buck Newborn's brilliant three-hit pitching la the fifth game of the aeries, our boys now must win two straight games at Crosley Field to break the five-year American League stranglehold on the world's champion ship. government. agree to give safe passage to a London October 7 (Monday) rescue ship.

Officials said today Britain's ex The Ambassador was said to feel SURPRISE VISIT panding defenses are "wearing down" the Luftwaffe, as shown by that numbers of Americans who confidential statistics showing a 7." were unable to leave on previous per cent drop in deaths and a 25 per cent reduction In injuries in a ships because of important business SHOWERS AND COOLER Made To Armies in England now should be given an week's time. other chance to return to America. Daytime raiders Sunday kept up steady relay of attacks, slipping HOME LEAVES HINTED. 1 through clouds which hampered the Other American circles reported that among the; passengers prob British defense. They dive-bombed Of Northern Italy By Duce For Inspection.

The perfect baseball weather that pervaded for the first five games of the World Series may be at an end as light showers and a drop In temperature Is the forecast by the Weather Bureau here for today, Local showers will not be Intense enough to mar tha Red-Tiger game, the bureau reported. and machine-gunned and struck at aome 20 districts in the outer ring -s ably would be a large number of AinocUtcil frm (Vlrfpnolj. members of the American Embassy of London and the southeast counties. 8TREETS ARE STRAFED. staff for.

whom Kennedy is under Mussolini Puts Off Cabinet Dick Bartell, Detroit shortstop, tried hard to acore on this play in the first inning of the World Series game yesterday, but he was out. With Rowdy Richard on second. Gehringer singled to center. Mike McCormick threw home, nipping Bartell. The Tiger shortstop bowled over Catcher Jimmy Wilson in trying to acore.

stood to have asked home leave in order to give them rest from Session For Chance To Watch Armed Forces. strenuous wartime duties here. The Sunday daytime alarms were marked by resumption of street atraf ing. One plane spattered hits machine-gun bullets over three Whether Ambassador Kennedy APPOINTMENTS himself would be a passenger was Rome, October 6 (AP) Premier Mussolini made a surprise inspec not known, although rumors per "HARD SHOTS" Picked By Willkie sisted in London that he plans to Big Money Hinges On World Series Game TodajLoss Would Cost Each Cineinnali Player $2, 100. tion today of armed forces in Northern Italy as the Fascist press unan imously predicted "something big' Slated This Week go home in November.

The Air Ministry said today that in Axis military measures is bound coastal command aircraft have aid to come from II Duce's Brenner Pass conference with Adolf Hitler. But they are confident that they can perform that mountainous task as their two aces Bucky Walters and Paul Derringer ares primed to give their supreme efforts to bring Cincinnati Its first' title In 21 years. Walters, opposed by Rows will go after his second vie-; tory of the series tomorrow, with' Derringer ready for relief work or a starting assignment In the final LITTLE TO CHEER. Outside of two sensational catches by Jimmy Ripple, the for-' mer Dodger outfielder, the hundreds' of Cinclnnatians, who Jour-' neyed hers for the three games, had little to chortle about Ripple took a double away from Newsom In the second inning, and made a Political circles expressed belief For 25,000 Members Of Draft Hoards. treets in East London.

I A dive-bomber killed four women and a chjld at Folkestone. The overnight layoff came as official British surveys of the battle of Britain reflected confidence that the British have won the upper hand in the air and that Germany may be the first to "soften up." These came from two sources: (1) Brigadier General Baron Henry Page Croft, Undersecretary for War, declared that the Royal Air Force had stemmed what might have been a devastating Nazi attack, has crippled German production in attacks bent on razing every BY JOSEPH GARRETHON, JR. tHff C)MTpMltml) Mussolini's sudden checking up on a radio in the clubhouse. He was all dressed and sitting by himself in a corner when tha beaten Red-legs trooped Into the dressing his military units was connected PlW'til. IMBfATeH TO TRN SNQIJIRHI.

with the Brenner Pass talks last Ill Entering Hague And Tammany Hailiwicks. Metropolitan Racial Groups Split, Like Major Parties, Into Various Factions. Friday. room. He looked pretty unhappy.

The high command declare! two ed in the rescue of nearly 500 survivors of ships lost in the Atlantic in the last few months. BRITISH TANKER HIT. Most notable of these rescues, said the ministry, was that of 48 survivors of the City of Benares who were sighted by a British flying boat and then picked up by a warship September 25 after their ship had been sunk 600 miles from land. "I Just couldn't get my curve over and for some reason or other I Liberal Interpretation Is Ordered On Dependents For Deferred Service. British submarines had been sunk, one by an Italian submarine, and didn't have a heir of a lot today.

Detroit, October 6 Yesterday It waa the Reda predicting the World Serlea would wind up in six games. Today It's the Tigers. Bill McKechnie: "We'll be back in there with Bucky Walters tomorrow and everything will be even-up again. You know we've come from behind twice In this scries. The pitcher for Tuesday, well, I'm not going to Thompson said.

fellows one by Italy's torpedo-armed mosquito boats. Italian aviation gave Britain's seaside Egyptian base at Just don't hit any bad ones." Washington, October 8 (UP) BY EDWIN W. GABLEMAN. beautiful one-handed diving catch German factory, and probably has killed "far more German war factory workers" than "the total losses Inflicted on our civilians from air Matruh a "violent and intense bomb Draft machinery swinga Into high In the TlgeK Clubhouse, Bo-Bo Newsom, despite the magnificent game he pitched, was Just about as of Billy Sullivan's bid for a triple ing" the dally communique added, gear this week with appointment of In the eighth. and raided Perim Island at the Washington, October 8 (AP) solemn as Thompson, They say he 25,000 local aelectlve service board attack." REPORTS "MASTER PLAN." Th State Department said tonight narrowest part of the southern exit members, promulgation of rules is taking the death of his father pretty hard.

He took the hand of the Red Sea. that there was no present Intention OorrnpanSml I riruj. niKPAit-a to the Exgi'irai. New York, October 6 Following a Sabbath day of rest, Wendell L. Willkie will carry his campaign for the Presidency tomorrow into the neighboring state of New Jersey, regarded by leaders in both major political parties as on of the debatable states In this campaign, Giovanni Ansaldo, editor of For of sending a rescue ship to remove clasps of congratulation without a governing classification and seleC' tion of registrants, and establish' ment of conscription quotas.

(2) The Alv Ministry, reporting new widespread night raids on German objectives, including a hall eign Minister Count Ciano's news Americans from Britain. guess that far ahead." (Most of the experts, however, think it will be Big Paul Derringer again If there is a seventh frame.) Del Baker: "I think we can wind it up tomorrow. I hope so. Rowe will be Continued On Page 13, Column 8. paper II Telcgrafo, further sug A spokesman added that no re Announcement of these pending gested in his Sunday broadcast to quest for a ship had been received developments was msde tonight by as yet from Ambassador Joseph P.

Newsom, aided by a mighty three-run homer off the devastating war club of Hammering Hank Green-berg, kept his death-bed promiss to his father by turning In the finest pitching performance of his long and colorful career and one of thr greatest in the long history of the-blue-rlbbon classic. In turning in a memorial piece to his father, who passed away after watching him defeat the Reda in tha opening game of the series at Crosley Field last Wednes selective service headquarters Italian troops "other diplomats steps" to block any intervention by of two tons of bombs on the Krupp Works at Essen, disclosed a "mas? ter plan" of destruction into which fit unremitting R. A. F. raids from the Baltic to the German Swiss Kennedy.

He said, too, that there the pitcher. For the seventh game? the United States may be in pre had been no change in the State Now, why should I be thinking about a pitcher for a seventh game TICKETS To Be Put On Sale Department's attitude that Ameri frontier and eastward beyond Ber cans new In Britain were there at when we expect to finish it up to lin. Wendell L. Willkie. Republican candidate for the Presidency, is scheduled to speak from 8:30 to 9 o'clock tonight over the Mutual Broadcasting System.

WKRC plana to carry the broadcast. their own risk and responsibility. morrow?" (Again "seventh-gaming," An evening alarm, London's third Asked whether Gsimany had which said it was "ahead of schedule" in the groundwork for operation of the nation's first peacetime conscription. Officials also disclosed that, in classifying and selecting the registrants for potential military aervice, there will be a "most liberal" interpretation of the term "dependent" to avoid dislocation of the nation's social and economic tha beat guess around here seems Of the day, lasted only a few min paration. Ansaldo said the prospect of "United States intervention, which made English eyes sparkle, is more than ever uncertain, and that is due to the trl-partite pact signed in Berlin (by German, Italy, and Japan).

Perhaps other diplomatic steps which may be in preparation been sounded out on the question tites and was the only evidence of to be that if this happens it will be John Gorslca, who did a fine Job day, Bo-Bo wielded the whitewash of safety assurances for a ship if air activity during the first few A gruelling day has been mapped Fr SfVMth Gime At Field And DownUwi Office If Redlegs Beat Tigers Today. one were sent, the spokesman said the Reich had not been approachil. hours after nightfall. Not even the sound of a gun was heard over out by managers of the New Jersey- tour for the Republican presidential Central London. have changed 4he direction of that New York, October 8 (INS) of relief hurling In the second game, or possibly Tommy Bridges again, despite the feeling that he needs more than three daya' rest to be at his best.) Gene Thompson listened to the last five inrJngs of the game over nominee and his party.

The Willkie I structure. The German raiders during the part of American opinion which with a deft but relentless touch. BO BO PLENTY GOOD. He allowed only one of our boys to reach second, and only five of them got as far as first. He shut out our boys In order in five of the nine rounds, and allowed only eight, balls to be hit out of the infield, including tha three singles the The tanker British General sent married men living with their wives had interventioniat intentions." The cat came back (a pretty tough cat, this Detroit Tiger), snd out radio distress signals stating Landing by plane at Piacenza, that she had been torpedoed In the Continued On Page 8, Column 8.

day crossed over the southeast coast singly or in small groups and en Air-Home Security communique Indicated relatively slight damage. Continued On Page 8, Column S. all Cincinnati's available hotel II Duce first reviewed the Trieste motor cavalcade will leave his New Tork hotel at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning and cross over into New Jersey on a special ferry, stopping first at Jersey City, stronghold of Democratic Boss Frank Hague, North Atlantic 800 miles west of rooms went! up for grabs last night, Land's End, England, Mackay motorized division which participated in the fighting in little St But that's nothing compared to Radio reported tonight. the grabbing there will be for sev- by Frank McCormick In the Bernard Pass with the French last Mackay Intercepted a radio mes enth game tickets if, as all Cincin- tng fmjrth( n(J tbe fjna, June. where a speech will be made in Journal Square at approximately Rented Car Causes Capture Of Suspect In Burglary Case Red vlc-htf Bii Werber In the sixth.

natians devoutly hope, a Upon landing, Mussolini, who was sage sent out by the British station GKT directing aid to the stricken tanker. The message gave the Bo-Bo's control almost was letter 10:30 a. m. WEATHER Wforecast said to have piloted the plane him tory today makes a seventh game necessary tomorrow. perfect.

He issued only two The motor cavalcade will consist self, stripped off hit aerial over passes and was nenma on oniy First of the special trains to pull batt9rs. Bil)y Myer, carried garments and appeared dressed in of 15 seven-passenger automobiles and three thirty-passenger busses Into Union Terminal last night was the uniform of a Marshal of the British General's position at latitude M.42 north, longitude 34.03 west. The British General is a vessel Washington, October 6 (API-Ohio; Cloudy and much cooler pre Italian Empire. He was greeted by for the traveling and local news After escaping from a number of the stranger. They knew that the Kennedy Heights who Frazerc were In Detroit, surprised him ransacking a resi- noticed a broken window, him to a three-two twice, walking, in the fifth and hoisting to right In the third.

Jimmy Ripple drew. Continued On Page IS, Column high military officials who took him papermen. Uniformed state troopers ceded by showers and local thunder by automobile to the review. the one carrying the Tigers at 11:15 five minutes late. For more than an hour earlier fans had been streaming into the terminal.

Automobiles lined both of 8,899 tons, operated by the Britr ish Tanker Company, and hailing dence in that suburb yesterday, a then saw a man flee from the front Next he rushed off to Parma, will act as an escort for the Willkie party throughout the trip. storms East and South portions Monday, fair and cooler Monday door of the house. Police were told Detroit man walked Into the arms from London. Continued On Page 8, Column 4. Speeches are scheduled during of police when he returned a rented Bight, Tuesday fair and continued Continued On Page 8, Column 8.

the day in Hackensack, Peterson car to a downtown agency. One of cool. This Morning and Elizabeth, with brief stops in the citizens had given the license Kentucky Cloudy and much cool sides of the terminal approach solidly from Freeman Avenue to; tbe rotunda. The Detrolters were greeted with other Hudson County er with showers and local thunder in ties. The climax of the New Jer Last Chance THE ENQUIRER a roar from the more than sey tour will come at the big meet Storms in East and Central portions Monday, fair and cooler Monday Bight, Tuesday fair and continued number of the car to police.

The suspect, registered as Harry Chartrand, 24 years old, cook, 53 Edmund Place, Detroit, was arrested by Patrolmen Fred Fossler and Arthur McCafferty. baseball bugs who packed the concourse at the, head of the ramps ing in Newark, scheduled for 8:30 o'clock tomorrow night Wlllkie's Newark speech will be broadcast Cool. Indiana Partly cloudy, showers over a national network. leading from the train shed. But that roar waa dwarfed 30 minutes afterward when the Reds.

The officers said the prisoner extreme east Monday; generally fair Tuesday; cooler south Monday. Opening guns in his campaign to carry New York were fired at five half an hour late, stepped from had several pieces of inexpensive Jewelry, a number of old coins and a loaded .32 automatic piatol. In i Cincinnati Weather Bureau record big meetings in Democratic Brook one of his socks, fastened with a lyn last night, all of which were for October 6. 1940, ending at COMING COMING COMING NEXT SUNDAY I Sunday, October 13, The Enquirer's Automobile Section will contain a Parade of New Models for 1941, presented by the nation's leading automotive manufacturers and local dealers. Watch for this complete and pictorial presentation, which will include more mechanical innovations than have been recorded in the last decade.

Let it point the way to, the best buy you've ever made for 1941. attended by overflow crowds. The rubber band, was a screw driver, Mrs. Henry Korseberg, 6222 Or their special train and filed into the atation. They still were heroes, even if not conquering heroes.

Sports writers and fans returning from the battles at Detroit came in on ensuing specials. Then the rush for hotels began. cordial reception he received In Today Is your last chance to register for the November 8 electyn. All polling plaoes In Cincinnati, Norwood, and St. Bernard will be open today from 19 am.

ta 1 p. m. and 4 p. m. to 9 p.

m. To vote you must be registered This registration Is for a (a) previous registrants who have missed voting In two general elections; (h) those who hsve moved; (c) those who will become 21 years old by November 8, and (d) those who have chanted their name by marriage or "therwlseu Walter Wlnchell. 1 Dorothy 4 Editorials. 4 Fdward E. Bomar 4 Damon Society News Bridge News.

1 Fashion 7 Woman's Page 7 Sports Danny 11 Picture IS Amusements 1 Markets Finance 17 Journey's End 18) Radio Programs 19 Comics. 1 Talk of Town these strong Democratic bailiwicks chard Lane, told police that she saw a man ring the front door bell at the home of H. Howard Frazrr, surprised even the most ardent 7:90 p.m., seventy-fifth meridian time, and a comparison with the corresponding day of the last two years and normal: Ther.Hum.W.Vel.Rain.Weath. 7:30 a.m. 0 Cloudy 7:30 p.

m- 77 48 0 Clear 40, '39. Willkie admirers, while his fighting spirit captured his hearers and won across the street at 8223 Orchard If the Reds win today, and that rush is carried over to the ticket windows for a play-off game, here Is the official word of the Cincinnati Baseball Club on what it will Lane, then walk to the rear of the house. When her husband returncj him many new friends. For the first time, in Brooklyn last nieht. he struck out specifical Highest temperature 85 87 60 70 a few minutes later, the Koi sebei gs, Lowest temperature.

86 83 S3 50 ly at those who hsve injected Into Precipitation 0 .03 0 do about the paateboard aituation: If the seventh game Is necessary, ComecTon Page Mi Column the issue of what this campaign with Thomas Dougherty, 6428 Pace Avenue, walked over to the Frar horn to see what had become of Continued On Page 8, Column Sunrise, 6:40 a. m. sunset, 8:13 p. m..

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