Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1954 · Page 30
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 30

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1954
Page 30
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£*** *V"r >-*'-'"I*' ^ * Ei^>^v,*:;sft > X f f" "" , "V '. . *• . ?LHtle ttdc of : J ,N n Hi %v&! the lafg- «. Jtft Arkansas. frtibtlf FfariciS for: write-in , v«sht t'J tWflljattl' Fulbright, ot ihe Unt- r -vcriuivu the de- €ptfled < cbnslllulioti- "laM; one 1 Initiated : $efe'on tKo gen- «ty Vice /With Sheriff Aln-year pris- g'-'Vice pay- shllt*d its attention cusedlpartaar In a T cfy ' racket. flototta TJa- trial oh the enls fot lottery Thursday, November 18, ARKANSAS Even if Kirby is recognized I'll keep Rupert in the clear and protect Hannah. 1 am not dodderinc'." "From the beginning," Greg said. "1 could have told you that it was a mistake to bring a woman along on this trip. Leaving out the legal difficulties you could run into" * "1 thought you liked her." "She's "What Russia Warned U.S. Planes to Be Protected By STANLEY JOHNSON MOSCOW —The United States "ail" ri«htThat's not it. warned Russia today it will be you mean is that shes forced to act to protect its planes i-ll'nVbt but she is the wrong girl" on legitimate missions unless the "Any oirl" Greg insisted, not Russians take steps to prevent lur- to be deflected by the personal ther aerial incidents between the equation, "would be a handicap on this kind of a jaunt." "Any girl, in Rupert's opinion, would be , , an asset.' Especially Hannah. She.has done more than earn her keep if you want to put it on that basis. She cooks and mends and cleans and rhops and takes care of us all. She works herself to death." "People like her have to . wor* themselves to death." Greg retorted. "They take pride in it. Tt s their only claim to distinction Every time you see someone down rnd out you pick him up, and what a collection! A guy his country i doesn't want, a girl her man didn't wont, a r eliow the public wants to tear limt from limb" Daggett made no reply, which s, uhcle George charged'' With hum .^cleanup resulting &eif-ofr racketbuster J*">-, tic'ei; of ,By ELINORE DENNISTON XXII a moment the easy-going Kirby was really angry. Hir face had nc more youth in it. And yet it had no maturity. Philip Kirby old without ever she get' amnesia ftoo?" ' • Kirby flushed. "I don't kno\ what you are getting at.," "Well/ 1 Daggctt said tolerantly "how could ypu—young at yo ire?" l;rrC£4 gruuiicu. IIIUIIL me «u. anu wm.*.* -.-—.-- | —. — - — "Stop acting like, a frightened soil to make sugar when the sun j the protection pinster-.I.know. what I am doing. > shines on'the leaves. ' ""* '<••=""'"•«• was _ growing BrU rees absolutely no ju.Hfica s .. f t ki g genver, i i t I l*UJL AUl fc*A.»»*.v> '• >- ' ... „„ I didn't WU Perkins. He shot him. I celt." "After that broadcast of yours "All right," Kirby conceded, 'after my broadcast. My sponsir sot more fanatical letters than you would believe possible. Everyone . — -•"- what when, That night Greg dragged Da-- gett out for a walk "What aie yo trying to do, taking a gtiy Kirby tlong with us?" "I've got an idea," Dig^ett sru "and I want to try it ard yo return ;HPERT seruice H H H = Rupert shook his head. "I do not urderstand. 1 ' psychology," Kirby _ told rpBllllTY T'f^ f"r . .j fill thow mww 0 ** 1VMJU H**J ***«".kwt»rf ' '—--- « ( him grimly "People are ( simply swept away by mass emotion. "Up to now,' Daggott pointed out, "that fact has provided your bread and butfer " "Look here," Kirby protested, i 'you're act'ng like the public I was sorry about Perkins but after ajl I could not possibly be blamed Because the guy couldn't take il '•Must you talk like that' Daggeit compallned. "As though any man could divorce himseir eorrpletely from responsibility for [his actions." "But I didn't know," Kirby pro- aren't going to talk me out of it "Suppose someone rerognixes him? He's known everywheic remembered bis voice. How lo do you think he can keeo up th amnesia racket? About livt> m utes. He isn't even bright." "On the 'contrary, he's extrem ly bright," Daggett said. "A goo'd company i n m any way "He's a bounder.' "Oh, really, Greg! Youve be reading English novel-old-fashioned cnes at that." He shook his head. "Bounder,',' he repeated "All right, I ?ould think of a lot of .other words You've got to te realistic about this Kirby is a celebrity in a way. When someone recogni7es him, there will be a Fpotlight thrown on this trailer. ''Well, What ,vili they find?" [was unfair of him. Greg w?s sim ply trying to protect the old man nd of Horace Grain seeing head- At es about the trailer and its »?<£ ^ rrnge cargo. f Sln "' . , "It isn't just idle curiosity on mat ™ R aa - : y part," Paggett defended him-1 < To Be Continued) If. "Or irresponsibility, A'hatevei ou may think. I have a kind of lunch'' Greg groaned. h j- tone rov ealin two nations. A note delivered by the U. S. Embassy to the Soviet Foreign Ministry asked the Soviet Union to clamo down on such cases as the destruction of a U. S. RB29 photo-mapping bomber by Soviet et fighters Nov. 7. Referring to that incident which VToscow has blamed on the Amer- cans, the note said: "Such actions re in flagrant contradiction to re- ent statemcts by high Soviet of- icials that the Soviet Union seeks ;o abate international tension." The Soviet govermcnt charged at the time that the American plane had violat'ed island territory of the Russians off the northeast ip of Japan and fired first when Soviet fgihters encountered American spokesmen said plane was 15 miles out and had not fired at all. Ten crewmen parachuted safely. The llth became entangled in his parachute and drowned. The use of Sabre jet fighter escorts, which proved more than a match for Russia's MIGs in Korea, work anywhere near the Red orbit. The new American note was & sequel to one delivered immediately after the incident. It was this snooting down 01 ari American plane which caused criticism in the United States Senate over U.S. Ambassador Charles E. Bohlen's attendance' at a Kremlin dinner party the same night. The ew note rejected the Soviet version that the American planp intruded into Soviet air space and repeated the American version. Significantly, it referred to a dispute between Japan and the Soviet Union over control of the Haboai Islands. This is th> area where the incident occurred. Child Bride Kills Young Stepsister KOCKVILLE. Md. (MA mar, riec 1 15-year-old girl, who police ' admitted the fatal strangling HEADS ASSOCIATION KANSAS CITY Iff) A Dallas, Tex., -Man is the new president of the American Petroleum' Credit Aspociation. E. P. Simmons, general credit manager of the Magnolia Petroleum" Co., was- elected yestcrclaj to serve one year. ScMU fciui i.J n.v-*-i wn%. of her G-year-cM stepsister because •I hated her," was held today for , _j C sa1d Mrs. Marion Mosley would be examined today to aster-mine whether charges will be placed against her in the death yesterday of Katherine Nadme 3arnister. . The dead girl wat found m hei lome tied to a door knob by a dish towl looped around her neck. Police said Mrs. Mosley called them to the home and related sh>-> had strangled her stepsister with a towel. They said she later told them the strangling look place after she had an argucment with ino girl's mother Mrs. William Ban- 11 I U 1 . . Mrs., Bannister told police she nidn't home and found the body. Mrs. 'Mosley was Monlrosc. School for tention home at Reisterstawn. know of her daughter's until officers entered the held' at the Girls, a de- Green plants use carbon dioxid is one of the means which has from the air ^nd water from the | been debated in Washington rte i°n ofrecona.is and tranport planes assigned to STEEL CONSTRUCTION Sheds, Farm Buildings and Industrial Buildings made according to specifications. Can be constructed at low cost. CALL ... PR 7-4683 for complete information. DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. OLOSIVIOB1 INTO "55 SUPER Never so new as now . . . never so far ahead! It's the dazzling, all-around-new Super "88" Oldsmobilc! Inspired new styling everywhere! New power with the mighty new "Rocket" '202!. New color.... dramatic "flying color" patterns! In fact, all the newest new ideas on ivhccls! See us and see Oldsinobile for '55! p^m?" on duty -PR 7-3424 7 it jR'7,1 il^' N tested, Daggett grunted. "You, have lived in" the world for what is it? 40 years? and you still don't know anything about the human 'rpcoV* Only ere part of this diatribe affected Kirby. "Not many pcopla think 1 look over 30," he said, offended. "Haven't the years tauyht you By the way,- did Perkins haye a family?" After a - considerable pause, VVell, yvnat , Y ** •"•—fi - Daggeit asked maddeningly. "Not only that you arc cover ing up for Kirby—and let me tell you, he's 'the least popular mon in the country right now—but that you aie traveling in strange company Here's Rupert Landusky who made an illegal entry into the country and Hannah Elake pasin* as your niece. They'll get you for everything' up to and including white slavery. You might as wel be traveling; with a load of dyna Daggett was ' unshaken. "I'.y never enjoyed anything so mucl in my life. The" unreasonablenes cf human beings erichants me" Greg rp'n his fingers'• through hi hair. "This could ba serious," h i Kirby &nid reluctantly, "A wife, I "What happens to her? .Or does atud in a worried tone. For u mi ment a picture flashed through hi &O-*'' .' fell ,.<"' New 1955 OWimeWh Super !'88'.: Holiday Ccupe, A General Moleri Vo/u.. r H,f - * iPrl:, 1 fetf** &. & BUTLER buildings er clear-span ;i|Sf frelopatjon easy, e<?o» ftt tbe clear-span interiors th^t ? spase you pay fpr. Notice galYpwf d or aluminum sheet- toS® pWtwttw with minimum . their price with aio other You can get these new * BUTLER buildings in •these sues! JO, 24, 28, 32, 3«-f?9t wWih». l»no|l>i In eny iwrob«r of 20' wtlqni. A!w l»«m-tp« 16' wide with 9' ilcUwoHi, . 9f 20' |««po». l»9n-te» 20' wWt with In ony 96 it»t wld» #f 20' ttctloni. POWERED BY THE NEW "ROCKET" 2O2 ENGINE! NOW ON D18.PL.AY WITH THAT YOU can't miss the newness! It's everywhere from road to roof! Note the crisp, low-level lines , . 4 the dramatic new color toning that sings of action flashing "Rocket" 202 action! See us and see all the brand-new 1955 Oldsmohiles—Ninety-Eights', Supci "88s>","88s"! Come in tomoirow at the latest! LOOK ! VISIT YOUR NiARfST 01D5MOBIH ACK NANCE GIB LEWIS 1 AUTO SALES Phone 74461 50 ° S ' «* ' Thursday, November 18, 1954 HOPE STAR, H0M, ARKANSAS <c* & SfAftR IKI ( NOW OPEN AND -' > OKAY---YOU MAY GO NOW CLOSE THAT DOOR ( A HUNDRED TIMES 7 ^ SLOWLY AND QUIETLY < » ELMO, COME BACK HERE-I'M GOING TO TgACH VOU TO CLOSE A DOOR WITHOUT SLAMMING IT.' Bv J. R. Willlami OUT OUR WA> ~ KW FOR THE MOMBWTl ft MlSHT «*fc« 8T6§N^i ;.. ss&yai utfeK,! e^ieR OM- veus- MAP Answfer to Prevous Puzile Frontiersmen LAM6 JUST POISJTBPdUT THAT SOUK ACROSS DOWN 1 Frontiersman 1 Romanian who explored * olk song Kentucky, 2 Armed fleet -— Boone 3 Snoozed 7 Frontiersman * Mother (Tag.) who served as £ Shield guide to 6 Dormouse Fremont, ' 7 Surrender Kit 8 Blackbird of 13 Citrus fruit 14 All cuckoo family 26 Ancient Irish 41 Gaucho 9 Route (ab.) capital weapons 10 Oriental 28 Constellation 43 Approaches IS Damage 10 Dietary 17 Short sleep 18 Painful 20: WASH TUBES HER HANPWWTIN6.M.L . RIGHT! HERB 1 * HER PRWEKfe . ANP COLOR? HNRPUVi m $HOD KNOW i WHESfVDLl'P LOVE TO LIVE FOREVER c.,m?», With Major Hoopla vtoeD,T\Mi<5ss/ /VMMD'IS FEEL 60ERY FOR AAA30R/ HE LOO CR006S AFTER A VJITK MARLEVS (SHOST/ AMV MIMOTE ME'6 GOlMS X MAME MO AND HE»? BUDDIES QUESTION) ABOUT MOSTACHe ^0 ^Wfe ,XOCWu YOU'LL- lAl^A By Dick Turner CARNIVAL rBJCopr 19S4 tn NE» S.r.lt.; Inci Y^T PUGS BUNNY BE PAINFUL. FOR LET MI/VS HAVe TME DAVENPORT POPJKVJ WE CAN SIT ON MV NEW LOVE SEAT! FUNMY BUSINESS By Hershberqei - . ~-T -,-Jfr — -fy; ALLEY OOP ...WHAT P'VOU THINK VOU'RE fiONNA PO ABOUT IT, ^rOU AN' YOUR 3TINKIN' UL CC - YEH...LIKE TAKIN 1 SWEETS FROM /7...BUT A BA9/...TH' f WHAT GOOD " SO YOU'RE A LEMIAN, EH ...ONE OF KING JUNK'S ) DUMB LUNK5 DYA BOYS, EH? MOVED IN ON / 5HOULPA /KNOWIN' ALL OU GUZ /KEPT THEIR THIS \B SONNA WASN'T./ B^ES OPENA DO YOU? LOOKlN? Well, this takes care of the telephone! Now when we get Junior married off we'll get the car back too!" By Galbraith SIDE GLANCES "Frankly, I think it's too lifelike!" PIE By Nadine Seller »PISC«LUA'S POP HAS AN EXCUSE BELIEVE ME, IT HAD WERE MAKE A NICE SUPPER.., FROM THE rrOFPlCE! ..AND NOW YOUR FATHER'S UATEi TH5 STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI WU, \k voy r vpy'i \WITH TO SHOW YOU i reww&wr roe COUNTRY cw& you give me change fer a »' "It't blftn i long tlmt linst I got my Mor 1 * degree, 4tnkJni» ftnd thit'f when my ity<jie» really ^ 1 * s frifhrni^

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