The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on April 1, 1934 · Page 53
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 53

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 1, 1934
Page 53
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THE ENQUIRER, CINCINNATI. SUNDAY, A V RIL 1. 1 0.1 I The Qame Of Chess By Dr P. O. Keency. ;"TODAY la Easter, and II:.' NM.M TKtl (IAMI S. i. A tciima between A. l.n tulifil, young v ) III Hi-uin. Mm Miss Vera Meiuhlk, um- alsn happens to bo All '"' W'"M chsmpio.i, irom the recm ; la(i( i It, .J I.' n..n n .-J.... .... I 1. I II LI i ' i run n j'liv. a unv moi. ..-in. i'ii. 1.1,0 10. nun r. l' ... . : sc'-re and noli, (rum Christian Science mischievous urchins and Monitor Queen's (iuriihll lr-llnrd. IJIlFnth.ll. Mcnchlk. 1 .11 Ipnttuil. Mrnchik. White. Black. While. Black i I' ul P oi 12 I'M' I'w 2 I'-gm PK;i ia un-g 3 Kl 1,'M Kl M3 II KIM' Ktxht I HM.'i tjlit-Vi IS nil- ch K-K ." t'xl'ia) Txl' IK RxKI KtKCIUl ft ! -K3 H l2 17 H-KS I HH 7 B u t Canlca la BxP I'xll BlJ-Ha P-llllbl 111 H HS B-Ktn mill II KKI-K2 P-ljICIicI Whin announced HI II B. K-K mate in till uu 1 1 L'aatlmKKtrl t movca (,). I'-gKin (at Thin simple continuation, long !. vm-Hled by MnmliM II, has the advantage l'I hvi iduig critical play in the ceiiler, en-rtlititiK White t.i (l.ivct Ills initiative toward dtiect attack un the K side. tb) Tills la duiigeroua, ttui gP becoming also their Impish elders dedicate to (ha playing of pranks mid cutting of didoes. Probably nil of The Enquirer readers have tnjoyrd at somo time In their career the experience of reaching for a nice, crisp greenback, reposing on the middle of a idewalk and then finding It whisked away just as their eager fingers were about to clutch It. Chagrined for a moment, they later joined In th merriment, of the lmiL'hter of ' f '!". follow,.! by U K, Kl I , e'c. appears In ciiualize. the concealed youngster who had a o) Tim i a w ! of time. (Ill F-yKl.l li indicated. (91 (ring tied to It! IP-HA Is questiuliahl, on account of (Ml , ,, , , i H H:, lil-KHi: (111 HxKt, (JBxhV; (121 Or again when walking along a Wxii p.u; u;i) P cm. quiet street they saw a silk 1'lUB i,! 'ami VVl'aVViHi"mintiriy! hat occupying a prominent place i';,' ."inV'w'r !.Vnuh..! (again In the mlddlo of a sidewalk) J Th text leaves Black without re.uurce, that tempted them to give said silk ; '"'tVi1 'should Black try to trap Hi, B at plug a mighty kick. Of course, If j m P Km, "hue sacrifice, it with they yielded to the temptation' their j 1"'2u"h.kihcu""kxU-, "(21) Kt8 ch. foot would encounter u concealed , k-h. tl u na mate. brick and they would nurse a sore toe or toes for many t'.ays thereafter. Do you recall such experi ences looking It over ''It CHn't be dune," refer to the name of the composer and you will understand that "Wlz" M oiler, of Dunkirk, Ind., In again on the Job trying to deceive you. The problem Is a legitimate one end can be solved. All you have to do is solve it, That's your job. Re-ineniber, It's an April fool creation, tun It can be unravelled by a wise solver! Ho laughs best who laughs Will our solvers or Mr. Mob ler have tho last laugh? There' oodles of fun concealed In Problem No 732. PROBLEM NO. 733. By Dr. P. G. Keency, Bellovue, Ky.. and Herbert Moller, Dunkirk, Ind. Black, H pieces. Debutante If you do. you can understand iiancy true. The Auntllan mnsler, E. filtaka'M n-snr-reeled the lliliee.i l'lnno In hl Individual unrne mm K. i;nien(ei In the hi t Imir-iijiriient at M;ielirmeh-l.trau. The panie was veiitimlly iiwarded the aecund hrll- and appreciate the problems in our problem section today. They were composed in a spirit or lun icienn fun) In a desire of tho composers who contributed them to April-fool you! You will discover the old "gags" are Mill working overtime. When you think you have found the solutions, you better try again. There may be a "hiring" attached or even a '"brick In a hat !" Before the readers scan the problem section, The Enquirer Chess Editor Invites one and all to solve the fol lowing pu.zle: Arrange two wnue (Hiiim'i) 1'lano. KlUka.iea. 1 I'-KI 2 K1KB3 3 M 1H 4 rn:i s l' y4 fi rani lea 7 p- r 8 BW OKI-Q2 tn Kt-IM 11 P-QH4 12 P yKti, 13 D-K2 14 H-IOI liS Kt-K.1 Hi Qj:-K 17 K-K 15 P-KI4 HI H KKt OrtieiiMd. r Ki Kt-giiii HHI BKU g-K'' Kt 113 Kt-yKt HI P -QH3 B-K2 CaitleM Kt-K P-KKI3 Kt-KI2 l'KM KH2 Kllnkases. (IruenfeM. 2 I'xl" 29 g-KKI2 30 UxKtcIl 31 HxR 32 gH2 33 I'xKt 34 Q-B5 35 I' B4 3n rt gn 37 P HI 3S (!-H3 311 t'-li4 4n p-nfi 41 rt-OKt 42 KM' 43 U-KB5 Kl U2 41 g-Kii Kt-B 4.1 Q H7ch 4 l'xg 47 I'.xP 4S llxP 49 KxP P K i mi R B .11 I--Q7 .12 RxP M R US g-K I i&i m m m m m m m m m & :ttm m m White, 12 pieces. White retracts his last move and mates In one. ibe, 'knpitps, Ktr, PpKri, bru, IT6, prKt5, ktirIUQ2. About Christmas time, 1M3, The Enquirer chess editor conceived an Idea for an April-fool problem. g g2 : After working on the scheme awhile qS'b ' na i'sc'vcred ho was In deep water Kt-iuaj ant' about to be submerged. So he P-lulsent out an S O S call to Herbert SJ-B i iit , t ti..i,:..i. tnA .. ..t K-Kl'' 'luiiT, iuimii i, iiiu., uu tAii.i i P-103 Q K2 TI-KI2 r-gu4 Pl P-KlS 4 ! -.5 i 1 i j: Easter Music In The Churches Noruooil llnptUt "Olivet To ("ill- I ('lirM ( liilrrh I'm vln Titus, K A vaiy" by Matiniler, will bo gtten by tl, (I. oigmiist ami chnlinuistei' the choir tills evening, at 7:3tl .services today are mm follows: o'clock, under direction of Pearl K. j 7 .M a. m iiniv r.niiiniini.i'i and ikiiikii Kwiinr Willi Mi s. Kred M. 1 leunei' ! u 111 I uhr. Hint. nnK M-.m .. I , Clifton MclhnillNt "The New l.lglit," a cantata by lliipplu, will I'n sung tiiiiiiiriow 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 k at the May Street rri "literlan -The following iiiinilcal nunibers will ho given at the morning service: at the 01 gun. Assisting soloists nr.. ,',',,,, lu I,,,!.,, Thciiiloie Valentine and John Do. Id. 1,1 c M imiui I a lii-ine ile e 1 I e 11..I....I 1 1 III.. 11....U... M I.,.. I -H I -n-ler l ielil-le worship at 1 1 o'clock. j I'li-Ui.l 111 till! 10. ,ii o chick services ny a iiiartet iiian - Iivmival I'l-elude consisting of Allieillno S. I'otts, ! toirr ln , sopintio: llnlliice i',. Aiuieiil, tenor; Nellio Hello York, cuntiulli " ' "" , aiuiini, nans, lluei .1. I l.u ni's, or igiiiil..!; I'i.lytlio Tnllien, violinist to otii--ii and ni-iin n. I ailer I' ( 'lioihniHiiti I t'f Hie Nitl'I'lOll. . . t--i -IK . ''hill is Kimii .lliii.l ll I'...-, ma Iln 11 .( tlrrssrd ut unil some plncv to fto. Fruiters Dee lias h e r "C.omini: itnl I'nrty" in llie show of ihtil mime hendetl for the I.yrie. niikt nnt he N'i. 727. a. Try. hut the dual avoided. I Jr. illlhert i--Ii1h, fin, 72,1. A nu-e iii'i'l'lein with a ei'ilplc of tricky trya. Nn. 72.1 ,Vt Im-I n-r a flri l r,.mpun!t!in. Thuui.h the hi 1. Iv ii-i-ret are used tu plt-venl l-r." 1111.I iliml ,lmn i,r.i...lH .1,l..4i.h Ihn Mr. i composer, especially expert withlK,,d and har-1 t,. find n.i 727 ' Tii."ii.n 11 liinv ne eumiiiei-eii a waioT. un S-.l- A "I In-ill A lie. I . Hri;..!! l'l-nt kl-l i Evening worship at 7: IS o'clock. :Hi,-,in I'rehii!.' rial I u Iiilh'l.i IWill Ihe Vli-l.-r, faiillila hv AUreil Wi'i'Ur I'h.ii-UM Hh.-lr uf 2.1"i I Truer Hnh. K.i l-.inil Ilia W.uld l-lanli I.eiini'ilv I'h.iriis- llelv-ld. 1 HlK.w V."l a Mitery Ten-T S-.l.. Then r-.m.-lh ,I.-Mia l-'rillik I "inlelix an. I Nell., 111 Hair Ihuitil.. gnatlel 1 iel hnellialie an. I I'alviry llni.i. JieeitMli.e hum the SiMh t, It it i v limiitn i-li.e Mr Ti-in.r K.iln -Mv li.-.l. Mv iln.1, Whv . . , William r.ipi. All.. H-.ln lie Whi W'.niiuled for Our TtaimKH'i.-"l"Hs ll.-Hlia ( t'h--ills The W -ii-li-i iu t't--va K.-IMSII.. S.-I.i. Willi All-.i Me In llUell Klllll Slllll.l Mil. I All. ..ill, Mhi.i, ! S.-lnan-. Si. In 1 11,. h iiMi r llella Alt' Ml'tll't Unit! smith l-' I'h-irus llml Hie v..-t. r! Ciiluinbla lt.iiK( Special Easter music by choir and soloists, under direction of Waller li unsman. A lit lieni fin.. I.I Ve 1'i.rlala HallliiHl Htj;.il; I'l-.-luiU-Kithl.-r Hi.iiii,; Si, 111; Amhein - I'.'t I.' Pink lielhit-'i'inie N--I'!-.' A nt li. :n - t Aril u -nut I.lvelh Klli-ki-r r. tie I s.-lii Hi', n The ti-ili-a l-l-i-i-n. e 'I'uthtil KVI-M.N'.I.! - ll""""ll'l til-llllliT A ill li. in My l allh l.m.ka l'p 'I'.i Thee . . . I'i dhel oe le Ilium III A h I d. t;i--na I'iIii n..-1-vli'e in l'l Hlieli.'i.i, W-'lthy la the l.aint. . I'lm-il NlHl 'I Eilwanl J, Myers Is the director. Am . Ati-ll-i-.. -l'Ui Ssiii llls tM.-:.e S deiinell.-l . . 1 In l'l. pI-Ih in K . . . . HIH.II1. Keslll lei-dull 4 I'I 1'. M. - (IIHHII rei'ltlll; Alleluia li. in 1 e. linn, K ni.hiiiiie. I'.i A 1H1 I' M f'vei.liiu jnav.-r and niti'll Mannnii at and Nun.' dnlllllu ill A lletniei I tiffi-itury, N iw 1,it.. on the ll(i.i,oh I 'nv .'"lei i.lti. 1-ivl '1- Hillleluj lll 1'h-iHm t'l'he M eiihiuli I . , , Man l"l tlihiiii, l.i.iulu, Sj inpll iiile V WM--I IM.iunt Anliurn lli'lludlsl At the s-ll o'clock woisliip liniir this nun n-! Ing Ihcie will be a half hour of ,1 music. will lie " offered by Violet Summer and Elba j I'avies. Innli uuieiitnl iiui.-.Ic. will be IMii.-li fiiiiilsln-il by I, el Hiiiud, I 1 1 1 1 1 1 . i I ""i"e ,if tin. ('incliiniil I Symphony Oi ches-""" tin, and -Alls. Von llonh.ii,l, Vellist of tho Cincinnati Consci viitory uf Music. SI. I'liul's Cathedral ( Cplacopal) Special music will be foal mod at all cli. mil services today. The choir, under direction of Robert L' Crone, orgnnisl and choirmaster, is eouv pusi'd of 32 buys and men, and will present tho following musical pio- 1 gram: ' 7 . un A M ch, mil K11. Ii.olst. M On ... N.ilda Cteihi an-1 Aiouih Tel, Alum In t', M - 1 1 In llimi tus, Mimii in c t'nlliiii oliina in I- x.-i-UiH, 1 li i'm-'I 11111, M-nle lll Anlhiln. Ai 11 hi-i,nn I.. 1'min . M illtm 11 mi A. .M I'h.'i-il KtlrhailM an-l a.-iiii.'.i lle, t'led.i, .Sain 1111 and .thinly I'i'I. M na In !' I '1 -me 111- Ha 111 I.-.'IM.. ( i 1 ,.- I- Mode VIII iilhem. Ilalleltilnli 1 Mi'mai ih ! K I'll I'. M i'--nli-iiiillliiit and i-etiu-u Alllhilli, HI. HI....1 lie the mil I iiihei. W.iey HxKt B-W2 P B3 PxP Hull RH2 I'xKt KxlU KxP KB Rxl n-gs KxP Renigna 731. rnoni-EM NO. By John P. Tangenian, Cincinnati, Ohio. rooks and one white knight In the J 211 PxB center of the board so tnai mc - BH4" black king will stand mated. 2.1 HxQP This is an old puzzle, but a good 24 W-Kt one. and is sure to be thoroughly ,.xH r njoyed by anyone who has never I 27 Kt-B5 attempted to solve 11. For followers of the column who have solved tho foregoing and may ...n.-;,inr- (1 11 "chestnut" we offer the. following puzzle sent to us by , Composed for Cincinnati Enquirer. our steady corresponii?ni anu tx- (uriginau pert solver, II. G. Kent, or i-nic.igo, Tilack, 8 pieces. 111. Here ia the puzzle: With the pieces arranged for the commencement of a game White moves (D P-KB3, (2) K-B2, (3) K-Kt3, 4) K-K-l. Black moves alternately and checkmates white on black's fourth move. How can this be accomplished? Naturally nothing must be done by black to prevent white making' the four moves previously recorded. He must not impede the progress of white king to KU4 by blocking off the square nor by checking unless the check administered docs not stop tho Kin;; from moving to the mating point. There's a real thrill in solving this one, and also a headache assured if you do not accidentally dis cover the method, ine moves arc j m n m&M outre and bizarre types of com posing. Mr. Moller heeded tho call and we wore rescued although before. h.o i our rescue was accomplished wo Q K2 j came near "sinking" him. Sixteen n.iil versions of the Idea passed between p. P. 2 TheEnquirer chess editor and Mr. .Moller before tin above version (satisfactory to both) was achieved. Mr. Moller and I think it Is good and hope It Is sound. This problem was sent to T. R. Dawson for publication In the April number of the British Chess Magazine. We do not know If It will be so honored. Anyway we think It "plenty good" to puzzle our solvers. Watch out for "bricks" and "string attachments." A pin stuck In the button leading to an electric bell will keep it ringing, but in solving No. 733 can you ring the bell? To receive credit In Solvers' Ladder fo rsolvlng Problems Nos. 7f.l, 732 and 733 complete correct answers must be submitted. Ten points will be given for correct complete solution to No. 731, 1.5 points for completely and correctly solving 732 and 20 points for correct complete solution to No. 733. position also .--lilallia a ttuenl. A i.ei-eil iplei-e makes III" v.-ith u eredit tml-an.e lor Hr. 1 ln'olii's recent litis.. utnl two-er. - John B. TuiiKeinan. t'oiiiii:sroMii:MK. f1eori:e K. Berry - My misl.-ike M SJ3 TM m (J"J izu ka m m l.ler lor l -in N White, 13 pieces. White to play and mate In two moves. leiritimate. We offer no reward for m:Ktb. pP4kb, pP4Ktp, plPpK2B, the solving of these two puzzles P3P3, 6ri( 2Q4P, 8. and no points will be granted in J()hn B TanK(,rnan, of Cincinnati, Polver 8 Ladder contest for finding I ohio ,g one of lho best golvHrs of KOI.lTIONM. The kevtrmve tn Problem No. 72.1 hy Kunene MeCrlrlhy la (1) It B5. The threat to mate In i2l R QS. (li , r-ki 4 defense hy black furnishes a pretty variation leadinK to mate by (21 R-B4. A pretly iroblem with a Rood key and pleasing mates. McCarthy la Improving In Ilia style and technique. the answers, but we assure nil who tackle them many bewildering moments before they unravel them and considerable amusement thereafter. Enquirer chess problems. Mr. Tange man is also a talented composer. Two or three of his clever and pretty offerings have previously appeared in this column and received the nralse of expert problem Results of games contested in the crjtjc3. Bixth round of the second half of j Although Mr. Tangeman has been the 1934 Southern Ohio champion- , referred to by us on several occa- ahip tourney, Dr. Keeney won irom ' sions as a novice at composing, his Holden, Pock won irom iiieuer, Geil won from Baxter, Damn vs. Dr. Slutz postponed), Weidner von from Dr. Machle. development has been rapid - and his progress in acquiring knowledge of the composing art astonishing. We can no longer class him as a novice. He is now a full- Once again, for the fourth year in j fledged composer with original The solution to Problem No. 72. bv Colo- nel W. W. M .ore Is (11 R-K.1, threat; (2) Q-Kl. K-B; 13) Q-B2 mate. If (21 . other; (31 Q-K3 male. II (II . HxKt : (21 Q-Ksq, R-Bt) or R-BS; (31 R-KB.1 mate; If (2) , K-Bfi. (3i Q-R2 male; It (2) . other, (31 y-K3 mate. If (1) , KxR. (21 Q-B.1 ch. K-B.1. (3) g-K3 mate; If (2i , K other, Cli Q-KRS mate. If (t) , K-KIU. (21 g -KK'.sq eh, K IM, (3) Q K3 male; If (21 . K-B8, (31 g-B2 mate; If (21 . K other. I ll R-H.1 mate. It (1) . K-Rtl. (2i g-Ksq or g-Kt 1 (duali, elc Subtle key, clever rook laerlflce and Rood variety. What more could solver and composer desire? From tills fine start Colonel Moore continued his comrwulnir. career In a way thai earned for him the honor of betiic recognized as Kentucky's most talented problem composer. niveti v-ni polnls in holvers renortini; "no in-lulli-ii" to P 72'i. Surry ah -lit it. hut Kind to c-urei-t Wlih.-ini I. rlivilz M.iny th.n-ks l -r y-'iir HplToval. I liki-Mli..' i-iitoyeil Ihe pilviliiie oi nieetlnt: vou. Hope we meet ai:iilti! II. (i. Pitersiin -'riianks lor clippliii: Will iilve problem the "i-m-e over" as soon as I can find spare time. Blirnev M. Mur.-hall Ho you wt.-ll to hava your name eiirullid on ijolvers Ijiiider? Jolin W. Hills Hope to piibllnh your real clasny two er In the nenr lutiire. I trust you were hot ofli-inled hy niv reler-em-e to you ns a wlinleruik i-"iiii'"i-r. I llllenrled It only ai a 1-ike an-l it ctniipll ment rutlier than a slur. Y- u remember the "Wiindefini; Miiislr.-I" - well, why not a "wiiinlerliiii conipuser?" (lit.. Wurt'iiii; M'iny thanlis for pietty three-er. Will publl.-ii at an c.-irly dale. Noted Dance Group Booked For Recital l 'lrst Itapllst, Cm liitt.iii, Ivy. Service this morning will begin at 10:. "id o'clock. Following is the pro-gram: Orailll Heclltil. I Hvinilfl Celeste. I HIH-. Haie A, nallon (r -111 the II .!y City. Ai-'h in Limit ' i'i: 1. 1 tim M.-i n Bedecks the Shv Ofteil-iry -Ave Murla Anlliei" HiiHe'iUtnli! I'ratll In I '- 'tin n i-ri'i I I'lu-tHi-le- Triumi-bul Hatch ... S-iliHMt.-t : l-'l.e Ho vie. Mat-- Ciibh. Kl. .rente ilothuid, J. h. Newhall and li.'orne Holrmati. liikanisl and IMieetor, Beulah J. Trinity Metbodlat Paul Lewis, organist, will play "Sacied Procession" (from "Parsifal"), by Wagner, and "Ear t er Joy," by llohiner. I'li-iiKiinl Itlilue Mi'lli.nlUt I pls-cnpnl 'I'lio choir will piesi'iit. a program of lousier iniinlis this evo-nlng at 7 l."i o'cltii'lt. Tho program wilt be initde up of qiliii'tets, trios, duets and solos. Those particl puling In tlto progiiim are Amy I Intlei sley and Emma ('ii een, so-piiinoH; Edith K. Sanders and Al-vrra II. 1 bnniliei g, altos; 1 1. E. Vatighan iiinl W. C. Pai ltliani, ten-ins, and K. Liiessen, ('. W. Ijiii-cey and ('. It. I jiliilililh, bnssocs. lteitha Jtadcr Ijimey Is tho organist. Soloists are Clarence Hughes, j John Paeon, Evan T. Pavtes au-l ! Elmo Brown. I l'lrat MelhiidlNt Pplaeopal Church of Nnrwoiid Suniise set vice of praise at II .III a. in. The choir wll. snin "The .Inv Pells of Kn.-.tcr." and Calvary -Tho foilowmg program I William Weddliig will slmr "Open tho (iati's of tlui Temple." The special music nl the 10:30 set vice will be an aiithi'iu sun-: bv the choir. will lu given today: Kille and ijlnlia TIM ;. Hlliltoiy. "As it liraii To I lawn' . . . Krtml 1 Al ui t in . . . llenil- l raiirlus Ironl Cecilia Muss i.-.uii..,l Until tll.-tla in l-.Melsis Hid i hunt ' .Niiin IMnilttn t li e,.-. ian . . Parker I'lieilude, T.u-cala Pa-n . .(liillllod ; ."! -Ists ii'ar-i MsllleB Tleini.;r , . . S--pi alio 'I'.iiiipliliii , M rile lUr.iiltiniiu CmiliHllo . 1. emeus Hal. m l II. Hall leli n l-'ll.ihelll ' All'i-rt Hclillh kle I'uss I li"lils Choir Lillian Tyler l'..i;, Hlliiirilsl and I'erryninn. auccession, City College held the championship of the Intercollegiate Chess Lcoguo and the Harold M. Phillips trophy as a result or the replay with Columbia in which the blue and white were defeated by ' S'i-'-i. These rivals played to a tie In the tournament proper and likewise in a post series match. SCORING. As Applied To The Two-Mover (Continued From Last Sunday). By F. "Vaux Wilson Jr. CO Cut-off. black piece which Is restricted 29 Divided by 10 equals MINUS 3 per cent for each piece restricted. DC Pouhle-check. Twice the value of CB MINUS- 22 per rent. I'P T-'.n Passant (single). One -white piece 6 One black piece 29 Divided by 10. equals It per cent KPD V.n Passant (double). One white piece Two black pieces 1(15 134 ideas and sufficient talent and ability to conceive and produce them In artistic style. When you solve the above legitimate, but tricky two-mover, Mr. Tangeman s latest problem, you w-ill comprehend why we tell him how good he really is, The solution to Problem No. 727 by Dr. Colbert Dobbs Is (II Q-HH, KxR; (2) Q-B3, K-B4; (3) B-K3 mate. If (2) -. K-K4; (31 B-Kt7 mate. If (2) , P-Q4: (31 g-K3 mate. If (1) , KxP; (2) g-K8. ony; (3) R-KB4 mate. If (1) -, P-g4 . (21 RxgP ch K-K.'.; (31 P-B3 mate. If (2) . K-B3; (31 Q-KBR mate. If (1) . K-B3: 121 R-g5 or Q-KB8 ch (an unfortunate dual I , etc. Clean cut beauty by the Ceorcian minister In his usual pleaslntc style. An enjoyable rrenllon. The dual Is an unfortunate blemish but It does not seriously mar this otherwise excellent composition. PROBLEM NO. 732. By Herbert Moller, Dunkirk, Ind. Dedicated to T. R. Dawson. Composed for Cincinnati Knquirer. (Original) Black, 11 pieces. Divided by 10. equals 13 per cent. FB Forms ne.ttery. One white piece 76 Divided by 10. equals MINUS 8 per cent. KO KliL-ht-Kiving. A black Kinc 29 A flight-square 19 4 Divided by in, equals 5 per cent fur sen flicht Kiven. FT Klicht-taklnE. MINI'S 5 per cent for each !li::ht taken. CP llnard Provision. A square which becomes Guarded 19 B7, tPl, Q7, 8. li-viiien ny in, equals ivii;i,s, ,ci ..mi. I.C Line clearance. A white piece clearing Ihe line 7o The square which the clee.ram-e permits reachini; - -. - 19 D5 Divided by 10. equals 10 per cent. Lfc'.K Line evacuation. For White A square on a line evacuated 19 Divided by 10. equals 2 per cent. For black A square on a line evacu ated, permfttini? 19 j A black piece to pass 29 j m mtmm mtm m $ m jb mi m ii m m. m n n l ti m m H & i White, 7 pieces. Mate In two moves. Klkrb3, PlpppRpl, pp2P2p, 7p, If you are puzzled by Problem No 732 and say to yourself after Corre-t solutions tn Problems No. 72.1, 7211 and 727 were submitted by A. W. Roetken. Paul Brandts. William t. Sivllz, A. J. Fink, V. Rosado. Burney M. Marshall, Dr. Illlhert Dobbs, John B. Tanirrmsn, C. H. Meyers, H. U. Kent, J. H. Daum and CI. E. Hleber. Problem No. 721 was correellv solved bv Fred o. RelnersC. K. Lloyd, II. O. Peler-ton and George F. Berry. Problems No. 725 and 727 were correctly solved by Otto Oddehon and Henry Aubert. Be-lated correct solutions to Problems No. 722. 723 and 724 are acknowledged received from Raymond Murphy; to No. 724 from A. W. Roetken: to No's 722, 723 and 724 from J. Albert Klrby. Numbers 725 and 726 were correctly solved by Herbert Bauer. CRITICS' COMMF.NTK. PROBLEMS NOS. 72.1, 726 AND 727. No. 72.1. Plenty of mates for the small force employed. Paul Brandts. No. 727, a fine problem and hard to olve. Oito Oddehon. No. 726. Key somewhat antedated, but variations and mates are cleverly conceived and orlKlnal even at this late date of publication. No. 727. The key Is the fine thlnK In this neatly contrived 3er by Dr. Dohhs. After the key the variations come simply as a matter of course. William I. Sivllz. No. 72.1. The cross-check, the Queen self-block and the Rfeik Interference are three elegant variations. No. 726. With this one for a starter, no wi nder Colonel Moore has evolved so many exquisite compositions. No. 727. Dandv key. quiet continuations and a beautiful niirrur mate. V. Bosado. No. 725. Neat form of permuting- check. No. 726. flood as those of tormer days by Lloyd and Brown. No. 727. Neat sacrifice of Rook through removal o Queen Kiiard. Buiney M. Marshall. No. 72.1. An elegant little affair. No. 726. The usual difficult Moore strategy. Ted Shawn, noted American dance exponent, and his ensemble, of male dancers will appear in a recital program Saturday evening, April 14, In Wilson Memorial Hail on the University of Cincinnati ci-mpus. Tho company will include. Shawn and six oilier dancers and Jess Meeker, pianist-composer. On his current American tour, Shawn and his group ai e receiving widespread piaisc by critics und audiences. Shawn la a recognized twentieth century pioneer of the danco as a miiiily sport and art. His present company is a realization of a pic ture he has envisioned for years. His previous groups have been composed of both women and men. His Cincinnati program will be made up of dances which are a result of Shawn's long research into what is described as the fundamentals of masculine move ment. He has selected and trained a group of uthletlc, representative young men, and the program which they are to present is heralded as an exciting evening's entertainment. This single Cincinnati performance of Shawn and his dancers Is sponsored by the department of physical education of the University and the Cincinnati Health and Physical Education Association. Tickets will be sold nt popular prices, tax free. Reservations aie now being received at the University athletic office, Avon 61C0. St. (icorge Church - Charles J. Young, organist and choirmaster. At U a. m - Mi'sk: Kaiitur livnuis. sung by 4IHI school rhllilfen. At 10 a. in M.-tsii: Kaster solos; s.ilnlsl. Frank r ls.-n. barytone. At 11 a. in Hull mass: Veil Aqtiiim. male (U likens I; Maes 111 A, men and boys' i-hotr . l(o-ii.l.i-i,;er i At 12 1.1 a. in - Mas,.; Kaster solos; soloist, KIi'kIH'.i nl lletr.. ten.. i. Sacred Heart choir, composed of 40 men and boys, under direction of William A. Meyer, organist, will render the following Easter program during 10 A. M. service. Propers Kj no Cl-'iia Credo Annus I lei Njinctus Ilrneilictiis ofterioiy. Terra 7r,ini;ll. organ l oslhidi! Toner . , . A reus reus . . . A rein . . . AreiiH . (l-innoit . I iOllll III .Weiiand . 1 "lb ns I'l iiwick Chapel - Under direction of J. Alfred Sehehl, organist and choirmaster, a special program of Easter music will be rendered by the vested choir, augmented by the boy choristers of St. Lawrence Church. The combined grmips will sing the solemn high mass at 12.15 o'clock. Si. Frnnols do Sales The following program will be given this morning beginning at 0:45 o'clock. Pri tii'!e---Alleluln ...M. (l. Duniler lritr-nt and gradual (Ifcuoilau Ordinary of the, mass, "Mlhsa Dei Amorls" M. tl. litnnier Offertory -Terra Iremuit . . . .M. (J. Dumler Communion (Ircnonaii Tho choir of boys and men will be assisted by the princlpnl string of tho Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, with Emll iieermann as concert melster, and Ollvo Terry at tho orphan. Eugene Perazzo will conduct the mass and tho prelude will be conducted by the composer (iriice Episcopal Easter music service at 11 a. in. today follows: i 1'reln-li-- ml Ka-'lcr Dawn claiiss-n'lil iii,,.-in i li i H l-ull and I'lllae. . . . .l.ont j I'm. i-K 11 ..omti Ve Kalllllul I Hilllii-fiu Christ tnir Passover V-iili-ll hi lie In K I'ours iia.-ii-i Til. I I'ti.lnson.; H.'ini'in Hymn The Htrlln Is O'er l'alestrlna I offertory I Am He That Llvelll. . .Mpliller tiiiiii Ins In l' . . Wr.n-y Id I.or.1 Musi llolv I'riut'-K I I Hol la III r -xrelaia Tours j 1-eii-e I Leave Willi V-iil Rubella I 10-ci'HM.itiiil .lenus Chest Is Risen Today Po.itlli'le- Hallelujah Chorus Meelhi..en A. Seals Pru.n-n, Urgaiilsl and Choli master. (iriii e Church - Eollowing In tho musical program for today, begin ning at 1 1 n. in.: Pro. ..ssional - Jesus CI rlst Kvries .I'.iria T.t.l I.nus Til. I Hlflee lUnin .leims Lives. Anlheir, Tills Is Ihe Day Cooke Annus Del Bennett ill D Hiincllls . , . . Pennelt In D iloila in Kxcel.sls Bennett In I) Ibis Is thn Day." by Wilson, and a duet. "Il.nv Cilni and How Beautiful the Morn," by William Welding and Herman Perry. Thn choir will render "The Snug of Triumph," by Morton, at the evening hour. Is Risen Tmlav . . . lleiOK-lt III D . . lO-tuirll In D . . . Beunelt In D Hei cBslotial - The Strife Is O'er . . Paleslrlna Church Of Our Siivlmir (Episcopal) -At tho 11 o'clock communion service on Easter Pny the veslod choir of 40 boys and men under direction of II. E. Koenlg will sing the following: Processional Jesus Christ Is Risen Today Worgan Christ, our Passover Vogrlrn Te Detim (In (II Calkin Kvrle, (llorln and Laos TIM (In Kl.. Tours Hymn Allelulalil the Sriilo la O'er kJlvey Anthem As It Began To Dawn .... Vincent Sanctus arid (ilorla In Rxrelsls (In J'! Tours Nunc Dimltlls Bany Recessional Tha Day of Resurrection Martin N0T0BI0US, BUT NICE! "Notorious Sophie Lang," de clared to be one of the most fascinating characters In contemporary American fiction, will be brought to the screen by Carole Lombard. Kent Taylor, Barbara f'rilohle and possibly Herbert Marshall will join Miss Lombard In the screen play of the Frederick Irving Anderson stories. SOIVEHS' LADDER. PROBLEMS. SOLVKRS. William I. Kivitz. (leorge K, Hleher. . . -.1. Albert Klrby. . . . HI. (',. Kent John B. Tanireman. 48 , John W. 1 111 Is Divided hv 10. equals 5 per cent. j v- Ko.-ado MP Mate pr -v sion. Mrt Bljer The act of Ritt tig tn'.o position for an I ''"'d V Rslnrrs ... f..T",.i, s,ore Hrnr.VhVrt"::::: R. Cheney The blHik King Th; black pinned piece The white pinning piece 29 i 29 7(1 19 134 Divided by 10, equals MINUS 13 per Cent. HIS Relieves Impending stalemate. Value of a mate 37 Divided by 10, equals 4 per cent. S .sacrifice. A white piece which sacrifices Itself... 76 . Divided by 10. equals R per cent, if the gaenfice causes a distlnrt variation. SKK Square evacuation. The square evacuated Divided bv 10, epos's 2 per cent, SO Shut-off. The. btrick piece shut-off The white shut-off piece Divided by 10. equals 11 per cent. SP Seif-p.nnlnc. The hlnrk pinning piece The white King The while pinned piece Divided bv 10, enuals 11 per cent, St'P--Self -unpinning. The reverse SP, MINI'S 17 per cent. (CONTINUED KiSXT SUNDAY) John W. Kmary C. K. Lloyd A. D. Oering Jr ce-irge F. Retry C. H. Meyers. Paul Bran Its Ray Murphv A A. J. (irant Kugene McCarthy . . . .1. lie Jager. John J. Kolker V. L. Eaton Mrs. J. L. Rump. . . . I'dw, L. Delss John H. Daum ; H. J Nlemeyer I V.'esl.-hester 2Q F. Vaux Wilson Jr.. 711 I H. B. Oreen , K. l(J5 j R. N. Marchant K Schnnv William Reer , 1 R. o. Hal field Z Theodore Clay I. I W I). Owen ' . Otto Oddehon rrr II. n. Peterson 181 William Poole P."S. 7 13! jnif7iS i7 6T717 l71R 719 I 720 721 T 388! 2 4 2 2 4 8 2 " 1 " 3 " 412 3St 2 4 2 2 2 6 2 2 3 411 3711 2 4 2 2 4 3 2 2 3 39.1 371 2 222282 1 3 391 36-11 24224622 3 393 3.ISi 2 4 2 2 2 3 2 1 3 3.17 32L 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 1 3 338 313. 2 4 2 2 2 8 2 12 3 I 33S 31L 2 4 2 2 2 6 2 2 3 1 3:lii 278. 2 2 2 2 I 2 3 2 1 1 3 i 2!l.1 20 2 2 12 2 12 3 2 1-1 0 271 2 1 15 1 2 4 12 2 I 4 3 2 0 (I 231 1781 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 178 1771 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 177 1671 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 1 0 181 Hill 00000 0 0001 60 13.1- 2 2 2 2 2 0 2 2 0 149 129 242228200 149 115: 2 2 2 2 2 8 2 0 (I 133 110! 2 2 2 2 4 3 2 1 0 128 lull 222000000 96 H8i 2 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 tlfi 77 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 77 771 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 77 74 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 74 fid' 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 69 67 2 4 I 2 2 0 0 2 0 0 79 2 4.2 2 2 8 2 2 1 77 &HI 0 0 I 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 0 K .12 0 Old (I 0 0 0 0 0 52 47 0 ,1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 49 311 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 36 31 1 2 I 4 2 tl 0 0 0 0 0 39 i'i 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 0 38 I 28' 2 4 2 2 1 3 2 111 40 ! 27 1 2 I 4 i 2 2 2 0 0 0 0 .'III I 2" 0 1 0 I 0 (I 0 0 0 0 0 20 ! 171 0 0 ! 0 0 ft 0 0 0 0 17 7 0 0 10 0 0 0 II 0 I 0 7 in 2 2 2 2 2 0 12 110 11 0! 0 2 1 1 2 2 0 2 2 10 g III 0 00 2 0 0 I 0 (I i 0 2 JORY'S LOANED OUT. Victor Jory has been borrowed for an important role with James Cagney and Joan Blondell in "Without Honor," which Is soon to start production. Guy Kibbee will have another prominent part. "Without Honor" will be directed by Lloyd Bacon. St. Lawrence- Choir of boys and men, J. Alfred Sehehl, choirmaster and organist will sing the following program today at the 5:30 and ti:30 a. m. solemn high masses: Sing. Christ Is Risen! Rev. K. X. Wenninger Intrnlt and Communion Chant Gradual, Alleluja and sequence arr, by Bchehl Offartorv Rev. A. Dress Kyrle. (ilorla. Hanclis. Beneillclus and Agnus liel from Fesse do 1'ngfie (Kaster mass) c'h. (lounod Cndo from tit. Lawrence Mass Hchelil llalleluja llanujl Norwood Christian The combined junior and senior choti.i, assisted by the Withrow High School Alumni Orchestra, under direction of Professor Joseph Surdo, will present a Sacred EHster concert this evening at 7:30 o'clock. Mrs. Sylvia CJrefer and George Srhwaegerlo Jr. will be soloists and Rosalind Surdo will presnlo at the i organ. Society Bud ' -r - ,' :.- -: 1 . .Vincent . .Oraiiler . .Sliilne . . St nine r P. S. Indicates previous score. T etands for total. Indicates winner of one rimb. tlndicates winner of two ascenta. 1 lndica-tes loss of point for Incorrect solution. Dorothy Steel r, roealist irilh D i fii in i r h's Sunny' lirook Orehestra (drey-stone) would rather have her name in the amusement columns than hometown society columns. Walnut Hills Christian ( liurch Following Is tho musical program for the service beginning at 11 a. m.: As It Began To Dawn Ilosanna Cod Ho Ixivcd the World Av.ake, Thou That Sleepest.. The choir director is I-ouls John Johnen; tho organist Is Ernest C. Daulton. Walnut Hills Congregational Easter music, under the direction of Homer Bernhardt, will consist of "I Know That. My Redeemer Liveth," by Handel; "I Am Ho That Liveth," by Splcker; "Unfold Ye Portals," by Gounod; "Worthy Is The Lamb," by Handel. The musicians taking part will be Mrs H. K. Eversull and Mary firetclien Walsh, sopranos; Mrs. Nicholas SponncI and Mrs. Daniel fi. Fries, contraltos; Homer Bernhardt and Orcorgc J. Mulhauser, tenors; Henry Orad and Richard Chann, bass; Henry Grad Jr. and Freda Morrill, trumpeters, and Eugene Adams, organist. St. I'lilllp'n Episcopal Musical service at 10:30 a. m. Christ our Passover Si-hilling Kyrle llsrntiy (ll -ria Tihl Pleyei offertory t.lfl Your (Had Volcns Pike Hiinciiis , Hlalner choral Amen .1 lower Nunc Dimltls ..Oowet Holy Trinity Episcopal Helen Whltelaw, choir director; Mrs. Charles Nunn, organlat. 0 O'CLOCK 8UNHIHI3 PROORAM. Processional, Welcome. Happy Morning. Introit, Christ, our Passover Schilling Choral Communion Monk Offettorv. Christ Being Raised From Ibe Dea l Kirey Pursiim Oorda M-mk Agnus Del Monk (llorta In Kxeelsls Monk Ite.-eiiSlonal, Come, Ve Faithful. .St. Kevin Postludo .-. Organ 11 A. M. SERVICE. Preluds Organ Processional, Jesus Christ Is risen today. Introit, Christ, nur Passover Alter Choral Conmiunliin Monk Offertory, l-'.aster anthem Williams i urioiiii Oorita JWonk Agnus I lei Monk (Ilorla In l-ixoclsis Monk Kecesslonnl, The Day of Resurrection. Poatlu 1c organ Walnut Hills Aioiiilalo M. E. A vested cbnlr of 32 Viilces, under the direction of Mrs. Adolf llnlin, will lender several nuinhers, ainoiig thom MaiicHgnl's eliuiTh scene, "Lord Now Victorious." from "Ca-vti Met In Hiislleann." Mrs. 1-Mwnnl .lohannlng, minima, will slug "1 Know My liedeeiner Liveth." Members of the choir are: Lillian Clark, Malha Eilunann, Mis. R. L. Gal-IoIiit, Mrs. Forrest 11 lines, Mr. Va-ward Jiihniinlng, ltulh Jones, Mrs. Russell H. Simmons, Mrs. ilenrv llllman Smith, Audrey Waits, Mario WaekeuthaliT. Daisy Webb, Muriel Wlggers. Hlnlio 7.iil, Mrs. H. W. Deuel, Mis. J. Walter Lelslnger, Mrs. W. M. Day, Ruth Martin. Mrs. A. ( !. Muen.enniiiler, I let do Nagle, Margaret Nagle, Virginia Pilaris, Mrs. Ralph Pierce, Florence Relf, Ella Moo Walts, Itneco Contlnl, W. K Johnson, Dwlght Martin, A. G. Miieu.enmnler, Call Abaecherll, R. L. Gnlleher, IS. C. lli-i;e and W. R, Wlnans. Clifton M. V.. Clinrch Easter Sunilay. lflMS o'clock: Camilla The New Light H-.pplii cnolr All'eillns H. polls, soprano; Nellie I. cue yoni, cont raltn; llollace K. Ar-ment. leiior: Hniry Muinnia. bans; Edvlhe Tolken violinist; llaiel J. Barnes, organist; Edward K. Myeis, director. Hoiiil Hill n-li'llnnllst I plscopal Ea.iter services will be held at I0:-. o'clock. Tho soloist, Mrs. Robert. Henko, will sing "Thn Resurrection," by Shelley, Mrs. Errlciion, the organist, will conduct other mu-blcal numbers. Sri fel t , Claiissinann t alk Junliir Chiiie Harry i Anlhi-nis (lloiius La.iler Dawn. . . I.owden in. ia inseii Emerson Adult Choir. III! la Doerr, onanist ami choir director. Kihh lTi'hh.vlcrlun Morning worship at It o'clock. Thn chorus choir, directed by Ann Price Ptirdy, will ho supplemented by Naomi Jones, harpist; John Beroslt, vlo-Unlsl; Howard Schmidt, flutist. W. A. Gi ublis will preside at the organ. Preludo- (iiriiu) Largo Handel InsttiitueiitHl Trm-La Vlrglnells. . Bertonl Anthem An ii it..u m ,i q-.. iiu.. un.AM., liu i.leiital s -i Virginia 1'net "'sir o ii I TH.. Th Si. all .. Saint Sasns At 7 30 o'clock William A. (irubbs will play "Meditation" (Kinder) and "Chant Solennello" (Ijicey). The. choir will hIiik "Calvary" (Weasels). Covenant First P r e a b y terliin Church - Sunrise survive, 7 a. m.; organist, Mary Lnulsn Woseczek; soloists, Lydla Mayer Hess, Norma Malensclieiii, Gerlrudn Spleaz; cornet, Fannin Shlrra, William Shlrra; violin, Chester Mueller. Tho Goorgo li. Myor's Orchestra will play from H to u.30 a, in. and in the Sabbath school, beginning at M 30, muslo will ho provided by the orchestra and a vested children's choir of 25 voices. Morning service will begin at 10:30 o'clock. Guest soloists will be Arthur Zack, cellist, and J. Cjuln-'"I1". harpii.t. J.,, Rltchoy will bo at the organ. Vocal music will ho rendered by Ruth Heiihach Best, laiiilao ityder, Erwln Meyer nd Rlchant Fluke. yt 6 o'clock special piano Bi.l,, music will bo icndeied by Mary lauds Woseczek and vocal numbers by Lillian Field Norma Malensclieln and Gertrude Splesz. S,,x 1 'rrI.MiTl - Musical services for today are as follow: Minrle servhe al 7.. 10 a m Ortan I'l-ehid,. . " " W,,r" - Blbellu, P,., Ml"'''"'- "boi!."-'" 'h""" (T"" M""1""' -Handel I Kn. w That My Ilede-nier I.lvelli m. .... Handel Muriel Niirthup. Dlyin. Worship ii;oo a. ,, - , -i i, -inn,. Cavalry M. K, Thn music pnv grams for today's services aro as follows : n .00 A. M. Alleluli.i Illimplnles Helen Williams, soprano. CANTATA 7 15 P. M. Habh ml SOLOISTS HI, - ... Aiohem ' " t'"""1 "" l'"iinHi l asler Pr.a-es.lon . . . rr hv Oaul Anthem - Now t'ln 1st Is Rlien ... arr. by Dickinson R , 1 "inhliird Cholli. MHr"''L',,""n ', I Wnodmai, !iIn,',;;'i-,MI" "I'lillgnto. Mr,. A. iJ.jer 0H.'.'io'"- K"""r Schneder ll"',','""h- (l,ani,.r . ,, Mr. Beddoe. Anthem Herman tester farol , rr. by o,i Mixed Choir. Potlu.le Keallvnl Pos'lude. Buck Easter nic, .Kaapp . C.aike Calvary Presbyiirlan services at 10:4S a. in. insliiinieiilal I'lslnde--Ailiigiu Christian Cotner. violinist.' Tenor's ! ilU (ulll,'r' P,lu"sl. Open th, uales of Ibe Temple Richard Fianr Anlhem by Ihe chorus Choir This Is tha Day "Il'lrr 0 hei-t nn uf Mr u-. Anlhem by llm Children., Choir - ' 1 Lamp Chadwlck Uii ler dlrsctloii of Mrs. J. Heed llarlmao. I Winston Presliylirlan- Musical programs for today are as follows; Processional Tha Day of Resurrecllon Christ (liir pa,ver Bchl'IlOig i.od Ilalh Appointed a Dav Tours Holy Holy Holy (Jam1, Holy cily Thers will also ha a pageant In the evening. "Tim Riami Lord." given hy the i-llllilren, Under the dtiei-llon Mrm i'im. Valentlner; the irioslc. hv llm ,-h,,ir .i. aide F Lm'ke, director; Chan VV. Dlcklls, irgaiilst. St. Matthew Evangelical Special Enster music will feature the six-o'clock Easter sunrise service. The program of music Includes selections presented by Mabel Slemer-Ing, Irma Yerkes, Herbert Enrlght, Vlctorino Toaffe and a choir number by the junior choir. In the evening tho church school will render nn Kaster program. Tho program will close with tho dramatic, production, "Barrribas." HuMe AnierHiin I.angley Kfflc V. Madden S Albert Brown. Wallei Paris Barytone H. Jl. Spencer Itasa Edna Anders...!, accompanist. Artie Matthews, director. MadlHonvllle JVI. E.-At 10:45 a.m. the senior choir of 30 voices will Blng "Angels Roll tho Rock Away," by Snow. Mrs. James I. Slm-monds will sing "I Know That My Redeemer Liveth," Handel. At 7:30 p. m. the united chorus of G5 voices will slug "Now 11 to on tho Sabbath Day," Coolerldge-THy-lor; "Hold Thou Me Up," Gaines. Auburn Avenue M. I';. Nurses' Glee Club of Rethesda Hospital will give an Eaiter cantata entitled "Immortality" nt 7:45 p.m. This club consists of 40 trained voices. Sisie Kreutziger ia director. Tho public is Invited. Kennedy HclghM preshvlerlun The junior choir will sing for tho sunrise service nt (1: 3(1 o'clock. At 10:4.1 a. m., the following will comprise tho Instrumental irrnun: Gone Loveland Stanton, organ; Herbert Dleckman, Iflule; William Hlnemnn, clarinet; Koprnno aiuriei Mcnutie, cello; Jean Yoilon', The choir will slnir "Ho Is Risen" (Simper). The solo will be "Easter Dawn" (Woodman), to be sung by Mrs. B. A. Wegenhart. At 7:45 p. m., tho combined adult mid young people's choirs will sing "Redemption's Song" by Fred B. Holton. AIM I violin I i-niir I Trinity Methodist Episcopal- Special music at tho 11 a. in. serv-ico will include nn anthem, "As It Began to Dawn" by C. W. Combs, sung by Sarah Perkins, Helen Thompson, Lillian Church, Dora Schmurlzoll, Virginia White, Mar-chnl Weber and Won Puk. Electoral Devotional Group At 10:45 o'clock the following program choir under tho direction of Norean A. Wayman, who Is also accompanist, In the Main Auditorium of the Y. W. C. A. Building, Ninth and Walnut Streets: Preli'de by Kranck. Anthem--I Am Hi That I.lvetJi Splcker S-ilopt. Richard lleim. Double chorus. Jesus Christ Is Risen Today. Lyra Davidlca OU'ir.l r -morise.i from I.syris. China I'.i It ia - Traditional. Kyrle -Hiona. illoria In Excehls ( lid chant. Lord's Pre ver - ' iregoriHn chant. Anlhem - Now La'.e on Ihe s ihh.-ith Day C ilei i le Taylor N-.r-na Ki i s and choir Anthem roln Thy Love as a Faiher. (Jounod Mr.. Col'lns Lee and choir. Sl,n'-tll - From I.ayriz. Agnus Del From I.-iynz. The Lord Bless Vou Lulkln Out of My Bondage, Sorrow and Sin, Stcbhlns Benediction ,,,,,, ,,,,,, Uupkiu, St. l'rter'a Evangelical Church choirs, directed by the organist nnd director, Ren C. DeCamp. Soloists: Irene Heimlich, Ruth Pogart, Messrs. Hitz, Schmil.t and Flsgns. This morning the chnlr'will sing "As It Began To Dawn," Vincent; "Now Is The Time Of Redemption," Maunder; an Easter choral with four-fold Amen, arranged for the choir by Mr. DeCamp; "Hosanna," of Wacbs. and thn "Hnllelujah Chorus," from Haendel's "Messiah." j mssier,' Adoipu 11. Rtii.i.-iiii.inn. First Presbyterian, Walnut Hills Following Is tho musical program for this morning's servlco ut 11 o'clock : Prelude-Firih F.inlasle, Op. 178. ...Merkel Minleri.lo ansal.' Adsglo. Anthem-Bresk Forth lot.. Joy Uarnby Hymn-Anlhem Alleluia Tu Ihe King. Clemens Sermon Dr. Frederick N. McMlllin OI lei lory clod Hath Appointed a Day, Tours The ch-ilr comprises: Quartet, Anna von t'nriih Woolley, Emma Buikhnnlt Seebaum, Cluylon W. Hriillh and Hex Oulhsun, ltorus, 20 voltes, orgiinlst anil Choir- Immaiiiiel Evungellca.1 Tho following musical program will be presented thia riorning nt 10:30 o'clock by the choir, under the direction of Sophia Koester, organist and director: Prnif sslnnnl Awake, Clad Soul, Awake, Prelude, Largo Handel 'Cello, Jean Little; violin, Dorothy Heimer-dln-ier. Open the Gales of tha Temple Knapp Miss Kotli fflemes. From the cantata, The Living Chris! Anthem,: The Night of Sorrow, He Knows Ills Own, I-ve Is the oreaiest of All, The Living Christ. Halleluiah Chorus Handel Offertory TOn Wings of S-uig. .Mendelssohn cpMo. violin. PostluO He Is Risen t fox Westwood Methodist At 7:30 p. m. the oratorio "Redemption," by Gounod, will ho sung by a choir of 10 voices, assisted hy the following soloists: Mrs. Hersehel Bowyer, Albertine S. I'otta, Hazel Storey Weber, Grady Hodges, llollace E. Arment, Cliff Harvuot Jr. and Arthur rieraon, , Clifford I'resbyterhin ' Cornelia Delioo Young, organist and director of choirs, will play compositions hy Jenkins, Lcinurc, Mendelssohn, Gaul, Dubois and Becker at the Easter services. Handel's "I Know That My Redeemer Liveth" and the "llalleujah Choius" will bo sung in tho morning servlco at 10:45. In tho evening it 7:45 the choir will rendor tho cantata, "From Cross to Crown." Pleasant Ridge Vr sbytorian The musical program is as follows: Process' in.-il. Jesus cluist Is Risen Today Ri-i-i-ssioniil. Crown Mim wi.h llnnv Crowns pr.ner reiU'iinse, Jesus, Recttmer, We Pray Thee Haridleton Fiit anthem, chil.-:t our 1 -suover, Vogrlen second nntbem. Lord Vlet.irlmie. .Masca;:nl Soloists. M.-it.el Von Dahn. Mrs. 11. VV., Louis t'trau.'-s and Mrs. E. 8. Ktuehlng. Asslrded by: Flute. Roberta Jones, violin, lames Jnkias; trumpet, William Push; piano. Urine Hamilton. Directed hv Mrs. E. S. Rluehlng. Umanlit, Eluabgta Jour.,. Westminster iTcsbjterlHn At the 10:45 service Easter morning the choir will sing "As It Began to Dawn," by Vincent, and "Angels Roll the Rock Away," hy John Prliidlo Scott. John Rogue, barytone, and Miller Wiley, tenor, will sing the duet "Hosanna" byOranler. Mario Slemer, soprano, and Kath-erlno Lorch, contralto, will sing solo parts in tho nnthems. The. church school will have a worship service in the evening at 7:30. Mario Slemer, soprano, will sing Mozart's "Alleluja" and the vested Junior choir of 25 voices will sing special numbers. Helen Abaecherll, organist and choir director, will be at the console. First Unitarian Tho following musical program will be given today: Prelude- Contemplation '. .Saint-Sauna Ilosaiinah J. P. E. Ilai-lmann Anlhen's -Awake. Arise... .dough-Lclghler How Lato oil the fiahbalh Colcrldce-Taylor Alleluia Korolyofl Posthide Toccato In C-nnJor T. H. Candlyh Organist, lingo Scdorborg; soloist, Hersehel Meinhardt; Lighting-, Ernest Wilde, Quartet: Harriet Bchafer, soprano; Hersehel Meinhardt, tenor; ollva Russell, alto; Elll, Im Frakes, bass. Sir Galahad Cast. 8 P. M. Reader David It. McNeil Director Josepii Harding Angel of tho Giall Kulh Koner Sir insahad David L. McNeil Spirit of Mntherhood Edna Koper fpirlt of Truth Francea W. Bailey Ti iimpetcr .....Rol-crt H. Kran, Knights Procter Thomson Jr. and Norman B. Handera. Puses Jerry P. Highs and Burton Kuck Vlllues Virtue, Purity, Marv Jano Culverhotise; Humility. Janet Bal'.ey: Gentleness. Janet Adams; Courage, Mary Lola Brooniell; Honor, Marjono Marquette; Loyalty, Rosa-llnd McNeill; Faith, Dorothy lnglls; Hope, Olgn Condlt; Love, Mary Katherln, (llovor. 1colytes--l(lchnid H. Kuck Hnd DonnldAvey Organist, Hugo Seilerherg; Soloist, Herschfl Meinhardt; Lighting, Ernest Wild,., St. John's Unitarian Th muslo program for thia morning's servlc Is as follows: Prelude Violin and organ organ, air for (i String Bach Anthem Hosanna Gramer Solo, Margiirrlta Katcnbrlnk. Solo f;aaier Bong Hadiay Frances Deloe. Response The Lord Is Rl-en Gaul tlolo, Offertory Violin, nominee. . . . Wlentawakl Anthem llulleluiah, from The Mount 0f Olivea Beethoven John A. Hoffman, choir director. Leo I'aala, organlat. t i rwi-esees, o . a .

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