Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1954 · Page 21
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 21

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1954
Page 21
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I"'",* White House Dinner Opens Soclol Season (W) the White MmisS sotial seaSott gets underway officially tdfcJghf with e state dln- ftfer ih ho«6r of foreign ambassadors assigned to the capitajl f lt*s the ittst of a Aeries of din- fcers Snd receptions whiclt will ketp President and Mrs. Eisen, _ hower ih an entertainment whirl tiiss fOf Question-1 between now and the end of Jan- :g fi«i>art* nary, Thete are' so many envoys in Washington that only half were invited fd tonight's dinner. The remainder will bs guest.-, at a White Mouse dinner tomorrow nl- 9@fMtfeiettedihHn.frri- ~' by «l!K.tftat«iS8 be. call HV'Up Ift a closed the committee .a decision was fepdtters he believes stiofced about In 1 "bringing ,paftment,Com- ght. All In all the first family has scheduled 10 social everts this seison. Besides the two diplomatic dinners Uiere will bs a dinner 'thought llfl be -questioned ffanelseo and Yal« par(l« in ,'1950 of hett under oath „„„„.< he gassed se- te" , SefJarttflent * documents iiit'tf&ttS" liCthe, years * preceding ,Wt\& War a" department of' " i years *T -for federal .. he '^i. 35 suSar^ sup 1 pnd a re- and government officials the following day. for the cabinet Dec. cep'tion for military Final Rites for Lionel Barry more HOLLYWOOD The body of Lionel Barrymore will be placed in a'crypt next to'those of his wife and his brother John after Roman Catholic funeral services tomorrow. A requiem mass will be said at 10 a. m. in the tiny,chapel of Calvary Cemetery. '-.,The 70-year-old actor died Monday cf heart congestion. He 'bought the crypt for himself 18 years ago after the death of hiri second wife, actress Irene Femvick. Honorary pallbearers 'will include Eddie (Rochester) Ander£oh,, Lew Ayres, Francis X. Bushman author Gene Fowler. 'Bob Hope L. B, Mayer Mickey Rooney Dore Schary; .Robert Taylor, Spencer Tracy :parryl Zanuck and director, Frank Capta; . -There a re about Vk million widowers in the United States. '... . And Guarantees It! tt||tiiSK.5;'5;;;Sra • '•••;.•::'"> -.:•:-•• .•.;•• t-_ :, _ ; 3£* HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS NAAWP Chief Attacks News, Not Negroes JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Ml Bryant W. Bowles, former Tampa Fla. man v/ho heads the National Association for the Advancement of White People attacked Jews rather than Negroes in a speech here last night. He ylso crtiicized President Elsenhower; Vice President Nixon; the U.S. Supreme Court, especially Justices Frankfurter and Warren; the anti-defamation league and B'Nni B'rith; Atty-Gen. Brownell; Ja 'cksonville Mayor Haydon Burns and rc-veral others. much larger, than the opening, he has to cut his line, as the fish won't go through. Guatemala is * Fine Example of Communism (Editor's N ote: Guatemala-! was communism's Western hemisphere • proving, grounds for 10 years. The result was economic collapse, brutality, the alienation of it? people and finally-last June revolution and collapse. In the following dispatch United Press Correspondent John Zisc having de- scribu-, the factors which brought about this change and tho ';trii.l(:s made by Guatemala's new democratic regime in the five month.1 since it camo into power.) By JOHN ZISCHANG :" GUATEMALA CITY Guatemala, (UP) .Guatemala's nesv, democratic government has brought greater progress, economic strength and unity to this Central American republic in five months than were registered in ,10 years of" tho "Communist experiment.' 1 The nation's economy today is reviving. Tourists are returning ic its almost forgotten treasure D natural: beauty.,.'.The pe.i.iplu . arc Iq-siri;; -the lethfirgy anil ;3iope!t:ss ness that was their response to communism.. • The strong individualistic nature arid customs of 3,000,000 Guatemal ans played equally important roles in the historic triinsition. The Ked-tingad government Jticoho Arbcnz hiid 10-yeftvs to try to inake the Central American ru public the only Commun'.st case .in the-.Western h-smisohorc The pro-American government •) President Carlos Castillo Arm;; appears to have made good hcac way towrrrt turning his countr; into a Democratic window displa; in one-twentieth of that timu. Castillo ir'. finis.hing the dcad-on roads driving to pet the tourist j trade bad:, planning to develop- vast virgin arc-as for the benefit of both Guatemalan and European homeless persons, encouraging Actor's.Son Has Two Alibi Witnesses SANTA MONICA, Calif., (U dwaid G.' Robinson Jr. ear-old son of the uy produced alibi P) 21- movie tough witnesses at is trial to support his denial he taxicab .drivers at dbbed two unpoint. The son o£ the famed actor told jury cf four men and eight wo- ncn in Superior Court yesterday e went to a movie on the night of he first robbery, June 23. He said when he got home he allced hy telephone to his former ;overness. Mrs. Augustine White' ead who was called to verify the elephone call. "Mrs. Frances Robinson, wife' of he young defendant, corroborated lis testimony. Robinson said that on the night f July 1 when he is accused of obljing a second taxicab driver, IB was at home with an eld fricn.l, Joe T. Jordan who vertified the estirnony. Principal witnesses against Rob- nsqn were taxicab, drivers Harry 2hernak and Joseph Piascik 'both of -whom- identified Robinson as the With v/ho held 'them '.up' and. got Highway Budget Approval Asked LITTLE ROCK (/f) The Arkan sas Legislative Council will be ask ed to approve an $88,100,000 budge for state Highway Department ex penditures ^covering the two-yea period beginning July 1, 1355. The council set Nov. 29 as a Fife Destroys Block in Boston BALTIMORE, square block oi '.fl 'An South entire Baltimore Thursday, November 16, 19S4 of the LEAC by being president of the Mississippi Bar Association. Farley told the governor: "If you insist-that you'll do nothing at all if the amendment fails. you get the reaction that you're was burned out last night by an 11-alarm fire that swept through a lumberyard and spread to adjoining buildings. Mor'; than halt of the city's firs*- jine equipment 01 110-were rushed to pieces out the scene. of The lumberyard, two trucking firms, a garage a tool company numerous smeller firms and apartment houses were .wiped out. Many other buildings' were .'damaged. At loa.'it 150 persons were driven from their homes. Three! oxplcrions rocked the area but only one person was reported injured a fireman hospitali/ed with burns en loth feet. No t-flicial damage estimate was "I'm not fighting the Jews; theyj g j vcn immediately but one source e fighting me," Bowles told an estimated it would exceed one mil trying to force something down their voters throats." White said a special sessioi% would be useless. Legislators in key positions will support a building program and plan to equalize Negro and white only if the amendment is approved, he said. If the amendment fails, the same ones could block the financing of the equalization program, just as Thursday, N&vertbec 18, 1954 HOPt STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS they did in the 1954 ion, White said. regular ses- audience o£ nearly 200. "They nrnpcd on me first and I am re- aliatinp. They are the people v/ho aie tellintf you to mix." Bowles called the NeRroes dupes of Communists and left wingers. The NAACP is not a Negro organization" he said. "The bosses are Jews. 'Theres nothing wrong with jeing a Negro,' 1 he said. "And here's nothing wrong with being i white man. I'm willing to help he Negro see that all his do scendants will be Negroes.' iion dnilurs. At another Negro would left winders (integration. Bowles claimed point he said "the still be harcpy if the hadn't started if victory, in 'tentative date for hearing of the High.vf.y Department's requests. Budget Director Julian Hogan raid the depnrtment also planned to r.cx the General Assembly to appropriate an additional $8,000,000 exclusively- for new highway construction between Jan. 15 and July 1. The $8,000,00-'and accumulation above the $68,344712 appropriated lor the 1953-55 'biennium-already is in the trear.ury. campaign against integration cf the races in Milford, Del., schools. Delaware people like 'Floridlans didn't believe integration 'could happen th ere , Bowles said. He- claimed there have been attempts at integration in Florida. Sheriff Willis V. McCall of Lake County "iP.st week hacl to take three Negroes out of school,, but didn't see it in tho papers," Bowles said. McCall asked about tho incident, said at his home in Eustis: "It wasn't exactly an attempt to integration. Oh, it amounted to-that all right, but I'd 'rather not comment right now." Bowles also said a chapter of his NAAWP will be formed in Lak; County tonight and "we'll turn it over to Willis V. McCall" • McCall said he will attend the meeting at Tavares "and I'll be Mississippi Governor to Stand Pat JACKSON, Miss, iff} —Gov. Hugh White says he is standing firm on his decision not to call the Legislature into session to provide more school funds if .the voters reject a proposal designed to keep public schools segregated. Mississippi votes Dec. 21 on constitutional amendment em powering the Legislature to abolish public schools. White told the Legal Educationa Advisory Committee yesterday there will not be a special session of the Legislature to finance th second year of the 1954-56 perioc unless the voters approve thi amendment. The special session is needed t finance schools fully for 1955-5C the second year of the 1954-5 period. A new Legislature meets in Jan uary, 1956. Gov. White renewed his threa after a remark by Robert Farley dean of the University of Missis sippi law school and a membe one of the members. But I don| know about turning it over to me. SMALL APPLIANCES * for everyday home needs. JOHNSON ELECTRIC CO. 319 West 2nd. Phone 7-2155 PRESCRIPTION DOLLAR WORTH MORE TODAY Drugs Cost Less: Your prescription dollar is worth more today! Although the average cost of prescriptions has gone up, your prescription dollar is more effective. It buys more drugs that cure, rather than drugs that only relieve. As an example: penicillin costs 97% less today than it did 7 years ago. Originally it was produced in flasks by the ounce; today, it is produced in huge fermentation tanks by the 1000 pounds. We would appreciate your allowing us to fill your prescriptions. Have your doctor call us. Ward & Son . DRUGGIST 102 W. Second St. Phone 7-2292 SHOP NOW FOR * W '? 'SrJ^ ••"-*•"*•- '%*« j.- THANKSGIVING ALL PRICES IN-THIS AD GOOD THRU WEDNESDAY, NOV. 24th. FOX DELUXE, OVEN READY FRYING CHICKENS li Tender young birds, scientifically raised to be ready to eat when only 10 to 12 weeks o|d. Fully dressed and ready to cut up. flour, season and fry. CUT-UP TRAY PACK Lb. Whole Lb. 18 Pounds and Larger Lb. Broad - breasted, tender young . turkeys. Scientifically raised to be the finest you ever tasted. ORDER YOURS NOW! Be sure of getting the size you want when you want it. They're completely cleaned and individually boxed for your convenience. MEDIUM TURK Oven-ready Ilrol6lbs. SMALL Oven-ready 4 to 10 IBs. about $35 in the two robberies. Girl16,ls Attacked by Negro Man RUPERT Idaho f/P) A 16-year- old girl, barefoot ad hysterical, was found on a lonely farm roarl near htfre early today hours aflcr .slie was kidnaped and molested by a man who h;id promised hoi- father a job, Minidoka County Sheriff Floyd Stewart reported. Stewart sr.id physicians at Rupert General Hospital repoi-ted the girl hud been ECcually molested but not reped. . Stewart said a- : four-state alarm was put for her abductor whom he identified as Quincy Brown, 39 of Nyssa Ore.- an itinerant Negro family. ion to be Held Here After the examination the person is told the required length of treatment and how much it will 'COSt.''' •• . ' . After starting treatment, the per- spn makes regular reports to the JCeele firm in Oklahoma City to check the. progress of the home treatment. -To speed the opportunity of nor,- mal, healthy hair, to the thousands are desperately looking for independent trichologists are visiting various '. cities throughout he: yntted States to conduct examinations and start home treat- 1^0 CURE-ALL A '<We have no, cure-all for slick, shiny baldness." Keele emphasizes. "If .there is fuzz the root is still capable of creating hair and we can peFfpwn what seems to be a '" Specie. 1 ' '.'••••••• "There is one thing Keele wants "} every man and woman a recession appears at the temples or a spot begins to show up on the crown pf the head there is something wrong and it should be. given immediate atten- patterned after the so-called peoples republics didn't have much tirr.e for the people, In their 10 years in control, the Kremlin- backe d government leaders couldn't make good Communists of such private enterprises as the barefoot barber of Chichicasterian- go. •He • charges'five cents it the customers will face Ihe wall and HA1R FQR LIFETIME "If clients follow pur trentnierits, and after they finish the; epurse there is no reason they wjll »oj; have 'hair all the of;"the|f live?," Keele said. II Jt »(orrtit you p t l! _ stil!, nnd 10' i-ents mors if the .-jynor prefers to stare into the street to ogle the strolling sonov- itas. They cofldn't make a commisar of the kindly old mavor of the same mountain Mayan Pueblo, who permits his m6st 'impoverished constituents to p&y their civic taxes in pine needlos, which are used to cushion thu floors of public; cffices in the huts around the village square Such were s-omo of the human causes behind the Communist fiasco. Antonio Ayo'nena. president of the non-profit General Associrxtio pf .Formers of Guatemala, offered some facts arid figures to further explain the Red downfall -Aycinena said it takes 100 man-hours to produce 100 pounds of c-xportablo coffee. Undo.- the prevJolis Red- tainted regime the coffeo workers listened to ^remises of higher for fewer man hours. Aycinena said the promises paid off only in higher coffee prices and taxes. >fow, he said, "our hope is that the next two or three crops will permit the coffee • grower to vndertake a larger share of the enormous responsibility of improving their woj-kers' conditions." He said the coffee growers are paying eve.n higher tases on this crops but that "we consid er it our duty to helj? our new goy^ frjiitient balance the budget,' 1 the of thp group and in dividualistic spirit of the farmers barbers, mayors and foremen the Red infiltration failed. Now a new invasion is felting underway in Guitom^la- This time jt is tourists instead travelers, j^^ y( was st$ president, only 4.5109 --- nation'F doctors to improve honlch The s h cv iff ' said •-the girl Janice programs and generally showing Lal!Cy> to]d hirn Brown had forced sympathy with the people at inipe her to drive to an j so i a ted shapk His predecessor whose rule was some J2 miles north o{ this south- entral Idaho town. She said she truggled free and hid under ths ar Brown was df.iving. She told StewarJ she remained ndc-r the car : while Brown earched in vain. When he got nto the car to drive off she stiid. lie car passed over her safely, 'hen she began walking toward Rupert. The girl's abduction was report- 1 when Janice's father Clarence a transient farm' laborer from onia, Mich, walked in on a Re- >ert City Council meeting last light in what officials described as n hysterical condition. They quoted him as saying he had just lad a fight with a Negro that •vis daughter had been abducted, and that he feared .for her life, aney tDld police that ho, the irl, and an uncle Louis Laney lad accepted a ride with Brown im the Jattcr's promise to get Laney a job. Laney said Brown produced a knife after provoking an irgument and forced both men rom the car driving off with the TH£ I Tender, rib cuts. Economically priced.' LAMB CHOPS S Boijsless. Tender, very delicious . LAMB STEW Armour Star Delights. COTTAGE BUTTS Lb. Lb. Lb. Morning Glory or Swift Premium. 79c PORK SAUSAGE Smoked. Armour Star. 19c BEEF TONGUE Fine for-Dressing 59c Standard Oysters Lb. Lb. 17Oz. Pint 39c 45c 89c PUMPKIN Kroger Brand. Custard style. GROUND BEEF LAMB Kroger^ Holiday Brand, Fresh Tasty Krbger's famous lean ground beef. Lbs. Tender shoulder cut. Low priced. Lb. WHEN BETTER AUTOMO6IUS ARE BUHT BUICK VVIU BUIIP THEM SPENDING CUT CHICAGO (fP) The Army has reduced its spending 3'/ 2 billion dol- ars this fiscal year, Army Undersecretary John Slezak said in a speech last night. Vatican City, an independent state, has an area of 108 acres. years ago the then peaceful coun- :ry received that many visitors every month, year around. "With the air-age, tourist? began zooming in and the through the ed hscJsing dirt roads through the mountainsides ord jungles to, the ancient Mayan Indjs Pueblos fnd steaming volanos the travelers anted to see. Private investors began buU4inj? lodging bowses. Smelter ,en- pwt up • filling sUtipn? ld? relreshment stan»s the Flimliing winding A BRIGHT NEW FRESHNESS greets J\. your eyes and tells you: Buick's done it again, You see it in the bold distinction of that gleaming Wide-Screen Grille. You see it in the rakish sweep of the rear-end contours. You'see it in the whole fore-and- aft newness of fleet-lined grace that marks Buick the beauty thrill of 1955, New horsepower*-up to 236 You learn more when you get the power story, Up to new peaks go the horsepowers of every Buick V8 engine«"- a walloping 188 bp in the Jqw.price SPECIAL—a mighty 236 hp in the CENTURY, SUPER and ROADMASTER, And it's new, more responsive, far abler power you can literally feel as you go, But even bigger Buick news for 1955 is something more than style and power. It's what the "variable pitch propeller" now has done for Dynafloiv Drive,* Up goes performance — and gas mileage too When you find it necessary to push the pedal to the floor board, you do more than call on the greatest high-compression V8 power in Buick history. You do what a pilot does when he heads his plane down a runway, You do in oil what he does in air— you cut down tafco/ time by using "variablepitch propellers." In this case, the propeller blades are inside the Dynaflow unit. But they're engineered to swivel or change their "pitch" just like plane prqpellers-^and with the same result: one pitch for getaway, another pitch for gas -saving fuel efficiency, And what you get in the way of instantaneous safety'Surge with absolute smoothness, you can only believe when you feel it. This you have to try Of course, we want you to come and see the trend'setting new Buicks— look into the betterments in gasoline mileage that add new thrift to these spectacular cars. But th's year, "seejng" is only the beginning, So^whijle you join the crowds viewing the new Buicks this week end, make a date to get behind the wheel as soon as, you possibly can. We promisp you the thrill of the year. 1 EMBASSY MANf ANILLAS STUFFED OLIVES ! D^RCO. ' CORN MEAL KROGER. FOR PUMPKIN PIES. PIE SPICE KROGER BRAND RUBBED SAGE AVONDALE BRAND . VANILLA EXTRACT FRESH PASTEURIZED HOOP CHEESE DAIRY FRESH KROGER BUTTER 434 Bottle SUNPICT. ASSORTED FROZEN FOODS 5 Lb, 29c 17c 25c 15c 39c 65c 19c 1 3/8 OZ. Can Oz. Can S-.Oz. Bottle Lb. Lb. Pkg PASCAL CELERY Crisp, crunchy. Best when full green. An all time favorite for better stuffing. *$t#mi0r<l (Oil on other Series, , optional NOW ON SID ROGERS BUICK CO. 304 E«t 3rd Strut OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY ^jj^F flF^^Wb ^BfF ^^^ ^^^ ,- Stalk OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRIES Fresh, Tarf. 25c 300 DEEP RED EMPEROR GRAPES 2^, 29c WASHINGTON STATE WINESAP APPLES TEXAS SWEET POTATOES 2 RICH TASTY AVOCADOS 4 6%. 49c n 15c . Orange flavored. Large Kroger Baked ^ \ SJZC KROGER F L 0 U R YOUNG TENDER AVONDALE PEAS CIRCLE K VIENNA SAUSAGE f CIRCLE K , - .' POTTED MEAT AMERICAN BRAND ' • DILL PICKLES t f-' FINE FOR DRESSING KROGER BREAD 1 "" J! •>, J ' <• '\ **''•*• •, A J S •' "3 1) * 10 FOOD BASK FREE! SATURDAY, NOVIMBEJUQth, - •"^ No Purchase Necessary, f ,. Just Re J< . -^ 3.1* V) *l,t • j.' • r^»- EMBASSY hm Wft% ""W«

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