The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1940
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 2, 1940 Suits For Easter Parade StrikinHy Chic UMMMMMMMM«ltua&retu..tu^..v u .-...^_ . ' [Clark Gable Proteslcd At Being Tagged As Rhetl Ruller BV I'AC/l, 1MUUISON' I-NT A Sen-lee. Slalf f.'urraii HOLLYWOOD, Mr. 2. — lUie news of Aciulcmy nominations land awards, there, lire always un- I loht stories about lucky errors in [judgment. You'd tic surprised by [the number of stars, ami <n'eti di- I rectors and producers, who can't I distinguish bftv.'cen thc knocking [of opportunity and llic scratching I tit the wolf at. (licit 1 doors. Hosaliml Russell, fur various rca- Psons, didn't want to play in "The j Women." Brian Ahcrn didn't like I hi.s part In "Juarez." which was 1 written and tilled in Paul Muni's I favor au<j even avoided .showing I the two chnrai'ler.s on the .veteen I at Hie same lime. Hut Ahtrn stole I the show. Clark Gable made a one-man I stand against being cast, as Rhetl I Duller in "Gone Wilii the Wind"; I said he'd inevitably displease a .The average Hollywoodian . . hardly ever guesses right. great many fans who had preconceived ideas about the character. Even after she: was well into (lie picture, "Elizabeth and Essex," and was being praised by everyone who had seen the rushes, Bette Davis hated the chore, it was a dissatisfied cast all around: Ero! Flynn and Donald Crisp didn't like their roles, either. ? % $ "WUTERING HEIGHTS" WENT BEGGING William Wylcr wanted to direct HIILEfi FH TO BOOST (HIE PAGE THREK No Nahykricg In Germany! F«i£:**:*-v«M M , ,-r— ,„., , . ti Stopping for a pepper-upper of hot so,,,, or collee fl nd doughnut's durim;~ the "Easle navy wool, black palenl accessories nnd a frilly white blouse. Outfits Bow To Spr i n g's Elo n i^a Led Si .1 h o u cU:c i 'SS£ "IHu'T £ '^ company her aunt, Mrs. j. 13. FolU, Csrcnada, Miss,, are here for an extended visit with his grand- Mrs. G. R. 11V M.AJUAN YOUNG NEA Service StalT Ccirrmno tpi-esl Samuel Goldwyn in the ript. but Goldwyn wouldn't even read it. Producer Walter Wanger jacket the owned the picture rights, but wanted to sell them. Other sludios were interested, and Warner Brothers were about to write a check when Goldwyn, deciding that the yarn must have soome value, snatched it ivith a bigger offer. When Wyler was readv to film "Wnthering Heights," he said that Merle Obcron wouldn't do at all for ' 1 "" ll " : - "• K "''••••• me nyiiie Ihe lead opposite Laurence Olivier I tl '"" look "'""'S'l the niidrilf and But she was the only actress under scclns io tnke " lcllt ' s °' r "'' contract to Gnldwyn, who wouldn't hire anyone else. So she went into it' and was sensational, and the picture itself rated high on every over a print dress—there's p) of news in spring suits for Raster parade. the reefer And there's a tremendous variety of styles to suit all figures, color preferences—ant! pocfcetbooks! The suit wllh molded, iinger- length jacket is a shining example of the new elongated t-il- honetle. it Rives the figure a lean, Fairly smooth tweeds for town well as country continue to tie popular. Twill - a mnlerial vour here 'lor an extended visit with Mrs. ECiiuna Moore, K. IJalton, deputy revenue collector for northeast Arknnsii.s,-; spent • ' • •••'. — u ju.i ILI Jill vwlll "" ltj ' JIUI 1I1(.'1I-M til KHllx grandmother loved—Is featured". In Uiree days heie this week all collections, smooth finish wools i Mrs. Guy Bryant, who has been seem lo vie with the rough texliir- j ill for several days at, the home 'of her niece, MIvs Eleanor Day in cd ones. Plaids and checks have a prominent position. Touches of while pique arc used lavishly on two-piece suits and on dresses v.ilh matching jackets. Lapel gadgets and floral iionton- niere.s main their popularity. "JO best" list for 1939. • Lewis Milestone and Gene Solow acquired film right.'; to "Of Mice nnd Men." wrote a screen play and were appalled when every studio in town turned it down., • .- - I'e happened, at the time, that also slmi u ' Ilc " lllc jacket Milestone was suing Hal Roach for! 011 - s!t ' r '- lengths remain -- ------ ------ _.. ~.. hip.s\ A more subtle version of the eifccl. • is achieved by figme-moklii^, l Wrist-length jackets. [ m.ousi:i> sn.HOUE'rn; ' r.S A LKAOKft FOK SI'KINO With short jackets, especially I boxy boleros, box-pleated, gored ! Kniary Club ' Osceola Society—Personal Meets Memphis, was drought home' Wednesday. Lepanto residents who attended tiic lecture of Dr. Nicholas Doman at the I're.shyterinn church on Wednesday night included Mr. and Mrs. 0. I,. Becker, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Bell. Miss Esther Bindnrsky, nnd I'\ D. Bell of Little Hock who was visiting the family of his brother. A. T. Bell in Lepanto. Memphis visitors Tuesday were Mr, JUKI Mrs. Hale Jackson and Mis, Ida Tucker. whr> went down to spend the day with Mrs. Jackson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. L,. | Vnndcrvoorl of Chicago who were returning; from a winter vacation Whci $80,000 on an unfinished directorial contracl. Roach had wanted to settle for 525.000, Milestone had refused, and there the situation stood when Roach (bought of a deal to smooth out everything: If Milestone was so confident that "Mice and Men" would make I u .>.v, ••,11115, *>•! "•;> .MiijJCtJi. WHY — from thc j i Ain What 1 Am" .setting forth Tillman. —frotn 14 to 17 .. — "- . i /mi wciai i t* floor, depending on Ihc shape of four reasons whv • your legs. j, y . for' business ' The bloused silhouette, incident- I selfish reasons ally, is prevalent in suits as well as dresses, coals nn;! :!!nnci i gowns. And it invariably makes waistline and hips seem smaller than they in rjiloxi. Those in Memphis Thursday were . - . „ ,„,„„ Miss Catherine Harwell.' Miss Nell nlous- j luncheon meetim; of the Rotary ' Rlll)(i ' J s. Mrs. Joe Rhodes, Mrs, E. same , Club, using as liis subject "Why' s - Drivc '' and _thc Rev. Harold 13 T hC thc"skirt"us'-ill 1 - ' I0n *' h °*-' lm °f "><•'Baptist Chnrcl>. w'l's'The n'riim «-im,. I'll!"^..!;', I" 1 ,':,*„ ! !"' illci l ul speaker before (he weekly young I when several business men and slim and Ihe mature and not so slim. One smart rciiingote ensemble how a great picture happened e, made. OKiUA SHEARER JiEPL'SKD MOTHER ROLE Norma Sheerer refused "Susan nnd God," now being filmed with Joan Crawford, because she didn't "Mint lo nppciir on (lie screen Jis ...... " «••••• i ..... *• " .m -.m. no nnjj^ :he mother of a 14-year-old daugh- » ec!ili »<.' i»»d a straight skirt. Anler. Marlene Dietrich yelled an in- olllcr consisl s of full-length, im- dignant "No!" into "the trans- ' lincti coat of shccr Wack w00 ' over includes a collarless, double-breast- white silk print with rirawslri Douglas Fletcher was In Memphis Thursday for examination and diagnosis by a Memphis specialist. Spine Declared Curved If Same Leg Is Crossed BOSTON i UP)— Stand firmly on both feel and don't always cross the same leg when you sit down if tMivn .IUMJI.U men from ^' ou vv ish to avoid curvature, of the Kciscr are to be special guests; j s l>inc, warns Dr. Pcrrln T. Wilson, n. c. Bryan for March 15), ami ! 1)asl President of the American Nathan Wcinberu for March 2G. Ostcojiathic Association. " ii/i Women Ignore Fue r<M' s Insisleiicu On More ' Chil ( l rcil ll; _ ; . "" !l lilr Uerman baby crop, unlike c'iibbam-i, ciui'l be lnc'rciisi'd '. :<l ""imiaiul of FniOiriT nujfr i AnncimiTinent 1 Ihe IMrh cspeii WMIIU'I („ I;,..,,. „ _ _ volopnirni ,, f ., ptm , s ,,,,, u , d slx yi'ill.s :!,;„ u, j, lm .,.,,,, ,)„, (;,,,.,„,,„ Ulilli nun. now is met by revelation ihin ihe NIW.I iiiiu-kct Is down, not up. l><p«" (in- Michrei's orders ihc (icrman With ,ii|i> Is rniHn B and now i.-, 11 | )( i, t , _ i:ce«li'il ID maintain „ positive pop- j innlloh balance. The llnmes are rcivalrd in lt lu , tt . ^ ma ^ ,. tlfH HIIIIBCI-," imijllshcd by Alliance Boon (; 0 i,,.. N(nv Vn| . k _ SCIKS'Vli.-ic INI'OHMATWN Sl.II'S I'llltOtldll CKNSOKS The book, wi-llleii by Dr. Martin Oimi|)(Ht. ii piacliclii^ New York pliyjilram and lormer head uf a Derlln rllnlc, | s based on scientific informiuiou w |,| f |, .slipped throujjl, German censorship. "Thi' fecundity of the German woiii.ii; under the Third lidch •• lie asserts. "fnD.'i fur below the record of the wretched yenr of economic crisis, MI23, when for every thousand \vomen capable of bcarint! children cllmt is, between the ngra of 15 and 4f,i there BW <> (|;> .;( births. "In |i»;n, uniier inner, thill fecimdily sank to Us level. 11.1 per thousand. And accord-' Ing (o Hi,, latest compilations of the Sinusites Uepurlmenl of (he Heidi, ibe niimiwr of molher.s with four or more children declined between the middle of 1D33 and the bCdlnnlhi; of l!):io by IGO.CUO." l-'iill In the Cieiman birth-rate follows the decline of Ihc mnrrlauc rate, I'rcni Ihe high level of 11)34 (12.2 ]ier thousand) marriages receded lo 8.9 per thousand in 1037 accoulliii; to I3r. Gnniperl. UliM.MI.KH JOINS IN I'l.KA I ; OH A10KK HAIIIKS Ileimich Ilimmler, head of all Nii7.l iiollcc, recently urged women to have children, cither In or out of wedlock. Special sponsors would be appointed for all children "of good blood born In or mil of wedlock whose fathers fall in war." While the blrth-rnle Is fallhuj notwithstanding such pleas, says Dr. Giimpert, the mortality • rate- Is rising. At least M.OOO more persons now die annually in Germany tlum before the Nrr/.l re- I'ime. In 1M7 the dcalh-rate for infants under one year was fi.'t per cent., in New York It was •!.!> pel cent. CLAIMS CiKllMAN llIvAl.'l'll IS I-'AI.UNt: Oecltnlni> Germnu nnllonnl health Is reflected In oilier striking figures which Ihc former Dcrlln clinic heat has gathered. "They prove," he says, "that the German people, lIvinK for the last six years under the frightful pressure of war conditions. has reached the limit of Its physical mil psychic, working capacity, and that if no relief comes it faces the prospect of n collapse much more dreadful than thnt of I9IB." Impressive Reply were Dr. T. K. Mahan and J, V. Gates of Blylhcvillc. and i Lee Wesson of Wilson as guest of Dr. George Cone. Tal Ton gate was in charge of the program.' Several Osceola Rotarians plan . The habit of one-legging" Dr ' Atlantic telephone when Producer l!il atlcl wllit<; '° h ° a1 ' air N j__ °' " C1Hl of Mo111 - ' '"" of Ro tary Wilson told the "' animal meet- llssccii>tlo »' "'" ' sure ways of developing spinal v-iitji. is. j.. pit/MuetK 01 Rotarv : .inn, ^,»j:> ui (H Intcriialional. who is to speak 0 <f-' curv!>lllrc -" fore (be Brinkley Rotary Club. ! " c sai(t viollnlsl print. A i isls suffer most from failure to balance the spine Wilson had as her : b - v standing and sitting correctly. . About 48 hours later she sent a grudging acceptance if the part were still open, it was and it dress. Still another includes a navv silk dress and a bloused coat o'f deep rose wool. 1 A »» restored her to popular stardom VARIETY TO SUIT Spencer Tracy almost always EVERY ' kicks about his roles. Said he couldn't possibly cto "Edl.son Uic Man," which requires a lot of makeup in the latter sequences. He didn't want to be the priest in "San Francisco," which put him on the movie map, nor the Portuguese fisherman In "Captain Courageous," which won him an Academy Award. Others forced Into prize-winning parts were Gable and ClaurieU* Colbert (It Happened One Night") and Belle Davis ("Dangerous"). Gary Grant said he'd give $10.000 to get out ot "The Awful Truth" after he read the script. It turn •mere are man-tailored suits O f harcl-fiinish fabrics to be tcim™ I " s up 1 the conventional shirts. intead o Helen Jean stofflc and •11. both of Wilson. i Airs. Joe Rhodes of Fayettevillc j is lierc for a visit with the family | of her .son, Jo; W. Rhodes. She | returned to Osceola last Sunday 1'ulh Miss Catherine Harwell and Miss Nell Rhodes who spent the . ed out to be the funniest film of (ion. ' the year and Grant's best picture. H/. Taxes paid in the United States ',i mount to more llmi -$9,500,000,000, or one-fifth of the national income, annually. There arc dressmaker suits as softly tailored as a silk print even to drawstring necklines. There are jackets of every con- length, skirts ot nis, golf or who bowl the leading offenders in tbc sports world. Ur. Wilson believes tlie condition in children, often attributed tc carrying heavy school books, is due to the practice of students in ,„„ "wooing one hip out slightly as a weekend in Fivyottcvillc to attend s ' lclf f01 ' " Ic 'woks when thcv stop " '-' : <>..... — ' to | allti The same condition, he says, oc- vyu*<i ^. l ... ~...,». in young mothers who carry Mrs. G. HartMll lianks and Mrs. j " u ' ir offspring on one hip. W. W. Ptc.vitt drove to Har ' Rhodes lo Ponra City. Okla. .' Elizabeth McKcllar of . possible cut. Necklines and slee evrrv Tntlrsri:l y - '" ""'i^mut; ,, , , , , vv " erc Mrs- Banks Wltlcl >' llscd *>? Australians as a osse cut. ecnes and sleeves - s . are varied A wide range of cnlnri i Wfls l )r "' c '' wl si'^kw before the treatment for sen and car sickness is possible Harrisbmg I'. T. A., \ K in s as ], cr Is a piece of brown paper wrapped "- [jt/JSlUit; ------- _ —, ..,,.,,^ lt _^ iin i ' — ' In other words, there are nn K " i)iCC ' " Twcvnt >'- ro1 "' "our Duty." j "ound Ihe stomach. , . , . ^ "" TV.n rtri-icmn It-ne I K« T... . I hard and fast, rules about what kind of suit to choose. Let only your own preferences, background , n and figure guide you in chic Kelec- OLD-J-ASIflOXEl) ways. But gray, ........ o „ and green, in the order named are close runners-up. The occasion was the Founders! Mr. and Sirs. R, B. Langsckm j._!! have reliirncd from a two .weeks I visit with his parents, Mr. and ' Mi\s. C. F. Lanssdon in Jonesboro Vance Cartwrlght Is expected home Monday from \fiami, pla.. where he hits spent the past two months resliug and vacationing, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brickey Jr C °"" Cr . . r and (Inushter, Jean Brickcy, of H APPY UOUR GRO.& HMKT. race DCUTKKT H* W. M*ln St, Phone U Kciscr News Miss Oman Oumiilimcnloi] Miss Robbie Gowan, music In- stmctor at thc Reiser high school, u-as compllincnled nl a nmslcale niui tea given Sumlny nfltriioon by Miss Louise Mercer at her home in Memphis. The hostess had invilcti ion of her friends to hear Miss Gowan, pianist, play. The following numbers made up the three groups played by Miss Gowan: Bach's "French Suite No. 5." Allcmande, Courantc, Sarabande, G a v o 11 f. nourree. Glgue, an "Inlcrmcrao" awl "Rhapsody" of ^Brahms, a "Nocturne" nnd Fantasic Impromptu" by Chopin, Liszt's "Gnomen Hi'igen. No. 2". Grilfes' "The White ivacock" and Liapounew's "Carillon. Op. tl." The music room was decorated with pink gladioli. The same color prevailed In thc dining room where tapers lighted the lace draped ten table. The center decoration was 1 Miss Turner and Mrs. . Charles V. Mercer prcslrtecl at Ihe ..... *_i-i- tea table. Tlie hostess was assisted in receiving her guests by her sister, Mrs. Jesse Armstrong. [ Miss Mildred Miss Robie | Jones and Prances Nail were among the Reiser people who at tended. Sou Born A son \yas born to Mr. and Mrs. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service FOR SALE! One used KOCH Refrigerator White Mclal Citsc with rYlgidalrc Compressor. Display front wllh excess storage and cold drink space. Like new. Original cost. S1151. Cash price for quick sale $305. Terms arranged to responsible parlies. One gum paper tape machine, counter equipment and candy case. Priced for quick sale. One Fairbanks-Morse Water Piimp without motor. Trace Chains, a few good mule collars, cotton hoes, 30 bushels Cc- resan treated DPL-ll-A Col ton Seed. R. E. WRIGHT H, W. 61, One Mile So. Phono 481-J Wilson Society—Personal Sun uf l.urai Wi'il In IMS Word luis Minister rerch'i.'d here of Ihe marrliiije of Norman Mulct. .„„. of Ihe l)ev. ami M.-.S. c. Norman Gulce, local pastor oi the. Methodist church In Wilson, to MK> Hetl.v Kliihbaiicr of Los Angeles. Calif. The eercnumy was performi'd nl Ihe HI. Clemens Episcopal chinch in llrrkHcy. Cullf., on Tiii'siliij evening, Keb. ii. TIIC couple will be al home at M05 Arch slfccl Umkc'lcy, T|, c „,-,,<„„ f 0nm ,,.,j tiuiBhl school In Illythevllle foi several yeni's prior lo leavlni; for California, llapilst Uiill Have Sillily "Olve Ye lo K«t", ib,. No rubber sUirnp Congressman is Hep. Jimics Secciiinhc. of Olilo hut lie's very much n rubber slump correspondent. Above lie <le !'" I ''!s(rnles Ms pointed answer — llc-li No! — lo communications • he doesn't like. I.. 1). l.e<; Monday. The baby has been named James Thojims trc. | Mr. and Mrs. .less Adams and children, James Ellis and ,)oe Ann, <iml Mr. and Mrs. Krud FVri'tison ntitl daughter. Hobble Jane, left Thursday morning i m N,. H , Mexico whore (hey will make their linme for an Indefinite period. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Gardner spent Wednesday In Memphis, U M. Gate* spent Wednesday in Memphis with Mrs. Gates who is ill at the Haptlst hospital. Mrs. Charles Wlcknrd. ot Little Hock. Is llic guest of her parents Mr. mid Mrs. R. If. Robinson. E. Cohn spent 'fucwlay In Memphis. Mrs, Hob Greene and family vls- llcd Mrs. Greene's mother, Mrs. J. E. King. In Campbell, Mo.. Sim-' "'iy. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Parker visited at thc Methodist hospital \K Memphis Wednesday with Mis* Dcssa. Qiiinn, L. If. Raines attended a drii" ncctlng at Lllilc Rock for several lays this week. He was accompanied by R. E, Orr, of Wilson. Miss Cecelia Cohen spent the week end in Jonesboro with" her iiircnts. Dr. and Mrs. O. T. Cohen. Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Larscn, of Marion, have been the guests of Mrs. W. K. Urucc and son returned from Memphis Tuesday night where they had been the guests of relatives. mission book being studied by the Haptlst Indies and Imigtil. by Mrs, W. A. Williams was completed at tnelr meeibij, held on Thursday afternoon, at Ihe home ,,f ,M, S Herbert 1'lpkln. willi n niembeis pro.scnt. Mrs. o. M. mil of Marie Wls to members of the Sunday Si'hnnl Workers Council nl hct home on Tuesday, .evening. A delicious repast was .served buffe! style, followed by a miYt- Ing In charge of W. A, Wlllhms, the .snpi'rliiirmlrnl, planning Hie -Sunday school work (or Hie coming inonlh. * ^ * f.wal .Store Or«U|> Kiilrrdiliis- About 21) employes of the local Wilson and Company store nnd office cnlerlalncd wllh a pot luck hot tiimale supper followed by dancing u t the: Wilson clubhouse mi Tblirsdny evening. Plans wer . discussed lo make this n monthly affair throughout innnlliK. the warmer 'Mrs. W. J. Ludwlg rcfurncd lo her home Moixlny after spending several days visiting In cape Gl- rardenu, Mo., with lier .sister, Hr.s Manuel G. Campbell, and aunt Mrs. Mary c. Halt/ Dr. ,). A. Saliba Announces tbc rrmnvnl i>r bis office from the Ingrain Hullding to 12-1 K. Kcntiirky. lies. 1'liimc 110; Oflicc I'll. •!!« KKYSTONK ALFALFA SEEDS ALL KINDS FIELD SEEDS HAIiY CFtrCKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. FEKDS 1SI 13r. and Mrs, J, iv, oldeon of Miirle, Ark., have nx their guests this week, their dauyhlcr, Mrs rtillmr Hrlckcy and smnll dniiKli- Irr, of .Memphis. John H, icnochs was removed to his home on Tlnnsdny, follow- Ini; a in-ilor (ipi'iiilion nt Methodist Hospital In Memphis ten days ii(jo Mr. and Mis. H. \ff. Allen left Krliliiy for Hot .Springs where (hey will vacation for n few days. Mrs. Winston Hoover of New Muditd. MO,, Is hens for a visit with her parents, Mr. mi<! Mrs. J n Claylim. II, ti. Triiylor, who hns taken nvi't- the Interests of Lee Wilson and Company at Victoria. Ark., moved his family there the first of Ihls week, Mr. nnd MLS. Cash are moving liilo tlie house vacated by (hem. Nomads of Central Asia use leather milk "bottles" lo carry Ilidr ceremonial drink -of mare's milk. Dills, us scientific experiments show, seem to be little tuiiull- cappcd |jy (he loss of eyesight. — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safi! - - Accurate Your Prescription Drtifijlst Fowler Drug Co. Main ,v. Vlrsl rhotie ,141 STANDARD TIRES As Low As I'M Week On Our AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! 50 BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. HOME HOW $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. $7 | J_ Phoat 78 T*

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