Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, November 18, 1954
Page 3
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'O MOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, November 18, 1954 IT ALL~-This is the log cabin retreat of Secretary of State and Mrs. * atMaTti'Duck Island, Canada. At right is one of the signs erected by Dulles, a lucai^vu^^onalist, With a preference for personal isolation Built in 1943, the cabin is almost t&f&ljotboie built by American pioneers. The single-story cabrn is 25 feet .square and has 3 rooms. J£_ " H Jf vl - *>?" •_.,, or Attempt Idaho (/p)_ A 58- Jtarm laborer was yj today 'on a charge of ifid£3ittempUng to rape '* l reportedly jather and uncle away " was arrested here olice »Sg.t- P. -P. Ben- Ji'rrjs had' orally admit- with 16-year-old and attempting to her: .Harris denied making "" 'knife. . _. he had come UrtfjOnly a few weeks ago with his brother 1'his? daughter. He told ipYthe -tamJIy had driven ffe/country' With Harris on "'^"•se^tb.a.t he would find re.was an argument and ic'" sajd, and the man f l ltnife'"and forced them fc'qtt/jwith the girl. '„' Janice walkng cpurftrjf road early yester- S^ci^ '"thV'man had tried thejn forced, her to ecent act upon him. ..released ;LOVERLEAF MARKETS Baptists Are Invited to Revival Evangelist G. P. Comer conducting Revival services in the City Hall Auditorium says that he is designating to-night as "Bantist Night" and is inviting all Baptists as special guests and that he will bring what he calls his "Baptist Sermon" on the subject. "You Have To Show Me, I'm From Missouri". The Evangelistic party had a service to-day noon at Bruncr-Ivoryj factory and they will also be special invited guests at services to-night. , Mrs. Spencer a member of the Evangelistic team, was called to Oklahoma City, due to serious illness of her mother but she is expected back for the services tonight. . The Evangelistic party visited Spring Hill for an assembly program yesterday in both white and negro schools. The daily broadcast over KXAR Is heard each afternoon from 4:3P p. m. to 5 direct from the City Hall Auditorium. These meetings continue all this week through Sunday night. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. Hogs 11,500; Jower; bulk hnice 180-220 Ita 18.75-19.^5, largn- 19.00 up early; choice No. 1 nd -2 180-190 Ib 19.35; weights 50-170 Ib largely 38.50: 2?0-2CO Ib 8.00-75; .100-300 Ib 17.25-18 2!i; sows 00 Ib down' 16.00-17.CO: heavier ows 14.75-16.25; -boars 12.50-15.00. Csttle 2.00, calves 700; about teady; c ow sutility 'and corn- nercial 9.50-12.00; canners and cut eri 6.50-9.00; .bulls utility and ommercial 11.00-13.00; canners and ut1ers.-8.00-10.00; good and choice 'calers 18.00-10.00; good and choice ealers 18.00-24.00; fr-v/ individual >rime 26.00; ccmmerci&l and low good vealers 12.00-17.00; commer- wholesale buying prices unchanged; !)3 -score AA 59.25; 92 A 59, 90 B 58.25; 89 C 57; cars 0 R 58.5; 89 C 57. Eggs easy; receipts 10,176; unchanged to/ll-i lower; U. S. largo whites 33.75; mixed 38; T S. me riiums 33; U.S. standards 34; current receipts 26; dirties 23; checks 23. Wants Break Between U.S., Russia ial ard good 2.00-16.00. Sheep 1,000; prime .lambs. slaughter calves steady; good to all wooled skins 9.00-20.0; : liberal percentage 9.50-20.00; top 20.00 freely to all luying interests: ewes up to 5.00. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK rather w'de (fflProfit-taking on scale tore some NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK (/PI Cotton futures were lower today under moderate pressure of liquidation and helgins. Offerings were absorbed through scale clown mill buying and short covering. Late afternoon prices v/ere 15 to 30 cents a bale lower than tho previous close. Dec. 34.02, March 24.41 and May 34.C6. By JACK BELL WASHINGTON W) Sen. Know land (R-Calif) renewed today his call for a diplomatic break with •aying the action would against Com- loles in the Stock Market today Teating an irregularly lower price pattern. Gairjs and losses usually were confined to a range of between 1 and 2 points either .way.' . Steejs and motors were hit'by sel'jng, but they managed to weather the tout and came back with same plus signs. Railroads, which were out in Jront with the steels yesterday, had toubte .with selling today although rails," were ,up ; around ,2 Alrcr'afts were' higher to OT£»il order; isrues. ' " - . . -. - ... ... *rOTTLTRY & PRODUCE CHICAGO (« Live poultry steady on ycomc stock; receipts 990 coops (yesterday 805 coops, 153.159 Ib); f.o.b. paying prices unchanged tc 1 lower; heavy hens 17-19; "light hens 12-14; fryers and broilers 23^27; old roosters 12-12.5; eaponettes 27-29; hen turkeys 34-25: torn turkeys 25*; duclding s 23; farmer ducks (over 5 Ib) 22, under 5 lub) -1C. Butter firm; receipts 078, OOfi; from a Rupert hospital, where doctors said she had been, molested, but not raped. __ __ JPRE-THANKSGIVING SALE DRESS SALE Begining Friday Morning at 8:30 pjOhior, misses and half sizes. A wide " these lovely, smart styles now and on thru the holi- WQO! Jerseys, flannels cottons. .. NOW 7.95 , .NOW Q*95 ^RISSIS ,,.,, NOW \$TM * DRESSES f ,,,. NOW French Seem Alarmed Over Collins 7 Timing f By JOHN RODFR1CK SAIGON, Viet Nam UP) French officials expressed concern today over the timing of U. S. Gen, J. Lawton Collins' announcement that the United Stfles plans to take over resnonpibility lor the training of the Vietnames-e national army. French sources ?ay the first contacts on the qunciion were made only ; a .few cloys ago and ^consequently it ;i§ premature to te talking about it yet. > Collins, Presj^nt ; ; Eisenhower's special ambas'sbclo'r"to Viet Nam, made the announcement in a press conference' yesterday. His other statements GIT. the need 'for Vietnamese unity and U. S. support for Premier Nj;o Dinh Diera received generally favorable reaction from the French. The French said Collir,?.' announcement is aimost certain to bring charges from the Communist-led Vielminh in Noiih Vietnam that the French a.id the Americans are Iryir.g to evade the Geneva agreements. Tiiey say such a charge can be answered when the entire plan is drawn up but now the Vietminh. can be expected to dp their 1 best to sidetrack the arrangement. The Vietn-.inh ralio already has broadcast charges that Collins was sent here to srbotace .the Geneva accords, which ended the civil war by dividing the- country between Ihe Vietrr.inh :.rd the French-supported Viet Nam government :n Saigon. .' . 'The agreements included provisions barring cither side from ill- Russia, impose a "moral 'auction'' any further expansion of munist influence. He spoke out in an interview aft er a bipartisan conference of con ttrersiona! leaders with President Eisenhower yesterday. The divergence of foreign policy views between the President and the party's Senate leader apparently went unmentioncd at the conference. Eisenhower has rejected a previous proposal by Knowland for a break in diplomatic relations with Moscow, declaring that a way of living together in peace with the Russians must be found. Knowland criticized talk of "peaceful coexistence" \vith Russia in the Senate Monday, There should be a searching congressional review of the nation's foreign and defense policy, he said, to determine whether it needs "a basic change," Secretary of State Dulles subsequently said the free nations, largely under U. S. . leadership, have strengthened t,h e m s e Ives aga,inst Communist pressure, and that he knew of no emergency requiring a special review. Secretary of Defense Wilson raid the alternative to some form of peaceful coexistence is war. As did Dulles. Knowland said the term "peaceful coexiflence' 1 is subject to a number of interpretations. New Dru^ Kills f he 'Worst Pain 7 BV ALTON L. BLAKESLEE AP Science Reporter ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. "ft The '.'.worst pain, in the world" is being stopped by curious new drujr described todr y to the American College of Surgeons. The pain comes from a nerve ailment in the facetic douloureux fai-ly common after 40. Attacks can last steadilor two or three weeks.' Victims can't eat, or even shave. Some commit suicide from the agony. Many 1495 creasing the size of potential its military forces. of 11.95 HATS of QFF fell and winter Millinery. All feJts, gnd Velpurs, Uovely feet* •' ' J;3P ON SHOPPE Expelled Wife of U.S. Envoy Not Talking NEW YORK WIMrs. Betty Jane Sommerlatte, who figured in the recent international faca-Flapping tizzy in Moscow, returned home today but wouldn't fay anything more about the incident. "It's just wonderful to be home," she told reporters who met her aboard the linor America. But the 27-year-old wife of an American diplomat refused to say another word when newsmen queried her about the slapping ,of Rus sians who detained her for taking pictures Jn Moscow. Her husband, Karl Sommerlatta, who was second secretary of the United States Embassy in Moscow, told the reporters: "Let me put it this way. My wife has made a full report pf bll ths facts to the Department of State. They are the only'ones in a position to make any statep.ient on this." • " Mrs. Sommerlatte wns met on the ship by her parents, Mr. anci Mrs. Samuel McCormick of Wilmington, Del. Her father i? presi- McCormick Con- dent of the struction Co. Also greeting her were her bro- ller ther and s-'ister-in-lasv, Mi', Mvs. Robert J. McCormick. prot her heads ihe Transportation Co. in Wilmington Mrs. Sbmmerlatte, accused of ''hoijiigenism" and ruled "persona non juats" by the Hussions aftej the Moscow affair, pcsad for togruphers with the remark: "I m used to this by naw, will be the Ijrst «Re J'VP " pho V -i-, ,'x. doctors •it's the agree worst vith victims that pain in the world. Surgery cutting the face nerve ias boen the best remedy. But hnt causes lo'ss of aJl sensation in one side of the face, sometimes eads to eye complications and loss of an eye. Offered Bribe, Says Mother of Fighter NEM YORK (Ift The mother of welterweight contender Vince Nar- Linez said today the Paterson, N.J., fighter had reported a $20,000 bribe offer to throw an Oct. 29 fight. The report was made to the State Athletic Commission arid the district attorney's office. Mrs. Anthony Martinez raid that Vince, a handsome, 25-year-old former draftsman, had been told "to keep it quiet" by Manhattan District Attorney Frank 'Hogan's office. Martinez won <the fight, handing. Carmine Fiore a sound beating and stopping his Brooklyn rival in the seventh yound. ( Hogan's office confirmed it still is investigating the reported bribe offor.. "There is such an investigation end it is continuing for the district a spokesman attorney said. "Otherwise, we have no comment." The offer and the subsequent action that followed was cloaked in secrecy. There hasn't been any rumors on Broadway and Martinez entered the ring p. solid 2-1 and better favorite. He had beaten Fiore before, on Jan: 30, 19S3. and the BrooUynite wasn't given much of a chance to win. HOUSTON. Tex- ( VP> unaccompanied .elephants ambled along 9 downtown Houston street for two blocks yesterday. Ihe eloph&njs escaped whUe be- teg kad<j(J .aboard a circus tryin. tf REPHANS MONEY SAYING SPECIALS!!! c Thursday, November 18, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS IETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Shop the Entire Store and Save Now! Ladies Coats Here is a rack of coats that include values up to $22.98. Shorts and regulars. A special value buy for only .: f. PAJAMAS Ladies cotton flannel pajamas in all colors. Ideal for cold nights. 1.98 PANTIES Ladies nylonized panties in brief styles. Another special value for only Prs. 1.00 SWEATERS Ladies new fall sweaters that are 10096 Du Pont Orion. Turtle neck styles. Only 2.98 Friday November 19 The Dahlia Garden Club will meet Friday at 2 p. m. at the home of Floyd Fuller on the Rosston The Friday Music Club will meet road. All members who have not Thursday November 18 Thursday, November 18, at 7:30 p. m. at Mrs. Garrett Story's home. Brookwoocl Brownie Troop will done so are urged to tmng their dues. Arrangement to the after* non for an accidental line. The Fulton P. T. A. will have meet immediately ' after school' 'chicken-spaghetti'dinner" at"the Thursday. November 18, instead of Thursday, November 25. school on Thursday, November 18, beginning at G p. m. Price of dinner will be fifty cents. Drinks and The Daffodil Garden Club will'? e " ert ^"1 be extra. Chicken sa- meet in the home of Mrs. Gordon l * d . sandwiches will also be sold Rnvi« 00 n. 9 r, ,r, Th,,,.^nv- M™. ! This dinner is for the benefit of school library. and Bayless at 2 p. m. Thursday, November 18. Mrs. Floyd Lcverelt will bo associate hostess. Chapter 328, Order of the Eastern Star, will meet Thursday, November 18 at 7:30 p. m. ANOTHER EXTRA SPECIAL PIECE GOODS DOMESTIC 6 Yds 1.00 PRINTS Yard Wide 4 Yds 1 .00 CORDU ROY 36 ,nch .Yd. 88c FABRICS /w&$^&-^ /m AND CHAMBRAY One G'roup 36 Inch Yd. The Intermediate MYF of the First Methodist Church will have a wiener roast Thursday, November 18, from 0:15 until 8 p. m. at Fair Park. Mrs. Edward Aslin, counselor, urges all members attend. to BUY YOURS NOW ..... BLANKETS . * J-KVOW.O, . - • 60x76 COTTON '- f DOUBLE COTTON f% BLANKETS, t.29 BLANKETS 2. ••••••• 70x80 COTTON • f ff\ Rayon & Nylon/ 78x80 m fbQ BLANKETS 1.69 BLANKETS 4.98 5% WOOL BLANKETS . . 3 Work Shoes Men's leather insole and leather weltS'Work shoes. 4.49 Sport Jackets Men's reversible sport jackets. A 2 in 1 jacket. 9.95 Sport Shirts One table of $3.00 men's sport shirts for fall and winter 1.98 Men's Shirts Flannel shirts in assorted patterns. A special buy only 1.79 \ Men's Shirts Blue chambr.ay shirts that are regular 1.49 values. 1.00 Unions Men's winter weight unions.' only 1.98 Pajamas Men's rayon, also broadcloth pajamas for only 2.98 Dress Pants * Men's rayon and acetate pants in new fall colprs. Only 4.98 Sweat Shirts Men's sweat shirts for cold weather ahead. Only 1.49 Dress Pants , Boys crease resistant, dress pants in rayon and acetate. 3.98 Blue Jeans Boys 8 oz. blue jeans at this Special low price. Size 6 to 16. 1.49 Boys Unions Winter, weight unions at another special low price. Only 1.49 MEN'S FALL AND WINTER SUITS Smart new styles, fall colors and materials you will like in these suits. Men don't miss this outstanding suit buy at Rephan's. EXTRA SPECIAL ONLY 0 c. * LAST DAY '* — FEATURE TIMES — 2:00 - 3:48 - 5:36 - 7:33 - 9:30 ROCK HUDSON-ARLENEDAHL EXTRA: 1. IN THE NEWS ARK, vs RICE! 2. Cartoon, "Rail Rodents'' 3. Novelty/'Fire Fighters" *Fri. BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM ^^ ii» ROCKET MAM 4 CfHtUlr.fCK Mtf*» CHARLES COBURN • ANNE FRANCIS JOHN AGAR • SPRING BYINGTON , GEORGE. "FOGHORN" WINSLOW * TEX RITTER * BILL ELLIOTT "NORTH OF THE ROCKIES" Chapter 11 of Serial "MANHUNT IN THE AFRICAN JUNGUE" i COLOR CARTOON Former students, teachers residents are especially invited as a homecoming occasion. The Garland P. T. A. study course will be held Friday, November 19, at 2:30 in the school auditorium with Mrs. Vic Cobb as leader. Saturday November 20 The Melody Maids will meet at 10 o'clock at the home of Carolyn Story. Sunday November 21 V. F. W. Auxiliary to Post 4511 will be hostess to the District 10 meeting Sunday, November 21, at 2:30 p. m. at the V. F. W. Hut. Mrs. Lorene Harper, department president, of Little Rock, has been invited to - be guest speaker. All members are asked to be present.' Monday November 22 The Beta Rho Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha Sorority will meet Monday night in the home of Mrs. Mary Welch, Oakhaven. Tuesday November 23 Production Is Increased , 25 .<akl today thp ".spoctaeufSfc* in steel production which has toUr» icd th» clejical staffs of som6 .•tool fiims "undot an avalanche .of paper work*' ho $howS slgnS of leveling ott. The indii.siry has scheitulrd rtions ihi«i week at SO pof cCti rated capaclty-an increase of points ever Last week and a high for ihe year. The hietal working weekly said this is the llth consecutive Week output has bren increased. •\Vilhm ihe post three nionths/' tlic m«U4a?ine jevoaled, "stbel pvn- ductioh hoi. aoomed more thnil 31 per cent," lion /ge said stoe' men expected ;i p'ckup In business but they were A holiday party story is told here in terms of metallic and velvet. Fitted velvet top with one wide shoulder strap (left) is paired with paisley-printed* skirt in gold motion and cotton, ter) has: very wide skirt in gold metallic embossed with tiny black velvet Howers. Metallic brocade separates (right) with Oriental feeling are in gold. Camisole blouse buttons down the front; Skirt is banded in brown velvet. Scooped neck velvet top (cen- full skirt is released from the hips. Boyle and a:kcd if he would lake me on All members are urged to be pre- sen t_ The Business Woman's Circle of|you_can get out of this one." the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday night, November 23, at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. F. J. Burroughs, 921 West 4th. for the j a hunt. He agreed. So I tied my study of "Pilgrimage to Brazil." pafspr.rt pround my body for identification in. case of accident and wrote o>.\t a one paragraph will leaving all my debts to my % .vKc. "New where do I boi-.-ow a spcnr and a horse?" I asked, recalling that the last time I had been on a horse was in 1936. "Oh, that i-fyle OC hunting went out Ion? ago," my host; who has ged nnarly 100 wild bor.rs, explained. "We use rifles nuw.' Then he described how ,it is done. It . is all rather hereditary. You Agencies to Get Budgets Sliced LITTLE POCK Wl Eight state agencies probably are going to see their' 1955-57 appropriation requests sliced by the Arkansas Legislature and maybe cut below their present level. I felt my honor was a stake. I ' Slate Budget Director Julian looked up a-wild boor expert her-i } f°^ nn to]cl . th <-' Arkansas Legisla- Gontmuea rrom rage One had promised to bring back more than 90 wild boar ears. "Well, Rover, you've really lied [ your way into trouble thi>; time," rny wife told me as I left. 'Unless you find a dead pir: in the woods with as many ears as a centipede has legs, I can't ;;ce how Mrs. C»bb and Mrs. Coffee Entertain American Legion Auxiliary The American Legion Auxiliary met Monday, November 15, in the horde of Mrs. Victor Cobb with Mrs. Clyde Coffee as co-hostess. The meeting was called to order by the president, and prayer was offered by Mrs. Elmer .Franklin, Several items of business were disposed of, and it was decided at this time to make Saturday, November 20, "Poppy _ Mrs. E. O. Wingfield-presented a very interesting program, using as her theme, "Thanksgiving". The hostesses ' served ; .,a salad plate with coffee' to 14 members and three visitors. Annie -Hoover Circle Meets In Rider Horne The Annie Hoover Circle of the First .Baptist Church met Monday at 2:30 in the home of Mrs.. Joe Rider. The meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs. Hugh Jones. The business session was conducted by the circle chairman, Mrs. ' W. H. Gunter, Sr. Mrs. Basil York taught the mission study on "Pilgrimage to Brazil". Mrs. Rider, assisted by the co- hostess, Miss Sue Wesson, served cake and coffee to 11 members. Paisley 4-H Club Has Meeting Bobby Pate, president, presided over the Paisley 4-H Club meeting which was held Tuesday, November 1C, at 2:30'p. m. in the school auditorium. The song leader. Penny Roberts. directed the singing of "Omerica" and "Arkansas." Leland Fant, vice-president, led in it? Men's Casey Jones OVERALLS 8 0*. Vest Back OVERALLS .,, 2.29 9 Qt. Vest facts OVERALLS .,. 2,98 6Q% VVpol Uned JUMPERS , . . 3,98 J(|Tp /Bhi: mT m H,;J^^k Jlk^i • ittr • HOPE'S FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE l) r . MB.uuu.i.iiiyi.piMi.-y.i.i^-^-^ywwTi^^ "' | a5i-''S,'£" < "KS''?vx ! ises*' 'i I ® • the young point of view In shoes presents BEAUTY IN BABY LIZARD Finely marked lizard skins in fall's newest pumps. Choose your favorite heel> your favorite style,,. Perfect with tweeds and wools. Luxury fashion at a welcome price. 10.95 PAGS TO MATCH either have to inherit the land or have considerable money. The wild boars are naturally hereditary. So are the dogs and the beatprs -,wh?> rout .thorn out of the deep; fr.rcst recesses. So are many of the hunters two take up fixed positons and- wait for thu hereditary rlogs and hereJitary beaters to chase the hereditary wild boars past them. The direction you fire is also hereditary. You m list shcot only down certoin fixed lines, lin«s fixed perhaps by n great grandfather of a present hunter to insure safety. "In a singe season we may take as many as 400 boars," my host sai.l, "taut can't nvcn recall the last time a hunter was accidentally k:!led. A Tew years ago, it is true, one beater \Yas slightly wounded. As he was being carried by on a litter one of our guest hunters, a visiting prince frr.m the Middle East, asked were we permitted to shoot the boaters, too?" "But aren't wild boars terribly dangerous?" I asked. "Quite rarely,' he assured me. "They always run from a man live Council yesterday that nearly five million dollars must be cut fr.om the requests of the State Hospital, Boonevillc Tuberculosis Would Enlarge Nat'l Security Council NEW YORK (UP) B crnard M. Ea.uch culled last night for I , , , ,, ,. ,. , 0 enlargement of the National Sue- which we are stilling on reach an agreement-with the Soviets a catalogue of our strength and -weakness,' and correction of the weak ness. Bartich spoke at the annual din- i-oi of the W'ng" club, an oigam curity • Council on a non-parti-Jindustry, san basis and a standby,.mobjliza-j lion program. "The com.10 we would pcrsuc in peace will not do now." he said. "Nor will the course which war dictiitcs. We need fresh thinking. ' The elder statesman said 'many problems arc si ill to be thought through. He listed these as; An economic policy toward our antagonists, our allies ;md the- neutralists;. A global flralcgy to replace 1 , , J(m o£ mombcis o f the avmlltn Santorium, Confederate Home and the "disjointed and piecemeal re four training schools for white and Negro boys and girls. Hogan said the Council would have to reduce the recommended budgets even below their "present level to hold the anticipated lax income line. The eight institutions have i"j- appropriations totaling ?8,«20,000 a year, Hogan said, which is an increase of $4814,438 over the current biennial appropriations. A five-million dollar cut would dip about $200000 into the total present appropriations. •''"•. . A member of the . Lagislativo Council; Stale Sen. Artie Gregory cf Little Rock, proposed establishment cf a "watchdog" agency to administer funds of statD 'correctional and mental institutions. • Gregory aFked that the Council research staff make an immediate study of the "feasibility" and constitutionality of the creation of such an agency. Fulton Soldier Back in U.S. SEATTLE, Wash. ( UP) Two Army transpoits were diu: to arrive here today from the Far Eart with 22 Arkansas •servicemen aboard. Arriving on the' USNS Marine Phcenix will be: Cpl. Carmie Adcock of Hot Springs; Cpl. James B. Anderson, Cave C:ty; Cpl. Andorson Bcasley, Fulton: Sgt. Whiteford F. Grumpier, Magnolia; WOJG James N excet wounded and even Culbert, Ft. Smith; Pvt. Rnyburn then seldom attack a hunter. We go to some expense to keep them cheerful. If it is a bad winter, we spread acorns and potatoes in the forest so they will not suffer for lack of food." Well, that drained away my remaining hunting lust. I could see now how it all works. It the start of each hunting season nn old grandrn boar calls his family together and says, "The proprietors of the forest have been very kind to us this year. It is a matter of family honor that we show our gratitude. We must .'et the- hunters , . . L - Deloach, Cherry Valley; Sgt. •v repeating the club pledge, after- which the secretary, Patsy Jones, read the minutes. The boys and girls then met in separate groups with their leaders, Mr. Oliver Adams and Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie. Mrs. Wylie showed the girls how to make bookholders and picture holders to hang on walls, and also how to make spico- racks and cookbook holders. Mr. Adams talked to the boys about "Safety" and gave each boy a pamphlet of 4-H Club safety tips. Egagement Announced Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Rizzo of ! Monroe, La., announce the engage- iment and approaching marriage of j their daughter, Joanne, to Ca»i j Denman Smith, son of Mrs, Charles I R. Collins of Hope, and the late Cad M. Smith. The wedding will be solemnized at St. Matthew's Catholic Church in Monroe, on December 22. The bride-elect is attending Sadie Newcomb College in New Orleans, and her fiance is a student at Tulane University. Hospital Note§ Discharged: Mr. J. A. Williamson, Hope, Amanda Jackson, Hope jBen Farmer, Emmet, Linda Harnpton; James W. Freman, Sgt. J, T. Harden, Jcnesboro; Russell ville; Cpl. Herbert G. Huff,. North Little Rock; Paul Jones, El Do- radio Cpl. Richard L. Moore, Jacksonville; Sgt. Edward L. Nickels; Fayette ville; Cpl. Charles W. Rodgers, Ola; Pvt. Ceaphus Webb, Fordyce; Cpl. Murel White, Cro->- sett; and PFC Britt E. Wrinkle, Okelona. Arriving aboard the USKS M. M. Pati'ick are: Cpl. George D. Bechdoldt, Huf- Airman Charles E. Brewer, Mountain View; Cpl. Rodney B. Johnson, Paron; Cpl. David NeJson, Lu- burne; Cpl. Joseph Person, Jr., West Memphis; and Airman Phillip J. Woerner, Charleston, WINNER WITHOUT WIG TORONTO, (UP) Eeulah, an ag.ng blueblood, was selected as a beauty queen yesterday despite the fact she los'. her wig before the judges. Beulah was lined up with other HoMein conte.stants when a judge gave her tail a friendly pull and the end came o'ff. The other judges decided t h e false switch her ownsr had added only enhanced nor natural charm tir-d she was y.ted one of the threo best aged and uddercd cows in the lineup. An acre of good farm land usually will provide forage for 10 to 12 young pigs and the necessary breeding stock. : _Qpte MeCanlc^ Rope S. .? have their sport. As I am old anil bo'red with being wild anyway, I will volunteer to run by the firing lanes today. Remember, noblesse oblige!" The family. shakes h'ooves farewell. Old grandpa lurches rheu- matica)ly upright, and rolling his eyes and snorting as loud as he can, leaps up before the dogs and beaters. The hunt is on! Well, call ;ne a sissy, b»t I just cpn't go thsoueh with it. It wouW be like trying to blast open « hahy piggy bank wiU> 9 shotgun. im mn&bt taw —•" — sponses wifh which we mcl Ihc ALARM TOO LATE WALTHAM, .Mass.; V/illinm Hues, 27 who works for a burglar alarm company was in a liquor store testing the burglar alarm last night. Three masked men, one carrying a gun, held up the place • and robbed the proprietor and a clerk of about $200. They frisked Hues but he had not money on him. Hues ruefully told police the soviet challenge; conditions upon alarm was in. good working order. Unus TO forChrife: w^--^/' MUSICAL STUFFED V-iV Soft, cuddly musical' 1 c. t .., delight the heart of any chll'dSj , Plus a fine selection i HALL - MCNEILt: ', TOT /N'.'TEENi ' " 'Sfo.&,, 102 S. Elm * Phone 7-3661 PEPSODENT KLEENEX 'Check That Sniffle! VICK'S INHALER For head colds . Get relief i Cox's has filled over one-.third million ., prescriptions. Bring us your riext one. Eversharp SCHICK BLADES Injector of 20 73« 2-ounce LANOLIN PLUS Liquid skin care *1 $/.94 Parker Pencil ft ANTIZYME Tooth Paste O/A JOHN P. (OX DRUG (0. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 J / We Give Eagle Stamps Your,Extra Savings ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & 7 HAY DRUG STORE Mineral Oil Pint/ Size (Limit i);~. , .,. . Lifebuoys 3i25 Tooth Paste 47c Size TISSUES Box 3001 (Limit 2).........', Whiiper-Sott New Design MODESS Approved Electric VAPORIZER Itot , s the por? H m i r ^5lo w> brown, r rat§, bl ^ MIMMS PLASTI-LINER for FALSE TEETH Powder Puffs Soft velour GIFTS FOR THE HOME.,. TOYS GALORE.... BATHSCAU „ CORN POPPER KITCHEN CLOCK ," Low Boy" style, up. Pops *-qt, offish ppp* n»««lwffl> igs ^wra-VtAp'' Ftil»rl« pn»««lwffl> jigs by <ewn«l9r . . Q^S, FOft HIM JIHE* HiH Pwmpty P4nciitioiwt nursery toy, colorful AOe plastic. 7-in. t kttlf r l»¥ link Authentic model of U S. l&Wt Box. QQp jand^ey, *"• HUMMING TOP 7-in. top thai 1$ sur? tp fascinate the little tots., i MAGIC M^i? stole ons, f raser. W ? )t~' ZIPPO LIGHTER UWp/op/ QSO »iy/« f , . , v"* Gleaming ?h,rprrif Variety ol styles , 1 « f • ! « » ZIPPER IAC U-jnch tfriluy typs »»,.. DHL TatWelu*

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