Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1954
Page 11
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•V^VM.M&fjr'l^pM^ ' : "f,' -;K~'-,($* A . '"A.' 1 - * ,'*' H 6 P 6 STAR, H;0 P E, A ft KANSAS Wednesday, November 17, 1954 .for & 'moment even Daggett was WWllVtw* *.l^ »~.» — rnilisr. Up to the past week they had heard It Hghtly on fhe radio, a* M.C. of a program that mtro- riucod amateur talent, as a way r.f ffrcviding entertainment without Itrnining the budget Following the trend of discourtesy w ra Watch Ripped From Arm of Doctor's Wife By RAEIGH ASBROOK ' CLEVELAND f/P)- The ' wrist .^ s avKl *»*, „«,.„. ,.^..~ watch Marily Sheppard wore the we&k to 25 lower; sows uneven; hight she was murdered was ripped ,, verase steady to weak; bulk off after the blood on her wristr hojce " 180 .220 Ib 19.50-75 ;225-260 had dried Coroner Mr. George(j b 'i« 75.39.50; few later 19.33 testified today. ^Idcrwn; 260-300 Ib 18.00-75; 140-170 coroner, pointing to a pic-.Ub 19.50-20.00: part deck choice No. -.-'-•'.-»—. St, L0UI8 LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKY AKuS ill. I* Megs 7.200; open fairly active t-> Flow; barrows and gilts ISjO Ib up rteacly to 10 lower then " average; lighter weights U. S., Korea Settle Their Differences By MURRAY FfcOMSON SEOUL, Iff) South Korea and the United States' today settled their outstanding differences and cleared the way for p. 700-million-dollar economic aid program. U. S. Ambassador Ellis . O. wins trcno 01 utsvjui i ,^-j w »<*- uui unci i jjt'Jiiiius iv w i-'*' j ~» i iu ju.iw^j.uu, £j»i v v.— - - - - jsrig^s 3nci r^nmG jviini-^ior "yun guests--and Kirby was always -hire of the pretty yoiuig woman's is arcund. 21C Ib'also 2P.OO; halfjYuni? Tai signed the agreement, » . , ._,, j i-_ .,_. ._._ ,. , . ,— —<_ , , 1 nn it, on ox- crm><: » or fnally ending three months cf gn ass 5duoUB '| ha( j excelled ' ' he ch > IIIHU \;AUVU«-VI .......*..- --I proved to be his last broadcast by L ....^.. .,—..." ihisj heartless mockery, ol a young M^kagger- man who lacked talent. " *""" BUS- The young man had proved an : his .embarrassment by going home and ihi putting a bullet through his head, .play,- Kirby's contract, in response to I pubic protecl-the station proving: let, (trf the for the jury tryine her oste- hurband for muder said his examination "Indicates the baced was in position when the blood stqins were wet. ' ,'It remained in position until the blocd was dry," said the coroner. deck arcund 170 Ib 20.25; sows 400 Ib down 17.25-75; one lot Choice light weights 18.00; heavier sows initial down Dr. Samuel H. . uble : protect-the staton ,P»yng- Shd ar(rscontct , Uon thflt a prowl- fr. sensitive, to public disapproval kfll d hig ( and snatcned the I np SLrHfl" I OB* .•a*;*»ff* vi »,%• ••" p..— — — — — - - — i- *- fcw-'aavsUs Kirby was to trends-had been use it-broken with a crash that ier.oimded across the nation. And Kirby had Vanished from the haunts of men. ."Well, r>o'v," the old man said et-length, and Greg detected with eaOsfaction the uncertainty in his vdibe, "Well, now, this is a bad Situation!" ' '^Awkward" agreed the ; familmr yoice. "Unpleasant, of course, es- r.erjlaliy in my profession where poimhtrity is a man's life blood. And i:yet, you know, I can't see •that I Was responsible." • r For" a : long moment Daggett ,]i fetudied:, Kirby.; Then he . made up of ilii&- mind. /"That open door creates fe-'draft;, Please close it." v : "thank you." Kirby closed the ^ <tdor and' leaned back ouickly as 'Daggc'tt would though .afroid change his r/iind. . , • Hannah- gave Greg a bewildered Jock and he' shrugged his shoul j dors. This time, he thought, the old man had really gone too far. • Kirby settled himself more com- er killed his wife and snatched the watch from her wrist later dropping it While ransacking the house. The blood-stained watch was discovered on the floor near where Sheppard sat stripped to the waist the morning cf the murder. This wrist watch testimony was the second "surprise" clue hurled by the state at chief defense counsel William Corrigan. The first was Gerber's statement that the bloody outline of a surgical instrument was discovered on the murdered woman's pillow. The Orthopedic Frame Co. of Kalamazoo, Mich, sad today the prosecutor's office tyad mailed it a copy of the bloody Imprint. The company w'as asked whether the imprint matches any surgica instrument it has .made and sold to the' Bay View Hospital where the osteopaths in the Sheppard family practice. The state contends that Dr. Sheppard cu bed his wife to death, then went about the house pylling out drawers and disarranging: furniture in an effort to make it appear a robber had committed the crime. ' , Dr. Gerber explaining the drying action of blood under questioning today by SauL Danaceau, assistant county prosecutor, said the blood becomes stqcky within a few minutes and then take between 15 and 20 minutes to become dry. Defense eounsc; Cprrigan inj 15 50-17 00. Cattle 3,000; calves 800; t,alcs on good and choice about steady at 21.00-20.00; hoifers most M _ i n.so- 1Z50-, cpnners and cutters 6.00-9.00; strong cutters.9.50; bulls steady but some pressure appearing on utility and below; utility and commercial bulls 11.00-13.00; canncrs and cutters 8.00-1000; vealors ftnd calves steady; gco'd and choice vea'ers 18.00-24.00; individual head prime to'20.00; commercial -and low good 12.00-17.OC; commercial ar>d good slaughter calves 12.0016.00; utility end low commcrical 9.00-11.GO. ' . ' Sheep 1,500; savcral lots good to prime wool lambs . 20.00, ot steady with Tuesday; trend no fully established; aged sheep steady; slaughter ewes 3.00-4.00. POULTRY AND PROCUE CHICAGO (UP) Produce: vrangling. The settlement sets forth a brond are a of agreement on political economic and military questions am reiterates the interest of the United State.? and South Korea in achieving common objectives. The United States agreed to pro vide South Korea in the next fisca year 250 million dollars worth of economic a)d r.nd 450 million dol '.ars in military asristr.nce. A r° liable source said it would be America's largest single nid pro gram for 1055. Miss Collins to Television NEW YORK (.fl Spruce up men. Dorothy Collins, secret flame of millions of males from 6 to 60. will be back on your TV screen Mov. 20. She has been taking time out to iecome a molher, She and Ray* nond Scott, musical director, of Your Hit Parade, ofl which she stars are parents of their first child — a daughter, Deborah. Dorothy, whose frerh, unsophis- .icated beauty has Caused heart "utters from coast to c^ost on NBC-TV, has b?cn off the air since June 12 when Hit Parade aegdn its summer vacation. Polly Bergen has br.cn taking her place since the show resumed Sept. 11. Mrs. Collins has been one of the dii-tinctive new personalities developed entirely on TV. While entrancing' men, (-he has done so as the old-fashioned nh'l a man wouldn't dare whistle at, Ark-La Hearmg Is Again Delayed : LITTLE ROCK W) Resumption of the Public Service Commission hearing oh Arkansas Louisiana Gas yearly rate increase was postponed again today. The hearing which had been scheduled to re-open tomorrow, was deferred until Thursday. Earlier there had been a postponement from yesterday until tomorrow. Both postponements resulted from a -conflict with a hearing before the Securities and Exchange Commission at Washington on proposed transfer of a majority of common stock in Arkansas Louisiana from Cities Service Co. to W. R. Stephcr-t; Investment Co of Little Rock Several attorneys interested in the rate case also participated in the Washington hearing, which now has been concluded The gas cbmoahy has given its testimony in the rate case. When the hearing gets underway again, the commission technical staff nnrt objectors to a rate increase will introduce their testimony. Schleswi*. la., to the International \Livustock Exposition here. Railroad officials said the stock cars will be painted yellow and green, the same as streamlined Wednesday, November 17, 1954 _ Live. poultry: Market steady. 1C Goal Is 24 Hours Without a Death By United Press The nation geared today to SG an .ill-time safety record a day, without a traffic accident anywhere in the country. That is the goal of S-D day, a 424- vnir pci io'd next Do'. 1 . 15 dedicated to safe driving. Considering thai there were 10,n fl t U'O t'.-ffic i-i'y.'^entjj in tho trucks; ui. ivo; ' . No Chicago poultry board price changes tociay. • • Butter: 617148 pounds. Market firm. 03 score 59>/ 4 cent a pound; S2 score 59; 90 score 58'/ 4 : 89 score 57- carlots: SO sec re 5B-/a; 39. score sists. "We're not just going to lay down and admit it was a surgical instrument." . . Corrigan is expected to spend at east a day hacking, away at Dr. Gerber's testimony. Two have tanged several times in the past Last J.uly , he;'-;.peppery gray haired .itte. coroner tcssed Corrigan out of an inquest he was holding into the murder. He said tho attorney was interrupting f-nd interfering with the proceedings. Particular significance was attached to Dr. Gerber's testimony because the murder weapon has never been found. Although the cooroner would not disclose what kind a surgical in strument he- believed the ' large blood mark showed some prose cution soiircee said it resembec the head of -a "site" used to re move heavy paster casts. NEEDED KINDNESS MILWAUKEE, Wis . , (UP) Sylvester Frankowski, Sfi. brought into court oh charges o hitting four year eld. Scott Bus who, he said, had thrown slono z>t his car. Judge Hobert W. ' Hansen ordei cd Frankowski to "use' the mom you would otherwise pr.y as fine" to buy toys and ice cream for the boy. He said the boy hail no father ard needed kindness. 57 Eg"s- 10 47 cases. Market weak en "top grades, steady en others. White large extras 40 cents a dozen- ixed large extra 39y 2 ; mediums 3 ; standards 34; current receipts 26; dirties and checks 23. BROILERS LITTLE KOCK UP) Nor t Invest rea: Market weak: Demand fair o good. Broilers .and fryers 18-19. Mostly IS. Batesville-Floral area: Market nseUled Demand light. Broilers nd fryers 19. All .orices f.o.b. farm. < county last year safety ' experts Lolt the coal proo.-.blv would be un- i ininabie. But th«/ hastened to ai-l that they wt-n*. everybody to r>re-- ! <.ent Eisenht wer in announ- d.-c; the Eoc. 15 drive late yester- Iv.y .'aid "no eniUavor could be iTu> r f v >:thy of our universal co- or.orntion." He called on every Ar • rican to: I. Foiicw common-sense rules of g••,-<-' «•. •. ils'man.'ship and courtesy. but who stirs visions cf !t vins- covered cottage and kids around the door. That's exactly the kind of girl Dorothy is • off camera, say those who knosv her best. Sh« always has insisted the most important thing in her life was home and farhily, a-d that a cai ecr came second. She and Scott shun cafe society and Dcrothy still hasn't been in- ddc many of New York's famous night spots. Since their quiet wedding in July 1952, she and Scott have lived in a comfortable, large home overlook- ng the water at BabyJon on Long Island. However, when they earned a. baby was on the way they decided, the place wasn't .suitable for children and put the houss up for sale. EXTRA SPECIAL CHICAGO, (UP) Hog? will travel "first class" next week on a blue ribbon special trr.in from GRAIN AND ROVlSIONS- CHICAGO (If. Soybeans picked p strength late in the session of he board f Trade today and gains n this cei:cnl found .some reflec- ion in other grains Until tho late strength • m spy- beans, the general market Deans, i..e pt'iieiai JI.BII>V.I .,?: >ecn lower after- a quick-hx show f firmness n't the star. Fiof- t takir," .was a fac.tor in tnis wa 2. Obe.v traffic regulations. 3. T.csfJve to stay alert and cart-f'.sl. •If nv-.-ry. one of us will do these t'iree tli.nps, safe driving day can Ue ;i day without :> traffic accident RICH 'COOKIES' SUPERIOR W is., (UP) Mrs Pauline V/alber?, 68, left $10;000 stuffed in a rookie jar and her will in a coffee pot before she deid authorities said Contents of the will were not revealed. SMALL APPLIANCES for everyday home needs. JOHNSON ELECTRIC CO. 319 West 2nd. Phone 7-2155 passenger trains. PRESCRIPTION DOLLAR WORTH MORE TODAY Drugs Cost Less: Your prescription dollar is worth more today! Although the average cost of prescriptions has gone up, your prescription dollar is more effective. It buys more drugs that cure, rather than drugs that only relieve. As an example: penicillin costs 97% less today than it did 7 years ago. Originally it was produced in flasks by the ounce; today, it is produced in huge fermentation tanks by the 1000 pounds. We would appreciate your allowing us to fill your prescriptions. Have your doctor call us. Ward & Son DRUGGIST 102 W. Second St. Phone 7-2292 IETY Phone 7-343.1 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar *, Wednesday November 17 The Paisley P. T. A. study ([' will be held at the home of Mrs. Fcrrell Williams on Wednesday morning from 10 until 11. All Pais- j ley mothers are urged to attend ; tlgk meeting. Mrs. James LaGrossa "'>wm lead the discussion. The Gardenia Garden Club will ,rneet Wednesday, November 17, *iat 2:30 p. m. at the home of Mrs. P. H. Webb, East 14th street, with the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday night, November 23, at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. F. J. Burroughs, 921 West 4th, for the study of "Pilgrimage to Brazil." All members are urged to be present. Poplar Grove 196 Has Monthly Social Arrangements of roses decorat- .f. .ti. weoD, j^asi i*im sireet, wnu ed the home of Mrs. Leo Harts!Mrs. Ross Moore as co-hostess.'field when she entertained mem- Mrs. Arch Moore and Mrs. Sam bers of Poplar Grove 196, Wood- Strong are in charge of the pro- men's Circle, on Tuesday evening, aram nn "Bulbs." Members are November 18. an Plans were made for the December social to be held at the W. O. W. hall. There will be a Christ- reminded that there will be exchange of bulbs. Thursday November 18 Mrs. John Vesey and Mrs. R. T. White will be hostess to the ladies ry Club on Thursday, November 8, at 12:30. SAENGER NOW! * FEATURE TIMES • 2:00 - 3:48 - 5:36 - 7:33 - 9:30 TRAVEL TIP FOR YOUR THANKSGIVING TRIP! A new feature-length "Tcpper" movie is in the works, and will feature the stars of the TV version. Anne Jeffreys and 'Robert Sterling . . . zArthur Godfrey's sis ler Kathy, who had network whew of her own for a time on ABC, now docs an- afternoon shoppers' program on WPX, the New York New TV station here. About 80 per cent of the working population Of the Dominican Republic works on farms. Here't only on» of MO-PAC'i many DAILY travtl conv«m'tnc»i /' 'Convenient Through Buses * ST. LOUIS ONLY 19.10 PLUS TAX Thursday November 18 The Azalea Garden Club will meet Thursday afternoon at 2 o'- ilock at the home of Mrs. Talbot i'eild, Jr., with Mrs. Roy Stephenon as co-hostess. 'hursday, November 25 The Daffodil Garden Club will meet in the home of Mrs. Gordon Bayless at 2 p. m. Thursday, November 18. Mrs. Floyd Leverelt will associate hostess. When wild rebellion thundered across the teeming jungles of India'and one man barred its way...fo|- glory...for his regiment ...for a woman's love! That "Magnificent Obsession" Guy! about balanced by trade buying. Late afternoon prices were 25 cents a bale lower ti 10 cents higher than the previous close Dec. 34.08, March 34.48 and May •34.77 easier Ircnd. Wheat cloned .lower, December -2.29%-'/i, corn 1 cent lower to OATS higher lower cember 85, rye Vz December -1.55, to higher Deto 2 cants low- CORN (ROUND TRIP) P.S. Coll your agent about the n low-coi» Family Far* Plant PACIFIC TICKETS • INFORMATION MISSOURI PACIFIC PASSENGER STATION Phone P Respect 7-2651 The Friday Music Club will meet Thursday, November 18, at 7:30 p. m. at Mrs. Garrett Story's home. Brookwood Brownie Troop will meet immediately after school Boyle HOPt SfAft, HOM, AfKANSAS 'Dear Phoebe 1 Should Win TV A words By WAYNE OLIVER NEW YORK W) More than 50 different sets of awards are made annually to various television and radio shows >and the new Peter . . . mas tree and 'members will exchange gifts. Each gift should not exceed one dollar. •Games were played with prizes being won by Pat Faris, Marie Coleman and Dorothy Norvell. Charlene Wiggins received the door prize. The hostess served a dessert plate with coffee to Betty Faris, Pat Faris, Nettie Tittle, Chloe White, Marie Coleman, Dorothy Norvell, Nettie Wiggins, and Charlene Wiggins. Continued from Page On* sacrce, but Mme. Duchene now looks back wistfully upon this as a happy time, because those she loved were at least together. After the collapse of the Allied lines in the last war, two young Scottish soldiers, John Me Cubbin and Bobby Conville, leaped from a Nazi prisoner train near here and escaped. 'The woman who hid them be came frightened," recalled Mme, Duchene. "I couldn't let the Gnr mans take those boys again so 1 said they could hide with us. We had a bed but no mattress, so Florrie 0nd I ripped open our sofa pillows and made them a mat Lawford filmed comedy "Dear Phoebe" on NBCTV should win a hatful. Flying in the face of all tress, so the poor lads would sleep easier. the video rules producer Alex Gottlieb tossed out the canned laughter that sponsors and ad agencies love; in fact, just about everybody loves it but the public. Hecorded laughter, a trademark of the filmed situation comedy on TV, is supposed to tell the viewers "That Bobbv he was such a w h c n to laueh. Gottlieb is mak good little boy. Always laughing. My daughter ran a millinery shop, and Bobby used to help her make hats." The two British soldiers hid Music Makers Me e t With Mary Sparks Mary Jean Sparks was hostess uuei iiiiiiicuiaicz^ anci s^i.^ui ary ean pars Thursday, November 18, instead of t o the Music Makers on Saturday Chapter 328, Order of the Eastern Star, will meet Thursday, November 18 at 7:30 p. m. The Intermediate MYF of the First Methodist Church will have a wiener roast Thursday, November 18, from 6:15 until 8 p. m. at Fair Park. Mrs. Edward Aslin, counselor, urges all members to attend. in at 10 a. m. Jo Ellen Barr conducted the business session, and presented Mary Margaret Daniel, the program leader, who gave a talk on Marian MacDowell, wife of the composer, Edward MacDowell. Instrumental solos were played by Ann Cole, Mary Eppler and Lanelle Fuller, accompanied by Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. "To a Wild Rose" was sung by the ensemble. Mrs. W. M. Sparks assisted her daughter in serving refreshments to 17 members. the Duchene home £t night for 14 months, sometimes moving to oth er places during the day. One dpy, while Bobby was out, three Gestapo agents knocked at the door. They searched the house and found McCubbin, shot and him when he tried to wounded escaoe. "i" told Florrie to run out the back, that it made no difference if the Germans took me as I wouldn't live long anyway," said Mme leave Friday November 19 The Dahlia Garden Club will Duchene. me." "But she wouldn't or Dec emb er $1. 27- $1.20, soybeans 3 !/ 2- 4 Vi higher, November $2.81-$2.P>2. ..'''" NEW YORK COTTON NEW . YO RK Wl Cotton futures moved ir. a nurro range toay with- ou tcsUiblishing •,: Guarantees It! ' ' ; flrpw!nfl thick to be Held Here After the examination the per- on is told the required length of reatmerit and how much it will „„__„ ___nre'M'. ^-^- FikSiwk*'4«f AW*iAHB ', ..' bst. After starting treatment, the per- on makes regular reports to the Ceele firm in Oklahoma City to heel? the progress of the home reatment. To speed the opportunity ol nor- ,ial, healthy hair, to the thousands who are desperately looking for telp, independent triehologigts are /isjting various cities throughout he United States to conduct ex aminations and start home treat ment, NO CURE-Atl, •'We have no curerall for slick, Shiny baldness." Keele emphasizes, fjf there is fuzz the root is still csplfile of creating hair and we •ai}^perfprm; : what seems to be a ,,„.„ is one thing Keele wants 'certain every man and woman „,.>.,. s. If a recession appears at the temples or a spot begins to g^ow up on the crpwn of the head there is something wrong and it ishould be given immediate atten- fortably and pulled out a, gold oit?- i-ret case, which he offered to Dnggett and Hupert. With his left hand, which had made r remarkable recovery, he produced a gold \ghter. , , "J take it," Dnggett .remarked, 'that you have gone into hiding." Kirty's pleasant voice did not change but it was obvious that he waF annoyed. "Temrcraiy amnesia " he corrected. "By the time I recover I'll have thoupht out a ref,lly dramatic way tc .reappear. And by that time, poor Perkins will have been forgotten." . Again there was the curious ex pressioh on Dapgett's fece. "But meantime," Kirby went on cheerfully, ."I .drift as Ut-htly as a cloud. No ties, no duties, ao obligations,'no taxes, no wife. It's the •nillenium-" . . , ,, "A bit c-n the negative EKie Daafiett pointed out, / •''What the world needs IF move negative rc-acUons;" Kirby s:uJ. "Think of the demands that are made on us every day. Ask the man for This Brand of whisky, ^n That Brand cigaret. Soil your dia- cnds. Call this number tonight ot tomon-cw, mind you, but to- ght; don't waste a minute. lake at insufferable character m AHcv hose time was worth 1000 pounds minute The thing is absurd. What we need is more re&)ly as ressive nonbuyers and adamant HAIR FOR 'If clients follow our directions during treatwenis, ancl after they fini«h"the. course there is no reason why they will not have hair .all the rest 'of their lives," Keele , _ Our firm is (Jefinjrtely behincl this ; ion-do?rs." ., After Greg's .reticence, Hannah s estful Quietness and Rupert's hesi- ant if imneccDble English, the car eemed filled with chatter. All clut- cred up with words. I am glad the windosvs are down, Ores thought, o I can air cut a few phrases. Rupert set trying to look as hough he were not there. Philip Kirby, apparently, was a well- known criminal who had gone into hiding. Crime meant la\y. Law meant someone saying, "Move on. love on." In the rwvlew mirror Grog aw his face »nd Knew what was going >n behind his »nxwu» «y*s, fATt's* nfcav. auuart." he said, For Men Quick Tripper, $19.50plg« Ion Two-Suiter, $2}. 00 plu« tox For Women LADIES BETTER COATS HALF PRICE SALE 34.95 ... ... NOW 17.50 39.95 ... ... NOW 20.00 49.95 .. . . . . NOW 25.00 55.00 . ... . . NOW 27.50 .... NOW 30.00 NOW 35.00 •...... NOW 42.50 ..... NOW 45.00 ....., NOW 50.00 meet Friday at 2 p. m. at the home of Floyd Fuller on the Rosston road. All members who have not done so are urged to bring their dues. Arrangement to the after- non for an accidental line. The Fulton P. T. A. will have a chicken-spaghetti dinner at the school on Thursday, November 18, beginning at 6 p. m. Price of dinner will be fifty cents. Drinks and ' dessert will be extra. Chicken sa- Births Mr. and Mrs. Max Murphy of Tyler, Texas, announce the arrival of a son, Kevin Patrick. The paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Murphy of Hope. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Young, Jr., announce the arrival of a son, Erwin Paul Young III, born November 10, at St. Michael's Hospital in Texarkana. Mother and daughter were put in solitary confinement in prison here. Neither would- give any information to their captors. After 9 months, during which her husband had diod, Mme. Duchene was released. "But they took Florrie to Ravens- bruck, that awful place,' she said, "and later to Belscn the must terrible of all. 'When she fell ill they took her ing. Canned laughter is sometimes downright confusing. The laughs recorded at seme event .that real ly was funny, all too Often are dubbed in after straight lines or else obscure a portion of dialogue that is funny. There are three types of laugh tracks on filmed comedy shows: 1. Those recorded from a live studio audience present during the filming, as in "I Love Lucy. 2. Laughter recorded from a live audience in a theater at the sub sequent, screening of the film, as in I married Joan. 3. Laughter recorded from some unrelated event' and dubbed into the film sound track after lines that the producer or ag writer think you should laugh at. It's No. 3 that has, drawn the loudest objections from viewers and of the record agreement .from many performers whose shows are so afflicted. . But the No. 2 category, laughter recorded at a subsequent screen ing, also can be disconcerting when the sound engineer makes Barrymore Had a Long Career \ By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD ^-The death of vough old Lionel Barrymore robbed Hollywood of otic Of has iti in City Hotl In the City hall Cower id Parfdf and their fsrniile* vited guests. He preach ott a sj?6cf« occasion,, "The - J Parlor" or 'the Price dut. most colorful and sentimental characters. How he would have snbrted it he had been called sentimental Jn his lifetime- He likes to growl and grumble like the world's greatest grouch. It became an act with him and he Was easily imitated night club mimics. by But that exterior toughness Was only to hide a softhearted gentle man who wrs sincerely Interested be 00 his in people. He would appear to unconcerned with others, but cas!onally he would expose sympathetic nature. When a prom HEAD PET —Explorer M5- chaeln Dennis can't seem to get Africa out of her hair. She is shown with a pet she picked up in Kenya. She and her husband just arrived in London, England, after four months in Africa, where they were filming sequences for television. inent Los Angeles boxer got trouble on a dope rap, Lionel attempt Hospital Notes . lad sandwiches will also be sold. Hope. Admitted: Mrs. Emmet, Linda Ben Farmer, Sue Hampton, This dinner is for the benefit of the school library. . Former students, teachers and residents are especially invited 1 as a homecoming occasion. Saturday November 20 The Melody Maids will meet at 10 o'clock at the home of Carolyn Story. . ' " Tuesday November 23 The Business Woman's Circle of ROCK HUDSON-ARLENEDAHL ,"—URSULA THIESS EXTRA: 1. IN THE NEWS ARK. vs RICE! 2. Cartoon, "Rail Rodents" 3. Novelty,"Fire Fighters" Get the Best for Less Ease pain of headache and colds. Get the fastest-acting aspirin relief money canbuy, 12 tablets lOc, 100 only 49c. A Ptough Product Discharged: Mrs. Edith Cassidy, Hope, Lillie Moss, Saratoga. Driverless Car Runs Over Owner LITTLE KOCK (tfl.Bob Sid- erS chased down his driverless automobile and brought it to a halt after it ran over him yesterday. Police said it happened this way: The brakes on Sider.s' car failed on a hill. Siders fell out when the car struck another. Then his automobile ran against a utility pole, which deflected its course back toward Siders. Before Siders could get to his feet the car had rolled over his left leg and left arm. \ Siders jumped up, chase_d the slowly-rolling vehicle oO feet down the hill, caught up with it climbed in and stopped the car with the aid of a hand breke. $2.95 Larkwood fabulous 59.95 69.95 84.95 89.95 98.95 e vv 1 Wordrobv, $25-00 plui lax • 6 oma?!ng better-than- leather flnUhes (wipei el»f M with a damp cloth, dene* wepr pnd teorl) f Pock more clothes— ln lew »pqc«. YORK FURNITURE CO. 8wy New •*->• Ny Utey no.oo NOW 55.00 25 Coots in oil-Mode by Swonsdown, Jaunty Jr. and Betty - Rose. Be here early for best Selection. Sale opens Thursday November 18th, NOW ONLY a pair tlie'sheefsheer stocliing that stretches to the shape of'your legs' Those' ingenious Larkwood people who created Stocking X have now found a way to bring it to you for just $1.95 a pair! If you haven't tried it yet come see how it follows every curve and hollow of your legs, as though if was custom made for you. Stocking X fits perfectly average Jegs, thin, not-so-thin, short or 'long legs. Wont wrinkle, sag, bag, twist or bind. Keeps seams straight all day Expands when you walk and reduces tension that causes runs. The luxurious dull look is permanent because Stocking X is made of the new processed "Chadolon" yarn. Elegantly gift packaged 1 or 2 pairs to the box. •w- away frcm the other priscners on-2 day. I have asked and asked what happened to her after that, and no one will tell me. "She was go good and nice . . . so kind to everybody." Eobby Conville was smuggled back to Britain by the . Belgian underground. John McCubbin, despite a bullet in his back, survived his wartime say in a German prison camt). Both men got in touch with Mme. Duchene as soon as they could to thank her. Three grateful govern ._.„„. ments Belgium, Britain, and the _ f rO m United States have honored the j n 1950. gallant old widow with citations and medals for her valor. She lives new on a small government pension which she said is all she needs. She does her own housework, .reads and sews. But her son, Leopold, hss diet since the war, and she is now all alone. . Does she ever regret taking the two escaped British prisoners into her home an act that changed her ]ife. "No, I make out," she said sturdily. "I have no regrets except that I have lost my two children. That is the worst of all." There was a silence; then, as if the words were dredged forcibly from her heart, Mme, Duchene said: •It had to be so." As she let me out, she looked quittly at the'paint-covered bullet scar on her do'or. "Time passes," she said. T.ne doer closed, leaving the old lady alone with her medals and her memories. . ^i 'SilyeTChaTice' Could Premiere Right in Hope Some city or town in the United States will receive as an unusual and glamorous Christmas gift a Hollywood-type world premiere, complete with stars and fanfare, as a reward for its efforts in the s'ale of Christmas Seals, it was announced today by Art Linkletter, nationally famed radio and television star. Linkletter, joining with the National Tuberculosis Association and Warner Bros. Pictures, today announced that the town or city showing the greatest mail sales in proportion to population during the first three days of Us local Christmas Seal drive will be awarded, as a Yule gift, the world premiere of "The Silver Chalice," Any town, big or small, that can show a Cen- emaScope picture, is, eligible to win the gala event, which is tentatively scheduled for December 17. Based on the famous novel by Thomas B. Costain. " The Sliver Chalice," a Victor Saville production, is one of Warner Bros, most important presentations for 1954-55. Christmas Seal committees will tabulate their mail sales at midnight on the 3rd day of local drives and telegraph results to the National Tuberculosis Association. The winning town or city is to be named by officials of the National Tuberculosis Association on the basis of these returns and will be announced early in December by Linkletter on his "House Party program which is broadcast daily, Monday through Friday, on 70 television and over 205 radio stations of the CBS networks, . Launching his far reaching drive to sell Christmas Seals, Linkletter announced' he will be aided oy appearances of famous guest stars on his own program. He -also plans to appear on other CBS shows personally to aid the humanitarian drive to eliminate tuberculosis. Warner Pros, is making arrangements to transport to the select- e 4 wwW WWOW9JU& & t «£ .^w, .H the volume of laughs louder than the humor on the show would seem to warrant. Despite all tha hoopla ever color TV, retail sales of black and white •ets in the first nine months of his year reached a record 4,6451 iOO, up 8 per cent from last year . . Radio set sales came to 4032,000, a decline of a little more ;han 10 per cent from last year. Because U. S. farms are growing larger, their number is decreasing — from 6, 00,000 in 1935 to 5,500,000 personally deliver the print o "The Silver Chalice" to the pre miere and to serve as host. Starring in "The Silver Chalice' are Virginia Mayo, Pier Angeli Jack Palance arid'. Paul Newman The lavish picture, in Cinema- Scope and Warner Color, was produced and directed for Warner Bros, by Victor Saville. BAIT—Pretty Mara Corday is surrounded by things nautical as she relaxes on a fishermen's pier in Hollywood, Calif. The shapely film .star'was taking it easy during off hours from the studio. ranged. to have a heart to heart talk with the lad in an to straighten him cut, During his 28 years at MGM Barrymore was greatly Hit-rested in the younger talent on the lot nd trjcd to help newcomers along ith gruff words of advice. He always fended off intevlew •s-who questioned him about his wn feelings. He tried to picture limself as a doddering relic. But >e was sharp as a tack. The last me I saw him was when, he was ailing for Joe DiMafigio to ap car for a guest spot on his radio low. I mentioned that the ball layer's then wife Marilyn Moni-oe vas also tardy. "Well, she can arrive Icte with me any time she wants," he re lied. Lionel carried the secret of .his cal self to his grave. But a mem ber of the family once told me f the tragedy of his life. "Few people remember it, but Lionel had two daughters," the nersdn • said, "both died when hey were three." The family member recalled Lionels weeping one time as he lecalled what might have iiap jened if his daughters had loved. Such a loss would be hard for any parent. And no one c\er filled the void in his life left when his second wife, Irene Fenwlck, di6d 18 years ago. And" so Lionel adopted an out wardly bitter attitude toward life. But perhaps his real feoling was expressed in the final words of his autobiography, "We Barrymoros": '•These are the important things; youth, and health, and someone to love you." He closed the book with words from Macbeth starting "Tomor low, and tomorrow, and ,tomor row,"'-Sentimentally enough, these were the words he ^ was when stricken. ' ""' said Comer arid people ing at 4 p. m. for a **tjrf<fe on the regular broideset PIN _ AND NOT KNOW IT! montinu reel— —-.-- - teleagnsof Pin-Womi! pnrnsltcs that medical e)tpt Infest one out ot evtry O\r eons examined. Entire f^ may be victims and not Imp To get rtd'of Pln-Wo; " posts must not onli""" ' killed in the Ittreej they live and mum actly what Jayne's .... and here's how t— Fir»t-o sciontlfio coatin rles the tablets in to tho fore they dissolve. Xft*. .modern, jncdi«il|y.-«>P' eredlent goes right tow, , 'Pin-Worms qnlckly g and Nutritionally, honey is equivalent to sugar. dangerous, hlirhl dltlon. At the , Worms, penuine ?hesnmU, forlPiN- PENNE V'\ V)f^ S£L reaso £§i i/*& .::..,.,,, .^^^^^^^^••••••••,- ..„„«„.,,*».,.»...* NEW ASSQRtMM , * \ *'/•-«*; -f"SP 1000 YDS. ^ • New 1 ' , t • >; /1 , '<!Hit?l t Plenty of Sofid f p!pt|| • Sew Now and • 36" Wide! YpVDyeaj|J ' ' ^^' : >|fl tBSvnnTu laiMniq-TriJiiTwff—rH*™"*™***™™^^^™™ 083 ™ 6 *" — ]NEEDLE 'N' THREAD® BROADCLOTH PRINTS Penney'* Own High Styled Cotton that's Sanfpriiedt/ Machine /.... j .) U "Here's a'high'COunt cotton broadcloth tlwt epel> «jU»Uty ' fadOon in every way! 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