The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1940
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 295. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTHBAbT AltKANRAR ANPI orw,•,.,,*.=.„ ..TOO™,,,, "^~^ * ^"^ AltKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Dlythcvlllc Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader Jilythcvllle Courier BlyUieviiie Herald HMTIH'.'VIU.K, AHKANSAS, SATURDAY, J1AKCII 2, NAVAL BATTLE IS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Fuehrer Hitler Talks, Envoy Welles Listens! At Berlin Conference , _. xwi f —, m : ,,,i : , Adolf Hitler told th-il'tlTn" i C1 '- sccrc ; tar - v •>!' State Sumner Welles today vm r'™,r; ', mi ! y havc |)C>aCfi on G<»™iny'* terms anil ir -i i A, " !IVO <|tiostion<i(l thc iiiuili'iilitv of lhc United States. - •* Well informed German quarters said lhat a considerable part of their discussion, which lusted an hour nnd a half, was devoted to German-American relations and I that as a result the respective ambassadorial pasts In Berlin and Washington may be re-occupied. Both ambassadors were recalled last spring, the official reasons be- j ing for consultation at home, Neither has returned. Reliable Informants said that The The .-....,I.j .1ULU IJJIll, during the conference Hitler told Welles that any European peace must be based substantially on Germany's acquisitions and a recognition of Germany's "natural" spheres of interest in central Eli- rope. Hitler was said to have taken the initiative regarding the attitude of the United States, asking Welles a number of pointed questions regarding the American attitude and i( s nlleged allied sympathies. Hitler was reported lo have said that in his view the United States was not following „ strictly neutral course and as result Germany found herself in a position where she must be wary of al) dcmoc- •...• „,. racies. ra " °" Reliable informanls said also , ta , that Elitler gave Welles almost nol...-" hope that Germany might play a direct role in mediation between Russia and Finland because of Germany's reliance on Russian supplies in a probably long war. . Informed German quarters bc- lievepl that in talking with Welles, Hitler summarized his war "aims °J_J»nc.e terms a long tile lines of pronouncements made in recent speeches. Hitler has proclaimed publicly lhat in addition to desiring to end "British domination of Europe" Ihe Nazi regime intends to maintain "the frontiers which it lias corrected—meaning permanent, inclusion in the Reich's "living space" of Bohemia, Moravia, Memel, Austria and most of western Poland. He has made it clear that Germany regards Central Europe ns its own sphere of influence and only last Saturday, ns Welles approached Europe, Hitler indicated that Germany's ambition in Central Europe remained unsatisfied. Welles. President Roosevelt's spc- cial envoy to Europe, listened almost all the time during the conference with Hitler, it was said. Hitler's tone was stern. Informants said, in picturing an intensified war for which Germany was fully prepared and Indicating a belief that no basis for peace ex- Gcl To Sei-ve State Sentence If He Survives Federal Term NEW YORK, Mar. 2. (UP) — txmis U^pke) Hnchalter, mob leader who socialized in industrial rackets, wns found guilty toclny on 15 counts of extortion in the trucking and baking businesses. A life sentence is mandatory because he is a fourth offender. was a triumph Attorney Thomas E. with lhc for Distri Dcwcy in out punishment to „ .„. „ federal court sentenced him to only inrcolic ring. rnment, however, gets first M Commander Kelly In Address Here Warns Against Involvmenl "America First" wns the theme of lhc address by Raymond J Kelly of Detroit. Midi., nalionnl commander of the American Leg- i ion, ut the clly auditorium last. ] night which was heard by Legion- ' naires of Arkansas, Memphis, Tom) nnd Southeast Missouri, and other e.v-servlec men who joined with the public of Blythcvlllc in wcl- i coming Ihe luillonal commander. [He had selected Ihls city as one of the five he would visit in Ills lour of Arkansas. Thc public address followed an "Open House" .supper nt (lie American Legion Hut when 428 veterans greeted Commander Kelly as they reminisced of thc first World War. 1 In discussing the need of keeping Ihe Uniled Slates out of win-, Commander Kelly urged the build-' inu-up of national defenses, the maintaining of decent, neutrality and thc weighing carefully of ail rpn e V o be ,. Is one nll-incliislv (son for the Legion to m-f vearsf ,i H n jcars of IMS life. He will begin his ' lie snr- isted because Britain meant to crush the German nation and peo- Mn.x Silvermaii. a co-defendant was found guilty on all counts and 15-year minimum. They will bcseiv tenced March 16. 0 . ^ pinions Given Thai . - lin again, presumably for another conference with Hitler, after he lias talked with Premier Edouard Daladier of France and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of Crent, Britain. New Vorfc Cotton prcv Mar. . 1091 May . 10S8 July . 1034 Oct. . 96S Dec. . 952 Jan. . 049 open high low close C!OK ' -' Clerks, Secretaries Can- nol Legally Be Paid LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Mar. 2.— if Arkansas school board and oilier employes, including at least 33 in Little Fio:k are bcinj paid illegally, tlic attorney general's office ruled yesterday. Assistant Attorney General J. p. Koone. recognized as nn authority on school laws, said county treasurers can lie sued on Iheir bonds for paying school funds lo em- ployes not expressly authorized by the legislature. Mr. Koone issued the opinion to •-,- ,. . . . . „„ M ' S S Christina Vnn Marion, Con- Auii:orizetl quarters expressed be-, way countv cx , lmi n el . , k . lief that Welles would visit Her- whether school boards ihe d author- I!.. nnniM t.^Ei^i.v.\n V>l.t <•«•• nvint Tim 1 , " <VUIIHJJ ity to pay salaries to .socrelarics ano clerks. "For a number of years lhc larger district.'; of Coeway county have been employing one clerici! assistant with each district paying its share of the salary," MJss Van Marion said, "ft we can't cmplov clerks, how do Ihe large districts •ik-e Little Rock, El Dorado. Port "mith and others do thc same hiug?" Practice Is Widespread "I know the practice all over the late in thc large districts is 'Similar to that in your county." Mr. Koone replied. "But I don't find '.ny r.tatiite authorizing the payment of secretaries or clerks " • He pointed to a state law which uithori7.cs school boards to "employ •uch teachers and other employes s may be necessary for the proper :onciuct of tlie public schools of •he district." He said Ihe words, "other em- ployes as may bs necessary." were jonstnied to mean only those em- :loycs specified by the legislature iiicl) as supcrintendenls, leachers and Janitors. He said thc statutes (to not authorize employment ol secretaries, clerical assistants, athletic coaches and enlcrtainmcr-t directors. Athletic coaches can not be included in the classification of those •>ai:i illegally, it was pointed out, all coaches in Arkansas high schools also arc teachers They would be barred from payment if Uieir sole duties were coaching but Ihe Arkansas Athletic Association has adopled a rule requiring that coaches also be inslniclors for it least three hours a day 1091 1085' 1085 109-' 10S9 1003 1063 10T 1035 1029 1030 103' 981 901 951 OG' 952 940 34G 95 3-19 9W 943 New Orleans Cotton prcv. open high low close close Mar. . 1102 1110 May . 1081 1082 July . 10-15 1W5 971 971 954 954 951 951 1096 1074 llOf 1084 Oct. Dec. Jan. 1096 1074 1040 1040 I04P 963 965 973 951 951 958 944 944 954 Stock Prices A T & T .................. 172 1-4 Am Tobacco .............. 88 Anaconda Copper ........ 28 3-4 Beth Steel .............. 15 3-4 Chrysler ................ 84 Cities Service ............ 41-8 Coca Cola ................ 120 1-4 General Electric .......... 361-8 General Motors .......... 53 Hit Harvester ............ S3 5-8 Montgomery Ward ........ 537-8 N Y Central ....; ........ 16 Pncttard ................. 33-8 Phillips ................. 36 7-8 Radio ................... 53-4 Republic Slecl ............ 20 3-4 Eocony Vacuum Sluclcbaker 111-4 11 1-2 Texas Corp 441-2 a moral and economic, cnrousnl. i We of our generation have seen and experienced Ihe screaming headlines, soldiers marching, bands playing, Ihe high wages and quick fortunes of war time. j "We know also the dlsinalness • of Ihe nalionnl awakening the i morning afler, when lhc piper j must be paid. . . . Soldiers and \ sailors dead in foreign • graves. ; hearts broken here al home, shal- | tercel bodies a.nd mijids lo care for, at a cost, of forty billions of ( dollars; these arc Ihe cruellies of jwnr. Is it worth an elfort to maintain ii national sobriety this lime? Legionnaires think so, practically unanimously." fn discussing (lie need for na, tional defense, the speaker said I lhat Ihe American Legion insists this year (hat no spirit of false economy he allowed to prevail in the nation's capital on lhc part, of (hose who are responsible for thc Nalional Defense establishment.. I Commander Kelly ndvocnics a i program designed to make Am- j erica slrong enough lo meet any I invader before he arrives here by 'storing and preparing supplies anil equipment for an array of 1,000,000 men. sufficient lo last for one year; (hat Ihe Panama Canal and I its approaches lie made impreg- | liable; that the United Stales possesses a regular army of 280.000 nnd | a National Guard of 420.000 men; • that the ROTC be developed and increased with a naval training corps organization augmenting the CMTC; that a navy be built sec- 'onrt lo none: that additional naval bases be established, especially in ilhc Pacific: thai an adequate Naval and Mai hie Corps reserve be developed; Hint funds be provided for completion of the presently approved aviation program of Ihe army, navy and marine corps; that more stralegic flying fields [and bases be provided; Hint the 1 ' program of thc U. S. Maritime commission for 'the training of U. S. merchant marine personnel be endorsed; that Congress establish n National Maritime Mediation board. In his talk he ccmineiiled that thc youth of America is sound and urged the Legion to assist Uic coming Bdicralions so thai Ihcir strength will be re-doubled in thc event thai the. hour of our conn- critical however of the National Youlli Congress, which he said should purge itself of communist groups to hold America's respect. In closing lie urged his hearers to be cool and deliberate in individual pronouncement and actions during these days of strife and turmoil throughout the world; lo look at America first because we love America more; to ti-y 'to see both sides of every story and not jump to conclusions; to Intensify the campaign for the adequate national defense and to review history and learn from past experience lhat news from foreign countries i.s oflwi propaganda and If there is lo be any crusading, let it be confined lo our own country. Commander Kelly's visit to Bly- thrvllle—the first of a national commander since Paul V. McNutt wns guest of honor when holding DEVELOPING British Cruisers, Nazi U-Boats Are Reported 10 STIIENear South America The earnestness and eager reccpiivily lo the wonders ol the world dint mingle in this schoolboy's face might be duplicated in any schoolroom in Blylhevllle or ,,,iv other communify. Perhaps it wns ti, is universal appeal that moved New York City lonelier* (o choose "A Very Good Boy" as Ihe best of m photos in the Siiprrlnlcjjdeiil of Schools' annual pictorial report. Tlu- photo of the youngster scaled before his record l )(lo k, with its ,-cd .star for "Excellent." got two and a half limes as many voles as its nearest rompelltor. Louisiana Leislators Jnow es Exl.rn Session Demand BATON ROUGE. La., Mar. '2 iUf>> —Rebellious legislators iwluy : refuse;! to answer Hie call of Ciiiv.' Enrl K. Long for a special session nnd ended ilio 12 yrnrx of puppet Inwmaklni; founded liy •Kingfish" Hncy Long. Tin; governor, fighting to hold lhc remnants of power left by his defeated machine in (lie D'CIIIO- cralic Jinmff pritmiry, which failed to win him the gubernatorial nomination, announced that he had abandoned the call for a spec in 1 session. Roth houses were convened long after the appointed hour lo start lhc session. Neither had a quorum. Forty five minutes after the session wns to begin Lt. Gov. Coinman Lindsay went lo his Mniid in the senate nnd rapped for order. There was a stir in Ihe chamber, then silence. "The scnale will please come to order," Lindsay said. A woman in th c gallery .snicker- Britain Enlists Goats In Fire Service Work Cue to an edict of Henry vm ' venctl LONDON lUPi—The latest auxiliary fire servl:o workers arc coats. They nre being trained to lead horse:; to safety in cases of fire William Wright of Clielson. n breeder of goats, says they nre (he !ine:l sln'.ile companions for huvscs. Nothing ever perturbs a goat. The animals arc self-possessed and horses, which arc easily upset by noif.:?. will follow these levol headed creilurcs lo safety. Itivrr Hbinccl for Tall Talcs W1CKEMBURO. Ariz. (UP'-The Ifassayimipn river, flowing between Wlckenbnrg and Prcscoll, Ariz. is held to blame for many of Ihe 'tall „„ vt licilj y V HI, who was of Welsh descent use of the Welsh language Is tn an English court of law. shortly after 5 t when he arrived here from (Continued on Page S) a person who drinks of lhc rive can never ngnln Icll (lie truth. e;l nt. the sparsely scaled clininlier. '1 roll call was ordered. Only 13 senators answered thc call. Senator James A. Nov. nnll-nd- mlnislrallon leader, who b;u-kc<l Sam Houston Jones Gov. L"UI; for [he Democratic nomination, happily row from his sent. "Mr. President." hr began "In !he absence of a quorum 1 move v,'c ndjuiirn—" "In nbsMirr of » quorum there is no session of Ihe Semite," Llnd- *»y interrupted. Twenty wns a bare (iimrum in the Louisiana scnnio nnd llien each bill .olfcred would have to pass without n dissenting vole. Over in Hie house lhc story was the same—shy of a quorum by many votes. Thc scene was u great, contrast to the days of thc governor's Khig- flsli brother when legislators dared not heed me- call of the mighty fluey :incl ground out hills al his will. To Make Final Plans For AAA Meetings Kinal plans lor Ihe AAA sign-up meetings, lo he held throughout •Mississippi county, will be made at a meeting of Ihe County Committee In Osceoln Monday morn- Ing prior to the first meeting Tuesday. It hns been :im:onnccd. Parmcrs arc belli*? ur^ed lo nt- Icnd the meetings so as to better undmtaml the makiiu of ;i work sliest plan in order to obtain thc largest amount of nui :ey |>ossil)li' from the federal cu'.ernmciil In '•he soll-bui[rtin» program. The Plant lo 1'rospor contest being carried out In conjunction with the extension service's lire-nt-home program and Ihc orchard campaign, being waged to have more small home orchards here, will also be- discussed at these- meetings which will continue for ten days. Wells Kx]Jains B;isis For Assessment Form Which Mns Arousal IVolests UTTU! HOCK, Ark., Mur. 2.— New spirlii! luxes "n my | WC | lm( , nivi'sMiry" iijili-.w biiMnre.'i men (•„. opi-ruli. win, n, r Arkansas Corp- million Commission In t'c|iuill/linr , properly Commissioner John )•'. Wells warned members of the Ullle Kock Chamber of C'oimiieri-i' ye.slcnlny. Mr: Wells, speakinu n|. a luncheon nt Hotel Marlon, which was attended by one of the largest «utli- erlni's In Ihe chamber's hlslory. defended the commission's action In requlrliii; lluxl business men 111! out personal property assessment fiirms Mini Included five-year Income stalemenls nnd bahnu-e sheels. "Unless somolhliiH Is done lo slop Ihe decline In revenue from ml vnlorem (axes, heavier special tuxes are almost certain lo result," lie sidd. In replying lo crllielsm of (he new form which has been dls- Irlbuled to all county assessors In 'he stale. Tlic commissioner explained Ihe new form us Ihe second step In a program designed to equalize assessments or properly which, he said. "Ims become n Joke In Arkansas." 'Hie first slcp, he asserted, was n two-yenr study and revision of utility assessments, Tlic new form Is known ns No, III-A. "prepared and adoplcd by the commission for the use of county n.sse.ssor.s tilts year In assessing personal properly of all persons, linns, partnerships, nsso- clnlloiiK and corporations engaged in nny >kind of commercial or Industrial business In Aii.ansiis" except dvmrallc bunks and Insurance companies. The liitler use another form. The forms were sent lo assessors several weeks iifo. Protesls were heard from various counties, business men arguing lluil lhc form required llu'in to divulge too much (if llielr private business mailers. Greatest opposition developed over llii- provision for it live-year income statement and balance sheet of the business Involved. Mr. Wells explained tlial the Infonim- llon was needed lo penult Ihe assessors to compare the value of different businesses in efiimllzliig assessments, "Buy why?" asked J. K. Shepherd, insurance executive. "This Is ii properly tax slnlemenl. not for Income lax purposes. Will Ihls in. formation be used lo Increase tin- assessment of one business Just lie- cause Ii Is operated more efficiently mill makes u urcalcr prolll limn a similar business the street? "Taxes should be based on value of a properly," Mr. Wells replied. "The commission is guided by the law and what lhc courts rule, hut wouldn't yon pay more for n busl- iitss that is making money limn for one thai i.i not?" Bul No Bombs Fail On City During Longest Alarm Of War HELSINKI. Mar. 2. (UP)—Helsinki had Its longest ah raid alarm of thc war today. Warnings sounded at ll;. r »5 a.m. and Ihe all clear signal was nol given until 3:05 p.m. Bombing was heard norlh of thc capital but no bombs fell In the city. Thirty nine Red army planes— four sqiiaclroas of nine bombers each—escorted by Hires pursuit planes, were sighted by observers. It was.the largest rilglit seen at any one time by correspondents here since the sturl of the war. Another Leap Year Day Baby Reported Here Blyllieville has another t-eap Year baby. Robert Edward Lowry. son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl E, lowry, was born Feb. 20 at the Ixm-ry residence. 410 North Fifth slreel. The nine-pound son has a sislcr, 1 about Iwo years of age, wlio has a birthday every year while he will [have lo be content with one every ' four years. • WASHINGTON, Mnrcli 2.| (UP) returns lo lakrt I 'resident of (In. it)' repoj-l.s dial. Hie ..- ly /.one" had btun violulod Keporls flint n'llrlllsli merchant ship. tho KmilliKahv MM iiHuckcil by in: unldenlllled subimirliii! near I'nerlo Him came 'us 1 1 ic president completed n cruise through Die urm-nil waleis In which Hie mys- icitous submarine could have been opi'mllnx and look n special ti-nlii at I'eiisncolu for Washington. Al tlu 1 same llinc' it was reported Unit e ormv of HIP Cleriimn freighter Hi Troyn luul .seulllcd Uieir ship when a livlllsli warship Intercepted It In I lie IJutch West Indies wtlhhi the neutrality /.one. If II Is nscciluhied Ihnl n wnr- slilp and u subimirlne made nt- lucks wllhln lhc Caribbean, tin: UuHwl Sillies' military mid naval stronghold, It wns believed llils HWernuu'iil would protest. In ol- llclul circles It was laken for urnnl- ed the submarine wns Oeruinn. The wurshlp seemed Identified mi iSvlllsh. It was expnck'd that President Roosevelt, would tail upon lite linuls of the slate, wur and navy depnrlmcnls, nnd Iho const giiiwl, •»»»cdliilel.i' upon his rotiim (o (ho White House, 10 make, every clVoi't lo determine the veracity ot Ihc '•iibinurliii; reporl. If Ocrmnn submarines are oper- r.llng In American wntors limy may be- refueling from supply ships op- erallns! from one of lhc Aineilcan republics. All of these nations 'idopted n Joint tlcclnrnlton at tlie 1'annmn ccinmilhillyp ., conference forblddln'n operation from nny American port uf supply shl]>s for belligerent vessel 1 ;, j All American rnpubllcs now are considering a request of Unv/lllnii | Foreign Minister Dr. Oswaldo MONTCVIDKO, Urujfiihy, Mnreli 2. (Ul>) —Tlio si«!ci»l <[isptilcli I 1 v i) in Rio (.'r;iii<l<!, saiil today that "it i.s }'(.'|K)i'k'(l without con(ir- iiiiilion Unit u Djiviil buttle, involving Llirce Hritish cniis- t'rs mid six hii'tfc German Mibivmiiiios, is developing 200 miles I'roni Cape' 1'olonia." . SAN JUAN, l>, R., March 3. IUP) —A UnKcd Slnle.n const guard cnl- tcr nnd three destroyers converged today on a locution 151) miles norlh- ensl of here, well wi Hi in the Amer- lc:ni neutrnllly zone and not fnr from lhc route of President Roosevelt's recent cruise, where Hie British freighter Soiilhgnic hnd ro- pmled nn allack-by a submarine. There had hem no report' from Ihi! Smilli(jnle since tier radio flashed out un SSS call nlernn- tlonnl code for submarine attack— nt S:-ia yesterday. The coast Kiinrd cutter Unnlun, nearest, the iicciic nt thi! time, of Ihc distress cull, WHS expected there momentarily, according to reports nt the nnval opcrallue base at Norfolk, Vu. Tlio Uunlgn, ns well as lhc deslroycrs MncLclsh, Satlerlee' mid MII.SOII, also rushhig to Ihc scene, were believed to have been on neutrality unlrol In nenrby waters, As ihls combined rescue nnij Invi'sllgnllon dash proceeded, Cp- himbin Bronilcnsllng Company In New York heard a Urlllsh broadcasting company newscnst reporting that lhc Oermnn freighter Troja, 2,301) Ions, of the Hamburg-Amcr- Icnn line, had hccn set on fire and .scuttled off. lha. ptitcti Wif'sl Indies (iflcr hnvlngibueii.uhallcnged by u Hrlllsh \vnrshlp—iil'so \i'cll' w'flhhi (lie nciilrtillty ?.olic There nlsO wiss a report circulated In Montevideo, Uruguay by the Cnrvcr Broadcasting Company hut imconflrmcd elscwrjcre, Arunhii, (or rent-wed consultation' SCVfi ™l Ciernmn frclglitcrs nccom- lo consider ways nnd mi'iiiis of enforcing (lie wifely xone. Aranhu's reciucsl followed Interception of the Clenimn merchant shl|) Wnkmim all lhc const of um- •/ll by n Urltlsh crulsei-. 'fhe \Va- kiunn was scutllecl and the crew H'ns liikcn prisoner by (he nrltlili wnrshlp. This wns tin: lusl vloln- llon of lhc neiiliullty wine until (lie (wo re|>orled ycslcniiiy. All three uclllgcrenls—Clermnny, Fruncc and Great llrltnlii—recent- ly rejected the Joint' protest nf the Anit'i'icaii rcpubiirs nl lhc UatlU' h> "riiiniyan wnlcrs between the Cicnrmn poekel Imtllcsliip anif von S))ei l Jinrl Ihrrt- I3iill.s}i criii^er-s. The governments lind Inforincil the belllgcrenls llial they were considering pulling "(cell)" lulo Hi" safety /.one ducliirallon. One such mpnsuro, they sold, mlyht be I" forliM nny iKllluerciit I'c.ssel which v/iin known lo luive violated the panled by two submarines nnd p:«- sibly n pocket battleship, were as- sciuDled In the South Atlantic COO miles cnst of tlie Urugnuynn canst. 11 wns snld lint Hits convoy Included one or two auxiliary vessels that had left Hie tinixlllan ports cl IJelcin mid Bnhlii rcccnlly. The broadcasting company reported U liiul picked up r;ullo nii>.<ui.ii:ci d'us- dmlng the presence of the fleet. The position of tlic reported attack on (he Southgatc was close to the outer defenses of the Panama Cannl. wiilch President Roosevelt favors slrcngtliening. A nayy air base Is now being buill In Pnerlo Hlco mid a new military department has been created there. dipt. w. F. Towle. commander of the consl guard dlslrlcl here, said the position given in the £'oiilhgale's SSS was 19:58 Nortli. 0-1:00 West, "We have no information con- safely /one, lo enter any American corning the sHualloa of tlie 3outh- pmt for any cans!', even for emergency .supplies or repairs, inwlsr penally of imuiedliUc liilcrnmen'.. E 1 Dovatlo Man Wants To Be Congressman LITTLE ROCK. March 2. (UP) - Orcn Harris of El Dorado, prosecuting attorney for the 13th iudi- cihl district, today filed his cor- uipt practices pledge for the Democratic nomination for congress from the seventh Arkansas district. Harris. 3(1, seeks the post now- held by Heprcsenlallve Wade Kitchens, who is completing his second term. School Board Vote Set For March 16 gnte." he snld. "The SSS, which was r?p['j.lcri oncii. slid only, after identifying lhc vessi'l and giving; its position, that, a 'submarine attacked.' We have not, heart from the Unalga stvce It left and ilon'l know what may have developed there." ,-.-. Tlie Soulhfnte, of 4.852 tons, jp- parcnlly was bound from Monts- vldeo, where she arrived Dec. 1. The scene of her reported attack was near the Virgin Islands, a Untied States possession. The date of the annual school election In 39 school districts in] Mississippi county is Saturday, I March 18, Instead of loclny as cr- j raucously slated in yesterday's i Courier News. ! Previous articles had announced the dote as March 16 but yesterday's article through error stated Edgar Borum Auto Stolen From Garage The 1910 .Biilek sedati belongln: to Mr. and Mrs. Ed|ar Bonmi a'.5 stolen from the sora^e of their residence. 1022 Holly street, last night between 9 ard 11:30 o'clocK. Tlie car liad not been located at 10 o'clock this morning. Wildlife Photos Exiiiir.ica PHILADELPHIA (UP)—The first exhibition of Lorene Squire's photographs of wild ducks, geese and swim, Ims been held at the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sci- thc elections would be held today. I nice. Miss Squire has gained world • I fame for her bird photography and I many of her pictures have ap- Wlll Aid Preparation I l»ared in numerous books and nr i T n i 'magazines. Of Income Tax Returns >i E. Dalton. deputy collector of tlie revenue department, arrived here yesterday to assist persons In making out their federal income t;ix returns. He will be nl Hie court house iinlll Wednesday afternoon when lie-will go to Jonc-sboro after having already been to other towns of Mississippi County. WEATHER Arkansas — Cloudy and colder, showers in north portion tonight. Sunday considerable cloudiness, cooler in east portion. " • li; Memphis and vicinity—Occasional rains and thundershcwers, ^(th lowest temperature 'about 50, Sunday partly cloudy and, much colder.

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