Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 11, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1896
Page 1
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THt INDIANA, FRIPAy. MORNING. SEPTEMBER 11, 18964 NO- 218. Fall and Winter 1896-9T. Fall Importations of Black Dress Goods. ' NO woman's wardrobe Is complete without at least one good black gown.. A^d we are in shape to gowirthe fco-wu.. We arc "sole -agent* fov Prlostly's.iRe- " nowueil Black Goods, (always on varnished boards)' the name stomped on every'yard, anil every yard isv-guaran- tced. T.he stock has never been-, so complete, and we carry the banner on Black Goods. • We offer choice oC'oue lot oC Imported Black Goods, French Wool Brocades, in. new designs and weaves. All fall effects tli.it •»'i' 1 ' 0 ii'ipot'tea to sell at S3 cents, choice for 53c . We place on sale some handsome real Priestly Fancies In Mohairs'and Wool mul lu Brocaded Wool, worth ?1.2j, nils week for. ••'^ Fall Hosiery Underwear. Untold ri"a"tUIes of. fall and Winter hosiery sire now' in our lioiise. Enough you would say "to supply'the Slate." Not that much, quite, but all the best brands, and all Hie kinds and qualities. Onyx Hosiery. ' The Best Children's School Hose, Very heavy ami'very good ..'. --^ Ladies' -fust black Onyx. Fine guage, n. 43 cent quality for 2fo Underwear. We offer some splendid bargains in -fall weight umlovwoar at 25c Seeing is Believing and we see wu caiTy the largest aud best assorted ' stock of underwear for Ladies, Gents and Children in the city. This is a department we give a great deal of attention and we can supply your wants. All Prices All Kinds. , NEW SILKS. Among our patrons there are many early buyers. Your every desire has been catered to in this silk stock of ours. We hav£ not stinted the stock on. account of tO>e times. Bijwci 1 variety than ever and better, styles. Come and' see. . ' Wo'aro Hie first to show the very stylish green anil blue. changeable taffeta silks for .wnlste. Tlie -W."3 quality for •' !)S ? Wo are offering a splendid-quality of 21 inch brocaded taffeta for'skirts, worth OS cents for '. "? c The new and stylish material for skirls. Moire Antique, First lien 1 (it ANOTHER TRIE Programme of Bryan's Southern, and Eastern Stumping'Tour.;' ••'^ — .— . . • ; i ; Plans for Palmer-Buckner Reception— " Labor to Petition a McKinley-,. .. Bryan Debate. •,• ••'•..-i 1 .- Lincoln, 'Neb., Sept. 10.—Mr. '"Bryan' has given out a corrected itinerary of his southern.and eastern trip, as;far as- orrnnged. 1 It is as follows: • '••'.-• '• Ho will leave Lincoln Friday, September 11 lit !)•!:., arrive In Kansas,City at seven, o'clock tiio next morning and {cave.there about nlno-o'clock over the Wabaah for St. Loiiis. Ho will not speal; In Kansas City. The route from Kansas City to-bf.i IM.WJ .will-cnublc Him to make addresses ttt/Mex-, jco and Moborly. Ho will reach St.rlouts ;• Saturday evening about srx o'clock, inakc skirl!?. MOiro Anufiuu, niM. iim .^roc speeches there and RO to Salom;:!!!.,. (lt •. *l-25 yd.l.'i;| s •oldl.omc '"^ni^h^r Su^ay mflrhlng- SpecUil stile of satin Duotiessc for ^^l^f^o^t^oula by tho.samQ'-rou^e; skirts. 21-incli wide, regular vn.luc ?1 Splendid lining "ilk 1" n11 c( > lore ' 21 inch wklc Cor lining capes, sleeves, eto., t'or M \ A complete Hue of silk velvets in all shades ami splendid 1 finality, IS' inch • ; Wo display the greatest line of 'iiovoivy silks over opened 'by iK Bonmiitil 21 inch goods for..'. .. .?1.00 Patterns We are sole agents for the only reliable pnttoni's-Buttoricks," Delineators and Fashion sheets fire now ready Cor October. Cloak and Suit Annex. Our remodeled nnnex'win be opened 'in a. few days wlvn a most complnte lino oC Jackets, Capes, Furs, and Misses' and Children's vear and Ladies' skirts. Groat .care u'as been exorcised ''in selecting ,, the .propoi styles and we. know we .ire right.- We arc now prepared s tp; supply you with If; to _-. _ niK'it.or the will proceed u/ m*- —."-.- NitsltvUle road to Louisville, stoppinu at Heh'dei-aoii, Ky., to make a speech t-hore..n. *tht?afternoon. Monday nib-lit wlU-be.spenj;- in- Louisville and Tuesday, tin; sanddate xviir-o by the Louisville & Nashville ; to L'ejdnHton. maklnij speeches en route at FraiiUfort and Versailles. He w.ii 5 P OU '' ^r^^^W"»»?^? ^™™*™sMis&°^.^ Kno^vllle. Term. Ashevllle will be rvocnca it one p m Wednesday. Sopli.-ii.bcr 15,. .Mr. ? Bryin n ha. not ^ranged m^North ••Carolina itinerary, but ho- wi M^nd two fhc 8th, washlnt-ton on the a Ho will bTbaok in New York In t no to spenk on the 2Sth insl. Boston wll bo vis-. nl,i nn tim -WPW Bnclund triii and tne.can- d-aotcV °u?so BO "nto Maine to make some Bpcachc* M™ B Bryan will not acconipa.j, her husband on ihi» tour, but ^'"P™^^ join him before his return to NebiaBka, iomewherc In the middle west. - .. --, nilmcr-Uaclciior necpptloa^ ... Louisville, Ky., Sept. lO.-Thc; .com; Biittce of nrr.ingiiments for tli 306 Fourth Street; 409 and4H Broadway. OUR FALL WOOLENS ARRIVED. This Fall there are many new departures from the old run of patterns, and we have them all. We will show you this season the Largest, Host Stylish Most Attractive and EXCLUSIVE line of Woolens m the city. Early selections gives you the cream of the stock. ''•• .•.•-.'•'''"., • .'.-.-• Carl W, Keller, Tailor and Driper: 3.1 Harket Street. 25C 35C 40C i 50c Kic l|5c BOc 35c 20c •u»u -Bucloier notifioution .. ^ , ,. Thursduy morning that thu.-rccopnon to Gen. Pulmer and Buc.kner. would .be at the Gnlt house Friday evening between tlic hours'of eight T.ild ten. From ten to one o'clock Snturdny a reception will' be: given at the Gnlt house in honor of Mrs. Palmer and Mrs; Buek- ner, who will accompany their husbands to this city. The auditorium has been magnificently decorated for the notification. The ceiling has been draped with flags so as to give theplace the appearance of a tent. The electric- nl decorations are; to be very elaborate, including thi names of Palmer : and Buckner, in-big letters on the roof. Washington, Sept.' 10.—Several day* n'"o Secretary. Franei.s ..received frpiu Congressman Bynum; on invitation to take part in 'the ceremonies ineidcnt.tn 'the'notification of the nationar democratic -candidate on' the .12th .mat.,,at Louisville, Thursday Secretary.Franc^ declined this communicatJoD,. but ex pressed the'wish thai,the' port. See Our Prices on Granite Ware. 4 QUART SAUCE PAN. • • • •„• ••••••• ; '' " ' . C QUART SAUCB PAN. ...:..• • .....-••••-••• 8 QUART SAUOB. PAN • - • •;' ........-•.••••' 10 QUART SAUCB PAN. • ........•• • ••.•• • • •: 12 QUAET.SAUOE PAN,.- ; ..• • • ,•••••• ....•.•••••••• •. - . -....< ^ .. ^ . € QUART-MILK PAN....". ...-•• :'••'• ••"-" •••••-•• •'" 4 QUART COFFEE POT. • • • • • '•••••••• 6 PINT TEA POT • • • • '"'".'.' .... •'•A' 1 . " ' ' NO. '28 WASH PAN - • • • • NO..30 WASH PAN. - - ''''' : " • ; CUSPIDORS ..: • • • • " " " '" " /" '; T.J. FLANIGAN, 31(> flarket Street, receive earnest: and xeaious.aup- LBbor Wants n McKlnloy-Jlryan pbbate. . -Chicago, Sept. 10—Acting on tie ire•port, that Maj.- McKinley-is to to;ke v ffii! stump,, n. petition • is. being cireulat.ed nmong locul labor orfranizatioiis asking "Jlossrs. McKinley :md Bryan tdnicet.in 'joint debate upon the'flnancial.'9,nestion in th ; e Cbliseron on the evenirigaf. October 47, .or"tHerenb6'iits.- Letters '.vill-ac- company the petitions,' assuring;, thf ididatcs.of a fair and.impnttihl liear- irging them.to grantorgamzed cept the reslgnntion of Chnirmnn Holt, whose gold leanings brought about o breach .between, hiro . and Coy. Matthews that .finally 'forced his'' retire- meDt, to'ct at-'the Grand Hotel at 11 o'clock Thursday'morning. 'Gov.-Mat. thews, Senator Turpie and other silvt-j leaders held a preliminary confereneg in the corridor while Holt and hia friends met n few feet away in th< writing-room. The bitterness betweei the dictions' was .plan; io'be seen.'sou«. o£ them who had bocrr friends for yean declining to even rccogniw- one au- other. The committee met shortly otter ttva appointed time. Chairman Holt madu a brief speech thanking the member* for their- loyalty 'and friendship, and then hmided his letter of resignation to Secretary Wallace. Jonot' Miijo' - lt'y M»y Kc»oli HO.OOO. \Vni--.hington, Sept: 10. — A dispoich from'Little Hock, Ark., says: Official return's from Monday's-election have beer, received from about 20 counties arid unofficial returns from-30 others. The 'figures show -that Bun VV. Jones, democratic cniKlidate for governor, nad ri majority over all oppositioVof about 50,000.' This will be incrcasL-rl as the 'official 'returns conu> in from south • Ar'lairxas: Jones carried Jnckson county, the liomc: 6£ Kemmel, republican fi'andidn.te for governor, by 500 majority. Heretofore this county gave only about L'OO.democratie. majority. Nevada coun- . tv,"th'c hot-bed of populism', whiuh has ;r"ot 'elected a democrat to a county office since LSOO, gives .Tones aborii, 400 mtrjority. Democrnts were elected to I rill'the'local ofliees except the sheriff and legislative representative. Green eounty gives an; increased democmtic \ote of'200 and democrats elect their 'entire, ticket, flic first time in several Voai-s; Cm-roll Armstrong; ehairman ,of .the. democratic state central coni- ; mittee, says tlint it would not surprise. : hl'm..if-t:he majority for Dan -W.'.Tones . should prove to be SO.OOO. Almlne »t Fuiiloii In 1'onnnylvauln-. Hiiri-isburg, I 3 a., Se.pt. ]0.—The dcm- ocratie. state convention which was reconvened for the purpose of filling vacancies ' on the ticket, caused by r.hc resignation' of candidates since the adoption of the Chicago platform, was culled to order in the opera house by State Chairman Carman at. 12:35 o'clock.' .The' lower floor was well filled. Secretary Savage read the call for the convention and announced the select ion of Copt, .lohn E. Keeuan', of Greensburg, for temporary chairman, . In conclusion Capt. Keenan predicted that fusion with the populists would result in at least something more than n. hopeless fight in. Pennsylvania. COTO- rnittees from the democrats and populists' conferred together on the .matter of fusion. The populists want iour of the electors. ,: - •'' Third Ticket for 1Vi«con»ln. .Milwaukee, Sept. 10.—The state cen- tral'committee of the national (gold) democratic party was in session Thursday afternoon. • Tbe.priricipal.object m calling.the -members -of the'committee tog-ether was to'decide upon the ad- vJsabiUty-'of placing an independent -state ticket in "the field. If it should, finally be decided to nominate a state ticket, the candidate for governor will probably -be Gen. Bragg. No one else 'has'.been. talked of nmong the rcembers p-f the committee and whether Bragg- wants the nomination or not, it is-prob-. able that he will be forced to accept it. ' Cnii't Acroe »D(1 Ailjourns. ' • Helena, -front., Sept. 10.—The republican state convention met Thursday morning and immediately- adjourned HOBART'S LETTER. Bepublican Vice Presidential Candidate Formally Accepts. Discusses the 'JMain Political Questions in Debate- Before the American People. I'uterson, N. 0.,.Sept. 10.—Following lire extracts from the letter of Hon. (Jarret A. Hobart accepting the republican nominatfpT) for vice president: Paterson, N. J.,-Bopt. 9, lS9C.-Hon Charles W Fairbanks and others of the No. rtca- tlon Committed of the Republican National Convention:- Gentlemen: I have- already, m accepting the nomination for the office of the vice presidency tendered me by the national republican convention, expreased my approval ol the platforrn adopted to hat l.odv as thc'.j'iiriy basis 01 doctrine. 11 accordance with- accepted usage I bc-K ,1,™* to? supplemoiit that brie.- statement of mv views, by some additional reflec- uons'unon the qiicsiloiw whU£ »''< In d«it nation c The experience ot all )ilh.oi> thii truth that every coin, m:ide y law, howsoever that coin may be iogansporffi Wabasli Valley Gas Co, sj Natural ahd~ArtificaI Gas Bills due the first of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special-Low rates [on heaters during the months of August and September. PROTECT YOUR EYES. ' * The Hlrchberg Optical Co.; • Ihe well-Know'Specialists'; o!>w York' Utive. appslnted b. A.' HAUK as'agent for their cfrtebcatatl Spectacles and -1^6 iGlas»os,'ever7p»lrguaranteed. ' ."•".',.•..- -. •'•- .-.•"B.-A'-HACk' : h'js : Mnr?le53 ns'sjrimiat .aa.J Invites all . "»atl3fy : tH-emselv68'ot the great sdperlorlty'of those 'gbods-.OTer , any manafactured, at the store o£ D. A. HADK, Sola dgent lor.. Logsnspdrt.il> 11 - . " '.'-»,' ...-• • • • -••-"' • : -.•'.-:^V'. ; .... No. Peddlers. Supplied.;-,..:'. .. '.' . iny.uiju uiyui^ i,i»^i«.*-^ ^- -— - u labor an opportunity to hear bpM.i-.sjaca of theTinancial question. • • HIJI TV'on't Accojit tlie 'Albany, N..i.i Sept.. lu.—-^.v. ..y........ !ng'telegram was received by ITor^nr- ton Chase, chnirman .county commit- lee, Thursday: •T.on:r Beach .Depot, I., I.,- Scr£-10—. Hnii Norton Chase,. Chnlnr.an-. -Qqunty CommlttQc. Albany: Obscrve/ia mm-r.lns rnu^r tliat I'have been elected-dPlcROic from the Third .Albany .cllalrlef..^. .the Mntf'convniitlcii under lnsLr-uct.!orr.i.!;o—-" for tiio'Indorsement-of the Clilcnp form nntlcandldutca. This action, a- mVopnos'tion to' my' wlshen nr.d.;.. ' exi>res3! ; d to T"U yeaterday,; i£r:d . to accept the election •.unoa.;-.t.hti is linpcsed, v/hlcli would rostrlct loni -it BufCnlo to net in, .mich-mcTi fh|n n rn C tlie market., hy precisely that sum will some one he defrauded. Effect o( Tree Coinage. Thr- I'r-o coinage or silver n\ the nuio of six Loi w one.'is a policy which no nation l-is ever before propostd, n"d tisnotto-. d 5 b^Vo 1 "lY ff^^^f U?e colease unlimited, at an absolutely flc- iSv^'o^^^S^^r^S: in With silver at its present prlpc o : !?«• llTri 70 'centsf par^unccji^tlie market, such to the now°or hereafter to t'bat for •nm'i'a valiic a would dishonor us in of otber pe'ople.s, and brinjr Inf -- f.rnarh UDon the' national character. The ?han M ver cent, of -tlic commerce of the -^^WnJs^sr.^S^ vurnrnatedT.Jwould discriminate against ' to-sell his Hafrj?°A'proaucers of'lSS,7it' e w7aric or for the repudiation _ -i .» ^..i« i-vl I l-\l 1 f*. Mllfl repuuiaiiuii v*. «•" ^A... fc ... 0 ---•--• - ff^aVirS'p^ce'nt'-^tne Jac e e C o X r 1 ^ .of nearly .."JMf^,.^ u demands an im- 4J1,) JJlAl *-J « .... .' . Ji.uovio Confur wlch '.'• New Yorl(.:fte'p't. 10.—Trcas'urfciTWil Iloin I 1 .'.St.-John bus rcccivtd .a-,tale gram from Cliaintmn.^.iimesvM: To'Tiesj of the dcniiicnitic nutionul.coiiiinittee^ Btating that he will reach hereTr.cTay morning.' It is niinore'.l.-thnt ne wilj -ineet Senator liil acd'talli^b situot!oi» over with him. ' j Will Be Kooeivwl wliH Muiju Coreroon^. , Canton, 0., Sept. lO.-Hie-dd^gatioi niorjiJ.*Jb' "•u 1 - 1 j*j.iiu*-V- •--'-,7 •> ( without completing permnnont organization. The trouble.is. Uiat the silver 'men wW.are'.jn'control cannot agree on a man fb|-'permanent chairman. i'Nomlnnto li'Ticket. •: -Denver,"Col., Sept. 10.—The republic-an state- convention continued its session Thursday morning oJid proceeded io the nomination of. g state . ticket. Jurncl t Bush, nl prcsenl -lieutenant Governor, was nominnted for governor nnd ''Siin'oii Guggenheim, of Pueblo, for iictitcnant governor. Harry. E. Mulmx was cbofjen for' secretary of state. A 'fnVicn Wltli 'the other parties on a slate ticket does Dot app'-'ar probable; .-.•a!he silver.party convention in Denver 'nnd the populist convention, at Pueblo 'arc trr.iisacKingr DO tiisiiisss, invaiting 'the conclusion of the labors of.the.Xu- ' sicn committee which wcr.e still in ex-. o'c'ifivoTCSs'io'n' n't 'noon, rusion'amoug i'lcniaoJ-iits, popni:s!'.? and the silver-par- 'ty is now consirlered most probable. . . • To I>ofcato with TJtlmiin. •'. Chicr.g*.!. -.Sept. JO.—Some time : ago' Itudnlph -M. P:'.t ( .«rson. a young re]iub- liiT.n. o^ .this city, challenged Senator; 1'i'jiman.' .of fjoiitii'CarclIns, to a-joint, clftjati; on the money qucst.-cn. Thursr day he received a reply from the senator accepting the chiillenge and agreeing M^neefhim lit t-it-hcr Chica.-ro or New York, the latter city preferred.-. '; '< •; - In l->nc. ;,•;,.' • . )".—Tin- ''tollow'j CS'l-eject'^WbeArpcr^ai, people. XUo. Aunult on me. Court*. • , '^$^S&3lf&£Efc .SV'^o'W'^on^^r^fs^ Sn?^ S^^W«^3^«£5S reared by the constitution for the defense iffiR'H'SrS.s* is e /r^ w tS?ss ia u IAT." .i'j»_ •.»..-,.. ^f the supreme ildered the last every form ;. v .'-.I' ' ' irwu Vermont, .headed .,..,,-...,.,, , Proctor, which will call on,Maj. McKitij- ley at ten o'clock Friday' will .be . ri?- celvcd with a .go.'.tl deal of,ceremonj by the Canton people." Mnj.-McKmlcy has :isked Gov. Bnsbnel1,.o£.0^jo, l \vlwiii in Cleveland at pre.sent,'to'come to fail- ton vrith tls staff to meet the Vermonjl delegation;. Goy. '.,-.15ushn N ei;.-,.hud ac- ranged to call ottJJaj.- McKinley som« ,' time Friday aflerVipoyi^bjit-.aa iherejfl a'jje'uerai desire foi'.him to lake p'urt iu •the'reception of 'th'V VerraVii.tejs,Kc.'.\VjU doubtless be among tl.6se_-,yho'.wUl;wl- come them. " - ' : ' : '" ; '.'••••'•;;' •••'•; . chnlruinn Holt ','•.«' Ij^l'SSESK^: •Indiunapo-li"- .hurriedlv- •'ing'extraet from.'a 1 ele'griiin addrrsse by'rron." Dfitiii'l-S. I.a'nionlVM'oi'Pt.iir.v </f vva'r.' to-Mr. iTy'niiin'.'exiilai-i:'- tli<Vrb'iigr.- :!s pn.sitinn r n " flip polir 'The outc.ome.-of -the l.rdJnn.-ipollB r.on- riclori In criiiflldate.i 'iir.d' plntftn-rti Is ln- .fi-nlrliiK lo fViify Vierncei.-at who 1 refuses 1't .•iihandon. .Ui«: r .pr.tn«l|)lcs oatuWlshnl -by the fitlicrs and' stoortfa'mly maintained will -nuidi- »nd lionori and'who declines to adopt the newnnd »tranB« creed prorlnlmocl In a moment of delirium :it Clileaffo find prornpt- y rTcoeni^d and ratllM .n» Us own bythc .,0,'ullst party at St-.r.oulx. I • P«'° r \? - e-ualie uld fiilth'-niid remain a democrat, ^d : -sBc" nccorBrna-ly-'civsf.my vote for . i-'n.lmer'.und;_Buckncr.".- ^.', . ' . . . , liarihnoako In.Kentucky; . • • Fadueah, Ky.,.Sept. 10..-— A. r.ii'rthquake shook \yns.folt herej ' ' •' "Thursday Looming;'. '. "^fed^m^n^^couiSlS.bSi S4«i^'^^^f^ Ssfev^^^^s^ have some.™.» a flr...i,, lt i on al i-lelus, must SS^r^'^^'-c-e;^ ®^°i ^^-"ni'iSSSS^'fi ^^fe^^«^^^S iwi.i^. A -»_ !,..,.. n,,^^>,<nr. Our lliiixn- mo- .Production In many Cnpltai aary CM'.OI the rt-su'li come ,<*f a perlcr.ce. ••-••;.' our is idle. Tin-so oondltions are not •olucni;' They arc the out- l^'iiKd would not involve just- WITHIN OUR BORDERS. News Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana.. llloodhoundu Glvtn it Xe»t, Crown'1'oint, Ind., Sept. 10.—Visitor* at the county fair witnessed a trial teat , of Sheriff Hayes' bloodhounds, "Buck" and "Jim." ' Their "subject" was Charles Stewart, a negro, who was "treed" before the eyes of several thousand shouting people. Stewart waa taken one mile south of the fair grounds into a heavy wood, where he started back to the grounds, taking a xigzag course through every swamp in that neighborhood', lu about 30 minutes the dogs were turned loose, and they quickly scented the trail. They made a dash through the swamp, but both soon came to a standstill and began yelping. On investigating the sheriff! found the dogs had meddled with'a hornets' nest and were worsted. Both bleeding, they again took up the trail and located Stewart-, up a tree in the fair -rounds, and were wild until the sheriff arrived and chained them. ^ • A»plijTtlated In a Sl)o Pit, Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 30.—Halsie Ruby, five years old, was smothered to death,' ajid Lucia Ketcham, daughter of •Attorney-General W. A. Ketcharo, narrowly escaped death in a silo pi*, on Mr. Ketcham's farm near Mapleton. The farm hands were making silo from fod- . der, and (he children dest-cnded unobserved into the cemented silo pit. There they -rgtin to be nfft'ded by The over- . powering gas generated in the pile. Lucia was able to get out. She made a pathetic and hopeless appeal to Ilalsie and tried to help her to escape, but the- little or,e was fast, becoming unconscious, aud fell back helpless in the pit. Lucia ran for the farm hands, but when they arrived Ilalsie was dead. ' Fortnn* Awaits Him. Shelbyville, Ind.. Sept. 10.—Several • years,, ago th^re came to this county a young man named Lev Jewett, who would relate nothing about'his family, ' . but- who frequently said he had left home because he and his father could . not-agree. About four years ago he suddenly disappeared and had been for- gotu-n until now, when County Cleric Powers • received a letter from J. H. Minegan inquiring if he was here, and statins- that :i fortune awaited him in Carlisle. Ky. He is thought to be some- • where in Kansas. A County Without a Saloon. . Jefrersonville. lud., Sept. 10.—Gibson . county is the only county in the state which, under the Nicholson law, has not a .saloon in it's limits. Immediately after,'the law went into effect crusades -against the saloons began, and at a.re- cent, meeting of (he commissioners 'every .application, for a saloon' license was'denicd because a majority of th« citizens 'filed a remonstrance. Milk Shippers Hnvo a Picnic. .. Crown'Poiiit, Ind., Sept. 10.—The Milk ; Shippers 'and Farmers' association of . Lake, county held its annual picnic at the fair grounds: All manner of field, -sports were indulged .in. .Thefollowing officers of the association were elected for the ensuing year:. Joseph Seattle, president'; Sam B. Woods, .vice .president; H. J. Hillman; secretary; JobnE. • Fraas, treasurer. _ , • Hlghwuymen. Kill » Man. Brazil, Ind., Sept. 10.—B. R.Taylor, a wealthy attorney of - Bloomfleld, "waa found dead in his buggy near Clay City. He had been shot in the head, the bullet, entenrT"- below the eye and ranging upward to the, brain.. It is thought he was murdered and robbed. Mr. Vaylor was 55 years of age and well known through-, out the state. The'coronerisholdingan inquest. • ' . , .J ' Toorhccs to Take the Stump. Mnckinac* Island,. Mich., Sept. 10.— . Senator Voorhees. with 1 his ton, dangle. ter and physician, left here for their; home at Terre Haute Wednesday. The senator is much .improved in health, and expressed his intention, as soon as he had rested a brief period at bis home, ,to take part in the campaign and raake several speeches protect and r o "m' oY leBis'iatibn- which'would lodg^m ---^nt^^rto^a^ ie e° oopifl ;i Th« y p»atforra of the republican national Tt"hAS. to the extent ol Us pov.'cr, SSended thoie rlRh«. • and hedged" them a£m?t with law. Begardinff the ballot as the «Mos"lon-an<I embodiment of the sov r VrSipntv of the Individual citizen, It Yia.3 •sou-ht :io prcserva its purity and integrity. ?n mVr foreign relations It has labored to "rSrp ; to cvprv maii entitled to the shelter •Clll I. I" *- ». •* ' j, ,,...» A-.__«(,.rt t\f ls)u i't(*h(O •"/SS««Si'TS8S^ truly yourflv" • GA«" 1 -' i '••• . Invents a H'«r»i Spce<LEnulnc. % • Anderson,'Ind.. Sept. 10.—George Gill, an inventor, has applied for a patent on ah engine that is capable of attamingr the speed of 31 miles a minute, if tb.9 , conditions are satisfactory. It is' a rotary engine and maJces 4,200 revolutions" a minute. It develops 33 horsepower where others develop two. Fnlton Conntj- Inetltnte. Rochester, Ind., Sept. 10.—The Fulton county 'teachers'. institute is in session in this city this. week.. All of the- meetings are largely attended and much interest is being inanifested. Sixty- six graduates of the county schools hav£ received their diploma?. , betntttcd In Two Ko«ml». Michigan City, In'd., Sept. 30.—John 1 H. Kcgan, ol Philadelphia, bested Har- ve'v Hanner, a local pugilist, in less than two rounds, Kegan is matched to'bos \'c'rnon IlardenbrooU, of Wnikei-ton, eight rounds within two weeks. . Ulc Blazo l»t Blckucll. • • Vincniines, Ind., Sept. JO.—About one-.' fifth of the town of Bioljncll, this coun- : tv'.has been wiped out.by fire. The. 'riickncll Bcacou office, ^and Mason.* 'lumber yard were destroyed,..;Tbe loss , N pstmiatod nt$10.000.j?j''^ ^;''' ' •' Mwdixon County Tcachen). ' Khvood. Ind,. Sept. 10.-The...Madison County. Teachers' 'association's nnnual ; meet ing-is-nnder full headway nnd fully,; . sso-toachers are.in'atrendttnce..-.-An\un- , her of prominent educators are »lflO : '.^,-.-.-

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