Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 16, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1954
Page 12
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:3''>' juib Ousted 'resident , faguib wafi In Ihe polit* etdny after his oustei? iSld6frt by Ihe ntliftg »Pteitiiei- Gainnl taking ever «s act- yeSti?rday» held un- „„,,„.-.' hwo ot the _. . against ek*KJng Farcutc, gfed'^lih feeing implicated Unsuccessful t>1ot by fcfothei hood lo set, & between the two * flared into power last s, %i ««» D « '^ttejged then as Mftdn's Hong-man rules Na- a ^figurehead presi- vestcrda} and t in a govetn- Cairo without ____„. of violent. >tfll/-&mained still calm bW'the atmo&phore was ... vere killed and itfefemen scrioucJy woundud yesterday, before „,,„„„..., in suburban Hel' A ;"government rpokesman jie',<,lii?hUng occurred v/nen ffclosed'in on Youssof Talant, >V. leader ot 1he Moslem •hoods secret oi'der, and tried to clear the w . jpfc/using machine guns wanHf-grenades. i*t6vernmcnt said Talaat, tak- tto i custody, confessed- that Bfttiad approved a brother'"'' to kill Nasser and take govcinment, Edison was 32 years old the first corn- electric light. T H RITIS ? P'6«en Wonderfully blested In being active. 1 life\afler being crippled ..J-..1/ i^t.t im '-•.U Itnrlw and with t §»r»n*Mrfrom (i»od «o toot. -umotold Arthritis and other forms "•lalUm^hond* Reformed and my 'ipac*' prohibits tolling you more If you > wi|l writ* me, I will reply and "tell you HOW I received this Irs. Lela S. Wier " Xrbor Hills IDrlve 5 P. O. Box 2696 M ?M.. S A SAVINGS .Fire Tornado ^Automobile 'ligbility Cpsualty „_ ;" ELLIS iiironef Agency '-tSewnd 7-2221 EKPERT seruite W HB « H0 ft S T A ft » H 0 "Broiler Meals" was given by Miss McClennahan. the next meeting will be held i 11C **t«Tk.V *»fcW *.«•«•« ...... —— oft December 14th at 7 p. m. in the hdme of Mrs. Ellis Stewart. Each fnember is asked to bring Christmas decorating idea. Cold drinks and cookies were enjoyed during the social hour* Mrs. T. M. Bemis and Mrs. C. F. Pittman were in Hot Springs. Friday visitors Army and Navy Hospital, Dr. and Mrs. Harold Lane (She is also a doctor) of Little Rock announce the arrival of a son, David a I Michael, on November 4th. Dr. Lane is the former Miss Leslie Ann Buchanan of Prescott. Sgt. Harold Locke has returned to Fort Hood after a visit with Mrs. Locke. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sutton have Returned to their home in Little Rock after a visit with relatives Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mann and son of El Dorado have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Ward. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Woodall Norphett were the Friday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Brozie Haynie. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burke and Mrs. W. K. Burke had as theirs weekend guests, Homer Burke and son, John, of Matoon, 111. Mrs. Annie Bernard spent Wed- O f'nesday in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Cox and Mrs. J. T. McRae motored to Texarkana Wednesday for the day. Mrs. Thurman Dewoody and New Buicks to Have Three Colors FLINT. Mich. (UP) The 1953 Buicks will have higher horsepower, three-tone colors and refine ments in the same general styl ing lines that boosted Buick into | third place in new car sales dur ing 1954, it was announced today. A new grill removing the scowl" on the 1954 models and new rear fenders with new tail lights will give the 1955 models a longer, lower silhouette in the rear. The distinctive sloping doorbell line was retained, but softened with some new lines. Horsepower in the Roadmasler, Super and Century series was ard equipment on only the Road master models, was made standard on the Super Models also. Tuesday, November 16,1954 RtbKY IDENTIFICATION LOS ANGELES , (UP) The pclicc bullcnlm printed a picture oi o woman known as Grace who is, wanted fcr forgery and issuing bad checks . , The bulletin said she hac, rassina worthless checks by usi.i» Cr Lo g s Angeles Police Dtpertmcm felony conviction registration i£ identification. The Egyptians mumitied many birds as sacred animals. HAWAIIAN PREVIEW—Already Hawaii's children of half-a dozen different racesTare preparing Christmas pageants for this vearS YulS season. In the melting-pot islands, little "angeto," HkeMese^Honolulu youngsters, often have Oriental or Po^nesian faces And Joseph and the shepherds, with theh- homemade may be Puerto Rican, Filipino or Portuguese. Mrs. Horace McCain of Gurdon was a Saturday visitor in Prescott. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Tompkins have returned from Jefferson City, Mo., where they were called due to the death of their brother-in- law Judge R. P. Conkling. Miss Ann McSwain and C. T. Tompkins have returned from Fayetteville where they attended the Ark—S. M. U. game. Miss McSwain was the guest of Miss Joan Gilbert at the Pi Beta Phi house. Mr. Jerry Dewoody of Oklahoma Boosted" to 236 horsepower and to City. Okla.. have been the guests in the special . The Dynaflow «r rtr onrf Mrs Hnv DeWoodv and of Br. and Mrs. Coy Dewoody and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dewoody. Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Haynie have returned to Houston, Texas after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Haynie and Mr. and Mrs ."Tom Hasley. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McGuire have been the guests of their daa ghter, Mrs. T. H. Frisby and fa mily in Tyler, Texas. PRESCOTT NEWS Mrs. C. D. McSwain and Mrs. O. G. Hirst were the Wednesday and Thursday guests of Mrs. Matt Hitt in Little Rock. Wednesday Nbvember 17 The choir of the Presbyterian Church will practice on Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock at the church. There will be cantata practice on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock at the Methpdist Church. Thursday November 18 The Benjamin Gulp Chapter D. A. R. will have a guest day luncheon at the Lawson Hotel on Thursday at 1 o'clock. Hostesses are Mrs. J. B. Hesterly, Mrs. T, C. McRa,e Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Hamilton have moved into their home on East Elm St. that they recently purchased and remodeled. Dr. J. B. Hesterly returned Wed nesday from St. Louis where hi a'ttended the Southern Medical As sociation. ransmission was changed to give 'reater cruising economy plus, ex- ;ra power for passing and picking up speed from stops. Buick said it has improved gasoline mileage an average of 1.6 miles per gallon at, a speed of 30 miles an hour with gines. Power steering, previously stand- RED HOT WEDNESDAY SPECIALS Center Cut Pork Chops Col. and Mrs. L. C. Dill have returned from Hot Springs where turnea irom • «u. ^""s- , Switzerland has electrical 94 per Col. Dill has been a patient at the'cent of its railroads A world mission conference will be held at the Presbyterian Church on Thursday beginning at 4:30 and lasting until 9:00 p. m. Presbyterians from the western section of Ouachita Presbytery will gather for the meeting. The foreign missionaries -to spe&k following the supper period will be Dr. S, Hugh Bradley and the Hev. William For ter Boyle, i There will be a P. T. A. study course at the home economic building Thursday afternoon at 9th and 10th grade Mrs. John Pittman Hostess To Contract dub Members of the '37 Contract Club were entertained by Mrs. John M. Pittman at her home on East Second St. Tho rooms arranged for the two tables of players were decorated with arrangements of roses and chrysanthemums Mrs. Jack Harrell won the high score award. Mrs. R. L. Blakely Jr., was a bridge guest and Mrs. Frank Hal- torn Jr., a tea.guest. Members present included Mrs. Tom Barms. Mrs. O. G. .Hirst, Mrs. Archie Johnson. Mrs. Mark Justiss, Mrs. George ChritoDher. and Mrs. A. V. Reenier. A tasteful salad course was served. 2:30 for the group. Fall Health Check Up Held Mrs, P. A. Escarre, Health. Summer Round Up Chairman ot P, T. A., announces a Fall check up of first grade children was held Wednesday, November 10, 9 a. m at the Prescott Primary School. Thii work was done under the supervision of Mrs. Max Kitchen, couty public health nurse, Dr. I,, a. Turner, and Dr. C. P. Arnold, Workers in addition to Mrs. E»carve were -Mrs. Floyd Hubbard. Mrs. Jim Nelson, Mrs. Loyre An' derspn, Mrs. Dutchie Bright, and Mrs. W. J. Olivw. Mrs. Bob Parker Honored Mrs. Buck Dickinson and Mrs. Claud Wake honored Mrs. Bob Parker with a pink and blue shower on Wednesday evening in the home of the former. Potted ivy decorated the living room and the dining table was centered with an arrangement of Nandina berries. The honoree's chair was marked with a corsage fashioned with a small baby doll tied with pink and blue ribbons. Games were played with tho prizes being won by Mrs. Paul Ed- Ferguson—Muruhy Vows Exchanged mosts were jyirs In <a quiet but impressive cere- Guests ^veie «». mony at Four Acres, home of Mr. ngton,, Mrs. * ran* PR QUALITY ond ENDAPIUTY IP Let u« fill thoie Vital Preicriptioni speedy delivery from 7 mf to 7 p. m, Descent Drug 225 S. MAIN wards and Miss Grace Gowin. The lovely gifts were presented to Mrs. Parker in a bassinet. Cold drinks, salted nuts 'and individual pink and blue cakes wer e served to the 18 guests, Mrs. Saxon Regan Entertains Wednesday Club Lovely arrangements of roses and fall berries decorated the home of Mrs. Saxon Regan on Wednesday afternoon where she entertained the Wednesday Bridge Club. The high score prize was won by Mrs. Al Williams and the cut prize by Mrs. H. H, McKenzie. Guests were Mrs. J, T, Worth- |4W4*^ « |> *. **v»(* * — —« ~-, t -- — • and Mrs. Harold H. White Sr , ot Laurel, Miss,, Mrs. White's sister, Kfrs, Margaret Jones Ferguson of ?t. Smith and the Rev. Patrfck William Murphy of Tulsa, Okla , were united in marriage on Tuesday. November 2nd. The Rev. Thomas R. McKibben, pastor of the Fust Baptist Church In Lauiel, pel formed the single ring ceremony in the presence pt members of the bride's family and a few close friends. Vows were exchanged before the piano in tb« living room where ferns and bum ine white tapers were used effec lively it} the backsiound. After a wedding trip on the Gulf Coast and points of interest in Flor ida the couple will make their home in Tulsa. Okla., where Rev Tlti) . Jim Nelson and Mrs* Williams. Members present included Mrs Dudley Gordon, Mrs, Harold Jewis, Mrs. Allen Gee and Mrs. McKenzie. A dainty dessert course was served. . .^...—< Extra Special Veal Relieve Suffering Fast-Effectively with What's happened to the brakes on trains? Murphy is pastor Raotist Church. of White City t t * pp^fw^ • « APPLES Pure Ribbon Cgne Syrup Plenty of Good Sorghum Best Country Eggs in Town CURB MARKET 3r<* Phpne 7-9933 f EiC CONSTRUCTION Bwrfas end Indwstripl Con CAlt««t ft. " JPp* m ,WJFtili' Jff V*i^?^ •-•A:m^.im^^4IL^> , Presbyterian Men Have Dinner Meeting The monthly men's dinner and program was held at the church on Wednesday evening at 6:30- The invocation was given by Rev. W. G. fiensbei-g. Group smgmg was enjoyed after which the guest speaker for the evening, Haskel Jones of Hope, gave a forceful talk against socialism and statism. . The closing prayer was offered by T. E. Logan. Thirty-five members were present. C. C. Spraggins of Hope was also a guest. ••- . j .. Mrs. W'lburn WHUs V Prescott H. D. Club Hostess Six members and a visitor, Mrs. Loyce Anderson, met in the home of Mrs. WUbuin WUUs for the November meeting vl the Prescott Home Demonstration Club. Artistic arrangements of roses decorated the rooms. The prestSent, Mrs. Virgil Daniel Jr., presided and conducted the business at which time plans were discussed for tho Christmas luncheon to be held at the Redland Club House on December 17th. Mrs. Lewis Oairett. devotion^ chairman, introduced Mrs. Loyce Anderson who gave 'an inspiring devotional fiom Proverbs 3;H? led m prayer. The following-officers were installed m an Impressive manner by M' ss Loreta MfCJlenneJi^ 11 ! Pre- silent Mrs. Cftrroll BvatJ 0 "! v * cft * presMent, T^v^ t$l?n Esklne Jr., Secretary »|id Jrewwer, Mrs. Pale --••--"--- jjeporier, Mrs. J. J4, Stopping a train used to be a noisy, jerky business. But if youve ridden one of today's really modern trains you know how smooth and quiet even quick stops can be. That's because, after years of research, ue Budd Company'developed a new way to stop an 80-ton railroad car. In the Budd design,' air-actuated brake shoes apply pressure to a one attached to the wheel, instead of the wheel itself. This protects tne wheel and improves the braking action. Vital to Budd's new c,»c brake is the heat treatment of steel parts in gas-fired furnaces. Gas is used at Budd because it is economical, flexible and is capable of pro" ducing high temperatures. The Texas Eastern system makes available a dependable, long range supply of natural gas to industries and homes in its service area. Tuesday* November U> 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPE,"ARKANSAS Knowland Talk t/Dangerous/ FulbrightSays By ROWLAND EVANS R. WASHINGTON Iff) Sen. Ful- bn'ght (D-Ark) said today Sen. Knowland (R-Cnlif) engaged in "dangerous talk' yesterday when ho 1old the Senate "ultimate Communist victory" would result from "coexistence and atomic stale- Two otlier members of the Sen- alc Fr.reign Belations Committee Senators H. Alexander Smith (R- N.J) and Sp ark man (TJ-Ala)said- they were puzzled over Ihe point Know-land was trying to maku. Knowland is tho Seriate Republican leader. Fulbrisbt said it was 'dangerous talk'to suggest that the United States could see no possi- fcilily of working out a peaceful solution of pressing worll problems. He cautioned that this country could Icsi; Ihe cold war "by losing the allegiance of India am other na'iohs through our empha sis on military power." He urged "B lot Ics s talk and a lot more re; ponsibiliiy" in the foreign anc T. V. Charlie by "Vic" Cobb Oh, Boss! Not now . . . have one of those swell fellows over at Vic Cobbs install that set for you. TV-Radio in Race for Top Programs By WAYNE OLIVER NEW YORK Wl The television networks are in a hot war for lh« first 10 places in the n.idience popularity ratings, but in the heat of >iave"been neglected ?nd a" couple!There was a suspicious quirk to the!battle they seem to have foigotten By ELINORE DENNISTON XX forehead. Greg straightened and brushed his hands together tightly Greg, Rupert and the newcomer, Somehow the gesture felt familiar, climbed down into the ditcJi.jOf course, the circus strong man"There was a washout along hers He glanced selfconsciously at Dag- three or four days ago," the stran- gelt and had an impression that ger said. "These secondary roads'the old man had just looked away of makeshift bridges were put in twisted mouth. as a temporary measure. 1 didn't think they would hold the weight o! your car. let alone the trailer." Recalling the ramshackle, tarpaper shack from which the man had come, Greg asked in surprise. "Have you been around here that The stranger grasped his left long?" The newcomer grasped the bumper. "If we give the old oldl h .ay<f wrist with his right hand "Anything wrong?" asked in concern. "Twisted my wrist," the stranger said. "Let me see;" Hannah demanded. He winced as she pioddej the viewing public. » n d turned h . is hTa " d - " You a sprain. Let me make heavc-ho, I think we can lift her Is the the brake off Again Greg was bothere dby the voicv;. He had heard it before, he was sure of that. He released the brake. Then the three men took hold of the bumper Greg w-is .surprised that Hannah j did not climb into the ditch with 1hem and offer to help lift but there he misjudged her feminine wisdom. With her admiring eyes on them, both Rupert and the utranger were prepared to break on arm to display their masculine strength to the best advantage. "One two three heave;" The car came up a tew inches rrd dropped again. Rupert was rembling with strain; the slig.1t stronger panted with effort. Gre^ braced himself. "Once more," he light bandage for you." They trooped into the trailer, and Hannah strapped the strangers wrift. Daggett introduced himself and his companions, and the stranger smiled engagingly, though his attention was so distracted by ths .trapping of his wrist that he did Anxious to impress sponsors and Affiliated stations, the. networks pit Daggett ihcir strongest shows against the enemy's best to gain places iit the coveted ' top 10", about which tha average viewer knows little and cares -less. The viewer, meanwhile, often f'-nds that two shows he'd like to watch are scheduled at the same time and he has to miss one. Oi some other nights he find? there'* little to attract him on any chan- said authoritatively, "O three—heave." His arms he two seemed not reciprocate. "Yes," Daegctt said, fftor a careful scrutiny of hii guest, nis eyes bright with curiosity, "we arc oye. Clothes that cost a month's salary at the bank, but living in a tar-paper shack. No car. Miles from anywhere. For Greg's monay the whole situation added; up to two words: hiding out. Belatedly, he reali/.ed that JOajtgett had reached the same conclusion. That accounted for his todafr ids' Royal Viktrtt took trtf o inaugurate Ihfe fcrfct rar.spolar paSfeengc* §di"»S*l fee- ween Los Angeles arid Copenhag in, Denmark, The Sirtndliiaviart Ai&itts Sys- em's b£8B rose frortl fdfdttfutid international Alrjioft at i2:BS S.rti. with film aclorsf Jefift Hfefahcflt amt %'altor Pidgeon, f jitiblid v oifidials mendacity not. seeing a about entirely on our own. Regular;newspaper and having no radio'. If Rolnnron Crusoes. Cut off fom the he old man had any crazy ideas, :o be tearing out of their sockets. The car rose and they pushed it back en the road. Rupert was gasping. There were beads of moisture on the stranger' military policy fields. Knowland called for a congressional inquiry into "our foreign "out world by choice. We have no radio ond we haven't even ;een a news- pape since we started." Paipert, who was distributing th-2 drinks, gave him a quick look and his expressive brows went up. Casually he dropped a sweater over the table radio. The stranger's eyes brightened. A rrarvelcus • idea; but what brought you a?on™ this road?" "The credit," Daggett said with modest pride, "is all mine." "Well, at least no harm dons. "You are the only casualty. I can't tell you how sorry I am. I we could - new T. V. SB'S TV Service '. 7-2598 where ... it will take us and whether This clear and present danger which appears to me to exist in such that a basic change in the direction of our policy is warranted" Sen I.yn'lor: B. J oh nson, the proved th° Kica of a polic* •' review and he said: "I'm afraid today that we are weaker than we should bo" wisn mere was Koniuui^iia w<-- uuuiu do in return." •'There is. I have run out of grub. You might give me a lift to a store where I can replenish my stock." 'Delighted," Daggett assured him. Greg turned the car and the trailer on an open field. and :,tartec beck, deep in thought. There was more to the stranger than met the car to a slop in front of a supermarket. "No, but this is the first place I>e see where Mr. — ah can buy come groceries. Better to get. them here because he won't have too far to walk bai;k with his bundles." The stranger made no move tc gret out but chargrin was so ob vious on his face that 'Greg could have laughed. ! (To Be Continued). pposition would only strangthen hem. Nonciheless, only a fraction •f his attention was on driving; the •est was engaged in attempting to it the stranger into accounts of •ecent crimes. When they reached the cross- •oads where they had originally urned left, he headed west, relieved to be on a well-traveled highway once more. At the first mall town he slowed down os- entatiously. The stranger, WIPING AWAY THE TEARS-C. O.Beeson, Memphis, Tenn.> real -estate man, found the right answer after he accidentally ran over and killed a pet'pup owned by the Weatherfprd children. He went to a pet shop and purchased this silky-haired new pup. The grief of Ken Weatherford, Jr., 3, and his sisters, Helen, 14, center, and Trudy, 10, dissolved into little,yelps of delight.when 1 he gave the children their new puppy. . between Daggett tnd Rupert on the back seat, did not appear to notice. "Out of gas?" Daggett asked innocently when Greg brought the nel. He's led to wonder why a good new shew, when it comes clong, isn't scheduled en a dull night when it would have a field day in the ratings. One example of the way the battle is waged is 'NBC's new medical documentary (Medic,) which replaced -the Dennis Day Show as apposition to CBS's prized I Love Lucy, perennial occupant of No. I spot in audience ratings. There was little expectation that Medic Royal Viking Takes Off en Maf Trip > airliner O^fll v«n*u$ L \r*' hampayni battle Jnhw h rf littr arlier in Ihe would like to see "both. Medi6 Crcwmioie than 26 pw cent. CBS's counter offensive wa,s rerted against NSC s Thursday night Dragnett -w1tf<ai held No^ i spot all last season close behind Lury. CBS scheduled its ttcW Cli- nnx dramMic series, With trie Shower of Stars in fold? every oitith week, so it oVerlops Drug' »et. The latest Nieken puts Dragnel n sixth plnoe with 43.1 per cerr of the potential nudtenco, comparer, with second place and 56.5 a year ago, a drop of 124 pef cent. ABC spotted its new hour-Ion? Walt Disney Show Wednesday night so the second half overlaps the Joan Davis Show on J$BC and he flist hnlf of Arthur Godfrey and His Friends on CBS. While no Nielsen repoit has been mad vet, spot checks for ABC by Tren dcx gave the Disney show a big got audience than the combinei CBS und NBC opposition. would draw a bigger rating bii there was the hope it would pull away enough viewers to cause Lucy to s]lii)-:.to">.Nd'i...2 .or i'lower while.one or more NBC shows on cth^r nightsi moved up. : The result: The latest Nielsen rating still .'puts Lucy in first jlace but with only 52.9 per cent of TV homes tuned in against 05.!) a year ago, a drop of 13 points. And viewere have to choose ' between two good shows when many Julius La Rosa, the humility kii will do a two-week stint on th CBS-T V morning show start! i next Monday. A network Souvo says he'll make $2,500 a week; hi press agent says $S,000. . . Arthu Godfrey, who fired La RoSa las year has cho«en Frank Paiker t sub' for him on his Wednesda night TV show. Peter 'Lind Haye is pinch-hitting on tonight's tale-r scouts and on the dtytliafc show while Godfrey spends the wee hunting with bow and arrow Bob Hope is back fi'orri Europ wiih his filmc'd show to be cast Dec. 7, flji hifi SMALL APPU fttr' home JOHNSON It! DOLEM MORE TO V IflWS 'ttktf Drugs scription today! cost of Up, your more effective^" 1 drugs that .eufce* drugs that only rel|i As 1 an example^ 97% less today years ago. duced in flasks _^ ,.™ today, it is produced^ fermentation tanks it" pounds.' x t '< T tf,. We* would) attpr'eciat lowing' r us to fill - ji '" Wai'di '• • DRUGGI! 102-W; Seiror Phone 7r2I in zero i New, super-refined gasoline gives you f getaways on frosty mornings! Here's 5 why: • % yt^^mfm^^^j^^^^T^.^ L New Dodge Custom Royal V-8 4-Door Sedan with 183-hp. S'Oper Red Ram V-8 Engine— Extra-Powered to 193-hp. at slight extra cost. at your dealer "a T6XA5 EASTERN SERVES THE COMPANIES THAT SERVE YOU Disc brake assembly being heat-treated for stress relief with gas at 1200°F. Gas is supplied the Budd Company by the Philadelphia Gas Works, a customer ot Icxas Lastern. SERVING THE NATION IOUISIANA T>, r0 « S t, the "ore than 4500 to °t <" ld Eaitern For months the word has been getting around: "Dodge has done it! Wait and see!" Now the new '55 Dodge is here . . . and the promise is fulfilled. You'll know it from your very first glimpse oi its sleek silhouette—longer, lower, and far more beautiful than anyone dreamed! Here is a car that captures the flair of the future in the bold forward thrust of its hood, in the sweep of its rear deck and twin-jet taillights. Here is a car that introduces the new outlook in motor car styling, with a swept-back New Horizon windshield that surrounds you in a glass cockpit. Here is the car of a hundred surprises, whose taut and eager beauty is matched by exciting new developments that put the future at your fingertips. Podge has done it! See the new '55 Dodge today,i ' ' ' .. \ -4 IDodlge flew-sixes alxeafi w *SE5 J Podge Dealers present: Danny Thomas in "Make Room (or Daddy," ABC-TV : '• Bert Parks ill "Break The Bank," ABC-TV • Roy Rogers, NBC Radii) Cold-room tests show; Cars fueled with new Super., New Gulf KQ-KOX \ .. .. , Refined Gulf NO-NOX start instantly at temperatures be- weather performance, You get spUHecon^Hll low zero! Here's the secret: Besides being super-refined, cold or frosty days „. and 0»8t,ft»el-8»vwgy«»roir^ ~~~~~~~~~~" A laboratory proof; Insteap of .-tr^hig -$ajj harmful deposits with so-called ^miracj| ad ti Ye5 "-4nside'your engine—Gu]f wMjfpss preventing them from forming to thf^r^"'- removes the cflw^—the M difty'burnr»^|ili^ —at the refitiery.Jhe plates ip Uuj'uijjSrtoij photo at left show what a differeaCe^ulf j refining makes!- ' " ' ''' , , \ w^fy ™ ^^™ L'Si;k'tt\, >i!'s;!^i"> A r- COMPLETELY NEW! SUPER-REFINED l| H ^^r* W™f ±m \ «>li ^^'5»pr > ^PT^^' t - "w>_i ,*^v,y*7vy<r';

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