Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 16, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1954
Page 10
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- !-"'•> - ' ' * '• HOP I STAR, H.O.M, A ft R A N Tuesday* November 16, 19S4 ITS .2^-2?} 6W roosters 12-12,3, "26; hen turkeys 34-S5, 2S; ducklings 28; farmed dtifik'J (over 5 ib) 22, (under 3 b) ($8.28; 8 C 57. figgsfh-m; receipts 12,041; wlvrte- feafe buying pfieed unchanged; tr.S. latee whiles 43; mixed 41; U. S ' S4j *ur*t>ht receipts 26; dirties 23; chedks 23. i. 12,00-1700; w? I 10 * t n a Vm&t&y 1 , chtice '%s'eL-ly 19.50- ifise lots mainly :: _66<? isoo- lHl"ftrauhd 1300: .with price 8ea= ;pactially on ,_.,,.aiedfjtog, Switch^. rfayf.Dfecemb.cr Ao ,latd Ills'* fu ' IS" ' . H , "Wore . 5 to >-tbW Uho -and -steel stock market lrJfrourid V pdint tffi^eynblds i Metals the mo- i-6ils (( uttl- icjOs were barely Dodge to Show Completely New Designs DETROIT —. The Il955 Dodge passenger car line, an advanced concept in automotive body design, will be introduced this week in S3; US standards Sutt*J--!irm! receipts 922.362; rtoletete'bitiffljg prices Unchanged „„., uc M11>lwutc „. to.LJUfeher; B.{ score AA 5925; 02| dea j ers . showrooms across the na* A $; BO B 58J 80 C 57; cars 90 B tlon and M Hope at g R Hamm Mrttor Co., William C. Newberg, Dodge president, explained that Car Stylists have blended aircraft sleekness and power into a "design of refreshing beauty." He revealed that Dodge engl» neers have incorporated over 100 structural and mechanical innova* tions in the longer, lower and wider 1955 line. Me said all fpur-doof sedans have a distinct touch of hardtop styling. Offering three series — the new and luxurious Custom Royal, the richly appointed Royal and the classic Coronet — the '55 Dodge has a built-in look of 'action, resulting from its swept-back design. Performance to bear out the air-slicing swiftness in styling is Would Learn to Act Before Stardom By BO 15 THOMAS HOLLYWOOD I/PI If »he had It 10 do,; ovflr, Sara -Share would loatn how, to act fiiFt. then come a publicity ' star." bc- Sara, who is much more plamor-l provided by a wide choice of en- eus than her adopted film nam?'gines — the "Get-Away Six de- would indicate, becarnc a Holly- veloping 123 horsepower, the all- wood figure overnight. Muyb? I new Red Ram V-8 rated at 175 should Fay half a flguic. Anyway, one morhing a movie trado pnper 'eattircd a -pinup pose of her from the waist An sd in "the other ttadc Juper showed her assrst from the waist down. Put them both togclh- ei 'and you got a lovely pal. It caUSsrf fomethir.p oi a sens;i- tioh, which may bo testimony on tho low state of creative agrntiy in Hollywood. The press sturtt was hailed as the greatest sever- Mice play since Orson Wells sawed Rita llaywcith in half d-jjmg his magic show. Sara had offered from several studibb and signed with U-I because it offered the bc,»t training for'both hopefuls. Sara's caroor fizzled out after a y6ar at U-I and she wa. c dropped. "Now 1 realize my mistnke," f,h2 Lays. "I did the whole thing back- Wards< I should have gotten a firm foundation, as an actress, and then gone after the publicity buildup. The stunt developed my name tD horsepower, V-8 at 183 the Super Red Ram horsepower, and the super-powered Super Red Ram V- 8 at. 193 horsepower. Newberg announced another automotive first for Dodge in .the introduction of three-tone combinations on Dodge Lancer hardtop and convertible models. These multiple-tone, paints accent the flair styling and permit exciting new combinations in exterior color design. From'front to rear the 1955 Dodge conveys an impression of classic, clean-lined simplicity. A feeling of streamlined flight is embodied in the car from .the twin-opening grille to the twin-jet taillights. All 14, models have an increased wheelbase of 120 inches. Overall length is increased by -as much as 16 inches on some models, but the cars appear even more lengthy due to Dodge'-s-flair styling. Moving from the massive chrome the point where I should have been grille is a dashing V-type hood doing star .rtfles. But I wasn't ready for them." i She Has taken stdps to remedy that situation. - She has been having dramatic lessons five hours a •day; s'ix daye a week for several months. Now she < is up for good roles.*' and she • feels she is ready for them. w ' ""•'SJfl* If she does make the' grade, it Will be a tribute to her own native tiejermination. She says she has yearned to act since, rhc saw her first movie. ' ' *. honey -blonde-with a cover-girl Idee afld waim b|ue eyes, she stait- ! in her ornament, accenting the low, sweeping hood and fast line pf the . front fenders, Chrome hoods over headlights further emphasize the impression of forward motion. "New Horizon" windshields wrap around at both top and bottom of the glass for 'improved and safer vteion. The windshield provides cockpitt-like visibility for driver 'and front seat passengers. > The "tumble home" or inboard slant of the car's sides above the belt- line, creates an appearance of low, road-hugging massiyeness. Doors, too, are new.• and different •— pertly, cut badk' wider fpr easy entry. ] „ ,, v j* '*» ... ' calls (' ^ . steps mtENSION TELEPHONE | in your home FW5 TM AKP JNSTALtATIQN •1,™*M. ^-.w-- ffli telephone business office today .( BikL-ARKAN$AS t i, * t. ^ ' ' ** •> t t f * ^ / Toestfoy," t6, V9S4 H 0 P t STAR, H OP £, ARKANSAS luSA Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M, Just Arrived New Shipment FRUITCAKE INGREDIENT! Candied Pineapple Red Cherries Mixed Fruit Colored > Pineapple Currants Figs Nuts Lemon Peel Orange Peel Citron Peel Green Cherries Raisins White Raisins Dates REMEMBER EVERY WEDNESDAY IS DOUBLE S&H GREEN STAMP DAY AT YOUR PIGGLY WIGGLY. START NOW TO FILL BOOKS — GET VALUABLE GIFTS WITH YOUR FILLED BOOKS OF S&H GREEN STAMPS — 32 SHOPPING DAY STILL CHRISTMAS. IMPERIAL CANE Bag Calendar Tuesday Nbvettibef 16 Mrs. Leo Hartsfield will be hostess to Poplar Grove 196, Wood- tnan's Circle, on Tuesday, Novem- at 7:30 p. m. for a social ittibers are Urged 'to attend. .'.--. .•. ••••" .'••'.; | The Friendship Class of the 'First Bapist Church meels at 7:,15"1*ue"s- day in the home of Mrs. Opal vey, 521 West Fifth street, for business and social meeting. Wednesday November 17 The Paisley P. T. A. study course ('ill be held at the home of Mrs. iFerrell Williams on Wednesday Imorfljng from 10 until 11. All Pais- lley mothers are urged to attend "this meeting. Mrs. James LaGrossa vill lead the discussion. MIRACLE WHIP SALAD .§:. The Gardenia Garden Club will leet Wednesday, November 17, at 2:30 p. m, at the hotne of Mrs. '. H, Webb, East 14th street, with Irs. Rpss .Moore, as co-hostess. tfrs.-' Arch ; Al'ddre:' and Mrs. Sa.rrt Strong' -are } inicharge ^ of the pro- gram on "Bulbs." Members are reminded that there will be an exchange of bulbs. Thursday Ndyember 18 Mrs. John Vesey and Mrs. R. T. While will be hostess to the ladies try Club on Thursday, November t8,iiat;;12:30. •;• "... ;. •'The Friday;.Music Club will meet Thursday. November 18, at 7:30 p. m'. 1 at Mrs. Garrett Story's home. Friday November 19 The Dahlia Garden Mistakes Wife for Intruder FORT SMITH -.*!., A 71-year- old Hackett, Ark. housewife ffiis- takrn by her husbaad for an intruder, was reported in critical DQRQTHYDIX'.'. The More The Merrier Dear Miss Dix: We are very hap-j py parents, -aged 33 and 34. We ,, • . . j.»iu nf through sickness, death, or ------- , ---- ...,„,. ---- _., ---- _ _ .jy unreins -aeea oo aiici j*t. we --- + " : , * ^ u copoilion here after being wound- havp one J4 d t adopt ed negligence, are most deserving ota- - en ou o™ tc " fr ° m a Germnn ger pistol. ;r pisioi. infanrv Fort Smith hospital attendant, sa a Mrs. Richard Smith was m daughters - sisters we have since J ecls tf > ur * arl j y - fcWhe V°S,± ,, en-your, heart and-home to these y little ones, you are indeed blessed Knowlondjke at Odds on GOP Program By JAMES MAftLOW WASHIhfGTON l/fi Sen. ffl, Brlftaih'S pt-Jifte Sir Anlhofty Mett, the e'gn ininisl^ ' Eisenhower said the orld lay hi peaceful but he declared this Wttst Pert ppppftsenicht nnd mtist ftot «!«««! 5 Red CftiAlf Atffis Know' two sa a rs. icar as childof six crit.cal condilior, a, a result of ..«> c " s - a brot -and anoth a wound in her left hip. j problem: We love children and are , r little, ones,.you are inneeaDiessea j artVs , ob &f Senate Bopllbli . n . n by Him who ' said, "Suffer littl« j cu{ , or j , Uer Prcsiduil Eis , M1 . _l.!1*l«AM )n ^».-.-. n 11*1 In rv\ » * tt tt V , . . i , ... v.'Uuiiu ill nur jun niu. +..,:«« i i t- . • Smith, 78, tcld Sebastian County) * iyng to 8 e a license-to act as his wife! ster P ar en.ts. However some of ...1. children to come unto me." Any neighbor, who would stand in, the pf your intention can be officers that he mistook his wife "V nelBbbT,' h»vp «n'w. \o stamped as a selfish, mean Scroo. for a prowler. He said he awoke j°"f, «"« hb °'» have objected he- p " ^ o Wm> ; doubt early yostei day mornim;/ to findj^ au ^ e OU1 ' is too small. We Pay very much if lack of a large, yard bower's program through that chamber but at tittles he stems al rrosf-pttrposcs with the man in the White'House. In the midst of yesterday's Sen- .'•tc debato on censuring Sen. Mc- uald'he fired the shot when He received no'verbal response to his question for identity- Club will completed on the fifth Monday at meet Friday at 2 p. m. at the home the church. Of Floyd Fuller on the Rosstonj A dessert plate with coffee was road. All members who have not served to seven members. done so are urged to bring their dues. Arrangement to the after- non for an accidental line. .The Fulton P. T. A. will have a chicken-spaghetti dinner at the Mrs. Shiver Entertains Martha Halrston Circle baths, so you can see we aren't i crowded. We never go anywhere without the children. Our recreations arc Dear Miss Dix: I'm in love with picnics,'a-boy who seems to like me, but camping, fishing, or movies we can not enough. He dates me just about attend together. S6 I can see no once a month, and.dates other girls reason for objection to,our doing in the meantime. He's a very nice ifcir.ian, delivered a speech c!c- hotiiicing the idea that, there could be 'peaceful coexistence" with mel.note than a yeat aflei»mtr the subOidlnation of any natfttn to" an cutside power. Tills wa* pretty f£6d thai the Prc^dent, although hoped foi. eoe.xistenee, wasw't betting it would work. ChurchlU had said mtich ;,iine thin? two days beirvrc whett, et a Juno 28 news conferfchCB, he i-tged a "mil goid try' at jj<jnca« lul coexistence It might hot SoJve all problems, he s?id, feut things might get boiler. The Ptosideft and 'thti Prime Minister made thtiif owl wild alftfid? "was part polity tNUflS ^*te w «»»««* -wiu^a - walk tf«i*elMhf| .___ vMtedJft "-•• *-"'"< Oh My 1 ! news to ? Communist \vorld. this was contrary to what Eisenhower himself told a news contci- encc last June 30 after a White House visit by Sir Winston Church- as we please about boarding child- well-mannered boy, but just ren. There are so many young- doesn't seem able to get interested!^ -. • , ,, . . ,•' . sters who need home care it's a in any one girl. How can I make ) h6 '; e - .* should have received a shame more people can't see their him change his altitude — in my. ' nv "aHon. way clear to taking them. I suppose favor? . . . B. L'. su-ns beg.m talking of Cdexi*ftencd. Knowland's expression yd of his views en coexisteiicfe. i'Jl nc\v. Last Aug I he said Coex- ittencc with Russia if as impossible as coexisting in a cage <of On Monday afternoon, November ™. e , neignbors think the children Answer: By always being a ch 15 Mrs Harry Shiver, entertained will be noisy, but, after all, if we ing gracious companion; not 1O. ivj.1 &. AAUI i j K*» ,.._._„ hnH hnhioc nf nm* «..»*-. M rt ,t, /,,,u;«u _ .n^ _, . . ___ .. • _L_ demanding jealous or possessive 4} CniUKUJl-apelguulLl U11LUC1 ell. wit jg. 1V115. miLiy .JUIY^-I- w..v~-- Un/1 V» 1'* t school on'Thursday, November 18,'members of the Martha Hairstonnnaoaoies of our own now o w _. ____„__ beginning at 6 p. m. Price of din-'circle of the First Baptist Church " no longer possible) .surely they Nothing squelches a young' man's - • - - wnnirt hr. «„!.„ („„ MRS E. fondness for a girl so quickly as ner will be fifty cents. Drinks and j n her home. dessert will be extra. Chicken sa- xhe meeting was .opened with .ad sandwiches'Will also be sold.'prayer by Mrs. Franklin Horton, This dinner vis 'for the benefit of| C i rc le chariman. Each member ' PINTO BEANS : KRAFT AMERICAN CHEESE » CLOVERLEAF DRY Lb. Cello 2 Lb. Box PLANTERS COCKTAIL 12 Or. Can FRESH GROUND WILSONS - ARMOURS WHOLE OR HALF Jar WILSON CHOPPED 12 Oz. Can DRIED * TODAY ONLY * 2:00'- 3:44 -5:28 - 7:22 -.9:16 Get set- for the comedy surprise of ; your life- 4^ Greg tears loose tn the riotous story of a down - and-outer who. picks up a million bucks — a million babes — and a million laughs' .... '.if PRUNES AMERICAN SOUR or DILL PICKLES AUSTEXPLAIN 22 Oz. Jar ;- No. 303 Can BETTY CROCKER CAKE Honey Spice Devil Food, Marble White CURTIS 14Oz. Boxes 10 Or. Pkg. PETER PAN PEANUT BUTTER 12 Ox. Jar c NO. 1 YELLOW Lemons Proctor & Gambles TIDE HIVE wm PICK! \ would be noisy, too. Not For Neighbors To Decide Answer: It's not up to the ntiph- do his own wooing ahd a too eager lovelight flaihing from her ey.es MRS. G Answer: It's too bad that something as 'joyous , as a marriage should also be the source of hurt feelings. I doubt if there ever was Yesterday he said Russia is pliiM' f,ing "coexistence ! to gain time to Hcoi'hiulate elomii: power He said once there was svich >>n etomic stalemate perhnpS U6- Iwocn 1957 and 'lOGO eelings. I doubt irtnere ever was wuld b , n ,, ibbling avvay , Bt i wedding reception that didn t^ m . in nat , OPSi wllh Comlnlmisl vtc. have some., injured spirit on the sidelines ^ MAN WITH A MILLION V<hite Syrup KARO •pt. rt. BRIGHT & EARLY COFFEE DIAMOND-D Rolli Glimpses pf West Germany George Town' & Orchestra WED. & THURS. O STORY OF THE LEGEND FAMED... circle chariman. n;acn niemuci ,,..-..^.. .,,. „ .^i. u^. iu mt m.ig-,i- ao nis own vvooine ana a 100 cugi-ri narticipated in the devotional by bors to decide this point the dens- ! i ass j s maikcd zeio on his list. ^, •_- .. „_;„,,» ooi-intni-ps hceinnine Ion is with the agencies conccined . . . . ;he schbbl : library,. , , yal u ,,_ 1Ftl ^« -.— . , n « • ^u ^ • , . rormer Students,'...[teachers and:g iv i ng various scriptures beginning Ion is with the agencies conccined pnb;s4nntQ• QI'O' • •" ' ARtTppinllv invit.prf ..:*u +i-m 1oi4oi You ale leally a very you dsitant also . f,esidents(are ; . .'esplecialiy invited as'a ••homecbmingr occasion. Notice 1 .The Lilac Garden. Club meeting has been postponed until November 24 ,. The meeting will be held in the home of Mrs: Lloyd Kinard.. Catherine Hatton Circle Has Meeting ' The home of Mrs. TSd Nutt was the scene of the meeting of the Catherine Hatton Circle on Monday afternoon. Mrs.. Jack Hogg taught the mission study book. . The group collected-canned foods -and clothing for a Thanksgiving offei ing to be sent to - the • orphans home. One new member, , Mrs. Nell Evans, was welcomed into the circle. Those -'present were Mrs. Hogg, Mrs. Leon Davis, Mrs. Doyle Rogers, Mrs. A. T Jewell, Mrs. Floyd Osburn, Mrs A. B. Robins, and Mrs. Evans. with the letter "B." .- . The business session was conducted by Mrs. Horton. Mrs. Henry Haynes, missionary study chairman, taught the lesson from the book "Pilgrimage to Brazil.' The hostess served a dessert plate with coffee to U. m«nbfrB and one new .member, Mrs. Willie Thrash. with child welfare. Consult your local, welfare- bureau as well' as otheis equal. have had to be on the list ''This would have added immca'sui.' Dcai Miss Dix I'm a widow with ably to tthe expense of an event „ „ „.. „„ that of the church to which you be- one son who is happily rrtainpd to that is almost always a stiain on long. Your-pastor, too maybe of a fine gul Recently her niece was "--" -' ' u ~ U '" J "'" *-«-»« help in paving the way foi more married and althiough many relai youngsters to come into your home | tivos and fuends were invited to Children who have tempoiaiily the chuich and reception I was left or-permanently deprived of homo out I felt that since my'son wasjhuit 'feelings the"puise of. Ihe biide's Do be consideiate, the line between Invited and nOninvited must be diaWn somewhere Don't harboi toij the final result.*', i Although he doesn't cxi Hence them^i Rriftv had no altdin^lKe." J|c' deem t w iri* lock' defense prcgVamVhe*«,a1ii thought it would be^bad i Congiess to debate that ^ 'But o go slow on tFnitsd States otlt cc untsy, he said. .'blttsation«i to the theni wotUdj houghl 1 A* camel's , crease as much as ,1| irenheit without < 'hazel, Sorrels Circle Has Meeting In Holt Home The Hazel Sorrels Circle of the First Baptist Church met in the home of Mrs Heivey Holt on Monday afternoon, . 'The circle has taken as its project m Community JMissions visiting local hospitals A collection "was taken for the oiphans home. The hostess, assisted by the co- hostess, Mrs. Vance Smiley, ser- 'ved a salad plate to Mrs. J. I. •Bowden, Mrs L. N Garner, Mrs. W. S. C. S. Circle e ^, ^^ Meets . W S C S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church met Monday, October 15. at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. James Meyers with Miss Mary Anita Laseter and Mesdames Jack Wilson and H. O. Kyler Jr., as co-hostesses. Lovely arrangements of beautiful fall flowers decorated the spacious reception rooms of tne Meyer 1 s - home. The meeting opened with tne group singing "Jesus Saves" followed by the circle yearbook "truths to live by quotations and prayer for others" being repeated in unison. , Mrs. Claude Tillery, chairman, presided over the business session at which time reports were heard from Mesdames • .Clifton Ellis, John Yocum, Edward Aslin, Fred Glanton, and James ^Meyers. The group was commended for their splendid cooperation in recent •Christian social relations work. When it was announced that-.each circle had been asked to contribute six cup towels for the church kitchen Mrs. H. O. Kyler Jr., graciously offered to make and donate six for Circle 5. An expression of c 1t> r. "vv< v v - ,^s>X*V *fa v A l " "'AT ' Connie Ward, Mrs George Young, thanks was extended to Mrs. Ky- Mrs. John O'Steen, Mrs. Foster ler fQr this ac t o f love and loyalty Wiggins, Mrs. L F Higgason, and tQ the circle and church. Each Mis Denvei Hoinaday. member was reminded to bring • her Wanda Stanley offering and Amanda Tinkle , ,... a 75 ce nt gift for exchange to the Clrple Meets circle Christmas party to be at The Amanda Tinkle Circle of the nome of Ml . S- Tillery, Decem- the First Baptjst Church met ber 2 o at 7:30 p. m. "ROCK HUDSON-ARLENEDAHL i Monday November 15, m the home I of Mis. Royce Smith. I Each member took pait in the devotional, 'by giving various "New Nations Shall Turn to the Lord" was the theme of the program which Mrs. Virgil Keeley Mrs. Hinton Davis, and Miss Caro- scnptures. Mrs- Gus Haynes led Jyn 'ji ann enlightened the group I in the opening prayer. Mrs. Hay- conc erning the needs of India, Pak- nes, circle chanman, presided j s t ani arid Ceylon while MrsV Lloyd over the regular routine of busi- G uer j n in a most interesting man- ness and reminded all members ner related Jeep Track Stories that of the Lottie Moon season of pra- ac t ua lly happened to Miss Helen yer foi the week of November 29 through December 3. Mrs. Dannie Hamilton, mission Bailey, a missionary to mdia ; Mrs. Sam Hartsfield gave a most inspiring devotional using as her theme. ! Our Influence in Sending the 'study chairman, presented two chapters, of the mission book, "Pil- Christian Spir.it to Other Nations." grimage to Brazil" It wa^ an- Her scr i p ture was II Timothy 1-7, ,nounced that the book would be The meeting closed with all re eating the circle benediction af- er which pie, coffee, and salted uts were served by the hostesses ssisted by Misses Barbara and ^ancy Wilson, and Carol and Cheryl Meyers to 33 members and wo visitors, Mrs. Faye Huckabee nd Mrs. Webb Laseter Jr. CHOCOLATE COVERED ' '8EIKT YOUR CHRISTMAS CARDS «|AUY UNUSUAL f 60X60 ASSORTMENTS 59 C TO *$ligioys the'mes, qnd cprds »hat flow with the ri?h trqditipn of , .Chrijtmaj. Vpu'lh^nt (BOX?? qnd ' l\) 1.1 , t ' Hospital Notes Jul'a Chester . . . • Admitted: Mrs. Lelia Gentry, dabel, Okla., Mrs, Gilbert T. Os- urn, Hope, Mr. Thos. L. Compon, Hope, Mrs. Harold Higgason, Hope, Mrs. Howard White, Hope, 'ames .Cox, Rt. 4, Hope, Estelle U-een, Patmos. .Discharged: Miss Bessie Trim- ile, Washington, Mrs. Sallie Colier, Hope, Ruby Lee Briggs, Hope, Mrs. Fred Mouser, Hope. Carson and Estelle 'Green, Patmos, have a son born at 9:12 p. 1. Thursday. Admitted: Mrs. Rush Jones, Oz. an, Miss Bessie Green, Hope, Be- inda. Jo Butler, Rt. 1, Hope, Mrs. Claud Shankler, Rt. 4. Hope, Ark. John L. Tedder, Texarkana, Ark., Mrs. Roxie Cook, Hope, Mrs. Horace Hubbard, Hope, Mr. T. L. Chambless, Rt. 4, Hope, Lee Essie West, Rt. 4, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Gilbert Osburn, Hope, Mrs. Ola Lloyd, Rt. 3, Hope Mr. Edgar-Lafferty, Patmos, James Cox, Rt. 4, Hope, Mr. Clyde Binn, Hope, Estelle Green and son Patmos, Msu'tha Jean WyaCt and son, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hubbard, Hope, have a daughter born at 7:44 a. m. Monday, Pranch Admitted; 'Mr?. Henry Whstley, Hope, Miss Linda Rpwe, Hope. Admitted,: Mr. U M- Goad, Hope, Mrs. L,. M. Qpgd. Hope. Mr. L. T. Ross, Columbus, Mi?5 Allie Munn, galhjs, Texas Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe St. Regis . WITH THE IT'S HAPPENED! Here's a wholly new direction in automotive styling for all cars to follow, And it took Chrysler-for 1955 to do ft; America's top performer and the first in the coming generation of motorcars! Come see it! Everything about it is completely new, a'nd, dramatically different. Here's the car'with the lOO-MHUpn-Dollar Look ... and when you own it a"4 tfriv 6 it, you'll feel like every million pf iU Chrysler for 1955 is long and sinewy and low. It's a sleek, clean length of steel that looks as if it might have been born in a wind tunnel, Washe4 free of clutter f Pqrposeful as an arrow shot from a bow! New front-end ., . you can spot it a mile away! New Super*Scente sweptback wind' shield ,,. with corner posts that slant back to allow safest possible vision. New tapered rear dec};, New sweeping silhouette that's inches hv>?r than other big cars. New Twin-Tower tail-lights tha,t say "Stop!' 1 with, gwt authority. New powerFU^e RangerSelector on the dash that com* pletely p,utmo4es couventipnal levers on the • steering; polumn. And new fashion* seen jn ^ny but cu8tQm»bu}lfc motor c^ra! Comedriveit|£;pery —with engines up^to powerful type in? th,e Chrysler forecast and 9N ' interiors that surpass anything you/ya AT YOUR SHRY5UR and new d;Quble» Plus new ts ^^i - ~^y?\\ M ' » <.V''5 ttf*$&& ^^ W NUNN

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