The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Girls And Boys 4-M Tourney Opened Thursday Night .Games played (Ills morning ID •III* "1!" divisions, resulted in scorr.s: Girls—I,osl Cane, 42, Clear Lake C; Sliadj- (irovc 25, Huffman 2; Hucky ):i, hex Klin S. Roys—Lone Oak 8, I'aM-lircu 2; Box Klilcr 18, Herce 0; Hluily Grove 18. Clear l,ak<- :t. IMny continued today In tlii; annual Hoys and Cilrls 4-11 Club basketball tournament or North Mississippi County which opened last nlshl at the niytheville armory. With 42 learns witered In the "A" and "B" divisions, it is planntd to eliminate teams by games Ihrongli today, tonight and Saturday morning with seml-nnals to be staged Saturday afternoon and the finals Saturday night. In girls' games played night. Yarbro "A's" defeated Slindy Grove, 30-0; Oosnell "A's" defeated Ixx-st Cane, 26-5; Ixme Oal: "A's" defeated Pawheen, 20-14; shady Grove won over Rocky by a forfeit; Oosnoll "B's" defeated Half I Moon, 18-8. The lineups: "A" gitls ad: Cella Whittle 20, Mary Whittle 13. Thompson l. Oldlinm, stiles, Games, Parish 2; Shady Grove (61: Whteon 1, Ixivelnce -1, Russell 1, Pile's, Brown. Oosuell "A" girls (45): lieviil 28, Cook 8, Boyd D, Moody, Grecr, Wnrrlngton, Arnxwcll; Pnwheen (21): Horn 11, Lycrly 0, Woods 2, Bishop, Parsley, Gulp, Brown 2, Reeves. Oosnell "A" boys (26); Hall 9. 1 Vaucleve 0, Smith 4, Hallmark, Cleveland 2, Perkins, Enbanks 5, Rny, Hart; Lost, Cane (5); Gulley 2, Reed, Lorren 3, Vnstbliulcr. Vench, T. Vnstbinder, Stiitler. Lone Oak "A" boys (20): E. Wallers 6, Lipford 0. Hodge, Austin 2, H. Wallers 2. Harris 2; Pawheen 114): Carnal! 1. Parsley 2, Gnidy, C, Neal 3, Culp, Wells 2. Smith 4. Neal 2. Gosncll "A" boys (18): Hull, Wisdom, Rice 2, Moody, [lice 8. Bunn, Hnllmark 8, Chilnmn, Hanley; Half Moon (8); Johnson 3, Walker 1, Jones 4, Bc.neneM, Shn- ncylcH, lienefield. Members of Slindy Cirovc "A" boys: Russell, Monroe, Herbert Doyle, A (fii round draw This selection isn't based on Ilio vagrant reports Umt have been golns around town of lute tlml Die boys would scllle on a draw and fight It olf Inter in New York. In Ibe first place we're dealing «llh Miiinre, honest shooters In ihis bout, and that gnes for all connecled with it. In Ilio second, n man named George Hlakc Is go- Ing lo be the referee and you don't do business when Brother Ijlake is Inside those ropes giving the proceedings his doiihlc-o. And In the third, there wouldn't bo much sense in looking ahead to a third show In New York. The bout will do upwards of $100,000 litre nnd (hat's about as much us it would do iinyivlio/e. If the light were going IS rounds I'd lake Clarcia. Over the long pidl lii.s 12 pound pull in tte i weights and his sujxTior punching I power would give him ihe edge. f Hut at t«i rounds, 1 believe Aim- jSlrons will lx> able lo keep iniivlniij fast enough, and hilling enough, • to give lilm an even break. Henry isn't Ihe liule perpetual tnullon : machine he used to be. lie couldn't be. 'Hie human chassis just isn't ' bulll lo Inki; Die .sort of ment the litlle fellov; gave his over an right-year spun. Hut 1 think he has enough in .ilnnd oil' Garcia lor ten rounds and get hlmsell an even break. If I'm wrong I'll send Miss IJiir- JB_U'THEVILLR ;; (ARK.) COURIER N IFTEB181 Is Strongly l''ntrcnch«l As Game's Police, Prose- culor, Judge, Jury UKU.AIft. Fin.. March 1 <lfl') — Tills Is Die 18l)i anniversary of ll>e day when Kenesaw Mounlnln !.:.n- <lis resigned from the l-Vdeial i to become, polleenunt, pro'C- cutor, jury and judge of briM'buli. mid it found "the Jf-dge" so firmly iti control of tho National name llml his chief worry now is how to break lliO on tlir' sumi-Micwri p. oil «mr;x> liete. In his winter head- This silso Is Ihe clay when sprini! training ofnelully opens, but l.undis is n )>l{j!;cr story tliini nil IU teams lombined because but lor him there might not bi> any inujor Icugiw- tasi'ball. lie was called to helm in the dark (lays when dishonesty of tlic Hbek Sox Ihmitened (he game and dining bin and Miss I''nye and the oihcrs the years thut huve passed lie hns front row .seals lo the premiere hcromo a symbol ol honesty and ol my next picture. fair dealing to every fun who sll.s In the bleachers anil chews pra- nuls. lie growled n bit today when he H-ns reminded (hot he lea the federal bench 18 years ago to devote nil his time to baseball nnd ii'hen nn interview was suggested he said: "Young man, don't you think the public gets a little tired of seeing my imiiie in piinl/r After eight members of the Chicago White Sox conspired lo throw Hie 1910 world series to the Cin- clnnjili IJeds, baseball looked nround for a fearless man to snatch it back from the brink of destruction. Gen. John J, I'ersh- ing and Leonard Wood were among (hose mentioned lor the post, but l.anclls was chosen because Ills nnme was linked in those days with fearlessness, lie had lined the Standard Oil Company of Indiana $5!),2.10.000 at, n lime' 'when big business wns not an ensy Ihing lo defy. He accepted Ihe high commis- slonership on Nov. 20. 1920 but continued to serve on the federal lop Heavy Victory Over Louisiana State Raises Alabama's Slock KNOXVILLE. Tcnn.. March (UP)— Sentiment swung toward Alabama's (nil Crimson Tldesnu-n today as they and three other surviving teams rested for tonight's semi-finals In the animal Southeastern Conference basketball lour- nniucnl. True to the settlings, the semifinal field wns completed last night with Tennessee, Oeorgin and Kentucky joining Alubnmn In Ihe nexl- to-]n,st round. Alabama plays Georgia tonight and Tennessee takes on Kentucky. Alabama, leader ot the regular conference campaign nnd scedcrl number one for the tournament, swamped Louisiana Stale St to 25. In Die minrtcr-nnnls, the lop- hcavlesl score of hntllcs thus far. The convincing Crimson Tide a the elimination win made the dcllnile favorite Today's Sport Parade 9} HKNRT MeUJUOU HOLLYWOOD, March 1. (UP) — Hollywood is never so lavish as when nsked for its opinion. A man can get on i\ telephone niid within ten minutes get (he opinions of the stars on any subject. They'll tell you how to (levll n Plover's egg, the simple-si way lo remove spots from n miner's cap. the shortest route between Peoria and union Rouge, nnd the proper lime of year lo sow wild oats. Knowing this, I had little or no tlifflculty in finding; out for you bow Hollywood feels toward the fight tonight for the middleweight championship between Henry Armstrong and Ceferino Garcia. Of the do?.ens queried only Mae West declined to lake n definite stand. "They are bolh great lighters,"- she said. "May the better man win. I'm always for the better man." I.linc Velcz, a better mnn ordinary featherweight in her own right, likes Armstrong. "Wait until Sicnry rushes In," Lnpe said, "and he'll have a message for Garcia." Tyrone Power feels the same n:; Lupe. but Marlene Dietrich, who showed a fine right cross and a swell left in "Destry Rides Again." thinks Ihe Filipino is loo big nnd too strong for the little challenger. In Garcia's corner with Mnrlene are Blng Crosby, Alice FYiye, Gene Aiitry, Jackie Coogan, Mack Bennett, Lee Tracy, Jack Benny, Deanna Durbin and Gary Grant. Yelling for Armstrong are Tom Brown, Wayne Morris, Darryl Zan- Utfk, Phil Harris. Adolplie Mcnjou, Dennis O'Keete, Don Amechc, and loudest of all, Rochester. With all these opinions to choose from you can scarcely have any need for mine, but as bad a forecaster as I am and as little as I know about boxing, I do believe my knowledge of the science is as round, sny. as that of Miss Durbin, Miss Faye and Mr. Coogan. Too, ihfre is a bit- ot the Hollywood about inc. 1 like to soundofl to all ears in range of my typewriter. So I give you my selection: NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service to defeated Itiml-sceilccl Georgia and to prugrt-Ki (o (he final round against the winner of the Tennes- scc-Kenlucky lilt. Kentucky, usually the conference powerhouse bill which finish- oil seventh In the. conference .slaiulings this year, was pushed to carve out a -H lo :I4 victory over Vuiulcrhilt in the second round. Vancly was nhcad early In Ihe game but Tticky 'piled up n big lend early in Ihe second half which Vnndy could not overcome with a lust-minute spurt. Ken- lucky wns fourth-seeded. Lanky Joe Kllllan led Georgia to victory over Mississippi, scoriiiK IS points as his mtile.s routed the Rebels, -15 lo 28. Second-seeded Tennessee elim- inilted Florida, 42 to 32, nflcr having defeated Georela Tech in the! plnylng since Ihe nlnclles niul wlial- concerns lihn most now Is that his drives are 25 yards shorter Uwn tlK-y used to be. Hut h e Is , in i touchy about his uge mid he shook n lean linger In this reporter's luff and siild: "Von ssiy f am 74 years Did and thai I look every one <»1 ibose years." Mrs. tjimlls broke In: "Why von .v.on't lie 74 until Nov. 20." | 'fhe Judge's iwliey In handlim; (he major leagues is to let !)»' ; magnates urguc until they rci.rh «» obvious deadlock. Then he intervenes. Dining (he recent main; 1 league rules meetings here h.- winked knowingly at the press InM,- v.'hih the baseball moguls v." "• wrangling over technicalities. I.andis is hired under a sevi-n- year conn act which has been ,,- ncwrd Iwlce. 'I'he current onr> i :•;- Iplres In 1942. His salary hns'llir- I lunted bi.-lv.Tcn $50,(i(w and JVV- 000 nnd nov; is $05,000. During ihi depression lie cut his own eiUiirv. He Is Die court of last npp-n! i In baseball. Ills |x>wcrs are so V.M!'- jand unchallenged that he coild | call off tin- world series if h c ejiu v and give no other reason Hum "It's foi ihe best, interest of bn" tall." He cijuslder.s tlinl narL of his ji>b — nil important part—Is to piutn i Hit.- public and to. see that UK- nii- si-ii/i- piiiyu- gels every break !.<• hiiis coining to him. in f;,,;^ v ,,,i cun sum ii]i th(; Judge's bascbull philosophy in three words: "KIHI it llOIH'Sl." bench until March 1. 1922 despite the fact, that he was severely criticized and threatened with impeachment for holding two positions slimilliincously. nnscball has paid him more than $1.1)00,000 in salary since (hen, nnd no one connected with (lie gume begrudges a ilimc of it, The "Jcdge" has been a iinrd task- ninster—iinrliculaily in such cuses us releasing 191 uall players frtitn Ihe St. Louis Cardinals ami Dc- lioit Tiycr's clinlus—but the worst criticism brought against him by buseliali pconlc is thiu his o])iu- ions sometimes come in legal phrases which arc not easy tor Ihe layman to understand. He plays 18 holes of golf every day white down here. He has been first round. Florida had advanced to the qunrler-liunls on n bye. Try One of Our Dellelnus PIG SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Across From Illsh Krlninl • THE PAYOFF By IIARKV GKAVSON NBA Service Sports Editor ST. PEI'EnSBUliG, l ; 'la.. Mar. I. —Even Joe McCarthy has a problem as the baseball clubs start another Iraim'ng season, mil so elli- eient is the Yankee orgnni/ntion thai its manager has to look u year ahead for the slightest trace of a headache, if, itidccd. It Ls jws- slble 10 develop one from nn oversupply of fine talent. Poor Joe Ls practically lying awake, ulghls wondering what to do with Frank Croscttl in lafl, tt'licn Gerald Priddy Ls coming up from Kansas City lo play second base and force Joe Gordon to Hie opposite side of the sack. Sam Drcadon has announced the Cardinals are out to win the National League pennant this trip, which meaii.1 the Reds, who staggered lo the fla» in 1930, will luive Ihcir hands full. This tt'lll be especially tnlc If St. Louis comes up with n sluirl- stop or second baseman of worth to play alongside of Jimmy Brown. KKDS JIUST FIND 'i 1 wo jioitu nuiti,i;ns Bill McKcclinlc must build ills Bl|f Two—Bucky Walters am! Paul Dorrinficr—inlo a Big Four to once more bend off Mi™, Meduick, Slaughter mid other robust Ijlokos in red blasters. , Johnny Vinidcr Men- could contribute (;reatly to the slinging shortage, and Vlnco DIMa?nlo will help In the outfield if he gels away from going after his own hi'.! league record for tola! strike- V/ith any kind of pitching fron: someone besides Bob Drove last •ii'nsnn, the Red Sox easily mi liavn made things tough for (he Vankecs. Cronln showed his faith in bc- | Doniinic ni.Mng<;io by i licdtlllnij Joe Vo.smik. There is ; no question in regard lo the j ymiii|;i-!l DiM'usjgio's llyc'nasiiig :»id ability lo do cverylllfjij; ex- I I'l-nt hit bip tlinft piichlng. : INDIANS ALSO NUKI) • AIMX'I'IO.VAI. I^'J'C'HKHS i With llielr second basing pu/yje j iippuH-mly solved by Urn llou- ; diwin and Oscar Orlmos. Cleveland ; irmsl develop pitching help for the :iuiii/in<; 1'Vllcr. A salli;fuotory and satisfied ! Hank Ciiwnl-i-rj/ jn Jefi, Held and ! pitching would make iX-troll dan- ' <eious. i Jimjuy Dykf-s )ia.<s to leach Tuft jV/iU'lit to catch a fly and gel i Julius Kollers hack In Ibe liiittlng i -;'.'.iil!< I)'' lost til IMS. Washington poss<:sses jasl one I pil'-hcr of reul worth ii'inil l.con- j;ird--which is why llu Natlouuls j will be fortunate to improve their j sixth pliico rinishiii'j pasilion ol | The Athletics paid Denny .\le- jCoy $-10.000 to sign and gave the second baseman a two-year contract at S10.000. but .slill have so j many shortcomings thai it is easv 10 undersland why Connie Muck skips this season mid Hie next and talks of 1912. The Browns will be better for the very good reason thai (hey c-ouldn't be any worse. The Giants landed an accomplished second baseman in Mickey Witek of Newark, but a club having to fill three infield positions can't be expected to go any great distance especially when it is fnll- msf apart at the seams elsewhere I'KKIIIC'I'S tlAKTNKTT IN FOR ROUGH TO!IS Gabby Ilnrlnctt will be lucky lo finish the season as manager of the Cubs, which is your answ?r on the National League side of the Chicago picture. The Pirates ivho too!: advantage of good-natured Pie Truynor are due for a rude awakening under fiery Prank Frlscli. j The Bees cracked up with Eddie Miller's leg in 1939. With the sland- iili-and-cliccr shortstop going all the \vay. the Boston array will be troublesome with its tight defense j but it lacks a wallop. Increased weight about the hips lias .slowed up Joe Vo.smik am! causes him lo hit into an alarmino number of double plays, but the Cleveland Bohemian may be tho long range right-linnd "hitter Tax Assessment GOOD NEWS (90 proof) is MOW mlvniic- r<l in ngo lo -I full yours. Although old rnon^li to l is si ill li IxUlIrtlnt llirlttwcrproof for those >vhu prefer n lighter drink. PINTS $1.00 QUARTS $1.95 fit- Pew* (Ulmmim I/OK yet mete The Time for Assessing Rural and Persona! Property Is From Now Until APRIL 8th If you fail to assess your property the law requires me to assess it for you. You know the value of your property bcUer than anyone else. Please help ,ne to fix the proper value on your property. W.W.(Buddy)Watson County Assessor Veering, Holland Cooler Teams Meet COOTER, Mo., March 1 — The Peering and Holland boys nnd the 200K.T ana, (Jeering girls will meet -anight In the duals of the I'cmi- ,cot County grade .school basket•'.ill tournament which is attract- IB larger crowds than the recent igli school event. These teams won the right to :iter the finals by defeuijx; opponents hi fast gamt-.s played last "Slit. During lioys defeated. Car- ilhersville, 18-17, i,ml Holland OS's defeated Cooler, 22-7. In the girls games. Cooler dc- •atcd Hulland, 18-10. and ixWrnj; eleated Carutliersville, lli-io. Manila Teams Lose To Brown Shoe Cagers «AIll)THEnSvrU,E. Mo.. Mar. 1 —The l>rown Shoe Company hule- cndc-nt basketball teams won both a/ncs from Manila. Ark., inde- lendeni basketball tennis won oth games from Manila, Ark in- Icprndcnt baskelball teams 'won oth game* from Manila. Ark, in- epcndentK nl the high .school gym •ere. the boys winning narrowly Brooklyn needed In 1939. "'htliulcljiWa is training n! Miami Beach, but even Miami Hench can't hurt the I'hlllles, FRIDAY, MARCH 1, nnd the girls 21-13. Virginia for (lie girls !m(l John Ward for the boys, with 12 points each, were high scorers for the Brownies, while Hamsey willi 18 and Nimmilly w jtb 8, were high' scorers for Manila boys and girls •JUons reach maturity al u ic flse of seven. "I. Wert Optometrist "HB MAKES 'KM SEK".' Over .Toe Isaacs' Store Phone CM HONE HOW $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Phone 76 HOUSE OF MEAD" AT 10 1'. M. Saturday! You have only ONE MORE DAY to save in our Semi-Annual Take your choice of the remaining \ $ At the Final Reduction of 75 Down goes (he curtain on our semi-annual sale of Mansfield suits. The show is over tomorrow night and your last opportunity lo save on a new suit will l,c -one. We slill have plenty of sizes available id S21.75 and S2G.75 in desirable models. With Palm Sunday only fifteen days away and Easter only twenty two days away we suggest yon supply your clothing needs without delay! Of course, sizes for everyone. As Usual the Best Values Are Af AD'S MAIN 315

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