The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1940
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAKCil 1, JO'10 BLYTHEVILLE'(A11K.V COURIER NKWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Oally rate per line tor consccu- NVO insertions: line lime per line lOo Vwo times per line per day....U»c three times per line per day...We Btx lime? per lino per day 05c Uontn. rate per line OOc £ards of TJianks ,50o & Mo Minimum charge 60o Ads oraered for tnrce or six tliiies and sioppecl bciore expiration wiU be cimreed tor the number of limes Uie add appeared und kcijusimem of bill uiuae. All Classinert Advertising copy uiDjniuect by persons reslauia oui- «ue ol Ihe city must oe uccom- Vamea by cash. Haics may DC easily compuUd irum aUove utuiu. Aavcnisiiiy ui'uvmu lor Irregular jismions iaxes me onu unie iiue. ftu lesponaiuiliiy will tie ior uiorL' mull out Incorrect Uun 01 any ciasbinca iiu. Business Op'tuuitice I'arty to invest nlxmt $1000 In local business enterprise thai snould (lay er(iial returns each year, in yeslinent practically guaranteed. May take iicuve pan in iniiiias.v- iiient if desired, Stale age, pies- ent occupation and other imor- inutiou aoom sell. For interview address Box "100" c/o Courier News. For Sale 5100 cash certificate in Blylheville Country club. Good for that amount in dues. Call 527. 26-ck-l 10 highly bred Jersey heifers wilt young calves. Bought from Uer- sciiell Smart herd. Inquire Games Market. O-ck-3-S Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC AND f.CETYLENE WELDING Drag line and heavy w\ specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 or Ues. 1UI9 US ED CAR BUYERS"PLEASE NOTE Foi 1 Rent Comfortable front bedroom, outside entrance. Phone 351, 615 \v. Walnut. • l-ck-lt 2 room furnished \V. Ash. apartment. ItiOl L'U-ck-tt Prices Slashed for Friday & Saturday YOU'LL APPROVE OUR APPRAISALS I 3 room furnished apartment. New-j, 0 _ r . •>/ rord ly dceornled. Garage. Close In. I IW Dugan Street, Mrs, Ucllc SVood. $295 Two Room furnished aparlincnl. Friglrtalro. Mrs. K. A. Goodrich, I Phone 923-W. 28-ck-ll Motor O'hauled '38 DeSoto Deluxe Coupe a Beauty ... $419 tolS 0 room furnished muniment. tiOG i', 0 01 i , No. rlftli SI. Mrs. Crowdcr. I J° Chevrolet room modern furnished mem. i3ts w. Main. Sport Sedan $419 apart- 1 2-ick-u j '35 Chevrolet Coach Furnished or miturnlhscd Inrge | large room. Outside entrance, Close in. Next (o bath. Phone 088, ,\<«° V>e" ,\o< •37 t'Oiti) TUDOR Color black. New seat covers, ONLY $295 '38 r;in;v. COACH New black finish. Tires and eral condition of car excellent. ONI/V Large comfortable liedroom. twin beds. 2 closets, [.loam heat. Men preferred. Phone 1, Mrs. J. G. Sun- ijury. 2'i-ck-u nooni luinislicd or uiilurinslieri. Newly decorated. Reasonable. DM Hearn. 26-pk-3-'2S 3 room fuinished apartment. Private bath. Electric refrigerator. Garage 1117 W. Ash. Call 29-1. ] 24-ck-lt: $399 i-1 N'icc bedroom convenient to bath. Steam heat. Phone 280. lck-ll Only, : $169 '34 Chevrolet Coach ! For '32 Ford V-8 Coupe Extra Special '31 Dodge 4-Dor Sedan 31 Chevrolet Coach A Good One $79 '37 PLYMOUTH TUUOK Color palm-green. A real d*OAr Room, close Walnut St. Mrs. Nolen, 310 22-ck-lf . buy aln real price. ONLY Unfurnished aparlmen-t in Shane I A[iartment Biilltllng on West, 'Uti KOltn DI;L. roimoiS I Main Strecu Call 511 or 107. 1-ck-if Motor completely reconditioned, j —r^— ™- ~ , Tires nnd uppcaraiicc ol car will 1*01' OcuC Ol' Tl'QCtC $260 catch your eye. ONLY .. $194| c: " '35 CIIDV. SUDAN 1940 License plates. Molor overhauled. New paint. A real buy. O\l,Y. '39 FOItt) OHL. roKDOl! Beautiful black finish. White sidewall tires. Low mileage. ONLY . MULES Will Iradr for Mules, Cows, H<ij;s, .lc, Coin, May ami Lumber. L)el(;t Implements, Inc. Sec l-'layd Simpson 8-ck-tt 30 OTI1EKS TO All Slakes CHOOSE I'KOM All .llodcls Wanted To Buy EXPERT WELDING ELECTRIC & ACETYLENli 1 Charles Long, lormerly weltler lor Blylheville Machine Sliop DUAOLINE and HEAVY WEI.l)- INC OUR SPECIALTY D. W. CHANFORD GARAGE I)e)(, Ark. I'nonc 8-h'-ll YOU I! SAVK USEU OAK S IJuy Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Itatcs. We arc equipped to handle large or smell loans on any sized trace ot larm land, at low cost, and at a low interest raie. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blythcville, Art Personal Arouse Sluggish Liver, work olT Hie bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that sour, punK feeling. Take one box of KIIIBY'S ACTIVK «JVER TILLS 25c at an Kirby stores Vc-nr \cxl ('ar from Diill —liljlhcville's Busiest USKD <JMl LOT SEE OUIt. COJll'LK'l'K STOCK OF (iOOI) U.SKI) —TKUCKS— PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. 5th & Walnut ITione I r-''-- Glf'OUR " SPECIAL DEAL Good used Casli Register. Apply C13 So. First. Phone Mb. 23-ck-5 $129 . $89 Trucks Large and Small All Makes & Year Models Tlir lurj-i'sl Used Car nnd Truck Dealer in Mississippi County Compare Our Carrying Charges With Olhers Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan Open Nights & Sundays TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Warned lo Rent Wauled (o rent house In Blylln.'- ville. Will? Dos 45. Mixorn, Ark. Wealth Found To Add Years To Life Span I'llTSHUKOII (Ul'i - Possession ')! wculih leiictlu'as life, according I" H-ilph Cair Flotclier. hend ot riwirdi work ol (he [''(iteration «l Hudul Agencies ot I'llLshurgh anil iMU'^heny county. Kletcher levculs Hint studies have shown conclusively Hint people living in the slums die earlier Hum (hose Hvluj in more prosper- OH.S nrluhljorhoorts. The ronson, hn Miys, Is tin- difference In environment and health contilltons, 'I'lii' nvenigc man residing In the j pn'siXTous section of a city mnv expect lit live Cl .vein's, while Ill's Ijrotlwr In the so-culled ••blighted districts" 1'iin hope for only 01 yt'ins ol life, AS fur ivonien, lie repoits. 8;,IM "I I'lcry Hl.COn members of Ilic fair M'X livliiR In prosperous incus will live in (hi< Inilf-crnliiry murk, but only 7,1130 ol every' 111.003 win) "ink,' ilieir homes In Hie slums am cxpr-et uiiy such llilnj to liipprn. Fletchi-r believes |li<> .solution (o • "H Is reasonable," lir suld, "(u ex'pcd dint Improved wonomic nnd sru'UU conditions with mle- (|unte public, lu'nllh inciiMires In Ihe liIlijIitiMl ureas would mlse Ilic (!.v|HT!inicy of HI a lit (hoic districts ! this iiioblem lies In rulsliiB heiillh, MK'iul au:l ccoiioinle standards In Ilic poorer st-etlons of tosvn. Optometrist Only nnultuitc Optometrist !n lUylhc\4llc. (Ilnracs Filti-d Ciirrsclly JNoticG TERMITES Work While Yon Sleep! Wake up More (hey damage your properly* For Free Inspection Call 59a- Walker and Archer Stale Licensed Operators PRESCRIPTIONS I'Yi'shcst Slock (iimniti(ccd Ucsl I'rices Kirby Drug Stores Our Service IS YOUK Assurance Safe Drivinj! Safe motorlnu Is (lie aim of every driver, 'llirn, why not ns- Mirc yourself of (his safely ns far ns your autonioblle Is concerned. Drive In nnd let. our lucchanlc.s pnl ynur car In shape for any driving, 'llir fosl Is rcnsonnblc nnd (he work guaranteed, EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. Mh Wulnut 1'hoiie. Hill a pnrlly with thai In the .more prosperous areas," Now located In Glencoe Motel Illdj. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON IvinVAHDS, I'roprlclor All Slakes H r Iteliullt Typewriters; Adillng Machines C'alciilalors— lte|in!iliig'— 1'arts— Itibboiu and ARMY HEAD IIOKI/.ONTAL 1, 7 Pictured French army ofllclal. 12 Antelope, IS Sea ynrns. 10 Spill pulse. IK Spirals o( wire. 18 Labor scab, 10 Nimble. HI To abound. M Uniquo person 24 Mister. L'Bllavini! no res I. 27 Cllnnl king. 8 Cleoijriiphical 0 I-'ool, 1 Hoof- ornament, 321'arl of Iho ris. 1-1 Split. Hi 1'lucli. J1 Goddess of peace, in Doctor. 10 Hops kiln. Answer to Previous HUghf. v' 1 16 He Is Iho '• ! • in chief' > ot the French j army. ; '• 17 Unselfish. ••'.'; '• 19 Blupld. 20 Emelent '•' managers. •..', 22 Boundary. •; 23 Whirlwind. . 25 Less common ?.7 Expands. 2D By mcons of. StAdom's mate.' |l STULA /I l''Jslnln Is « fRlsc drnlriiigc c-nnnl which usually slnrt.s from an ulwiallon that iienelrulcs the rectal wull anil worfo Us way downward uiul outward. In the anal region where II nppciirs a.s (i lioil or atecess. Fistula Is a treacherous, dungcrom condillon tlinl. ijriKlunlly and surely wastes one's vilnllly nnd lirallh by Ilic idjsorpUon of pns and toxins from u, Into the ulootl .slicuin, A eurc Is accomplished without hospltali/allon or loss ol lime (rom work by our ambulant office methods. •II Not at nil. 42 Compass 43 Unless. •H I'lnnle. •ttiCrucitlx. •10 Old- womanish. S3 Milksops. (,55 To prosper. 50 Small Kralully !ifi Palm lily. 59 !lis military lillc. CO lie griuhmlcd with honors from his inilitory . VERTICAL 2 Since. 3 One. 4 Laws. E Court. 0 PI teller Inc. 7 To acquire. 8 Like. 0 Brinks, lODcnsls' home. 11 Sick. 35 Presses. • 40 Pope's triple crown. ; 43 Midday. 45 Desert Iruit,": 47 Poem. 40 Nothing. ' f 501 am. 51 Varnish ingredient. 52 Selt. M Hog. 56 Pair. 57 Ell, Po al try KIIBD IIAHMAN Hardware We Specialize in SWEEPING COMPOUND Shousc-Hcury Hihv. Co. Phone 35 Baby Chicks Custom Hatching Marilyn Hatchery lil.vllicvilte Hlwy. til North Kooin and Board Room and board. Slca inhcal. 803 W. Ash. Phone 9!W. Repairing Expert gun repairing. See E, M. Damon at the Blythcville Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Sewing Drcssniakinp and slip covers. Mrs. A. G. Cilllniii, 411 No. 21st St. 2-|)k-b WASH TUBI5S WE FIX ANYTHING We Call For & Deliver Bicycles, Irons, Fnns, Toasters. Hot Plates. Lumps. Upholstering, Furniture, Slip Covers or anything you nu'sht have. Hlyllii'ville Kurnilurc Co. I'JG Kisl Main St. PJauts For Sale I'LANTS: OJiion.5— lOOfl SOc; .'1000 $1,00; 6000 $1.75. Ciibhtigc—1000 75c. 2000 $1.20. Nice liirgc plants. Now re«dy. W. W. Warren. C'arrizo Springs, Texas. 28-pk-H Livobl.ock Offer Hnmpshirc gilt.s from one of America's lar(;est purebred herds Bred for March. April furrowing. Championship blootl lines. Vncel- . natcd. Gayoso Farms. Morn Uike, ' Mississippi. 28-pkti Male Help Wanted Ai «IS TR.M.U WLL-S CUT W OF 1HESTATOU. AdMVI UOTICE6 THE HOODED GK\. rKVlp HERCOWPAUtOVIS WHO JUiT 60T OFF and Ccnloi ^T^i^.X ^ QUDDENtV; A 6U5T OF WIHD . t^. ^««\«,.l S) BLOW 4 THE HOOP AS\DE * _ EVES-—TEEQIFIED! ae*.0',ns! ]./- '•-,'.; •/*?>. LOOVC1U5 RISHT AT ME! CV!E ^OE. POO.TEPj7!si% \j->;. j "A6ETTWGOFF \ TV 1 , , ^.Tg^^g^^ ' .TWSTRAIU; } {-j-5 :'/J^r-y^^^ 19W Arkansas License Tne ninii- her !il-()8(i. Owner may have eosl of. this iid. DKS^NIES HE^ SOCH A> cu-re FE.U.CAV)--- I'LL KEEP HllAV Ourf RASSI.IN 1 WnM THAT POP. RXDSR , AM 1 COfAG. HfA,R..' 1 GOTA PROPOSITION i'OFFEFl.' PO3 WAS U6RO B-( frf RUSH. HE'S 'The Modern S(;mlc\ IVE BE&&W I CAMT 7URM JoM\ IXJCTOLET VLOOSE. OSCAE... ME G>0 AFTER)CAW'T OPERATE HIM, BUT... /"It-IE "(IME - WELL, fT LOOttS LIKE THE RESCUE OF OUR OLD POT- HUNTIMCj FRIEWD IS UP TO G. OSCAR, BOOM/ n-'AT HE WENT \ IMTO-THE \ 7KOJAM SRATy 1 OF Hi: TO «EACH ALLE-V COF, COOL A AMD DR. .BACK W 1Roy..lM WALKED HIS FRIEMD, G. OSCAR BOOf.\, SCIGMTIST axrav liOOTS AND HKK HUDDIKS l-'RKCKJ.ES AND HIS I'lUENDH HY MERRILL BLOSSEK I'M GONNA TAKE MOVIES OF JUME AND FRECK CXM/M HILC ON SKIS ' BEAT iri PEOPLE' TMiNK IF THEY see YOU TAUCIMO TO A TREE! C THE PfCTURE, SAP-- AND we Dcwr WAMT TUP police TD See WERE TAKING LIFT LEAFY ARMS To PRAY'/ 2 neat appearing yomn; men. 18-2'l. [ to lr;ivel mid-ivc.steni slates. Liu- j eial compensation and trans[K)rta- tion paid. Small weekly guaranicc. Src Mr. Andrews, Gil Jlain SI., Hour*. 1-4 I'.M. Sunday. 1-pk-l j HY~KOV CKANiJ

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