Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 18, 1933 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1933
Page 5
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11 . * r , i, j ' r ?• ^ Iffl (if to a<» It Sfce postmatt's step oo, QJnfee but Her iwa*t pa'tms grow wet, ; .W»nt coiild Can be . worfe at the ttf Belp"Slls9 to tafea Der Octoter ladlfftifea«e to the at-' fa-st hffwOTwed, then 0*Dare. Imagine 'at 2% to go abroad I bJaso about it! ._„ timporjzcd. "But I JffjWber Just now," ahe ist ice. "It's tprri- •I dott't know why jne-pbut I'm ngedei certainly was jo off any day j They hesitated »ut his jflans. He Was; After that brief j Anglo's they had But they imagined ularching forward ision. , j t* f aM: t<* yoit ttftiat IUH hil 1 ^ |Wi BO much, n tfetU Wttm than I need, if D* lateri'Uptoit nsftke Jdbtf— I'm take He was otfen WflB* toWdrd Iilw. Hef you mean to you do,'* ,alu- an. WP we'll raud- e can," . she could see sfee v was glad. ofef her oli.tr- yotifaeJf," Mam. ,nrge« "We can inan- •bo earning' almost as 'I want you W have Of*/,' nfc?e was Jlstlesa, openly : to the goJden opportune it would havo tempted '* belief. But tbeae days • ttte« walked like a per- ii spell. Her eyes bad & fer'a sihieaTy glazo. She knew what food ebe spoke to ier. s,Eosfaca, curious, A . T Boused her from Kyi Hennet her one day on it, r,walKed home with her i t, brilliant blaze of Seir u'tellJng me yoa may e began, smiling, herzelf to Btnile* : SmpenSonally j Itad splendid and attrac- dreams," "I'm, not gotog." ?'/,«. tils voice held a note . her hand and.Jet l ' • fc f^|t i gesture of -Nveariness. voice sounded al"Your motlier to go. Do you know at him. "Mother's un- I'really ought to she added bitterly, you've heard of money •Well, we have them. ol it." ttild alive! Do you suppose I ity? She wouldn't havo it All the peiit-ap resentment and bitterness ot the pAst weeks welled up "li'8 bad enough to be poor," she said, her breast heaving, ber voice thickening, "without having people' pitying you--" P Ttie sound of bpr name, «pokea so, broaglit her up "You know you'ra talfcln? noivseuee. , No one pities you. It's envy- 1 most of na fe«l!" "Envy?" She was surprised out of Jier, snood, tears trembling on tne ends of her lashes. "I sofd just that and 1 mean it," announced the tall man striding tide her. "A home like yours— a mother like that—the simple goodness of the life you've )pd. 1 tell you it did something to me when first I encountered it," Jrtonnlo wus abashed.,There was jto mistaking the sincerity of his tone. "When I came here last year," Charles Eustace said quietly, inedi- :atively, almost as though speaking ;o himself, "I was pretty much j^ll n, .Didn't have much faith la anything. I was out of time with this country, I'd been away so long- Then Uncle asked me it.I'd like to vegetate in his old house. I was in no state to decide tilings for myself. Kong packed me up And: brought-mo here. I hadn't been her« long- when J met you—all of yoti. I thought yours was tho happiest, the nicest sort of family I'd ever met. "I don't renjember my mother, She died when 1 was .four. My father was a busy doctor in New York, I .seldom saw him and was sent away to prep school when I waa very young. Tho only home life I'd ever known I'd. .read about and J didn't really believe in it. Then I discovered your house where everybody seemed genuinely fond of everybody else and tried to help, I hope," finished .Charles stiffly, "that I don't pound lUce a sentimental fool but honestly it did .something to me—gave , : me something I needed., Faith—•some- tbing like that—I don't know. And you talk about heing pitied!" "Out not I'li'li!," ha in bi« |v.;nt. ",N«t-',the leeJjTjbe that nitthin,: msttteri— nothing oh fiarth la worth while—^ (i "N no." She admitted D^ ReeSIna for words to paint,hsfr ow.ft feelings. "Hut being afraid!' ydu're never— luner going to g«f wl\a{ .y.ow want ] out of lifo. That it'S going to pass j j nu by. that by |h«' Jtliflo,jott're i BO you'll he draggea out, eld—Miss' ing—toissinB" 1 " S^«l halted, ,tne xvord trembling on lior Ups.' Charles | fiupplted it. i "MHRlng lovo?" i ' Yes." Monnle looker! at Jiith de- j flantly. I,ot him know her secret. H<>M guessed it already, aayhow, "Yos. Missing the one person'you v.-ant, Losing out be/auso of, oh— little things. The right dresses, the right sort of place'to entertain, the little things that make a girl pretty aitd wanted." "Monnie!" Charles Biiatace'9 totie wn» .almost amused. "That's , ashamed but stubborn, •••• said, '"Then yon pretend to think money doesn't count? That's because you've always had so much of it. You've never had to worry about where the Interest money was coming from or cry yourself to sleep because the girls at school made fun of your old coat." His voice was gentle now. "I do know H'a important. ,But It's not alh Jt smootua life, jnakes, it sasy and comfortable. But it doesn't buy affection.or the kind of happiness tbat makes, yte worth, living. It doesn't make- you glad to wake up in the morning. Some day, perhaps, I'll toll you what It means to realize, you're g]ad you're aijve after months of staving at a black watt" not Jove—what about," "Oh, but it is, It is! understand!" you're talking You don't explained Charles gent•*- ly, "is kid stuff. Populnrity— going to dances — that sort of thing. Do you suppose.",; he Inquired, "I'd pass up a girl J really cared about just because she didn't have the right sort of'frock? ^"< It that mattered!" "Not to you, perhaps," said Mon- nio stubbornly. "Not ia theory, either, to «ny man. But It's what attracts." SIio tried to strike a lighter note. No good brinsinj; her .own problems into this. "Look at Kay," sho aaid Impersonally. "She's beautiful and clever and good. Sho ought to bo having splendid times, enjoying herself. What happens? Night after night sho sits at homo with the rest of us. Sho hasn't money to entertain or dress properly and slio lives on tho wrong side of town. It's not fair!" "Kny's a darling," said the man and again'Mpnuio felt the sudden, irrational little twinge of paSn. Abruptly he turned back to their original argument. "Kay wants yon to go abroad with Miss An- slice," he eaid. "She's told mo eo a dozen times."' They had reached the front gate now. Monnle opened it, leaning on it, facing the tall j^oung man In his perfectly cut, careless tweed clothes- "You'ro sweet to be so Interested," sho said. "I wish I could," She was struck, as she spoke, with tho curious look he gnvo her, a blend ot kindness and exasperation—and;' something else. Sha could not define it. Something hung between the pair for an Instant- some unspoken thgugfit—some tension of feeling. Mbnnie shook herself, breaking away from the spell of.thos'o brilliant, almost mocking, dark eyes, "I must go In," she said In confusion. "I'm lato as Jt is." Charles lifted bis hat and as ha turned to go Monnio .forgot him, forgot everything. Mark O'Dare, freckle fnccd, tousle-headed, dashed down tho path, bound on some concern ot his own. "Mail for you, Monnle," he yelled. Her heart began to thud. The long awaited letter had como at last!. (To Be KITCHEN JlV S MAS* ha<? IfirlR bf"h one of most nltfactlvc tind popular liut rmVi> home-tnftlwi are looking for wnvs to work it Info tht»l? menu* Always nvnllabl* 1 winter and stimmpt 1 it b<rmn<«<; plentiful in 1at<* Mny ,md mi\ l»* fmmd in s'Vertil vnriMiM FnHrv huftPV (of fish nhel polnfo^s unrt parsley Mitirt for almost nhv vcff- t-toblf provide excellent menrt* of wld- mil lr«»n to thr- diet. An b SftriHWffh' fiptsea*! • Parsley 'butter as a Sftndwieh spread is rm unusual wny of using this snv- ovy herta Wtish parsley nnd pnt <lry " Tortfftf ttrtV^ Mc«(r : Broakfcwt'r Shredded frofih pineapple. corefll, creanr, scrambled reheated roll*. milk, coffee. Luncheon: Salmon nnd grwn pon snlnd, pnrBlfry sandwiches. old- fashitmcd rics pudding, milk, •«•». DinnprBrParied veal cutlets, onion saucp. buttered nsparAgu* on tonst; sirtwhcrry nnd crises* 1 ball Mind, clcpp dish cherry pie, milk. coffee. Bbdc Supporters of the admlnlstratibfl's railroad bill are shown hero as they explained tho measure to a 'SdriiitiJ committee: the carriers will b* given ^a chanco to work.'outV'their own salvation," said Secretary of Commerce Roper (right)., T*tfa f tosa of Jobs involved by the bill would! lie oltget.by removal of threat's-to fair Wages, satd Interstate Commercn Commissfoner Joseph B. Eastman (Inset), who may beco'mo"Federal . .... rallfott'd co-ord!flator: ILDREN {Roberts Barton S£RV|C5.!NC. a time there was a l<idy a little, girl witn straight & arid 3 boy with cuils Th,e Jady.taljccd so much about the unfairness of nature that the boy hated his hau* and so did the girl. He kept getting army haircuts and she insisted on* one pevrrisment after the other.,^Aft.a rfintjcr of tr\ith Ihe boy looked ,-flha With wavy hair and the girl was the cameo type that looks belter .with a close, straight bob. Once upon another time there wun a lady who wanted a daughter and ha a son. Shu did everything but dreis the boy in petticoats 'and the re- Milt was a complete sissy. He w:>.s an- CURIOUS WORLD EXCEPTION <?PA IS" COfVEReP WITH A COM OF# yg&'<£>,i#ij<ijf-pef/ //*t/eY THIS ENORMOUS ice-CAP 19 (ABOUT. I5QO M)Ms% K?N& yysO V/lOE. yVlQftg SMJCM.V f; (NSECT5 eternal misfit and despised himself to the point of insanily almost. Once upon slill another time there was a lady who wanted a musical child. Instead .she had a pugnacious little fifhlc-i' who organized yangs and broke windows. She made hi.s life; miserable with lessons on the fiddle, on tho piano, and on ihe /ife. He grew up with -.iK-h a loathing of music thtit be won't listen to ii radio or anyhing else with bound .if b^.can help il today. Mu>.i:; spells misery to him. .N'<; Fairy-talc Figures Now UiL-.';f' "onre-upon" i.idie.s belong to no fairy-tiile age. They are ton: witli uJ. nexl floor to us, in our riwn housey. They arc ourselves. Every oof- of >;.-: is a "once-upon" rnolh- iJefon- our children urfc born we bijjin to (•:'.".-nd our own personalities r ...... our own plans into their lives. • '•Jot only <lo we have a decided pref- j c.rcru.'Ci frequently for a certain sex to i he born 10 us, but we fix upon looks, j AJmo-.t invariably loo we carve out j what rli.s)Vi.-iitKiriS we wish them to • \,<> -.ay nothing of laitfcs and | j. j Then from babyhood on v/e disre- | ,-jfti'd 'heir nat uc-ul propensities bull force our own hobbies upon ihern, | iiiakin;! thf iinba|.-py and self-eon-1 In /i, Joins' v.'.? def.'at I be vi-ry iliiuv; .ve set our.,elves; to do. j Not thai, wj could do it anyway i" ' many ease;;, bill Ihi.re is Mich a thing; :i.i ""rondHujninf/' children in a <•&•:'lain direction by wisdom arid tact very tiirly in the gjnne. Of course, we ; cannot ( buiitfi! ix-x. or curly hair, but ; v/e can, for instance, make some bead- j way v/ilh an unmusical child by, leaching him first to love music. JFrwii ; there oa vfc have a leal basis of .self- i development. Arilaguni/.e him early. the beginning, a whole life's happiness ruined. We must learii to praisR children and keep our disappointments to ourselves. It is bard lo do but we must. - —««» & «Wr~ Jots Around Shover Tho recent rains and warer weotlier i have put IIPW life into the growing crop;; and vegetation and they are now yrowirig rapidly. Mr. and Mrs. Silqs Son ford of Hope and!.daughter Darken, and Mrs. San- 1 loril's mother. Mrs. Dora Aldejrson of • Center Point, and David Frith of i Hope were dinner guests of Silas' par- ants. Mr. and. Mrs. H. B. Sanford;. i Sunday afternoon Harold Sanford ! and family, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Cobb Henry Beurden and family and' Mrs. Rec O. Gray, honored their mother with a pleasant afternoon visit.. Mr. und Mrs. Milton Caudle and daughter Eula Dean spent Sunday afternoon ut the Troy Ash'n honie- Mrs-:. Troy Aslin arid daugjltirs, Mavis anrl GTorlariV wen: in Hope Monday. ,' ,,' Mrs. Reo O. Gray spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Henry G. Beai'd- en. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Cobb were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bearden. Mt. and Mrs. Milton Rogers spont Saturday night and Sunday with Mrs. Rogers parents. Mr. and" Mrs. Thad Vines. , Mrs. Sparks of Hope, spent Saturday night with Mrs. Nollie Leach. Melyin Jordan was Saturday niyht. visitor in the George Karber home j r.ear Cenlcrville. 1 Mrs. Melvin Jordan and baby spent I last week with her parents, Mr. and Mn;. Mont Sheppard . neat Patmos, ! they brought, their daughter home j Sunday piorniuf? : J»d spent the clay. Jim Karber was a Sunday visitor with Jessie Jordan. Mrs. Ree O. Gray spept Monday \ night with lier brother, Harold San( ford and family. George Jurdan has quite a patch of tobacco planted across the road near his home. Miivi.s anrl Glorian Aslin and Buly Dunn Caudle called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Grady Rcece Sunday yanishes With Pastor-Fathet hctwcon- towl*. Mlnc<? finely nnd ccmhinn ono-hiilf cup'minced jxintle'y : with fotir tjiblespoons creamed butter. Add n !uv? grains of salt nnd n littl« l«mon juice if extra piquancy is need- e'i, Srrend on Oiin siip<'<! of whole who:it or white brpnd nnd iftirnish ctich rnndwich with n tiny sprig of crisp parsley. Theso snndwiphcs nrP (jfipppliilly deloctnlile with a chicken or fish salnd. A parsley smicc is n decided improvement for both vcnl :>nd fish. Mnkr n phin white s-.mtv with milk or use half milk and half veal or fish slock. Just before serving ,-uld (wo or more tablespoons minei.'rl pfirsloy. Servo lit once because l!u v pni*sU>y loses its bright green color if ullowrl to si nnd or boil in tho sauce. Good for Children Little children may hnvo- niinrcrl parsley nddcrl to their baked potato ;>nr! sprinkled over thpir soup. Whi-n il. is used as a furnish be .sure that it is carefully washed and crisped »nd encourage children in the I'ubit uf ntinfj it. Thcrp is n strnishl-lonfcd variety "f parsley that is user! for grppm. It is less pungent than the tightly curled varieties and makes an inviting dish, The branches should be stripped from the main stalk because this is tough and stringy nnd requires longer cook- in£. Wash thoroughly and add a few tablespoons water to (he kettle in I which it ia cooked. Cook uncovered and serve well seasoned with butler and. lemon'juice. .... . G. T. CraiJi of ilor^fi called at H. B. Siinford-f W(-<luesd«y. Harold and Silas Sanford v/ere in the Hussion and Columbus vicinities Monday on business. It -was for"-love' of Miss Ezla "Patsy" Holdrldge. above, daughter of an Oklahoma farmer-preacher, that the Rev. Sharon C. Inman of Spring- leld, Mo., denert'od hts wife and two children. Miss Holdrldge, 21, and the pastor, 35, vaniBhod together. New Face Powder Increases Beauty New, wonderful Mc'llo-Glo face powder reproduce'! the lovely bloom of youth. Made; by a new French process it spreads smoothly, stnys i/n longer, hides tiny lines tint! wrinkles, prevents l<irgc pores, banishes ugly shine. Mo irritation' with purest face powder known, no "pasty"' look. Delightfully fragrant. Sturt with MKLLO- Gf,O today. Me and SI.00. lav froe. --Adv. Back on tho fiUgu for -the first time In ten yonfu, Mrs. Tranfl Castle McT/aughlfn i» shown hore at; who rnliparsftV hor rola for a benefit performanco Hi Chita*?o. It« proftfiCds will go to hor haven for pets nnd «tr»y oaJmala. Forty-one timber wolves and 202 coyotes were trapped in Michigan during three months this fall. crnftttowsn' ha* South! to Previous PrtMta In Th& Belgian jtoverntnent lifts a numfwr of Pnlrey Firefly Intercept-. rfs imd FalrBy Pnx day bombw* from nirUrtrt, 1 Largest city In Rio do A 100 year-old Ues scntenpftd Ib "de«th" «t (BournemouUv ha» beon seprievt'd owing lo mi cry from residents. nr(< mow than 3,128.000 radio llcwnw hofrtumi in Great B>'ltumv ami 910,WW mar* Hretim« v« r- msued last In J031. long included among the world's premier fi«]h«meri, w«ue instmctart - htwr t 0 praparo nnd rood fish propwly at» recent "Fish Vnte" in Oslo, 1,W»' Free Votes For Prosperity Club Workers For encrr S2.00 •'meal ticket you sHl we wilt siv(! you 1,1)00 free votes. plus the 200 vnleM for n cash sain. 'For-ouch $5M rrutnl ticket you sell. WP will Rive 2.500 froe votes, phis K 500 votes for the :»lc.. Contest^;' ; closes Siuurday nisht. NEW CAPITAL CAFE and Dining Room 7 M08808. 13 Scandinavian^ collectively. tl finely strati- fled rock, ' 17 Sesame. 18 Upper limb, 20 Onager. 22 Froien water. 24 Handsome. 27 Self. 2» fixclamatldh, 31 Sphere ot action. 33 Bun god. 14 Reserve force In the Turkish army. 37 Wayside hotel. 38 Impetuous. 40 Plea of having been elsewhere. 41 Oreek letter 42 Wearied. "T." 43 Apart, 44 Strip. 46 Greek 47 Data, v 49 Era. 61 Constellation. 53 Corpse. 5$ Eucharist vessel. 58 To annul. 00 Decreed. 6 J Common ermine, 63 Auctions. 64 Made strong. 65 Outer garment. VBHTIOA1/ 2 Variant of "a." 3 Short letter, 4 Silkworm. 6 Small body ot land. 0 Second -"Ote, 8 Exist . 9 Gossip. 10 Possesses, 11 Otherwise. 12 Northeast. 14 What country exports huge •quantities of tneat? v ' 16 Coronet. iSBagte'* nen. 19 Divinely sup piled food, 21 Plank. 23 Disciple IB India, 25 Minor note. 26 North America. 28 Cupidity. , 30 Leg bone. 32 Capital of Egypt. M Aversion. 8 Having faith. Celestial. ••Hand thell explonlveft. 45 Any tribunal. 47 To total. 48 Species Ot , pepper. .50 Low vulgar fellow. 52 To ilumber. 54 To put up a poker stake. 55 Gaelic. 57 Hodgepodge. 69 Mine hut,' 61 Prophet. Will Pay -Cask For $4,000 Arkansas Building and Loan Stock @. 28c $5,000 Travelers Building and Loan Stock @ 23c $3,800 Union Savings Building and Loan- Stock @- 28c Post Office Box 935 Little Rock, Arkansas Find It! Sell It! iiiru ul^uiil it u li,-.- will pro/niitly f.j't tht oilier way. j Too iVfui-h Molding | There is far too i/iutb molding of, tre child on the [,a, cnl.:;' plan and too j li.tk: Htudy of the i-iiild hiwwdf, his I'-'iiniiigj im'J thu;e li;in.y;; \vbicli can | l.t'Sf, bo d'-vclriijul by him. We are too prone, to "mph^sizc our own diiappoiutfiieiii:!. Why should, children '.U-r/ially ude the hojbbiea of | tbeii piirtu'.*'.' And .. hj iluuuJiJ they b" iividn Ip f"'.'l Ihfin.-^lvn. As fo.r uhysicul lunKuiK no bi a mothfii's •-» fulh'.-r'si eyes sver be KJveu i'oif;B before a -f—r/ C(MUacter & ujuleiuiinej thorvby from 4 Votes For I In the Contest for $180.00 in THE PROSPERITY CLUB On Payment of All Past Due Accounts .Thai rnc-:,ri.-, 100 vr.U". for rri'-h dollar p;ii<! f-n vonr pn'it duo sir-count wilh ih'u :l<>rr-. We :ac intc-rpri'liriU, for I hi.-: o'-c-i-.ion. n P:IF;( dun af- n.Miii to I," :ni acc'Mint mafic before Marr-b b-t. Jfifi.'':; an (.ppoituuity for Prc,.'ip(.-j-ity Club y/or'kf-r:; to |)ilp up a lot of volu.s b'-furf tli» close. Saturday ni|jht. Payment of $l(Kt.OO on oM a'-couii).; v.'oulil mean 40,000 v'ote?;. We ha'.-c several very old bilh; which v/e would him over to Hros- l,i-ril / (Hub V/IJI-UKI;; foi i.'ollf-clion in rftiun fi/r the volws you gel. ('mile-1 eld ;f-:; S:,luiil:iy jiifjbl. Hope Furnjfeur^ Co, wvt Our 51st Anniversary Golden Jubilee Sale Ends Saturday LETTUCE 4V2C Iceberg Large Head GREEN CORN lOc Three Ears GINGER ALE Latonia Club 2 Quarts BANANAS 5 Yellow Ripe Pound TOMATO JUICE 25c Country Club Six for COMPOUND 49c Eight Pound Carton COFFEE 27c Country Club Pound Full Cream CHEESE 15c PORK CHOPS SAVINGS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Crystal White Two Bars -With- HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more yju tell. The quicker you sell. I insertion, lOc per lint minimum 3Qc These rates for consecutive insertions. 3 insertions, 6c per line minimum 50c 6 insertions, 5c per line minimum OOc 26 insertions, 4c per line minimum |3.12 (Average 5'/4 words to the line) NOT E — Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may bo charged with the understanding I that tne bill is payable on prcscn- Jj^tation of statement, before the first Jpjublicatio.i. Phone 768 Coffee .r K w E i, 1 I,h I To—-3 IJi* Crackers 2 Pound Box Country Chili 17c Pork-Beans IK) ounce Can Three dins 25, Apples I-lnncy—Kach !/2 OLEO 3 Ibs 25c SAUSAGE-Vienna. Veribest, can 5c Potted Meat-Veribest, 2 cans 5c Grape Fruit-large seedless, 3 for 10c -^SANITARY MEAT MARKET SAVINGS— Sfe/ FOR RENT Three room apartment, bath and garage. Newly furnished, J. A. Sullivan. Phone 147. 13-7p Lost or Strayed OR STOLEN—Female pointer bird dog. White and liver spotted. Call 840 or 225 and receive reward. Slated to Be Holland Envoy Colonel William Ciorhain nice, above, While llouso secretary to President Cleveland, Is expected In Now York to ho iiuinod minister to tho Nether- landii by President Hoosovelt. Colonel Rico is chairman ot Now York state's civil service commission. NOTICE Protect your future income, in a billion dollar company. Be wise and Aetna-ize. Wayne H. England. JG-3 1 Expert Frigidaire electric refrigeration repairing. Prices low. Bacon Electric Co., South Main. 12-26c "LAWN MOWERS sharpened binding, B. L. Taylor. 815 West Sixth fge\, Hope, Arkansas. 5-26 FOR SALE p f c .v i r Hams ARMOUR'K li lo 8 LI*. Ave. Pound 8 '2C Steaks-Club K.C. beef, Ih 15c Brisket Roast or Stew „ r . Beef. I.h Bologna—all meat, Ib FQB SALE—Young Jersey Cow (fresh), Price reasonable for quick Sale. Phone 118 or see George Bowden. Hpe, Arkansas. l,p FOR SALE—Choice Bermuda hay 15c per bale at barn. P. T. Staggs. Hope, Arkansas. 18th-6tc 1C horsepower Williams' gasoline engine. Also 3 horsepower Fairbanks- Morse engine, and a l'/4 h. p. Hercules. All in good condition. Prices reasonable. I repair all makes of gasoline engines. Work guaranteed. P. C. White. J mile west of Hope Emmet highway. Lot 175x100 feet. With North and South approach. West Third street. For filling station. Phone 742-w. 2-26tc Laredo, O-Too-Tan, Velvet Beans, Hegari, Sagrain and Cane seed and plants. Ornamental gold fish and supplies. Monls Seed Store. 1-26 Farmer Gored to Death by a Bull Joe Northern, 62, Dies on Way to Blytheville Hospital BLYTHEVILLE, Ark.— (/P) —Trampled and gored by an infurated bull as he wus leading a horse to pasture, Joe Northern, 62, southeast Missouri farmer, died Wednesday ngiht en route to a local hospital, it was leraned here Thursday morning. Norway's imports of British coal in 1932 totaled 882,000 tons, an increase of 210,000 tons compared with 1931. Apoliceman summoned himself at Reading, England,., police court for allowing his chimney to be on fire, was fined four shillings (about 6$ cents), Wrens often change mates between broods. WANTED WANTED—Cream. Highest market price. All kinds of poultry, eggs, and hides. Highest market prices paid- Hope Produce Company. 18-Jt NOTICE Furniture repairing, upholstering, refinishing., City references. Satislac- tion guaranteed. Cast off furniture taken as pay. 125 South Walnut, 18-p Pound Bacon-sliced fancy rindless, Ib 15c SALT MEAT-best grade, Ib Pot Roast-K.C. beef, Ib 9k We F«t(lli« U. S. Impeded K. C. Beef maxm ;«»-,. j^;7»f»RW8 ja ^A ' ^^^LlSLKsMLlM. OUR BOARDING HOUSE A^tROKtOf LUCK v ---AAA^efe/ iN «^)OKIN4 ROR TOOL^ TO fcfcWMft TM«f O05, OLD CAt* dF fv^lNfe.l (kaUNOTM^ JEWEL CASE UPONDEp-mc OP tH6 SBA^-UrA-M. A STRING OP P^ARL.4, OR MERE I'LL SAY NALKbHTTb ANYONE IN TWfe VAOOSt 'AOOLfT IT/ COMP^NY--^M-M-I < *• ''..'.'..',«^'^«(. - <v " <u AK1G\.£ ONT TELL AAAJOR BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES For Gosh Sakes ! • N"Jl> MOW «B*VVZ.fc TO TfcVX. VOO WU. T\CT\TIOO& VAV REAY. MAX. SALESMAN SAM What Is It, Sam ? . PER. TH' UOWA uooial THOSE, 06RM T«OSe HIMOU WHO ^ uTrue. wustc-«N' BACK UUCK, \<» OCRM HARD .. , ^i i •••'• >" Ub @ 1*33 ir NU iiitvicc, iwc'^'' WASH TUBES Dirty Work ! PANAMA LOOMS INTO EUERV \S To JUMP smp CM4AL VOICE OF THE HEIVRP. • UWELV BRE^K OUT TUfeM 'HCO. U.S. PAT. OFF. Aj isja ur «A SERVICI. INC PUM8FQUMPE9 t HOU FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Hello and Goodby ! /^B. SIMS, UPON WHOSE LAKE l^CtE HARCV AND FCE.CKLE5 LANDED, DELIVECa THEM TO FCECKLE5 1 HOME IN SHADYSIDE.,, HELLQ/FOLK5? HERE'S ) COME WIGHT HBK6, YOUR &OY, bACK SAFE, A5 I PROMISED YOU" 1ST ME G»VE YPU A HE'LU TELL YOU ALL ABOUT HIS TRIP, AND I'LL BE ON MY WAY/ AW, MOW YOU'RE. 1^ SORRY....BUT l) I THIWK. YOU'RE KIDDING, UKJCUE. HA>RRY= J HAVE TO BE. AT \ JUST AN'OLD C'MON AN 1 STAY OVER /THE DOCK WHEN ) MEAMIE,,FQR N\6HT,AT LEAST ) MY &OAT COME5 \ RUNNIN& OFF fcOSHi VOU CAN'T JUST \ IN FOR J LIKETHISf UP AN' RUN AWAY/ _A CUSTOMS?? "^5 <?££....L'M "N 6LAO YOU'RE)' Ujkr , PSACK ' -$'1"->M -vV ">JJ^ -»r-*-y % 'A AMOUNT OF PERSUASION WOULD HOLD UNCLE ' HARRY OVER IN SHAOYSIP&, SO HE'S OFF IN A i BANK OF CLOUDS.... THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Old Friends Are Best! HE'S OUT IN THE KITCHEN) WA\TTIIU HE HAVING THE TIME OF HIS £ SEES THE; UFE WITH fc SPOON AND A PAN HES THROVMINQ. ^i<it,te,, , .HI *..M. Jt.jff

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