The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1940
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 1040 (ARK.) roURIKK N'KWK Spring . . , the Birds , . . Carrier More Dangerous In South Than Old Type Mf-.'Ml'tn.S, Teim., Mar. 1. u)Pi --A malaria - cnrryini; mo.«|»ito common to the Southland liss a ni'K'. < daiiijerou.'; ally. O:i« »l the most prevalent illnesses ill Dixie — malaria ,._ | 01 t l'«){f lime was believed to |,r .spread only by u mosquito known ] to science as thi; Anophelks Quad- riniaeulnlus. ' lint three young scientists, v,-oiV ing under the U. S. Public Health i Si-tvii-e, have found that n ,;e-.v type mosquito has invaded the .South .-did licit it also is a ciurm ol the fever germ. In I'f.K, nem-y A. Johnson, fif ibr- Public ];<-;ilt)i .Sri-vice, round UK- Annphele.s Walker! at Ueelfoot l.nlie. in West Tennessee. This v xs Ihe first indit'iilloi) thai this mos (|iiilo. discovered In Canada in 1901. was in (his section. Thrives at Itei'lfool Lake Today the Walkcri is as common at Rcelfoot j,a!:e as the Qnad- rimaclilatns. 1-ittle attention was paid (his new insect until DC. C. L. Bnker of Southwestern University at Mi'i \ phis, suspected that it also was i carrier of malaria. Thomas W. -Simpson. Dr. p l( .j crick n. Bank and Griffith B Qninhy—none of whom is past >5 —offered to conduct experiments to determine whether Dr. Baker's sns •picion was true. ^| The odds against success for the " tiiree men were about 20.030 to one. Only the female species carry malaria, and if the insect, did curry the germ it was likely lint not more than 3 per cent would he infected. "If we dissected 2,000 mo.sqni- •toes." Simpson said, "we couldn't expect to find mom than eight or 10 with malaria, and our chances were further reduced because we didn't work jji but one locale." They set 'mosquito traps in swamps, cottonfields and cut »rass areas around the lake. Hundreds of the Walkcri were caught and 530 were placed tinder a microscope before . one was found to have malaria parasites. Tests Helievcn C'onehisive To learn whether Uie malaria in the mosquito was the type dangerous to human beings" or animals-or both-more experiments were conducted. Simpson sat,', in one tent and a bull .cidf was placed in another A f swarm of Wnlkerl mosquitoes were released, After their attack wis over ami they had been killed or recaptured, Simpson counted 270 bites on his body. The calf suffered from only eight bites That was proof enough that the Wal- keri preferred human blood to that of an animal. Trapping of the insects revealed .- «|B'"—"- All Ktiropc fears the [irst birds to herald .sprinis win I JC . birds of ill-omeu, deadly bombers, biinijlm; simiW rains ol death nnd dcslruclinn. No matter now prucHul the sides, dcieiulers inv alert. ,;nns :i UlitcB tfirnlsh in) I!»' l;ri:;lil<'iiiiiK diuvn. kurw Mi: /Ici-ec's- |i«rents iuul j»':niil|inirm.s nnd who prtm-d most hel|>lu| In pleelng togollier the slory were At)-s, c. !•;. Hiim-ll of Cm-son kike, who will be SID years of »se on April M. and whose first htislinml. a Mr, Davis, WILS niso murdered by Ihe .same bund of •jwllilla"; ,\)r s . i) ( , ru levies Mer- U/,!-'", Wils "" ; Mr - liml Mrs- •)»»» Spe.-k cf l-Veiu'hmnn 'linyoii; Mrs. A- M. K. Jjiiinson of lllytheville; »• W. 1'rewitl. A. S. Itnj-er.s. .1. 1), """• »<• I!- Jnwa and K. K. HiM.ui ol l.iixorn. ' ( 'l" Mr. Aciee who visited In p.sceola this »rek is In business in Danville, Cnllf., a submit ol San )-ninn.-ci). lie went lo Culifoinlii •»lth Ins parents when u y«in;|. man, v,us niiuhmted Irom the Unl- veiMiy yl Oregon fn liliv uiid sorved In the U. S. Nnvv .l m | n ,, I lie World Wnr. Hi' v.n.s cnthiislnstic In his praise ul Mi:.-;is<,lp|)| county. PAGE "THRKK f UN Aiislrn-lUingiirlun Empire ns the "urcul ulnndrr" of slnles- nen rollmvliv! the first WorUl ar, lie su!d Unit division had led o In riff walls ul of VVf men War, lie suld Unit division hud letl to In riff walls uehtjj estnbllslied mnony: the eoimlrles Involved nn<l lo creiillon <if military lorrt-s aimmn the nitiloiw-imi,,. n f which alone wns nlili- ID ( |f||. r effective n-sh- Innee lo ,-i "m-eiii jiowe;". MK-II ;,;, Cii'ininny in- Husslii. '•'I'lu-re will in- no |j,.ae ( . | n (,-,,„I ml Kuropi- us l<ui[( UK thi're inr iiilnorllle.s and majorities.' 1 he said In lilvliiK reiLMins why he Invored a union, tinder a union, tin- ;-utin- liles Involved would mninlnin a ((•rlaiji <it'!>iri> nf mil MI,..,,,.. ..... iiuloiuuiiy hut c o iiuoiuuiiy hut would be siibor<lin.'it<> (« u central authority In mllitaiv allnlis and roreliiii reliilloiis bcrause popular elections nmltl be held In sue], :i union loi. be j,ii|,i, ti,,. j, 1V ol«.<i niitloiialilies "tuft,, their |:vhties si-rltinsly" ..... iolnt of olll.'a that they bred mostly in cut grass areas. They can fly at least two miles, compared to only one mile and one-half for the Quadrlmtieu- latus. The Walkcri is slightly larp,- er than the Quadnmariil.-ilux and its color is blue-gray. The Walker! is more vicious than its maJnrb-carrying cm , s j n While the Qnadrimaenlatus biles only at night, (lie Walkcri bites at any time of day or night. 'Hie longer flight of the insect means that in order for persons to be safe from its bite, their homes inasl be more than two miles from the lakes, drainage ditches, creeks and other places Til which the pests breed. 'I'oiillimi'rt from pane 1) "1 am for a republic In heart hut 1 would accept a klnu for my country ;u , ( |[t s Heritors Bvc , 10 , ready loi a republic novernment," Hie speaker said in laklnu up the outlook of these countries. "If they do IKI! unite soon they will follow the fate of Poland anil Czechoslovakia and the people arc besln- iilns lo iwillze Diis," he lidded. NatiliiiB (he six countries of Central I'Turope as Hungary, IHilijaria. Yuuoslavia, Rumania and former Austria and Czechoslovakia, Dr. Doimin imlnted out (hat (hese .six yeoyrnphlc divisions with a population of almost no million people of 55 nationalities were located In n space smaller than the state of Texas and that this represenled tile "powder kea" ol liiirogw. "Neutral (hey want to be In this second World War perhaps but neutral limy cannot be," he .said in mchiiiB upon the reasons. Assenliij; Dial disineinberment Visit of Pioneer Physician's Grandson Rolls Back I'agcs of (lonnty's History Cherry Si reel Garden Produces Snakes Ward's To Fealuvc Timc- S a v [ n g Work-Saving Aids For Woman "Indnslrinl America is working •™ " ever tefo '' c to make the oi Hie American housewife easier and pleasanter." That was the slatsment made yesterday by Mr. j. T . Smith, manager of the Montgomery Ward -store here, in coinmenlin.; on the 1940 Refrigerator and Home Appliance Show which his company will present in this city starting Saturday, starch 2nd. and continuing until March 9th. The show- winch will be held in the Montgomery Ward store, will feature the new work-saving and lime-saving "look" for the housewife which have been developed during the past year by the country's leading research designers and engineers. Outstanding new developments in refrigeration will be a feature of Hie show. These will particularly emphasize the new more beautiful nnd more usable cabinet, as well as many added conveniences that, the housewife will welcome. The "parade of progress" will ako be shown in the Held of electric washers, ironers, sewing machines and vacuum cleaners Washers have been made more efficient, and yet are gentler (linn ever to prolong Die life of fine fabrics. Sewing machines have been improved and beautified, ironers have been made easier to use than ever before and more and more attachments have been added to make the vacuum cleaner a real all-purpose house cleaner. Sir. Smith said that Montgomery Ward is well aware of the function of the American newspaper in telling the public about the value of labor saving devices. And so The Courier News has been chosen as the exclusive ncl-i vertising medium for the 19-10 Re- | frigerator and Appliance Show lit this community. Through this Jiewspaper, Mr. Smith invites his i i friends and customers old and new j 'to visit Wards during the show j and inspect all the new home aids. I —Adv.] Sirange things have grown in sprint; gardens, but even Biirbank in his wildest moments of experimentation never dreamed llint someday a earden would produce fruit jars of pickled snakes ami turtles. Such items turned up yesterday in the garden of W. W. Martin n't 11B East Cherry street. As he was digging, he struck glass which paid olf in five bottles of lurtles am) snakes and two or three bottles broken in (he ground which were not resurrected. In one fruit jar is a larue rat- tlesnnke. This is the main feature of the museum of natural history which has been established at the Moore and Bickerslalf store. Also on exhibit are three jars of turtles iind a jar of small snakes, all put up in alcohol. Questions and solutions make tip the neighborhood talk. Whether a high school l>oy placed them there or whether they were huri?d years and j-ears ago by n scientist is only a guess, hut Ihe snakes and turtles arc actualities as Gardener Martin and others in the neighborhood can testify. •COURTS Divorce suits filed in chancery court recently: ffclcn Clark vs. Paid Clark. Ii. S. Hudson, attorney; Ethel Oliver vs. Fred Oliver and James Grover vs. Ruby c.rov- er, P. A. Wright, attorney; W. W. Langslon vs. Gertrude Langsion. Ed IJ. Cook, atlorney. FOR SALE! One used KOCH Refrigerator White Metal Meat Case with Frigidnire Compressor. Display front xvilli excess storage and cold drink space. Like new. Original cost. $1157. Cash price for quick sale $305. Terms arranged to responsible parlies. One gum paper lane machine, counter equipment, and candy case. Priced for quick sale. One Water fttmp without motor. Trace Chains, a few good rmile collars, cotloti hoes, 30 bushels Ce- resan treated DPL-ll-A Cotton Seed. R. E. WRIGHT II. W. 61, One Mile So. rhone 481-.1 OSCEOLA. Ark.. Mar. I.—Interesting jmgcs of the pioneer history of South Mississippi County were turned backward this week with the visit of L. C. Acrcc of San Francisco, Calif., who was in town .Monday and Tuesday making the acquaintance of those wh'o "knew of the life and history of his grandfather. Dr. Jolin 'c. Arree. pioneer physician of the French- mini Bayou nnd F.vadale cjoiiimu- uilies, nnd Airs. Acree. The visit of Mr. Acrcc. who wns returnmi; from n hiisiness trip to Chicago, ivim entirely sentimental, since he had never visited the see- tion where two Kenerations of his ancestors lived nnd helped develop this fertile set: I Ion. He brought along a camera hoping to get some views of the old home, family graves nnd any oilier snots con- i.'eded vvitli Ms family history but like most of the ante-bellum homes of that day it had lonr; since been deslro.ved by fire and n tenant house stood on the spot. The majestic walnul and oak trees tint ••ire.vf an the lawn had also met the usinl fate of such spots and Ijeen made into firewood or lumber. Only the stiinii) of tlic walnut tree under whieli his ernndfalher was litiricd and one half ot his tombstone were found. Mr. Acree look wilh him pieces of ihe roots from wliieli he plans lo make hookends nnd paperweights for his desk. The original farm of 320 acres lyiiiff !do;],<; the old Kvad.ile-Bards- lown road tetwcen Ihe Davies and Ito.elle places is now owned by Mrs. Anne Tlioinn.son nf Memphis and farmed by Dudley Lynch of this city. Dr. Arree \vn.s murdered by a bund of rovi"n members of Powell Clayton's militia that overran nti:l exploited [his country din-ing die "carpetba? days" and reconstruction period of ISiift. in exasperation a group of citizens, seasoned and "tempered" by their four years experience in the civil War. nrgan- i?ed under the leadership of Captain Chillies Ilowen and joined with n similar group in Crittenden County and drove the band from this section, i>nrsuini< Ihem lo the banks of the Mississippi . river wneic Ilarahiiii Bridge now stands. Dr. Acrcc H'ns also a charter member of the Osceola Masonic Tfltlgc P. iV A. M. number 27, mid was chosen as lyler on the night of its organixatioi). Nov. e, 1807 in Osccola. Ills name h clear and distinct on the charter hanging in the Masonic Rooms. An interesting; bit ol reading can-led with him on this trip and rend by several of the Osreola Masons were the resolutions passed by Hie Osccoln Iodise on the night of .Mine 7. IHra, on the dentil of Dr. Acree and printed in the "Memphis Avnlitnclie", forerunner of Un- commercial Appeal. Fifty copies of [Ihe lesolution which were written and signed by JI. M. McVeigh, J. P. Davies and W. A. Erwln were ordered sent to the Osccola lodge. Among the persons visited who were neighbors or whose parents AiiioiiK Ihe many InlercMhm lie miul<- aas Dud linly nil nol he neuiiul In any Ci-mi'.il •'.mopeaii ti-otible and will help he allle;, II Huiiginiy Ii; invaded; lint llmikniv and Yu.'ml.ivl. .,.. Invaded; Hint tin-'|»rcs.s In Central Kurope Is conlnilled by the uovern- tnenls; Unit Itumanln will soon ills- appear from the n\np of the world t's her fate ts donmed; thai the eeounmle Invasion of Germany is drawing! central Europe Into' her TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS hands; Ihnf Cienrmny believes the Unllnl ttdiles will be m>ulrtil In tills second World Wnr. 1" UK: ijiii'sUnns nnd nnswffi whli-li followed (lie fectiii'o lie (old of the ,sl/e nnd equipment of armies ol lliili'.nrlii, Rumania and Finland "111! Die nnVte.-i 01 nilltKllllll, Ore«', Huly, Ciermnny and Prantc; dls- citm-d the wmidoiiui culture ii i id eliiin.ctri- nl Finnish pi'ojjlc, Hie low standard ol Irving in Uiimnni:i HIMl (her continued press of <JC|- iimiiy which made Ciennaiis believe. till' Unitr. I .Slincs has 2fi.OIW,riOO unemployed nnd if, controlled by I'.unusleis. Dr. I toman addressed Hit 1 hl'jh school ii.«finlily and llic Hntni-y club ye.Mmlay bi'lore Kjji'aklng lust lltlil. Osccola Masons To Meet Friday Nighl OSCKOM. Ark.. M'ur, ].- A s|«- i-lul i-ullcd mietini; of ihe Onceola I'linpliT number hv. Kuyni An-Ji .\iu."ons |., M:I lor Vikby nlalii, •Mi'ifh I. tiy ,), W. Tlmdlklll, h1"h priest 01 the. c)iu|)ii.-r, lor ID ( . ,, u ',pus<> nf i-imierrlnit llu- Itoyal Arch degree on several candldiUes; Walter H. Hickman of Little Rock, Grniid High priest of the Grand chapter of Arkansas, will be the guost of the local chapter. All vlsllljjg companions are invited. J. II, Blum Is secretary of the Jocnl chanter which meets regularly on the .second and fourth Monday of the inonth. Head Courier News •/•ant. ads. AGED 4 YEARS irs MELLOW/ , AND MILD 1 BARGAIN DAY! Vwi may mil have IhiniKliI of Ilildhll; Hi,. 111,1 (. a |. | im ,.,„, ,,,.,,. l.diily wimlil lr yim saw liicse 1111- MMwIlj 1 clean liartains. '.'ifl Ooduc .(-Door sedan. Dndio, heater, law mileace. Ex- rellent coiidlllun ':«> Pontlae Deluxe Coupe. Itudlo inul heater, new tires "I'J Chrysler •! door scdun, nidio \-, healer A I'cw nture at Uven Lower I'l'lees LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. llidvli — t'lmtluc HriKiilway & Wnlmil t'iione filui Covered Food Frotter • 3^-quart Vegetable ' ... 316in: deep.Ideal v'Bln .ttobpi groo'n^' for msarsl.oragW:':. T ! itl*. £|Or(jlpHrfreilr. 'Jly Ifp^-wltt} Jbver Stainfets BIC. Speedy .rol«a»6..,)Ar»o 0 2 , freezer makes 6 lb». rObbeWadd trefy*. • .. . • ice til 0 Hme. . APPY UOUR GRO.& »MRT. FREE UEUVEET 1« IV. Slam St, Phone 15 KeRSsnancBiMnBaMHi PRESCRIPTIONS-^ Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. hin & First riionc 141 Simple Ringworm Sufferers To relieve the itching, burning nnd sore discomfort of simple ringworm apply Black nnd White Ointment—the soothing, cooling antiseptic dressing that destroys the responsible organisms upon actual contact. Use with Black nnd White Skin Soap. Sold everywhere. Dr. J. A. Saliba Announces the removal of his nffire from the Ingrain liuildinj; It) 131 K. Kenliirhy. lies. 1'lnine. 410; Office I'll. 118 STANDARD TIRES KKVSTONK ALFALFA SEEDS ALT, KINDS FIELD SEEDS KAHY CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. I'UHl.VA 1-EEDs 1'linnc 151 >OTHER SIZE MLOPORTIONATEJLY tOV^/ AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! '^ s KA C ' >cr W ecti Low As UW On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. '\ m WARDS OFFER BIG 1940 DELUXE FEATURED 6.4 CU. FT. REFRIGERATOR AT LOWEST PRICE IN OUR HISTORY! ffftl m °nth!y, Before you buy anywhere, see what Wards save your 14 models starting at 95 Dpn't--forq minute—Judge this big new refrigerator by its amazing low >ricei;j| ha.sthe deluxe features you line! in other makes at $40 more! Yet it costs you -about:\yhat others«& for"sfrfcpecT models! You get 13.4 sq. ft, shelf a>ea! 3 slidirtg shelves! Ira? releases! 5-year Protection Ptan! Plus the features listed above! See it now . . . at Wards K MONTGOMERY WARD 406 W. Main I'hone 676

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