Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 29, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 29, 1894
Page 2
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Fart IS ol The ban City U Portfolio Ii now ready for distribution and is devoted to the following subjects: 1 Grand Plaza on Chicago Day. 2 N. W. from Rooi of Government Building. 3 N. from Roof of Government Building. 4 Across Wooded Island looking N E. 5 The White Star BuUding and Elk Bridge. 6 North Lagoon from Horticultural Building 7 The Merchant Tailors' Building. 8 Wooded Island and Transportation Building, N. E. corner of Grand Basin. 10 Life Saving Station and Battle Ship. 11 Grand Promenade of Lake Shore. 12 The New Liberty Bell. 13 Barge of State and and German Fountain. 14 World's Congress of Beauties. 15 The Azti c Abode on tre Midway. 16 Night Scene—Grand Basin. PART 17-THE STATE BUILDING NUMBER-READY MONDAY, JUNE 4TH. As the time approaches for the completion of this ••gnificent and unapproachable series of World's Fair Views, The"Journal wishes to impress upon all subscrib- •n the importance ot procuring the complete eet Back numbers can be secured by applying at this office, and wraDgements have been made for the binding of the sets At the lowest coet. Don't fail to secure all the numbers. See Coupon 4m 1st page. Do You Love Music? IF YOU HAVE AN EAR And possess musical taste you cannot fail to be interested in the series of portraits and biographical sketches of GREAT SINGERS Which lorm Parts 12, 13 and 14 ot "The Marie Bur- ,Zh8 J_?Par.So of Stage Celebrities/' Even if you have not been taking the proceeding numb«rs, You Want These Three Which constitute in themselves die rnott complete col kcticn of representatives of lyric ait. Get Part 12 "Stage Celebrities" (the first musical number) with portraits of Melba, Eun. The De Reszkes And other famous singers, twenty in all. You can get it from THE JOURNAL for Three Coupons and One Dime. No extra charge for postage on Portfolios Bent ** "Titer you have secured this number you will not M to secure the remaining two numbers which complete the eeries, as they are both devoted exclusively to the Grand Opera. PART 14 NOW READY. THIS OUT. — MAY99. 1894. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. OUT ram our. MAY 39,1884. STAGE CELEBRITIES, Thto Coupon with twootheriof different dstai, snarm CMtt, IjBOod Jor one put, containing twenty portraits, ol the Marie BmrongW* Art Portfolio of Stage Celebritte*. THE JOURNAL. cmr VHM OP* FOUND GUILTY. A Verdict Against Indianapolis Bankers on Trial, Haughey's Partners Are Convicted of Wrecking the Indianapolis Bunk- Close' of a Noted Case. THE JUHY'S DECISION. INDI.IVAI'OT.18, Ind., May 28.—The federal courtroom was packed at 9 o'clock a. m, to hear the verdict in the cases of F. A. Coffin, P. B. Coffin and A. S, Reed, chiirjrcd, an officers of the Indianapolis Cabinet company, with aid- ,ng and abetting Theodore P. Haughey, president of tho wrecked Indianapolis national bank, in tho looting of that institution. The verdict was guilty as to all three. The verdict finds the two Coffins guilty on all of tho forty-seven counts In the indictment, charging tho aiding and abetting of President Haughey in misappropriating the funds of the bank to the extent of 8876,000, making deposits of worthless paper against which enormous sums of money were drawn, and of making a deposit of 844,000 of fictitious paper in May, 1893, just prior to the bank failure, In order to cover up an overdraft and deceive the government bank examiner. A. S. Reed is convicted on counts 87 to 48, which charge that he aided In making false entries on the books of the bank. The Coffins are prominent young men here, and had built up a concern that did business over the known world, the plant In this city being worth J800,000. The defendants displayed no emotion on hearing the verdict. Their bonds were increased and they will go free pending the outcome of a motion for a new trial or an appeal to the United States supreme court. T. P. Haughey, the aged president of the defunct bank, has already pleaded guilty, and will be sentenced in the near future. His condition is pitiful, and, as h« will scarcely get less than five years, tt is not thought that h« •will survive the humiliation and dls- CANADA SCORED. •rotor «7« ««es Favors 1U>P»W by Notn- (nc but "Naninf." WA«HMOTOlt, May as.—In the senate the lumber schedule of the tariff bill being under consideration, Senator Frye (rep., Me.) offered «n amendment pntting a doty of 11 per 1,000 feet on sawed board* and W P«r 1,000 feet on sawed lumber. Senator Frye said that Canads WM one of the worst enemies the United SUtes hid. She was too «n_lJ for the United States to flght and had therefore instituted and k*j?t up a system of "nagging," M» tearing down the American flag and distributing its pieces through the street The United States was constantly doing" Canada favors, and the latest attempt in that lin« WM the putting of lumber on the free list. With free Iron, coal and lumbei Canada would, he said, drive half th« American shipping from the gre»' lakes. ' Saves 'Honey at Chlonjo. WASHIHGTON, May as.-Maj. Pollock chief of the Indian division of the in terior department, who representet the secretary at the annual award oJ bids at Chicago for Indian supplies, has returned to Washington. He sayi the prices were lower than ever before The government saved J60.000 on th« beef contract, the largest on anj specification, although proportions.!* gains were made on the smaller eon tracts. Thousands of Cattle PEOBL*. Ill, May 88.—The Distilling & Cattle Feeding company Is busily en gaged In shipping out the thonsandi of cattle which have been fed at th« various distilleries during the wlntei months. It Is expected most of them will be out by the 1st of June, when the distilleries will olose for the sum mer months. President Qreenhnt Ii looking for an unusually early resumption of business this. fall. Heirs to Great Wealth. CHICAOO, May 28.—E. 8. Karoly, w electrician of this city, and his brother 0. S. Karoly, also an' electrician, o Aurora, have fallen heir to an estate In Hungary estimated to be worth 89,000, 000. Proper powers of attorney hav« been forwarded to Bnda-Pesth which will put the new millionaires in pos session of their own. Ufe Lo»t In a Hotel Fire. ST. Louis, May 88.—A special to th« Post-Dispatch from Donham, Tex. says: The Columbian hotel at Ladonis was burned just before dawn. Th« guests all escaped, but with little elsi than their night-robes, except Charle Lewis, who was burned todeath. Death at a Canadian. Jurist. MOHTBBAJ-, Can., May 28.—Sir Fran cis Johnson,' chief Justice of the su preme court, died Sunday afternoon He was born at Oakley House, Bed fordshire, England, on New Year'sday 1817. He came to Canada in 1885 and was called to the bar in 1840. Hundreds of Balvadorian B»bels Slain. SAS SAITAIXJB, May.,28. — Antonl Ezeta advanced from Coatepeque wltl his entire army and attacked the rebe fortified position south of Santa Am and after a desperate battle and brll llant charge routed them. The rebel lost over 800 man. Charted with Stealing- •1,000,000 MnnnaPOLW, Minn., May 88 -—'— work of securing a jury to try W. 8 Streeter on the charge of having ejn beaded 11,000,000 belonging to thede fanot Northwestern Guarantee • • betfun. Thetria THE^MABKEDS. Grain, Provisions, Kto. CHICAGO, May 28. FLOOR—The demand was tnogt' limited and the feeling was easy. Tho quotations ranged us follows: Winter — Patents, $i80®1.00; straights, 12.80(3)2.75; clears, J2.2ft3iK.40; seconds, g|.80@l.DO; low grades, »1.50JJ1.70, Spring —Putents, »3,2Q2i3,50; straight*. 82.SW.flO; bakers', $I.75®2.10; low KnidOb, $1.40®1.SO; HoJ Dog,$1.8ftai.lO; Ryu. Si.40®i.w. WHEAT—Quiet ana steadier. Cash, G:Ui@ b4!<o; July KSyjQfflftc; September, M5£©57Xc. CORN—Quiet but stronger. No. S, $IW, tio.l Yellow, 38(4o; No. 8, 87o; No. 8 Yellow, 33<j; May, 37o; June,37c; July ,87iV338c; September, OATS—Moderate trading and prices steadier. No. 3 cash, 33?«c; May, ;»J«c; Juno, 334ff£:<3^c; July, 3iMi©3IMc; September, SOJiUKO^c. Sum- pies firmer. No, 3, S4Jifli3llc; No. SWblte. MX §)37M°; No. 2, JHXStSSKc; No..2 White, :l"<i<>IISo. RYK—Cash ryo source and steady, but spocu- latlon Isflull. No. 2 cash. 'ISWc; May delivery, 45Hc; July, 4li5ira4(Jo. and September, 47'/Jc. Sample lots cf No. 2, 47(&48^c. BAM,BY—Ensy and tho demand light. Choice by sample, »©Mo; fair to good, 51©Mc; common, 4(XSfSOc, with Screenings tl7.OOsaiO.00 per ton. MESS POIIK—Trading light and prices steady. Quotations ranged at gU.06@ll.72M for cash regular; $1I.6C<3.11.72M for May; $ll.7i!%<ai].8U for July, and 811.80g.ll.87H for September. LAUD—neither quiet and steady. Quotations ranged at je.77Kao.83K for cash; KJ.77K@0.83!4 for May; J0.05@0.70 for July, and $6.70#3.75 for September, o LIVE POULTBV—Per pound: Chickens. 7® 3c; Turkeys, 6<3l7o; Uuolta, 7^4©8c; Geese. I3.00Q3.BO per doz. BUTTBII—Croomory, ll©lfl«c; Dairy. BW<9 14o; Packing Stock, 8H@9c. LIQUORS—Distilled spirits steady on the basis of (I. IB per gal. for finished goods. OILS—Wisconsin Prime White, TXo; Water Whlto, 7Mo; Michigan Prime WhHo, W', Water Whits, 9o; Indiana Prime White, 8tfo; Water White, 8*0; Headlight, 175 test, »Ho; Gasoline,87dog's, llHe; 74 deg's, Oo; Naphtha 83deg's,6«o. TOLBDO, O., May 28. WHEAT—Higher, active. No. Ecash and May, B3V4o; July, C6o; August, WJio; September, "<S«o. Conn—Dull. No. 2 cash, 880 asked; July, . _ OATS—Steady, No. 2 mlied, S6o; No. S white, BTB—Dull. Cosh, 40c bid. C«)VBKSEKD—Steady. Prime cash. S5.BO; Oo- tober. 14.70. Live Stock. CHICAGO, May 28. Hoou-Market active, with prices 5®10o lower, but steady at the, decline. Sales ranged at KS&aiW; for Pis*: *4.M<&4.!*> for light; I4.40&4.H tor rough pnoldng; M.H@4.BO lor mixed, and M.6034-80 for heavy pacldug and shipping lots, CATTLI — Market woderaMly active with prices o! all desirable lots 5®Wo higher and other grades unchanged. Quotations ranged st S4.8X&4.48 for choice to extra shipping StMrs; |8.eo®4.«rfor good to choice do.; ».80<aS.BB for fair to good; *S.»ai.70 for common to medium do.; 13,8083.75 for butchers' Steers; tt.7&» 8.40 for Stookers; W.W0S.BO for Feeders; 11.90® 8.25 for Cows; $2.90@3.»0 for Heifers; B.00i» 8.40 for Bulls; t2.70Ql.M tat Texas Steers .and tt50®ft.OO for Veal Calve., FACTS BRIEFLY STATED. Senators Voorhees, Jones and Harris predict the tariff bill will pass the senate within three weeks. A farewell service in honor of Miss Frances Willard was held by temperance advocates In London. The Missouri is rising rapidly at East Atchlson, Kan., and it is feared the town may be destroyed. Sixty-nine descendants of Daniel Zil, of La Rose, 111., were present at the celebration of his 90th birthday. State banks of Illinois have gained 86,000,000 in deposits since February S8, and the average cash reserve is 43 per cent. The czar of Russia has issued a ukase depriving ministers and governors of the power of appointing or dismissing subordinates. A decision against the Northern Pacific road in the mineral land cases was handed down by the United States supreme court. George T. and J. G Nickleshave been arrested at Galesburg, 111., charged with swindling farmers by means of insurance policies. While trying to regain a lost stirrup Benjamin Wheeler fell from his horse in Chicago, and striking on his head was instantly killed. A gale accompanied by snow is raging on Lako Superior. The tugs A. J. Smith and Sampson were forced to abandon their log rafts in mldlake. Hugh Bodgers, said to be at the head nf e. tra.ntr of advertising swindlers KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and Improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than othera and enjoy life mote, with less expenditure, t^ more. promptly adapting, the world's best products; to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrnp of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting In the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of »perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given latisfaction to million!i and met wfthfthe approval of the medical profesrion; because it acts on the Kid- Eers, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Ssmip of Figs is for sale by all drag- glstiinSoc awf$l bottle*, but it is man- nfwtured by the CaUforni. Fig Syrup do. only, whose name is printed on every packtge, al*o the name, Syrup of »»- MHelng w*U Informed, you will aoosptany iuJ*titttte,U which bus operated In all the large cities of the country, has been arrested for forgery. John P. Hiler,-who married Graco Washburne on twenty-four hours' acquaintance, was sentenced at Eloora- ington, 111., to a year's imprisonment for bigamy. Delos P. Goldsmith and Lawyer Crowley, rivals for the affections of a Boston girl, foufflit a duel with foils. The former proved to be the buttur swordsman. ^ A Floorl Ornwnn iOO 1'ernoim. CALCUTTA, May 'J8.—Disastrous iloodt have caused considerable ilauiajru it the province of Kulu, The dam on tht Punjaub river collapsed, inundating tho country below. It ifi estimated that -00 persons lost their lives. He Will Mo Tried June 11. NEW YORK, May 28.—Erastus Wyman's trial on tne charge ol forgery has been postponed until June 11. The delay was granted on motion of Mr, Wymun's counsel. w'alsti's Maiden ?;p^c u ;;. WASHI.NOTON, May 28.—Senai-or Patrick Walsh, successor to the late Colquitt, of Georgia, made his maiden speech in the senate. It was on the ;ari£E and was directed to advocacy of iho income tax. Killed by a Falling House. BSBMK, May 28.—Four workmen were killed and six injured by the collapse in Koch street of a house which was in process of construction. Invited to Visit Germmny. BBRLIN, May 28.-It is reported that Emperor William has invited Bear Admiral Erben and Capt. Mahan, of the United States flagship Chicago, to visit Germany. ' AFRICAN DIAMONDS. V«it Development of the Rich Field* In the Orange'Free 8t»te. The African diamond fields are in the Orange Tree State, where there is one important, mine. at Jajfersfontein, and in' the British colony, of Griqua Land West, where there are four. Of these, the best known are the Kimberley mine and the De Beers, the latter of which was so admirably illustrated in last summer's Columbian exhibition. It is but twenty-five years since the ftems were discovered on the dark continent, and the value of the annual yield now exceeds IBO.000,000. It is interesting to note that notwithstanding theseXlarg* quantities are mined and that diamonds have been so successfully imitated, their value has not declined more than II a carat. The South Africa mjnes have yielded larger stones than any found in Brazil or India. Some of them are of a yellow tint, and therefore of low value; but the De Beers diamond (428X carats) and the Sagersfontein (9MX carats), the last found less than a year ago, are perfectly white. These weights are for the rough diamonds, but the Kohinoor weighed only 192 carats, and was reduced by cutting to 103% carats. The Kimberley mine has been worked to a depth of 400 feet, and vertical shafts have now superseded the Inclined ones formerly used as a means of entrance. The quantity and value of the African gems in the market have made great changes in the diamond trade. The Brazilian (Travels are now worked very little, as are the fields in India and Borneo. London is the diamond market of the world.—Scientific American. The Bloody H»»«n of the Alaskans. The Alaskan Indians helleve in MY eral heavens; one above the other, but the second, the one reserved for those who die bloody and violent deaths, is the subject of this "note." This bloody Heaven is high in air, directly above the earth, and hasn't a single inhabitant, except the giant gatekeeper, who has not died by accident, in battle or by some other violent mode of taking off. The wounded and dying Indians, whose life blood has been diverted from its natural channels forever, say that they can see Heaven open, and hear their own names pronounced by the gigantio guard who has charge ol the circular opening which leads to bliss. Presently a ladder is let down through the opening. It has but two rungs, two are sufficient. The dying brave puto his feet on one and grasps the other with his hands and is Instantly taken to his reward—a land of rest, where the only food is thick, clotted blood! St, Louis Republic. —In Franco cattle and sheep are rarely, if ever, sold by actual live weights, and proper appliances for weighing are practically unknown. I government measure is under consider ation for making sales by weight com pulsory at public fairs. The bill provides that stock exposed for sale in any market or fair must have a ticket showing the weight, unascertained on a, scale, or, as it iscallel in Kngland, * "weiph bridge." Loft 'Em Behind. "Fenilworth's been abroad a good deal, hasn't he?" "Yes. How did you know? 1 "His wits are still here."—Truth. The Vellow CUw of . Painted on the sky bj the settlni sun to). NotK>the«allow,siir->nof a face with bile. And oh! the unspeakable dlsu. that bile in the wrong plsee produces. Twinges In the right »ld« and under the right KhouWer blade, nausea, rerugo. sick hesdsehe, eonstlP*- Mou. faulty digertlou. Not In sn Instantcanitt« •Tmptami of biliousness be distal*, °»t I*™''' encelntaeuse of Hostotter's etomsob BltWr will eradicate them, restore digestion snd rega Isrltr to the osweli, snd counteract tendencies to m«eagi»wtefl complaints, which sn mtMrnp tton of tbess fnnettons beget*. Rheumatism uuwttttlroitQekklntfiand blwW * °~™Jlf sndlnsotmtTto»lee»,sresl»oiw>iedl«d bj tsu. =SE2r.«SffJ*J-«3 onfslllng sad prompt FrsakllD Falls, N. H. Considered Incurable H«art Palpitation, Stomach Troubles, Etc. Took Hood'* Sars»p*rllla and l» Now AM* to Work •» Usudl. « C. I. Hood * Co., Lowell, Mais.: "Ihad been a great sufferer for isventM* years. My trouble began with stomach dUB* . nulUes, brought about by overheating the bloo* •nd then suddenly changing the temperature bf drinking «old water. I doctored with ho*» physicians, but did not receive benefit I grsw worse st times and was troubled st night by Fluttering of tho Hoart. My food hurt me considerably, In but during al> these yesri I hire hsd to be very careful aboal what I ate,-and much of the Urns I wentwltb* out any supper. I became all worn out. Tw» : doctors agreed that my case W** InouraM* •nd I wu liable to die any moment Heed**' Saruparilte was recommended to M aft* tt ••» been theonly medicine that IMS tfvw *»MT relist il* hssrt trouble bat r —— sided,and Oan to a decided change.** tte bemrlnthepatDilnnylisad. Blnte tomiasafl- uStSI take dSWs iffispsrtUj »r food djee- noldlsfreis m* and I •atnesrUly. 'tbnbe«a> possible for me to work Drat of the ttnis fa* ay Hood's^Cures ... . VB _» m-» VjMUllA KAMA ysarpast mafareeomnnoded __ paruiatootnets and shall always have a fse* word for It OB eeoount ot the beneBt tt has me» C •ne." Hood'e «ui. ll-sr Wut-t. Ladles and gentlemen suffering with throat and lunf difioultlM to call at our drug store for a bottle of Otto't- Cure. which we are distributing Ire* of charge, and we can confidently recommend It as a superior remedy for ooughs, colds, bronohltis, consumption, and all diseases of the throat and lungs. It will stop a cough qulotor- than any known remedy. We wlttr guarantee it to cure you. If jour- children have croup .or whooping- cough it Is sure to give Instant relief . Don't delay but get a trial bottle fre*, Large sizes 60o. and 25c. Sold by B«k Fisher, 311 Fourth street. r«r Ov»r m Mrs. Wlnslow'e Soothing Syrup baa been uted for over fifty yeart b«- milllons of motheri for their chlldra* ' while teething, with perfect IUOOBM. It soothes the child, softens the gums. allays all pain, curet wind colic, anft U the bert remedy for diarrhoea, I» will relieve the poor little lufferer immediately. Sold by druggta* IB every part of the world. Twenty-flv* cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for •Mrs. Window'^ Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. •IK Bwite«te»t !• T»w» Over the remarkable cure* by tn»- grandest specific of the age. BaooaV Celery King, which act* aa a natural laxatlre, stimulate* the dl«etttT»» organ*, regulate* the Urer and kidneye- and 1* nature'* great healer and health. renewer. If you have kidiey, liver and blood? disorder, do not delay, but call at Be» FUher 1 * drug atore, 311 Fourth -treat,. for a free trial package. Largo -i*e*. 60c. and 25c. Tke Beaac* War- Children of two to *lx year* of age are often sick and fretful i* owing M stomach Worm. The be*t cure te> Klnehart'e Worm Lozenge*. They remove all form* of worm* and they worm ne*t; are pleasant to take an* need no cathartic. Children alwaya. •how marked improvement in health and growth by their use. For tale by B. F, Keesllo* and Keystone drug: Store. CkwkerUls'i lye at 8kta «tatat«at Is a certain cure for Chronic Son Byes, Granulated Eye Ud*, Sore Nip. ple*. Pile*, Eczema, Tetter, Salt Etheum and Scald Head, 26 cent* per box. For *aie by B. F. Keerilng, TO KOMI owmm. For putting a hor*e in a fine healthy condition try Dr. Cady'. Condition Powder*. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure los* of appatlta relieve constipation, correct kldaey disorder* and destroy worm*, glTinc new life to an old overworked hone. 85 cent* per package. For*al»by B. F. Kee*Ung, drujtgUt. Alway* buy Elnehart'* Worm Lo. lengei, they remove both ;th« wormtv; and worm nett. tvt vi*» by B: f ^ , KfMllng and K»7«tWi» drufilow.

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