Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 11, 1933 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1933
Page 5
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evived dH lions ot .any explosions. »»„ -»- tt'ritiW there. 6m would be wor$ She' fqrgot to ot her grammar. S *' 8a ^ •U'tbMlK iher oarent, "WtjN, th she observed. ' "that's UlBtl" Her eehded dryly. I 0 • • At rushed 1 upstair* td eta irerfdress.- She . . to Di* WwbMW" 11 rf Houwr ior TShfersV**^ tte 6 , the setitenc«. tet «o pal .,.. lk orsr. plans Mr gptafca theatricals to'be put oti ' * -. their comings ' glaii hW mother , balandlnrt«»y xlonsly from Angle relieved at what he be.tak«n» Angl ? - 4 iff U*w *%*• «••»!•--^ — back' now. ntother." he said S .. S .^2jj. AI-UI.I..W «*-ttt« i waoi Mrs. , triat Angle void ladles meant ^'tnatrsort ot wo* »wa» fnndamentailr kdrbeen trapped by i|MirtrtSB marriage. iggling to ,»». languished, the ferns In the tired the burst .* windows. Un- chatter, sh« was wonder_ tW» »P- [endlinew. n Tf»»nir..JM|cIrus«f She waa a bit ana- :o the Springs," ,,. ., Be was* relieved, she could see. that \everythingr had" passed 1 off so smoothly. ?ao* hoy. Be tott probably dreaded thii ordeWI SM kissed Him. smoothing' hisrougn- ened fair- nalr. Poor Bill, hardened at Wnefr uanaiue. *»•« £*" t^e, .hpuse, waq home ilry taJt' experls '', in VVasKtngioit who ficured the totalUix: on: Beer at ?5 per barrel- would bririg. in- only ; $125,01)0.000 per ' year 1 had . rtb idea' of ; the • . greal Amirican' 'tftif'k'. ' ; ____ ••'..,.,,» Thai* total' will', be jJoUred^ inttr the ti-easury str,6»boX-viithit;' six\ii5omhs, with the vrong _ couldn't be helped. watching the flash «»- --••T- sweater through the greenery. She . .. • _ **.-. k-.*iMi«M Arttilll. HUB . Well. „ She sighed', of JiSto 'fey srnlled af heVsel? In. nw mirror/ «6iberln^ Mf sWdn^d Msiy Bad bfeefl wBe'n she had tbjd for about the «ny' tat i° n C t f»;u,frfe " ti ser. o all tbn* fcES. May Lighten Vet . Sunday nlgttf suUJjer Belonged to ttie" inner circle B'el*eae>(j',soclety. tltey'll-' air b«f as dl Rls» had said, t-easury sr,6;ov , Joseph Hi REe'ley,,. general .manager osep ,,. . of the American Brewer, declared. In the first thred weeks, NeW York City 'consumtd' twice tHe .a'tn'ourtt of beer that even thi? optimistic brew- masters expected and' the country tjurned'oyer flO.OOO.OW info the federa he said 'rcsidertt to ftevie^w, Re trenchment Order, Po«- sibly Modify It would do the best'sh would not ot Bill's '•hfeouia: SheUail them up, and sar tnlW wh j at tnjl cotntt. J«* n *y. *?*$. o •mean to the llltte" taWily. waa beginning to' help n,o And Thaj oata! easuy, e sa "Beer' making' won't get inUMtsrea stHde';for mbriths," he added. "Prc- auetion is far behind; One deale 4ame: here' to lay down a\ $300,000' or der fbr North CaWlina, but his orde canHof be^ filled. , "When beer became legal . April there were only 30 biVWeries operat i^g in the country. There are^ now 194 operating. Contrast that w»th 1,39, s in operation . in 1.914, , ant HD went about, straightening ders. quite In the' iratitf Rollicking through the, ,fo«intry lanes with* a faW youth's arm? around her aeemed 1 pballWely »- plan to be ma divorce her ^ Kay finished the tlnctly". Rlssy had tossed head andt turned away. Kay dressed with care, her balr a detfure Wory-Unte'd frfce 1 . • PCcWCTiCS' *•* u|/c» «*«*•••. "• -.-.- •» - ' *, with 492 breweries turning out beer i lW York state; and Fennsylvan dlone, arid you'll' see why ' S Predicting that sale of beer, : wQU fall off after the first two or thre weeks'have. been wrong, Riseley sai "THere are now th'irtX-three. stat w^.Jv^o^ is Being sold or manufa ,'iij "Td'mbrrow Cotinec- { begin sale of legal ter I suppose, wnat sne ai»c» v«»» b • . lfc'1* 1 the inguage. but somehow tt irei at the curtains, does." „,..-— am» to &?'&.* .v_ >,.o^<. V "Of course it does, miiy »w days. Mon? Things werel better We» phe waa in tavor at home. lV a Vho U \n\w b w7at W the^ Sateur theatricals m.ght lead tot Kay could see a great producer leaning forward Iran MM aeat in the back row. asking ' -Who is the young Udy the leadT —•*««»—*" WASHINGTON House announced (ff) - The White Wednesday night louse announced Yycuncauujr ...o--hat economies to be effected through eduction of payments to veterans for ervice-conhected disabilities would be reviewed with a view to making he cuts less severe. A' 1 statement issued by Stephen Early secretary to'the president, said "As a result of'coriferences between he president, the national command er of the American Legion, Loui Johnson, and the director of the bud get; the following conclusions hav been reached: . "As a result of the application o the veterans' regulations, it now seems that the cut in compensation of service-connected World war veterans with specific injuries has been depp- er than,was originally intended, Ine , . . 1 Un^l ulai? lit In IK 1'G- rntnenf hospitals w|Hbf nip™ ~.,- ng a careful, studious,; suirttey? of.th*. nth* hosprtar sltuattdri. fld* of ;nb" esslty, will require coiydderable time '•Tnes* coneWsloijs •J£*.;i l ?i Ul * e iia he « purely disabled ^ii'.war service. Sate Irenfe Dunnie en» $dr«.en ir "The S»et <>f He. said. ticvit''arta'MicHii{an cegm suic v« «-o^. bee>. fiy miasumini'r.four more stales Wilt «e selling Vieer. TKe demand will increase instead of decrease." [««• « >) » «••• — : In 4 die breeze. ,- Suspicious Customer-"! want to pay cash for i—"Yes, sir, but it's 'so' un- this ca'r. er tnan.was oriB"i»"J !»...«•-•—,• regulations and schedules in this respect will, therefore, bevreyiewed so as to effect more cquitftle levels, of payment. Careful study also will be made of the other regulations and their effects. .•»-„« "By reason of the burden mcidem to re-rati'ng and in order that undue hardships will not be imposed upon veterans in their application for' adjudication of their cases, regional offices of the Veterans' Administration will not be closed as has been^re• except where it has been e s f Someone would answer. M Ka» o"mayl,e she wouldn't get Maybe she would ln.a .mall day, and the girl Tile -development ^ ,a .wtonian's life I h " ^^^ tliroUgh trials'-'and hardship^ to ;a final haverf of h'appihfes6" prtyj'd^ the dra- nSitle motif"or"rte Se'c'rei'df'M^me Blanche," the featur.e attraction at tKe Sabnger for 1 Friday only^ and strongly advertised ns;; % the biggest bargain diry eveV of feted Hope and with beautiful Irene Dunne m the stiirrlrtk role. ; Miss DUntie ,1s cast as an A...-,..--^••--" girl'who iriarVle> a tUled'.Eng- ported, dearly tJAUCft w»!*.*'- .•- , • demonstrated that regional Chorus gin-W.no IIIUTIICB « listimin' only to firid'.tbg end' of Her' %e; affair', engrossing dra^Hatfcj talihi- ed with tlie son btorii 'of thk. marriage Miss Dunne's characterizatidn, whifch covers a period of more than thirty years, is skid to surjiass even her notable portrayals m' "Ci.marron and "Back Street," which established her as th'e' screen's' outstanding' emotional ' . CHRISTOPHER, Ticket Age" 4 Missouri Pacific R. R. Co?. at Helena Courtroom is terminated. traUe At anl SAVE PRICES fdR FRIDAY ctrGSS ' ' A news and : comedy,' called "Sweet Cookie," complete the program. •',lB"«oni« »** ! This ti foa taoi •That'll; tte : :i»« P***two yeaWr-«r tow |^*^f?S" ancn 11« atrald Mill will be WondeMflg how what be erer saw In Angle. i< c«?t ma,k« *»™ UBderstond M She 1 Nouse —•-- * M*«'* V " B • • headllnea. reflection ^S!^^ ae much depended on , come ot the " ' igton Plans png Event {Seat Welcomes Mojther's Day, Sunday ," Ark,— The llth an Day Homecoming for s ol Washington and their families will be 'e~ Sunday, May 14. was begun in 1923 by club S lye allegedly thrown'in her face understc^^^ plays the E rjSrtstfSi r wlarj awarajawa years. . Sheriff D. M. Newton of Hunt county who declared he obtained a confession from Scarborough Tuesday night quoted the latter as saying: he threw the lye in the face of his bride because he was jealous of her and facilities are not necessary. aaiesmaii— *ca, *>••» -—- -- - • - usual, that I'm. afraid youll have to ^!ii« .Vo' 1 o'vofiirpnpp or tWO. give-u's a' reference'or two -^ and that year attended by ••"iPeitarkanJans. Since then ran annual eyeht. It is each by increasing numbers o formerly lived here or . by some tie. ex-citizens of Washing- ia,ve long Since moved away Hie Hoik, Texarkana, Hope, Ws, El Dorado, Pine , and various other both in and out of affair visitors were because ne wu» j<=a.v,~. — ---: wanted to disfigure her so that she would no longer be attractive to pther men. Final Rehearsal for "Prince Chap" Mawayaj the established precedence are held at only one day Sunday be held at the », conducted by th tor of Centra church, H[o Washingto pulpit at th W- W. Nelson extends the invitation M* ^ew, 'their families |. pr*** y? t t» Ciinfinv 14, Hope Senior Play _. Hall Friday Afternoon and_Night "The Prince Chap," ihe senior class, play, will be given its last rehe.arsal Thursday night before presented Friday afternoon arid night at Hope city hall. It is 1 a play th:i» 1 •- been well directed by Miss Martha Virginia Stuart, and will be presented by a cast that exceeds the standard which was set by this class last year in the presentation of "The Thirteenth Chair," their junior play. •The Prince Chap," by Edward Pepjfis. is a high type comedy full of h^iinojr and appeal- It played on Broadway for two years and was filmed with Thomas Meighan as the star. Tne ptex has been recommended as one to be dramatized by Little Theaters and amateurs of excpeitonal tal- Arthur Pope, New Rotary^overitorj Succeeds E. F, McFaddir» at Hot Springs Converitibn ; HOT SPRINGS, Ark.-W-Arthuf D Pope, former mayor of Magnolia and prosecuting attorney of the 13t^ judicial district, was nominated here •_ , ^ _ nnn .A "P/luinrH F. MC- DELUXE finrr S>>Hll t/'t TWO NEW SIX. lowe . Faddin of Hope as district at the annual Rotary district confer- el pope's nomination had the backing of the El- Dorado club, of which he i^ a member. The Hspe club is represented by 3 of about a dozen' •numbers and wives, SPARKLE—Gelatin Disert ' Flavori—3 packages.... 1 can wives, eae . They left for Hot Springs early Thurs- daV riiorhirig, and will return home ate Thursday night- s Smith, plays the part of Marcus Bunion, the butler and very good friend of'Billy Payton, played by Donald Moore. P*yt°n has been entrust' Ia u ipok"wellwiou can now get more car fpr your money than ever More! ^ t . . That's what the new Plymouths mean, whemer ypv choose the new Six at lower prices or the De Iwk»ag« wheeibase Plymouth. For both have Floating Power! And 70 Jfprsegpw^ An4 HyWic Brakes, RigidOC Doubl^Drop Frame, Will YieW 250 Millionf Instead of 125, Month'* " ' Reveal NEW aeiy^tee j , * They have new STYLE, too. New smartoess. that co«unan4 your a4mif attorn lopfc well. Get your money's worth in the car you See fad drive these pew Plymouths* - PHONE 58 F0K OATS 3Vjj- ib. box MOTHER'S OATS BOX IQNA CORN Two No. 2 Cans IQKAJPE ACHES 'Two Nb. Vti Cans RAJAR SALAD PJBS^IBG-Pin.t.. Jar......;.;. StoMess Picnics Beef Chuck Roas PoriTli VWV^HMMIHHB^HMMHHHMr^^^^AMI^H By George Clark "'Buy one, if you like, but 1 promise you I ivon't stay: home and take care of it all the time." , m B£ at Is a Bladder Physic? A medicine that^works on the bladder as castor oil on the bowels. Drives out Impurities and .excess acids that cause Irritation which results in getting up nights, frequent-desire, burning, leg pains nnd backache. BU-KETS (5 fir. Tablets) Is a pleasant bladder physic. Get a 25c test box from your druggist. After four days if not relieved go back and get. yo,ur money. You will feel good after this cleansing and you get your regular sleep. John S. Gibson Drug Co., and Briant's Drug Store sa yit is a best seller. —Adv. Arithmetic After Dark Rufus was proudly sporting a new shirt when -a • friend asked, "How mapy yards do it take to make a shirt like dat one, Rufus'" "Well, suh," replied Rufus. "Oh got two shirts like this out'n one yard' lat night." THEY SIAND SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Clubs Memphis ......... ............ . ............. J20 W L Birmingham New Orleans Atlanta Nashville .;;.... Chattanooga . Little Rock . Knoxville PC. 8 .714 .679 .633 .481 14 .481 ...,12 14 .::. 6 19 .... G 19 ....19 9 ....19 11 ,.:.13 14 .462 .240 .240 Wednesday's Results New Orleans 4-11, Little Rock 2-2. Birmingham 7, Memphis 6. Atlanta-Chattanooga, rained out. JKnoxville-Naahville, -wet grounds. NATIONAL LEAGUE Rent It! Buy Itt Find It! Sell It! -Wlth- HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sail. 1 inscrUfui, lOc per Una minimum 30c These rates for consecutive insertions. 3 insertions, 6c per line minimum 50c . 6 insertions, 5c per line • minimum 90c '26 insertions, 4c per line minimum $3,12 (Average 5V4 words to the line) NOTE—Want advertisements nc- icepted over the telephone may be Charged with the understanding tiiat Uie bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 Clubs Pittsburgh .... ,N.ew. York ... St. Louis Cincinnati ... Chicago .'. Brooklyn Boston Philadelphia WANTED WANTED — All kinds of poultry, and hides. Highest Market i; paid. Hope Produce Company. FOR RENT FOR RENT OR SALE;—My home at 601 Pond street. Mrs. George H. Turner. 10-3tp FOR SALE Lot 175x100 feet. With North and South .approach. West Third street. For filling station. Phone 742-w. 2-2fltc Laredo, O-Too-Tan, Velvet Beans, Hegari, Sagrain and Cane seed and plants. Ornamental gold fish 'and supplies. Monts Seed Store. 1-26 NOTICE "" •Call Kobison Grocery Company Phone 670 for price, quality' and service. 4th and Washington Sts. 8-Ge Hemstitching, pco.ting and buttons covered. Prices reasonable. The Gift Shop. 115 Front St. Phone 252. 9-6c "LAWN MOWERS" sharpened by grinding. R. L- Taylor. 815 West Sixth street, Hope, Arkansas. 5-26 W L PC. ....:.^.. ,..14 5 .737 •. 12 7 .632 ....:. 11 ' 10 '.524 10 10 .500 10 11 .47fi K 10 .444 10 13 6 15 .435 .286 Wednesday's -Results Cincinnati 10-4, Philadelphia 7-3. Other .games postponed. AMERICAN LEAGUE Clubs New York Cleveland Washington Chicago Philadelphia Detroit St. Louis Boston ,. W L PC. 14 8 .636 14 8 • .636 .609 .591 : 14 13 9 11 .450 10 13 .435 8 16 .333 6 14 ,300 Wednesday's Results 'St. Louis 5, Washington 0. Chicago 10, New York ,2. Philadelphia 3-6, Detroit 2-4. Cleveland 4, Boston 2. Green Laseter Miss Louise Robertson is visiting with friends at Blevins. Miss Ellen Byers spent Friday night with Miss Bernice Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Miller Stuart and children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Butler of Liberty Hill. Miss Azlean Wilson visited with •Miss Cornelia Leywllen last week. Jim Cumbie and daughter, Dortha Faye, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ross and family attended church at Oak Grive Sunday. Miss Dortha Robertson spent Friday night -with Ruth Ann Cumbie; The party given by Miss Louise Robertson Satumrday night was well attended and everyone reported a nice time. Cornelia, Herbert and Russell Lew- alien spent the week end with relatives in Little Rock. Mrs. Mary Putman and grandson Delvin Ross are visiting with relatives at Oak Grove. Mrs. Azetie Williams spent the week end with her brother Earl Ross. Charles Butler is visiting with friends and relatives in our communr ity this week. LOST LOST—On Hope downtown streets Saturday night May .6th. Ladies wrist watch. Awgner make, open length band. Finder please notify Mrs. A. G. Williams, Waterloo, Arkansas. OUR BOARDING HOUSE , -i* ir* *fi \f '^g«*l"£ f KW^KM*- m i WOULt>hit r^ssa^ji^a^ ,1 THINK ^ BE INTERESTED )\ B^t^ 1^m*T &L*& IT/ «? IN -B&CfiKAIWr- YUfc LI HfcAP/--TH6ift&S QNUV OCR-WAI U.Ttkl t kfjLi,,U*J« 1 Afcmt.-J..».kl.~.i. IT-A ? TR\P OUT TO DUMPl THfcNAtHliMB T«4' .UN/VBOUT "FOP SALE* ^ WILL "RUN 'MBOUT TWO WEEKS y e IMS «v wt* SMVKC. ^.^^-•-^ •'' n «^iu <ii ^luitf^i 8$te Ui B«^r "".',',//•>"*' *Wfc A BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Wotta Break! wwz-l l .Wf.-<ic«.o m. of we SALESMAN SAM WELV >? TO 00 \wv\v\ •Y.NEA SCHVICE. INC^IC.u. No Wonder They Ducked ! HECK: wrft W«XU<IM' up TH' FOUP-TM FLOOR.'. I'LU .IWe eueVAToR o-i t^ne .« ^ THIRD , ^- FLOOR I WASH TUBBS -Wash Is Just an Onlooker ! BC. ^ CfMt F'ULL Of 8 MSEC! swe BLOWS'. "WERE! l RU-iWT «^H FREClCLES AND^HIS'FRIENDS RONNIM&, 5HOUTIN6-WlLOvMtTH E/CVTHMEMT. AWJ) > -THEIR MIPST STW06S T«£ 8EIU3VOIN& MATTE. THEREi OP WW 1 SMLS IN' HtA«*.«. UP Billy Bowlegs' Gift! PROMISED FRECKLES A 6IFT BEFORE. HE AMD , UWCLE. HW2CY TAK'I OFF, TO FLY BACK HOME.- FBECKLCf* 1&M.L WHAT DO YOU THINK j OH, I DON'T THINK &ILLY BOWLE&5 1£> [ SO-HE LIKES YOU 6OIW6 TO GIVE. ME, I TOO WELL TO PLAY UNCLE HARRY ? ? A JOKE ON DO YOU THINK IT'£> /-, YOU J* A JOKE OF SOME KIND 1 ) - r ' i By BLOS THERE. HE. COME?), NOW WITH 9CMETHIr4G IH HiS> HAND.'.' CAU&HT HIM OM ) A WMZROT/ THE ISLAND-TAKE / f>AV./THAT5 HIM HOME WITH \ GREAT, BILLY YOU-HE'LL MAKE ) &OWLE65... A NICE PET—THEY A WHAT A LIVE TO &£. A \ \ FACE.'.' HUNDRED OLD — 50M.E OF'EMf^ ,. ,, iiV^ ^ iWW. ISA SgHVI /*EA SgHVIct IMC THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) R LADYS AMDAGUSTA EACH TOOK A TOT FROM THE WELFARE SOCIETY, AND THEM &OT THE.N\ MIV-EDOP.' THEY nota'T KNOW WHICH 16 G€NE, ANp WWICW It'e Still a Mystery! By COWAN OUST SKY JIMMIED XTp AMO cite vMuii-Li )/ v-*^ ONE J* E *^ /coJjBsef (MY GOODNESS! THEY'RE , S.BOTH §CAR€P OF Mp-U -?* ii .-St, 1 -

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