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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 9, 1933
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K 1 - i 3 ^ . th Kentucky Derby —-Photo Chicago Bureau, N. E. A I B.^Bradley's 'Broker's Up', *g»lnst the rail poking his nose over fefltae to beat 'ttead Way* after an exciting duel down the home Ich In the fifty-ninth running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Charley O.,ls third, Ladysman, the favorite, fourth. This at the fourth Kentucky Werby to be won by a Bradley horse. >nt It! l&l 4 . Find It! Sell It! VTith- IPESTAR f ANT ADS I<JM A. The more you tell, The quicker you selL 1 1 insertion, lOc per line minimum 30c i rates for consecutive '„$' i insertions, ^insertions, 6c per line •..i., a ; minimum SOc ' ••V insertions, 5c per line k j* < 5 "minimum SOc ',',S insertions, 4c per lin» ^minimm $3.12 * «; 5& words to the line) ant advertisements ac• the telephone may be , with the understanding _j bill is payable on presen- i : bf statement, before the first ilicatioa. Phone 768 WANTED Jiphu£e1tte sandwiches—something JM -- J , delicious. In 2 sizes, lOc^'aia-l! ;i Tourist Camp. 6-3c T «.— peas, sorghum mo,., .TTT— and sweet potatoes. Cash 01 tilde, Boswell Bargain House. 207 -,Main. 5-3 $; c FOR SALE iMy'home, six rooms, hall and bath "" > room? and bath upstairs. Corner n3 Hervey. Miss Eva Owens mules. Or will trade for cat- 'Phone'408. D. B. Russell. Rus " ' 8-3p r , v ,__. Go to Bates Touris ( for sandwiches and drinks. Ful rfffi^ghway. ' 6-3c *-recipe came from a chef on an W w**A ' liner—Chic-ette sandwiches. SgtiWething new. Bates Tourist Camp. fgr- 6 - 3c - ; "'Model A Ford coupe, 1930 model. •«,.»„,. jn Al condition. Tires good. Cornelius at Hope Furniture • Company. Call 5. 5-3c „, V Look! Certified Porto Rico and |f Nancy Hall sweet potatop lants^now kk—--fe' 500 for 75c, 1000 for ?1,25 and I for |6 post paid. W. H. Rhodes, Ark. 3-6p t fine super acid phosphate in bags at J15.65 per ton. See me buying. Bennie Shipp 3-6c Lot 175x100 feet. With North and CV Soutji approach. West Third street. For \ filing station. Phone 742-w. ° °"- 2-26tc J^gredo, O-Too-Tan, Velvet Beans jfegari. Sagrain and Cane seed and » nlants, Ornamental gold fish and sup®* V ™ Monts Seed Store. ^ 1-26 LOUISVILLE, Ky.—Broker's Tip carried the colors of Col. E. R. Bradley, perennial Derby winner, to victory in the 59th renewal of the blue grass classic at.Churchill Downs Sat- Airday afternoon before 40,000. It was the most thrilling finish in recent years. Only a nose .separated the winner from Mrs. Silas B. Mason's Head Play. Charley, O was hi third place, four lengths back, with Ladys. man, champion two-year-old and favorite in the: betting, fourth, a length and a half behind the Chicago-owned colt. • ._: •• ; " - . '.:..•••• . Backers of the lone Bradley starter eceived J19.86 for each $2 invested o win, J6.28 for place and $4.54 to show. 'Head Play rewarded with'$5.52 or place and $4.08 to show Charley O was $3.84 to show. Tune, over a good but not fast track, was 2:06 4-5 for the mile and one- quarter. Net value to the winner was 48,925 with a $5,000 gold trophy. ' Foul Claim Registered Immediately after the finish, or as soon as Jockey Fisher who piloted lead Play : could canter back to the udge's stand,, dismount and ascend the official pagoda, he lodged a claim of Foul against Jockey D. Meade on Broker's Tip. The claim was disallowed as the great crowd was cheering the winner on his progress into the inner enclosure with a garland of flowers over his withers. There Colonel Bradley received the gold cup awarded the whining owner. Opinions varied on what happened in the last 70 yeards just as so often happens, when many ^persons see the same thing with; different eyes. In -the ^ extremely ' close quarters where this' leading pair found them, selves with Broker's .Tip'on the. inside, '•;' Jockey Fisher . claimed 'that Meade took hold of him to impede the progress of his mount. Certainly Fisher seemed to take a slash at at Meade with his whip after the horses had passed the imaginary wire denoting the finish. In the jockey room afterwards, the boys came to blows, j As Zroker's Tip's nose nodded in front, Head Play's head was almost sidewise either from an attempt to war out under the punishment or be- ause he was being crowded by his ival who needed what narrow space IB had to keep from going over the nfield fence. There were some who ilamed Head Play's boy for allowing he Bradley colt to come through on he inside and'though he was match- ng until too late the outside positions where Charley O's . formidable chal- .enge at the head of the stretch had faded. Broker's Tip had come from far back in the early stages, emerged from a compact t>unch while stil a half mile from Ihe wire and then wore down the leader in the manner described. Continuation' of the argumen whether Broker's Tip or Head Play i the better colt now will continue un til after decision of other three-year old stakes of the season. Ladysman, favorite, had no excuse to offer as the race was run for he was hi favorable position when the real test began with no noticeable interference to impede his progress had the requisite speed been there. 1^ NOTICE ^'Spring housecleamng calls fo •*"'-ighouse Vacuum Cleaners „„ 257 for demonstration. Harrj 'Shiver, Plumbing—Electrical Ap 8-3c Tourist Court for sandwiches vui d drinks. Try the new Chic sandwiches. Open all night. 6-3c MOWERS sharpened b Taylor. 815 West Sixt Arkansas, 5-26 A 1VS\*4C» , , r^™* AND UAN6 AUfcO LANtfcRN ON tWKT STREET O&SYRUCTUDH / AH AUTO? *•—"-'As MOVABLE \AJWV MOTHERS GE.T GRAY By MARTIN . Everybody's Doing It! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES !'.!!&•&• ett WN 60ROOM K9t 6WVEO By SMALL What Bothers Him! SALESMAN SAM Keep TUose CHICKEMS OUT(fX I'LL. GO oN/eR AMD se& MORE Hose.spp.oes, Hts CPTKU By CRANE The Tragedy of Cap'n Folly! AND THE oREfcMED of inn O ICTUWE, IF VOU CAN/ THE LONCilMCi OF A rteetE,OLO WH^UNG-''CAPTMN TO RETUR ONE IAST fife^ lO 1B33 ir NtA StHVICC. INC REG. U. B. P«T."of F SKY, AND DARES NOT MtAVS. CfctTAAW IS fcFWMD, ms FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Homeward Bound! By BLOSSER When danger threatens, the bull musk' oxen surround the cows and calves, lower their heads, and present a circle of bristling horns to the approaching enemy; • • • The American elk is realy a deer and is the largest of the entire deer tribe. Its scientific name is Wapiti. NOTICE Call Bobison Grocery Company Phone 670 for price, quality and service. 4th and Washington Sts. 8-6c JETE. MEN- DOZA,THETUW FI5HERMAW, AND HIS 50M,6W£K1, DEPART FROM THE. YACHT 'SELKCERF; FOB THDE E>OAT THAT UE5 NF-AR&Y FRE.CKL£5-fLL. SEMOVOU A. POST CARD WHEN, 7 WE GET TO PORT- WELL/TAKE CARE. A VEAH, AM 1 LET ME. KNOW OF YOUR5ELF, I WHEBE. TO F1MD VOU, MD -fr t^\\ I'LL 1?EWD VOU OWF. FROM SHADYSICfc" VOU'LL WAKTT TO HEAR WHAT THEV DO LWITH FARBAt?/ HOW LOWS WILL VT TAKE us TO eer HOME., UNCLE. HARRY ^. OH, LET ME S.EE.-1'D 5AY ABOUT WIWE DAYS — MAVBE. A UTTUE. LE55.IF GOOD WEATHER FAVORS US-VOU &ETTER6O IN AND'GET SOME. REST, NOW? NINE DAV5? GEE,THAT'S A LONG TIME.,..THE MORE I , THINK ABOUT TAG AND THE KIDS,THE MORE KC.ANV.IOUS T AM TO N\LGET I'LL TAKE ONE. MORE. LOOK AT COCOS ISLAND, BEFORE IT PI5APPEAR5 ^ FROM 5I&HT — BOY? I I'D LIKE TO COME f BACK HERE AGAIN, ^ - e,nMFTIMf= I REG. U. S. PAT OFF. ^/8 vjS '» M BY ME * 8EHVICC. INC. THE NEWFANGLES (MomVPop) Contributions By COWAN /^ HELLO , GLADYS! ..MO»A OUST TOUO / ME ^BQUT TWE BABV Vou'UE / TAVONG PKO»A ^^\e VJELVARC PEOPLE. IFOR AV^EEK., ANp I'N\ SEHOIWG OMEU. \ SOME Of THE VCOO 0OOW=> 1 U^^EO \ WILLIE OV4.UES SO S»G AKiO HUSKY ^- -v YOU VOJONU »» AFTER EVERY MEAL vou ^AE^v^ TUM A, \ YOU rv->— BABY EWS PUTT OF ] FEED THEH COOV< I DIFFERENTLY EMERY VNEEK C& SO-MRS. SEMT ™- -*&* (, LOOK T/^KE A 3 •^ M.KS \UA.LOO stw "vwE \ BOY! \F- tw\S KEEP TOYS fcKttT IWES COL\JECT60 UP,VJHER.E \m\_t KI i T\IC ri OTHEC, UER J YOU ,FIWP ROO»A ALL TWE Vtrl"* 1 ? ."rlr..,_ ^f ' FOWUAE OVJT^AND- <-^*^ ^*»^ CUEE-»LO r.OFF. f >HA SERVICE. IHC.Y IP'. ?'„ ^j "" r % / - *i '•),-, ' * " ,£v'%«v J '.v ,- f -,i''. ; * v A Week In Hope OLUME 34—NUMBEK 165 (AP)—M««nl Ai«bcUt«d PrtH. (NBA)—M«in« N«wipipef BflttrpriM Ant'rf, HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, MAY 9/1033 Stit 4rf Mept «* PHIGE Here and There •Editorial By Alex. H. Washburn- A SECOND-HAND bridge is offered Hempstead and Nevada by Pike county, solely for the erection cost—but of^ ficials don't seem to be able to get together. The Star Is laying the facts before Lead in Prosperity Contest Is Taken by Baptist Church P.-T. A. Second, and Hinton Sunday School in Third Place TO CLOSE MAY 20 Only Two Weeks Remain for $180 Prize Distribution With less than two weeks remaining of the prosperity club contest the First Baptist church nosed out the P.-T. A. for first place. Hintori Sunday School of Patmos the Cemetery nssoclntion polled Rnost as many votes during the past week, however, and advanced to third mid fourth place In the list. The Wjpsh- ington P.-T. A. dropped out. After this week any organization not polling one thousand votes between each count will be dropped from the contest. Votes will be counted late Thursday, and announced in the next day's paper. Next week, the final week of the contcst, the votes will be counted three times, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Closes May 20 The contest closes Saturday night, May 20, at which time the winner of the $180 to be distributed will be chosen. First prize is $100 in cash. The new count is as follows:- Firsl Baptist Church 93,330 Hope P.-T. A .' ;..87,085 Hinton Sunday School 40,885 Cemetery Association d5,075 Catholic Church.' ..: .36,545 Julia Chester Hospital :....: ....19,155 Henry Ycrger School :,....10;330 First Chilian .Church ., ( ^,,,...^,.Ji78Q Co-Operation Helps '•'The three organizations polling the largest vole during the past week depended upon a very fuw individuals casting a large total of votes. It would be much easier to pile lip a large vote lolal by getting a large number of friends nnd supporters of your favorite organization to gel votes with all purchases from Prosperity club firms. A large number of people casting a nail amount of votes will run into ^ ^ totals than depending upon *onfy a few people casting large numbers of votes. Most all purchases in Hope stores arc for but ?2 or ?3 each. This leaves an opportunity for almost any entrant to win first prize yet, if they can get u lurge following among shoppers for their favorite church or organization. There remains only this and next week lo decide what organization will win. Several organizations have many good members out working for votes, wilh the determination of winning the $100 for their favorite, and it is ex-'' peeled thai n lurge number of voles will, be cast during the next few days. the public'in today's issue. * Tho people of Pike county, which has no important trade centers, want to come across the Little Missouri river to Hope and Prescott. The State Highway Department, completing a now bridge near Mur- frccsboro, is releasing the old one to be placed anywhere that Pike, Hempstead and Nevada Can ngrce on. Here is a three-county project that hns to be accomplished if Hope is to benefit from future trade In the rich Delight river bottom section. But it won't be accomplished unless an interested public gets behind its officials and demands action. XXX County money is not to bo had nowadays. Apparently the only way this can be hnndlcd is for the directors of R. F. C. funds in the three counties to back up the officials by agreeing to provide the labor, which is the largest item of expense. As far as Hcmpstcnd is concerned, it ought lo be agreeable for the northern townships adjacent to Blevins and McCaskill to see their labor quota turned to this purpose. And because such a bridge would be of special trade advantage to them, the people along No. 29 from Blevins to Hope, the Cily of Hope, and Ihe people along No. 24 from Blevins to Prescott, and the City of Prescott, should be more than willing to spend part of Ihcir quota. XXX There would be no special advantage to citizens of the southern part of HempstcHd or Nevada, and therefore no part of their R. F. C. allotments would be available. But enough R. F. C. money is being spent every month in the vicinity of the proposed bridge location to probably complete this project. The crying need of the R. F. C. program is permanent projects—something that will stand years afterward as a tribute to the'vast soims poured out by the federal government during these panic years. •Nothing is more wbrth-Svhile than a bridge, that carries farm people into trade centers. We are offered,a chance to bridge it once and for all—and if our citizens get behind the project it should be completed this summer. Futrell Suggests State Pay for One, Local Taxes, Other Governor Outlines Constitutional Change for Arkansas' Schools Mrs. N. Cornelius Dies at Age of 86 Funeral Services to Be Held at 10J30 Wednesday Morning Mrs. Nancy Mclvinn Cornelius, 86, died Tuesday morning at 11:45 ul Ihe home of her granddaughter, Mrs. E. H. Montgomery. She had been in ill health for a number of weeks. Georgia-born, she moved to Nevada county with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Davis, when only a small child. In 18G5 she married Henry N. Cornelius. The couple moved to Centerville, and then to Hope. At that time her husband operated the second store to be established here, funeral services will be held Wednesday morning at 10:30 o'clock at tliu home of George Cornelius, South Shovcr street. Burial will follow in Baldwin cemetery. Surviving arc one brother, Will Davis of Hope; four sons, Mark, of Gilliain, Lu.; Rube, of Bodcuw; John und George, of Hope. Throe daughters, Mrs, Carl Maaz, Waco, Texas; Mrs. Ella Bray and Mrs. S. F. Boswell; of Hope. A number of grand und greul grandchildren also survive. Julia Chester to Hold Open-House Hospital Will Welcome Visitors 2 to 5 P. M. Friday, May 12 Julia Chester Hospital will observe National Hospital and Baby Homecoming day Friday, May 12, from 2 to 5 p. m., it Was announced by the Hope 6 Hempstead Counly Hospilal association Tuesday. Visitors will be welcomed thai day. The day has been designated as National Hospital day sinceM921. It is a day for open-house, when the public is invited to view the facilities and activities of the hospilal, and its problems wilh respect to the community. / Ohio Storm Loss Is Half Million Thunder Squall Wrecks Houses in Area Around Dayton DAYTON, Ohio—(/P)—Damage estimated between $500,000 and $750,000 was caused by a thunder squall which struck a widcarea surrounding Dayton early Tuesday. Houses were unroofed, Irees uprool- ect, and traffic paralyzed. Several persons were injured, but none seriously. OFFER DELIGHT May Separate Grade, High School Second-Hand GUARANTEE GRADES Kidnaping Suspects But Would Leave High (School Up to Local Community LITTLE ROCK,— (/P) — Governor Futrell m an address before a group of school - curriculum experts Tuesday said the state ought to undertake to maintain the common school system through state taxation, leaving the operation 1 and maintenance of high schools to local districts through-local taxation only. ;" ,.' A new common school system, through a constitutional amendment "so it cannot be changed by every governor said, should .; be set up, legislature." "My mind is made up on the matter," he added. The governor told the; experts assembled in the office of the State Department of Educatibn that he planned to appoint a commission to receive suggestions from all sides in a solution of the school problem. For Constitution Change "I am riot weddled to any particular idea," the governor said, "except that my: TOind^ isVjnadftjJU/thajt whatever- plan is deciacd UpSrtT for'the school system it ought to ,be r a part of the constitutional setup." Prefacing, his address with the statement he believed tax delinquencies this year would amount to 60 per cent, the governor said referring to Act 280 "the whole law ought to be changed." Japan Continues '^Push Beyond Wall 28th Regiment Attacks Funing, in Northeast China TOKYO. Japan — (&} — Sweeping through the city of Funing, Major General Teizo Hiraga's 28th Japanese infantry brigade Tuesday assaulted the Chinese positions at Changli in northeastern China below the Great Wall. FLAPPER FANNY SAYS : I HEQ. U. 6. PAT. OFF. SHcuco never is ver-tongued orators. for sil- Calls Special Election LITTLE ROCK — (/P)— Governor Futrell Tuesday called a special election for July 18 to fill any vacancies in state, districl and counly offices. This coincides with the date of the referendum on the 18th amendment repealer. Choral Concert to Be Given Thursday Friday Music Club to Observe Music Week, at First Baptist National Music week will be commemorated with a concert at 8 o'clock Thursday night in First Baptisl church audilorium by the Friday Muscic club. A complete and inleresling choral program 'm to be presented by well- known local talent under direction of Mrs. J. C. Carlton. The program follows: Chorus: (a) Lei all my Life be Music —Speaks, (b) Morning—Speaks. Piano Solo: Humoresque—Rachman- inoff, Mrs. Florence Hyall. Chorus: (a) Song of India—Rirnsky; Korsakoff (b) Trees—Rasbach-Harris. Piano Duo: March Triomphale—Go- ria, Mesdames McNeil, Roulon. . Vocal Solos: (a) Summers Bring the Flowers—Routon (b) Morning Glories, Routon, Mrs. Geo. Ware. Piano Trio: Galop Chromatique— Liszt, Miss Slory, Mesdames Stewart, Carlton. Chorus: (a) Cradle 'Song—Brahms, (b) The Little Damozel—Arrangement by Stcbbins. Vocal Trio: Barcarolle—Campana, Mesdames Ware, Kolb, Cox. Piano Quarlet: Concert Polonaise— Engelmann, Mesdames Wellborn, Rogers, Misses Story, Wimberly. Chorus: (a) I'm Guine to Sing in the Heavenly Choir—Milligan (b) Listen to the Lambs—Dell. Vocal Solo: Waltz Song (Romea and Juliet) Gounod, Miss Winburn. National Anthem: (Audience Singing). Accompanists — Mesdames Stewart, Routon, Hyatt, Carlton. To Open Tuesday; Under Way June 5 Legion Auxiliary Committee Asking Donations for Free Program TO RUNTMONTHS Today's Statgraph i—Chicago Bureau,'NBA. ' Kenneth Buck, left, and his'brother Cyril, under arrest at Barn-'. stable, Mass., for the kidnaping of Peggy McMath. Kenneth at first confessed, saying his brother was only the Intermediary, and the $60,000 ransom was recovered; but both entered formal pleas ot not ., - essin Salvation, Crimm Evangelist Denounces Doc • trine Some Are Born to Damnation Bright Star to Give Minetrel Thursday "The Lady Minstrel from Dixie" will be presented at Bright Star community church, eight miles northwest of this city on the Hope-Columbus read, Thursday night at 8 o'clock. Interesting entertainment will be given between acts. A quilt will be given away at that time. The public is invited. No admission will be charged. Interest in the tabernacle revival continues, with large crowds responding to services Sunday and Monday nights. The crowd Sunday night was possibly the largest so far to greet the Rev: B. B. Crimm, cowboy evangelist. He spoke Monday night of salvation, contentment and pleasure. He said: "I don't bslieve in that spurious doctrine that God elects some to be saved and some lo be damned. 'For whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord, shall be saved.' We were elected in Jesus Christ before the foundation of the world and we enjoy and experience His salvation when we accept the election by faith in Him." "Many are trying to find contentment in pleasure. The world is pleasure-mad. But pleasure will never satisfy. "You may drink at the fountain of pleasure only to drink the biller dregs of a wasted life, your body ruined and your soul lost. Education cannot satisfy. Mr. Edison, with, one of the greatest minds that America has ever produced, was asked by a reporter once if he was happy. Mr. Edison replied: 'There is no happiness in this life.' "Poor old man, he never looked at the right source of true happiness and contentment. "Hear me. All true happiness and contentment is found at the foot o£ the Cross of Jesus Christ The end of the rainbow is at the Cross and the pot of gold is an old-fashioned case of Holy Ghost religion. "God help you to realize it and find the Christ at Calvery and thus bring true happiness to your soul in the knowledge of sins forgiven. "Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts. And lei him return unto the Lord, and He will have mercy upon him. "There is a difference belween a wicked man and an unrighleous man. The drunkard is wicked. The immoral man is wicked. The Sabbath breaker and Ihe gambler is wicked and so on. The unrighteous man is Ihe man who does not live a wicked life of self indulgence such as these, but lives a good moral life, without Jesus Christ." Mahatma Gandhi Is Stricken 111 on Fast POONA, India. — (ff>) ,- Mahatma Gandhi, just beginning a three weeks' fast in behalf of India's "untouchables," suffered symptoms of nausea Tuesday and a physician was hurriedly summoned by anxious friends. Cemetery-Working A cemetery-working will be held at Water Creek Thursday, May 11, 19 which the community and friends are invited. Kr ' *'"IVH n"^^-3?g- 1 ' tarm Bill Passes House, to Senate Production - Cost Guarantee Killed Out in Lower Chamber WASHINGTON-(/P) —The house stood squarely by the administration Tuesday, rejecting the cost-production amendment to the vast farm re lief bill. . It approved the rest of the measure and put it up to the senate where a quick agreement is expected. The senate's action, due Wedn day, will be the last step necessary to send the bill to the president for signature. The provision' rejected by the' house would have guaranteed the farmer his production costs. May Cut Rail Labor WASHINGTON -(/P)— Joseph B Eastman, interslate commerce commissioner, told a senate committee Tuesday that the administration's railroad relief bill "will involve the loss of employment to railroad labor." But he added thai it was "an unsound conclusion that employment should be prebiuved by retaining wasle inefficiency." is mentioned as a possible choice for federal co-orinalor of the railroads under the Roosevelt plan. Trade Truce Likely LONDON, Eng— (/P)— Prime Minister MacDonald announced in the House of Commons Tuesday that there was. every prospect of reaching an agreement between Britain and the United Stales as to the advisability of an immediate tariff truce to last throughout the world economic conference. The economic conference begins here June 12. It was preceded by inde- pendenl conferences by the represen- lalives of 11 nations with President Roosevelt last month. Mrs. C. Wilkin. Will Direct 5 Days a Week Through Summer Hope's drive for an organized playground program at Fair park this summer will be launched Tuesday by a canvassing committee of the American Legion Auxiliary. The committee, is visiting local business' houses and individuals, soliciting donations for support of the summer program. Mrs. 'Charles Wilkins will direct organized play, and the Fair grounds arc being put in..shape. The city council gave Ihe Auxiliary the use of the city property; and will also permit use of the city's teams for grading work at spare times. Canvassing of the city, which started. Tuesday,, is being handled by the. following committee: . Mrs. Ched Hall, Mrs. H. O. Kyler, Mrs.- Arthur Swanke and Mrs. Cecil Weaver, Mrs: Burgher Jones and Mrs. M. V. CJunn. ,"''> Mrs. Wilkins lias'completed a tentative schedule for the playground season, which win open the first Monday in June,,the ,5th:' Programs will n from Monday oft each week through Friday, ,.t)nd^ ,wUL. con^vue through June,' July, and August. S. V. Coliins Is Fatally Stricken Drops Dead of Acute Indigestion—Funeral Held at 2 P. M. Tuesday Stricken by an attack of acute indigestion, S. V. Collins, 62, for more than 15 years a resident of Hope, Hope, dropped dead at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon while at work at the J. L. Williams Lujmber company on East Division street! A fellow workman saw Mr. Collins when lie suddenly toppled to the ground. Efforts, to revive him were unsuccessful'. ' *> Mr. Collins was born at Eros, La. He moved with his family to Pine Bluff, and from there came to Hempstead county 15 years ago. Funeral services 'were held at o'clock Tuesday atfernoon at Hope Furniture company undertaking parlors, conducted by the Rev. Wallace R. Rogers, pastor of the First Baptist church. Burial followed in Water Creek cemetery, six miles west of Hope. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. W. H. Howell of Arkadelphia; and Miss Nellie Collins of Dallas; two sons, Robert Ranson Collins of Memphis; and Lyfus of Hope. Three brothers, O. L. and C. W. of Los Angeles, and C. C. Collins of Hope. One aunt also survives, Mrs. J. C. Frew of Hope. EXPECTED REDUCTION • •• <>-*v •> ' &/S Bridge Replaced by at Murf reesboro Off FreebyPikeCo.Jt Poppy Drive Will Be Held May 27 Proceeds Will Go to Aid of Hospitalized War Veterans Saturday, May 27, has been set by the Auxiliary as the date on which members will canvass Ihe cily, selling poppies in memory of Ihe soldiers who foughl in the World war. Money derived from the sale will be used for the benefit of velerans now confined in hospitals. In an effort to raise money for child's welfare work the Auxiliary members Monday discussed a possible benefit bridge party to be held at Ihe Saenger theater in which the public may participate. No definite date was fixed, however. A stale meeting of Auxiliary members 'will be held in Liltle Rock Saturday.. Mrs. H. O. Kyler, president of the local post, indicated that she would attend. Tulane Grid Star Killed in Boxing Jack Holland Succumbs Following Bout at New Orleans NEW ORLEANS, La.—(/P)—Jack Holland, who turned professional boxer after a brilliant football career at Tulane, died in a hospital here Tuesday from what physicians described as a cerebral hemorrhage. Holland, former Southern A. A. U lightheavyweight champ, fell unconscious following a bout Monday nighl with Tony Harullo, of New Orleans, He never regained consciousness. Holland lost his six-round bout to Marullo on a decision. Holland weighed 170% and Marullo 172V4. The former champion was knocked down for ; the count of nine in the last round and got up apparently exhausted, finished the fight and left the ring. He collapsed while walking to his dressing room and shortly afterward was taken to Charity hospital where X-rays were taken and medical efforts were made to determine his condition. Dr. Willis EJlender, senior surgeon at Charity hospital, announced later that Holland was suffering from cerebral hemorrhage and that he had only "one chance but of 10 to live." He said the X-ray picture revealed no fracture of the skull but that a spinal injection reflected, cerebral hemor- rhase. New Utility Probe Body Takes Action U. S. Supreme Court Opens Way for Lower Utility Valuations ". LITTLE BOCK—The Fact Finding Tribunal of the Arkansas Corporation Commission, created by Act 72"of 193? to investigate the ra.te.struc- ture of Arkansas utility concerns, begins its first investigation Tuesday at Helena in response to a petition of-the Helena city council to look into the- gas, water and electric rates of the Arkansas Utilities Company>7%^"^- ; ^'^'^^ George L. Hess, tribunal engineer and"Frank L. Eaton,'accountant'mem her, left Little Rock Monday,to make a preliminary survey of the compan: to. determine the amount of'researcl necessary to begin, the actual inves tigation,.. which will start in a -fe\ days. They will return to Little Rocl by the end of the week to confer wit] P. A. Lasley; chairman of the tribunal, upon the'number of engineers', 'ac countants and technicians needed. The tribunal will investigate th basis of rates now .charged by th utility Company and. then present its findings to the city council, Mr. Las ley said. The company will be:fur nished a copy of the findings and wil have an opportunity to appeal for an other investigation if the city counci takes the matter into court to h£!ve the rates' reduced. The tribunal has, not yet complete the organization of its engineering accounting, and clerical staff, but ex pects to be in a position to begin ah immediate investigation upon the fil ing of the Helena research survey Approximately 60 "city councils have petitioned the tribunal to investigate .utility rate structures. Reduction Coming WASHINGTON. —Lower gas an other utility rates for the consume appeared in prospect Monday nigh after a sweeping decision of the Unit ed States supreme court. The court ruled that the 'lowei prices which the utility companies pa; for wages and materials, as well a the lower value of their properties 01 a replacement basis, justified reduc tion in rates charged Ihe public. The decision was handed down ii Ihe case of the Los Angeles Gas & Electric Co. which sought to setasid as confication of its property a 9 pe cent flat gas rate reduction orderec by the California railroad commission wrich has jurisdiction over utility rates. The case was in line with the earlie decision of the court, which in th time of high prices, held that the cur rent replacement cost of utility prop erty must be considered in sstimalin Ihe "fair value" for rale making pur poses of utility property. Same Rule Holds Today The court Monday in substance hel that this applied equally to presen day conditions when the nation un mistakably was headed loward lower price levels. The majority opinion was read by Chief Justice Charles- Evans Hughes who wrote 'the earlipr decision. Justice Butler based his dissent, concurred in by Justice George Sutherland, on the procedure followed in the case. If taken advantage of by pubh'c utility commissioners everywhere, it was pointed out by observers, the court's, decision leaves the way open for a general revaluation of utility properties. s •**'"'• t ll-J'jv,*"*»••« Project 1 Furnish £ik6 county SempsteacT^nd NeVa'3! bridge across the tif sourl river* between/ and Delight/ but » _ have come to a deadl cause of the failure ^ three-counties to agri erection costs. ' The. bridge, an c structure on No. 27 ( , Nashville and Murfreesl will' be replaced new steel-and-cb now "nearly'completed State'Highway Depa then reverts to and "the Pike courifyJif Walter J^ M&mtey, hi" petitioned 'by' citizens lower jand of- 'his'* col place; it 'for co'nyenienfc to Hope or Prescott, A orf When 'Judge Mauney 7 several .weeks "ago- that < I offer-from 'Nevada .county to swing the JtfrjBige,T " east toward Prescotti /j ting out H9pe,J« ' niiwSjSteOK^ of O>mmerc64ugL ._, a north Hempstead county icon headed" by Dr.'G. E.:Genfry>< Caskill, at The' Star office to, a counter-offer _by Hempstead., No County Money' ,,/ At that time it was learned Nevada's offer depended ori'R. ^. ( labor funds rather than county,money,'* and Judge H. M. Stephens, of .Hemp;' stead, informed the local group thai there was no county money availabT' here either, that he was pledged* the last campaign' not to ''use ijr county money on a bridge project the Blevins area, and> that therefV Hempstead'f. .share of the erect cost would have to be "met .either private subscription or -R. F, C. f' The Hope committee refused sponsor a \ private solicitation, *i r>r . made no public statement at that'time! Last Sunday. Alex. H. Washlf ' publisher" of The " Star, met Ji Mauney, of Pike county, at his near Murf reesboro. Here is county's. offer:" 1. Tho old iron bridge, original^; costing $27,000, will be donated by Pike county. • ' » 2. Pike county will.contribute f750 toward the erection cost. T > -* 3. The- State Highway Department will take the bridge down and deliver it free to its new location. 4. Pike" county will build a the approach on its side, leading i Delight, , - ' e „ 5. The erection cost, to be borne by* either Hempstead or Nevada counties, 1 or both, will be mainly the construe*- tion of three medium-sized piers, and the approach on this side. Labor will'* be the principal item, <\ Valuable for Trade '' =• Although backed off by the prob/r lem of financing the labor cost, the Hope committee at its meeting a month- ago considered the bridge proposal a valuable aid to trade, territory de« velopment. The Little Missouri river cuts off , this city from the rich blackland farm-, t ing district in southern Pike county, 5 Prescott, equally cut off, might PQS-n sibly be drawn into a joint a^yee* ment, giving both counties a yray across the river. State highway No. 29, the Lewis* ville-Blevins road, terminates at Blev-i ins. Construction of the proposed bridge would extend this road into Delight, giving Hope a direct shot at Pike county tradq. State Highway No. 24, the Prescptt- Blevins road, intersects No. 29 ajj Blevins, giving Prescott an equally good competitive position. Conferences apparently have shown, that the only chance to put the prq» ject over is through the co-operatiojj of all three county judges, the §ta,te Highway Department, and the directors of B. F. C. labor in the counties. Minister Accused of Kicking a Dog Out of Churpb. And the Congregation Howled t-quder Than the Dog. See the ArUMe in The American Weekly, ttj.e' Magazine Distributed with ngxt'SujidljiyV Chicago Herald and g$9mj»Br. —Adv.' Checkers and Fishing CHARLESTON, a C.-(/P)-A . gram of free fishing and boating trips, baseball games and checker «a ^ ^ horseshoe pitching tournaments fe*F w £ the unemployed at Charleston been projected by the rejlef tee. ' ' ' . Plans were outlined at & ma§£ mes*- W ing attended by 500 jobless men. f&sij^f, WRS asked, fc> indicate Ws *»Y«% V- 1 mi pbbiej.

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