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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 12
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 12

Cincinnati, Ohio
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T11E ENQUIRER, CINCINNATI, FRIDAY, JULY 11, 1924 KENTUCKY SECTION News and Facts For Radio Fans BETRAYED! CONTDiTTED FRO1 FIRST PAGE R0TAR1ANS Pass Day in Country. Mlsa Virginia Ashbmolv entertained RADIO GIVEN HIGH PLACE SINGLE SYSTEM i the junior at her home in Wallace ipLiee. Covington, last evening with a charmingly informal dance in com-. plinicnt to Miss Isabella McTheeters and Katherlne Phlflips, of Cleveland, who are members of a house Annual Outing Held at Twin Oaks Golf lul (irounds. By Agricultural Editors as "Chan- el For Dissemination of News, Brookings.

S. July 111 Radio was given high rank among channels TO DAY'S PROGRAMS Pngram C'rvat in DavBght-Savmg Cincinnati) T'tmt. Eventually Will Sfrve Wrld Radio Listeners, Affording Belief of Scientists. Dinner, Ball Game, Musical Program and Sports Are Popular Features of Entertainment. party bung given by Mr.

Jac Van Winkle, of Ft. Mitchell. Phe was assisted in extending hospitalities by her parents. Mr. and Mrs.

Raymond Ashbrook. and her sister. Miss Dorothy. One of the prettiest social functions Ixndon. July 10 (By Associated FRIDAY, JULY 11.

SILENT NIGHT IN CINCINNATI. consin legislative Bureau at Madison." said Representative Kelson, "told me after Investigating that La Follrtte electors could be placed bn the ballote of every state, except possibly Idaho. Since then a delegate from Idaho to the conference at Cleveland told me that Senator 1 Folletta would undoubtedly be placed on the ticket of the state by the state Farmer-Labor party as Its candidate. Two delegates from each state assured me the La Follette candidacy would be provided for. 'W ill Be la White Hftnac." "The Democratic nomination of John W.

Davis, combined with the Republican nomination of Coolidge and Dawes Insures the election of Senator La He will be Id the White House in 1925." Hertnan L. Elkern, Attorney-Gen summer afternoon. for dissemination of farm and agricultural news at today's session of the American Association of Agricultural Editors, In annual convention here. Speakers pointed put that actual surveys have shown that while rural radio audiences give musical programs first preference, farm news Is a close second. Approximately seven per cent of the farm homes of the nation were said to be equipped with receiving seta tieioction "lntermezio Impromptu" Press).

The whole civilised world eventually will be served by a sinjle system of radio broadc-isting, it was predicted today before the World l'ower ill a Joint contribution made by W. J. Frown, of Metropolitan Cities, Great Britain, and Dr W. H. lviston.

of the Westin-rhous" Kleitrlc and Manufacturing Company Foul da Orcheotra. Act John I'eudolton'a library, some Fletcher of the week was the bridge tea given i by Miss Dorothy Ashbrook In corn- pliment to the attractive bride, Mrs. (leorgo Fox. of Ft. Meyer, jwho is visitlu-j Mr.

and Mra, George I Fox. and for Miss Echols, who Fast Second street. Covington, hsve gone to Clark l.akc, Mich to pass tho remainder of the summer at the Graaiani cottage. They will be joined later in the summer by Mrs. KaeT Pendry and children, of Winchester.

The Covington Shriners P. P. Order of "White Shrine of Jerusalem, gave a most successful lawn party Thursday evening on the lawn surrounding the English Lutheran Church on Madison avenue, Covington. Those in charge of the arrangements were Mrs. A.

Riesack, General Chairman, assisted by Mra Norma Williams. Mrs. Frank liern-hardt, Mrs. William Drew. Mrs.

Harry Stork, Mrs. Robert Hauck, Mrs. William Rogers. Miss Carrie Selmier, Mrs. J.

Hoffman. Mrs. T. C. Carroll.

Others who assisted were Mrs. l.ucietta Cruse. Mrs. Charles Hill. Mrs.

ln Shewalter, Mrs. Dan Worth. Mrs. Thomas I Minn. Mrs.

F.dwanl Kerlcr. Mis Frank Leppcr, Mrs. Richard Gray, Mrs John Uauer, Miss Alma Davis, Mrs. Arthur Duhmann, Mrs. Myrtle Wheeler and Mrs.

l'red Voth. Mr. and Mrs, Sidney Arthur entertained Messrs. Frank K. Hart, a former Cbvingtonian, and Donald P.

Miller, of Allentovvn. who are hiking from coast to coast and stopped in Covington for a short stay. Young Hart is the son of Mr. Frank Hart, President of the American and Cuban Collection Agency, and young Miller is the son of Mr. and Mrs.

David Miller, former publisher of the Morning Call, of Allentown, Penn. woelm later. "Meloily" Orchestra. Art 111 The library, an hour later than has been the guest of Miss Susan Kent. Gathered around the tables were Mrs.

Fox. Mra Greene Fenley. Miss F.chols. Miss Susan Rent, Miss Elizabeth MeOowan. Miss Louise of tne United States.

The system, it was said, would be based on tho use of Inaudible short waves sent out by large stations and caught by small stations which would rebroadcast them on audible wavelengths. The possibilities of this new system were proved last year, It was said, by tests between the Inaudible station KDKA at East Pittsburgh, and the station QAC, at Manchester. England, which rebroadcast audibly. eral of Wisconsin, probably will have I Hatfield, Miss Ann Nurhnla Cooper, Itmefylht and Suggest Jens on tie Litest Dkqrtms mt Miss Janie Gayle. Mra (Sates Dawes.

Miss Margaret Terrlll, Miss Susan Simmll and guests, Mlsa Mary ljuir and Miss Sarah Hart Taylor, of Cynthiuna; Miss Virginia Ashbrook and Miss Dorothy Ashbrook. RETIRED ATTORNEY DIES. Jkwsp Simphfka A-t II. Selection "Valse" Benyon Orchestra. Act IV The library, five years later than A-t ill.

Selection "Dance of the Flowers" Cheyne Orchestra, WITS' NEW YORK tflS. 9 00 to (00 P. M. Around the Festive Board to 10:30 T. M.

Orchestra, mustcile. IIA LOI IriYTLI too. 5 to to .0 P. M. orchestra.

I JO to 10:00 P. M. Com-ort. Wll' PHILADELPHIA Mh. 05 P.

M. lunner music. P. K. I'ncla Wipe Bod time 8tertea WTV NEW YORK 40a.

7:00 to 3:04 P. H. Talk. Band. ttJAK PROV1DKNCK 340.

to P. II Orchestra. 7:00 P. "Tho Happiness Boys." 7 30 P. lentertalnere.

I 30 P. M. The Twins, 00 to 10 00 P. M. orchestra, W4Z NEW YORK iM.

0 00 to 11 00 Orchestras. Wl.A(i rACL 17. .30 P. M. li tures.

IS Band. 13 00 altdniaht Dance. WI.S CHICAGO S4K. 311 to 11:00 P. M.

Talks. Musle. WMAQ CHICAGO a. 30 P. M.

i Tt-hestra 00 p. M. Talks, li P. it Oleo Hub VMI MKMPH1H, TENN. 600.

1 30 M. Prosram. 13:00 Midnight- Frolic. WOAW OMAHA SI. P.

M. Story hour. 7 30 P. M. Dinner music, 10:00 P.

Uecllal OC DAVKXPOUT, IOWA 4M. i M. i 'himea 7.30 P. Maudman's visit. P.

M. Musirale 10. CO M. -Touiists' road bulletin. WOO Ptl 1 1 ADE1 JUIIA 99.

SINGLE WIRE AERIAL IS REST Mr. and Mrs. A. Pchott entertained a number of their friends with a RDS.A MTTSBCBG J2. M.

Children. 09 P. Concert. I Of ANGELES--4l. tS P.

to 2:00 A. M. Concert, talk. orchestra. KKKX HASTTNOS, HUB ttO.

HP. M. Oirsn, 10:00 P. Munr he-Mf SIIK NAN DO AH, IA.S9. I.JO M.

Concert, KKOA 6 RATTLE at. 11 i0 V. Talk. Solos, tenor, soprano. POHTI.AND 1:10 A.

U. Hoot Owls, KHJ LOS ANGEJ.ES 00 P. M. roncert. P.

M. Children. 1:10 A. M. Dan co kQV riTTsni rtr, r.

1:00 to I 110 P. M. 4eprono. KSIV T. lXIWSMS.

1:00 r. M. orrhestra, WtlAr KANSAS CITT 41t. 7 00 to 00 (. M.

-ii -hool of tho Air. 1:01) tu 10. IS P. M. Orchestra.

VW 1 1UC AdO 43. 00 P. Concert. 10 p. m.

Talks. .00 p. St. to 30 A Raraa WB nPRI-NGfTKLD Ml. I 00 P.

'nnrert. 10 P. KMdiej. P. M.

oucert. 10 00 P. M. Tno. wcAs-nTTsnrBO 1 :30 P.

M. I'onrort. 30 1. SI. liiclo kaybea.

.30 P. MiMlcale. WCAP WASHINGTON 4. 10:00 P. M.

to 00 Dvnee. WEAK fiKW YORK P. M. Iinnr music. P.

M. --8trinc ensemble. 1:00 to to p. M. Soprano, quartet, orchestra.

HF.Bn CHJCAUO MO. 7:30 P. M. Piano concert, dance orchestra. 9 30 1'.

Parytone, risacs. 1 1 .30 V. M-Soprano, t.nor, dance, orchestra. WFAA DALLAS 478. 1:30 to 10:30 M.

-RecllaL WKI PniLAnKUIlLA 5. 4:30 V. M. -Orchestra, Wil MKDFORH. MANS.

M. 00 r. H1 Hrother Club. :30 V. M.

Program. P. M. Concert. WG HI' AlO JU.

:30 M. Music. I 00 P. M. Concert.

10:30 i'. Danes WHA MADISON, WIS J. 1:30 P. M. Talk.

WI1AM ROCHESTER IA3. .00 P. Oraan. 7.00 P. M.

Orchestra, 1 CO P. M. MuhIc. WGV tirHKNBCTADT, MO. 6:00 P.

M. International Sunday School ieonnn. 15 p. Health talk, Now York State I 'enartmeut of Health. 1:45 P.

M. tlonservatton talk, "How to Prevent tho 8r-read id tho Urpay Moth." H. Mclntyro, New Yoik Htato Conservation lmmiasn. 7:00 P. M.

Radio drama, "Potlyaana." by WOV Student Players. Selection "Morceau" Qllmer wot Orchestra. Comedy "Pollymnna" Cashing WQy Htudont Players. Scene. A New Ungland Village.

Period, Nowadays. Act 1 Miss Polly Harrinirton's parlor, a handsome dinner at their new home, Clifton, Newport. The table was In roses and gladlolas for the occasion. Covers were placed for Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Simondson, Mr. and Mra George Heutnll, Mr. and Mra. Leon Moore. Mr.

William Foster. Miss Hafer, Mr. Eramrtt Thlery, Miss Margaret Thlery. Mr. David Sparks, Mr.

and Mrs. Edwin Werling, Mr. George Sehulten. Mlsa Florence Hehott, Mr. Jerome Schott and Mr.

and Mrs. John Daunt. XI V. 1 charge of arrangements for placing Ia Follette electors on the bollols. Representative John M.

Nelson, na-tlnal manager of the La Follette campaign, announced today. "We will make provision to meet special conditions in certain states," Mr. Nelson said. "For example, 1 understand that in Minnesota the state parties are required by law to ratify the national party nominations before tho nominees may represented on the ballot. The state committees may do this, or they may call a state convention to decide upon the candidate.

This will be taken care of." nana Mill laeomplete. In certain statea, perhaps, the electors of the Socialist party, which has indorsed Senator La Follette, will be aulllcient, as In Oklahoma, where the time for filing names of electors has passed. The same situation may exist In other states, but neither Id Follette nor Socialist headquarters hua the necesaary data aa yet fully to work out their plans. In California the Senator's name must be written in by the voters, according to of that state. In Illinois, Nebraska and Iowa petitions must bear at least 1,000 'signatures of qualified voters, while 600 signatures are required in Iowa One per cent of the voters Is required for an independent candidate in Missouri.

In North Dakota only 200 names are necessary, and one per cent, or less than 17,000 najnea, are required in Ohio. Somewhat similar election laws exist in Wisconsin and Minnesota. In Kansas a convention must be conducted and 2,500 signatures An enjoyable event at the Ft. Mitchell Country Club today was the luncheon and golf tournament the women golfers of the Cincinnati golf clubs. The links of the Ft.

Mitchell Club were turned over for tho day to tho women golfers, who invited fur their guests women golfers from the Cincinnati clubs to enjoy a luncheon and play for pretty trophies given hy the eluh. Mrs. John Francis was Chairman of the arrangements. Among those seated around the table were Mlsa Ella Banning, Miss Lillian Williams, Mrs. J.

W. Tarblll, Mrs. Leland Banning, Mrs. Stanley Howe, Mrs. Stanley Hurt, Miss Merle Miller, Mrs.

Douglas Allen, Mrs. 8. 11. Kent, Miss (eeorge Klliston, Mra J. Uingdale, Mra Lillian Tyler Plog-stedt.

Mra. Philip Wyman, Mrs. Joseph llrlscoe, Mrs. Edward Gatllff, Mra. W.

N. Andrews, Mrs. Thomas Thames. Mra. George McCHntork, Mrs.

Polk Laffoon and Mra Harry Percival aivfl guests. Members of the Covington Rotary Club, accompanied by a number of laicals, attended the annual outinc of the club yesterday on the ground of tho Twin Oaks tiolf Club In South Covington. I'so of the. grounds was dunatrd (hfuugh the courtesy of Attorney Harvey Myers, President of the Golf Club, who 1 also a Hotarlnn. Many forms of amusement were provided by the Kntertalnment Committee, which included W.

It. I'loyd. Chairman; Philip Klein. John Meyer. Henry Jlolter.

W. C. Kyeraon, 1'. C. Tarvin, Joseph ri, per.

Clifford Ware, A. P. Lewis, Charles Itraeke and I'aul Edward. Philip Klein, Oovinirtnn meat merchant, was in charoe of the culinary department and provided burfroo, fried chicken, steaks, corn-un-the-cob, with all the trimmings. Joseph Pleper and John Meyer were in charge of the liquid refreshments, which included soda water, red lemonade, colored well water and buttermilk.

Musical Program Thero was a musical program which Included solos by Kern and Charles Aylward and Christopher tlottschalk. Harvey 1'rownfield pUycd several numbers on his piano-accordlan, which met with much applause. Among the guests of the ltutarlans were Mayor Daniel A. (V Donovan, City Commissioners J. Mason, Hnwk, Thomas Donnelly.

Thomas V. Bailey and Theodore Klucmper; Aa-Klstant Flro Chief John Judge John B. Head. Kenton County Court; Judge I'wls Mnnson, Cov-InRton Police Court; Uenjninln Tugh. Secretary of the Colon Light.

Ileal and Power Company, and Harry Meters, Cincinnati newspaper man. In the afternoon there was a hall game between the married and unmarried men. which resulted In a score of 1J to 13 In favor of the married men. Joseph Pleper was Captain of the bachelors and William H. Harton, President of the Uotary Club, was Captain of the benedicts.

Fallowing the ball game there was a adolt pitching contest between I. C. Tarvin and John Hanauer on one side and Christopher c.ottsch.i Ik and Harvey Meyers on the other. The latter team won five out of seven games. J.

Robert Jam-Nun, Covington merchant; Henry Connelly, of the Kenton County Infirmary, and John V. Meniies, United States Court Clerk at Covington, were the contestants in a 2110-yanl foot race. Mr. Menzles came under the wire llrst. with Jameson second and Muperlntendent Connelly bringing up the rear.

A swimming contest between Frank I. Michaels, Covington manufacturer, and Harry M. Penny, President of the Advance Mill Company of Covington, resulted In a victory for Penny. Both wore life preservers. Dr.

James A. Ryan, Dr. Clifford Heisel, Dr. Paul Kerkow and Karl W. Carran Indulged In a nail driving contest which was won by Dr.

Ryan, Past President of tho Rotary Club. Rotarlans and their guests began to arrive on the grounds at 11 o'clock yesterday morning and the festivities continued until dark. incmunn liib 111 i i jouf.c ui Klks have set July 20 as the day for their annual basket picnic for their families, which will be held at Fraen-hol Urove, Cold Springs. Robert H. Langdale Once Credit Manager of Shoe Firm.

Robert H. Langdale, 11 years eld, retired Cincinnati attorney, died yesterday at Christ Hospital of injuries ha suffered in a fall at his home, (33 June street, on July 4. Mr. Langdale suffered a fracture of his thigh and arm when he fell down a flight of concrete steps in front of bis home after he suffered an attack of heart disease. Mr.

longdate was born at Law-renceburg, Indiana, and came to Cincinnati when but a young man. He obtained bis earlier education In Law-renceburg schools and later was graduated from the old Farmer's College, College HIIL For nearly 40 years Mr. Langdale was credit manager of the John Gales Fhoe Company. Ho alao was one of the owners of the Business College and later the Nelson L'usiness College. During later years Mr.

langdale had been managing a cotton and rice plantation In Arkansas. He was the father of Dr. Charles A. TangdaJe, with whom' he made his home at 633 June street. Four other children.

Rev. C. J. langdale, Lawrence, Massachusets; Dr. Rupert H.

Langdale, William 0. Langdale and Mrs. Viola Cross, of Sibley, Louisiana, survive. Funeral services will be conducted at the funeral home of W. Mack Johnson.

McMillan street and Upland place, Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. 1'. M. iran. 1'.

M. nance WOR Kit ARK 40. P. -Sonus. i The marriage Mlsa Ioretta C.

Sweeney and Mr. William J. Higgina will be solemnised July 23 at Immaculate Conception Church, Thursday evening Mrs. William G. Kiit on, Garrard street, Covington, entertained with a dinner at the Ft.

30 to 8 00 M. "Man in the :00 to 5:10 P. M. Strlne trio. WOMJKrT.T.R,SON CITY, MO.

140. 11.00 I'. M. Address. Orchestra.

WQ.I CHICAGO 44. 7:00 P. M. Tenor. Talk.

Sonira 10 00 P.M. to 1:00 A. Orchestra RC ASnTNGTON 4S. Of P. Children.

1HV TAKRYTOWN, N. Y. 273. :30 P. Tenor.

Ai I' M. Trio, :00 P. M. Songs P. U- Musicaje.

WTA CLE F.LAND MO. :00 to 7:30 P. Dinner concert. WTAY OAK I'AHK, ILL. tsJ.

8:45 P. M. Program. 5:00 P. M.

Orchestra. WW I 1 1 FT ROIT 4 1 7 BY CsIU.TOX K. BITI.KH. Iladia Knirinrer. In continuing; our discussion on the question of the proper typo of an aerial to erect for a receiving "set It Is important to consider the height and number of wires to use.

The number of wires to use is. perhaps, the greatest stumbling block. In a great many instances the length of an aerial is confined to tho space available on the roof or In the yard of one's property. Ofter a stretch of 50 feet or even less Is all that is available. In the case where only 60 feet of space is available, and nn aerial 150 feet lonjr is desired, common practlre is to use three strands of wire each 50 feet in length.

The wires are attached to a spreader consisting of a broomstick or similar wooden rod. The wir in this type of an aerial are separated by a distance of but six or eight Inches, sometimes even less. The assumption is that the three strands, each 50 feet In length, will make an aerial of 150 feet in length. True 150 feet of wire ia used, but this does not equal a single wire stretched 160 feet Unless the strands of wire are separated by a distance of at least two feet, three feet Is even better, ths effective length of the aerial is not appreciably increased. In transmitting, a number of wires are desirable so that the effective surface (on which the high frequency radio waves travel) Increased.

For receiving purposes the single wire is sufficient, and more than ono wire in the aerial is usually a waste of material. Copyright, 1M4. hy the 8. L. Technical Syndicate.

Miti hell Country Club in compliment to Mr. and Mrs. George Ko. who Mrs. Thomas Hogan, of Linden avenue.

Newport, left yesterday for a visit with Mr. and Mra Thomas Hogan. and children at their summer home at Newport, R. and Mr. and Mrs.

A. J. Hogan and family, at West Port, N. Y. ate visiting Mr.

and Mrs. George Fox, Sr and for Mr. Morgan Fenley, of Cleveland, who Is returning today after passing hi vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mra. Greene P.

orchestra. 7:00 7 30 M. Concert. WkAQ SAX JTAN .100. F.

M. Orchostra. Solotsta 6 00 Mr. and Mrs, E. F.

Smith and sons have returned to Detroit, after motor trip to Newport and a visit with Mrs. William J. Cain, of Columbia street. Among the members of the Ft. Tnomaa Garden Club and the Junior Garden Club who enjoyed the tea and garden party given by Mra Peter G.

Thomson at Laurel Court. Cnlleire Fenley, of Covington. The tabln was artistically arranged In pink Klllarney roses and delphinium which madu a lovely setting for those grouped around it. They were Mr. and Mra.

William G. Eaton, Mr. and Mrs, Georg Fox, Mr. Morgan Fenley, Mrs. George Fox, Miss Catherine Fox, Miss Susan Rent, Miss Dorothy Ashbrook, Miss Janie (layle, Mr.

Pendleton Pic-ton, Mr. Alex Howard, Dr. Hay, Mr. Hart Hagln. BAIL DENIED TO NEGRO.

Davis at a Glance Hill, were Mra Allen Waters. Mrs. K. O. Robinson, Mrs.

Edward Hettiger, Mrs. John Irby, Mrs. Thomas Hanlon, Mrs. Ixiroy Denton, Mra J. I Crawford, Mrs.

Jephtha Davis, Misses Elva and Laura Hawkins, Miss Justine Hettiger, Miss Matilda Stapp and Mrs. Edwin Belter. Mr, and Mrs. C. C.

Weber, of Briar Cliff, Ft Thomaa. is leaving early In Atnxust for Michigan for a stay of a month. Mrs. Shelly Rouse. Wallace Flaee, Covington.

Is entertaining with a card party and luncheon at her home tomorrow morning in compliment Mrs. ilbur, formerly Miss Lloyd, of Clifton, who Is visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Uric Lloyd.

Summoned to CapJtal. Washington, July 10. As a preliminary to the completion of a national ticket supporting tho presidential candidacy of Senator Robert M. La Follette, of Wisconsin, Executive Conimlttae members of the Conference for Progressive Political Action were summoned today to meet here Saturday. William H.

Johnston, President of the International Association of Machinists and Temporary Chairman of the convention at Cleveland which Indurscd Senator La Follette'a candidacy, issued the call. By action of the convention, the election of a vice presidential candidate was left to committee action, after conference with Senator La-Follette and representatives of other groups interested In his candidacy, to be taken up In Washington, July 11 The preliminary session of the committee today is expected to make arrangements and to canvass the situation. No spokesman for Senator La Follette Is said to have had as yet any Indication of a certain choice for the second plss'e the convention left vacant. With the conclusion of the convention at New York, a number of the I Follette adherents and Governor Charles W. Bryan, of Nebraska, as President and Vice President.

"Delegates who were talking of the harm that had been done to the party by the prolonged convention." Mr. Bryan said, "how they came here with high hopes and were going away discouraged are today having a love feast. "There is an air of hopefulness and confidence and I thltfk it will grow as Mr. Davis interprets the platform and Governor Bryan's official record is examined. They wanted a Weatern man who was dry and a progressiva and Gorernor Bryan fitted Into the requirements of Ve case in every way.

The more they study his work as Governor the more strength It will add to the ticket. He was elected two years ago by 50,000 votes and was recently renominated at the Democratic primaries, getting 82 per cent of the vote, and also 78 per cent of the vote of the Farmer-Labor party. "He has won the nomination on his own merit." Questions and Answers: 1 Rev. and Mrs. 11.

Vaughn, of Wallace Place, Covington, have had for their guests tho past week their son. Mr. L. D. Vaughn and bride, of Winchester, Ky.

Rev. Vaughn left this week for Virginia to visit his Alleged Slayer of Detective To Be Tried Under New law. Henry Brown, years old, negro, 845 West Court street, arraigned tn Municipal Court on a charge of murder yesterday as the result of the death of Anthony Tekulve, 45 years old, 737 Delta avenue, detective of the Fourth District, was held for the grand Jury without bail by Judge George F. Eyrich, Jr. Brown will be tried under the new state law which makes the killing of a patrol niaji on duty first degree murder, with the death penalty attached.

Tekulve died at the General Hospital Wednesday as the result of bullet wounds he suffered June 29 while tryins; to arrest two negroes at 670 Carr street Detective Harry Haaf. who was with Tekulve, also was wounded seriously. He Is In a grave condition at the General Hospital. In the gun battle Samuel Iiondville, 15 years old, negro. 611 Stone street, one of the gunmen, was shot and killed.

Funeral services for Tekulve wilt be conducted at the residence to-mor Mra. Webster Helm, of Ft. Thomas, has for her guests this week Miss Jean Raumes. a charming young girl of Kennedy Heights. SEVEN DROWN Ohio and Indiana Streams All Victims Are Roys Cave-in Ends Life of One.

mother for three weeks. srtcui, aiafina to ths lwuian. New York, Jnly 10. Interesting facts about Jobs, Davis, Democratic presldeatlal asa-laeel John William Davis Is feet tall. He Is a gslfer.

He Is a Trmste of the Carnegie Kndomsrst Fund for ternatlovsl Peace. He Is a thirty seeead degree Free Hunt. lie attends the Preskytertss ksnrak. His wife Is aa Kplaeaaallam. He was a member C'eagrreas for four years.

He took part In the Impeachment of Jsdae IL W. Archibald. He got 7 votes for President In the 1930 convention. He Is the flmt Washington snd Lee V'nlverslty mil numed for Presidency. He was President sf the Amertcnn Bar Asaoelntlon.

Ills campaign cost klra less Ih.n HX.OOO. There are 3io Inwyers In lhe nlted States wit at a died In un4rr him. He Is A member of ten soelsl clubs. He is a Pkl Kanpa Phi, also Phi Beta Kappa. Miss Sheila Johnson, Ft.

Thomas, la entertaining Tuesday afternoon with an informal bridge party In compll-1 ment to her slater, Mrs. Gordon Hart-! r.ell, of Memphis, who, with Mr. Hartxell and children. Is passing a I few weeks with Mr. and Mrs.

Johnson, I have returned to Washington, and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Heixer and children. Hetty. Hilly and Raymond, of Ft.

Mitchell, Covington, are leaving Saturday for a stay of several weeks In Michigan where they will Join a party of friends. Mr. William Fenley. Garrard street, Covington, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.

Greene Fenley, of Cincinnati. AUNT ELLEN TO HELP. Toledo, Ohio, July HI Raymond, 1(1 years old, and Chester. 11, sons of Mr. and Mrs.

Joseph Huettner, of Detroit, drowned late today when swimming in tho Mnumee River, near Mailmen. Neither could swim well, and when, hand In hand, they stepped into a hole In the river bottom they were unable to extricate themselves. The bodies were recovered. I thank yoa for your 4i fB r-ajra-n to th ctiprrilrne ami would I Ike to learn 1 if thl circuit nift-r tthfn pro-perlr hooliM np ami balaii-rr-tt. I liavr rcwwiiwl my evil, but urn In dtmlit wit th grid Tmrial.le.

from to 10 mrroiroa. Miould I iiv tteuf I mv rmd uhout thr "ben ene" -lrrait In HHnctnr'N tit) Knuuirrr. It thin rirr.iil rorrrrt ua fthown la it a mom' efliriwt rirruit than the Miprrdj i l.ouia X. rnnli, Boi 104, nyiwaTilJf Ohio. The proper irrid lead valua to uq do- on tiia tub you ar using for a do-tector.

Two nr mfnohm la usually. right, although many tubea oparata beat Willi grM leak high us five mftrohms. Tha variable tfrtd leak you ara i uainn should bo nil right. ia very difficult tn nay which rirruit la bwrt. You might build twrt mjpardvne rpfeivern, one wuukl be a wondr and the other would be only mediocre.

In the samn manne- you might build up the vu- 1 pprdynn ttnd th "beat one." fine miKht be a (food one and thu other poor. iur, n.t to the circuit itnalf, but to some (null in construction of one or the other. It ia for this reason that udvlre an to' which rlrcuit la boat is of little value. Hoth miKht be gooi. ft both might poor.

Which one wiU be bust for you ia imj-oaaibie to stale. Mis. Frank Marty entertained with ja pretty bridge-luncheon at her home In Ft. Thomas the members of her bridge club. Her guests were Mrs.

F.dward Anschuti, Mrs. Harry Irwin, Mrs. William J. Youmnns, Mrs. Lln-i coin Donaldson, Mrs.

A. V. Stcgeman, Mrs. Andrew Donaldson and Mrs. Plans To Dram Up For Votes For Davis Among Ohio Friends.

Columbus, Ohio, July 10 Mrs. Sarah Kile Gra-ham. of Bexley. near here, only aunt of Mrs. John W.

Davis, today expressed her wllllrrgnass to do anything within reason to further the election of her nephew, even to drumming up votes among her friends. She declared she could see no reason, however, for the publication of her photograph. Charles Volga. the discussion of proapecta has been resumed In a tentative way. Among theso mentioned for the place are Justice ltrandeia.

of the Supreme Court, Senator Wheeler, Montana, Democrat, and Houston Thompson, a Democratic, member of the Federal Trade Commission. Only ono drift of sentiment has been marked in the discussions thus far, persons Interested In the movement apparently cosidering that Senator La Follete's status as a Republican member of the Senate should require the naming of a vice presidential candidate who has been identified with the Demociatic party. Senator Ia Follette himself has withheld all public statement on the subject of the campaign and the candidates, although In recent days he has received numerous visitors and advisers from home. left last evening for Cleveland, having gone up for a few days prior tu the marriage of Mr, William Fenley and Miss Marlon Rogers, which will he a beautiful event of Saturday. Mr.

and Mrs. William G. Katon, accompanied by Miss Alllc Morgan and Mrs. Greene Fenley, are leaving this evening to be present at the nuptials. Mr.

Greeno Fenley and Messrs. Morgan snd Rryant left yesterday morning and will motor up to Join the rest of the party. row morning at 8 o'clock. Four fellow officers, Peter Schaedlo, Albert Wlese, Joseph Lauman and William Dubach, will be pallbearers. Detective Tekulve Is survived by a widow, two sons, William Tekulra, a patrolman, and Ralph, a student; a daughter, Mrs.

Stella Burdelsman; his mother, two sisters snd two brothers. aoe You Seen tha New Flint Six? Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Zimmerman, of Ft. Thomas, who have been enjoying a trip on their yacht up the St.

Ijiwrcnca River, hnvn reached their cottapre at Lcs Cheneaux, Mich where they will remain until September. tors shall be designated on the HI'IWMAl. PlSPATcn TO Tni BSglTIRKS. Peru, July 10 Virgil Hock-over. 12 years old.

and Earl Karnehm, 10, drowned In Pipe Creek this afternoon. Kenneth Marks, 12, their companion, failed In effort to rescue them. sra-iAi pisrATcn to thb iitgnin. Newark. Ohio.

July HI. Andrew years, when Ashing In Ramp Creek, today was precipitated Into 10 feet of watrr when the hank caved In under the weight of his body, and he drowned. The body was recovered. Which la tha h-et to o-e far broad mat a wrurie -wire or multiple win Thirteen electors, one from each! congressional district and two at larK-e, nave been named by both Fnur-wheel i-iraVes, balloon tires, -llic wheels and fuil ari-nmnry equlrmnt. SI 1 (SO delivered at vnur door.

CrNCI.NNATI i 1.1 NT loo: Gilbert Ave. Democrats and Republicans, but no First Division of the Ladies' Aid Society of the Ludlow Presbyterian Church will meet next Wednesday With Mrs Goodlett. Ia Follette electors presented to the Secretary of State In petition form. "I've been making Jelly and I can't have a picture taken," she told a photographer. "F.verybody knows Mr.

Davis, and nobody knows me. I'm too old to be photographed. Maybe people wouldn't vote for him if they knew he had such a homely old aunt. "I don't object to your saying Mrs. Davis was named for me Kllen Graham Dassell Davis," she added.

AD 00 STILL SILENT. Mr. and Mrs. Henjamln McRurney and daughter. Miss Page, and son, F.enny, and Mrs.

Alexander McRurney. Wallace place, Covington, are enjoying a month's stay at Spring Lake. N. J. During their absence Mr.

and Mrs. Thomas Mullikln and daughter. Miss Louise, are occupying their home. RADIO BOOK Miss Fannie Closson. I.udlow.

is visiting and Mra White, formerly of I.udlow, now of Springfield, Ohio, for a few weeks. nai i iiewier. i The alniMe wiro aerial la the hraf for re- caption, aa Uito tpe does not rolled as much atnttc aa the aerial with aevru wires, I am fftvloaing the diagram nt my ninrla circuit rrircncrutive receiver. I am tinaiila lo get very iliftmrt MznuU tvUh thin tet( what com id Lm the trouble Arthur Klern. Tha rcnnertiniia are alt r.Kht.

This shown that your aet Is not rK'riienitlnir. You ra.n temedy this by iuien. hanging the' irk let leada, IVhat ht the bet Indicator to ahow alien a ktoruge hot. cry ia chargeil and dK-1 charged Halt cry. The beat Indicator to tell the condition' ff a storage battery la the hydrometer, wht'Lh may be purchased from any of the radio deAier or hardware etorea.

A fully charged battery should read 1250-1300 and when discharged 110-1200. Theae ftgure the specific grttvlties of the electro-i lyte. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome It.

Uespess and son Jerome, of Islington uke. near F.rlanger. left Tuesday for Canada, where they will pass the remainder of the summer. Columbus, Ohio, July 10 Jacob Helman, 16 years old. son of Mr.

and Mrs. Morris Helman, drowned tonight when swimming with a group of companions In Rig Walnut Creek, eight miles south of here. Vincent Nuxzo, 19. also drowned. He went swimming in Rig Walnut Creek, eight miles south of the city, with a hlf doxen companions, who told Sheriff Deputii-t they saw him fighting desperately to keep his head above water shortly after ho dove into the creek.

Work In Ohio Pashea. Cleveland. Ohio, July 10. Managers of ltobert M. Ija Follette'a campaign in Oliio practically have completed the preliminary work of arranging for his name to go on the ticket in the November election.

Ia Follette committees are being appointed In each of the counties of the state to circulate petitions to obtain the required number of signatures. His managers aay this will be accomplished within 10 days. Ia Follette clubs are being formed all over the state. Counties are being divided into sections and committees tire canvassing their territories. City Councilman refer Wilt, ('halt- The playlet, 'Margery Make tiood." whlrh was given by the junior class of the Itdlow High School during commencement week, was repeated by the same east with great surces at the Hebron Hall, at Hebron.

Tuesday evening, under the direction of Miss Adele Slade. THE ENQUIRER, CLactnnati, Ohio: Pleae send me copy, postpaid, of your new Radio Book, for which I inclose 22 cents. Indlanlana slled To Mretlng. Indianapolis, July 10. Dans for furthering the candidacy of Senator ltobert M.

Iji Follette will be made at a meeting nf the Indiana Progressive Political Action League, to be conducted here July IT. As yet no action has been taken to circulate the petition which will be required to place the Senator's name on the Indiana ballots, but there la ample time, aa the Indiana law provides for the filing of such a petition not more than 60 and not less than 20 days before the election. Five hundred signatures are required. Alexander Gordon, of Terre Haute. Vice President of the league, said today invitations have been sent to all progressive organisations inviting them to attend the meeting at which the campaign plans will be made.

No Comment To Make on Nomination of Davis, Is Attitude. New York, July 10 William Jennings Ttryan was only one of a stream of callers on William Gibhs McAdoo today. McAdoo headquarters was closed to the general public, the defeated presidential aspirant and his family being whilly engrossing In planning for the trip abroad. It was announced that Mr. McAdoo had no comment to make "at present" on the nomination of Mr.

Davis and Mr. Bryan. Mr. and Mrs. M.

K. Fleming and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wolfe, of Ijttonla, have reutrned from Paris, where (hey were called by the death of relative. NAME man of the Ij Follette State Committee, announced before leaving on a vacation that a vigorous campaign Your "Dream Home" Car.

Cvmc True, Too See the Eagle POISON KILLS THREE. i Several Other Gueirts at Summer Lodge Are Made ID. Billings, July 10. Three1 guests at Aldrlch Lodirc, a summer resort shout SS miles from Cody, I are dead and Bevcral others sick, as a result, doctors believe, of i accidental poisoning, according tn a Miss Kdith May Stelnfcld, of La-tonla. will return home tomorrow from a sojourn at Indian Lake, Ohio.

PRINCE MAY VIEW BATTLE ADDRESS Miss IlctUe Whitehouae entertained with a beautiful breakfast at the Ft. Mitchell Country Club yesterday morning In compliment tq the attractive bevy of young girls whu are isil lug in Covington. The long table was adorned with three large bowls of sweet peas and maidenhair fern that vied in loveliness with the pretty young girls clustered around It. The dainty place cards horo the names of Miss Susan Simrall and guests, Miss Mary Lair, of Cynthlana; Miss Sarah Hart Taylor, of Cjnthlana. guest William Miss I.ucy Hagin and guest.

Miss Margaret Williams, of Islington; Miss Marie Jenisrh and guest, MJys Susan llrlggs, of Frankfort; Miss Virginia Van Winkle and guests, Miss laabelle Mcl'heeters and Miss Katherlne Fhillips, of Cleveland; Miss Mare-aret Dudley Ilobbs and guests. Miss Oregory and Miss Lillian Fruochtenicht: Miss Iltith Kinney, Miss Margaret Mackoy. Miss Stewart and Miss Cambron Tracy. special dispatch received by the Bil- When Harry Wills Clashes With Wild Bull of Pampas. rvur.

pis pitch to run KNqrnn. New Tork. Prtn- ef Waif 4 may o-cup a rinanldo mat whon Harry wnl mta IaiIm Kirpo at Tx Rlt-kard bi arena tti J.TBy City Au would be waged In the Hate and speakers would carry 1a Follette'a meesago Into every precinct before the November election. The Draft, newly-formed nonpo-lltical organisation, preparing to carry the Wisconsin Senator's campaign tnto every county. Follette followers will not attempt to plane a complete state ticket In the heid, but plan to name several candidates to run for Congress And nn opponent to run against United States Senator Willis.

On sale in Business Office of The Enquirer, 617 Vine Street 20c. Mr. and Mrs. S. A.

Gay pa and Miss Marie Franklin, of Dayton, have returned home from an enjoyable trip to Chicago. The annual picnic of the Calvary Methodist Church, of Hcllevue, will be given tomorrow at the Zoo. Trucks will leave the church at 9.30. SI. Ixiii is.

July 10. Declaring that Senator 1 Follette and Governor Charles W. Dry an "would carry every state west otj'ennsylvanii and north of the Mason snd Dixon line, with several Southern stales," Sheridan Carlisle, lTosidenl of the National Progreaalve League, today telegraphed to Senator Ia Follette, urging llryan as a running mate- lln-rs (ia.iette today. The dead: Mrs. I'aul Ache and Taul Ache, wife and aon of a prominent oil man of Pltlsburr, and a Vale University student named Gillespie.

Mr. Ache Is preparing to take the son five hours laler. died early today. A number of other 9 re- and 'MT BROTHER CHARLIE! July JO, 13:4. Mayor's Office.

The Hoard of Commissioners met special session Thursday, July in. 1924. in the Mayor's office, at a. with Mayor Uvlna-ston In the chair and the following; members present, Messrs. Ebert, Klutmus, Hermann and rlimms.

Mr. and Mra Thomas Harris, Monroe, street. Newport, have turned home from Charleston, W. where they visited relatives friends. Still Idle la Kentucky.

Frankfort, July 10. Provisions were made seriously sick, but thcJr canes rrspondp.d lo treatmemt. of Kentucky's laws as to balloting Mra. Ache la prparina; to take tha bodies of his wife and son to Pitta- gust 10. Itrkan1 ical'l t-ay that fOiouM di tti to hi(t thf flirht on Sfpipniierr a) t(Ar lit.

cf--'Mv forward eff trial InritaMnn to the Prince It i i ol ahit that art Invlt.uion wnf (o th' anyhow, hut ih 'h tnci-a of hi ntif ndipff ff icht la held August 5m dwidfdir ahm. WHO and hlK manafffr, faddy MuTHnn. ha 'e rtfii (onflultd In ronn'tlon with th 'hanffa In r.nd tvth hav arcMl (o aoLu. auy data that Hickanl may uine. FILES SUIT ON AUTO BILL.

Thsodora Wirrk, Covington automobile dealer, yesterday filed suit In the Kenton Clrrnlt Court against Wllliftm TtoMnson. seeking to rsrovr I5S.9S (illrged to be du on tho purchase price of an automobile. for Kobert M. I Follette call for a petition for the Secretary of State, RELIEF TO BE EXTENDED. burg for burial.

Open Dally; Thursday I'ntll I Miss Katherine Alllngham and Miss Jackson, tireenup street. Covington, have gone to Derea, in the Kentucky mountains, for a two weeks' signed by 1,000 petitioners, it was shown after a study of the law In EAGLE SAVINGS AND Brynn Extolla Virtues of Nomine Tor Vice Presidency. New Tork, July 10. William Jen-nlriKu Bryan caHM attention tonight to the sportsmanlike manner in whlrh delfffates had buried convention tomahawk and now were uniting: to promote party harmony In the Interest of the clcctiun of. John W.

Ulhe Attorney-General's office today. Motion that all members of the board iro to St. bonis, to inspect pump tor waterworks, f'arrled. Resolution requiring all bidders on new pump to deposit certified check wi'h bid. Adopted.

Kesolutlnn paying: the sum of out of proper funds for claim. Adopted Upon motion the hoard adjourned' A. J. UVIN'ISTON, Mayor Attest: Marie Mlnshall, City Re. corder.

LOAN ASSOCIATION COtTRT, NEAR VI. NIC The Campbell County Women's Welfare Club will hold a special meeting tonight at tho home of Mra. John T. Hodge, Park avenue and Nelson place, Newport, for the purpose of extending relief to sufferers from the recent tornado at Lorain, Ohio, The petition, naming electors, must briefly express the principle which LA VAN APPOINTED MANAGER. Kansas City, Ma, July 10.

Wllhur Osod. msnaaer of ihs Kansas City American As-sm-iRtlon hasehall tesm, re.tsnefl tnnlirht, and leers Mtlhlsharh, owner of ths club, immediately announced iha appointment of John bsvaa to succeed Good. Fred Tuke, Pres. Rdw. Hols, recy.

jVtrs. It. F. Grailanl and daughter. Mrs.

Solar, nd children, of Ia Follette represents anj a simple figure or device by which his elte-.

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