Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 4, 1933 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1933
Page 4
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kAiidiaiiamtki^ rOQL *-.—n. -„.-- -J- ..---.—^-^—,t_ah—.nM^hd^^Aan *t» town, ttt he* w __ t* rtatty AN OIK I* W4t*fe* at it cO , a* Kite eoi* fce* at <fce i4»w* dUHfct* ftnr MI*. »»* ol **twa»- ««t Xi her yntlnlcrr tr»m 'Hie !•» W«ei r « JWonnfp nnd i'KiJ- drill btfoft her THE StORX giving from the the'same place reputed to" have Chicago! grumbling ^iielow- j ^softtg^-on, 1 * was „„ frefljbying I»erself*h,uge- rig into the caterer's^,men tables and -their tollylng Hetty. have her parties at tt's what I "wattt to complained, polish- people to su,p ',,, that's what it is," K' immediately took up f^folr'-her employer. p,ilje young lafly a right "*""- pleases in her own 'S It to yon. anyway? i - your afternoon'*!, off, You've got no kick ering the hell in that Vwnd tending to the lufes," whinfed, Hetty, f r $ onfshta be off 'having a •• tot myself. She's just a ••what she Is, giving like nobody in town. bt^get along,upstairs In plenty to make yourself neat, I Mrs. Peterman, in< reference^ the new iljojf, taffeta witlu,a musical L? 1 ***!-****** *am/l ^nillnrl «*•« and frilled cap. tLcoming?'" Hetty want- iv'toterrnnting. tne place," said 'woman with relish. i'i'.Martindaie'a two, and the rSImmonses and "Water- Bjd, Olivers-rand the Cardi- |conrse. And 10 young folks ' coming by th,e G , james'd better not lorget fe 'ln- etty* opined, giving a vl- fruit bowl encrusted ainentation. And his sister, Miss That new Jfr. Eus- llu^aaw-the list," Hetty broke |eyes,"glifterin£ with a true gos- sfrejlsb. "How about that pret- ---- girl?" . ' * * • -' V •> IS.,., PETERMAN shook .tier "Not her. This 'is for ^pr.eHs,-dIdn*t I tell you? The re nice enough, but poor mice." Jer ladyship had her 'round ' plenty all last winter," coldly. "II you ask me, b«tter than the, lot of them. a person when you on the street. She ain't say 'good morning 1 like a Christie when ymt see h«f." Mrs. merman's manner became slight!? unctuous. OU all matters ot sodal pre<*edeate tii ftelvodere she, having Wen general ot the Lawrence household affairs for many years, felt herself eminently tjuallfled td speak. Nice enonsh, as t said, but her station In life ia quite different ftom the rest of these people. My mother always said to me, 'Nannie," she said, 'always keep to your own station la life.' And I did. It's better so." • Hetty sniffed. "This is a free :ountry," she contributed negligently. Then she wheeled* flushihg deeply, as a masculine voice railed Her name. 'Jimmy, I didn't expect you back so soon!" The big, grinning young man In chauffeur's 'uniform lounged in tie doorway. "Thought I'd keep my eye on you girls, so's you woultfri't 'get Into mischief. How's things going-?" Hetty said virtuously, ".We've been working like slaves all Oay. Be glad when this is over." '::_;_ ''Gonna be: swell mnslc," tho young chauffeur said; jerking his head in the direction of the sun porch, whither the grand piano had already been convoyed. This room, too, was banked with all manner of flowering trees, roser. in tubs, and the;libo. The draw- ins room and the library beyond had been cleared for action. Rugs had been rolled up, highly polished floors given an extra »leam. furniture pushed back. In the dining room which had an oval glassed-in breakfast room beyond, tile caterer's men were madly busy. A hum of activity, tangible as the whir of beea, pervaded everything. Sandra Lawrence, fresh and trim in white linen riding things, now came briskly down the stairs, surveying the scene. "Everything's going well," she said, with a nod to her retinue. "James, you'll bring those people up from the 6 o'clock. Then, Mrs. Pcterinan, they'll change— the rooms look very nice—and •we go on to the club for dinner. We'll be back by 9:30. I don't expect anyone until 10, really, for the dancing, but it's just as well to be safe. I've borrowed Mr. Eustace's man, Kong, to do the cocktails. Show him where everything) is.-i;He'll'be here before 7—" ' * * * AND she was gone, leaving be•"• hind her a faint, delicate scent. Everything Sandra did was well done.-She, was cool, competent, correct. '-'At"v22, she had the poise' of a matron twice her age. She loved this sort ot thing—the whir and scurry of a big party. It was the very breath of life to her. Ever since her return from Europe the last time, sbe had complained bitterly to her. father of the dullness—in fact the lack of social life—in Belvedere. Now, in mid-July; she prepared to bring a little gayety to the somnolent town. She would give "a smart" party, the sort of affair a Gotham debutante might give at the Ritz. Everything wquld • be perfect—cold food, drinks, things In aspic, music—everything! As she went out the side door into the terraced and landscaped garden with the special-pool her father had been goaded Into having built for her the year before her eye took in the scene ap- provingly. Spndbert, the gnarled handyman, was ftt -wen-Is 6ft the (lagged paths, trimming away the ragged grass. The rcte^s Weve In full bursfc fhafe was a toiaty bine background of delphinium. It might, Sandra reflected, be a trtie English garden, with at least 10 generations of culture behind it. • . •..' • ; ; '." x- '• : : . : At the stables she found James, who had slipped aronntl the back way as she \vent_out the frfcnt* He was running a cloth lightly over the hood, adding unnecessary polish to the already felimnierlns chromium goddess who sprang, lit full flight, from the nose ot the engine. She gave hint a dazzling smile. ''Thanks— James. You'ro stiro i've plentj' of gas? I've got to get back In good order this afternoon." .'"Yea-, ma'am, Miss Sandra. It's 0. K," •She slid wish American servants were more formal. Perhaps she could teach James, somslima. not to ,say "O. K." But ho \vaa a .stunning-looking boy, no doubt 'about that. A dash of the Gary Cooper Engaged to Marty Kaiser's Grandson flavor about him. fitted him perfectly. ' His uniform Slio CHE slid Into tho driver's seat, •^ slapping her pockets, boy fash- Ion. Sandra wan an unconscious actress. When she wore -'rldlns clothes she adopted a gently mas- cuHno air. James sprang to attention. "Match, miss?" "Yes, thanks very much." flipped a cigaret from her pi case and stuck it into a corner of her mouth. The young man came close, .holding tho flamo for her, cupping it with infinite care with one brown hand. Sandra felt his nearness—a little tingle went down icr spine. She Inhaled doaply. This wouldn't <lo. She would have to show James his place. Just because they'd picnicked together, quite informally, on Summit Hill, :hat day the distributor acted up, just because she'd boon—well, friendly and democratic to the boy —He needn't misunderstand. That was the trouble with servants in this country. Give . them' an" Incb and they'd take a yard. As the engine rioted, leaping to be off, she gave the chauffeur a cool glance. "Don't forget the G o'clock," she sang, making a turn. Yes, lie must be reminded that he was, after all, only her servant. She was the great lady. Why hart slie been so foolish, that day on Summit Hill? It had been spring- he had reminded her, fin his bigness and leanness,' of 'Dari Cardigan. Was' that It? Anyhow, for the fraction of an instant she had let him hold her Jn his arms. It had been tho veriest accident. She had tripped, stumbling over a tree stump. .He had caught: her. She had lain there for an instant longer than necessary. Oh, she had been mad, mad! That was all—but it had been encouragement enough. The man ;in. olive green stared after her curiously as the dust hid the car from view. "She's a cool one and that's the truth," he muttered to himself. A girl In maid's uniform, watching from the pantry window, caught her lip within her teoth. "If she don't leave him alone," she threatened to no one at all, "I'll—I'll—!" She did not finish her menacing sentence. (To Be Continued) vale debt contracts, America ia establishing a dangerous pree«d*nt, Mw *x« ample will hardly WKSritrge her foreign debtors to try to continue to fulfill their obligations. "What is sauce to the (foose is sauce to I lie gandef." ^ Some comments, however, were io restrained, while prominence was given to explanatory and fusttfimtorV statements cabled from America. Meantime Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald returned td London today 'bucked up" by his talfcs .with President Roosevelt in Washington and ready to face political"; revolt Wlthih iis national government. This revolt, centering 6n tariff issues, may nsist rather than hinder Him in bringing Britain'- arownd to support the American proposal for p world tariff truce throughout the world economic conference. This is .he view of some of Mr. MocDonald's jsupovtcrs, who look upon the present wrangling in the House of Commons over the new (jade pacts with Germany, Denmark nnd Argentina as a pos.'ible way out of Britain's tariff controversy. Announcement ot tho engagement of Prince VVHhelm of Prussia'to Praulein Dorothea von Salviatt (above) aggrieved tho Prince's grandfather, ex-Kaiser \yilhelm, for the betrothal violates tho law ot the House of Hoheneollorn for- Jidding royalty to marry commoners. ' , Cancer Picture Is Shown Physicians State Medical Meeting Closing Thursday at Hot Springs HOT SPRINGS-(/P)-The closing scientific session of trio 58th annual convention of the Arkansas Medical Society which opened here Tuesday was featured Thursday morning by the showing of the new motion picture- film, "Tho Canti Film" presented • by' Dr. Dewoll Gann, Jr., of Little Rod:, a motion picture recently made in Saint Bartholomews' hospital, London England. Dr. Gann presented Wednesday night tho "Great Peril," a populai motion picture which shows the ravages of cancer and broadcast on the subject of cancer Tuesday, declaring that cancer presented one of the greatest problems confronting medical science t^iday. "It is kiVUng onoiout'of every V 10 persons over 40 years of age and will take one hundred and twenty-five lives of our people in the United States this year." However, ho laid stress upon the statement that the vast majority of cancer deaths could be avoided as the cancer in early stages Is regarded as curable. £ri$: TO (Continued from Page Owj) ROOSEVELT PLANS (Continued from Page Ohe) it asserts, adding that.through co-ordination "annual savings running, into scores.of millions of dollars wovdd be Forcible.". - ... Blames Local Taxes Tho committee draws two other illuminating conclusions. One is that capitalization'of the rails as a whole if not excessive; the other that state and local taxation, not federal, is the chief cause of the railroads' distress. Meanwhile, labor spokesmen charge that 8(1 per cent of the economies to he produced by eliminating unnecessary services, more efficient freight routing, joint use of terminals, and adjustment of freight rates would be made at the workers' expense. Tho so-called "Prince plan," formulated by F. H. •Prince, Boston banker, which would force all railroads into seven regional systems, is attacked by labor as an especially drastic scheme for reducing employment. One plan before the president sets not c.rily rails, busses, trucks, pipe. lines,-airlines and waterways, but al- ro telegraph, telephone, cables and coastwise shipping under federal control. Another makes the Interstate Commerce Commission a division of a Transportation Bureau which would control all the transport methods of the nation. attended tho wedding, fhey left on Wednesday morning, returning' homtt here &*tutiftay. They Weft accompanied horn* by Ih* n«wly wtda. They will make their home in this vicinity. Mi*, and Mrs. Towmlo ftibson spent Misses filhel and fttargaftt Buchanan £« frlendi »nd)»f*ttv»« *n t*o*ftt community last week ejtd Miss M»rgarel and h«* *t»ter, MW, Bertha Nichols returned Saturday. Miss Ethel Buchanan spent SMur- Saturday 'nlgM and Sundiy with tiwli 1 day night with Miss Ruby Oouglw of Mount Pleasant. She'returned Sun- aecotnpanletfjtf md Mr. Vt John T. Smith and family Ge<#f* Elltdfe and family Suriday afternoon. Mlisw Maxlne Smith and Elledge were the supper guests Miss Josephine Simmons Sunday. Dr. Don Smith is representing Hope, at tho medical convention. Actress Has Narrow Escape From Death HAVANA, Cuba—(/P)—Ann Harding screen star, her secretary, Maria Lombard, and Alexander Kirklancl, film actor narrowly cesaped drowning Wednesday afternoon when their 20- ioot saiTboat capsized off the Jaimanitas Yacht Club. tltjrto British yNlished by Irish Ipaiejra Expects to Proclaim New Free 7 } - Republic »,~Irish Free State—f/P)- hgt he soon would have the : proclaiming Ireland a free ;Was • expressed Wednesday ^by .President Eamon de Valera " Pail as debate closed fol- enaetrhent of a bill removing jjpjjsfth; pf 'allegiance to the British : president said he was resolved from the existing constitution j inconsistent v/ith the sov- ,t* of the Irish people." ping to remove from the every badge of inferior- president declared. "The t be consulted before Jhc is declared " ig filoft a copy of a draft con, submitted bv ar. Irish dele. .'•to (?reat Britain in M-2 which PjPifHdpfi by the British, de Val!•»<<} they qwild take from it every Britain forced them to rArdlindShover ..,—J season lor this locality ^ T }»7atber backward for the called on Mrs. Arrie afternoon. Sanford spent Tuesday MfS. Bessie Vines. Jord»p is doing some gi~ MI*, Troy "Aslin. a Of Center Point was gye&t m tho home of r.esday night with her parents Mr. and Mrs, Thad Vines. Mrs. Milton Jordan and yafy were Thursday guests of Mrs. .Nellie Leach. Farrell Mitchell and grandmother Mitchell spent Wednesday' at Thad Vines'. Mavis and Glorian Aslin called on their friend, Eula Dean Caudle Thursday afternoon. Jim Jordan who has been with his brother Ray in Illinois for the past several months returned to his home here Wednesday. He states that the buds were just swelling on the trees there now. Mrs. Adell Sanford and two children and Mrs. Rce O. Gray spent Friday evening with Mrs. Vera Caudle. Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Bearden and littl son Glendon were Sunday afternoon visitors at H. B. Sanfords. Mrs. Rce O. Gray accompanied them home for a few days visit. The Karber young folks were Sunday afternoon callers at Jordan home. They removed several stands of bees from the Lewis Richardson place to their home near Centerville. , Homer Vines moved Aunt Lc-atha Frizell Saturday from the Clint Martin place to the home of her son, Thomas Frizell in Hope. Harold Sanford and farr.ily spent Saturday night with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. ? -."..'jrd. Master Harold Sanford spent Friday with his uncle Silas Sanford at his repair shop in Hope and had dinner with his uncle Silas and runt Delia The baby daughtc • • .. ..ir. and Mrs Thad Vines was sick last Saturday. Lora Jordan is visiting Louise Karber this week. Maggie Jordan ha dtiie misfortune to step on a honey bee Saturday which stung her foot causing much swelling and pain. Mr. George Jordan and sons have been helping Arthur Rogers to haul logs out of the creek bottom to his the post week. Jordan sp2nt Monday Mrs. Myrtle McMillan. and Mra. Thomas Frizell moved « Tuesday Dean Caudle and Rena Glas- Sunda yaftcrn«on wil,h Aslin. and Ijtle spra Ifew- sfcter Mrs. Foley were shopping in Hope Tuesday and visited the beauty shop. Mr. and Mrs. John Momen were home from Kilgore Sunday, also Mr. and Mrs. Waters. Mr. Dudd Huckabee was home from Stamps for the week end. Mrs. Tom Lee Brint, Olen, Beatrice and Virginia were here from the river and attended the Fifth Sunday meeting. Rev. Bearden and wife, formerly our pastor, were with us Saturday and Sunday shaking hands with their many friends at this place. Mr. Smith and family of Waldo visited in the home of her mother, Mrs Mary Yocom from Friday till Sunday and attended the Fifth Sunday meeting. Mr. Virgie Martin and family were up from Smackover Sunday, also Ray Terrell and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ross arrived Saturday for a visit with home folks and relatives. Mr. Jack Huckabec, Lucy May Foster and Swan Garner motored to Stamps Friday. Miss Frances Gibson of Hope is spending a while with her friend, Mrs. Lois Sinyard and working in the strawberry harvest. Mr. Frank Leatherwood was here from Foulk a few clays last week visiting Mr. Arthur Collins and children. Ralph Smith, Giles Foster, Irene Turner and Swan Garner attended a singing at Bethlehem Sunday. The Parthenon in Athens has a col- Hinton Sunday school was well attended here Sunday morning. Miss LaFrunce Simmons spent Sunday with Miss Gladys Black.v Mrg.-'Ob'te^ Jon'es visited*w/jtlv Mrs. Rosa Elledgc Thursday afternoon. Married:, Mr. Pnrriell Adams' to Miss Bertha Strobcrry of Falcon.' several clays ago. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Adams or scheme which includes red, and gold. blue ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION Saturday, May 20th, 1933 The annual school election will be held the Third 'Saturday May, 20th, 1933. Polls ope nat 2 .p. m.' and close at sundown. Directors may administer oaths to the judges and clerks of the election and to the directors elected. All districts having 150, or less, per- rons of scholastic age shall elect throe directors to succeed present b6ard of director". One director shall be elecU ed for one year one for two years.and ,one for three years. In all districts having more than 150 persons of Echoltstic age there shall be elected one director for term of five years to Succeed the two outgoing directors. The polling places will be the same as fixed by the County Board of -Education o£ Hempstead County. "' H. M. Stephens, County Judge. CIALS SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Spring Hill The Fifth Sunday meeting was well Attended here Sunday. Had some good serJIWBS. good dinners and every one seems fr to Jj»V« a good time. 'is returned to her fc* wclay after Mis* Ruth Sllrwl ('.)• Halves, No. ZVi Can 15c PORK & BEANS MACARNI SWEET POTATOES Candied, No. 2 can CAKES-ass 19c Receiver Is Named for L Oall Club Unable to Meet Last Year's Deficits— Will Continue Season LJTTLE HOCK— (/Pj— The Little Rock baseball club of the Spujiern n wa£ placed in receivership ; State Senator Ed pa- 1 receiver by Chancellor ORANGES Each OATS, 55 02 pke; CORN, No, 2 can LEMONS, Dozen SALT, 3 paclcages OKRA, No. 2 can .... LARD, 8 -pounds ' COWEE, QQg 8 pounds »>^V 10c 10c SOc —MARKET SPECIALS— SAUSAGE, Pound HAMBURGER, Pound STEW, Pound STEAK, Pound PORK .CHOPS, Pound ROAST, Pound - lOc 10c 8c Thursday, loa was Do«M» rjTJS.S2:S|lP bonpe01 R. V, Stephenson GROCERY ANg'HARKET Authentic Spring Fashions In A finer and more outstanding selection of Frocks than you ever saw before! ; ' -•' • . - -'-.> ''. ' ,' :.-' Embracing all the new style fea- and in such interesting materials as Batitte Voiles ique- Voiles PrinU Organdies Combinations $1.97-$2.97 Pay Cash~Pciy less.' PATTERSONS Everybody's Cash Store 51st Jubilee Birthday CORNED BEEF 25c Armour's Two 1 Lb. Tins for PRESERVES 35c GRAPEFRUIT lOc Country Club Two 1 Lb. Jars for 3 Large For JELL BARGAINS FOR SATURDAY AND MONDAY 6 Cup AH Aluminum Dripolator—65c value Coffee 'S?r 7 59c Corn COUNTRY CLUB 3 No, 2 Cans 20 Milk COUNTRY CLUB 1Q Tall Cans for 49 Soup BARBARA ANN Six Cans 25c Cherries-Red pitted, No. 2 can 10c Country Club All Flavors Package 5 TISSUE lOc Clifton's 3 Rolls ORANGES 12V2C Florida Dozen BEVERAGES lOc POTTED MEAT 5c Celery-bleached, Stalk 5c Salad Dressing-Embassy, qt. 23c New Potatoes—Ib 3c Carrots-Beets-3 bunches 10c COOKIES-old fashioned 2 Ibs 25c U. S. Government Inspected K. C. Beef Beef Pot Roast K. C. BEEF-POUND STEAKS ROUND Or LOIN-K. C. BEEP—Pound 19c Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Otung* Lemon ot Lime 24 oz. Bottle Armour'* Veribeet 2 Cans BRAN HAKES 19c Ground Beef FRESH PURE MEAT-Pouud Sliced Bacon FANCY RINDLESS^Pouud 13c Hams ARMOUR'S Picnic Style 8~to 8Lb Ave.-Lb, , Smoked Bacon ARMOUR'S-POUNP 10c Pork Chops 9ic SALT MEAT i A fax? from tW* pUce »Uended Ihuroh lit O«k QttVe Sundny "after- Rylie tewalten spent Friday last week with Mrs, J. T. Cumble, itatjofie Butler spent the week end |th Marie Stuart, llss Louise Robertson spent Satur- nlght with Bernice Currtblc, lift* Ellen fiyers was the dinner uert bf Miss Bernice Baker Sunday, luth Ann Cumble spent Saturday with Dorothy Robertson, iiite a number from this place at- rided the Fifth Sunday meeting at •ing Hill Sunday. it. .j, T. Cumble was the guest of er sl.iter Mrs. G. P. Putman of Oak Jrove Tuesday. Rent It! Buy It! Find It! Sell It! -With- HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, • The quicker you sell, 1 insertion, We per Iin4 minimum 30c These rates for consecutive insertions. 3 iniertions, 6c per line minimum SOc 6 insertions, 5c per line minimum SOc 26 insertions, 4o per lln* minimum |3.U (Average 5ft words to the line) NOTE—Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may be diarged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement,' before the first publication. Phone 768 2La& f> >,i >• ' 1. 'Vfi^SKJiiLEi Brisk Trade Helps Cattle and Hogs Yard Prices Rite Nneven- ly, However, Chicago Reports CHiCAOO-Trade In live stock Tuesday was featured by an active and unevenly higher market despite a slow demand for dressed beef. All buyers seemed to be in need of steers, with Eastern killers particularly anxious for kinds selling in the upper and lower registers of the trade, although Intermediate classes were not neglected. General steer nnd she stock values were 25c up, while bulls and calves were strong. A steady to 5c higher trade embraced hog offerings and lambs ruled steady to strong. Top hogs moved up to $4.0S despite lack of competition from shippers. The East took out only 200 hogs. Oth. er killers, however, cleared the fresh supply, leaving 2,000 over again. Cattle Choice to prime yearlings $6.50fi'7.25 Good to prime yearlings 5.75^6.50 HELP WANTED RELIABLE man for Hope District investigating, collection, contact work. Write M. T. SILZER, Murray Bldg., Jasper, Ark. " Itp WANTED—Reliable men 25 to 50 to supply established demand for Raw- lelgh Products in Little River county; also city of Hope. Other good localities available. Company furnishes everything but the car. Good profits for hustlers. Write or see J. A. Gulley, 1003 Foster Ave., Hope, Ark. 27, 4, lie Wanted high class man represent State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company sell casualty automobile insurance. Company licensed in 33 states, has highest rating, saves buyer 35 to 50 per cent. Good proposition. Write E. S. Barrcntiue, 211 West Second street, Little Rockj State Agent. 2-3p FOR SALE Look! Certified Porto .• Rico-' and Nancy Hall sweet potatop lants now i ready. 500 for 75c, 1000 for $1.25 and 15,000 for $6 post paid.' W. H. Rhodes, iMcCaskill, Ark. 3-6p Extra fine super acid phosphate in cotton bags at $15.65 per ton. Sec me before buying. Bonnie Shipp 3-6c isveral good refrigerators, taken in on Majestic Electric boxes, ices $3.50 up. Phone 450. Hope Music Co. 3-3c Beer Is Cheaper We have all kinds at 15o bottle, $3.50 case. State Line Beer Garden. Leo Robins. 3-3c FOR SALE—Pair of work mares. Broke every way. Also two mammoth jacks. R. E. Cooper, Washington, Ark. 3-3tp Fair to good yearlings .. 5.00015.15 4.50P5.25 3.50^ 4.50 2,50*14.50 5.50<f?6.00> 5.00T/'5.50 4.50<f('5.0Q 4.00©4.50 Common to plain yearlings a.SIMN.TS Choice to prime steers Good to choice steers Plain to fair steers Common to plain steers .. Stocker and feeder steers Choice to prime heifers Good to choice heifers. Fair to good heifers Common to fair heifers.... Kosher cows .-. 3.50W3.75 Pair to good cows 3.25(fi3.50 Plain to fair cows 2.9063.25 Canner and cutter cows 1.75<7j'2.90 Bologna bulls 2.50W3.10 Butcher bulls 2.75<S 3.50 Veal calves 4.00CT5.75 , Although trade In hogs was on a slight higher basis than a day earlier the market throughout the session was a slow affair, lack of outside demand .bringing about the sluggishness. A good clearance was effected, however, before the market closed. Most of the good to choice 180 to 290-lb. offerings sold from $3.90'& 1 4.00 I top reaching $4.05 for three loads. Butchers scaling 300 to 370 Ibs. bulk, ed at $3.80<i/3.90, while 140 to 170-lb. stock sold largely at ?3.50(?< 3.75, with packing sows from $3.50ff?3.GO and pigs downward from $3,50. Hogs Good to choice, 140-160 Ibs $3.50^3.80 Do 160 to 200 Ibs 3.65TKOO Do 200 to 250 Ibs Do 250 to 350 Ibs Packing sows Slaughter pigs 3.90W.05 3.80^3.95 3.35W3.60 2.75<f/ 1 3.50 Lot 175x100 feet. With North and South approach. West Third street. For filling station. Phone 742-w. 2-26tc FOR SALE—Ford 2-door sedan, 1931 model. Now tires, good condition. Easy terms. A. M. Blevins. Phone 1644-F 1 and 2 or call '180 2-3p looking Forward' Film of Business Lionel Barrymore, Lewis Stone in New Saenger Feature ,-• "Looking Forward" showing Thursday and Friday at the Saenger, deals with the lives of two business men and their families under the acid test of the depression. Lewis Stone plays the role of a department sttre owner while Barrymore, at the other end of the economic scale, is a bookeeper who has grown old in the service of the firm. Barrymore again has the "sympathetic role of an underling, duplicating the heart-warming success of his Kringolein in "Grand Hotel." The store owner, fighting disaster, is forced to dismiss his old bookkeeper, while the latter, faced with the loss of his livelihood, finds his family rallying around him to make a new and better start in life. The store magnate is deserted by his flighty young, wife and is on the brink ol selling the store to a rival. When ev. erythlng seems blackest, his children come" forward, and by their courage and loytlty help him to pull through. An exceptionally fine cast portrays the large number of characters in "Looking Forward." In addition U Barrymore and Stone, the featured players include Benita Hume, Elizabeth Allan and Phillips Holmes. Laredo, O-Too-Tan, Velvet Beans, Hegari, Sagrain nnd Cane seed and plants. Ornamental gold fish and supplies. Monts Seed Store. 1-26 Best prices on shiners and gold fish. Hollis Luck. McPherson's Filling Station on Fulton highway. 29-6c 1 Nice fat hens and fryers. Prices low. We buy all kinds of poultry, eggs and hides. Hope Produce Co. 214 South Main. 28-Gc FOR RENT Four room apartment in Duplex. Hardwood floors, hall and bath, large closets, garage. On paved street. Close in. Call 178. 3-3e FOR RENT—Modern furnished T duplex apartment, Fifth and Pine. Call Phone 114W. Annie Allen l-2tp. Bed room private entrance and both. Garage. Gentleman preferred. I Phone 655-W. 319 N. Elm, 2-3tc NOTICE LAWN MOWERS sharpened. R. L. raylor. 815 West Sixth street, Hope, Arkansas. 5-26 Belton Evangelist B. B. Crimm of Hope will preach here at 11 o'clock next Sunday Everyone is invited to come. Mrs. J. M. Hampton of McCaskill was the Wednesday night guest of her son and family, Mr. and Mrs, J, V. Hampton. , Several from this place attended the baccalaureate sermon at Blevins Sunday. Mrs. D. Manning of Tokio was visit ing relatives here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Siddons and Miss Lota Daniel were shopping in Nashville 'Saturday. Jimmic Hampton of McCaskill a^tended B. Y. P. U. here Sunday night Mr. and Mrs. Care Bell of Friendship were the Sunday guests of Mr, and Mrs. C. T. Dotson Sunday, Don't forget the singing here next Sunday afternoon. Exerybody is invited to come and bring your new books, C. T. Dotson and son Shelby were in 'Nashville Friday. Samuel Leslie was a business visitor in Blevins Tuesday morning. There are 300 dialects in the 45 stock Indian languages, according to the Smithsonian Institution. WRIGLIY'S URMINT WIN BETTER /- ^ „ u ib j g*t.'-. '4- OUR BOARDING HOU FIRST THINGS t WILL HAVE SOME000V06IS «* FVWNT "WE HOOPL« THE 1XXD6S A SmELOIN PDVAL BLUE AND GOLD, WttM ^ 71,1 A LfcOPAAt), niw r W~T» •*w^ JL tAeetfc/ SCHOOL. o 1933 *y *u MHVICC, me. KO. g. f Willie Knows Something ! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Major Should Know! SALESMAN SAM socKeo cuvtU sowe/oM wevefc. OOM- OF THP.T, i »ou&HT, fttu^oup sHoes FeeL. -\ AKAPCIf a. ""*' WASH TUBBS ^\S EA-SS TRIES TO RISE-, TUG AWT6 KICKS TO THE FLOOR HE, TOO, IS CAUGHT TWM PREAPFUU HOOK. HM IS THEIR.FIRST TASTE OP gROTM-lTY SHIP "JOMftH". THeV HWtfc MET Wt»« MASTER »H TMRTIEST, CRUELEST, MOST VICIOUS IIHW OF TW&7 « W**H CHMlSeS WITH THfc He CM RHP—<\ Bach to Uncle Harry's Yacht By BLOSSER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THERE. THE.Y 6O-BOY.' IT 6IVE5 ME THE CREEPS TO see. THAT THINS GO DOWN.' C jjlAKIkl6 COMMAND OF THE SUBMARINE., WITH FARBAR AMD HIS BAND OF PIRATES CM BOARD, Ab PRISONERS, THE. CAPTAIN OF THE, NELLIE. M. 5AVS GOODBYE. TO THE. BOYS 60OD LUCK,LAD5,.,. I'LL TURK! THIS CAR6G OFCPOOKS OVER TO THE AUTHORITIES IM 5AKJ PEDRO... THINKS, ^DOM'T MENTION IT- WE 6OT * BIS THRILL OUT OF IT-SO LOW6/ HARRY TELLS THE BOYS TO HEAD STRAIGHT FOR HIS YACHT; ON THE NORTH SIDE OF COCOS ISLAND, AND HIS SEAPLANE LEAVES THE. • WKTEB- -s&ib^ The Cheering Section ! THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) COME OM pLAV AT \ &ED! YOU' ME CM-LEO RAVED TH«T OUT. WE NN&S \ TEM You ^^E^H TME TEAM LOST, TO NOTM\N&, VAWO\-fc OEODEO OW FIRST ~TUE UKP \^JA»S ^s JUUE LOSJE s\wce. You CAME SftFE A GUV >,*.•

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