The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1940
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VOLUME XXXVJ—NO. 2<)<1, BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS — •— ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI *^^ ______ Hlythcvlllo Dally News Mississippi volley Lender Courier u lyUlfvln , ,, mU , ' ARKANSAS AND »AY, MAKOff SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Goering Says German Air Armada Poised To Strike Mighty Blow „ D,'-,-'V'' N ' Wiu ' cl1 '• (UP)—(liiiTmw airplanes broke m> a fnni'mr ;i,,,i u.,,,1. ,.„„„.,,.i ,u- , ' '""•" >»<»ii. »|> h<uih ships today, thy ol'lidal l.V wilh a dcclnralinn f. juiii GOIM s only th<> Comes March! March came in like a— The renewal of attacks on British sea power was announced soon after Sunincj- Welles, u. s undersecretary of slale. arrived lor conferences with Killer and other high officials and on the fifth anniversary of the founding of the German air force headed by Goer- Ing. "Several ships O r i,j e |, tonnage were stink by bombs and several others were scl nflrc." the announcement said. "One convoy group was broken up." But, according to Goering's Es- sener National Zcitung, the attacks on British shipping "are nolhing" compared to the tasks I for which the air force is prepared. "Germany's air force stands before its second lest, which will be its greatest and which awails only Ihe fuehrer's command," the' newsnauer said dpspniiinir Mm ,. —today and, ac- PO..J, campaS'as'X 5 iS ™ "* '° ^'llT *''" '"""T The announcement of today's ac- l>10 ' ) '"" 5 8° «ul like a- t tivity said lhal British warships, convoying armed merchant ships. were attacked. Welles. United States Undersecretary ol Stale, arrived today for his conference with Hitler anil other high German officials. He was met al the Anhalter railway station by Baron Carl Von Weizsacker. Secretary of State for the foreign office: Huron Von Doernberg. Chief of the foreign office protocol; representatives of the United Stales section of the foreign office; United states Charge D'Affairs, Alexander Kirk; the en- "Tffe United Stales embassy stall, American newspaper correspondents and a sprinkling o( Japanese, Pin-' but for the-time being at .least, It was a pleasani Experience for Hlvthevllle and vicinity. and photographers. Welles had come lo hear from Miller and other leaders Ger- registered yesterday. low was 3S degrees. I degrees Last night's The lion may roar laler bul Ihe Is sweet music ....... .tnuv.i.^ i_iei - rne lion IT many's viewpoint, on the war and I bleat of thr. world affairs in general and lo ° make a report, to President Roosevelt on what he learned here as well as in Paris and London, which he will visil later. He hart landed j in Italy, conferred with Premier Mussolini and had come to Germany for bis first conference with the head of n warring nation. Nazis regarded lib arrival with caution and skepticism. Yesterday for the first lime. Genmm newspaper reatlers were Informed that. Welle.'; was coming. They had had a hint, of it earlier in violent editorials denying that Hitler was going to outline any peace plan to tiie ameiicim visitor. Foreign office spokesmen made these observations on the visit: 1. Hitler was ready lo hear what Welles had to say and ready lo (ell him (he German point of view regarding the possibilities of peace; 2. Germany lias no peace pio- posals to make; 3. Germany doubts Dial Welles' (our will lead lo direct peace negotiations; . .... -...,, l= u 4. The visit was not publicized "•'rnnllomil Understanding. H FIERCE YIIPjfllCITY •inns C I a i in Resislance Continues Slrorig, Russians Report Entry HELSINKI. Mar. 1 tUl'l-IJctl army Iroops, Ii 8 h|| nt j to t) K . Ollt . skirls of Viipnri. today encountered still Finnish resistance according to nil official Finnish communique The Finns also Inflicted heavy losses, Ihe communique said, oii Hus- sians fiBhllny on tlie easlcrn front The fiyhl for Vllpuri on the Karelian Isthmus brought a crill- cnl liiru to the Pintilsh-Russian war. now entering it« fonrtli monlh but dispatches from Ihe lines before Finland second clly were meager. MeaiiH-liile north of Luke Ladoga the Finns claimed lo have destroyed several tanks and to have continued successful Buerilla warfare. in the ait- the Finns claimed lo lave shot down H Russian plunM ulmiitiiiE the loss of four Fin- lish planes they said that reports hat Jive other Riissiini planes had Jcen shot down atvnlled con (Inn- alion. Finnish airplanes, the commun- ique said, bombed certain Russian SIlll jFlood Rushes Down Sacramento River Toward Pacific Ocean SAN KKAN01SCO, Muivh I. (Upj-Tl u . ' fcft l Id t its npi),.,. valley 11 vast diriv 1-rom K,.<Min, r (hroutfl, IU',1 , air base (raffle centers and troop p trains but it was not indicated where the Finnish raids occurred '•Hundreds" of Hu.ssian pianos were reported to have been engaged in air raids and scout Ilights Numerous Finnish towns were bombed killing H civilians and wounding GO. Two air raid alarms were sounded in Helsinki but no combs were dropped. (A Moscoiv war communique said Russian troops were in Viipuri's summer residenlial section a mile south of the city proper .aim were advancing all along the Manner- helm li,, e nfler having captured <iTO fortified positions yeslerdny). New York Cotton open high low close close 1102 IKM 1080 1081 1072 1047 1047 1038 SlIU 978 'JG8 %2 504 955 %'() DGO 1)60 1004 HO'I 1072 108:t 1038 101!) 9(1(1 98:! 055 <JO!I SCO At Ooliisii vvali't- tacked Into n Despite friiiillo eflm-ts of relief workers and limners lo slreimllicn | levees (lie Sacramento river broke I through early today south of Me- ' r Mian. Tlie crest had not reached the break. ; The American Legion post np- i pealed for boats in the belief 1 t ml residents Imd been "caught" sliorl, Meridian, wilh a population of 51)0, was expected (o be Isolated shortly but the wilier evlciKiltiij southeastward would run Inlo ' Slate Tax Pay. men Is Reach New All- rime Record '''TTLK liocir~Arfc.. Mar. ,.-. of S ci an all-time record , »UUL i uii 11 iiu ,1 , •• • -• * "ii u 11-ur.iK' JTLOKI slough before reaching Yilba Ctlv, '" ""' ">°»l» In Arkansas, stale " --• "-" ' ' " Commissioner •/,. M. Mc . nmouiicrd ycslcrduy. They higher than Peb- II was believed. Between Colusa and Sncrnmenlo ! Clmol) workers bolstered the levees mid if I * m ' " they held Hi " iiarmlesslv th e.s mi .. - mi .'c e Mood could pass I " mf >'' lfl; '». y rough Hood yules al! llst """"Hi's 2fl-dny collecllons Sacramento imil spread over an I c<! '"l'nral (o Ihe holies! total o( <.5,uUG r.crc by-p.iss eslablishcd for '" v " lon11 ' '» "ic slate's hlslorv 5i.Hi pr.«v..,. nn .i... I SJ.034.ii9, ergencies, new rains came Ihe worst of Ihe flood threat was gone Meantime 5000 persons were home , --- "••-•K..1J, ]9-iO. Hie 1-Vbriiiiry sales (ax collections or $.no,103.l8 also established « "'cord ol revenue from that "ii-iiciumc aooo persons were home- " liLW " ol revenue from that less in the Sncrmncnto valley, nine! S . u ""' e '» lllt ' sliortcat month ol were dead and damage could not I " lf yi ' nr - ''''"-'-V compared lo S377 ac estimated »|ihoui|li II was ex-! m '" I'l'bninry. ID:!!), -f •' peeled (o exceed $7.000.000. i yuu ' s Increase was attributed ' «'r. nicCarroll (o a Im-.m- tmi. his d by Air. nicCarroll (o a larger force ol n»fl to hetler bus!- -obb Funeral Home Occupies Handsome, Commodious Building ivvpjiue lies; Lust month's total was swelled v automobile license tecs of S9St)..')6tf,35.. which was almost $200.- MO more than February, IM Mr Mrrjnrroll said revenue frotn Ihe sale or nuto tags represented reports mlide by.' agents after Ihe aeiidliiie for buying licenses wlth- oul a ucntilly January SO. I'art of it Included penalties collecled in February. Gasoline Tuxes Up Tlie commissioner said the month's s?7B.l!L>a.7:t In gnsollni; LEW M U. S. Uiuli'isccrclnry Rx- pcdecl- To l-h vn Audience Wilh 1-litliM- Soon UKH1.1N. Miiirh~!. (Ul't-For. elyn Mlnlsler Jtiuehliti Von litb- hcntrop (odny cave Biimm-r Welles an "cxlrcmt'ly Inlm'slliis" survey ' «f Maul foielxn policy as a prelude lo (ho /Uni'ilran undersecretary of mute's conference tomorrow wilh Adolf Hitler, Welles hoped | u talk wilh Marshal Hermann CloerliiK In cornice (ton with hts Inquiry | U behalf o I'L-esldem Doiisrvell Into war tine licucc prospects in Europe, lit lulkcd with Huron Urns! von Wei/, siH'ker. undersea-tiny ol' loreljii nllaira. dtirlu« his 2'i-hour visit to Ihe foreign office. Al the sinuc time It wns Icninei that lending Nazi parly functionaries and dish-let leaders were nr- rli'tng In Berlin for eonsullallons bclliu'ed lo be cnnneeled with the Welles visit, Tho American representative- sntt lie had received every passible con- filcieratlon and courtesy from Ihe Nazi KOi'crnmeiH and 'it was nn- dcrsltKid tluil'Von Hlbbcnlrop nave Ills lengthy explanation of the German alllludc toward the wa tincl the German demand for security of "living space" In central Europe. Thr. foreign minister's explanation—for relay to President ttoosc veil—was understood lo have covered (he Gorman view of fundamental reasons for (he war and (he determination of Ihe Na/.ls lo break llrlllsh domination and until ft. fair share In (In; world economic structure. ' So far as could bo learned—and i wns iiinpha.ilxMl iby the. official press—high Niizl officials held out no hope to Welles Hint a compromise settlement or temporary peace can be arranged without lance of Ihelr demands. Raymond J. Kelly To Arrive Late Today, Will Speak Tonight City's Guest Dr. Doman Sees No Hope For Permanenl Peace Otherwise New Orleans Cofton ^ i ^rsssa,^. ^ -si : jri r,;r $SM " openln^w,,, be held wtthln a short ,'T'greilS Increase lasl mo,,,,, iVfay Ji.'l. Oct. Dec. Jan. prev. open high low close close 1113 1113 1105 noc UIQ 1030 1C01 1081 1084 109ri 1054 1&55 1047 1048 1058 S80 SSI 059 (113 9gf 9CO DB9 058 j) 58 07 ; 961 901 %4 95| not Stock Prices A captivated nudience which filled the high school auditorium] last night heard 30-year-old Dr. Nicholas R: Doman. brilliant lee- A. T. & T hirer and representative of Hung-1 Am. Tobacco ."' ary lo Ihe League of Nalions, dis-| Anaconda Copper cuss "Central European Tensions" Belli. Sleel for Ihe final of four free leclures Chrysler sponsored by Ihe Blylhevllte Ro-; Cities Service'!!' laty Club in an Institute of In-'Coca Cola .. " ' " • • - ocn'l. Klcct. Gen'l. Motors T. nit 1 VI.-JU. wus not- pnuiicii'.ea ^ i "" i " j "<" UHUL-J.->UUUIJHU. tie was *-'tni. KICCI. in the press because Germany want- i introduced by C. A. Cunningham. Gen'l. Motors etl to avoid building up atty false I TllesC lectures, given at two week'lnl. Harvester . hopes in its people. Intervals, have given intereslsd Mont. Ward Blytheville citizens an insight inlo N. Y. Central' ! LONDON, March I. (UP)—German aerial raiders attacked coastal shipping and a British naval convoy with bombs and machine guns today and the Blue Funnel liner Pyrrhus was sunk "by enemy ac- llon" off the west coast of England with loss of eight lives. An authorilalivc statement said naval (hat the British fought off lioyal Air Force planes race the scene and lliat neither warships nor the were damaged. o . . . . the influence of aviation in inter- North Am. Aviation national relations by an address Packard ...... by II. Canfleld Cook, a Canadian Phillips ...... and widely traveled in European Radio ............. countries; n study of Ihe slrugglc ' Republic Steel . . . lor raw materials by Dr. Allen n.lSocony Vacuum . Albert of Paris, 111., nalionnlly Stndebnkcr ...... known lecturer who appeared for^Etd. of H. J ....... the second consecutive year- a Texas Corp. ' ' synopsis of Britain's 'stake in Eu- U S. Slcel ropcnn crises by Eric Illlngivorlli who spent most of j 1st in Europe for the past two „ „ years, and a clearer view of the M^V The German aenal attacks ap-j mtiicalc position of u, 0 c e V " pnrently were in reprisal tor the ; European countries at this tin, most extensive Royal Air force lasl night's speaker fhghls-by bombing craft _ over I spcafc'iiiit rapidly m ^ dillcct C.crmany since the war .started. ; which was understandable despite Tlie planes made six to ten hour i his foreign accent. Dr Doman flights over big German cities and gave a complete hlslory of the se'v ' Mav coaslal bases. j eral Central European' countries ol! ju'ly (llic l»s(. present and r,, Ulrc wilh | p . _ |thc conclusion that creation of a rire Uamages Used federal union would be die 172 [-< 87 1-: 29 75 1-: 83 1-: 4 1-1 1M i-: 37 5-1 52 i-: 53 7-1 53 5-1 1G 24 !-< .'! 1-1 37 l-< o 1-; 20 1-2 11 i-4 11 1-4 43 44 3-1 57 3-f. open high low close 1021-2 1021-2 1003-8 1001-2 1005-8 1005-3 935-8 333-4 Chicago Corn open high low close 5SS-8 585-3 SO 1-4 551-4 " SI 553-4 5(53-4 , ** — --....i »tnmi u niiuiui iiin 1^171111ptt 1 lime following beginning of Inisi-' O vn Fct ",W ness today In the new tocalion. ; h incom Pnr/'U.i u i,,l „ u. ., "-' »«*-Oin Purchased . number ot years ago by Mr. Slorall with a view of converting- It Itita a modern I'uiiernl home, the building. alUiougli ere-ji- ed as « residence, has been used us a public place al two different lines, ft was used as the liomc-iTf > old Alcazar Club and ngain 3i- the clly high school while the resent building was lmrtw . co]1 . •truction. Since the story and a half brick :ullding was purchased, ,\fr Stnvall ms done extensive enlnivlM" sw- :rnl limes, having Just compleled .he final work of converting the .iigc building i mo „ Inol t cr ,i ,-„. ;eral Imine ,ind lour private uoarl- nents. The most recent changes Include . front entrance into the chnpel Inch was made by thn removal •1 pillars between two large rooms ast ol the receptioi) room where nere is a fireplace. Another front .nlrnncc was made Inlo two con- .ccting rooms to be used ns offices, living (he establishment three -ronl entrances. The chapel has ceil redecoralcd and mmlrrn .•qulpment added. Tiiree otiier rooms on the first loor, excluding the private apurt- nsnt 0,1 (he extreme east, will be ised for display and work rooms. On Ihe second lloor ihcrc K a ivc room apartment, which is to oe the home of Mr. Am \ Mrs Movall and son. Billy. nn( i sov ,. ra i ic tax collccdons. This year's S2'1.51i!.91 compared lo $15,- B 'ircfz- P em i s cot Farm Bureau Adopfs 10-Point Program CARUTIIEnSVIU.E, Mo., Mar. 1. —The I'cmlscol County Purm Uu- reau committee adoiHed a ten- polril plan of work for the year )U40, al a meeting held here nt the Tuesday, M. D. Am- 'jur[>cy. county ngcnt, stated. The 178.^0 in February n year ago. Mr.]..,, . McCarroll said many persons hinl 1 paid the tax earlv this year I '--Sponsor extension work In (lie Beer sales tax' collcctloni; ol-™" 11 ' 5 ' b - v providing ncecisary lo- 1 cal expenses. 2—Continue lo get hospital Insurance service for $138,K!6.1i; In January, 19-10. jLumpanymy liiuu-,;— •••-......m,,. .in>in. iui nt $100,000 which' F' 11111 Bureau members. 3 —Hold In escrow and re- m °'i(hly Board meetings. 'l--IIave . i .. i _ . <-. _ . ,, )))) ft!*} tt'f fniMMilU n f ci i-\»,\,. ln,,\f. collectible in February "ioM be- i 'cnslon agents mid (nriti an:l home cause they iwrc not effective'until 1 ""' 1 " 1 " 1 " '"" -•' March. Trachoma Palients . .arge storage rooms, excliisivr of Furniture Store - ^ i ue IK..SI solution for these small countries which (ace either this or domlna- _. , . lion by Gcrmanv or Ru<sln Fire, which broke out al 3 o'clock n, dlscawing the po^Mesoli, this morning, seriously damaged a ' lion lo the eternal T furniture store building and Its the Central Eurone-in cm,contents al 618 South Lake street. Dr. Doman pointed am i' , , Firemen fought mull 5 o'clock "United states of central P mnr- lo extinguish the flames, origin of could be possible under imL which could not be determined, nc- leadership of the H-i xh,, « i cordlne to Fire Ohief Roy Head ruling dynasty of the forIP/'A damage at $500. tro-Himgarlan empire or if ih\-- < manager of the could not be done, another kl IB In used fimii- might be ,, S «1 ns a Cnehea,, Conllnued on page 3 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 1)].. Marc) , , cUP)—Hogs: 8000-0500 on sale Top 560. IJO-230 Ibs.. S45-5GO. 14C-160 lb.5.. 450-510. B"lk sows 410-405. Catllc 700. Steers 9GO. Slnughler steers 630-1150 Mixed yearlings and heifers 750- , two new private apartments which with tlie storage places were recently added when a complete i:e\v wing wa.5 built on (he south side of the original structure. Ganges for 1?. automobiles, ambulances ;md funeral coaches are underneath the new apartment* and slo.-age rooms. 1 Cobb Ffi-.r.eral Home, formorly j known ns Cobu Undertaking Com| nany, was founded about 40 years i ago by the late ,1. o, cobb. oil,- o! the earliest undertaker.'-, iu Norlh Mississippi County. U|)on his death. a stock company was formed ,Uth Mr. Stovall as m.injgcr of the tcrnpa-y (or the past 23 years. ConiH'drd wilh Mr. ijtovall in the business are his brother .1 U ' -- - Ctitters & low cutters, 315-500. b'loi-all. U. w. .\tullins Coigll. and Troy Acconling to ofllclal British sla- tlsllcs. widowers. If they remarry, preler spinsters, while widows show a jirefercnce for widowers. shown In tlie accompanying table, i repi-fseiilcd about leased to llic slate after coiisll- "" nctll 'e coininltle to study legls- imionnlUy of the Nyberg act harl' inl1 "" < Il -'iillii!; with fanning. 5— been upheld by tlie Arkansas su-i l' l "ehase and dtstrllHitc 4-H club prune court. The same was true- 1>lns - *>—Sponsor llic Planl lo Pros- o( (he liquor sales tax Neither was I:cr P™8">m. 7—Assist local ex[tension agents and (arm an:l home leaders In carrying out dlllerwit i phases of the. extension program. 18—accurii supplies tluouBh the , Stole Farm Bureau service department, (or Its members. 9-Or- IV. r t T^»ni t K n " in ' Ffll "i "mean locals la ench lo Uet Ireatinent township 1,1 th c county. IO-AP- point a tax committee' to sludy Trachoma patients from Uiis dis? Hie local tuxallon sKualton. trlct are lo receive treatment In After some discussion, the com- Joncsboro Tuesday al a cluilc con- mitice dccltlcd to mime a siiccial paiir asawba dlslrlcl of the American Red Cross, announced today. The local Hcd Cross chapter is taking care of the transportation expenses of patients in this sec- lion. All local patients who are to make the trip should meet al the office in thc Lynch building Tuesday morning at 8:30 o'clock. Stops will be made nt bus stations ill Leiichvillc and Manila :or other Patients. Hiiymoml J. ICclly of Detroit, . . .- -• --."v «' ui;utj! Mkl),, niillonsl comntaiKler of the •\nicrlcini [.„«!„„. wh() „,,„ ,. "I the city aiulliorhun. 8 o'clock lonlglii +liy phiio about r> o'clock. Commander Kelly will be gucsl of honor at an "Open House" su»- lier for ex-service men of Ulythc- vllle and visitors beginning al e-'M o'clotk, which will be followed by a imrndfl at 7:45 o'clock to the C'lty Auditorium where he will speak, The address, which Is for Ihe imblle as well as the ex-service tnen, will follow a concert, by the HlythC'Vlllc school band which 'is lo be held al 8 o'clock. " Mailed plans have been completed for the vlsll of luc na- llumil commander who chose Diy- (hevllle us one of ihe five cllles In Arkansas which he would visit. In this lour. Hecatisc of the muddy condition of the Illytlicvllle airport, hts plane will liuut at. the Luxora airport. He will be mel (here bj- n delegation of American Legion mcmuor.s. who with slate police will cscai-i Him to this clly. U()on his arrival here he will be at the Hole) Noble unlll he goes nclcd by the state welfare de- committee to promote recreational aliment, Mrs. Tom Uradsher, attlvliies among both the vonnit uccutlve secretary of the Chick- folks and adults. ^ linU'Kn rlltl r\r.t r*f thm A T.I or! i'Til Hand Cars Used to Steal Railway Station Safes MONTREAL (UP) - Not content wl'li stealing the safes (ram two local .slatIons of the canidian National Railways thieves "taouowc:!" the railway's hand cars lo transport their loot from thc scone of 'he crime, Breaking into (lie sr.uion at i>t. •uslache and Cr.ibtivn Mills, the thieves trur.dlfxl out Hie si ions boxe-s and transjioili'd them down the track aboard hand cars to be opened at their leisure. Using hammers and other tools lo open the safes the thieves got $li5 from .st Kustaclie and ill Irom Crabtrce Wills. Both the land cars and the „, .„.„, , empty vaults wore found liesule (he i cess that the slate will open Approves Measure For Additional Judgeships WASHINGTON, Mar. i <UP)_ Tiie house rules commute lode to thc American Legion mil where more limn 200 out of town World War veterans, Including a large number of prominent Legion offl- [ lilnls, will Join will! Ihe members of Diul Caaon posl to welcome their uallonul leader. : ;- Comiimndcr Kelly, visitors nnd oilier Legionnaires will lie escorted to the auditorium by Die school band which will lead Ihe parade ot marcheri) hi lormallon. : . Coming lo BlylhcviUe from Foil Smith, where he was guest of honor al n breakf.isl meeting, and Fay-- ellevllle, where lie addressed' the University of Arkansas student body and ultoiidcd a luncheon meeting of Leglontialrcs (jlefc, (he nallnnal commander will spend to- nlnlit in Blytheville before going to Little Rock early tomorrow for n luncheon meeting and (hen lo Hoi Springs for it banquet before li'aviiiK ihe stale for n speaking engagement in Louisiana. Tiie vlsll of Comiiuuulcr Kelly In considered one of llic t're.slest compliments ever paid Hie Dud Cason posl which has .. been a leader In Arkaims In affairs of World War veterans. 'Oils post nol only boasts a large ., . ..-- — -,..m., „, Us membei.vhlp but one of Its tnein- Wesl Memphis plant. hers. E. A. lllce, Is commander Prosceiitor ,Inhn K. Dull of En- ° r ll| e Filth Dlslrlcl which lc:l the 'ttn Springs, rciierscntlng ihe "'' "•'" " •'me. and an attorney for the dls- lllencs were present al llic hoar- n? and asked Trimble to delay ac- Jon on the motion until they hud 'me lo subinll briefs cs Inler- vcnors. They cotitciiilctl Unit in '" (hi- ivlihkcy wis '-elciifcd to| thweslern It would be spirited' out of the stale and they would unable lo Slalc, Federal ' Govern- in c n I s, Corporalions Want $230,000 Stock LITTLE ROCK, Mar. I. (UP)— A Icjfnl Imlllc over possession of 'Pproxlmatcly $230,OfJI) worlli of Iqiior was in mil swing here today with (he federal and stale govern- nenls. fniithweslern Distilled l>ro- h'cts, hie. nnd several distilleries is tlie participants. Federal Judge Thomas C. Trim>le heard arguments on motions "' the Southwestern company seck- » release ol Die liquor which wns ' by fedora] officers u entire stale this year In early nicmberrrhlji enrollment. Vote Tomorrow On Schoel Directors D ' r , cct0rs lm 39 ECll "»l ^ S f S ^ ^"^ ""' bc e ^press their HII|,IK !C &ilt «nl«5' wheel voters are to n! " 111s . cast Ihelr annual ballols. A HI/.IMI ^ . i i ' Petitions for nominations were •tals. u H ID " , •;'"*" l " D nlwi l!1 somc cascs but '» masl of ^ ion, " llt "" ; " 1 , ! " < " i ", lil Solltl1 - UK-, (llstrlcls. ihere will be wriling of I i-r^'u''^; 1111 , 5 ' S "' IW ' 1 '" °< " ume « on '"« tallols - ' lor nu,.. Ihe dbllHcrs- have filed Al Ulythevllle. J A Leech and ;;li" ;n- , 1; rrox ,,a,e,y mm ou ,, M . BJvck „„ ,«„, n ^£ ini li(|imj MOcKk. wlu , Uvo to ,,,, e i c( , lc:1 The coinnniiy to-tnv aske:l tlr.u Voting will be done between 2 tilt wiirriint on which llir Honor «ml 0:30 p. m. al the City Hall scl/i".i be qna<;ii(!(l and that nnd the former Hardaway Appli- ' • • ...... the Bo forfeitur " "•• •)«••• '-ivti iin\| lllilL "*"i i iiu ivil UICi 11UI \UHVH > rtppll- iverninent action to obtain, nnc'c biilltling across from ihe Firsl nc l:e dismissed. Thc hear- Presbyterian church. Ing was continued until Mar. CoUonwoot! Point Baby lo Ihe ating two additional federal ch- cult and nve additional district jiidgshlps. Born On February 29 ^ COOTEH. Mo.. March ' 1. — A "Leap Year Day" baby was born M. | At Orceola. the voting booth will be at the court house where i in oilier communities designated places such ns thc school, a store or hank. Insl One Judge would be added to the -,•„,, slxlh circuit and one to the elBhlh tliiw circuit, comprising Arkansas, Iowa.'been Missouri. Minnesota, Nebraska.' M r North Dakota and South Dakota. New Jersey Teaches Attend Meeting Of ModeMPlane Building Dental Group Thursday Dr. Fred R. Child. Ur. p. Don NEWARK. N. J. iUP)-The slate ur ma n rl ,,,,, , of New Jersey Is organizing Its own E mtth and Dr H V government aviation training sly 1 evM «™i rv M 9 «-, , conrse-for model al,v,a,ie build- .n^ 1 ^ 1 "^ cle^r S ofc±' Warned Of Weight Limit Restrictions •-"JII.UIMYUUU t'Ollll LUSl I1|OJ1[ J) o'clock, for the only Fcb 20 b'.iljv ' CARU1HE RSVIL.LE, Mo., Mar. 1 born-in this section so far as ~ Trllck owners and operators ot could be learned today ' '" s count y »nrt vicinity were ad— • vised yesterday by the State Highway Department of weight load restrictions on five highways in this section, The maximum weight allowable is 40 pounds grcss per infh wldlh of (ire. and not exceciing a loial of 20,000 pounds gross. Highways restricted include Ihe following: Route 07. In Madison, , Wayne nnd Butler comities; Route 70, in Madison County; Route 60, in Btit- Ur county; and Routes 35 and 55. i, n h.. i • T , • fl, M' W , B '! s ClglU ftlld .nrnpf |10 "' UfS - " M not ' y<l i I Mr n , r c " U - e , S * f0 '"" - !'" Ca ' )R Girnrdcau mid Scotl WEATHER tracks. nil over the state --- -- ~j a*.*^., i»tw., Arkansas—ciioivers tonight imi on demure construction. Saturday, warmer in east portion ie lecturer. toul?ht, cooler SaUirdiy, ' . Nlchol, president of the,' Memphis and vicinity—Rain to-.- ---• —• Taylor participated n|oiu ar.d Saturday, .warmer to- ln the program and Dr. Child was night, lowest temperature about 60 n member o! the program commit- colder Saturday, considerably cold- tcc - ier Saturday night, . children's hospitals, orphanages 5 m- and juvenile cotTectton centers, was imuf^re^Cbnshec. "last^yfar BrDr ' T°'' V ™ Aml ° f ^ »««""• "«« vteinlt^.R»in to- am.havebeerlleeli^uch'a^ hiZ ^± 1"^ "X« "± ^l™^™'. *

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