The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1949
Page 9
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WWDAY, MARCH If, Ifi4« BITOTVILLB '(AMEJ 00UB1ER NEWS PAGE REPAIRS - IMPROVEMENTS ,'IMQDEIING lome Ownership icrease Urged Expansion Program Called Best Offense Against Nationalizing I JACKSON, Mian,, March 22 — A llgorous program for the expansion If private home ownership is the Ibest offense" ag&lnst a threatened I atton aliiing of the private lioiis- \\g industry, participants In the outhwestern Savings and Loan onference were told here. I This statement was made by [torton Bodfiah, Chicago, Ohairnmn If the Executive Committee of the fnited States Savings and Loan League, trade organization for the |14,000,000,000 savings association islness. He spoke at the Hcidel- irsr Hotel before a luncheon meel- tf of the conference, comprising |avings association managers Iron 4ississipi)l, LoulsiaJla, Arkansas Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado Missouri and New Mexico. "The more families thit own the! Iwn homes, tlie better the chanci lhat we can outrace the socialist! Impulses and trends of the times, Bodflsh. "But this Is only pos e it the savings associations wor! Iriore energetically and persistent! han ever before to encourage Hi onstruction of more low-price ouses, and If i^ strives to make onie financing terms more and lore attractive for 1 'the small home uj'er." Urftt UndmUindlnf Tlie speaker urged spending more Inie and effort in creating better (Ubllc understanding of what the fovernment ownership and opera- ion of housing projects means to his country. "Let's read the record where pubic housing has failed," he said. Bodflsh declared that "there Is a striking and fearsome parallel that everyone should be conscious of bc- ,ween what has happened in and and what Is likely to take place here once the government takes over the production and operation of nousing." 'Certainly, everyone should know that private home building Is at a standstill there because of government regulations and restrictions and that eventually—if we continue to pursue today's course of action— the same thing will happen here." Bodfish contended that the major portion of public support that nov. exists for federally-subsidized hous. ing conies from persons who sincerely believe tliaj such housing is intended solely for the lowest In come families. Said he: "The illusions of these persons would be speedily destroyed if they would study the latest housing bill introduced in the British House of Commons by the incumbent party. •'This measure proposes to delete the term "working class" from the housing act of 1936 and encourage local authorities to develop housing Chimneys Important- as Fireproofing As Well as for Heating and Health Bjr Henry J. Wlncalc i Architectural Engineer Regardless of the type of fuel burned Jor home heating, a clilm- ley Is necessary to maintain a draft to bring fresh air to the fire and .o carry away harmful gases resulting from combustion, The flue through which the air and gases pass and the surrounding masonry must be safe and efficient, with all joints tight. Defective or over- neated chimneys are the greatest single cause of residential fires. A masonry chimney must stand free, giving no support to ind receiving no support from the house; should extend at least 2 feet above the highest point of, the roof; be protected from weather with a cap of stone, tile or concrete on lop of the perimeter to shed water; and the flue lining should project a few Inches above the cap. NEWS FOR • HOME OWNERS » BUSINESSMEN projects for mixed Income groups. • Man Limit llljh "The bill, which is sure to be pa.vied, also permits a direct homo loan up to $20,000 to be made by local public housing authorl- es What a far cry Ultfi is from le low-Income family!" Bodflsh warned Ills audience not o Indulge in any wishful thinking tat enactment of ciu'i'ent housing ^islation before Congress will con- lude the expansion of public hous 18"Let's face the facts/' he contin ed. "Tlie present housing bill, I assedj will make the forces of pub lc housing stronger for the nex .dvance. "Our only course Is to fight thL hreat at every turn, in whateve way we cnn, and try never to b discouraged. For we will never wi his fight unless we sincerely be ieve we will." You Can Now REDECORATE and pay easily with an FHA LOAN Yes, at Deal's Paint Store you tan gel 45 minute service on arranging your FHA Loan. No mortgage is involved; the loan is just a promissory note . . . and as a requirement for the loan you can either own your own property or have a lease on the business. So decorate now on these easy terms. All kinds of remodeling are included: the installation of both tile and hardwood floors, painting, wallpapering, purchase of new furniture, upholstering, etc. Call today for details. DEAL'S PAINT STORE 109 E. Main Phone 4469 When You Buy Venetian Blinds Be Sure They're Made of Such clean Venetian blinds! Dust skids right off this Mlin- «mooth pUttic-fmithed aluminum. Bcndi for quick brush- tips, snaps hick into perfect shape! Lighten,easier tooper- ate. And the beiuty lasts? Fireproof, weatherproof. Won t rust, chip or crick. Your quality guarantee is the FlexaUini name oti each ftlat! Custom-made only. Bring window measurements, choose decorator colors. So Arkansas Paint Glass & Wallpaper Co. 105 East Main Phone 2Z1Z For Expert ELECTRICAL WORK CALL THIS MAN Whether it's electrical repairs or a complete wiring installation, you can be certain that the job will be done carefully and efficiently if you call Charley's Electric Shop. Over 20 years experience make it possible for us to promise you that we have the know-how to do the work right. Next time be sure . .. call ?,993. Charley's Electric Shop 112 S. Fifth St Phone 2993 llit roof >nd all floors and ills should be built so thtt no imbustlble material Is within 2" the chimney and this space lould be filled with fireproof mln- al wool Insulation. A chimney is best located near le center of the house so cold Indi will not chill It, earning It lose heat and draw poorly. If xposed to the outside, the outer itmney walls should be it least thick to reduce heat loss and hance of air leaking Into the flue. olnls In the flue lining must be ght. Ench piece of heating cqulp- icnl inuit have a separate flue, wo or three of which can;be placed n the same chimney. When mulll- le flues are usea, their Joints should c slnggercd 7" or more. The most common fault In chini- ey construction Is failure to co- rdlnitte flue area and height. While ehamney may be tnll enough, the ue cross-section may be too smnl or proper combustion. For a fuiv lace the flue's inside dtmensloi hould be at 'least 8x12"; for srrml nulpment like a stove, «x8" Is suf- Iclent; for a fireplace, 17 square nches of flue area are needed for nch square foot of fireplace open- ng. . The best construction prnc- Ice Is to make ill flues large enough for any type bt equipment. A chimney Is expensive to remodel f changes are made In heating ucthods. When placing a chimney on tho outside wall of • house, consideration should aUo be given to ap- icwanoc of the chimney and Its architectural unity with the, house. Real Estate Transfers REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS (Chlckuiwbs Dlitrkt ) Ed B. Coolc to R. C. Wheeler, lot 18 Block "A" In the Ed B. Cook Subdivision, f ! and other consideration. Richard Faught to Blythevllle Special School District No. 5. Lots 1. 2 and 4 in Ruddle Heights Addition, $2.000. Joseph and Elsie Oraticil Fulgham to Herbert and Allle Hillmon, Lot 14, Block 2 of the Pulgham Addition, $325. Arthur R. and Nancy J. Chapman to C. T. Judd. Lot 7, Block 5 of the Gosnell E«tat« Subdivision Jll.OOO. Joe Downing, Jr.,' and Llllle Downing to W. C. Gates, Lot 5 of Block 5 of the Wilson Third Addition, 1400. Mattie Lee Cla«by to Hulen E. Faulkner and Frunceys Faulkner, Lp,ts 9 and 10 and West 20 feet of Lots 7 and 8, In Block & of Parkview Addition to Manila, $6,000. J. L. Lent I and Maude C. Lentl to Trutcs Eagan, .Lot 14, Block 8 of the' Chicago Mill and Lumber Company Second Addition, $750,, W. T. and Bessie Franks to Earl and Hester Belle Kddlngs. part of Lot 10 of the Overton Survey in Section 31-15N-9B, $135. W. L. Finley to H. A. Sewell, West 50 feet of Lots 1 and 2 and 3 in Block "B" of the Henry Ashabranner Addition to Manila, $1,000. Opal Wells Plnley to H. A. Sewell, Lot 1 of Block "B" of the Henry ....... Remodeled Houses Ease Home Shortage Home modernization and repulr, ion »t an all-time peak, are solving the housing problem for thou- mnds of American families and relieving the heavily burdened home building Industry of considerable pressure, according to building experts. Improvements of this type increase the supply of desirable hons- Ins, since they often transform old, run-down dwellings Into attractive liomes which can be expected to serve for many years. Yet, wi tho experts point out, tlioy require fur fewer building materials and less Inbor than new construction. Tims In effect Ihey serve to stretch the nvailable supplies nt a lime when both materials and labor are at a premium. A nationwide Irndc orgaiilZHllon of financial institutions which spc- clnlUe In home lonns reported recently thRl the volume of home Improvements In 1948 will be tl.e greatest on record. LOHIIS for nixjor repairs Riid inortcnilxutlon during the first seven months of this \eiir were about 20 per cent above those for the corresponding period In 1847. The orRtinlzallon cx|M-cts Hint Us Experts Advise Insulating While Erecting House For maximum savings, bolh In the size and cost of the hentlng plant and In cost of the installation, the best time to Insulate a home Is while It Is being built, according to engineers of tlie Construction Research Bureau, New Yoik clearing house for building InforniHllon. Installed cost of full-thick butts or blankets of mineral wool amounts to only nbout 3% of total construction cost. When * home Is completely protected with this mn- tci'inl In waits and roof, a smallrr heating system Is required with a cost having for this equipment of •25 to 30%. The fireproof mineral wool fits snugly between studs, joists and rifteri and the tough paper vapor barrier on one side of the b«tU or blankets provides a flange for ffnn fnslenlng to the framing members, Installation miring construction Is rapid Mnce the space to be Insulated Li accessible. The bat! or blankets are put In place «s soot as plumbing and wiring are finished and before wall and cclllnj fln!t,l» Is applied. 'onrd's first since Its members were ppolnted by Governor McMath. ['he only holdover from Ihe pre- loui board Is J. A. Neavllle, Qrlf- llhvllle, whom the governor des- gnatcd as chairman. Wontn !>• hint M BOSTON <UP.)— It took U». Ctthsrln* Rusto «n<t h«r daughter -about two w«tlu to Jfclnt their three-story Mattaptn ham* during their spar* hours. PRUMNTUl MSWUKI COMPANY Of MBKA members alone will have lent $150.000.000 for these purposes by the end of 1048. This, of coiirnc, represents only a portion of the total funds to be spent for repiilr v niid remodeling. Many home owners planning modernisation of their hories will not find it necessary to borrow. Others will finance Improvements through government agencies or other private Institutions. Frequently Improvements of major Importance cnn be mnde at moderate cost and with little disruption of household routine. Mnpy home owners, for example, are revitalizing their home Intel 'ors by such measures as installation of new oak flooring In rooms where the old floors are shabby mid severely worn. Arkansas Parole Board Calls Meeting for April 6 LITTLE ROCK. March 22. W>|— About T5 applications for clemency nre slntcd for consideration of the Arkniuins purolc board at a meet- Ing M'vll 6, The April meeting will be the Addition to Manila, Ashabranner 5300. K. W. and Settle P. Mahan to H. E. Lone, psri of S 1-2 of the E 1-2 of Section 17, lying south of th« center line of drainage ditch No 6 14N-I1E, 39.S acres, $12,934. H. W. and Battle P. Mahan to L. O. and Amy Long, E 1-2 of Section 17 lying north • of the center line of drainage ditch No. 6-14N-11S, 230.8 acres, $20,000. Odell Campbell and Ella Pearl Campbell to liar Leborn Wilson and Madte Elisabeth Wilson, Lot », Block 6, of the Ruddle Addition, $5,500. Mllroy Wells to Floyd Mooney, part of W 1-2 of E 1-2 of the NE 1-4 of Section 5-14N-10E, lying West of Bayou, and W 1-2 of the NE 1-4 »nd NW 1-4 of Section 17. w 1-2 of E 1-2 of SW 1-4 of Section 32, and W 1-2 of SW 1-* of Section 32-15N- 10E, $800. Joseph L. and Elsie Oradell Fulgham to Qeorge and [Fannie Mai- Small Shrubs Are Best with Low Houses Dwnrf trees or low-growing shrubs are best (or landscaping the plot around a low ranch-style house. Evergreens should grow no higher than the window sill, and n varieiy chosen that will spread Its foliar. not grow slender and spiked. Divarf varieties last a generation or more, do not shut light out of the rooms nor destroy the effect of picture windows. Ordinary evergreens outgrow their positions within 10 yeara, require annual pruning. A nonrtnl flowering shrub re- nuire.s a space 5 feet across; dwarf variety 3 feet. Three plant- 1 ! of either type in 15 linear feet are enough. Overplantinc on a small plot with a large number of varieties Hives a crowded effect. Choose .symmetrical, slow-Browing plants aiul avoid freak Khaps with startling foliage color; dark green Is beat. Plants which seed abundantly require yearly removnl of new seedlings. The Sign Of BETTER PLUMBING In the United Slnlcs In I94B, the Salvation Army conducted n total or 676.000 meetings nnd 100.000 open-air services. gnrd, Lot 11, Block 3 of the Ful- ghRin Addition. «225. Odell und Ell» Pearl C«mph«n to W. P. Robertson, Plot In Section 33-1GN-11E. J1.500. Hilcfred Bunch to W. P. Robertson. 10.43 acres In Section 33-15N-11E, $5.668. John H. and Christine Smith to Jack Finley and Elenc Robinson. Plot 100 by 177 by 100 l«t In Section 17-15N-11E, »nd Lot 3 or the Sam Barnes uddltlon to Blythevllle, JtO and other consideration. Outsidt WITH DeLuxe White $5.70 per gal. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PETE IS THE 'LUMBEI •• Juit telephone 2731 •r drop in at 109 N. 1st SAVE $40 ON THIS VERY SPECIAL OFFER. Reg. $140 HcaUr — $100 This Offur Expires Midnight March 31 A NEW DISCOVERY ut ttot Water ? Yttl The fcknilfic dlicnvrry that M y>«cI«f«^-Af •)(/ hot wticr J* purer jiml ctrmcr for «rer/ boo** With t hi ItlW Ptrmaglai^Mtt Healer you cin <m]oy complete freedom from tank ruM::i freedom from corrosion clirf. Th!i madtrn water heitcr has a tunic of mirror-smooth, sparkling blue gliss-fused- lO'Stoel. It's sanitary as a clean drinking glutl It CANNOT tint or corrode. ' 'Matches ymir other modern appliances, loo. Fully «utom«ilc. Ever rc«dy with all th« hot water you need, iparkling cttnit. JMITHwcy Watar H«at*r« • 10 Year Guarantee Complete Line of SmithwH.v Hot Water Heaters In 30 to 50 Gallon Sizes Jesse W. Province PLUMBING CO. 127 East Vine Phone 2719 WAKE UP! Here's the Opportunity To Own Your own HOME! Friendly Bnildirtft Phone 551 2S'x25' SURPLUS ARMY BUILDING .(Shown Afler Conversion) $695 F. o. B. LOADING POINT , A small deposit will hold Bldg. at today's prices Don't confuse these buildings .with any others ever offered in this community. Comes complete with 2'x6' rafters, 2'xS' floor joists, double hang windows, double floors and a 210 Lb. shingle roof. Completely built of seasoned lumber. Truly your home in a hurry. Com* In ... Call or Write For Fr«« Information Mid-South Surplus Building Co. 108 No. 5th Blytheville, Ark. Write % P. 0. Box 123 After 5 P.M. Call 2720 Phone 4905

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