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HOUSTON TEXAS COUNTY MISSOURI THURSDAY OCTOBER 21 1913 VOL XVI Houston School Notes LARGEST AMOUNT EVER ASKED GOTH EET CUT BY WHEEL ir Rs More News rom 'J Baptist Church Notes be discussed' We had a splendid 4 pic the Wednesday mbrning Jap Will 1 am not quite to my 74th Say I nnvnr karl iJinncrnfr ahnilt TlAnniP I1V Sherman Shipp Hurt for the State Notice! Read! to walk Association Entertainment It may interest a few of The Re Church South at Old Rusty Jas A Wood Pastor the Postoffice slightly above ft The Accident Happened in Springfield at Depot His Condition Was Serious Is Reported Recovering Slow Amount of Expenditure To Reach 1240 Million Con gress Must Provide Reve nue Legislation or Bonds The Republican extends a hearty welcome to the teachers and they will always find our latch string on the outside 'Rry usiug bur chairs? iams passed through Houston on his return to his home hear Licking Jap sold out and went to the great west to get rich While here he said that the west was no country for a lazy man Guess he will be contented here now Sunday School at 10 a Aid meets at the home of Mrs Pearce every Wednesday afternoon Prayermeeting Thursday night of this wpek at 7:00 Sunday 1 Sunday night October 40 Ward 30 years old was shot to death Crawford who is suspected ot being one of the high waymen lies in a Tulsa hospital with bullet through his left lung and is said to be dying jy Ward is a son of Mint Ward and was a Texas countain by birth The father lives on Piney River near the old "No place was married and leaves a wife and some children He has a large number of relatives and friends in this county who will be sorry to hear of his death Shannon aged 45 one of the leading realty and insurance dealers of Wright county was alarmingly injured at 7:55 last Thursday when hefell under a pas senger train at the Mill street pas senger station in Springfield as he stumbled while attempting to board the train Both legs were cut off by the wheels of the cars just below the knees The victim was imme diately removed to the risco hos pital where he was given medical attention by Dr Hogeboom According to reports Mn Shan non had some trouble in securing his ticket for Mountain Grove and tried to catch risco train No 101 as it was pulling out of the station Spectators say that he fell over his suit case since it was knocked some distance as Mr Shannon plunged under the train He escaped in stant death only by one of the de pot employees pulling him from un der the car Some however say that the door of the car was shut arid that he lost his balance and fell goi ng under the car he es cped death by pushing his body froth under the wheels Some think that if he had stumdled over his suitcase his head would have been thrown under the train in greatly revived He began a meet ing at reedom church Tuesday night of this week next Sunday evening at 6:45 John Rhea leader These meetings are interesting inspiring uplifting' We are proud of our band of young people Several new mernbers were added last Sunday evening Pastor Shacklette will preach at this church next Sunday at 11 a and 7:45 The pas tor is preaching a series of sermons bn Old Testament characters His sermon on the life of Joseph last Sunday night was instructive and helpful miss any of these series Subject for next Sunday morning will be "Moses or Bible Sunday night subject "He Paid the of our neighbor girls Elsie and Emma Stuby daughters of our Dutch' tailor took to themselves each a life partner the other day and we are going out of our way to wish them all the happiness that a long life may have stored up for them TEXAS COUNTIAN KILLED IN OKLAHOMA BY BANDIT Henryetta Oklahoma October 10 1915 We are having some fine weather now Just cool enough to make a little fire feel good I hear of a lot of chills and fever in these partis but so far our family has been exempt Hope it may continue so There is considerable 'building going on in town now Carpenters and plasterers are kept busy Kusa a new town five miles east of Henryetta is a busy place now The new smelter is going up there and lots of residences are being built 7 They have 150 houses con tracted and they are going up very rapidly The corn crop was fine here this' year and is selling at 50 cents per Tsushety 'Cotton is not very good The stalk is fine but the season has been too wet for it to set on lots of balls The school buildings are all crowded We have three good school houses in town but still need another one Some children well I should say yes The potato crop (irish and sweet) is good armers are selling them for about 75 cents per bushel I am glad to notice that oil men are becoming interested in' Texas county Hope they may strike it rich county a big boost Yukon when we used to work in the nursery together you and I were near the same age blit land goodness since then gained 1 6 years on me In a recent issue of The Republican you said you had just passed your 80th milestone and Sunday School at 9:45 a'm Union prayermeeting the Park Hotel Thursday at 2 Home Mission met with Mrs arris Wednesday afternoon Preaching at Yukon Saturday night at 7:30 and Sunday at 11 a and 7:30 We probably rancisco girl residing at 721 Bush Street had a narrow escape from drowning and was rescued by surf bathers who hurried out in a sam pan Miss Hamilton had ridden out al most a mile on the board and was preparing to float in on the combers when 'the frail piece of timber upset and she was unable to climb back upon it Not being a swimmer her plight was critical Bathers heard her cries and were able to reach her before she sank "Surf boating is great sport if one is able to swim but I would advise the non swimmer fb take no chan was the advise which Miss Hamilton gave oh her arrival today on the steamer Wilhelmina from Honolulu She was accompanied on the Hawaiin trip by Miss Anna Decker another San rancisco girl rancisco Call HIGH SCHOOL SUPT RUSSELL 'PRO' PEAK AND MISS PURNETT School will be dismissed on Wed nesday of this week for the 'teach association Thursday riday and Saturday The Excelsior Literary society gave a very interesting program on last riday afternoon Mesdames Young Duke Wilson and Hicks visited the school last Tuesday afternoon We were glad to have them and hope they will come again The different text books for the advanced agriculture have arrived and the class have now begun real work A new book case has been added to our library equipment also sev eral new books The first quarterly examinations were given last Thursday and ri day Every one is breathing a sigh of relief Misses Myrtle Williams Mary arley Ethyl Trusty ern Deweese and Jessie Leonard and Mesdames King and Brown visited school riday afternoon Houston and Cabool will play two games of Basket Ball this week SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES MRS MOORE Alfred Howerton entered school Monday of last week The oster note books 6n History have been received and the eighth grade pupils are busy bringing them up to date The book shelves have been re moved to the back of the room agd a new slate board is being put in the front ive new library books have been rpr ivpd for these grades Washington Oct The larg est estimates of government expen ditures ever submitted to a Secre tary of the Treasury of the United States in time of peace will be pre sented for the next fiscal year to morrow as required by law for dis cussion by congressional committees in advance of the regular They will be examined in detail by Presi dent and his Cabinet next week With an estimated increase for national defense of about 150 mil lion over last year together with the cost of new tasks imposed on the State Department and other branches of the government by rea son of the European war it is prob able the amoumt sf expenditures will be augmented to a total of' about 1240 million If Congress agrees to the admin program for strengthen ing the army and navy it will' be obliged to provide for additional revenue legislation or the executive branch of the government must issue bonds Although no estimate of receipts for the fiscal year beginning July 1 1916 in which the increased expen ditures will tak? effect has beeij made by officials now are convinced cannot count upon more than 750 millions for the twelve months and: some believe the total income will' not go above 700 million Congress is to be asked pass two revenue measures early in the coming session one extending the emergency war tax which expires December 31 next and the other providing for retention of the pres ent duty on sugar beyond next May when it would go on the free list' Passage of these measures however would not increase the present rev enues With both in effect at pres ent there has been a deficit of 35 million dollars Estimates for the government de partments except state war and navy are practically the same as last year Additional forcein the diplomatic and consular service and at the State Department and extraordinary expenses abroad in the work being done by American embassies and legations will require an increase of about $1300000 Department The estimates for Department' will be the 299 million dollars estimated for the present year The increase is credited to the automatic promo tions of carriers and clerks provi ded for by Congress increased pay for railway transportation in the Middle States as a result of the new weighing stations and the natural growth of the Star Stockholders Meeting The annual meeting of the stock holders of the Bank of Houston will be held at the Banking house in Hotfston Mo at 9 a on November 1 1915 the object being the election of directors for the en suing year and such other business as may property come before the meeting A Leavitt) President Covert Secretary be interested will come before this jt interest a few of The Re meeting Be on 7:30 sharp pUbiicau readers to know that two riday 7:30 Lecture at Baptist church riday 8:30 in Reception at High School building Th Houston Orchestra will furnish music There will also be some excellent vocal selections The Houston Republican a 1 Thrown into deeo water when Resisting highwaymen in front her surfboard overturnen off Hono of his store at Dawson Oklahoma lulu Miss Tressie Hamilton a San a suburb of Tulsa about nine Thursday 4:00 Basket ball i vs Houston Thursday 8:00 pm' 1 riday 4:00 Basket ball Arvel Strandridge Hazleton Cabool vs Houston Aurelia Snow Hazleton Ora McClogin Raymondville Nettie May Raymondville sArroll Jessie Taber Lilly Green Arron Wesley letcher Success Manirva Harlan Success Bert Morton Houston Minta Stricklin Houston LCvClVvvl 'Vi UlCsv giauv Isabel Dooley and' Ruth Lamar worked mdustrivusly to preserve some beautiful flowers by waxing but alas for "the best laid plans for mice and A number of pupils accompanied by the teacher went to the woods Thursday for autumn leaves Mrs Hicks and Mrs Johnson visited our room last Wednesday OpalJVesterman entered school last Monday 1 ITH AND SIXTH GRADES LY MISS GLADDEN Our room accompanied by Miss It would certainty give the Hicks and Miss Lyles went nut hunting last Thursday alter school All enjoyed the trip and a few tures were taken Last week was examination I would be glad if some of parents would urge their children to do some home study Several patrons have visited us lately Wewould be glad to have all the parents come and in that way you may see what your chil dren are doing Glen Burch is a newly enrolled pupil making our enrollment 46 THIRD AND OURTH GRADES MISS PARKER The attendance for the past two weeks has been very good There were nineteen in room three who were neither absent nor tardy du ring the first month Nellie Smith fell and broke her right arm while swinging on the giant stride one day last week but bravely came back the next morn ing with her arm in a sling and be gan learning to write with her left hand Mr and Mrs John Parker Mrs Young Mrs Duke Mrs Hicks and Mrs Wilson visited us last week We have been trying to beautify our room by preserving autumn flowers and leaves IRSTROOM I MISS LYLES Ruth Harmon and Maudie Baker were absent this morning because of sickness Thejsdcond grade have begun reading in their new books Every body come and give the will begin a series of meetings at teaching force of the county a Yukon at this time hearty reception' Jas A Wood Pastor never naa inougnr auoui people liv ing so much faster in good old Missouri than they do in Oklahoma but 1 guess a fact Yesterday there was a new road grader passed through town behind a new Case engine to work on the road west of town have better roads now Black oot if you are going to Lof nrotarmnlAnQ twifh mp this VP9r AIT members of Eureka Rebetyah its about tjmetyou was getting here Lodge No 21 are requested to be as gy are getting scarce but I present at our meeting on riday jsaw a oadcome in yesterday But night of this week Some very im 1 are iots of pumpkins and I portant business in which you will gUess have pumpkin pies McBride a Pugulist School lesson for next Sunday 'will be discussed' We had a splendid Tuesday just about noon meeting iast Thursday night 1 Carroll of Raymondville brought Evangelist A Maxey closed his his wife to town to have some den meetjng at Macedonia Sunday night tai work done and after hitching with 7 ad(jitions and the church is his team Carroll started toward tne Texas County Bank When near the center of the street Mc Bride approached Carroll and start i i rt' I 1 eci io iaiK io nun uuu cuxviuws Carroll he told McBride that he had no business with him and did not want to talk to him whereupon McBride hit in the face with his fist The lick knocked glasses off and Carroll said that he could not see what McBride was doing and all he knew to do was to' try to knock off blows 7 Through the efforts of Mrs Mc Bride and rank itch the combat ants were soon parted with no dam age to either save glasses At the end of the first round Mc Bride although he had not deliv ered a knock out blow was' entitled to the count The audience though small enjoyed the free show and the marshall was "non Prodigal Returns Utxil UUUVV11 uuuvi VMV stead of his feet It is very doubt fill if any one will ever know just how Mt happened Mr Shannon had spent the day in Springfield conferring with Gaylord Douglas' of that city whom Mr Shannon sepresents at Mountain Grove in the farm loan business has been a i resident of Mountain Grove for the past nine yars and six years of this tine he waseditor of The Mountain Grove Journal The last three years he has been the farm loan business and has made many friends all over and adjoining counties At the time of the accident his condition was thought to be very serious and little hopes of hisrecov dry were entertained but he showed a' wonderful constitution and now he is thought to be doing very well The Republican certainty hopes Sherman Shipp met with anac that he will soon recover1 cident last Sunday morning He tyHis son Shannon will had hitched one of his mules to a carry on 'his business dti0nehOrse buggy and started to Os Mountain Grove I car and about one half mile north of Raymondville he met a motor Mighty Show cycle at which his mule became 7 rrivAd hpty frightened and turned around start The Monroe shows a nved he Avenins as billed and gave The show I throwing bnerman oui du cauimhsvsx I one hip He is still unaoie onimalchnwandis very good We can bespeak only kind words for this show and manager While it is not as large as some shdws yet the performance is good and is carried on with respect yf Marriage License Legal Battle Over a Child JfXAS COUNTY GIRL IS Last week Laura (Miles of St MOST DROWNED III STS Louis arrived in Houston and 1 ues day she applied to the county court! for a habeas corpus proceeding through which she expected to ob tain possession of her child The court continued the case until Mun day of this week so witnesses could be secured and testimony offered She was represented by Lamar Lamar' 'The child is in posession of Miles an uncle and one of Roubi doux prosperous farmers The mother claims that the custody of the child was given to her when she obtained a divorce from her hus band in St Louis Laura! is the di vorced wife of Charley Miles who is serving a term in the Missouri Penitentiary Dorothy the child involved in this suit has been com mitted to care by the Pro bate court of this county Hiett Scott were employed by and Saturday they appeared before the court of appeals in Springfield and obtained a writ of certiorari and when the enuntv court met Monday they found their hands tied for a while at least County Clerk How ell will send a certified copy of the opening and closing of the court for several sessions to the appeal court and their' action will have much to do with the question "Who gets the.

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