The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1940 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 29, 1940
Page 10
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•; ' PAGE TEN COURIER NEWS 'Honeymoon FslcV- '«>* Few Could Believe The Best Part Of All - That lls Free By NEA Service TAMPA, ' Fla., Fob. 29.—Fifty newlywed couples will get dream Irawii honeymoons on n tropic ib land oil the Gulf const of Pio'rUta on March 8. And that's only the bcglnniiu, After the first two weeks there'll fce 50 more. By September. c>ver 500 couple* from all parts of tlu country will have made .1 rrav honeymoon invasion of the Kl;.nd . Right now, workers on the Is 'and are rushing to completion tlie >0 palm-thatched cottages that .'.'111 house the honeymoonej Imvbonts are being built, one for each couple. Preparations arc be- hg made to welcome cadi eouple ransporl them to die island and leave them on the desert Me alone '. • . that is. except for « olhei couples who will nlso be "alone HOW "HOG" HECAME "HONEYMOON" ISLE - Some years ago C. M. Wnslibiirn, eal estate millionaire, acquired Hog Island, three miles off tlic Florida west coast, not fnr from Tnmpa i Uninhabited, three miles Ions by a half mile wide, Die island perches |hke a proud jewel in the green glistening waters of the Gulf. i "A few weeks ago," Washburn confides, "I was sitting In m y N CW York office thinking about that Island. H wasn't doing me any good. It wasn't doing anyone any good. •'.i "Then I got to thinking about kids who were struggling to get married. What a tremendous item . n honeymoon must be in the budget of a $35-a-weck clerk, I thought. • _ I- called the newspapers and asked if they could help me find kids who might like to honeymoon, without L.chnrgc, on my Island. I changed its name from Hog Island to Honcy- . 'moon Island." THEY DIDN'T 'BELIEVE HIM V:-Immediately, letters began lo pour In to New York and Tampa ' "Is it a joke?" "What's the calch?" ."Sounds too good to Ire true" "Miracles still happen." "i submit my Application for June 15." It's no joke and there's no string attached. Of course, Washburn is •. not totally iimnindfiil of the fa- ; vorable publicity he am! his Island are: getting. But he's doing what he had always longed to do: he's civ- ing kids n break. Tliatehod collages arc belli" put up on the island so Hint "tents won't, be necessary. Fresh water wells n rc Mng <i rlllc( , sm , Untlou facilities provided. The' couples ml) still have to pay their transportation to Tjimpa nnd to brlti" the necessary fowl. H wifie Isn't a cook now, she will be after two weeks of Honeymoon island. No other presons except honeymooners will be allowed on the island DIVORCE LAWYER IS "HELPFUL" ••, Washburn is handling every letter personally. Here Is the reply lie sends to inquiries: . '"The requirements arc as follows: (1) Write a-letter staling the time you wish to arrive, t'2) furnish two references. (3> send a snapshot, of you and the bride (groom) to be, and (4) marriage certificates must, not be over thliiv days old. "I am preparing sn-.sU roof cottages. All you "Honeymoon Island 1 ; I • • "H proud jcicd 1,1 the green, ylislenln" waters' of (lie Gulf." H .wns "Hog Wand- when millionaire C. M. Washburn sat there Later, m Ncvv Y ork, he "got to thinking." Hayti Society—Persona! and food. AS you there will be no stny," . — D ~«. tm jvu nut iiLtjil ™;f u i*!j. nre your transportation "~* "" arc my guest, cost for your Tlic letters are pouring in in a steady slrenm — as many from boys as from girls. Business firms nre donating needed material, civic clubs arc cooperating. A Tampa lawyer wanting to do his part, wrote •Washburn: "I will offer my service free of charge, os attorney to the iirst Honeymoon. island couple that becomes dissatisfied with the matrimonial venture and wish to nave the bonds severed" grammar Fundamentals • Are Back at University N, W. Va. (UP)_ the fundamentals that count r',",^ 6 EllBlish COU1 ' SC of- at West Virjinia University hnf. l' S 8 , '° ng - felt ncc<i fw « ••?(n, rkn10 , wlcd « <; of <"e construe- n ? , , he """Wes. Dr. David Dale Johnson, head of the univer- stj'i English department, has P'o«d Dr- Carter R. Bishop grad yatc ot the University of Lof ido ,, in charge of the course, which win stress fundamentals. Rules for parsing, diagraming, and n general , knowledge of (he parts, of speech wi i] bc , ,, from textbooks prepared by distinguished wen from the faculties of the greater universities of the nation. Mrs. Co)>l> MoAdams of Cnriith- crsvllli. was here Monday visiting hr "' '""" Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mrs. Lonnie Potts, who has been lufuicd lo Iier room with rlieu- 1s able to be up for si little while. H. S. Hcinon of St. I^iuls was licre Monday nttcndlng to business Herman McClauahan of Caiulh- crsvllle >vas here Monday visiting TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS his mother, Mrs. Sallie McClniia- han. Mdmes Nick Downm B . C. J Martin and Oilie Sunders were in liiythevlllc Frldny nftcrnnon visiting Mrs. Jell nosers. Mrs. Elmer Wl'lbanks returned home Sunday from sikcslon where she has been visiting her sister nnd husband, Mr. n lu | M, s Frank Loweiy. Mrs. M. E. Motjjrass ailri sons were in Carnthersville Fridny eve- NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 for Prompt Laundry and Clenning Service nine vl'iltlu" hrr Mrs. O, H. Davis. Miss Sally Fields of Pnscola V..LS here Saliirday vlslllng friends nnd •ittendlng to business. Jay Wright of Steule was here l-'rlday visitini; his niece and husband. Me. and Mrs. Opie Shcplu-id Miss Doiis Come) 1 ol Cape Gli nixldii], wlio has been here V!MI ing in the home or Mr. and Mi- Cleve nuke as the guest of thui 'Khier, Violet, returned Iionn Monday. Mr. and Mr.s. Oscar Haley weir- at Klsco Friday visiting n, U] latiglitcr, Mrs. Charley Prankliu Mlsse.s Ann Sc'liamnhorn Lucillt .lolmwm and .Mrs, Maii-j »eaa e ol Caruthersville were In Paimtngtoj: Wednesday. T. J. McCoIIum of FArinl!i|>lon «is licrc- -iiiKday and Wcdnesda\ attending to business nnd visitfni friends. Mr. McCoIIum lived'liui before moving to Fanningloii la>i sumirier. Air. and Mrs. Oewcy Randolph nid Mrs. Johnny )Jajjdolph clrou to Mcrnpliis Monday and spent l)» __TirUKSDAV, FEBRUARY 20, 1340 Miss Margaret. Faixlcecy of Lux- In the afternoon Mrs. Misses Mildred," irnuic Lois Randolph mid Edna a?ul Ann i Mae Khomie drove to Memphis i ind saw "Gone With The Wind" ' Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith or Slcelc ivcre here Sunday visiliii" ' try again— up today to defend the eternal right of woman to capture as many men as she can. Tlie former opera star, Ion" a „„, „,,„„„ cllrellic si'irerc-r /roiii nltnrllls. met the latler's parents, Mr and Mr" ! " ) " oullce "ient of a' new Holly'" ' ' ' ""•• wcod organization, "One Husbands, Inc." with one withering blast: "What if they get a lemon?" The Hollywood group, married j and single women both included Miss Connie McElyea spent tlJ'"," 10 foluldcrs ' look "'e Pledge- weekend at Cape Gira.deau w b ! ? V ,°' ie 1uisbl " 1(I np!ecc-ns their ^parents, M^nd^rG^—^'^r, Claud Orady. Miss Jewell Alsup, who is work- ; IB at Chalice, spent the weekend ! here ivitli iicr jjarents, Mr. and 1 Mrs. John Alsii)). McElyea. Louis here ness. Miss Agatha Wright spent the weekend with her parents -a Stecle. Miss Mnijle Alexander of Car uthersvillc spent.the weekend here ' °» e "I the leading spirits in the One Husb!m <l group, MLw Mary Rogers, says .she was Inet-its becau>> she believes "tlie first marrlafic is the best marriage." Forgetful Miss McCormic - who claims three marriages but has four on the record—wouldn' (be so sure of that. She doesn't mention iier first nt all. "I think it's a lot of t:\lk" she said. But she docs think that just one more in her own case will be enough. "My next will' he my last," she announced flatly Who? "I know who I'd like it lo be," she sighed. "But I'm still working on it. I know if I yet him I'll stop." Last fall the Chicago singer was wlfc wll ° ls ln a llo spital in that 1 '' 11 ' recelvi »B medical treatment. | • Hal Lynch of St. Louis was here Wl ' dnes[ln y attending to business. Mlsscs Hattic Lois Randolph, . ere , with her mother, Mrs. Wilbur Slit- : Mlu ' 8ilrcl M yi'ick, Anna and Edna 'on Khonrlc nnd Miss MnWe Alesan- i <lel of Car « lll crsville visited friends '" 1 31 >'t"eville Sunday afternoon. i Mcs s'' s Hurold Sulterfield njid C. ! Ul Qrallil 'n of raimington were ! hclc We dnesday and Thursday nt- i tending to business. "'"• Woervn''- Burnett of Car Mrs. Glen Fcrrce, who lias been confined to her bed with a severe case of tlie flu Is able to be up Mr. and Mrs. Vcrnou Brown visited with relatives in Kennolt Sunday. WiJIInm Khduric and Robert' """' """^ Jv « num^u ui i^ar llainta of Cariitliersville returned ' """"'svillo was here Thursday vis- home Wednesday from SI Ixiiiis ( " |UB Mvs - Ecl Jennings, where they had been on a buviiv i A B/r - u - banquet was held at '"I'- '^."ilbe Baptist church Monday eve- Sir, and Airs. Opie. Shepherd j ""' s ' Foli °«'i»g the banquet ad- drove to Cooler Sunday and were i (lrcss . es U J' two of the state leaders accompanied by their niece Miss! : ~ Joe Hudson of Cooler to Bl"thc- i villc where they visilcd Mr mid: Mrs. Unrold Davis. . j Mrs. Willie Cliaflin of Carulli crsvillc was here Sunday visitin her mother. Mrs. B. H. DevW they drove to Bakersvillc and vis itetl Mrs. K. K. Dewecse Fred Hnmra of Caruthersville was here Tuesday visiting his coll sin Edward Khonric. Dr. C. D. Holder was in Cape Wrnrdcau Tuesday visiting his of young people's union was delivered by j. c. Hackett nnd Mr. Crowe ill Die auditorium. Florida, the Bahamas, and the Mediterranean supply most of England's sponges. Annually, $HO,000 worth are purchased from the Bahamas alone. SPECIAL! 1/3 More (or (he same money Johnson's Wax and Glo-Coat SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 e He's divi, ™ Trbh """'• nn " SOn '° WS ' suw « .,- . , Once UefOR ' she uingc should be compflnion-llike being in jail." OLD-TJME BOURBON FLAVOR IN T.W.SAMUELS XEfiTUCSr STKAtCtn UUVUISOX SOFT AND MELLOW AS A KENTUCKY SPRING-TIME UKEE2E Sign the New Register at the Ritz LAST TIMES TODAY IITTLEOIK NEW YORK": •LCH..O FAYE • M«MURRAY • GREENE MtN&A JOtCI "<PV OIVIIU . HINt, IU»K| N10N . ,,„, ,,„ 111 seeypur News ,t Cnnicdv Now Located in Glem-ec Hotel Illilff ADDING MACHJNE &. TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KIWAItnS, I'ropriclor All Makes of Ucbui.l Typewriters, Addinj „„,„„„ anfl Calculators— Kcp;urins—I'arls—Hibbons (HOK HO* EXPERT BEAUTV WORK CALL 106 APPO SU Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP REDUCE SENSIBLY Swtdhh Mus^tt, V»p. Baths Mr*. K«th, Uwhon ROOM THE SAME UNlrORM TEMPERATURE $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. C7 T Phone 76 *Pl FRIDAY 275 C001) KfASONS why you si i nnlil a I lend. <m«0 8ABGMN WKMK BURY - IOHN KOW*SD DOLORES DEI RIO • M G-M Picture Selected shorts" *&&•- DEALER f/RST for the best USED CAR VALUES Coming Tuesday, March 2(ith Fnr a Week's Run "GONE WITH THK WIND ROXY LAST TIMES TODAY I'n) iNighl ' 2 admitted for the price of GAY THRILLER! A C O I U M I I A J> t CIuTl with Warren William A Joan Perry Fri. & Sat. GENE AUTRY j n "South of the Border" . AlsQ Cartoon i- Serial "Kit Carson" LISTEN TO KLCN- 11:00 >.m.-li;45 p . r Fhone SHi rhoneR 0 ,j 333 Let's get together... If you want a late model ear or truck with modern improvements—for o very small amount of money , .'..". We have what you want If you have an older k car or truck to trade \on a fine, late model ear 5 REASONS WHY YOU Will SAV£ BY BUYING NOW I ^AVF AlllIS «'cnrspriced 3MYC tosell fast, in order to make room for more trnde-ins. CAVF Buy "ow-bcforc JMTL prices rise—and save the difference. <kAVF Savewi »tercond!- JMI I. tioning exponso on your old car. You have what we SAVE want Only Chmolet dtoku •fltr intd (on oith on "OK that Counti" lag Trade up now. Save depreciation on your nlii car. CAVF jnti h Save costl y repairs on your old car, ... BIGGEST USED CAR BARGAINS OF THE YEAR* Look In the Qouifad Section o( ihit TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 633

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