Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 25, 1933 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1933
Page 3
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« ngh*H»K w««»to« th«. d*!**** Communal _..,_ Wtttn^of tiny uftsoWcittd news colunirts ta protec^thelf responslbUity in, Advance): By, city, currier, ritr j^moMh,> |atfSs ode y* $S.W.> UjMnall, ttrHi»i|«e«d, .... »„ .. •*. . _ -r, --Iptt-jwifej ical benefit to Hemiptiad' «**&»* gnattit beliaiina Out eo-otMratW •ffort cowiW «,« i* in town. • frogrem, on; the itate highway program, ' and «>or^e//^«nf gwamttvt The Government'* Fin*nce» mr BRUCE CATION NE^ Editorial Writer ^S't&e administration; and. Congress raov.e forward with ^ theie" recovery program, the, ordinary citizen stands a * *good ( chance of getting-hopelessly conf used 1 wlien-he tries ancile the apparent conflict-between' thfr effort's which ! to balance the budget and, the pjans. Which, aije 11 8' .13,' *H***!smt- " * fl , Ofl; the one- hand he sees drastic cuts' in government ex- iditu.res r -cuts i;unnin^ far higher than anyone had sup- ffreaUy possible. Btitas he rejoices over these, he sees that this. same.gov- eirttr ia about toy spend money on a' sc^le never before at- i» time of peace, so. as to. restfoife. employment and. try going agiiin. seems to be. at sharp conflict between these two, On the surface, they appear to 1 cancel one an- 4 vTKis t co»fiict,.yipw.ev.ei:, is more, apparent than real. «* 'me cujta lhat" have beei^ made cdme'ouf of regular, day- ife^day r expenditures. So, far the federal budget has been ie,d, by. something like. $750,000,000, with- further cuts in ^;* Got|toierbalancing tKese cuts c6me th& bond," issues. The j forest'* conservation work will take around 1 $200,000,000; di- ueljief to, the states, will tak'e $500,000,0001 more ; the , and- urban, mortgage relief schemes will 1 require vast K, additional sums, artdja pubjic works bond, issue that might ruh as high as $5,000,000,000. seems to,stand-a good, chance of ' The point to bear in.- mind is ( that these enormous bond do not actually cancel! out the savings already effected. The federal government until recently was somewhat a man, wJio, with: an income of- $100; at week, had> living ^expenses of $110 a weekv Such a, man, obviipusly, is headin» 'fSfcraight for insolvency. Until" he begins living within his income, no one is going to be vesy eagei? to leiid: him, any Suppose, however^ that he cuts hjs living expenses to a- week. He can now, iff he wishes, buy a hou^e afld shoulder' a' $2000 mortgage. The fact that he is far more ^ djpePJy ^ debt that before cuts no ice. He has balanced- his. "' budget by cutting- his day-by-day expenses. Haying dbne sp, ,, : he is a good risk. ? Uncle Sam is in much the same, position. These bond; issues needn't wowy us». pr ; pvided ; that the budget for actual atm'ent expenses is reduced. Frankne**, in th« the OfjKwSrS* Is scattering. Distant *at«xM£afttti«ter-cluslers dire receding rom us at an unimaginable velocity. Sf*K» Is clo*d.aftd>«ph*rifcali but It 11 'orever expanding. These braln'-taxlng concefrtlbhs are engagtHglJr p«s*ehted in "Thfe,Expand- ng UnlVer^," by Sir Arthur gddlrtf- lon; and- whll*. p*rtli»*f» ofc th|s book are altofcfethW twfa^stHi*; for anyone but a trained m^therftaU^rt, (hfc lay reader wl|t;f!nd,iHfp«ftfeof it, atjea*!, a number; <tf WJnd6Ws which give him n breath'tnklng gllmpS* 61 the "world aeyond'tHe start* Sir Arthur makes the new, theories of the uhlVeriHS jumft through hoop,s in. 4. way tfi, dj»&le, y_du, FOJ- example! Since the universe Is curved, a ray of light will eventually circumnavigate it and return'to, its starting poihU But even a,t the' beginning, when" th'e unlverse,, was, ai its smallest, this vdy- nge took flfjfof millior) ye'ars, Ncfw the universe doubles iis radius every 1300 mil!i6n yeark The, \lglfr ray Is on a race, track whose goal? pXtat recedes faster than the light ray can travel. It wJJl. never get qrqund. . And, the philosophical implications .qf, all, this? Sir, Arthur • defines to commit hlrtjsejf, Instead he simply quotes Bottom ttte Weaver;- , "I-have had-a most rare vision. I ,have ha da drearrt—past the wit of man to say what dream it was: mph is. but, an, ass, if he.go, about,to, expound-his dreams. Methought I> was, and-fnethought I.hadi-but m&n is but 'a patched fool, If,he will offer to say what mehtbught f had-. . . " "The Expanding'Universe" is offer,-, ed'by Macmillan for $2. titerary Meet at Magnolia Friday Gont«it«nt« Ready f or Dii- trict 10 Event* April Preparations for the District Mlerapy Meet at Magnolia, ApHl 28-29 are being made, Those who w.lll go to Magi KottUNM'l Studffiu.6f ttttpri Edltof-lh'Chief Assistant Editor.... MP. School, ***** riolla are: Junior girls ptftrm, Lynn Baylesai senior girls piano, Marilyn Ward; junior girls, voice, Hattie Ldutse Douthltt, singing "The Dandelion" by Oayiior, and "Slumber Boat" by ThU .rrrtin; senior girls voice, Inez Tayl6r. singing "Mountains," by RaSback, and "A Brown Bird Singing," by Woods; .senior boys voice, GWIs Rowe, who siligs "I' Love Life," by Manna 2uocq ( and "Friend of Mine," by Sunderson! stnlor girls trio, Marilyn Ward, Hqr- riet Britcbard and Helen King Canotii who, sing "Piratfc Dreams" and! "The April Song"; and senior boys quartet, Odls Rowe, Frank Lowthorp, WWIs Smith and Dillard'Breeding will-sing "Croon, Croon, Underneath .the.Mooh!' by Clutson and "Forgotten" by Cowls. Contestants fpr other events ore: Junfor violin, Payton Kolb; Junipr, girls reading. Catherine Franks; juri- ipr composition, Leonora Routpnj junipr spelling, Evelyn Simpson; senior composition, Jewell Scoles; : .Latip, Helen Hpllsmon; typing; Luth.er something* rather refreshing—and, a,t the same JT time, rather staTtlingr—-aboqt Maj.-Gen- Johnson Ha^ good's blunt statement that an: overhaul of the Wax Department and army organizations could save the government ax n«8t $50,000,000 a year- and increase military efficiency at e- same time, High army officers do not often spealf with such frank. And when thi^Qne-asserts that the War Department is toprheavy/ and would collapse afc the outbreak of a war, it seems obvious that a pretty thorough investigation is called; for; War departments in all lands have a way of growing rigid and unwieldy, in peace time-; if oujrs has^done so, as G.en- ' H"agood -says, a drastic ovechaujing' ought to be in order. To be told, in addition, that this QyeehauUng would act- save us $50,000-,000 a year makes the job seem even alfa^ctive. Official Washington might do well to give Ragood's Words some deep; consideration, Notes of the Pay Yfi is th» time for all good men, to come tp. the aid : pf their th* familiar typewrite,* "tjgst" lijie, was first used Abrafoum Lincom and was. the fiysb written by the type- r's inventor. Chcistophev I^thain Shples, on one of the nj.o4els. When properly space(J, it tills exactly one line d swichine. At the Centennjal Exposition in in 1&76, three yeans after the manufacture of began, exhibitors of the machine found their pTQ.fit, not in Qfdevs, but in selliiig specimens of typewriting eents each. Mark Twain was th^first autho» to, use the ^ on the Mi^feslppi" was the first of a book. The Associated Press at carbon paper to the typewriter.— The most drastic prohibition law. in, the World today is, in Afghanistan, Svhere anyone caught- with liquor' on his person "or property is sent to jail; for six years without, trial, IWBCL 11ERIM. HERB TODAY MOMCA O'UAHE, bountiful, poor and SO. tit In lore wltti DAJV CAHQI.GAIV itho belong! to one of nelvrdere'%rlcih tawHIc*, Blonnle work; to fc>.lp «upDort bVr MOTBKR, tier yoaniitr ' ilnter. KAY. ••«- fcrother. MARK. When DIM'., nil older, lirolher. l« nr- r«ie<l n<- the icnnlflfe where he «r a <^(*. Moniile, KOCH to hi* nld. Utif met* l»; (ODCh nl(k CHARLBil BIJ9TACE, b|ind«oine neircomer to IOCTH nhA ••• In.' «nre will help her. , Bill.. <^lTalrnnnly nrliklnB to h;c-<;n, o«J of • hl«, troqble the name of • the clrr he nn» nllh irhen the rohbery wn* nlnnnetf, ; retain to talk... Th> Klrl, ANGIB GILLEN, ra*hra lo. hint, and. helo*. clear ibl* •nine^ Monnle lenrni Ancle In nhbHt.to.h* divoreed-nnd will then' Ulll, NOW- CD OX WITH THE- STORX CHAPTER VII ^ TMtONNIB; was -writing down a prescription number for old Mrs. Beadle when she heard hla «olce. Her heart began to hammer against her ribs, and ; she felt the warm color- surging . Into her cheeks. Angrily she took herself ID band. When she turned around, after servjng ; her customer, she was quite composed. "Hello, Dan!" •'•Lo, Monnle." He was In one of. bis best moods today, she could see that; He looked- splendid In his riding clothes, sure to make the loafers on. High' street nudge each other and stare. Gabardine breeches, sleeveless tan sweater, carelessly knotted brown tie with a gold pin In the shape ot a crop. "Haven't seen you In ages," he told: her lightly. Monnle aald; "No, Dan." "I've been out of town." Dan went on with Importance. "Dad had some business In Chicago I had to 'tend to." He lowered his voice and It took on the caressing note Monnle knew. "Missed you, sugar/ he said. It wasn't much, but from Dan th.ls meant, a lot. She tried not to ba elated but she was. Dan bad missed her-r-he was telling her so. Why, It njade everything different, iB^d'e the shop, the street, the whole, town, come suddenly alive. She straightened a. case of powder boxes with capable fingers and smiled at him. "Nice of you to say tha.t, Danny. I've been frightfully busy—" Just: so he wouldn't think she'd bee.n sitting at home waiting for hjnv, ttjat was. Well t it was true too, Sna had been busy. Ho ordered some clgarets and paid for thetji. Somehow during the- transaction he managed to get Eoasesslon of ; one slim hand. ' "Monnle, honestly, didn't you even know I'd been away?" She glanced around nervously, glad there was DO one ID the store except Mr. Vernoo himself; busy at the soda fountain. "I've been rushed, Dan., Didn't ypu,!'-rl)er voice grew serious— "didn't you hear about that difficulty or Bill's?" • • • rpHERE. U was out. She bad -*• brazenly dragged It into ih& open, giving Dan no opportunity to Ignore it. He frowned and muttered uneasily, "I did bear some gab about, it 'round town last Slghfe" "BUI Is back at work," Monnle •aid coolly. "Mr. Harnett was glad to have him. U all blew- over." "Well that's lloe," Uan said baart- liy/i, 'Tra miglity glad." He was still prisoning her lingers determinedly itt; b& "Moniiie, I Just wanted to tell yo.u— " Hig role*, <vas low uutl "Monica," he said, "honestly didn't you even knon> fd been confidential and In spite of all her pride and resentment her traitorous heart responded to it. But she was not to know, that day at any rate,, what Dan wanted to say to her because at that moment an Imperious young person In the coolest and- In a few weeks thousand* aj depts wllj, be graduates f»m schools M ovifr the <*ttl»jjry Sn«t of them the questl«n or not they can qffrr4 H « . cation will arise. When one "more about him and sees tljat --,-3 «tf»' more educated peofrle' art IrL d| mand'.and; thaj. a persofj Is n6 Wpr consulted- well educated unless has been graduated from a college university. Higher qducja|lp<i,s«ertfa ] become Imperative at almost art)' co Competition, todfty, is s0 keen a there are so many people striving fj the very same goal; that It would * useless for a high school graduate compete with, a university griidualel equal ambition and nfctive ability. Not only is education needed in .business': mwrjd, but- the W ' 'will not tolerate ignoroiice 'ignorance U Inexcusable. £ there is a sufficient desin; for educd tion there usually Is ii way for it to obtained, Pfek Committees for "Prince Chap] fled away, b!«, tiwcUiple* p,M«j>'e<l high on hla; foreheaj£.. He WM «| ldn*diy. nildjaijHMj^J; i^fa .tff-,$#- 090., Bel«dej,«, ref«rr«d. to him a«: 'an old bach." Monnln,bad 1o,ld«v t hit. a«e, but roUghly; put- it, at -0.. He Waa unfaUlngly, Hind, <o hej mndj In Mtturii/ «h<| ay». htm shprthond La Veta England; Plane, geometry, Elsie Weisenberger; and senjor spelling, Willie Blanchp Henry. Both the girls Glee Club composed ipf thirty-three members, and the boys Glee Club, composed, of eighteen mem,- bers will go. to Magnolia. The, gir,ls will sing "Rockipg in, thq. Wind," by Neidlinger and "Beautiful Blue Danube," by Strauss. The boys songs will be "Duna" by Johnson, and' "Deep 'River." Members, of the Glee Clubs ore: Girls: Harriet Pvltchard; Pauline Simpson, Alice L. Wallace, Claudia Whitworth, Helen King Canon, Kat>- erine Middlebrooks, Janice Ward, Lois *bodson, Inez Taylor, Marian BrUm- ;mett; Eva Nell Moxlcy, Elinor Mc- jWlliiams, Beatrice Gordon, Wanda [Keith, Pauline Jones, Pauline H: Jones, Katie McDanjels, Loy' Fayc no reason every other woman him In the same; freshest of summer white bore down upon them. , "Dan, don't you know Mother's waiting? You said you'd be bnly a moment." Ills sister, Geraldjne. Geraldlne's bright eyes nicked Monnle's face for a moment, glie was cool, distant, self-possessed. "Oh, how d'ye do." Monnla acknowledged the salute with a slight bow. You never would have suspected that before the days ot the O'Dares changed fortunes these two had linked arms together at juvenile dancing classes. Geraldine chose to Ignore Monica, O'Dare nowadays because Monnle clerked In a drug store and had only one new dress a year. ., "Sandra will be waiting," Dan's slstgr continued. "She said to beJ there at one and you're iiot oven dressed—" Dan relapsed Into his old defensively sullen air and fojlovvc-l her put of the store. Not before/ he had said, very low, "I'll be seeing ypu soon, Monnie.'' She raged In her heart. So that was the way of- It! He hadn't the courage to face bis family with the fact that he loved her. He expected her to be content with scraps of comfort, with whispered words now and then. Well, he was mistaken! There was a piln In her chest lust the same, a stricken sense ot Having been chea'id. Sandra would sea him at lunch. They would laugh and chat about noUiiug at all. And Sandra didn't caro iu tho least about him—or did she? This was a thought Monnle had been pushing Into the back ot ber wind for weeks no,w. Oh, It was folly—it was utter madness! Sandra knew mon In every quarter of the globe. Why should she tlx her attentions on IJan Ciinli;;;tn'. Just because she. Mounle. thought him the handsomest, most devastating mule lu the UuUeU Slates was should regard way. Several customers came In after that and she had to hurry,, sml|e and be agreeable. It helped, al)e thought, to he what people knew as "a poor wprklng girl." Yqu couldn't sit around with your mind on your troubles. And- she was, really, the mainstay of the family; She got SIS a week. That, with the tiny income left by hep father and with what Bill contributed, kept them going. If only—she thoug 1 1. for the thousandth time—It only Mark were older. It would be five at least until he could or himself. And Kay, S" pretty, 80 alluring—Monnle would have to seo "'-t things w«?i ^ '-Ight for Kay, COMETIMES she felt like an »j|l». mal In a cage—trapped^-rdesper- ate. She could not get out! Stye, would have to stay just if.here.-sl to he tormented and* sni)bt)e*> She would not be free until'Marfc and Kay were able to look. after themselves. By that times thought Monnjo drearily, she would be old; Qld at 25! Oh, If only (she thought, wlldfy. and frantically) she could: get away- to New York-r-be.Ip a chorus, do clothes-modeling — anything! She could see herself, suave ao4 sophisticated, wearing the, most beautiful clothes, going tp the thea< ter, being popular and mysterious. She and her mother could have an apartment. Presently some splendid man—a captain of- Industry, for choice—would come along. He would be older—38 or 40^-: would have his faith Iq womaflklud restored by her. They would have a quiet wedding and go abroad on Sj honeymoon. "Walte. up, Monnio!" It was Mr, Vernou's good-natured voice. "Day- drcamliJ 1 ?" o glTd '•ShAbVrj nayer hqqwn hon, to thank him'for letting her ha»«r this Job. •'•'•- Shrfllled7Mr* ^qrite's order, obi wrrinj- ttratf pondy,; tbe boy,' who. attended to the'soda, counter, tmd< bjt' ban4jt full,, T$e5 high, schjtot " Jrl^ofteq, ca.ma.,«,s fV,'»X V^rqopl» : for the.lr, ijarp. Band.w.lcUgij id, cbboolat* raaR'-d milks. :.Nfr- _,£$ t$- lop)tf for,' tftot.:.. .KM^ •'Ibpji," her liincb hating It, longing to, Join, Out, gay raqks. thr.oq.Ejn6 to? ih«; "hot dbg" AWagoji. across,, the. w«y, But It WjoUjel, • bsiyc beep too : severe; a drain: on the. family. PMfs* ta.let,Kny" buy her. lurjoh every, rthy: Monnle Sighed again nt th«. reflection; ot thlR, qne last,-resir.lpi.loni the 6'par,ett w^re,,' suliJ^rt i.o. <)h. It was. difficult, to, Iw poor, and', no r, Istnke about; It!".' T>RESBN.TbY; she waaj free- io, l^ave fpir h'er owrt mld-dny men).. She wajshed. he,r- hands* at. the. little ,1,'si,- ' 'flden by, ">•' 'he bac!t- room. Mr/ Vernon- hnd- a|» ready snatched' a bite at the cnuni ter,, during the- lull, She gjancec> at herself, In the. crocKed inlrror) over the bowl, She looltort, the. though^ pale,, and; drag^edi Nq wond'er. Uan ijrefe,rr,fld- Sanflra'? comnany to,, hers,, Sandra;; was, all ways gay- and. witty- ond well dressed',, rosy- with sqn-tan joined on the, ilpks and the. tennis cpurt ( Personnot Senior Ptay Lano Taylor, president pfj thp class, has appointed; the fpl committte^ in preparation tof presentation of "Tlie Prinqe C| the senior play, which Will be' seated May 12. ' Property—Mary Sue Andersor). zelle Le.w.is, Merlin Coop, and No Turner, Stage Manager—Victor Gobbl assM ants, Dijlard, Breeding, Corley Tedtfr • Electriciari—Hoyt Andres, ' Prompter—Janice Wurdi • Publicity—Diane Fritz, Frnticco ; on, Billy Wimberly. 1 Poster—Ross Williams, Then 'Frijz, M' nnetl .nna'PadgiU. .. rr ...j, Herloise Boswell, liouise licwU, Business Manager—Luthen Httllj Darleen Sanfprd, .Therasa Fritz, Mln-l'mon. neanna P^dgltt, Ruth BqHcr, Willie f Assistant Manager—Lane Ta: •Bi Henry, Geneva Rodgers, Ruth, C^ff-1 Ticket-Marjorie Higgnson, bou man, Virginia Sutton, Elizabeth Eng- Lewis Car.l «»••-«, Robert Po land; Mary E: Davis, Ruby WyaJJ, Mary touisc. Dodd; Wllma it'crit; don- liie Parsons. Boys: Hcndfix Spragglns, Ethelbert Eason, tons Taylor, Nolan,Cargife, J. W. Harper, Floyd Rogers; Hugh Chamberlain, Dennis Richards, Arthur Whitehurst, Olin England* Willis Smith, Frank Lowthorp, Odis RoWp, J. W. Jone%- ; ,.G.iirl',S«hPO.ley.i .PWlard: Breeding, Garrett. Story, Harold- Ham- itor. . Rpbert Porter. Curtain— Harry Browning. Makcupr-Elizpbeth. Evans, ondfR !Owen. Ushers — Shirley Beorden, JHamiter, D, L. Dillurdi jEloyd, Virginia. Sutton, Edith; He iFuy Samuels, Darleen, Emblem. Pin* For Honor Miss Henry Speaks on District Meeting Miss Beryl- Henry spoke to the stu- ident body last Thursday morning us-, ing her favorite, verse in the Bible, as, from, Corinthians: her text. It was 'Forgetting those things which, are pins. A, sort pf-splrltiiol over- Monnle with thla ivave o| self-pity.- "1 uat'e nil; tills."-' sria crledi rehelllously. In her- s.oul, "1 behind, and; pressing, forward: to. thosq Kings which are, before us." Miss Henry saidt "We are. now facing thq testing and rying time (referring- to the Distract meet at Magnolia and Texarkana and also to the fact that this semester is almost complete). The way that individuals, who were chosen to represent Hope, come out in this district meet will be the way whi?h Hope Jigh School, will be looked upon. Remember that honest effort and honesty throughout in everything will success. Hattie Louise Douthitt, the representative for Junior High, voice, sang her two contest numbers, which were: The Dandelion" by Erision; "The Slumber Boat" by Jessie Gay nor. Sue , Jones, representative, for Senior [jigh reading, read her- contest number, "China Blue Eyes.". must t|nd, a- out, 1 ' Uia wa^« hPoiei tha> tljpnah.t Peopje..sa,!d; ofte.« yo.n- and . ^you got lu Wei); slia woqli); try; wonting., She made a., wish, like Uie ; heroine qf half' « hundred; fairy tales, for- happiness. "L- don't care liow I- get It or when," she miirniurad. ''But' Lwaut to be- happy, before I'm old,' 1 shai itleant', In th« way of' toe- yjijiiha, pretty frocks* someone to Most of- alh she desired frqm this |py% wl ' lpl1 been like an Illnesa since she. f.lrst. lalij eyes.Qn paniQ^rillgan, BHt tyy; a,s; s|i9 nilgJit ^ QpuJd not haq.lph. an^er f-ronj h'er, heart.—' She lluslied "Uuess 1 was." "Well. Mrs. Quuce ot seuua, and stqmmere0. Uu,rk« wanti. S.andro-. Qf. iietrayai, for Sanfjna, p_r* 9an(1ra tftbe dptnfcall »i»n.<JermlfM| lyipjijiliL With him, "She says.' >bp dpesn'i; care That they might, be jtheif, honorary position National Honpr, Society . ordered. The pins arrived Wedii day. The pins are gold, with the key.^ti and tprch engraved therein.' 15 bear the letters S: C; S: b., the ! fpr service, character, scholarship eadership, the qualities by w"" members, are elected into tKe. "This design does ript change mains the same on the pins fr| year tb year. Just Imagine: Bijly Wimberly being in Ipve with Geometry. The Journalism club and' class going tp Red Lake. J. W. Harper not untying bows. Mr. Purham not having! an announcement to make. George R. Kirk not disagreeing. Arthur Whitehurst speaking correct French. The Home EC. girls not getting proper calories for their lunch. While Enola Alexander has been In the hospital the 8-A Etmology class hta written Latin. her several letters HERE'S, ANOTHER: CHANCE f By MURK M«t Many a poet, you know, has bfe TurntJtl down, bocquse of a. slip, q',, pen, Sp sUidcntc, it qin'tt really no sin,.I That the song, wasn't accepted. L handed ii), And do you Hnow what to,do,If.; liH« to win? It's all. very simple—just try ogftlj Let's Try Agali|, An announcement that no song or flag design submitted' toj student council had been ac might have, been discouraging to, s of those students who have trie,d,| tvery one has another chance ar council and faculty, agree'that i(j students will take an interest in matter a good- spna and flag cap be produced; so Ipt's all, try, q| DeAnR wfliider!" tfte maUer, . dop't seem, ip have any upper Her mother, silting opposite; ber at the dining room table, oy.ed ber roused herself tp smile. "It's, pretty boU I guess ''I'll bgv*> col* thing* for supper," Mn», 0;p6ri» nafd> "Jusv » aud' *ome. co.14 meat a«<l^ <( Tha shrlJllu^oMhe mlephon*(A; ber. . Ish your Inuoli." Slie- waa buvlt li; at) luaiaiit. n.er pale- fupfc a, trlllfl, niialfttd. for you. li-'* (jr-. .'' Ik), lie -'ll'a, 1 Oa» Mr. Bryan anA Ardpll C\<\v* business visitors to Hope Saturday. Miss Audry Derryberry has been spending a few days visiting- with friends and relatives. The tacky party given at Mrs. Hines' wa> well, attended and- everyone re.-, ported a nice time. Miss, Obie Roberts and Miss, AJte Breeding spent last Friday nighfewitiv Miss Arlene Burke. Mr. and; Mrs. J. N. Garrett and family spent Saturday night apd with Rer parents, Mr. and Mrs- Hartsfield, Sr. . Two Win Contest on Be«t English Poi .... very long; agp. 'School held a contest on the malj of the best god. English poster, prize, which was a ticket to the ibr play, went tp Enola and'Clyta Verne Agee. These •will be used later by the. Senipij an English ploy. Hope qfter spending a few weeks i honiq folks. i Miss. Rsna. ClarH called on 'Ms Clark one afternopn this weeK-| : Mf • . MflTOO Tirnberjake- and. Elton, SarnHpl called. Qn, Mp, A ClarJt 'aj^ 'Sunday. !"Mi»s Hilda Willis called pn Irarjp Timberlake one afternoon week. : Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Crit 'spent awhile one day last week her parents Mr. and Mrs. Sam ing and family. Mr. and Mrs. CarltonQaJWW Wednesday night with Mr. and ; Mrs. Claude Burke. Mr, and Mrs. Dpck Samuel and daughter Pauline called' on Mr. and Mrg, B, M- B.oyett Sunday, afternoon. MJs? &W,e Rftbe»'.t8 IMS' WtuJPfl^ t« Movie studios are able to save 000 a year through recovering. frqm. the fjlm fixing balhs arid a •.ampunt tli4'ougl) restpraMon. o.f- .hypo bath itself. Some New York banks, are bl^-k blotting: jjajxjr tp a, VQid, the rlj qf qrqpljs coping- custoo^rs' si, .tuj-.es ° '*t' r $ •Mir * tt* wHo r,»s gold, hn* little to hold Bu^h* with a friend or tvy>o, Ho.«t; tfcasures which shall make him Hte whole long< life time, through. 1 He WHo has fame l)a joy; maj»; claim 'Tit a cleverttrj man shall rise, But htl who, Is.kjnd' sfiall-friendship . flncl' ' '• " "Tit death* shell shut, tils eyes.. 'He who has, land may respect command ••'•. ' 'Til change shall his fortune steal, But the man wltfj fe friend to his journey's end Hns something whori» worth le real. He who has power in one short swlf hour ...... To n sUpngen'mnh-mny folk But wild his; stayed true to did bos ho kn^w -.'•-. Has wealth tKnt-surnnsscth all. •' ' ^^ -E. A,- G. TJie JohM Cain chapter, D/ A- R- wjl bold their April meeting, Thursday afjt»frnoqh qt 2:S« at the home, of Mlra Mamie' Twltchell; on South Main street. Mrs. R. T. White, the - new regent: will, preside. Thq Rev, Q. F. X Sthjssrier ( ,will' giye' the second of; a EprleS'of''lectures he is giving on th< Constitution of the. United States. Mm, Ji B, Kooncc is spending thU Week on the Koonce farm near Fjil- ton, . . . , • : , Mrs. -I^eo.-Perdue,' who has' beer the"g\jest'of her sister; Mrs. Charles Briant and other rolalives-for the pqs 1 •-w.pek left Monday Yop.her home- in •'• Louann. ' : . . Judge and' Mrs. Mead Griffin anc little' daughter, Mary Ellen, who have been.guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. M £in|ey for tho past few, days have re- tuinod to thp;r -home in Plainvicw Texjs. Mrs. J-. T. Hicks has as house guest thlp. Week, her nitce, Mrs. S. J * Bfcauchomp, Jr., of gillie Rock. The Bible Study class held a most Interesting meeting on Monday afternoon nt: the home of Mrs. J, A, Henry, with Mrs. J. I>. Cannon conducting the study. Mrs. Wt T. Wray and Mrs. Norwood, of DeQueen arc guests of Mr. and, Mrs. Evan Wray. The inany friends In this city of Charles C. Newhain, formerly of Hope, now of Birmingham', Ala,, will be interested in his promotion as sales manager, of. the refrigeration department of, the. City Ice Delivery Company of Birmingham, with down town Office, nt 2019..North Third avenue. Ted Womble has returned from n visit with friends in El Dorado. Mr. nnd Mrs. Theo Witt have moved from the John Green residence on Pond street to the Richardson Ayres cottage on--North Hervcy street. Mr!?fc., fc J;l0r.scya.iLMcHflje... Miss-^Nellic: Turner, Mrs. A. ,C.-Whilehurst, Miss Mary Cb'mgan and Miss, Loraine W.hitphurst, Miss Mary Carrigan and Miss Lpraine Whitehurst visited with friends and relatives in Washington on Monday. MTSs Thelma Barber of Magnolia A. & Mi college spent the week end: with home folks, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Bar. ber. Miss Barber was accompanied here by her two guests, Miss Winnie 'Roach of Colfnx, La., and Miss Chris- tine'Harding of. Smaekovcr, Ark. E.- E. Groom of Hot Springs visited relatives here this week. Shaver Springs Farmers are getting behind with their work on account of so much rain. Jac,k Rogers and wife of El Dorado spent' last Sunday with their mother, lytns. Chatties Rogers and family. Mr,, and Mrs. Frank Jones spent last Wednesday with their son, Elbert and family at Oak Grove. Mrs. Gifford Byers spent Tuesday qfternoon with Mrs. Early McWilliams. Mrs. Chorlfis Rogers spent Thursday <-M f TJiere were 3 men in her life One took her money and called hpr..! One gave hen jewels and c u.l 1 e d her sweetheart!. One offered to call h e r wile! Nancy CARROLL . John Boles "Child of Manhattan" —SHORTS— BiiiK Crosby '•Sing Qlng Sing" Novelty o», the Ball" Matinee \ 0 rni & Night J w r nl. The GBEATBST picture in 7 years! Noel -With- BROOK and Piana Wynyard GaJtoway ^**. t. * i,. * LlTffcg, flOck;.—(/P)-Th«f closing, of Gnllow^y w,onten!s : qollege at S^arcy, after 55 y^ark pf operatlQn'wm-term* .innte thf: qoll€*ge. consolidation nm- gram oft the; Southern MBthodlstt church in, Ar^flhpas, leaving It With lorily qne educational; Institution in.^^e state—ItcndrJx college at, Cottway, The, statjement of the boar4- of tru&t j*s, of. th.e. T<rirt|tj; qollege system, .which operates Gal to way and- HeTv- tlrix. said; the suspension of operation of apllo\*iy at the end of the present jtfjrrn in, Jupe, w;as teniporary but its reopening w.ill; depend, Upon improvement in economic conditions and other fftctore. T))e first step.in tho merger program undertaken by f tl}e two conferences of the Methodist, church ip. Arkansas several} years, ago for 'economic reasons, was talteri with-the abandonment of the. Henderson-Brown, college plant at Arkqdelphia, and' merger of the institution, wjtji Hendrix. At the same .time, the college, system was, unified, bringing both Hen r drix and. Galloway under tho same bpartj qf 1 trustees. ; The Henderson-Brown' plant was given to the state and is now operated as Henderson State Teachers college. To provide accommodations- for any Galloway students who will transfer to Hendrix, a new $100,000' women's, building is to be built at Hendrix. Tho General Education'Board of New York has made a gift of ?78,000 to Hendrix for this purpose and an additional $22,000 is to be sought through public subscriptions. The decision to close Galloway, reached several months ago but jusl made public, resulted from lock ol funds, a decrease in enrollment and other economic factors, Dr. J. H. Reynolds, president of Hendrix and of the Trinity systom, said efforts would' be made to place os many of the Galloway faculty members as possible. The. faculty was notified of the closing plans several nonths ago. A committee was named by the jonrd. to have charge of the Galloway physical plant while it is closed. A jrivate summer school is to be conducted there this summer by two 'acuity members. What disposition will be made of he Galloway plant or whether it will je reopened will be determined by he Methodist conferences in Arkan- in L R. Will Close . W. Byrnei Tr- to Marion «• Manager, May 1 ^ HOCK.-Frank W, Byrne*, manager ot the Hotel LeFayette, will •b* manager oHhe H6tei Marion after: Mfcx 1, Hi Grady Mernilng, president of, Southwest Hotels/ the,, announced MpTKtey, and the taFfiyctte will be >clo*ed next Monday, except for the •catering department. j Mr> Byrnes came to the LaFayette -' asslsttmt manager when It was' , .. n$di In 1926. He was made mafn^, : agV when It was acquired by the iS^upiwest. Hotels, Irtc., in 1927. i Rborns.on.the twelfth, thirteenth and Jotirteetith' floors of the McGehee will pe.repainted and/redecorated soon, Mf. Manning said; Mondby. The hotel 'electric signs were removed Monday to be repainted.,' Improvements ujftf be made lij, the Marion later, Mir. Manning said. .Tfif. Byrnes will sUo- cecd Murry Bonn as manager of the Marlon. . Of Dr. Van Dyke with Mrs. H: W. Fore. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Collier were n Hope last Saturday. Several from this place attended the closing exercises last Friday night harmony school. All enjoydd the pro;ram verj 1 —H«* ch. Leon Darwin and family were- Sunday dinner 'guests of their parents, tfr. and Mrs. John Gilbert- of near 'ulton, J: W. England left last Sundpy tp spend awhile with his daughter, Mrs; Sffett- Simmons of Rosedale, Miss. Mrs. Hattie Smith and Mrs. Lucy VlcCollum of Texarkana called on heir uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Tohn Recce last Wednesday afternoon. Miss Forrest Ruggles spent last Friday afternoon, with Mrs. Virgil. Eng- and and helped to quill. Mr. and Mrs. Hoyett. Lqsoter were Sunday guests of their parents, Mr. and, Mrs. Jeff Mitchell, 3,. S. Reed and Mrs. Reed were. Sun lay afternoon guests of Mr. qhd Mrs. (oe England. Mrs. Henry Fore visited the Shover Springs school a while Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs, Harold Williams spent Wednesday night with their grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Reed; Neal Walker spent 'Saturday night with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Walker. Mr. and Mrs. Lon. Mitchell and daughter Sula of Little Bodcqw, spent ,unday with their daughter Mrs, Joe Sngland. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Smith spent ast Sunday with their parents, Mr. jncl Mrs. Virgil England. Mrs. Henry Hillard of Hope, and .laughter, Miss Chloe Elkins, spent a while Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Sarly McWilliams. Mr. and Mrs. Honeycut of Hope wore Sunday afternoon guests of their uncle, Virgil England, qnd family. Neal and Thomas Walker were dinner guests last Sunday of Leonard England. Mrs. J. S. Reed and Mrs. H, W. Fore were in Hope last. Saturday. Little Miss Mary Ann England, has been quite sick but we are glad to report her some better. .. New Liberty Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hamjltpn of Smmet are visiting their daughter, Mrs. Bertie Langston and Mr. Langton this week. A number of ladies of this community attended the quilting last rVednesday at Mrs. George Lpngstons. They quilted twq quilts for our pas,or, EJder Criss Barham. Mrs. D. S, Eastqrling of. Bodcqw is visiting her daughter Mrs. Dock Hamiton and Mr. Hamilton this week. Mr. and Mrs. Dock Hamilton and sons James and Carl visited. Mrs. ipmilton's sister Mrs. A. M. Purtle and Mr. Purtle of Hope Sunday afternoon. Elder Criss Barham filled his regular appointment at New Liberty Saturday and Sunday. .Mr. and Mrs. Bright Crider and rlrs, Jesse Crider were dinner guests Sunday at Mr. J. L. Bardweils. Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Hamilton 8"<* ons John and Willard and Mrs. Nobia Bropks and Mrs. Virginia Mwnji were inner guests Saturday ajt Dock Ham- tons. OI(V& Roberts Barton •-OI035NEASERVICE.1NC. T!he;minuU!.DJc!c.came,in his mother knew something was Wrong, "Now what have you done?" "The..teacher.-.said.I. copied, and she threw my paper in the basket." '-'Did you?"' "Well; -1' just- looked- over Terry Smith's 'shoulder to'see how much he'd got done and I sftw the answer to the apple problem; so I put it down. It •was wrong." "Oh, Dick, I didn't think my boy WOuld-be dishonest. That's, tjie same as; stealing. "What will, your father say? 1 ' Dick's face was red-, and) miserable. ;"I'm, sorry, Mom, honest I am. It didn't seem like taking; anything and Terry was always, peeping liaqk at my answers. I knew how to, do; the old problem anyway, it was easjy, but it was geltin' late, and' Miss Adams was always sayin' :'So' many, : minutes left— so; many minutes left, children. Don't -waste- time/" Under Double l?ltft 1 ' "Well;-Dick Anderson. I ; can't believe it yet. You ; of;, all; peoplp, tq, cheat! I could just cry. I won't be 'able, to, hold' my head, up; npw. when; I- meet my friends. They'll, all look at m<! and think, "There's the/, poor l°dy who has thp dishonest little, boyj'." ; "I'm awful: sorry, Mom, honest I am. I didn't think it was very bad when 'I- did- it. It just- seemed; like anybody would a done it. I get all mixed; up. Sometimes I 'do things I think aren't .so vary nice, and -then nobody, .says anything, and' then when J do a little* thing, like today* it seems terrible. -, I wisht-1 didn't get so mixed." Dick's father went even 1 further than his mother. Hp. lectured his son for half an hour on honesty. "Pretty, flowers, May," his father said presently, changing the subject and fixjng his eyes on the bouquqt. "That yellow stuff's pretty." "It's Forsythia." Are Flowers Different? "Have we got some?" Inquired Dick. "Where-is it, Mom?" "Out in the yard. That is, it's planted on- the- other side of"the" fence, but it trails over on our place. • I just snipped off a few ends." "Is it Verner's?" "Well, yes, most of it is. That is, they planted it. But Mrs. Verner never cares.if-1 take, a littlei She takes some of our blossoms and doesn't ask me." . "Thqfs the way it was between Terry an| me, Mpm, Bu.t. I guess flowers and problems qre different. 1 ' "Oh yes, very! You broke a school law. I-didn't'break any law." Naturally They're Puzzled "Could you. go over and take Mrs, Famous- educators and: states* metf/ paid tribute to the memory, of Dr> Henry Von. Dyke, 80, above,,, orte. of America's most celebrated men of lettersi who died! Iri bis sleep at bis hon/ie in j Princeton, N.'J; Dr. Van\Dy.ke, for mttny years professor of English literature at Princeton, served; as 4 U..'S". mldlster tip the Ketherlands _ undci; Piesj^nt: But Little Rock Institutions Expect to Get GOT ing This Week LITTLE ROCK—An apparently endr less roll of Reconstruction- finance Corporation red tape continued Mon- 'day to prevent a definite announce, ment as to the date Greater-Little Rock's restricted banks will 'be supplanted by new' financial institutions. However, it was announced off^cial- ly that the new banks should be doing business before the endj of\ the week. When it became known about a, .week ago that tlie R. F. G. would require that, the property bo clear of delinquent taxes a check-up was _ made showing that- the banks' collateral represented- property with a total de. linquency of about $25,000, it was said. 'Owners of this property, h'oye been induced to. pay a considerable, amount of 1 the delinquencies during the- past few days, it was indicated. Piney Grove to Give Play on Wedhesday , . A,, thre.e-act comedy drama, spohf sored; by the .Schooley boys 'baseball tearn, will be presentpd^ Wednesday night' at Piney Grove school house! •The play wjll- start at 8 otelock, Friday night the show will be presented at DeAnn. The cast will include 2Q black-faced comedians. Money deriv-i ed from the show will be used to purchase baseball equipment. , The United States uses 16 times as much coffee as it does tea. Terry's tulips?" "No, I don't know her, The law would be after me then," "But you can take from people you know? Well, I know Terry," "Let's not talk any mo^e about it just now." Dick's questions were too much for her. The truth is that our own behavior often must puzzle children a great deal. We should .be careful. There is a sermon in everything, and lifting a few flowers over a, fence without asking, or anything of the kind, is hard to explain to a child, or anyone for that mattev. No wonder children get "all mixed." SIDE GLA.N< ES By George Clark ^n^^/^-^fK^'k ^''"'4 ^%f^il ^:mm Mk^ti "Let's (jo on a, pionio, or something. Vm just starved: for a- touch of nature." 'Child of MfcnhattWif Feature Picture through Wednesday "Child of Manhattan," a delightful and intriguing screen story makes Its appearance at; the Saenger Tuesday and Wednesday. Starring the vivacious and beautiful. Nancy Carfolli'"Child of Manhattan" prflvtes, tp.be not-only a parcel'of fine, entertainment but ty also qontains such attlbutes as a fine mounting and' story twists that reach, a new and welcome level in suspense, Wise selections of the principals also has unearthed a new romantic screen combination. Miss Carroll is ideal as the dahpe; hall; girl who gives her love, to the handsome, rich New York njafi-about-tdwii, which in turn Is ably portrayed by that favorite of, the, musical, photoplays, John Boles. Blrigi Crosby sings iri "Sing Bing Sifig" and- basei ball followers Will enjoy "Stuff, on the Ball' 1 "Cavalcade," Noel Coward's great play, comes to the Saenger Theater on Thursday for an engagement of 2 days. It arrives with the highest praise ever, accorded to a f \\m, by crltiqs, throughput the country, and the greatest, enthusiasm ever,evinced by motion picture audiences. Dioria Wynw;ard- and Clive Brook have the leading roles, in this picture of a generation. The supporting cast includes Ursula Jeans, Herbert .Mundin, Una. O'Connor, Frank Law top, Merle Tottenham, Irene. Browne, and Beryl Mercer. . v . What By Th* M|ARY NKA, Service Writer The menus for, tomorrow rely on eggs and peanut butter for their protein fpr the.adu'Jt members'of the fam- ,ily while, milk adds to-the nourisjf- ment ot the children's diet. Whple •wheat; bread, also increases the food- value of'the meals) • RECIPES • The. recipes given- will: serve a- family of six, Hot Stuffed. Eggs IJive eggs—hard cooked, %. teaspoon minced onipn, teaspoon vinegar,'or to- matp juice, 'A teaspoon, salt, pinch, 'pepper." '•• Cut;the 1 eggs in half lengthwise, removing the, yolks. Mash the yolks [thoroughly, mix'with the other ingre- fdients. Stuff the egg whites. Put in 'a dish,, coyer with, tomato, sauce, reheat; in a slow oven, and; serve. A ,whitiji satfc.ej'fnay: :be us'ed'instead of ;tomato sauce. IJomali) .Sauce One cup•.• tomatoes, 'A qup water, 1 .teaspoon sugar,; 1 tablespoon fat, 2 itablesporjs flour, '/i small onion chopped, fine, % teaspoon salt. Cook tomatoes, onion, sugar, water •and salt together for- five minutes. iRub through a coarse, sieve. Melt fat, 'add; flour and: blend thoroughly. Add YOURSELF, By Alicia Hart «-*—M ©1935 NEA SERVICP.lte ^—2. . Handle Votir Garden With Gloves When you/ answer that spring call to come into the garden, don't forget your gloves! Digging in the dirt-is fine fOf. everything about you but your Hands. They tell dirty stories, unless iyoli watch them carefully. Broken nails, dirt, grimed palms, a black line under your nails are detrimental to your appearV ance. It is simple to slip on a pair of gloves. What if you can't work qtlitie so well at first. Learn how. It is easier than to have to scrub and scrub; and, then know that your, hands still show where you haye been.' This year garden gloves,are so handsome you should'Be. glad to invest in a pair. Sqme of. them haVe gay cajico wrists and matchup with your garden pa jamas: or pinafores. If you can't af* ford, them, then a 10-cent pair like the janitor, uses to move out the ashes will do. Any garden glpves are better than none! The same thing is true Of sprang house cleaning, why not use rubber gldves. when, y.ou scrub, mop, brush and clean down the Walls? You'll get used to working in, them. And they certainly keep your hands looking like a lady. Through all the spring processes, gloves are indispensable when you, really care' for your appearance. And before you. dip in, whether it's .the. garden, or,.the. houEe.cleariing, use some cream on your hands, before adjusting your gloves. Tomorrow's Menu • Breakfast: Oatmeal with milk and. sugar, whole wheat toast-buttered, milk for children, coffee for adults. Dinner: Hot stuffed' eggs with tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, whole wheat bread, butter, prune pudding, milk for children. Supper: Apple and'cabbage salad, peanut butter sandwiches, cocoa fpr all. For the. 2- for 3-year-old, child the tender leaves of cabbage may be chopped and put in a sand- . wich.) tomato mixture slowly, stirring constantly. Cook until it thickens. Note: For a white sauce use milk instead of the tomato mixture, The family pocket-book permitting, I would suggest that one egg be allow for each person and the tomato increased to two cups. Prune Pudding One-fourth pound prunes, 1V> cups cold water, M> cup sugar, 2 cups prune ;water, 1 inch stick cinnamon or Vi .teaspoon powdered cinamon, 4 tablespoons flour, 4 tablespoons cold water. Soak the prunes overnight in the V l > cups cold water. Cook in the same water until they are. tender. Drain, but save the Hqujd. Remove the seeds and cut prunes in bits. Add sugar, cinnamon and hot prune juice. If juice does not measure 2 cups add enough water to make up the meas- t xire. Bring to the boiling point and simmer for ten minutes. To the flour add' the 4 tablespoons cold water and. mix, to a smooth paste. Add this slowly to the prune mixture, stirring care- hllly, and cook for 10 minutes over a slovy fire or over boiling water. Remove stick cinnamon (if used) and pour into a bowl or a mold. Serve cold, Cocoa Two to 3 tablespoons cocoa, 2 cups water-cold, few grains salt, 3 cups fresh or diluted evaporated milk, 2 or 3 tablespoons sugar, few drops vanilla if desired. ; Combine cocoa, sugar, salt. Mix well with cold water. Boil 5 to 10 minutes. Add Die scheduled milk and heat. Bj;at a few seconds with an egg beater or a spoon. Add vanilla if desired, and serve. For the 2 or 3-year-old child add 2 tablespoons of the cocoa prepared for the rest of the family to his cup of warm milk. The dry spell in 1930 was greater in duration and aridity than any ever recorded in 95 years of Weather Bureau records. Soak colored handkerchiefs in rold salt water for a short time before them. Editor's Note i^-TKia is a acts of the 1933 general assemplyi Probate courts must remain in confcinut>Me OBeril-sesalon, a^, a result of passage of Act No,- 9?' of' i^83i Lawyers sought enactment of ihtT law so as to speed up adjudication of, matters in probate courts. ' Virtually the only oppositjdn raised to the measure in the legislature Wa.s t based on thq contention of some tfiftt thd sheriff would receive a fee of $5 for opening couHs every day—a fee now charged in most counties. 1? Pfoponwrts replied; Would* pwyent the '' fees inasmuch as ii' er sijch pnobate .,. duty) opened' and, they shall be and u» v owm, sesiiHw, 1 including the last day.'dl- the respective ter^Ss." Jots Around Shover The cold rains and; backward season is pretty discouraging for farmers who. are anxious to se,e. the 1933 crops get started, and growing—the . cut, worms are a. pest to the gardens, they seem to be more numerous, than <usr ual this year. The Harmony school clpsed. Friday -with a good progra'm Friday night'. A large and appreciative, crowd; was present: The'Hope.-Furniture, company furnished furniture for the stage. Mrs. Sadie Rogers and little, daughter Very! and little,son. Doyle spent Saturday with her sister, Mrs. Adell Sanford and family. Mrs. Sparks visited; Friday- with Mrs. Nellie Leach and: attended th.R school program at night. Mrs. Hattie 'Crews informs us of the marriage of her sister,-Mrs; Edna AJ;- leri, who, formerly taught ouij school Tiere and is well known in and; around Hppe. Miss Allen has been a teacher in' a Louisiana town for a number of years. We do not -have the name, of- town or the man's name that she has married, but we wish, for them success and happiness. Henry Bearden and family were Tuesday afternoon-caler at'H; B. Sanford's. Troy Aslin and family spent Sunday afternoon with his parents at Center Point. Mr. and Mrs. Lelman Ruggles and children called at H. B. Sanfordjs Tuesday afternoon. Whqt came as a shock and surprise to this community was news of the sudden death of Mr. Joe Roberts, which occurred in Texarkana Tuesday, the burial was in the Shover Springs cemetery Wednesday, his old home community. The funeral was held in Texarkana. We extend sympathy to the bereaved family. Miss Edgel Mitchell spent Thursday with her brother Kermit and family, Mr. Tom,Beard of Hope spent Tuesday night- with his daughter, Mrs. Tory Aslin and family- They all- spent Tuesday evening: at Harmon Sanfprds. Miss Katie Crews of Hope was the week end guest of her cousins, Bonnie and Helen Crews. Jessie Jordan and Otho Karber attended the school program at Putmos NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the Hqpe Independent Ice Corporation has hereby made application to the City Council for a permit to install Gasoline Tanks and Pumps at the South 25 feet of Lots Eleven (11) and Twelve (12), Block Twenty-eight (28), Brookwood Extension to the City of Hope, Arkansas. The City Council will hear this petition at its regular meeting of May the 2nd, 1933. T. R. BILLINGSLEY, City Clerk and Recorder. 4-25, 26. Stop Asthma Torture, NOW! Belief twmtwd evea If climate doctoo ud »0 other remedjcf have f«JW. Tho moot ohttintti BWW yi^ld prompUj- to Hoovar'i Improved jUlhuw Itemedy. A'Ucfi s>%y b« preveoUd by thla Uy»t- meet. H remediw the nonjiUaug «hleh renaer yoft lubject to tttUcla. Jl^lief from encciint, ohoWnt vhwiini wit diffif u[t bre»tUm, or yuur wooev (|1 Offl rcfunJfJ. If ant obUinablu at your druiuM. otdet iln-ct from G«p. D. Hoover, M-P1"-, D<« HoiA* If Free trial ou refll)o|t. Sold in Hope by JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. adv. Saturday night. Misi Rens Glasgow vtfts suppen.guest of/' Ma vis arid Gloriati .Aslin Friday Jordan, wife and babj£ viff* ited' over Sunday at* the George Karber rtorfte near CeriterVille. ' Doririie bell Karbfer sjient, Friday nighj. with Eugene, Jpfd^ri.' Quit« a, wreck happened, Friday, night' as, Georcfe MfiMjilans and Park'- ers Rogers, and. Cecil Laseter were going home from the scHoo'l entertainment., Thcvboyp in spmq', manef ran their buggy into Mr, McMillans' wagg- on, wrecking the buggy' so badly that it Was necessary to haul it homfc in a wagonr bu^ it was lucky- that no-on^ hurt. Buddie Astio, of- Center Poirit attended" the program at Hatynony Frlf- day night and" spent the night, with hi* brofhe'r, Troj< Aslip and falpily. , Mr. a^d, Mr*, Thomas Fci^ll, called il Mr. and Mrs. Joe paugh,tertj^ Sunday evening, ' ' Women arc redlthier thah men, ac- qordlng, to medical' authorities; For every man who * reaches the E\ge of 10Q, eight women, attain that age. Inflpen^a, killed; ov.er 1100, people, in. the United States in one week recently. ' ,, French ccohojthli With, * " Fouiritairi Greain/',i It> Safe ttt'M GHECKl ' WiHuim. Exicle Phone 7,( NEX^*.. _ , , . .,. .,. Sen<jl"us Half of Your Bundle*^ M § L s ; "b'N" < H' I U C ! K r and Bath House Hot' Springs National Park, Arkansas , ! . RICH 11^ '^DITIONS — UnQhanget}; in.S^Wi No hostelry-in Hot Springs is more equipped for the comforts of living. Nbneaif so centered in the heart of the city's busin activity, pe KINGSWAY in ' •"Where Hotel Life and Comfort Blend 500 FIIIE.-PRO0F RO©^;— Violet Ray Sun Paripj^J COFFEE SHOP and DINING Room* Most Delightful Place to Dine When in Hot Springs It's the KIHGSWAY HOFBE BBI/CEIE,: WALLACE, Manager *' "^ • •""• ^-liJ-V £ Thursday and Friday April 26th and 27th only tft ,r«- •i 1 "-. , 'i 1 ^ ,-v - '' : M S^nnple Can of BPS and Demonstration J Q| IPS Paint— Enamel— — aUp, X^OSFAST— the Enamel that I** 4 hoiws, Q| Demonstration To show you the new finishes and' help you with your finishing. If you attended last year .... come again .... try another sample. ot Free, To enable you to try BPS Products U youi' home, at no expense to yourself: ..... and to, prove the quality of products. ore liiterial Co,

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