The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1940 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 29, 1940
Page 9
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THURSPAY, FEBRUARY 29, BLY.THEVILLK (ASK.)' COURIER NEW3 PAGE NINB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Pally rale per line lor consccu- live Insertions: line time per line lOc Vwo limes per Hue per day....We 1'hree limes i>er line per day.,.(j5c 6ix times per line per diiy 05c lloiitli rale per line COc (Arris of Thanks 50c & Miniiiiuin charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes and slopped before expiration will be charged for tlie number of times the add appeared and Kljusuncm of bill made. All olassilied Advertising copj inbmltted by persons residing out- uqe oS the eiiy, must be accompanied by cash. Hates may be ca uy computed from above table. Advertising orqeied lor irregular jistriions uiKes the one lime rate No responsibility will be tak.ei lor more than one incorrect iiiser- uon of any classified ad. Kusiest Used Car Lot In Town WHY? JUST LOOK! '39 FOHU OE1.UXK TUUOK Looks like liew car. Color black, Low mileage. Molar in excellent, condition. A truly clean car Crow lop to bottom. <t17C 5 For Rent 2 room furnished apartment. 1601 W. Asli. 20-ck-ll 3 room furnished apartment. Newly decorated. Oarngc. Close In. 120 Diigan Street, Mrs. Belle Wood., Two ROOIU Frlijldhlrc. Mrs. 1'honc 923-W. fuvnlsliecl al>uiimenl. E, A. Ciooririch, 28-ck-tl __ 3 room furnished apartment. No. Piflh SI. Mi's. • Cirowdcr. Down P:\ymenl only '30 1'OUI) UEI.UXK TUDOK Original gray finish like new. Kquipiictl with custom radio, yootl tires, new seal covers, Low mileage. A thill will suit you. Down Pajinent only. •38 I'lA'MOtJTIl DEJ.UXE a-door sedan. Beautlfgl beige lin- ish. Heater equipped. Motor in excellent condition. Very low milc- 2 room modern furnished apail- menl. 1315 W. Main. ;Mck-il Prices Slashed for Friday & Saturday '37 Ford Tudor Motor O'hauled ... $295 '38 DeSoto Deluxe Coupe a Beauty ... $419 '38 Chevrolet Sport Sedan $419 $83 Furnished or unfinnihsed large large room. Outside entrance.I ,„_.,. . Close in. Next lo ball), I'lione 088. | J5 Chevrolet Coach Only : . $169 r?-ck-5 3 room furnished apartment. Downstairs. Mrs. E. M. Eaton, call 592-W. 1\iS Clilcknsiiwbn. 27-ck-U i-i • r\ ii .'il^ age. Interior of car like <M t r Business Up lumties 1]CW . I)01 , u ,. iiymtllt 01 ,i y $H5 rarty to invest about {1000 in local businessenlci'in'isc that should pay equal returns each year. 1".- vcsljncut practically Buaraniecil. May lake active part In munaEo mcnl K desired. Slate age, pics-1 carefree driving, cut occupauon and other inlor-1 Down Payment only million auout self. For interview address Box "100" c/o Courier l\cws. 'M. KOItl) COUI'K JelTmon Blue fmisr. Mulor completely reconditioned. New seat covers. Heater equipped—a car that will 'afford many miles of .$65 Large comfortable bedroom, twin beds, 'i closets, steam heat. Men preferred. Phone 1, Mrs. J. G. Hud- bury. ' 27-ck-U $99 For Sale $100 cash certificate in UlylhcvlHc Country club. Good for that amount In dues. Call 527. 26-ck-l 10 highly bred Jersey heifers with young calves. Bought from Hcr- schcll Smart herd. Inquire Gaine. Market. 8-ck-3-8 Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING Drag line anil heavy welding a specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. I'lione 19 or Jtcs. 1013 Kpoin furnished or nnlurnlshcd.. Newly decorated. Reasonable. OH llearn. HO-pk-3-2C 3 rooin furnisiied apartment, i'ri- vate bath. Electric rclrieeralor. Gnrngc 1117 W. Asli. Call M4. 24-ck-lf l.lvinir Costs ITp In ll;>llf.i\ HAUWVX (Ul>) — liciall com- uiodiiics nrc Bolng up In price. A 2i)-oinifc loul which formerly cost coins now Is sold (or 10. Unkers •37 FOKI) "GO" TUDOK Black finish. Kew seal covers. Mo- lor and tire-i in A-l condition. Exceedingly low mileage. See and drive tills car today. Down Payment only . l!i TON TRUCKS, COMMKIIC1AI.S * PANELS '38 INT. STAKE PICK-UP New paint. Tires and motor excellent condition . . •:i7 -ciliiV. Color black. Tires excellent condition. Only 49QQ and '30 Ford l!i Ton truck. wheels. Color red ................... EXPERT WELDING ELECTRIC & ACETYLENl? Charles fjOiig. lormerly 'welder fo: Blytheville Machine Shop ' DilAGUNK and HEAVV WEU)- 1N« Olilt Sft:ClAt,TY D. W. GARAGE Dell, Ark. Pnonc K- Farm Loans motor, In $275 Dual r $235 50 Others, all Makes In Excellent Condition to Choose From PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Nice bedroom convenient to bath. Steam heal. Phone 280, lck-ll Room, close in, Walnut St. Mrs. Noleii, 310 22-ck-lt apartment in Shane Apartment Dulldine on West Main Street,. Call 511 or 197. 1-cMf '34 Chevrolet Coach For '32 Ford V-8 Coupe Extra Special $79 '31 Dodge 4-Dor Sedan $129 '31 Chevrolet Coach A Good One $89 Trucks Large and Small All Makes & Year Models The lii.rjmil. Used Cur and Truck Dealer in Mississippi C'omiiy For Sale or Trade Will. 'radc for Mules, Coyv.s, H(JRS, Callle, Corn, llay and Lumber. Dclfa Iniplements, Inc. Sec Floyii Siiuiisoii 8-ck-tl Wauled to Rent Compare Charges Our Carrying: With Others Wanted to rent house hi Blythe- villc. Write Box 45, Luxoni, rtrk. 20-pk-3-',! 5th & Walnut 1'honc BlU Ha fd ware We Specialize in SWEEPING COMPOUND Slionsc-Hcnry Hd\v. Co. Phone 35 Repairing Wanted To Bny 2nd hand living room and other household furniture. Phone G27W. 2Cck-l Notice TERMITES Wort; While You Sleep! Wiiko up before they damage youi' properly. For Free Inspection Call 502-W Walker and Archer Slate Licensed Operators Large or Small At I.nw interest Kales. We are equipped lo handle large or small loans on nny sized tract ot form land, at low cost, and at a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blythcvlllc, Ark Personal Expert gun repairing. See E. M., Damon at the Blytheville. Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays. WE FIX ANYTHING We Call For & Deliver Bicycles, Irons, Fans, Toasters, Hot j News. Salesmen Wanted MEN OVER 40 steady work—good pay; taking orders lor roof cement; factory direct . to properly owners, nest chance for advancement. Liucral terms and commissions. No delivering, collecting. Write today. Box "B", c/o Courier Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan Open Nights & Sundays TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 1'honc 633 Kfe .'ust Like a Dm-kpln AVON. Mass. (UP)— Ernest Ma rlno is exhi);iliti(j n hen'.s- egg Urn is a "perfect Image or a riuckpln" used in bowling alleys. The ogi; Is 2!-: iuclies ln."h, J Our Service IS YO.UK Assurance 01'' Sale e niotcirliiK Is the aim or every driver, 'men. why not as- yoiivsoll of Mils safety us far us your automobile Is concerned, Drive In and lei our iK'cluuiics put your car In slia|io for any driving. Tile cost is •piisonable nnd the work e«iir- ntHecd. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Jill A Walnut riioiie 8IU nld an increase of $2,20 a barrel flour wns responsible, Sri!M) YOUR GASOUNB WISKI.Y SAVE 3c (o .(c Pfcr ON GASOUNK Valuable Cpupons With Kadi I'urchiiso UASOUNIv- MOTOIl Oil/ KKIIOSKNK Wholesale ,t llcliill THADK WITH JOYNER OIL CO. t Dealer ' TANK CAH TO YOUIt CAlt llltlmuy l!l, North, Itlythcvlllt Wo Ut'ilvrr I'lione 153 FOR SALE I One used KOCH1 White Metal Ment. Cusq with Frlgldahi' Compressor. JMspluy front, with excess storage and cold drink spnce. Uki) iii'W. OrlKliiul cosl, $1157. Cath prlco for <|iilek snlc J305. Terms «r- ranged 'lo rcsiinnsiblo parties, One uum paper tape machine, counlcr equlpmenl nml cnnily case. Priced tor quick salo. One Falrbanks-Morao Wi\ter Pump without molor. Trace Ci;nlu5, a few ijooil. mulo collars, collon hoes, 30 iiiiihcls cc- rcsnn treated Dl'I.-11-A Cotton 8U R.E.WRIGHT il. W. 01, One Mllo Bo. riiiDiu Wl-,1 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock , Gunrant<?cd Uest I'ricea Kirby Drug Stores I J. L, GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optoriw- .t.rlsi in KlylhevlUt. (Jlansts FUttd' Correctlj BROOMSTICK RIDER FISTULA A Fistula Is n false draining canal which usunlly slurls from an ulccrallon Unit uenelrates the rectal wall and works Us way dowiiwnrd and outward. In the anal region where 11 appears as a boil ot; abscess. Fistula Is a treacherous, dangerous condition Hint gradually and surely wastes one's vitality and health by (he absorption <)[ pus and toxins Iroin it, into (he blood Klrcain. A cure Is accomplished wiiliout hospllallmtlon or loss or lime from work by our amhulunl otllce methods. DRS. N1ES & NIES Bl I Main St. lllylhovlllo, Arh. HORIXONTAI, 1, 7 Nursery rime , character. 12 Novcoiic. 13 Tapestry. M Insertion, 15 Thin. 1C Being, 17 UiO'pllim deity. )» Dry. 20 Norllicnsl. 2iniiickWrd. ZZ Nay. 2'1 Musical note M 1'rJor. 31 \Yciivliuj fwme. 32 Dinlcy colte. (o frcvlouj Fimle 34 Period, 3GSen englc. 37 Pistol. •lOTriitiMfitcd n code •lOYoulh. 50X. 52 Proposer. 53 ABC. 51 Mo|e ancestor 55 Makes level. SO Tardy. 58 She wns the fclitucd writer or ot VKRTICAI; 1 Volume. 2 To liilnk. 3 IS;iklni; nans. '1 Owns, 5 Eternal. G.Sells lo the consumer. 7 Lead ore. 10 Her book- vyas published in the l?tlx . 21 Coal of mall. 23 Wind Instrument. 25See<i .bag, 20 Frozen water. 27 Besides. 28 Wayside hotel 29 Northeast.' 30 Still. 35 Child. 37 To wander about. ' 30 Inner • courtyard. •U Twin •12 Lett-hand page. •13'fiopkal , nitirrimril. 45 Miciobe. 48 Lions' home*. 43 To boast. ) SNiitlvc metal. 51 Fiber kildls 0 English coins. 53 Uiblical 10 Wiser. priest.' •10 Tattered clolh. 42 Mover's ll'tldc nursery rimes II Electric unit. S'lSpuih 43 Credit. 50 lier name 10 The rimes Carolina, •t 1 Ugly old Is o( French wcro written 51 Printers' womnn, •—• in . measure DD S Y D E if Tlml's Him HY. FRED HAKMAN Plates, Lamps, Ujiholslcring, Furniture, Slip Covers or anything 5011 mipht have. lilylhcvillc i'urnilurc Co. 12li East Main St. Poultry Arouse Sluggish Mvcr, ivprk ulT the bile to rtil yourself of constipation. BBS pains, and that sour, punk feeling. Take one bo.x of KUtBV'S ACTIVK MV£R 1'II.LS 25c at ati Klrby Stores Dressmaking and slip covers. Mrs. A. G. GiJIiam. 411 No. 2]s.l SI- 2-pk-b Plains For Sale PLANTS: Onions—1000 50c; 3000 $1.00; 6000 $1.75. Cnbbagc—1000 75c. 2000 S1.20. Nice largo plants. Now ready. W. VV. Warren, Canizq Springs, Texas. 28-pk-l'i Baby Chicks Custom Hiilchihj; Marilyn Hatchery «l.vlhcville llho 1 . Gl North MOW \-JVlQ VOO BE , ,6l>T 1 QVJE YOl) VORE h\E.M A A O' THANKS / ALLEY OOP Ymi'ro Livestock For Sale Oiler Hampshire gills from one of America's largest purebred herds Bred for March, April [arrowing. Championship blood lines. Vacci- nalcd. Gnybso Farnis, Horn Lake. Mississippi. 28-pkG Room and Board Room and hoard. Stea W. Ash. Phone 993. 12-ck-3-12 Alabama Merges Sclionls MONTGOMERY. Aln. (UP) — Alabama white schools have IKCII consolidated during (he piist 10 years al the rate, of 70 ouc-lcachcr schools and 50. Uvq-lc.i=hcr schools a year, the slnlc education department reports. WASH TUHHS JM Wi l.attv in Distress •16 ROOM OF A PUUMS.M, \ TERRIFIED 61RV. , WITH TWO 1V1TBUOER& BY ROY. CRANK BY TH6 WfrV.WONMUeT) f VOU SEE, PR.BOOM,") i UNDERSTAND DR. ^ \ HE WEHT 1MROUGH BROMSOM IS WORk-f I WBH (THE TIME-MACHINE 1N6 WITH VOU-- V^KNEW.'/^M> VVE 1-iAVEN'T HOWS HE GETTING<,_ . f'( SEEN HIM S1MCE ~~v ALONG? J vvv I KNEW SOMETHING WROM&! ETOENUV HE'S /.WE'VE HEARDY'... MACHINE GUN, LEFT HIS POINT/ NOTHING SINCE OUTBOARD MOTOR'- OF CONTACT WE SOT THI5/WtWTIMTHE WORLP WITH US AND V MESSAGE / DIP HE WANT WITH CAN'T GET BACK 1 FROM HIM A THESE THINGS? AS NEAR AS- ".'E I COULP FIGURE HAVING SOME TROUBLE WlTH ULVSSE5 «OOTS AND HER J5UDOIES HY Bik;AR MARTIN upa C 0f< THEY TiS HEB H\V10S, PL Vi =2 A. « RIP OF AWE S>\\JE PS iCR3S5 HER PRETTY MOUTH- "w BSUEATH A HODDED CAPE / HERE'S T ( WHERE KE6ETOFF, My \L\TUE SUTTESCUP 6MES THE HcLPlFS^ ffleL CHVVA PA«(W& (3 ?ott/<oo oopt ? K'lt-A 60 •-('\itiT-W WE. WN«> I) COf\CV\ FRECKLES AND HIS KRLKNDsT Fancy ^l BY MERRILL BLOSSEK NEVER MIND, THAT, JUME / josr PLAV THIS SCENE YOK THIS IS SUPFX5S6O, BE TRAGEDY/' • HAROLD AMD TRUOV, KNOWING THAT THEIR LDVE CAN MEVER. BE ,SKI OVER. THE HILL. TO THEIR DOOM/ a WAIT UMTIL THAT CLOUD GETS UP A LITTLE ABOVE THE" HILL BEFORE Yog SHOVE OFF .' IT'LL ADO DRAMA It) r W^m : mmmwm fm^'^m^mmm )^^'^{(^---^^^'' \oo ORA^AA 10 ^!|^;vK:.'.^.;i{vi!.ilC : i : |.i';'%^? : •WE' SCEKJC/^. ; ;: : y j; j-; /: ':,,;.;.!,' :! |;j;i ;.^J|Qt^;' ^ v /y j,::f~^;'-- .. ^•i' t ^\^.'^.'-^^::'^ \v m^^^iS^^ ^rmm'-mmm\ ii|li ^O.i?i! irf. E>fe'fe-«te;s ^^ ^-sajy^'.^swr .. ^^ &*?••'n^ •. *? ^«f«.ma8VKM;ti!H<e.t : <irrrM.iiku.i.><T.'gf.- - •''"' •_' ''•>t'^>-

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