The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on February 11, 1986 · Page 2
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 2

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1986
Page 2
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People The Salina Journal Tuesday, February 11,1986 Page 2 TUBING TUMBLE — Six Fort Wayne, Ind., teens make a crash landing while sledding on an innertube in a city park. Six inches of snow fell on the city, causing schools to close. Rod Steiger weds for fourth time Rod Steiger Paula. and LONDON .(AP) — Actor Rod Steiger has disclosed that he has married for the fourth time, to Los Angeles singer Paula Ellis. Just before boarding a flight home to Malibu, Calif., Steiger, 60, and his 26-year-old bride told reporters they were quietly married Feb. 3 at a London registry office. Ellis said they had been together for five years. Steiger, an Academy Award winner for his role in the 1967 film, "In the Heat of the Night," said he came to London to attend an opera starring his daughter Anna by his second wife, actress Clair Bloom. Home state cites Westmoreland MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) - Retired Gen. William Westmoreland got congratulations from two former presidents and a ribbing from Bob Hope as he was inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Fame. The 71-year-old Spartanburg County native, who now lives in Charleston and once commanded all U.S. troops in Vietnam, "won more battles than John Wayne" during his 36-year military career, Hope said in videotaped congratulations. Former presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford sent congratulatory messages. "Over the years I have become most unaccustomed to such favorable sentiments as expressed here today," said Westmoreland. William Westmoreland Voight: Vietnam salute overdue JonVoight BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — A welcome home salute to Vietnam War veterans is long overdue, says actor Jon Voight, star of the 1978 movie "Coming Home." Voight, who portrayed an embittered paraplegic war veteran in the movie, said he supports a concert featuring celebrities Feb. 24 at the 18,000-seat Forum in Inglewood. The four-hour USO-style "Welcome Home" concert will feature performances by Kenny Rogers and others. Voight will participate with Ed Asner, John Ritter and Mike Farrell in ceremonies honoring veterans. Proceeds will be given to veterans' supportgroups. Yeager sets flight speed record NEW YORK (AP) — Fabled pilot Chuck Yeager set a speed record for coast-to-coast flight for one class of plane Saturday, soaring from Burbank, Calif., to New York in five hours and 23 minutes. The 62-year-old Yeager, the first pilot to break the sound barrier, flew a Piper-Cheyenne 400-LS. His average speed was 480 mph. Yeager bettered by more than an hour the previous record of 6 hours and 28 minutes, set about a year ago, for business turboprop aircraft weighing between 6,700 and 13,000 pounds. The retired Air Force brigadier general, profiled in the book and film "The Right Stuff," said he never had any doubts that he would break the old record. Yeager "We took a look at the winds and knew it would be a piece of cake," he said. Bonuses win OK The Salina Journal MJUM. I MJtJ VVU.I V-^.£X P.O.Bo«740 ZlD Cod. 87402 despite grumbles CORONA, Calif. (AP) -Repairing streets in Corona must be a labor of love, because the city's entire road maintenance division hasn't missed a single day of work in two years. . And to show its appreciation to the 32 city employees, the city council has approved a $200 bonus for each crew member. The council voted 3-2 for the bonuses after being told by the workers' .boss, City Manager James Wheaton, that the perfect attendance record had saved taxpayers over $100,000 in sick pay and insurance bills. He said the record "defies all odds," considering how dangerous road work can be. Some council members were less ,than impressed, though, and the bonus passed only after it was cut from Wheaton's proposed $350. Mayor S.R. "AT Lopez, one of the nay-sayers, argued that it's an employee's duty to show up for work. He said the workers deserved a ceremony at best. If your Salina Journal is not delivered by 7:00 a.m., please call your carrier or the Circulation Department at 823-6363 (1^00-132-7606, out of town subscribers). Same day delivery will only be made in response to calls received prior to 10:00 a.m. in Salina. For other service calls, our Circulation Dept. is open 5:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; 5:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The Advertising and Business office will cloae on Saturdays at 12 noon. Few farmers flock to protection of Iowa foreclosure moratorium MANCHESTER, Iowa (AP) Alfred Hettinger has managed to keep his land under a five-month-old law limiting farm foreclosures in Iowa, but that could change if the grain and dairy farmer can't find a new lender to assume his debt. Last fall, Hettinger, who farms outside this northeastern Iowa town, became the first to seek protection under an updated, Depression-era law allowing farmers to seek a moratorium against foreclosures on their land. He was $7,500 short on a nearly $28,000 annual payment to the Federal Land Bank. Only a few farmers have followed Hettinger into court to seek protection, an Associated Press survey found, and that doesn't surprise him. Eventually, he said, "you still got to pay the bill." "About the only thing the moratorium does is give you a few months to get your thoughts together to figure where you're going to go with it. But if I couldn't get financing ... it would just prolong the agony," he said. Last Oct. 1, Gov. Terry Branstad declared an economic state of emergency in Iowa, triggering the law allowing district court judges to grant one-year delays in foreclosure while farmers try to put their finances in order. Branstad said his declaration was necessary because more than 40,000 of Iowa's 110,000 farm families were threatened with economic hardship so severe they could lose their land. But as of Jan. 1, only 61 petitions Iowa bankers began to recognize farmers' decreased ability to repay loans several years ago, he said, and have kept that in mind as they examined new loan applications and worked with delinquent borrowers. "The fact that the conditions were there that the governor felt he needed to declare the moratorium, rather than the moratorium itself, has affected all lenders," he said. The Federal Land Bank of Omaha, Neb., which makes the bulk of farm real estate loans in Iowa, started foreclosure proceedings against 980 Iowa farmers between Jan. 1, 1985, and Nov. 30, 1985, according to Wayne Messerly of the Iowa Department of Agriculture. But the moratorium has had little impact on the Land Bank, Corn crop larger than expected Heart recipient in critical condition TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - The first person to receive two artificial hearts was in critical condition Monday after the transplanted human heart she received failed, and doctors were trying to determine- what went wrong. Bernadette Chayrez, 40, was not suffering Monday from any of the internal bleeding that has plagued her throughout her multi-heart ordeal, said Nina Trasoff, chief spokeswoman for University Medical Center. After receiving the Jarvik-70 plastic-and-metal pump on Feb. 3, Dr. Jack Copeland, head of the hospital's heart team, decided to go ahead with her human heart transplant a week ahead of schedule because of the bleeding, Transoff said. She received the human heart transplant Friday, but doctors had to reopened her chest early Saturday in a three-hour operation to stop more bleeding. P.O.Bo«740 Zip Cod* 67402 Published seven days a week, 365 days per year at 333 S. 4th, Salina, Kansas, by— Salina Journal, Inc. (USPS47M60I HARRIS RAYL, Editor and Publisher Second-class postage paid at Salina, Kansas. Additional mailings made from Hays and Colby Kansas. NUKE ALFERS, General Manager KAY BERENSON, Executive Editor JANE GLENN, Advertising Sales Manager JIM PICKETT, Advertising Production Manager KEVIN MCCARTHY, Circulation Manager KENNETH OTTLEY, Composing Foreman HOWARD GRUBER, Press Foreman NORBERT LAUE, Mailing Foreman RHONDA KELLEY, Credit Manager Area Code 913 Dial 823-6363 Slnglccopy ratal Daily 25c Sunday 75c. By Carrier — Monthly rate M.OO including sales tax. By Motor Route — Monthly rate $8.50 including sales tax. City Motor Route same as 'By Carrier' rate. Mail subscriptions available in areas not serviced by carrier or motor routes. Send change of address to The Salina Journal, P. 0. Box 740, Salina, Kansas 67402-0740. WASHINGTON (AP) - Last year's record corn harvest turned out even larger than had been expected, the Agriculture Department said Monday in an annual review. The 1985 corn harvest was about 8.87 billion bushels, up 16 percent from 1984 and about 150 million bushels more than the department's last estimate of 8.72 billion bushels in November. The previous high was 8.24 billion bushels in 1982. Corn yields averaged a record 118 bushels an acre, up 11.8 bushels from 1984 and 4.8 bushels more than the old 1982 record. Overall, 1985 crop production was rated at 116 percent of a 1977 base level used for comparison. The "all crops" indicator, however, fell short of the record of 118 percent in 1982. It dropped to 88 percent in 1983 as a result of drought and government acreage cutbacks, rising to 110 percent in 1984. Total feed grains, mostly corn but also including sorghum, oats and barley, were shown at 274 million metric tons, up 16 percent from 237 million tons in 1984. A metric ton is about 2,205 pounds and is equal to 39.4 bushels of corn or 36.7 bushels of wheat. Although bushels were used to describe yields and production of specific commodities, tonnages were used for basic groups. Food grains, for example, were put at 72.7 million tons in 1985, down 6 percent from 77.7 million tons in 1984. Latin ministers urge U.S. to halt contra aid WACHTVnTnXT fAOl TTinVif oinnol noona initiatfara Irnrmm ao t\ WASHINGTON (AP) — Eight Latin American foreign ministers are urging the Reagan administration to stop supporting antigovernment rebels in Nicaragua and instead put its muscle behind a negotiated settlement to Central America's conflicts. The foreign ministers also want the administration to resume bilateral talks with the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. The United States broke off the talks last year. Representing Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Uruguay, the foreign ministers met Monday with Secretary of State George Shultz and other administration officials. Peruvian Foreign Minister Allan Wagner Tizon said after a 3%-hour meeting with State Department officials, "The meeting was interesting and frank, and we think productive." The foreign ministers' visit marks the most formidable diplomatic challenge to date the Reagan ad- minsitration has faced in its efforts against Nicaragua's leftist government. The Washington visit comes less than a month after the foreign ministers met in Caraballeda, Venezuela, where they worked out a new re- gional peace initiative, known as the Caraballeda Message. Just before meeting with Shultz, Peruvian Foreign Minister Allan Wagner Tizon said the foreign ministers were particularly interested in whether "the United States was willing to collaborate" with the effort "in the areas which affect them more directly." Wagner said the peace plan calls for a series of immediate steps, including the "cessation of support for irregular forces which operate in the region," a reference to U.S.-backed rebels fighting to overthrow the Nicaraguan government. Argentine Foreign Minister Dante Caputo said upon arrival in Washington on Sunday that he hoped to win U.S. backing for the plan, which he called "the only peaceful road to resolve the problems" in Central America. Caputo said the declaration has been endorsed by 13 Latin American nations, the European Economic Community and Japan. "We consider it a balanced proposal, which takes into account the interests of all the parties, and the current political situation," Caputo said. Well stand behind your tax return. And we won't make you stand in line for it. The Tax Consultants at Beneficial Tax Centers go over each return so carefully, Beneficial has the confidence to guarantee we'll stand behind every return we prepare. What's more, Beneficial Tax Centers believe you shouldn't have to wait in line just to have your return prepared. So Beneficial offers every customer a personal appointment. Instead of waiting to see us, our Consultants will be waiting for you. To make an appointment at the Beneficial Tax Center nearest you, call (913)827-5501 Beneficial Tax Center When it comes to your taxes, the difference is Beneficial. The decline was due mainly to a 7 percent drop in 1985 wheat production to 2.42 billion bushels, and a 2 percent smaller rice crop, shown at The 1985 soybean harvest was about 2.1 billion bushels, up 13 percent from 1984 and the third largest on record. The average yield of 34.1 bushels an acre was a record. In November, the soybean estimate was 2.13 billion bushels. Cotton production last year was estimated at 13.5 million bales, up 4 percent from 1984. Yields averaged a record of 630 pounds an acre, up from the previous high of 600 pounds in 1984. The record cotton crop was nearly 19 million bales in 1937. A family serving families for three generations. RYAN'S Member by Invitation National Selected Morticians 137 North Eighth PAT BOLEN ECLEWGDD INSURANCE A Marketforce Alliliate ; 'Serving Salina Since 1927. " Before you make a decision on where to invest your IRA this year, come in and ask us what your IRA could have earned with us in the past year. Be sure your IRA allows you to MOVE YOUR MONEY WITHOUT A PENALTY as often as you wish Why lock-in your IRA to an investment that prohibits you from, or penalizes you for, making revisions to take advantage of constantly changing economic conditions? Waddell & Reed, Inc., one of the nation's leading financial services organizations, offers you Two-Step Flexibility for your IRA: 1 • You can put your dollars into your choice of any of the following broadly diversified, professionally managed investment portfolios: I •Money Market Instruments J 'Corporate Bonds •Common Stocks •International Stocks •Lower-rated Corporate Bonds 'Science/Energy Stocks £* . You can move your money anytime to any other of the above portfolios...WITHOUT'A SALES CHARGE-:* ...WITHOUT A PENALTY...WITHOUT DISTURBING THK TAX-SHELTER BENEFITS OF YOUR IRA. For more information, send the coupon or call WADDELL & REED, INC. 219S. Santa Fe Salina, Kansas 67401 ^^ ^^fl ' Asu MEMBER SIPC SECURITIES INVESTOR PROTECTION CORPORATION NAME ADDRESS CITY PHONE »i j-a£ i -ai (.'s chargf applies to uu tAt-liangf from I am interested in complete Two-Step Flexibility program vou will supply me with an a vising complete information lees, winch I will read carelul STATE JW j no-Iliad fund into :i loud (mid. inlornuttion about vour lor my lliA. I understand jpliuablc prospectus pro- hu'lmliiiK I'liarncs ami \ before 1 iuM-st. ZIP

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