Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 12, 1933 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1933
Page 3
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fbf' by Star Publishing Co.* Inc. », WasMjtirn), at The Star building, 112«ft4 South ft WASftttmN, Ettttot and rfiatter at the postoffice at Hope, Arkansas tlteAct^t March 3,189t tt an institution developed by modern civilization to 'lKA'tf art <toy, t6 fester commerce and industry* through widely l;adv«rtistftl*nU, and to furnish that check upon government which " "I *v« been abte to $irwidft"-Col. R. R. jMeCormick. <tf if* AMtifettte* ft**si -Hie Xsso'ciated PreSs is exclusively is th* tise for publication of all news dispatches credited to It or ~rWife credited in this paper and also the local news published herein, t Of reproduction ftl special dispatches herein are also reserved. <M Trlbnte*. Etas Charges will be made for all tributes, cards resolutions, ot memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial i hold to this policy hi the news columns to protect their readers "deluge of apace-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility t safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. ftftf** (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per sis tttath* $2.73{ on« year $5.00. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada id Lafayette counties, $3 00 per! year; elsewhere $5.00* The Star's Platform ~xf • . CITY f?'Apply the i&>*n1iei of the municipal power plant to, develop the tl and facial resources of Hope. More etttf payment in 1933, and improved sanitary condition* In alleys and btwfnew bock-yards. •Support the Chamber o/ Commerce. >*" COUNTY county highway program prqHditig for the construction of a Amount of all-weather road each year, to gradually reduce the •Political _ and economic support for every scientific agricultural which tiffert practical benefits to Hempstead county's greatest " p,^ farmer erffontratioiw, believing that co-operative effort |li;iifApracttcal i» the country as it is in town. ' " STATE j progrett on the state highway program. ' tttrtwtt tax reform, and a more efficient government through the ti/st*m, of expenditures. City'bebts Prove Heavy Burden Justifiable De I * jf^j ^ V( ? t , i, nj-'^i ' -f *• ** / Do\bu f ^y^g'' > +*''"' ' ' 'Y'» " <>* ' TWENTY-FIVE YEAttS AGO Mr. Ed Stuart and father mndc a flying business trip to Nnshvlllc yesterday. A two-story depot of concrete Is being built at El Dorado. Dr. Earl H. Welcome, an old Hope boyi recently of the U. S. Navy, has been appointed medical inspector of the Fhlllplne Constabulary with rank of lieutenant. Dr. Welcome will ba In charge of 4 four provinces, each of which represents a country as medical officer and health inspector. He was in the navy more than three and one-half years. i>l wjilcli time he cruised in Japan, China, the Phili- plnes and Borneo. TEN YEARS AGO E. C. Penuel, of Ashdown, is in Hope on business today. Miss Annette nnd Fannie May Cannon left this afternoon for Little Rock where they will hear Galli Curchi sing this evening. Mr. and Mrs. Hatley White nre rejoicing over the advent of a baby boy born to them yesterday, whoso nnmc is William Maxwell White. I Japanese Fish Answer to IVcViott* P«*»1o t Lewis Douglas is director of the u. n. 7 Artificial streams. 13 To mako destitute. 14 To enliven. 16 Made Into law. 17 Flattery. 18 Cistern. 20 To employ. 71 Native peach. 22 Types of flowerings. 27 Dry. 2S To speak Imperfectly. 30 Secretary of foreign affairs of Great Britain. 31 Pierced by a bullet. 32 To rtflact. 33 To drive down lightly. 34 Indian climbing shrub. 37 Station. 39 Social insects. 43 Wlnp. 44 Wished. 45 Ago. 4C Lively Inne. 48 Coal. 49 Flyer, 53 Lying on the side. 56 To proclaim. G7 To mock. G8 Depended upon. 59 Compartments of electric switchboards. 1 In the name of. 2 The personification of heaven. 3 Floor of a * ship. 4 Artificial channel. 5 Night before. C To scatter. 7 Bereti 8 Data. 9 Nothing. 10 A nurse. 11 Profuse. 12 Combining form meaning is i»*pjw nut. is To build.' 19 Jewel. 23 Apart. 24 Quotes, 2ft Engine. 2«0rowlnfc out, 2!>Tl!>y table. 31 Mineral spring. 34 Prepared lettuce; 35 Small tilt hammer. 3d ill will. 38 Cavity. 40 Pertaining to a nerve'. 41 Cares: for medically. 42 Hall. 47 High. 4S Festival. no Japanese fish. r>l Native irieUt, K2 Scarlet. 53 Part of the mouth, 54 Eucharist vessel. 55 Baking dish. Tokio By BRUCE CATTON NBA Editorial Writer no American city will ever again rush into »t as'blithely as was the custom during the earlier, part ife past decade. The chickens, right now, are coming home to roost, and effort, to find a place for their restless feet is giving __.pbrs* arid city councilors gray hairs, wrinkles and sleep- fer nights in. a horrifying manner. * 1<? e cities, of course, are in good shape financially. * are in the minority. Bonds totaling something like ,000,000, are now outstanding against various Amer- feitaesptowns aijd counties, and Congress is now being et the cities enjoy a two-year moratorium or to set whereby principal and interest on this stupendous jould be scaled down. represents one of the most pressing prob- s to face. It also stands as a monument to $Tflisfortunes — to the depression itself, which lessened inicipal revenues ajid increased municipal expenditures, the era of high,jwide arid handsome spending which eceded the depression. ' s tremendous load of debt can be carried through period' is extremenly doubtful. A moratorium, ^general revision or a nepidemic of outright defaults — one iff 4hese^ or a combination of all three, seems to be in prospect. & ( .'T8uf suppose that that happens, and that prosperity _ erittrally- returns, with our city treasuries in a solvent con- Iftion^qnce more. What then? Shall we begin anew the free- qjendfng^ habits that brought on this trouble? Shall we con- |nMetd s put' up with the inefficient, graft-ridden, politics-per;*!d^type of ' city government that caused so much of this l debt load? , If we do, we shall prove that the depression has taught 5AILING By HELEN WELSHIMER MAYBE if you Wouldigo to Spain I could recover My poise again. D All is nice, '-' And so is Peru; Samoa might Be good for you. IF you were safe In Singapore I wouldn't watch The open door. The one-great truth that this crisis has made obvious is ||T«'t 1 he i ,ordinary kind of city government in this country is F v e"xpensive td be tolerated any" longer. If we are smart ough to learn by our troubles, we shall insist on having a Sacrifices For Science dften been remarked that the great discoveries of f, science frequently have to be paid for in human lives. Of Nothing is this truer than of the X-ray. , >A recent cable from London points out that 15 scientists dying, in various parts of England, because of the work ley did to develop and adapt this great boon for the use of nkind. They are dying by.inches, painfully; but because their courage and devotion the lives of a great many other have been and will be saved. I-CPULD forget .With you away . Please buy a ticket And start today! (Copyright, 1933. hy NEA Service, Inci All reprint anil song rights reserved.) Columbus Furthermore, they have helped to rid the X-ray itself . _„ its dangers. It can be handled safely, now. Scientists leneeforth will not have to make such sacrifices. The history of human bravery holds few brighter chapt- |ieys"than this. ; Labor's Program program suggested at the .recent conference of labor •' leaders and economists with Secretary of Labor^ Frances 18 by all odds the most far-reaching "and daring of its ever seriously considered by the American government. A' $5,000,000,000 bond issue to provide 2,000.000 jobs, a itional law providing for the 30-hour week in industry, strict jnjmum wage regulations, abolition of child labor, complete nition of labor's right to organize—here, surely, is a am which ought to satisfy the most radical. Whether it stands any chance of adoption is something again—-as, also, is the question whether it would work if it were adopted. But the mere fact that the administration it a sympathetic ear is a profoundly significant clevelop- it. • So They Say! Jf modern psychologists would not use so many lofty and would stick to common sense we would benefit .— Prof. Frank p. Whalen of Hunter College. The depression, like a fever, is developing its own anti, and will cure itself.— Roger Babson, economist. If the courts do not invalidate beer legislation, public gentiment which originally outlawed beer will uyain pro- sentence against if.— F. Scott McBridc, superinten- Mrs. E. J. Shepperson was hostess Wednesday to the Ladies Auxiliary of the Presbyterian church. The church was beautifully decorated with dogwood. Mrs. David Wilson was program leader and gave the devotional. The meeting was opened with the Lord's Prayer in unison. A dialog "Old Age pnd Youth" was given by Mrs. J. S. Wilson Sr., and Mrs. J. S. Wilson Jr. Mii-s Lorena Darnall sang "The Light of the World" accompanied at the piano by Mrs. J. S. Wilson Jr. The meeting was closed with a prayer by Mrs. J. S. Wilson Sr. During the social hour delicious homemade candies were served the following members: Mrs. J. O. Johnson. Mrs. David Wilson, Mrs. Allie Wilson, j Miss Mildred Johnson, Mrs. Black- I wood, Mrs. R. E. Jackspn, Miss Janit ! Johnson, Mrs. J. 'S. Wilson, Sr., Mrs. i J. S. Wilson Jr., Miss Lorena Darnall j and Mrs. E. J. Shepperson. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Booker of Texarkana spent last week end with Dr and Mrs. J. R. Autrey. Miss Rena Johnson of Texarkana spent Sunday with her parents, Mr and Mrs. J. O. Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Jackson and T H. Stuart were visitors to Hope Friday night. Taylor Mitchell has returned from an extended stay in Hot Springs. Mrs. J. R. Autrey, Mrs. C. R. White. Misses Frances Darnall and Lorena Darnajl, R. C. Stuart and Geo. Collins attended the "Womanless Wedding" at Okay Tuesday night. Miss Mildred Johnson chaperoned the senior class on a picnic Friday. Members of the clt^s are: Miss Jau- nita'Calhoun. Miss Hatel Blackwood, Mrs. Flora Green, Johnnie Thompson. j Leo Rosenbaum and Chas. Griffin. Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Steel and .-:on : Tommy and Mrs. Laura Suggs of Tex! arkana, spent Sunday with Mr. and j Mrs. C. R. White. • Mr. and Mrs. Herb;it Hicks wire I guests Sunday of Mrs. James Delaney aj. Buckrange. Mr. and Mrs. David Wilson £p;nt Sunday with Mr. and Mr.-:. Jirn Ferguson at Nashville. Mr and Mrs. J. A. Williamson of Shreveport will spend this week end with relatives here. Spring Hill Born to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Foley Jr. Sunday a daughler, they christened the liltle lady Palsy Marie. Mr. and Mrs. John Moman and daughler. Wandagene, of Kilgore, were week end visitors with home tolks-. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Terrell of Smack, over were visiting wilh her parents, Mr. and Mrs, J. H. Malin Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Dave Seago and Erbin Martin were home from Kilgore for a few days recently. Mrs. Abb Hamilton gave a quilting at her home one day last week. There were 37 ladies present. Quite n few from here attended court last week. Among the number were <iJ. C. Portcrfield, H. E. Reid, Hugh Garner, F. J. Hill', Horace Phillips, F. F. and Frank Turner. Mrs. Clemens and M'rs. Boyce and children were shopping in Hope Sal- urday. Mirs Swan Garner spent from Friday lill Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Huron Light near Liberty Hill. Miss Elcie Poole of DeAnn was a guest of her sister Mrs. Ralph Roberts last week. Master William Smith celebrated his Uth birthday Saturday afternoon, wilh a party, there were 21 present. Mr. and Mrs. J: A. McLarty were down from Hope Sunday visiting at J. C. Turner's. Rcbert Martin and wife, accompanied by Ralph Roberts and family went to Water Creek Sunday to visit with Joe Morten and family. E. J. Brint attended services here Sunday night and wenl to Washington to court Monday. Mr. and Mrs, Sooter Sr., have purchased a new car recenlly. Presiding Elder Hunley preached at Melhodist church Sunday night lo a large congregation. , Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Foster were Monday visitors to .the city. Mrs. Gus Smilh of Battle Field attended services here Sunday night. MIT. Lige Sinyard of Red Springs spent Friday with Mrs. Daughterly, Nexl Sunday is Rev Williams regular preaching day, every one come to cheurch. There will also be an Easier program rendered, sponsoed by the Epworth League. In the Talkies Now The chorus girl came into the dressing-room to announce joyfully that she was leaving ut the end of Ihe week lo be married. After a jealous silence, the cat of trie company remarked, sweetly, "A speaking part al lasl, dearie?"—Tit- Bils. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. McLarly of Nashville visiled Mr. and Mrs. Lesvis Woods al this place Saturday night. Mrs. Lewis Woods visited her parents at McCaskill Sunday. L. S. Sanford, Roy Wisdom and Harry Higgins attended the singing at ashville Sunday afternoon. H. R. Holt and daughter. Miss Dee. atlendcd singing at Nashville Sunday afternoon. Mrs. T. A. Hunt and Mrs. J. R. Cooley of Murfreesboro spent the day Friday with Mrs. J. F. McLaughlin at this place. Dalo Hatch of Nashville visited his granclmcrther al Ihis place Friday night. J. S'. Harris and family attended the Howard Counly Singing convcnlion at Nashville Sunday afternoon. Mallery McFarland and Hershel Wisdom were Nashville visitors Thursday. Miss Willie Daniels was a Nashville visitor Saturday. I Harry Higgins was a Nashville vis- ] itor Saturday. Miss Alma Cooley was a Nashville visitor Friday. i Glair Mance was in Nashville Wednesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Bradley of Me. Caskill visited relalives here lasl Sunday. Miss Kalheryn Morris of Nashville spenl Ihe lasl week-end with relatives at this place. . Mrs. Harvey Taylor of Texnrkana is visiting her mother, Mrs. J. M. Ray at this place. Mrr. Gus Osborn and children of Nashville spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Vernon McLaughlin at this place. Barnctt Thompson of Nashville visited his mother Mrs. J. B. Thompson at this place Sunday. • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blackwood attended the singing at Nashville Sunday. Mrs. J. B. Hutson was a visilor lo Hope Friday. L. R. Halch of Fullon is visiting his nicther, Mrs. U. A. Hatch, who is on the sick list al Ihis wriling. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Noah Oldner, March 31, u son, named Arthur Williams. Alonzo Sanford was a business visi. tor lo Nashville Salurday. T. F. Jones and H. A. Hawkins of Ml. Pleasant were trading in Tokio Salurday. Mrs. Dennis McClcndon and daughter, Mis-s Annah.el, of Prescolt visited Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Mancc Friday. Mrs. U. Cassidy was the Thursday evening guest of Mrs. J. S. Reed. Otis Fuller and Mrs. Fuller psent last Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Beckworth. Rev. and Mrs. John G. Recce of Hope were dinned guesls last Sunday cf Mr. and Mrs. Leon Darwin. Mi. and Mrs. Jeff Mitchell and daughters, Edgel and Farrcll, spent last Sunday with their daughler, Mrs. Hoyell Lascler. Parker Rogers and Cecil Laseler al- tendcd the practice at Harmony Thursday night. Allen Walker and son, Thomas, were among the Hope visitors last Satuday, Mrs. H. W. Fore spent Friday with Mri. Charles Rogers. J. S. Reed and Mrs. Reed and Miss Jennie Givens, were Sunday aflernoon callers at the Allen Walker home. Miss Ada May England, Shover Springs teacher, was in Hope lasl Sal. urday. Neal Walker 1 made a business visit Ic Port Arthur, Texas, last week. Mrs. Allen Walker, spent Saturday with Mrs. John Recce. Mrr. Lon Mitchell of Little Bodcaw spent Tuesday night with her daughter, Mrs. Joe England. Next Satiirfln;' ngihl and Sunday an.,1 aunday night will ^ e r e su' ar preaching day al Shover springs, all are inviled lo attend. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Davis and children attended church at Hope Sunday. - THIS CURIOUS WORLD A STARVING ANIMAL CAN LIVE AFTER. A LOSS OF NEARLY ALL ITS FAT, ONE-HALF OF ITS' PROTEIN, AND A GREAT PROPORTION OF ITS BOOV WEIGHT, BUT A LOSS OF ONLY ONE-FIFTH OF THE WATER OF THE BODY IS FATAL. Shover Springs Sunday school was well attended last Sunday. Rastus Aaron is confined to his bed with rheumatism. We hope he will soon be up again. Mrs. Barney Reed and litlle son, Harry Lee, of Beaumont, Tex., has returned lo his home afler Iwo weeks visil wilh Iheir parenls Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Reed. Mrs. Ell'on Cassidy spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. John Reece. Mrs. Roy Rogers was a Monday afternoon visitor in Litlle Bodeaw. Mr. and Mrs. John Reece and son, Grady and family, spent last Sunday with his daughter, Mrs. George Johnson and family of Henry's Chapel. Mrs. Charles Rogers was bed time guest of Mrs. Henry Fore, Thursday night. MVf. Early McWilliams spent last Thursday evening with Mrs, Albert Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Gifford Byers and | daughler, Miss Marjorie, were Sunday dinner guesls of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Reece of near Hope. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Dickinson and daughlers, Ruin and Mary Joe, and little Miss Mary Durham of Prescott, spent last Sunday afternoon with their aunt, Mrs. H. W. Fore Rocky Mound Elder Paul Reeves of Mindon, La., filled his regular appointment here Saturday night and 'Sunday. Mr. T. H. Butler and Wilton Steed, son of Mr .and Mrs. E. G. Steed are real sick at Ihis wriling. Mr. Taranl Waters and family were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Purtle. Rev. Wallace R. Rogers, pastor of the First Baptist church at Hope .will preach the baccalaureate sermon for Ihc graduating class here Sunday afternoon at 2:30. Every one is invited 'to attend. Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Silvey spent Friday night with relatives in Nevada county. The school here is only two more weeks and the pupils are very busy preparing a program which will be Thursday and Friday night, April 20-2. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hunt and "Mrs. Alice Williams were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Pickard. v .. Mrs.' Pearl Mitchell 'of Rosston,| .spent last .week with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Cariis Dillard of Ross"ton spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Jim May. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Monts were Sunday guests of their daughter, Mrs. Coficld, near Sutlon. Doyle Rev. Hyde filled his regular appoint^-* mcnt at Doyle, there was a large crowd present. Mr. and Mrs. Walter and children and Mi. and Mrs. J. H. Jeffers arc J. BalciiMMr.andK shrdiu sh shsl) visiting Mrs. S. J. Bnlch. Woodrow, Jolnul and A. J. Balch were Saturday night guests of their Brother and wife of Ozan, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Balch. J. H. Jeffers was a business visitor to Nashville Saturday. George Webb was a business visile J to Nashville Saturday. s Adnine Webb and Miss Ma. Still were business visitors lo Waslj ington Saturday Everybody is invited to the Easter egg hunt at J. M. Jackson's Saturday night. WHICH IS FREQUENTLY CALLED THE DOUGLAS F/R, STANDS BOTANICALLY BETWEEN F/RS AND //f/H/OCATvS, AND IS SOLD BY THE LUMBERMAN AS OREGON PlNEi ' THE SUN RISES 365-i' TI/AESAYEAR. WHILE; THE STARS RISE 366^ TIMES. THE DIFFERENCE is DUE TO The HACT THAT IN A OAY'^ JOURNEY ON ITS' ORBIT AROUND THE SUN, THE EASTH MAKES 555! OF A. ROTATION A'DDITIQNAL. (D I Ed) BY NEA SCHUICE. INC. Cramps and Pains In Side and Back "I had suffered with cramping and pain In my sides and back," writes Mrs. J. V. Bourque, of: Gonzales, La. "I was sd weak I could hardly walk. Cardui seemed to build me up, and after about twelve bottles I was better and stronger than I had been in years." Women who find themselves in a weak, run-down condition can hardly expect to be free from troublesome, painful symptoms. Where the trouble Is due to weakness, Curdul helps women to gut stronger and thua makes U eusk-r for nature to taku Its orderly course. Painful, symptoms dl.Happear as uour- of tliu body la Improved wltU tlio uHui.stancu of CarJul. Sold at drug Htorefl STYLES OF THE HOUR! $2 ' 97 Look Your Best On EASTER in BROWNbilt Shoes Pigskins $1.97 White Kids Gray Kids Ghandi Sandals Mesh Sandals Linen Sandals in that good BROWNbilt qaulity New Hose in Shades for Easter Wear MITT'S Shoe Store "You Dc»'t H^vc To B0 Rich To lie *•%**•<«& , i, •.•- rru..^.^ April 12, 1933 '*'«?„*„£ w HOI 1 !!) HT. LM4A8 TELEPHONE 321 There is a witching beauty t *•" When birds start w sing ) <l A«y- tree Is gayer " i! " 1" lh « «arly spring. ".v " ™ or a Ma** w art ' st Looks at earth and sees Need of petaled whiteness for expectant trees'. So lie scatters blossoms brief ecstasy Just to show how lovely Apple trees can be. —Selected. SenlorrJunior High P. T. A. will meet Thursday afternoon at 3:30 In the library room of the high school. Mrs. J. O. Mllam and little daughter, Eva Joan, have retumcd from a week ; ««id,Visit with Mr. Milam and friends lit Muskogee, Okla. The Hempstead County Singing convention will meet in Palmos High School auditorium Sunday, April 23. Alt singers nnd friends arc cordially invited to dome and bring lunch. On Friday afternoon April 14, at 4 Vclock Litany will be read at St. Marks Episcopal church followed by a lecturer on Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews by Mrs. Mattie Greer of Lewis- Vjlle, The public is cordially invited to attend this service. j; Wellborn Crawford of Little Rock, representing.the National Equity Life Insurance Co., was the Tuesday night guest of relatives en route to Magnolia. The (Mathean class of First Baptist Sunday school held their regular . monthly business and social meeting on Tuesday evening at the parsonage /•.South Main street, with Mrs. Cecil '"•wPeaver, Mrs. A. D. Branan, Mrs. Hcarn, Mrs. .Henry Taylor, Mrs. A. T. Jewell, Mrs. Frank Hicks and Mrs. Allen Moore. The social cast for the occasion was a carnival party featured by the game "Bingo." A short business period was conducted by the president, Mrs. Harry Shiver, at which time reports were given from the various • standing committees. Carnival refreshments, including hot dogs, hamburgers, pink lemonade and other cold . t drinks were served at the close of the " evening. Forty-two members were present. Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Norton had as week end guests, Miss Mabel Norton of the Crossctt Public school faculty and Mr. and Mrs. James L. Lucas of Mor- riltOn. Mrs. A. D. Brrinnn was a Wednes- day visitor in Texarkana. Friends voting In the Prosperity club for the P. T. A. will please label their votes, "Hope P, T. A." Miss Allena Wylle of State Teachers college, Conway was the week end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Wyllo. Mrs. E. G. Coop was the Wednesday guest of M. and Ms. Vincent Keith In Texarkana. The Oglesby P. T. A. held their regular monthly meeting'on Tuesday afternoon at the Oglesby school, with the president, Mrs. C. D. Lester conducting the business session. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Mrs. A. B. Patton, pros, ident; Mrs. Hntlcy White, vice-president; Mrs. C. B. Presley, secretary; Mrs. George M. Green, treasurer. Plans were made and eggs donated for the Oglesby children's Easter egg hunt on Friday afternoon, with the following committee in charge. Mrs. Bundy, Mrs. Shiver, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Bush. The president's message was read by Mrs. Finley Ward. The program was in charge .of Mrs. C. B. Presley with a paper on "Wise Use of Summer Vacations" by Mrs. T. S. McDavitt; "What the Doctor Knows About Alcohol" by Mrs. Clyde Hill. Two delightful piano selections were given by Miss Pansy Wimbcrly. The dollar went to Mrs. McRae's room, 'registering the greatest number of mothers. Mrs. H. H. Stuart spent Wednesday with friends and relatives in Texarkana. The Everyman's Bible Class wi'il 'meet at the Christian church bungalow on Thursday evening at 7:30. Corn beef and cabbage will be served. Special music. ' Thd choir of First Methodist church, under" the direction of Mrs. Ralph Routon will give an especially beautiful program of Easter music next Sunday evening' at 7:30. There will also be a special Easter number at the morning service. In the evening service, Miss Helen McRac, violinist will play the offertory. The Brookwood will sponsor an Easter egg sale on Saturday, April 15. Telephone your orders to cither, Mrs. Robert Wilson or Mrs. S. L. Muphy. Mrs. Floyd Duke and little daughter, Patsy have returned to their home in Toxarkana, after a few days visit with Mrs. Garrctt Story nnd other fircnds. Misses Addic Lcc and Orn Fair- Circus Coming Here Friday | v Wear White Shoes Easter! —and your shoes will reflect good style and good laslc. Uobi.son.s Friedman-Shelby shoes for Easter and Summer wear give you extra value for your money. And extra style at a low price. Our range of styles, all of them brand new, offers your choice of several clever and stylishly correct designs. 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Salosbury, adult class, .Mrs. Elliott Senior, Roy Button, Intermediate; Mrs. Carl Evans, junior; Mrs. ,Leon Willis, beginners. The Epworth League was well at^ tended Sunday night. • Clarence Willis of DeAnn spent Saturday night with Mr. arid Mrs. Leon Willis. Little Misses Dorothy and Jewel Worthey spent Monday with Mrs, Herman Worthy. ' Ross Roberts and Paul Bain were the Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Clark. Several of the young folks attended the party at Will Bain's, Wednesday night. Misses Lorene Worthy and Lcc Murphy were dinner guests of Mrs. Martha Heinbrcc, Monday A large crowd attended the parly given by Mrs. Carl Evans,' at her home Saturday night. Miss Rubye Jack Sullivan spent a few days last week with friends at Aldcn Willis, of DeAnn, who has Just returned from North Carolina, called on John Willis Sunday after-. noon. R. T. Hembree was a Washington Visitor Monday. New Liberty Mrs. Bright Cridcr and children visited her daughter, Mrs. Homer East- brling and Mr. Easterling Friday night. Misses Maxinc and Mary Ann Mart- 'in of Lancburg spent last week end with Misses Bessie and Myrtle HamiL Ties Up Instill'* $18,000 Pension , vr,;-,' «ton, ; Mr*. Jessie Lanfcitdn and A. #, Hamlltott. Dock Hamilton and family made a business trip to Prcseott Saturday. Jeff LangKton visited at C6hen Ham. ilton's Saturday night, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hamilton of Emmet spent the day Sunday with .their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Vf. Hamilton Jr. j , , • Mr. and Mrs. Lenard Lvngstort and little son, George Edward, Visited Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hamilton Sunday. We take our Sp»«*ci and neighbors thoughtful 6f us fft ttUf ment at the death of buf i father W. H. ftourthstt. :•. ' Mrs. W, H. MWk— Mr. and Mrs, C. *t» 1 Emest Maxwell Vestal Maxwell , Clovis Maxwell , Esther Maxwell M Pensions totaling $18,000 a year- paid Samuel Insull by his Chicago power companies have been attached by James P. O'Grady, above, who Is suing the former utilities magnate for $30,000. i O'Grady, a Chlcagoan, says In- i still personally guaranteed bonds in which O'Orady Invested. ton. Mrs. Suda Glanton visited a while Monday morning .with Mrs. .Nettie Cridor. Those visiting last Thursday afternoon at Mrs. Geonge Langston's were Grandma Langston, Mrs. Joe Grimsley, Mrs. Jim Asi'in, Mrs. Bob Auld, Mrs. J. D. Langston, Mrs. Reeder Lang- Above arc "Rux" famous canine movie dog hero of many thrilling feature photoplays, and his Master TLX A. Schubach of Hollywood. Miss'Mary Nolan famous aerinlist. And Buddy, world's most intelligent sea lion. Three features of the Sam B. Dill's .T Ring Circus which exhibits here on Friday, April 14th, at 2 and 8 p. in., on the show grounds. Among other outstanding acts this year are the Riding Crandalls, Australia's premier cqucstrain family; The Connors trio of sensational tight wire artists; Daring Mary Miller who performs miracles on the high perch; Cleo Kavanaugh'S performing ponies; Capt. Glcndcnnings educated elephants. Jimmy Thomas and his gang of clowns will keep audience in^iin uproar with their funny antics. A free street parade appears in the business district at noon. childrs nnd Bill Palmer of the'Cap- ital Hotel were Wednesday visitors in 'Texurkana. Miss Rce Johnson, diinving instructor in Dinnison nnd Fort Worth. Texas, j.s the housesucst of Miss Allhca Price of this city. ^Jots Around Shover Mrs. Melvin Jordan visited at Mrs. Nellie Leaches Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mitchell and family spent Sunday with their/daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Laselcr. Mrs. Vcra Caudle was the Saturday afternoon called at II. B. Sanfords.' Mrs. H. B. Sanford was in Hope Saturday and spent the day with her daughter, Mrs. Violet Cobb. Eula Dean Cuudlu spent Saturday afternoon with Mavis and Gloriunn Aslin. Bobby Lcc Rogers and Eula Dean Caudle were Sunday afternoon gucsls of the Aslin girls. Mr. and Mrs. George Karbur and children were 'Sunday visitors with Mr. mid Mrs. George Jordan. Mrs. Louie Richardson called on Mrs. George Jordan Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Huck-ib?o spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Thud Vines. Mr. and Mre. Millnn Roijors Saturday niglil visitors in llto vines homo. Mrs. Myrtle McMillan ;ind Mrs. Nellie Leach were; Monday sewing fjin.-st.s of Mrs. George Jordan. Mrs. Adell Smifnrd and children spent Saturday with her sister, Mrs. A, A. Rogers and family in Shover. Mr. and Mrs. Thad Vines went, to sec their daughter MI-K. Lueil'j Landers Sunday, who recently underwent a serious npcriitiuu in H hospital in i Hope. Mr. George Jordan lui.s built a .storm cave in the bank on th-j sidi- oC tho road near his home on the II. B. Sanford place. Mr. and Mrs. Troy A:;lin ami Mr:,. Harmon Sanford .'.-pent MuruUiy ;iT irr- nonn on Bodcaw creek fihhing. 'lii^'3' wen; M'urcoly favored with a bite, in I DVLii of a mosquito. Mr. Aslin look I he priy.o for catching the most, fish anil thai was u small fry suro cr.ough. Rabbits and sparrows are putting in Iheir lime eating Ihe uarly garden stuff that is now coming up. Tiny are a real nuisance. Guernsey Mr. and Mrs. Chester Suggs and sons of McNab were visi'.ing relatives here Saturday. Mrs. Georgia Atkerson has returned to Texarkana after a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Roy Franks. Opal Wise spent .Friday with Dorothy Mclver. There will be an Easter egg hunt Sunday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. M. Thomas. Everyone is invited. Travallion Patrick has returned homo after a visit with his aunt in Texas. Roy Franks was a business visitor to Washington Monday. Sybil Bnyd has returned home after a visit with friends at Bodcaw. Tlie box huckleberry is 'believed to be the world's largest plant. A single plant of this shrub will form a mat over an area of 100 acres and yet reach a height of only six inches, THURSDAY —and— FRIDAY 2:30 Matinee Thui-. 25C The picture and social event of the season. Presenting The "Royal-family" of Broadway JOHN—ETHEL—LIONEL BARRYMORE in their FIRST co-starring picture Rasputin and the Empress Still showinc in New Y6rk at $2.00 a s?al . . . here at regular prices NOW BUSTER CRABBE Frances Dee ' —In— "KING of the JUNGLE" Chas. Chase Comedy "GIUL GRIEF" Cartoon "School Daze" Easter Dress Sal Beginning Wednesday Morning- Closing Saturday Night! All $10.75 Valuei Now $6.95: All $6.95 Valuei Now $3.95 Get Prosperity" Club Voted with 1 '?* cash purchases herfc t '^ Gift Shop Front Street Selby Styl-Eez Shoes for Easter BAKING POWDER SAME PRICE •'' •• 'ts&cLouj* • • '$$•.42 YEARS AGO .. . . 25 ounces for25t ECONOMICAL and EFFICIENT U$« only half as much as U required of *pmo Pth«r» A Sale Of New resses For Easter WHATSTLYES! WHAT MATERIALS! WHAT SHADES! WHAT VALUES! You'll notice that these dresses seem to be the outstanding value in dresses that have been offered in this section. ( All are new designs, JYedi from the style centers. Made for Easter and early Summer wear. In the new materials and colorings. Easter styles worth double the price. JUST IN TIME FOR EASTER. IN ALL SIZES—A MIRACLE AT "THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE" Geo. W. Robison 6" Co. WE GIVE EAGLE TRADING STAMPS * HOPE PRESCOTT NASHVILLE MUUONSOF POUNDS USED B Y O U R C,O VtRNMtNT LIGHTNESS and BEAUT*! ft* ^ , „,you never expected in shoes , , tfjf .... speak of cotnfdrfjti Are you one of the many women who have' always associated comfortable shoes with heavy, i clumsy, awkward looking types? If so, a real . thrill awaits you when you see, try on and wear the new Selby Styl-Eez Shoes for Spring. Your- thoughts may turn to any of the fashionable models so in vogue this season . . . and "you will find the answer in Styl-Eez . . . plus ex- " . elusive features that overcome the natural tendency of the foot to roll inward . . . and overcome the annoying cramping of the toes so prevalent in most high styled footwear. May we show Styl-Eez to you now? Sizes 4 to 8—Widths AAA to C A number that will lead the fashion parade 'Sunday. A white kid four eyelet tie, perforated bluchcr stylej •vith 2 inch heel. $4.98 A clever white pigskin two eyelet tie with fancy punched trimming. 19 eighths Louis heel. $4.98 A while kid piunp wilh while piping and Lizzard trimming. As illustrated. 1!) eighths heel. $4.98 We Give Eagle Trading Stamps ©eo, W. Robison &< Co- "The Leading Department Store"

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