Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 10, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1896
Page 8
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That com&s with each season's change of weather ia'Srery.- apparent in • the amount of activity displayed among thetf various departments in our store. All are engaged in ire-^ ceiving their;; new full assortments. Goods were nefor;v handsomer; Ihan this season. Prices were never so How? ^ lor new goods.' 1 New Dress Qlods ',•& & ! •'. Are perfectly charming, Such varieties in elegant ties both in black goods and colored effects have never b|e fore been shpwn iniany store at such popular prices, Double width plaids and cheviots ftj!" " Beautiful color combinations-38 and -IS Democratic State Central Committee .Dissolved. Free Silver Too. Much for Chair[. r -man HoJt, Who Resigns. For Announcement of Hon; Rufus Magee, Commltteeman tor This District Follows Suit. . and 15 cents per yard. [Very 'cheap and very desirable H»r school drosses. ; r . Mohair bouchc novelties and Vigorous Figures at 39 cents a yard. 40.Inches wJde at 4S and 75 : cents, •brocaded novelties, Crepons, French and English Serges, Crepe and novelties, heavy Sicilians, etc., .worth much more. '• ••• Black dress silks and colored colored silks are very pretty, la. and coloring, and this season ganj be? bought very cheap. ( "-'•'• '. .Drop in and take a look for yourself and see these and more that are not mentioned. ' "'"' ' '• •- "•',• r •> ..,: •T^UT r^ •/l* i /\f • FYF^IILT 1^%¥ tlf---'F^ " THE wOLDEN RULE. THE GLOBE. Is tlie money saving institution of .Jfogausport. , It lightens' the expenses of living, by lessening the cost of nccnJssiUes- 1 . • NowiPta.ll Goods magnificent in volume, variety and beauty receivodsjbouglH direct from the manufacturers, paid for all discounts saved, and to be sold at price that credit bouses can't match. The store jam<med full o T f clean, sparkling new goods, which will please everyone who'sccs thcra.'StWa-tawatt your verdict. ' • -nEN's%uiT5 .-:• •:'-• ..f.3.50 . ''5.00 .:• .7.00 100 Men's plain inul fancy cheviots wprlih SG.OO, our price 75 Men's black, blue finished worsted, worth sfS'.QO, our price 100 Men's plain and fancy casslmere' worth',? 10.00, our price, 100 Men's black and blue imported clay worsted worth S15.00, our price lO.OO BOY'S SUITS. :j 100 Boy's suits all Colors, good filters from 14 to 10 worth .$5.00, onr.'- price ' 3.DO 79 Boy's black, blue, and fancy cheviots, well trimmed and made, worth ?T,uO, OUT price 5.00 1ST* Boy's black, blue, and fancy Imported worsted equal to custom- work, worth ?10.00, our price. 7.50 Republican'. Meetings. ' ; Republieari'-'speakiugswill be'brld'a'l; the following places .In Cass county.: -.-, Thursday eveuiug, Sopt.'lO.'pinvhiid 1 .. Q. A. Myers. ' ' ' •" .'•' ; Thursday evening. Sept 10, Critten-.i den, Deer Creek township, W.- T^WIl-'.' Saturday evening, Sept. 12. Winter-green' school house, Adams township, Mayor George P. McKee, George Gan>; ble. ' ' ' ; Saturday evening, Sept. 12, 'Calloway school bouse, Q. A. Myr.-rs,-':.i >•;' -. Monday evening,. Sept. 14, - Meteaj Geo, ''•W/ : Steele,' W. T. Wilson,-J. JGL Meek:,'-i . j - • i; I \ '• i " ! / ;.; I'-' Tuesday evening,. Sept. 15, SCHOOL SUITS. 100 Tweed suits, good fitters, well made at $1, S1.50, worth $2.00 and..? 2.00 Boy's Scotah T.sveods, newest fall pat terns ?2.oO, $3.00 and-?3.50,worth $-1.00, .<5.00,.aud s ....., .*$-: i..,., ., ......-;-....-..-..-.• - G.OO Knee pants, ages 4 tola, special lot'.-ji ...:...". :... ,13 All wool Scotcli.choviots worth 506,'- : our price'-..'."...:.;..'..;."..' .'.' .30 Corduroy,-all colors, worth. 75c, .ouVpr Ice ', ..'!...... .50 Remember par* stock is all new, and we have all up-to-date novelties .all onr goods are marked in plain figures, strictly one price. No .Misrepresentation, come, see for yourself itfad be convinced what we say are fact?, A-mer lea, Geo.- W. ; Steele, W. T..! W«il r : son, J. B. Smith.., •• • •• .-. -'--•) Wednesday evening, Sept. 10, -Gnl-c veston,, Geo., W. .Steele, D. C. Justice,, E. B. McConnelL . . ,.- ...... ....... (,- Thursday.evening, Sept. 17, Walton; Geo. W. Steelo,- D. B. McCouhell, Claud- Bishop. Friday evening,, .Sept.,.. IS,'' Center, sehbol'.'hoiise, Washington township." Gca "W- Steele, D. C. -Justice!' -Ge'o., Walters. ;•• •-.- • • .-•,•••••• . < -. ,. • •• • Saturday evening, 'Sept 19, Twelve. Mile, Geo:. W. Steele, Geo. • r^'he; Ilemocratlc'.-State 1 Central com- in(y;ec,.has..;Rpne-t(i-plecbs.-'. The-.' free -c'oiniige -lydd was too' great to curry. There "\vas,.no prospect of convincing the people, that tlie absurdity .^f.10 to •1,!wli^n-tiie•aetBal value wan 32 t'p-, 1, "•^'a's'-fhe-prbper/thihg, and ,fhe leaders' l>- i •' '.-.'v -,- .. •'.j : - •'' .. •' of .the,Democratic party ; In:-Indiana pretty geu'ei'ally refused to assist In the -• i - - \ i' •' - • ' '' ' •• deception....: .,'-,'-'.• . - . - t ' V;, .'• : Thc : ;chinax' was ivnched..yesterday •wh'cn Governor; Matthews refused 'to' appoint-J. E, .McCullougii, the Demo-, cratlc member of the State 1 Election T ,. -l. v . . •. ' . ' '.Board... The Board is composed of three'.members: the Governor-and one Democrat and one Republican named ::b-y.-tJ;ie:'Clra'li'.mnn'.of'the ; resi)'(>ctive'com- : . •uiJtte,esi'..The / Gpveruor has' no discretion under the law, but niust appoint ,-the"uinn/recommended. In -this • instance Mr.' McCullouglr was sripportiog -.-., (- > f -. , . BL-yarTand Sewall, but, had made bim- •s,cli.'.(;!bnoxiQiis to Governor Matthews, by^going to,the Chicago • convention "W.Uh the sound money crowd. Besides ••'-tli'ls "'Gdveruoi.' Matthews hnd-'fi'ii- uonuccd Ills intention of keeping the National Democratic ticket off the oili- cial ballot, and he feared that Mr. McCullough- would not servo him in ;this outrage. • When Governor Matthews an- Open ing. ALL NEW GOODS Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK 'To Be Sure. ; Strictly One r Prif:e Clothiers. FOtlRTH ' MARKEO:. STREETS. .GO Will 3uy "a Good Winter Suil - OF- ; W.D.CRAIQ. 416 Broadway; Second Floor. ' TO SEE HcKjISfLEY. Men Will Make a 'srimage to Canton. Pil- j?' l Tlie Kokomo Tz'lbune says: ;v-.','The Kokomo employes of -the Pan- 1 'indie railway system will go to Can-. ,-Otto, tlhis weeK -and <mll on Major w- ' : Monday/ evenln'g,' 1 .Sept 21; Waverly,, Geoi'W. St'cole, S.. T. McConnell, Mayan McKee.;;.: ." .. ..' ',-).,.• ••.' ..; '. '. '• Tuesday evening,] Sept. 22,- Clymers,; Geo. W.-Steele; :D. C. Justice,'W. O.L Wilson.••-.•:- • ..,-.'•.... .',.-.. :' -Wednesday evening, Sept. 23,-West' ,Saud Ridge school.'House;'Noble town|-- iship; Geo: W.. Steele, "' Col.'. 'Croiner;'' Frank S.wlgart. ' j .' .Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Lucerne; Geo. W. Steele, Q. A. Myersy... -G*o. •Funk.- •- t - : - . ------ -,. ,.; . Friday; evening, .Sept,25, .CalloNvay school, house, iTeff-erson-itownship, Goo, yf. iSteele,. S./.T.- McGonnell, Frank Swlgart: "'' 'ft 1 > : ' •.••• -.1 '.'-' •••-'-'• :•'-••'''•: [ Saturday evening, ' Sept, 26,.; Royi'i .Center, Geo; VF. ( Steele: '.Q.' A..' Myers; D. B. McConnell.: ,'.'- '.'. .,.. ,"'. ]'.•','.."' non'nced his .intention of disregarding, i.the Jaw, Mr. Holt was much disgusted and immediately telegraphed the.mein- bers'.of the State Central .committee ,to. meet and choose his successor. -Hon.' Rut'u.s Magee, member for'tliis district;. ,telegr.aplw?d his-resignation, and'it is.-. thought that a majority of the committee will resign.',' , . . ' .,'.-.' The resignations will.be looked iupon as a body -blow to .the cratic organization of the Stated Those jvhp.know .the;inside history of the ;party's doings since the Chicago cbii- vention declare that Chairman Holt has boon as faithful as any man could jbe. .They declare that he was anxious L :to remain at the-head of the'comiuittec land make the best tight possible; that ihe'did' ail'that.any man co-uld have ;cioiie,' but thufhe" found,.the conditions ".suck-that he-could."not make any head- ; silver Demo' CITIZENS MEETING. Reception "and Decorating Committees Appointed'., The meeting of the citizens at the Council chamber last evening to arrange, for a citizen's Deception to,Mr;. 1 J. T. Brooks, Second Vice President of the. Pennsylvania .company, .organized with J. T. McNary, in the:chair, and W. S. Wright, secretary. On motion a reception committee to. co-operate .with t the. railro.'ad.jnien's, reception committee wns .appointed as follows: J. T. McNary/'; "Fiunegan's Ball;" and'their parts fit them splendidly, 'tis said, and from all accounts their business, which has been very large through several seasons is greater this year than ever. The company is quite large, and embraces Dolmore and Wilson, Gracie iCummings, Trumbull Sisters, the' Sis- 'ters Deano, Kittie Wolf, Mayme Taylor. Madge Taylor, . Clara Howard, 'Fred Denoe, Charlie Lamb, Frank Xeville, Herbert Dilea, Andrew Bode, the Misses Hall, Gray and Cox, and of 'course -'Murray & Mack." They will appear here next Saturday evening, 'Sept. 32th, at the New D'blan.' This Is the opening of-the show season and the play-going people may pre- Iparc to be surprised at the improvement that has been made in the old play house. Mayor George P. McKee, John F. .Tohn'son,."'Capf.' W. H. Snider,'ttufiis. MngeerCapt^.'.'c. Hadley,,' D"..C.' t.. Thomas, Judge D. B. McCpnncll, Judge M, B, -IJairy, -Ca.pt. A. Hardy,: Judge. T. C.'iNelson,,Judge D..P. Baldwm, Dr.- B. C. Stevens; ''E. T; Parker', - Otto : lvraus,'-S. :B. Boyeiv Miller TJh'i; ; Dr. J. ] —.~—P. w. Crlsmoiid',. Henry H6.ppe ; ,' Henrj-;{ Dr. DelzelF.Seriously -Injured in BY A RECKLESS RIDER. Brookmeyer, i ..jr.,', tt C.. Justice, .Eli... Greensfelder, S. T. ,McCpnneli, ; Q. A. Myers,: George-W. F.unk, JV.-S. Wright, • George W^ Fender. '-' ' " • -' On '-motion • a • decorating- : committee was appointed as follows: Joe Wiler, . a Collision. • TIT J- JT'R. 'brand mocha '&' Java. If'yon iiaVo got a bpy'ttia.t needs -strong pants' try Otto's bargains i'or - 25 cents. The best baking powder arid flavor^ -' Ing extracts in the world at Bci^ Fisher's drug store. , , ,. '..,. The Hawes hat- is sold- very -.largely In New York. Doweutoiv.thc hatter is agent. Price $3.00 everywhere. 1 " 1 -' Naturalgas -bills f6r- the month of • September are-now due' ahd'payaolc at the Company's office on Pearl street. Wanted—Good men -to work'.insurance, I Call in ,the forenoon and even-. Ings.—Prudential Insurance Company, 326% Market street. ' ' •' ••' At the lecture'room df the Broadway Methodist church, a'social ' ' th'e •'Republican 1 candidate ^resident,^ the same' Major "McKln- Jey w'li'o. will' be pres'iden-t of .the Halted iSBtos .after the fourth of March 'nest. ^'At the suggestion of th'e :Logansport aniflrRlchmond-divlsioiis, the company . ^jiifehidered tlie'men'the'use of engine and-coacbes to malke the'proposed1'pll- : ;•;.-; SACRED.- CONCERT: :-.-;'' \ There, will-be a sacred 1 concert n Wheatland Mi E.'clinrcli next- Friday' evening,; September 'll. ''Following'';?- ' .way,; and. of .-his own accord - decided] to;leave the party machinery in the'| bands of those who .feel that there Is a : , the prosramjv.Silii;u:.w,lii : bc.cender'ed:.;.j PAST i. M rcb—'Ck)rpiiaU)n,'.'Iroin."Tlie P^optets" '...::.'.:...'„;.-'.,.v.!.v -../..'.Long CI it Otonestr '' .jgriraige to Canton, the ^jeji agreeing >t'o than 1 ,the train thi'oug-tiout;. operaite it qtrliir.aly at theirown expense, and pay all-' their own -personal expenses.: It will'be a'-railroaders' -excursion strictly, Including train : crews, switchmen, section : 'nicn, shop men : ,;iia Tact everybody' In 1 the 'empjoy. o-f the, roaij.' \ ''Conductor Will Spangler 'willhead, tlip Kokomo delegation," . . , .. .. : W)5»iie no formal no.ticcihas been giv^ en of 'this excursion, the members of the 'Logansport club of railway men aflii'h'carti-Iy Iii favdr of such a trip, aiSl'seyerfll from thfs city would prob- ably'join the party. . ... . Prof. W.,T. «lfle, .. : i- .; Duet—Piano—"II Trovatoro"..'........'.....'.'.....'..! ..'.Mm NoraBoblnson and Mr. Will Gasklns Solo-Cornet-r' Selection Air Varle" •.., Hsrtm jn i ' • ' Mr. M. A. Harjan. • -, , . Solo-'Tenltence" :........ •,,.,,'.;.:..Martfn • • MUs Fraicls C. Lux , Ohorns—"JJnfold, tMold," from tli« Eederopr, tton". .'....'..,-.;.,;.;„-,'. -,'. ,'.'.'.;.'....; „ '' - *2Vi,,i ' - .-,„ ,-, -' : PART II."' ' '." " Selection—"Jfavo.lte Melodies"....'. , , •••• .' Long Cliff Orchestra, Solo-Trombme— "The Song Tuut'•: BeaiKed : Mf Heart" ...i;.....'....;..., ......JooBiWliusoh Solo-'Tbe .Pllwlm'; , ;,„.. -...'Iduiu- •' • " Ml8i Francis C. Lux. Daet—Coraet^'Selectlon AltT»tle".,... «. . Mr. Geo. Johnson and Mr.. M. 1. Hnrlnn. Solo-"The Ship I love"..:. -....'"'...McGlennon i • :'-..•-:•:! tttt.'-W.T.'Gllte. - '.-•-. : Attitudes of Eitirtmslon ..EleetrlcalEflects 1 Mlaa Cleo Barnei. ! Con'c'ert,' ' ,7:45. ! "' Admission, .; 25c. Benefit, church ..debt. , fund.. 'Lector's; room;'' music; refreshments. . .,.,'•,': - • iiosslbilltj'.'of ; winnlng. ". :. ' ' ?, It.,is said .that'the men who :havej been endeavoring, to organize for a, ibampalgn.: in .-the'interest: of tlie "Chlca- .goi tieket,: have, met with one -dlscour-. agement after another; Soon afterthe hdiJonrnmfent;.of the "Chicago-' "cdnven-^ tlon there was : a deinaud for literature.;; Chairman Holt,.' ap-pealedV .in^f-aiu for . reading. rnatter, ; ,"-it<,was',;weeis before he-could get^any Information' from the •National commlt'fee^.'and '.-• tfi : afc :: -w;ii!"ch did-come Tvas so vague, 'that'it was •worthless. '.There was a demand for p^eailiers' of natibn'al reputation, but the. National .committee.could-.uo,t furnish them. /A. little : wWle ago. It.:bCr came ^necessary to : have' moriey; : witli" which' J to ; 'carr^..pn- / "the campaign,.' r ,Ap-,' " " at to all parts! of i the Hn rry Elliott, Emil kelier; C, B.' Stevenson, John. M. Jolinstoiu. Abner Seybold, John Ferguson; W. H. jPorter; J. Q. Sweetser, F;roBk M; Rice, Alf Bring-! hurst, Henry'WHer,.Charles'Rauch, C: 1 D. Sellers;. Line W. Pilll'Bg; Sfnart.Fra- 1 xco, W.'-D>'Craig, : 'Harry Tucker," Joe jLinyllle,''Peter Castle,','Johu Leonard,, Maurice .'Sellers',' Met' Castle,- Steve Parker,,Heuryl Fitter, Geqrge Haigh, Lewis, Ray, Q., W, Graves, Ben Martin, Robert Humphreys, :Walter< Closson, 1 George Sti'ecker, jr. 1 •' '- ; ' ; '-' ! It was 'ordered'that'-thViu'embers of ihese conim.ittees.act..Individually ,to advance; the wqrk;a^d-that>heymeet : iT] a :-': ^ CJjms lrequenu y aa on caU of «c .railroad men's commit. I Tjsc ch!Ulge of ^ aii a-afinate to those tees.t It was ordered; that- the. news- • • . . . papers'ib'e requested ".to- urge- all'tjusl- ness-' me'n : and citizens filo'rig the -line of i hmrch't'6''de'corate."' '"""' ! Dr. D. E. Delzell was run down by < an unknown' bicycle rider Tuesday evening about C o'clock and sustained Injuries which wilt confine him to. his home for- some time. He was crossing, the, street at the, corner of Nineteenth, and Broadway, when struct.: His head struck the ground and concussion of the brain followed and he remained" unconscious 'for nearly an fibun No one 'ID '•> the ' locality knew the wheelman who was responsible for the accident and he lost no tlmeUn giving .the rielgBbprhood. He and a companion were racing when the accident occurred. : . ;WHY IS-IT, ,-;,'if catarrh is'a"blood disease, as"some' - . " I suffering? 1 Cs * l^ion, and nolh ft'T i . . . JOHN L. GRIFFITH. Friday ", i^ighf. .Before '• Club—Favorite 1 .Statl^but'.tiiey- 1 li'a-ve- "not ';been an-. ,. tlon'was given last night'In'honor of' : Miss Clara Semans, daughter of the : pastor, • as a farewell, previous to her departure for college. . The family of Prof. F. W. Gamble, ;. who will have charge this year of the science department at the high school,, •will arrive Friday from .Sidney, O., ': and occupy- a- residence .at -No. 190-! .North street, which has ; beeh prepared -for their reception, '..•,. •- ••••-. :'-• • i - McKINl>EY, .YOU'RE, IN FOR •.: )• - - - 1 - IT. , ' ' - ' I ... The Warsaw Throes says: "An election ' wager out of'the ordbialry was made at: EnglisOa recently. It Is be- two'en Samuol Condon, a stone, mason, who Is a bachelor, ond Mrs. McKlnley who . Is--a'.prosperous wldow.'.-Sbe agrees,,to carry ,tbp hod or in is mortar for one week. If Seir^namesake'.Is -elected, .while Mr; Condon, agrees tolxudld a chiimney for the widow if Bryan is elected.' Tlio antiieles of • agreement state:''Tlie 'labor lierein 'mentioned' shall' bo performed without further remuneration' thnn the disappointment w1i>ich the loser.fecls;'" •— ~ r-^-i . : I. RAILROAD MEN'S RAL,LY.; Big Demonstration September id, ; at Opera Motise. 0 ii '••';• .-'•"; Men's : Sound :...<the, Lime Kilns ]iri Miami Township This Evening. . Tlie favorite orator, i' : Griffith, 'of-Indlnnapolfs, '-;nfjli ; .lbe the ' ' s'poaker 'at ^he rink . Friday, nlgiit; . Sep • r temb'er'.litli,', : beforc; : >h'- "" '''''' , U'he-.citlzen's of 'Miami township w-bo .favor 'sound ••moiiex" and _ a.. cteince jto. bonestly earn ','ii;' .ha.v,e,.'made prepara- .tlojns.for.a good: time this. evening: at the .lime, kilns, east of 'tna city. ; There wilvbe.'.a- pole 1 -raising, 1 addresses" by \KpbS laurel's, "and 'ion 'all around enjoy- ^ablu-dyening] lor all 'who attend. ." ! : '"' ; ' Ma'u"y' ; wrirgo out' torn .the .cljfcy). and! ,lt.is-fhougiht-tii'e crowd' will be worthy' itlie* occasion, -though'tbe' notice of the ishort., -. Those'-starting' from " The "Hallway club will' hold .-it sit Dpian's 'opera' Jipuse ',We3n"e'sday,j; Sept. 1,6th',; at,S'.p, m., on which .occa-;- sion Mr. J. : T.-'-Brooks, -'second 'vice 1 president .'of' the"' Pennsyiyanla'l lines west of: Plttsburg,. ,wllliaddress") tlie: people : 'oa tlie''lssae of the campaligin/ •By'order pt the President. ••• '••"' "•: A. Fi-'HOCKENBEAMEiR,. f 9 r ^.he, pps^tibn as--Janitor, at -the .Cass county.-.coiort. house.- - .pne-of -the duties of the commissioners at tliis:'term- : 6f 'Ajl kinds" ol caps foi men, boys', girls, I 'their court, will be, tb9 seiectfop of a ' ^ This w ; bc. one of the,- best -sound -money;, speeches-, of the;. campaign >in -Logansport, . (The: well.: known ability and eloquence of the Speaker should Insure: foV him a 1 turitpiit that";'wil cram, the rlnk.,tQ the,.' member, of the. club should be fsure^o attend,, with .ladies, w and. - al :sho.uid. make it .a .point to:,tell friends and neighibors,:and-urge; thein 1 ;to be ipresent l tp hear'-Mr. Griffith, one o'f'tlic 'best campaigners -o.f indlana.. " ' ( ' There \yill be'good,mjjfii;b;n'iid' .a, general good, iime,'. f ' •',>"•: -i ; . •„• . Already.,;ihcre' ( ai ; e 'several !api)llcant» at Dewentet the "hatter and fuinlsher jj^ffn, foi this place OPENING OF. THE SHOW SEASON. In these days. -of a wilderness of theatrical-propositions 'of varlous : degrees of worth; it : ls' "kinder 1 good "for- the 'sore oyes,"'^. the/, "old sajMng goes, for 'stars of .the. magultude,.of' "Mucray & Mack,',', to,happon ou^x^ay..-,, Ofheirrpast, .jefforts are:a- guarantee/.tliatyonb': : will vget his. money's worth.* .This" season •they rt'i* appearing fri a'bran.hew-.favce entitled TinneganS Cotr'Kliip " bv the author 6f their Hjt Wg success, nothing but a local remedy or .a change of.climate will cureJt; ; EWs Cream Balni; Is so efficient, as. to do away with; the necessity of leaylng home and friends^ causing instant it^ Kef and is a real curc'-of catarrh 1 . - • J All .book stores, are .supplied with school books,,and ,wilL keep open, every iiigh): next week, on account of the demand for books resulting from the 'opening of tlie'schools. CAN'T BE-BI>AT. - - '. When' Quality and Perfect • Shaped '• • Shoes Are Considered. • First—Our new-dark brown genuine vJcl kid. patent calf, trimmed lace, hand welt, .$4.00- Secoud—Our new No. 13 Savoy-toe, heavy sole, kid, lace and button, school shoes, equal- to many $3.50 shoes, for :'..,';.'...! .$2.50 Third—Our new coin toe^ calf' vamp, iid top, button or lace, a nice dressy sLioe for school, only ..., ;.. .$3.00 Fourth—Our new style ,welt shoes, excellent'value, warranted, only.?2.25 Fifth—Onr genuine vici kid button, new stylo; patent, calf,,. trimmed, inly ' : • • .$1.50 •Sixth—Our women's rubber, sandals, vhlch'we will sell'for .;......... .19c ;Seventh—Our women's storm rub- ers we -will•selVat r.......:.T. :.23C Eighth—Men's rubljers'-Sve will sell t ...... .;.-.•...'!-.;-.......,::.-'.:'....,.29c ' •Filling's' khoe house,, 412 .Broadway, xjgansport, Ind./ ,.

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