Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 6, 1933 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1933
Page 7
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SISTER MARYS KITCHEN toit gle- daughter, ! <returned home after three week With Kof Midwfiy. »! aid, Aaron Foster of * spent the -week-end 'of this community. at^L. L. Rogers night was well attend- UJar a&iic6 time.' was the dinner lington last ..._ noon they Tom.'Hehdrix. Gibson were and'Mrs. Albert night '" ^ spent Saturday nide and Tennie •i i .Everett Morrison spent and Mrs. Tommie O. Foster of Stamps, Camp and family. Mr. and Mrs. L. Formby called on Mr aifd'Mrs. H. Green Siinday. Hiiases Gladis Hearn and Syble Tat- Onl, spent last Week end with Miss Tatom's parents of Stamps. Every one remember next Sunday is our preaching day. Sunday school at 10,. o'clock, preaching at 11. • Lunch at 12.' Conference and singing -in -the afternoon. Everybody' come. Will Formby called on T. R. Gibson Monday. Mrs. Mrs. Allle 'Owens called .on Mabel House Monday afternoon. ' Mr. and Mrs. John T.- Smith spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cornelius of New Hope. Mrs. Lillie .- Gibson called on her aunt, Mrs. Lillie Hamilton Monday af. ternoon. McCaskiU School closed here last Friday. The high school pupils will finish their night -with G. W. year's Work at Blevins. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. DeJarnette returned to Conway Saturday. Miss Wilma Butler will spend 5 the summer with friends at Arkadelphla. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huddlesfon arc moving to Nashville. Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Gentry visited their son, • who is in a Memphis hospital, last week. Miss Max'ine Sevedge is • visiting friends in Texarkana this week. Mrs. Bert and Marshell Scott visited their sister, Mrs .Kate Osborn of Okalona last week end. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Eley were Hope visitors Sunday. J. A. Sevedge was, a business visitor to Washington Monday. H. B. Eley and Preston Pickett were at Washington Monday.for the opening of court. Mrs. Alvis Stokes is at home near Delight since school closed. Miss Thelma Bruce is at home with her father, J. J. Bruce of Blevins, since school closed. »» . -i BEHB TODAY kkeaki kcr «n- fei*^ O1F CARL^I.E Uutmm he kaa Intern pny- ta BETTY KE1>- . _. • Mctetr Kiel. Jaaet, \tittnUUT 1» BRUCE 1IAMII,- munagtt of rnf. She «HII LAURA LOU BKOOKMAN ' om* en treat a Holdup man ,_eC beceme tttemdm. t'ltmnm Uolf bun eloped ' ' i telU Jeflt Bbont Her ___ r.eawr fer aayoae eloe. t;.le«»«« the mncail l:» ]«|b for Janet a» «o- l*T^i*» hM Bluter. MRS. It li%?pev«^al day* •>«' MM. Gnrtla Is ether. ret«r» from _______ J«»*« .f eel« »he f'C* away h>t eticmmntanctm ' -The yamuf co»ple move r «n a*nrtment and. af- Jmiet Mldom tm^m t»T m drive with Jeff .«««*••»» he care* for n Blrl ftW11p£l«M ,w"fc «om*one el«e. ftr, •mielMtai the elrl U DO- tES CA1AHAN. HtenoBrapher >^--«M« ivherr he warkM. Ito drelden to go to Sll_,. • lake re»brt. InklnK (With her, Betty cornea to tu nee them off. She m mmtlum *he him un ennaur- t wllh^Rolf hut Jaaet Keen her .JSVJOt BANNISTER. If CO ON 'WITH THE STORK If CHAPTER XXXVII BA."X was Janet's first Odnctton to a summer re: was, as Mrs. Curtis bad <••;• t '<ruiet" place but to Janet ieemed impressive. The two '-'f'tactneLthe beacli were built verandas looking out .^ke. 'Two dozen or more i were scattered about and ir back were .narrow streets, shtips '.that did little vtaxcepc during the sum- t of tbe activity of the place about the beach and the 'where lake boats stopped et there were passengers. " 'craft set out each morn- speed boats cut their way ougU tbe water, trailing spray. e water was deep and rather li swimmers brayed It. The jre jnflolent were content to * themselves, lying on the f OF viewing the water sports Jhe high walk leading to tne .i , Curtis ha'd been coming to Shore Hotel for years. day that she and Janet she spent ball an' bour " With old acquaintances hejr coqld go in to luneh- ,-^An bour later a bridge game I; I* progress on the veranda. be f a,W9 bridge game, with now ~ tjieii an occasional substi- .-|pr Pfte of the players, was BtJnue (ts long as Mrs. Curtis p«4 «it Silver Bay. flays drifted into an easy It was cool at Silver n when the sun Hhone r Brightly — as it usually did breeze from the water was Jaijet bad little to do. Each 9g »he went to the beach lef swim and then 10 min- n ti>e sands. The rest of prnfng she spent with Mrs. reading to her, answering sending dresses to be and making appointments jnicures and facial massages. H the hotel was so "quiet" ft rather dressy place and 'foutine of dressing for luncd- . and then again for dinner BOjalteringly observed. ?'-. Os sonny days Mrs. Curtis and friends bad their afternoon ' [e game on the verdnda. „ a it rained the; moved inside i 99$ ot tbe parlors but nothing, recurrent arrival ot a>, Interrupted this, program. 1 fnally sat near-by with a je or boob « t * were plenty of young them spent their days on the water and became brown aa Indians. Others played golf, rode liorseback or went spinning over the roads in long, low motor cars. Janet saw them, girls in sleeveless, low cut frocks'and young men in flannels. She saw them laughing and smoking and apparently having very gay times to:ether but she did not .speak to any of them. Thejse girls and young men were from Betty Car- iyle's world. Janet did not need to be reminded ,that there was a vast difference ; Gei\veen them and horseK. tier?visit." at Silver Bay was a vacation and yet it was not a vacation. She sat beside Mrs. Curtis and her middle-aged acquaintances and looked on at the never-ending bridge. There was always dancing at the Lake Shore in the evening. Sometimes a young man would manage an introduction and ask Janet to dance. Usually she refused and on the occasions when she did not she regretted it later. The young men were so obviously flirtatious that they were not even amusing. v • Dancing made her think ot Holt and evenings they had spent together. - Rolf danced divinely. Circling a floor In his arms, steps matching perfectly, was like floating on air. She always caught herself up abruptly when her thoughts went on like this. That scene in the library came back to her. The gray dusk and Rolf appearing almost as in n dream. She could hear him saying, "You look beautiful!" and she could feel again the warm, bewildering sensation that had overtaken her. She had tried to run away—oh, yes she had tried! But it Betty had not appeared just then what might have happened? Janet always refused to answer that question. "Nothing would have happened!" she would assure herself vigorously. "Nothing!" But it wasn't true. She was very much afraid that something would have happened. There was something really fearful for her to confront these days. She had found that she couldn't trust herself. Here at Silver Bay with everything qule* and peaceful it was easy enough to say that she had put Rolf out oC her mind. Perhaps not completely but each clay he meant less. Yes, Khe was 'forgetting about him. That wasn't true either. Otherwise why was it necessary EO many times during the day to say to herself, "I've forgotten about him." • i » A SIDE from Mrs. Curtis' friends •^•fhe .only acquaintances Janet made at Silver Hay wprrs some children she met (•: • :i Burning on OI933. ^^ NEA SERVICE. ING that letter was! Of course there was.no gossip, nothing about what Jeff had been thinking or feeling. Of course not! But the letter had b.sen written the day he bad received her card. That was characteristic, too. Jeff was always punctual. He wouldn't write about himself because he so seldom talked about himself. . She sent cards to Mollle Lam* bert and Pauline Hayden and one or two others. Mollle's answer was an announcement of her marriage the week before. The wedding had taken, place at Mollfe's, sister's •home 'in'.n, little town out-" side Lancaster. Standing alone on the hotel veranda one night, looking out at the lake, Janet thought that ot all those she knew Mollle was the one surest of. happiness. She and her Al would get along. They would have their quarrels, as Mollle said, but 'afterward they would make up and be happier than before. Yes, they would be happy. The breeze, rustled Janet's skirt and blew her hair back against her face. Silver Bay In the moonlight was really silver. Far out on the water lights twinkled and music carne from within the hotel. For an instant the beauty of the night swept everything else from Janet's thoughts. Then she .heard Mrs. Curtis' voice and turned quickly. She said, "Your coat,? Yes, Mrs. Curtis, I'll get it right away." the beach. ThPir mothers knew Mrs. Ourtls. They seemed grateful when Janet kept tbe youngsters about her. told Item stories and kept them busy at games. Janet really enjoyed the children and she was a favorite with them. Sbe sent a card to Jeff Grant and received a letter a few days later. Due to a change in office policies, Jeff wrote, there was no vacation in sight for him. He bad spent another week-cud at tbe home of his friend. Nelson. Lancaster bad cooled and then become hot again. • Tbe letter was rather disappointing. It was brief. A few statements of facts, closing with the hopa that Janet was enjoying herself. There was no . She re-read the letter, looked at it § ffw moments and then Wow exactly like Jeff had come to Silver Bay •• for two weeks. At the end of that time Mrs. Curtis decided to spend another week there and nt the end of the third week she decided to stay a fourth. The llrst of September was just two days away when they finally arrived lu Lancaster. Frederick met them with the car. The servants had all been back for several days and the only sign ot change about the house was that instead of roses and delphinium in Ihe vases, as when they left, thrro were asters no.w and gladioli. Thn big house was fresh and cool and inviting. Far more attractive, Janet thought, than the hotel. She wondered why Mrs. C'urtis had ever wanted to leave it. Betty dropped In the first afternoon they woro back. She wore a new and becoming dress and hat and she talked ot parlies she had gone to and parties to which she was Invited. She spoke ot Rolf casually and only after Mrs. Curtis had asked about him. lie WOH working as usual, she said. Betty chattered on for an hour and then hurried off for an engagement. She came In several times that week but always alone. Janet was unusually busy for letlers had accumulated and there were bills to be paid. There wore accounts to be gone over and checks sent to the charities in which Mre. Curtis was interested. Mrs. Curtis was coming to rely on Janet more and more and when anything was wrong in the household it was to Janet that Bertha appealed. She bad errands down town, too. She was walking along Center street one afternoon wbeu suddenly she was aware ot a figure beside her. Janet looked up. Rolf Carlyle swung Into step with »er. He said, "Hello. Janet. Quasi I'm in luck for once." "In luck?" "Yes. i heard you were back ands'.'ve been wanting to &ee you." He put a, band on Her arm. "You're coming along with me." Be Continued) German Election HORIZONTATi 1 Who won Ihe March 5 election in Germany? 6 Speaker In the U. S. Houso of Representatives. HModern music box. 12 Form of "be." 14 Complication. 16 On the lee. 17 Surgical machine. 19 Levee. 20 Beverage.'*, 21 Tree bearing' acorns. 22 Poorly. 24 To pull. 25 Like. 2C Slash. 27 Nimbuses. 29 Northeast. 30 Drunkard. 31 Member ot U. S. upper House. 33 To dibble. 34 Phantasy. Answer to Previous l'u?./lo resin. 35 Limb. 37 Red pepper. 39 Soft plug. 41 Morlndln dye; 43 Vampire. 44 Distant. 45 Company. 46 Wagon iraek. 48 To place. 49 Wages. 50 Cat's fool. 51 Thin nan. 53 Collar. 55 Uncommon. 56 Certificate of , Indebtedness. • 58 To soak (lax. 59 Tooth. 60 Hulled maize. 61 To extract. VKUTICAI/ 1 Hauls. 2 Thought. .'1 Scarf. 4 Behold. 5 To torture. ([.•Trust. 7 Within. 8 To bow. 9 To redact. 10 River in Canada. 11 Assessment amount. 13 Sun god. 15 Dressmaker. 17 Perched. IS To calm. 21 Not in. 23 Quantity. 20 Form of 27 Hair tlye. 28 Pertaining'to the sun. 30 Bnsllko part. 31 Hygienic. 32 Scarlet. 34 Thigh bone. 36 Dresses. 38 To yelp. 39 Method. 40 To fawn. 42 To away. 44 Lard. 45 Gem weight 47 Rootsloclt. 49 Paste. 50 Dialect. . 52 Not bright. 54 To exist. 55 Bird. 573.141G. 59 Third note. Zion Mrs. Eadee O. Briant Is very low with remitling fever, whjch her friends are sorry lo hear. Aulrey Lewis of DeWilt and Barrel Jewis of Arkadelphia, psent the week end wilh home floks, Sunday school was organized at this place Sunday. There was singing at this place Sunday afternoon, had a nice crowd, and some fine singing. Mr. Brock's little son isn't improving, which we are sorry to hear. Fred Epton, Walter Balch and Idos Whitefield were business visitors in Nashville Saturday. Charley Lewis was a visitor in Nashville Saturday. ~ Jim O'Briant and family visited L. G. O'Briant Sunday. Mrs. E. C. Myrick and Mrs. E. H, Myrick and children, Doris and Kenneth visited the former's daughter, Mrs. Walter Balch Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Alford arc visitors in New Hope this week. Raymond Brock was a visitor in Nashville Saturday. Jeff Horn was a visitor in Nashville Saturday. Everyone at this place was sorry to hear of Dee Holiday's death. Our sympalhy is extended to his family. Melvin Smith was a visitor in Nash. ville Saturday. Business Women tioseJM) Year Maude Lipscotnb Initalled as New B, A P. W. President The concluding meeting of the current year of the Hope Business & Professional Women's club was held at the home of the president, Mrs. Frank Russell, on.South Main street, Tuesday night. The reception rooms were bright with spring flpwers and pussy willows. A formal program was dispensed with, as a resume of the dif. fei-ent committee's reports which will be given at Russellvllle at the slate convention, April 21 and 22, was featured. These reports were gratifying. Despite the economic crisis, much constructive, work has been done and it was announced that 19 members are on the club rolls. The attendance percentage for the year has been excellent. About $75 has been made by the club during the year and this money was expended in civic projects in keeping with pledges incorporated in the club program. The new officers for the ensuing year were installed by Miss Mahiie Twitchell. They are: President, Miss Maude Lipscomb; first vice-president, Mrs. Ralph Rout- | on; second vice-president, Miss Jack Porter; recording secretary, Miss Beryl Henry; 'corresponding secetory, Miss Fiona Cotton; treasurer, Miss Mary Battles. Miss Lipscomb announced .the ap. point of some of the committee chairmen, who are: membership, Mrs. Ralph Routon; program, Mrs. Frank Hicks; publicity and historian, Miss Mamie Twitchell; finance, Mrs. Frank Russell; international relations, Miss Jean Laseter. Miss Laeter, who is also chairman of District No. 6 of the stale federation, announced that a study course would be pursued throughout the year, dealing with different phases of international relations. These meetings will be open to the public and will be on the fourth Monday evening of the month. The first study, the 24th of April, will be on the subject, "The Significance of the Persecution of the Jews," to be followed in may by "Japan and the Islands of the Pacific," and the June topic will probably deal with the economic conference to be held in London in the near future. Further announcements will appear' in the local press from time to time and it is hoped that many will avail themselves of the opportunity to hear the speakers to be present, cd by Miss Laseter. During the social hour, the hostess served a delicious ice course. ny SISTER MARY NEA Service Writer It is a decided economy to buy a whole ham if you are sure you can use it r !1 up. The choice middle cuts always :..-e high when bought separ. ately, b.-./if the whole ham is purchased l.-.oy are not considered. Butt- end, hoc;: and end pnd center are regarded as a whole and priced nt so much n pound. There are numberless ways of cooking smoked ham, but I believe that the most meals can be serVed with the least danger of the family becoming tired of the meat if bolh the ends are boiled and then worked up into interesting dishes. The center can be cut in slices for broiling. After the middle slices are used.Uhe ends are put together and securely lied and treated as a whole ham. Plan how the entire ham is to be used and then there will be no wasle. Soaking Is Good Rule Allhough it is not absolutely necessary to soak all hams before boiling or baking, I have found it advisable to do so even though I am sure of my brand and the saltiness of the ham I've bought An overnight bath in clear, fresh water cannot hurl any ham and will restore the moisture lost Tomorrow's Menu Breakfast: Cereal cooked with dates, cream, frizzled dried beef, toasted muffins, marmalade, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Split pea soup, toasted crackers, fruit salad, steamed brown bread, milk, tea. Dinner: Ham loaf with browned pineapple slices, potatoes In cheese sauce, buttered spinach, jellied celery salad, date custard pie. milk, coffee. let U cool In 'IW , Was cooked. Thefl .-...-.as necessftry. Plain boiled be used In Innumerable' mt-._ and Is excellent to have hi ttor for an emergency. * , . v When the whole joint U td bjS ttfiJ It. should bo boiled fltst and til baked only long enough to bt5^ outside and season It. New Liberty Farmers are getting In high at here, making ready for a 1933 t,- Mr. nnd Mrs. Dock Hamilton I sons Joe and Carl and Mr. ana w Bynom Eastcrllng visited relative*. Corinth, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Gilmer McClure Falcon and Mr. and Mrs. Horner F* ei-ling of Beards Chapel Visited and Mrs. Bright Crider Saturday nil nnd Sunday. \ A large crowd of children and grano children enjoyed the birthday dlnf given Sunday in honor of their mo< er and grandmother Mrs. Mlttie Lar ston it being her eighty-second'blrl. day. We wish for her many more haH py birthdays. .... 'I Mr. and Mrs. Dock Hamilton mao a business visit to Prescott Saturda G. F. Langston was a prescptt visit Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Lenard Langston an Miss Emma Hamilton made a trip I Emmet Saturday. .•'. 4 i Tuesday was the last day of schooli nt Central. . , I Lucille Ghormley spent WednesdayJ night with Myrtle Hamilton. All That's Left "I was a great admirer o£ your lat usband, Mrs. Hope. Have you ar iltle Ihlng you could let me have remind me of him?" "There's only me."—Tit Bits. Justified Suspicion Young Man: Darling, our engage, ment means everything to me. I'm in seventh heaven! Fiancee: Oh, indeed! And who arc the six girls you've been engaged to before?—Vart Hem. through curing. If a ham has been over-salted, soaking is imperative to make it tender as well as paltable. There are Iwo prccaulions lo keep in mind when cooking ham. Never cook a highly sailed piece of meal rapidly and in the case of broiling or sauleing, do nol depend on it to furn ish its own fat entirely. Always begin to cook ham at a low temperature and increase heat gradually. Start In Cold Water Put ham on to boil in cold water, bring slowly to the boiling point and simmer gently until tender. The time will vary, but it will take five or six hours for a twelve-pound ham. It can be boiled in cider, or ssasonings can be added to the water to give it a piquant flavor. Bay leaves, whole cloves, peppercorns, onion and carro' are the seasonings generally liked. Colds that Hang Oi Don't let them get a strangle hot Fight gorms quickly. Creomulsion con bines the 7 best helps known to model science. Powerful but harmless. Plea»" to take. No narcotics. Your druggist \ refund your money if any cough 6rO- no matter how long standing is not! lieved by Creomulsion. (« How Doctors Treat Colds and Coin To break up n cold overnight relieve the congestion that makes cough, thousands of physicians now recommending Calotabs, _ oauscnlcss calomel compound tab? 'lint give you tbe effects of calomel snrts without the impleasant effe of either. Our- or two CrJotabs ot bedtime a glass of sweet, milk or water. Nl morning your <ol<l has vanished, ^yslpiii is thoroughly purified and , are feeling fine with a hc;artv appo lor breakfast. Eat what you wis no danger. Calotabs are Bold in 10c andj packages at drug utoros. The United States has one lighted airport for every 4300 square miles of territory. and BEETS Bunch THIS CURIOUS WORLD - THE JEWISH POPULATION OF THE UNITED STATES' EXCEEDS" THAT OF ANY OTHER. COUNTR// 646R/EL FAHRENHEIT MIXED SNOW AND SALT TO 6ET A ZERO FOR HIS THERMOMETER A BIRD OF SOUTH AMERICA, HAS TCXETONIT.? W/NGS! BEFORE THE YOUNG BIROS' ARE ABtE TO FL^ THEY ESCAPE FROM DANGER BY DIVINS FROM THEIR NEST INTO THE WATER BELOV/. THE £XrfiA FEET ARE USED IN CLIMBING SACK TO THE NEST.. »-' CLUBS IN THE UNITED STATES # COVER. ABOUT ONE-HALF BILLION ACQZ&I $ !«?3 g» HliStHVj.Q(C, I_NS, Special Prices For Friday and Saturday ONIONS Golden Globe SLbs. 10 CELERY Fancy Jumbo Stalk 5 CARROTS 4c POTATOES RED 10 Lbs. 19. GRAPEFRUIT Florida Seedless 6 For NEW POTATOES 4c Pound STRING BEANS 9c Pound Each ORANGES Ic TOMATOES Red Ripe Pound LARD 8 pound PURE Macaroni & Spaghetti SOAP Crystal White 10 Bars Coffee Jewel Brand 1 pound 18c 3 pounds 50c Pork and Beans 30 oz Cans CORN No. 2 SUGAR Cnns Peanut Butter-pint jar lOc Peaches COUNTRY CLUB, No. 2Vi Cans STRAWBERRIES-pint lOc MEAL-^4 Ib sack 29c Soap-CAMAY-bar 5c -MEAT MARGET SPECIALS— Sausage 100% PURE PORK—Lb. 5 BACON ARMOUR'S HICKORY SMOKED-LI). WIENERS-largeizeJb 71 LOIN Or ROUND—K. C. Beef—Lb. 15c 15c 8ic Fresh Cat Fish-sliced, Ib ^20c SffiTJEAT~Wgrade;jb^6£p Watch Our Windows For Daily Specials i blow utmost eon-_ yortt nnd garden . planted gardens arc „....«,' to shciw ft nice growth ' ine festive bdard will be y#ItH plenly. Emitfiltt Is drilling this who nrc I,'part itt the program nt the , J»F ftotfnony school April 21st s atl Interesting entertainment Is ; Ctaofge Jordan nnd Mrs. H. B. £---•fd called on .Mrs. Arrle Aslln Hday, afternoon. Mrs. Jordan has r-Wd quite a number of pretty quilts fo¥Mfrfe Asllft. 'Jim Karber was dinner guest Friday of Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Jordan. ' OphW Spears and Erwln Hitter from iforth Arkonwis vlsllcd at the George Jordan home Friday, Arthur Rogcts wnsi dragging ties <fllt OfVthe woods Monday, making Jfcady for tttelr delivery In Hope soon. The woodlands are so boggy that It Is necessWy to use a mule to drag them to the roadside. , Mr, and Mrs. Harold Snnford nnd Baby gtrl spent Tuesday night with hl8 brother Silas Snnford nnd family Rent It! I Find It! Sell It! -With- HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per line minimum 30c These rates for consecutive insertions. 3 Insertions, Cc per line minimum 50c 6 Insertions, 5c per line :.,,... minimum 90c 20 insertions, 4c per line minimum $3.12 (Average 5'/4 words lo the line) , NOTE— Vv'unt advertisements ac, cepted over the lelephone may be 'charged wilh iho undcrsianding that tne bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 WANTED WANTED TO BUY-100 gallons syrup' and 20 bushels of whip poor will peas. Cash or trade. Lancles Supply Co. 4- Reliable man willing to work hard chn average $30 weekly selling the Well-known Watkins Products in Hope. Sales training given. Write at once'to The J. R. Watkins Co.. 72 Ky. Si., Memphis. Tenn, 6-13-20-27p 'SALE OR TRADE FOlTSXtE-lDarMddel'Forcrcoupe. New, paint. Good condition, cheap. See Wayne H. England. Phone 475. 4-3tc TO TRADE: 1928 Chevrolet coach, in good condition. 193,1 tag. For lot or acreage. Phone 259. 4-3c GARDEN and Field seeds, superior Onion nnd Cabbage Plants. Baby Qhlcks and Supplies. MONTS SEED STORE 8-30lc FOR SALE—Half and half cotton Seed., 50 cents per bushel. J. H. Hardy, Prescott, Ark., Rt. Five. 5-3tp Turn off tlie Heat with Awnings. Beautify Your Home Call Vincent Foster. Phone 1GB. 4-3tp 1927 CHEVROLET touring. New rings—valves just ground. Fair tires. License paid. Repossessed. Will sell for $50.00. Call Hope itar. 7G8, or John Games at'Hope Auto Co. Fhone 654. Irt *i*e Chatwelor Snhfbtd! «t*hi Tuesday Might ond Wednesday with her sister Mrs, Willis A. Cobb and family. Harold Sanford and family ond Mrs. Hee^ O Gray spent Wednesday nlghi with' their shier, Mrs. Henry 0. 86afd- en and family. Maggie' Lola and Eugene Jordan wcrb Sirtuftlay nlglit and Sunday vis- ttors nt the George Karber home near Centervllle. Mavis and Glorlan Aslln spent Sunday afternoon with their friend Rena Glosgow. S. E. Huff, Milton Rogers and Harold Sanford were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cobb, Friday. Harold Sanford and family spent the week end with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cariip of Hlnton. We are sorry to hear that a former neighbor Mrs. Hamp Huet. onw of Patfrtos vicinity is sick and is a patient in Cora Donnell hospital in F'res- cott. The Misses Roxlc and Jetlie Watkins of New Hope were calling on the Harmony school directors Monday. Mrs. Gifford Byers of Sliover Springs was also soliciting as teacher for Harmony school for the coining school term. Mrs. Ons Lnseler called on her pnr- tnls Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mitchell Tuesday, she was accompanied by her friend Mrs. Grifford Byers. Mr. and Mrs. Troy Aslin spent Sunday afternoon witli H. B. Sanford and family. Mrs. J. R. Gray was on the sick list Saturday night and Sunday, but feeling quite n bit Improved at this time. Mr. and Mrs. Troy Aslin \vere in Hope Tuesday afternoon. BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF HEMl*. STEAD COUNTY LEVEE DISTRICT ' NO. 1, vs. Delinquent Lands. The following named persons and corporations and all others having or claiming an interest in any of the following described lands, railroads tramroadf. natural gas or oil pipe lines, telegraph and telephone lines are hereby notified that suit is pending in the chancery court of Hempstead county,'Arkansas, to enforce the collection of certain levee taxes on the enjoined list of lands, railroad nncl tramroads, natural gas or oi pipe lines, telegraph and telephone lines, each supposed owner having been set opposite li's, or her, or its lands, together with the amounts severally due from oneh to-wit: Par the year 1929 Tr.wiislilp n South, Ilnngc 26 West Name and Pt. of Sec. a _o Unknown—that pt, inside levee (list, of NW'A NW'/t 27 J. J. Battle—that pt. inside levee dist. of SW'/i NW'Xi 27 Unknown—that pt. inside " levee dist. of NW'/< NWVi 35 Mrs. i'dn Hill—W14 SW'/4 35 Township 14 South, Range 2G West Rose Modisl NEVi ...... 3 . GOLD FISH and Shiners. Excellent for fish bnit. Hollis Luck, former Me. Pherson service station. Fulton highway. 5_;j c FOR SALE—Nancy Hall Seed Sweet Potatoes, Good Quality 35c per bueshel. Benton Huddleslon, Hope Route 5. ' ' 4-5-atp FOR SALE—Hickory wash wood and stove wood. $1.25 load, delivered. liner-Ivory Handle Co. 5-3t-c J . FOR RENT FOR" HENT—House known as the Lane; property, 014 West Avenue B. Apply at this office. fi-3t-p FOR RENT—Two furnished apart. menta, two or three rooms. Modern, close in, east and south exposure, at depression prices. Phone 6G9-J 5-3tc Lost or Strayed LOST—Parker Junior Duofold fountain pen. Green color. Name Payton Kolb on barrel. Reward to finder if returned to Dr., A. C. Kolb. 4.3t-p NOTICE LAWN MOWERS sharpened. R. L. Taylor. 815 West Sixth street, Hope, Arkansas. 5.31; LOST LOST—Diamond dinner ring. Liberal reward to finder. Call 242 or see Ed. Williams. 6-3c Town of Fulton W. A. Jett—Lots C & 8, Block 30 J. B. Shults—Lot 14, Block 2.... Necly Carter—Lot 6, Block 18 Carrie Nelson—Lot 10, Block 18 Anna Moore—Lot 15, Block 24 John Campbell—Lots 4 & 5, Block 25 John Campbell—Lots 14, 15 & 1G, Block 31 Mrs. Obe Wilson—Lot 10, Block 25 Kate E. Jett—Lots 1 & 2, Block 30 N. C. Willclt-Lots 1 & 6, Block 38 ' E. U. Roberts—Lot 5, Block 39 j R R. Johnson—Lot 16, Block 2 Jiis. A. Gray—Lots 8 & 9, Block 4 Iron Mln. RR Co.—Lot 6, Block 6 T. J. Thompkins—Lots 4 & 5, Block 9 T. J. Tompkins— Lot 8, Block 9 Addic Carter—N',i! Lot 2, Block 18 Acldie Carter—Lot G, Block 18 Rufus Washington—Lot 5, Block 18 John Campbell—2/3 Lot 11, Block 19 John Campbell—Lot 16, Block 19 Mrs. A. M. Eubanks—ViLot 11, Block 22 Mrs. A. M. Eubanks—Lot 13, Block 22 Mrs. A. M. Eubanks—Lot 16, Block 22 Shults' Addition to Fulton Bi-ice Arnett—Lot 5, Block 10 1.20 Said persons and corporations and all others interested in said lands are jiereby notified that they are required by law to appear and make tleiense to said suit, or the same will be taken for confessed, and judgment final will be entered decreeing the sale of said lands for the purpose of collecting said delinquent <evee taxes with the payment of interest, penalty and costs, allowed by law. DALE JONES, Clerk of the Hempstead County Chancery Court fi-13-20-27 By Gray Carrigun, D C. M-243 PPERMINT OWN VOU CAN BUY OUR BOARDING HOUSE OUT OUR WAY , ,„ LET IT A BIT CONCI?RN(sD ABOUT THAT J "/ t KNOW O£ £6AXIN<3 P16&O4S WE- trH. A MbNTW Wfe?LL RE LEASED — SUPPOSING THEY p[ TVlOUfeANDS WITH SEVEN OT? EIGHT HUNDRED 'PIGEONS, AS W§ tl&Uft>kTy? ""ft L66KATTU 4 WHAT WOULTb I t>O NNITW THESE f> THAT 6<5UA i feS SELL . J^ OFFE^b'Q TWeYCOST<r &>& IN TW' MARKET^/ •PIGEON K\N<SS= BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A Hot Shot! TO ' vtt«> \ woovo CHHSs. tO LOO\< OV4 ?•'"• SALESMAN SAM Nothin Uriiiiual! SOU £&T-ttROUO-H 'ftr-Wo I'D UKC.TO Be OftOTVER— ^^^•^^^^<. .; ,& tttl •» NU KIWICE IHC.1M. U. 8. MT. WASH TUBES Ducky Has the Upper Hand ! 'u. see THAT HE GETS TRIM, Too. MOT VJ> LIKE To R^P \ti POT STOLEN N VOO ARE CHARGED MIT •STOLE IN MY LIFE. S ATING A \NOMM4. GUH.TV, OP. NOT POUC6 ORfcG BNi IN S6MWH OF WlUN OF •SUNSHINE* ; OF H6R I^RINCE PUCKV, CERT^N TMftT H&MS | MIGHT, -mt vouce F/MLTD WR\N& ^ A COWVIETE CQMFEGSION FROM FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Playing Safe ! ILL TIE HER UP J^-«/ MOW THAT WE'RE IK) HERETO ONJE 0" THESE SHARP ROCKS/'f^ DO VOU EVPECT TO FIND Uf&» 1 ' {&€A TRACE OF THAT SUBMARINE? BELIEVE THERE'S AMYBODV BACK HERE IN THI5 BLACK HOLE —I 6OT A HUNCH THI5 WA5 JUST A WILD GOOSE CHASE// ., ,., ft. % WELL, WE'LL SOON IMD OUT..,. AND I HOPE YOUR HUNCH > WI30NG 3W!M \ BACK INTO THAT ) FULL OF POOL..,ITLL \ AREN'T BE SAFER THAW ) OUR / S " THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) He's Back Again ! THIS IS MR. 80DDY, } PLEASED T'MBET CH^ 1 . OUST T yiHV. X WONDER RIGHT MRS. CON\E.B SO,VOU A,f?E THE \ I'LUMAKE A. HQTe.AUO CHECK FAP OF SA.HlTSriON-\ uP OM V4EU..I Htwe A^TJF. |TOOK AFTER / ONIV WkRr OF THE COMPUA1K1T KMO-/THAT HA>D THE. COMPLA»KT .' ^'M CHANGlKJCi AU- THAT .VESMXM'. NOU AL V4A. CHARITY V4ORK THE LEAGUE, HAY \MrtO THAT CAN- ee 9 A\RS. COMER - /tKQUGMT I'D DROP HE HOL.P5 A, Bl& X I WAS ON ^ TOUR OF POSVTIOKi SMITH •"•" " OTV — -f- £" •-•. - :oc*i ; TO HEAR 'HWA YOU'D THAMK ws OFRCE

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