The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas on May 2, 1927 · Page 10
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The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas · Page 10

Emporia, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1927
Page 10
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EVENING? MAT 2, THE E1ÍPOEIA* DAILY GAZETTE CUT DEBT BEFORE TAXES Senator Smoot AVoud Reduce O'j- ligatious First. By Reed Smooi. "! ,,./'•• s - ^""-¡or from Cían) i «hen the proposition fur a rad- J ical cut iu tases was suggested a: few mouths a S o by some of my Democratic 1'riends. it was my ! opinion that the proper thing to] «Jó was to use as much of the I surplus as possible to reauce I the stil! vast j debt of tuej country. \v e owe something like ?19,000,000,000 and the.j sooner that: debt is wiped j off the slate the i better it will be i for every man '• and woman in) this country Í who pays taxes, i and i t makes j no.- difference whether, they are Paid directly or indirectly. I A mighty good way to lov.-pr j tases is to meet your obligations I and by so-doing stop the-interest! charges; That is the practico in i •"•gij-managed private businesses «ad why should not the govern-i raent of the United States .likewise benefit from the application of so j sensible a rule? ! Senators who urged tax reduc- | tion in the last session of con-' gress, at a lime when the amouni of the surplus was stil! a matter largely of suesswork. did not stop to think that during the last six months of 1925 this snrpius did iiot total nearly EO much as it did in the first six months of that year. There was just one sensible way to meet this situation and ihat was to wait until we had the full returns for a. year's working of the 1S2G law. "vV'e have that information now and -when 'the time comes I sha!! j bo perfectly wilüns to have the taxes reduced !o the point where there will be no danger of a deficit at the end'ot the calendar year. Grandson of German "Iron Chancellor" Will Try Diplomatic Service Friednchsruh, Germany, May 2 (.¿Pi—Prince Otto voii Bismarck, grandson of the "iron cfcanceiior," on May i resigned his seat' as German nationalist member of the Reichstag atid entered the diplomatic service. While Foreign Minister Strese- mann has not yet indicated to what task he will put the 29-year- old embryonic diplomat, it is generally assumed he will assign him to the American division. "I certainly shouldn't mind later being given a post in the United Stnu-s," the young prince said. "I am very fond of America, and my journey across it in 1926 was ac unmitigated joy. "It was always my desire to enter the foreign office service, but party expediency seemed to demand that I first stand for parliament. Prince Bismarck manages the paternal estate of the Bismarcks at Freidrichsruh, near Hamburg. The estate was presented to the Iron Chancellor in 1S71 by Emperor William I. The grandson ¡ usually motors to his estate from Berlin, during iiie week-ends when the Reichstag is in session. MULH IX HERO'S RIDE. Missouri Animal Saves Pony from Drowning. FrJrsythp, Mo.. May 2—A white mule an;! a iitiie spotted SiieiJanti pony, pasture mates on a farm near Forsythe on the White river, are friends for life. And it has all come about because the mule had presence of mind enough to save the little fellow's life. The rising waters of the river began to inundate the pasture and "the pony, become excited struck out for the middie of the river. With more than 100 persons watching near the hanks the mule left the pasture and swam after him. struggling in the deep water and attempting to tura the pony back to the shore. After half an hour ot struggle the mule siezed his pasture pal by the mane and dragged him back to safety. Kelly-Springfield Tires. More mileage, longer service, satisfaction guaranteed, less overhead, lower price. Jason Austin. Whitley Service Station.—adv. Sheer Frocks and Women's Hygiene New way safer— Discards like tissue By KM.EJÍ J. BUCKIJIND Jiffitiered ,\'ursf ' I *HAT filmy gowns and women's j i oldest hygienic problem now go 'safely together is a fact millions of women arc learning. I Old-time sanitary "pads" with their .•worries and dangers arc giving way to the uitcr protection of a new way called Kotex. ' \S Kotex discards as easily as tis- T sue. Thus no laundry, no embarrassment of disposal. 5 times as absorbent as ordinary cotton "pads," it permits one to dance, motor, go about for hours •without a moment's doubt Also deodorizes; thus ending all fear of. offense. i Obtain at any store without embarrassment simplv by savins: "KOTEX." Box of 12 costs only a few cents. Be sure you fret the gcnu- sae. Only Kotci itself is "like" Kotex. PAGE SEVEN m m FREE! MOTHER CRAFT SERIES The Expectant Mother The Baby. _ The Chiid from 1 wo to Six Vanta Baby Garments Vanta Baby Garments are recommended by doctors and nurses. These garments come in cotton, merino, silk and wool, all silk and all wool. They are soft and elastic. No pins—no buttons. They fasten with Vanta twist- less tape tied in little bows—the only safe way to dress your baby. Cotton Binders ..... 50c Cotton Bands 50c Light weight cotton shirts 75c Light wt. silk and wool ___ $1.50 Light Weight Nighties $1.25 K Band; mercerized top, worsted and cotton bottom, closed shoulder ' . 75c Vanta Knit Towels, pink and blue trimmed : 65c Gift Bath Set, towel and two wash cloths $1.00 Vanta Twistless tape in white, pink and blue, pkg. . . 15c 2 to 7 Gay Moods Freshly Sparf^e ir i r* i In Kid INFANTS 'HOSE esear White mercerized hose_— 39c Light weight silk and wool hose 75c Pure thread silk hose in white, pink and blue 75c Sizes 3 1-2, 4 and 4 1-2. ' INFANTS' SOX Silk sox in white, pink and blue 69c Rayon sox in white, pink and blue 5Qc Sizes 3 1-2, 4. 4 1-2. Gertrudes Short length style made of fine quality nainsook with lace, embroidery and tuck trimmings 75c, 98c. S1.25 Handmade Gertrudes both plain and daintily embroidered, scallops or plain hems _ 31.98 to $3.98 Light weight flannelette Gertrudes at 59c Dresses Infants' short length dresses of finest quality of nainsook "vvith tucks. shirring, nmocking and lace (J trims. $1.00, $1.75, $1:98, $2.98 U Handmade, hand-ensbroidered baby dresses of fine batiste and flaxon. Wide choice of beautiful stvles. $1.98, $2.50, $2.98, $3.98 Gowns Just what is meant by National Baby Week? Some take it simply as an opportunity "for another sale." We believe that w e should stress not the selling side, but the service side. Miss Mary Jane Pughe, infants' wear buyer, has valuable knowledge to give. Her educational help is as important in its way, as that given by doctors and nurses. "Miss Pughe has a free library of twenty-four books, as well as an abundance of literature in bulletin form, to lend or give. A large part of her time goes into answering questions, giving measurements, helping ¡plan ready-made or home-made layettes. Child health can be pro- moied-by the right clothing, feeding and care. When you think of our infants' departa^ent, think of service. Light weight flannelette ko- cnona and gowns, shell- stitched edge pink or blue trimmed 98c SANÍTEX Birdseye and flannelette diapers by the dozen. 27x27, $1.98, 30x30 $2.50; 36x36 $2.98. ¡ pair Silk plaited hose iu white anil ..sand ¡it ...... .... .......... Site Si/cs 3 to Oí;. CHILDREN'S SOX Silk sox, silk plaited or mercerized, t?lain checks or fancy top with cuff in all the desired shades ---- 75c, 65c, 50c, 39c BOOTEES All-wool short bootees and knitted shoes, pink or blue hand-embroidery. Bootees --------- 39 C to ,$1.93 Knitted Shoes.__ 75c to $1.50 Silk hand-crocheted bootees -------------- $1.25 to $2.SO BONNETS The finest organdie caps and elastic-back bonnets, wide ruffles shirred or pleated, picot or lace edge. Ribbon bows, streamers, and silk buds. 75c to $5.85 PIQUE HATS For baby boys— 75c and $1.50 BABY COATS Coats of crepe de chine, wool, crepe, cashmere and pongee. Smocking- and feather stitching. All white, pink, blue and pongee. $3.98 to $10.00 All wool bound blankets, 30x40 $4.75 Beacon Crib Blankets for .. : $1.65, $1.98, $2.98 Beacon Blankets, plain and with nursery designs, 36x50 for .... $1.65 30x40 ....,.....,,...,., $1.25 Baby Sacques All-wool crochet saeques embroidered in dainty designs, pink or blue $1.98 to §3.98 Baby Sweaters All wool fine knitted sweaters in all white with pink and blue trimming. Fancy knit in all pink and blue, sizes 2, 4 and 6, $2.48 to $3.98 QUILTED SACQUES AND CARRIAGE COATS Pink and blue satin, hand embroidered. $3.75 to $8.95 Imported carriage robes of crejpe de chine satin, with dainty colored embroidery $3.98, $5.95, $6.95, $8.95 WALKING DRESSES FOR WEE TOTS A wonderful assortment of styles in color combinations of voiles, and crepe de chines, hand-embroidered and smocked. Voiles $1.50. to $2.50, cre pe de chines $4.75 and $5.95, 1 to 2 1-2 years. BABY CAPES All wool and silk and wool knitted cajpes in white, pink and blue trimmed, and all pink or blue $2.98, $3.98, $4.75 and I 1 jj This Bautífulty Nationally'AdTertfaed Lloyd^ I Loom Baby Carriage has all th« refinement! j totma on any carriage. Priced amarfngly low. Sic I! thli carriage at oar «tora. ; II Pink and blue rubber, with detachable white flannelette cover $1.00 Each Lap Pad in plain bound rubber ,.-,-.-. : .T.-. : . r . T . T . T . 7 ., 50c Quilted Pads, lap size . . 59c Quilted Pads, crib size $1.25 RUBBER SHEETS Plain yellow rubber, bound with tape to fasten each corner. $1.50, $2.50 WATERPROOF plain rubber in yellow, y/hite and pink, ventilated top. 50c SILK and RUBBER PANTS and cloth-covered pants in flesh and white Ventilated top $1.00 Baby Week FANCY GARTERS AH colors to match the sox, the 25c CHILDREN'S HOSE Fine cotton hose white, black and tan, in both English a ml fino rib style. For every baby visiting the department this week, we have a gift bib. For the baby under six months of age having the largest foot, and the baby having the smallest foot, we will give a pair of baby shoes to fit. Bring in that small son or daughter to have his foot sketched. There is a special gift for the baby coming the longest distance, to visit our department this week. -^>¿-—--• ~-— Summer Layette 3 3 | 2 dozen Diapers, at $1.98 dozen . .. $3.96 3 cotton Vests, at 65c ...... . $1.95 Binders, at 50c ............... $1.50 Pair Hose, at 39c ..... $1.17 3 Flannelette Gowns, at 98c ...... $2.94 2 Kimonas, at 98c . . . ................... $1.96 4 Gertrudes, at $1.65 ....-.-.-..-....' $6.60 Slips, at $1.98,......-.-...-.-,......'..,. $7.92 Dress ...................... $3.50 Dress ...-.....,..,,,....-..... $2.50 Coat ......... ..... .-.-•-.-.,.-......, $6.95 Sacque r .-- : --.>-.•.>,-., . . .,...,-.-„ $1.98 Bonnet ....... .,.-..-.. ......... $2.50 3 Pair Bootees, at 75c . ... ... ,.....- $2 25 2 Pair Bootees, at $1.25 ....,,. 2 Blankets, at $ligS .,.,.:. . . "...'. Blanket .... . : J........ . .... Total cost .-.r-4i^r.^ .,-,-...-.. $55.06' 1 Minus 10 per cent okr whole .:.., . ; . ... $49.50 2 Dozen Diapers, at $1.98 : ........ $3.% 3 Cotton Vests, at 50c >»:.-. >T.T.T.-.-. $1.50 3 Binders, at 35c ,..,,..-...,.-.-.-.,. $1.05 2 Pair Hose, at 29c-.,T,,.-.,,-.-,.^... 58c 2 Gowns, at 75c . ->rc. 2 Gertrudes, at 75c r^,-?. 1 Gertrude . . . ., T . r ,-. T . 3 Slips, at $ 1.00 ,~.^,-,-. , 1 Dress .. .T. ...:,..,.. Cape'.,,-.-.-.-.-,...-., ... Sacque r .-.t....;..-.'-. Bonnet -. .i-.-..-..... 1 1 1 2 Pair Bootees, at 50c $1.50 $1.50 $1.65 $3.00 $2.50 $2.98 $1.65 $1.25 $1.00 1 Pair Bootejes ,.,.,..,,., . 9Sc 2 Blankets, at $1.25 ,.-.,,-..-.-....., , $2.50 Total Cost.;.-.-'K;^¿I'ivSv'^.-. $27.60 Minus 5 pet, $1.38, cost of layette A $26.22 ^r*^?^ ; T^?^ ^ ?~ : ^*""

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