Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 27, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 27, 1894
Page 3
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He Human Electrical Forces I How They Control tha Organs of the Body. T*e •l«etrical force ofthsbnmin body, u «h« nerve fluid nay ba tonnod, U an wpe- clsUy attractive dwartmeDt of science, as It «erts so marked »n Influence on the health Of tbe organs ot tbe body. Norve fore* ls produced Dy the brain and conveyed by means of the nerves to tbe various organs of Ue body, tbnssupnlylnf tbe latter with the vitality necessary to in- rare their boalth. Tho tmeumngastrlo nerve, as shown here, nay bo said to be tbb most Important of the entire nerve sys- em, as It supplies the art. lungs, •<j° m » c l bt ivels. etc., with the vo force necewary to keep tbom Active and besltby. As will bo seen by tho cut the long nerve descending from tbe base of the brala ana terminating In tbe bow- eli li the pBOumogMttle, •bile the numerous lit-, tie branches supply thef heart, lungs and stom-1 ach with necessary vitality. When the Brain becomes In any way disordered by Irritability orexbauitlon, tho nerve force which It supplies. Is lessened, and the or>< fans receiving tbe dli mlnlsbcd supply are consequently weakened. PhTslclans generally fsll the Importance of Mils fact, _-.. „ „.,„ organ Itself Instead of the cauie of tbe trouble OVB HOffORBD 1MUD. . Oathtr ye $w*et bright flowcn,. To la; 01 our common' (nvea, And place them gently o'er the hearts Of onmnforgotten brsvei. Gather meet blooming floweri And stand with uncovered head An ye ucatter them e'er the moundi, Where rest oar honored dead. father meet pertained flowers, Ind weave (hem In garlands bright,. And place them o'er the pulseleii hearts Of those who lought for the right. Cover ye them with flowers, As long as the old flag waves, Fn memory of the loyal hearts That lie In their hollowed graves. Corer with blossoms rare, The hearts of the brave and trne, Th« heiirts go gallant, so gay, That served In the ranks of bine. —Mrs. 8. E, Henderson In the American Tribune. BBISHT'S DISEASE. to rocofnlio, but treat the The noted specialist, Franlclln Mile«. M. D., tL. B., has given the greater pan of his llfo to the study of this subject, and the prlnclpa\ dta«OTeries concerning It are due toh&etforts. Dr. MlleY Restorative Nervine, the unrl- vaica brain and nerve food, Is prepared on tho principle that all nervous and many oilier difficulties originate from disorders of the nervecenters. Its wonderful success incuring these disorders Is testified to by thousands la every part of the land. Restorative Nervine cures sleeplessness, nervous prostration, dlixlnoss, hysteria, sexual debility, St. Vltus dance, epilepsy, etc. It Is free from opiates or clangorous drugs, It. Is sold on a positive guarantee by all druggists, or sent direct by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., ellchart, Ind., on receipt of price, II per Dottle, sU bottles for 16, express prepaid. Notice of Application for Liquor License. Notice l.i hereby given tliiU I, David Loftns of Lognnsport, Cuds county, fmllnnn, will apply to the Bi'iinl at Commissioners of Cnss Coanty, Indiana, at the .lime siwslon tj conv«n« on tht> flrst Hondny of June In tiie year ISM, for a license to sell malt. vinoDB. spirituous and other Intoxicating liquors In a less quantity than a Quart at a time and sutler the same to 63 drank on the •remises. The precise locution of said promises Is as f al • lows towlt: it Johnston House bur room No 3 6 Canal street, Logtwsport, Inn. DiVJD LSFTUS, Application lor License. Notice Is hereby given that the Logansport Hotel Company will make application at the regular June term 1891 of the Board of County Commissioners of Caw county, Indiana, for a license to sell ipintuons, vinous and malt liquors In less •nantltlea than a quart at a time with the privilege of perm Ittlng the same to be drank upon the premises whereon sold The premises whereon said liquors are to be sold and drank are situated at No. SIT Broadway stre* t. Logansport, Eel township, CB.SS Coanty, State of Indiana. LOOAKSTORT HOTZL oo. By K. Y. KILLS*, Sea THE VENII01E 8W BBOADWAT. IE US, £fi CENTS. BUI of i'sre for Sunday Maj 27th. DINNER COUNTF S. 8. CONTENTION. The Twelfth Annual Convention of the CBIS County Monday Scl-ool I'nlon Tomorrow and Tnesdar. The twelfth annual convention of the Cass county Sunday eobool union will convene In . this city tomorrow evening at the English Lutheran church and will continue through Tuesday. A larpe attendance Is ex. peoted. The following is the program of the convention: MONDAY KVKKINC MAT 28. 730—Devotlonnl services, conducted by Re?. I, B. ilorgwn of Koyal Ceatpr. SiW-Addrw-KSunilRir Sch«o| Eitemton—Eow to Double the Attendance and t He Interest. BrC D Hems, Indianapolis, Sapt. of tho Indiana Sunday School Unlor. Asslcnmem of Deleguwa sr Committee on Entertainment, TUESDAT MOFN1NO. 9:90—Devotlonnl Services, conducted bj Her. C. A Spitlcr. 9:16—Enrollment of Delegates. 9:30-Presl<!cnrs Addross 9:45—Hop:>rts of Townfhlp Tlca Presidents. Limited to five minutes each. 1. Number snd Condition of Schools. '2. Number of Conventlcni held. 3. Number of Schools Visited and number holding twelve months. I 4. Brief statement of proeresa maie. HMO—Kecess. Paymeni of contrltmtlons to the TrensHrerbj those schools not prevl- caslr reported. 10tO«—The Shepard of the Sheep. Kev. M, A- Unrlan. 11:05—The Uniler-Sbepaj'ds. The Teacher—His Character. His Training. HH Work, By Earl Cook, lecretary T. M, C. i. 11 20-Dlscasxlon. 11:59—Appointment of Committees, innonnce- ments, etc. 12:00—Adjoursraent. TCJSDAT ATTIRHOOM. 1:3»—Devotional Ezerclsei Ctnducted bj Homer Keuler. l:45-ReDort of Committee on Nominations, and flection ot OIHcern. 185—Begom from Statistical Secretary and Treasurer. 2KB—Food for the Flock. The Bible—How to Know It—HowtoDselt—ByT. J. Lett- 2 ^--Discussion. 2*3—Question Drawer. Difficulties and How to Overcome them. Conducted by C. D. Melxs. 8:10-Mlsc6llan«ous Buslnesi. WILL MEET AT OTTOWA. The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers hat concluded itt biennial setsion at St. Paul. By a vote of 290 to 170, it was decided to hold the next ionventlon at Ottowa, Ontorlo. ot LMtwe Toonf Onl»n» SOUP. Clam Chewdsr Badlshet FISB. Blaek Ban, Cclerr Sancs with Cream FotaUM L«k»i« Snlad XOILCD. Calf a Heart, Glaze BOAST. Prime "oast of Beef, Natural GraTj Rib Ems ot Beef, with Honeraabh Brown Boa« Chicken, Crsibsro 8»no« IMTRIR). 8wwt Bread f melette, Cream Since Slrawbarrr Boll VIQITABUB Huhed and Boiled Potato** Candled T*HI Sugar Corn DC8IRT. CocowntPte Peach Pie istorttdCske Vasllla Ice Cream Codw Tea Milk Buttermilk DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 27. Part 16 Dream City, now ready. Silk belts a«d beltings, at the Bee Hive. Our hosiery Is simply great at the Trade Palace. Ben Fisher's double extract of Va. nllla is strong and tweet. Quaker headache oapiuls give relief' in ten minutes. House for Sale Very Cheap—No. 808 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. DeLong, No. 402 Market street. Acute and ohronlo catarrh; diseases •of the throat and ear treated by Dr. , J. H. Shultz, 412 Fourth itreet. Tel- 1 ophone!57. Will positively cure the tobacco bablt in any form, Loveless' antl-te- baoco. Sold only at Ben Fisher's drug •tore, 311 Fourth street. 1 When nervous and weak take Rlne- hart'i Liver Pills; no griping or aauieau. 1 a dose. For (ale by B. I. Keenllng and Kejstone drug store. Don't have your ihlrti all churned to pleoee when yon can get that ele. fant domestic or gloiiwork on your \ work at the Logan Steam Laundry A Dy« Works.— Chat. MoKeen, proprie. tor. Telephone 110. Leave It. The relation between the stomach };Md nurve system U to close that a stomach trouble li usual IgNBptoo of nwroua dyipcptla. Dr. •'s Norrt) VltaUsor f«ta at root troabl*. OM Aolter of Mm The following are the officers of the union: President—Dr. D. L. Orerholser. Vice president—John Gray. Recording Secretary—G. M. Berry. Statistical Secretary and Treasurer —Miss Christens, Markert Aii't Stat. Seo. and Treas.—F. M. Wlpperman. Township Vice Presidents—Adams. G. F. Wolford; Boone, E. W. Burton; Bethlehem, Jerome Smith; Clay, W. A. Funk; Clinton, -Thoa. Moore; Deer Creek, Ezra Kahl; Eol, J. J. Hllde- brandt; Harrison, T. M. Montgomery; Jefferson, Jos. Vannetta; Jackson, 0. K. Wooley; Miami, I. J. Berry; Noble, W. A. Light; Tlpton, W. E. Hurd; Washington, Jesse Martin. THE I FIRST PHESB\Ti!8iAN CapBCH—Rev. D. P, rnt- n»m, pastor. Services at tbe usual honri today by th» pastor. Sunday School at 9:80 A cordial welcome for all. EVINOWLIOAI, CHURCH—Rev, 8. .T, Kelglal. pastor. Services today at 10:89 a m and 7:30 fa m preaching 67 the pastor. Sabbath school at 0:30am. T. P. S. C. E. at 6:80pm. CmrnoH OF CHRIST (Scientist)- -Services will fee held In their new rooms In tbe Magee block, corner of Sixth and Broadway. Bible Class at 10:80 Sunday morning. All are cordially Invited to attend. A. II. E. CHOHCH— Corner ot Cloott and Market streets, L. W. Ratlin, pastor. Services at 10 JO a.m. and730 p. m. Sunday school atSsm C. 8. Jones Supt. Uornlog subject, "Urowth In Grace." Evening subject, "Ideal Life." TBINITV EPISCOPAL CHURCH—Bev. Donglss I. Hobbs, Rector. 9:SO a in, Sunday School; 11 a. m. morning prayer, Hoi; Communion and sermon on "Dives and Lazarus," 1-SD p. ro. evening prayer and sermon. A welcome for all. BROADWAY M. E. CHCROH—Rev. H. J. Norrls Pastor. Services at 11 u m and 7;30 p m prench- Ing by the pastor. Sunday School at 9:45 a, m. Epworth League at G 30. Subject, "The Lord My Portion." Horning theme "A Brother's Service." A welcome for ah. ENGLISH LITHEIUN CHDRCH—Sunday School at 9:30 g m. Junior Endeavor at 2 p. in. T. P, 8 C. E. at 6:30. p. m. Next Sabbath at 11a.m. a congregational meeting will beheld for the purpose of electing a pastor. Everybody Invited to these services, members especially, UmVERSALiST CnoBCK—R«v. T. 8. Guthrle Pastor. Services today at this church at II a,m, and 7:80 p. m. by the pastor. Sunday school at 10 a, m., Edward Cauls. Supt. Morning subject. "Rewards and Punishments." In the evenlig. "What profit In Gaining the Whole World and Losing the Soul." All are cordially invited to these services. CHRISTIAN CmmcH-£ompr Ninth and Spear streets. Rev, T.3. Freeman, Pastor. Services at U o'clock a m and 738 p. m. by the pastor. Sunday School 8t 0:30 a m, G. N.Berry, Snpt. Y. P. 8. C. E. at 8:16 p. m. Morning subject "The Unchanging Saviour." Evening subject, "Lessens From Nkntnan's Core." All are cordially invited to theso services. A Bare Otter. Chronicle: Here Is a stanza taken from John Brleooe's "V«te for Grover" song book. It was vent me during the week by Geo. Sohaefar. "SroTcr. Grover, four more years for Grover, In be goes, out they go, then we'll os In clover." If any of the boys who were out In the streets last campaign shouting the •bore, will call at tbe Chronicle office they oan have the whole song book and no questions aiked. Now is the time to get a "Vote for Grover" song book for nothing. WU*-AwiUk«. To bo up with thtiUnof boy » R«m- iogton of ' HTOIT TDOKJU. p^mhwSrt^ ,.' .1 .ii t, . . ... A^*!i"Afr Supt. Hatch of the Vandalla 1§ In Pltteburg. The Wabash company has decided to close the telegraph office at Jolburn and the night office at Delphi June 1. J. H. Zlnn stenographer to Supt. Hatch of the Vandalla has launched a new boat on Eel River above the dam. C. D. Kerlln left for English Lake on No. 8 thta morning to look after tbe beats and paraphernalia of Ibe isbing and hunting club of which he IB a member. General foreman Thos. Austin of the Pan Handle shops sailed from New York yesterday on the steamer City of Rome. It the weather U favorable he will arrive lii Glasgow on Saturday, Martin McDonald tho well known Pan Handle blacksmith was taken suddenly and violently 111 while at work Friday afternoon. His BOD Join was called by telegraph from Chicago and arrived yesterday. When last heard from Mr. McDonald was improving. On account of the shortage of coal the Wabaeh discontinued one local freight train a day and all local freight matters are now received at owners risk. The coal famine has also made serious Inroads In the companies through traffic and agents are hourly expecting to receive orders to accept nothing but perishable freight. The passenger department of the Wabaah road has notified Its agents of a new wrinkle Instituted by the New York Central and West Shore lines regarding the sale of stop over tloketi. Hereafter passengers holding first class limited tickets to or beyond Syracuse are permitted a ten days stop over at Niagara JFalla. By this means the line expects to Increase their passenger business. T. B. Sewell the present member of the advisory board from this district of the Pennsylvania Voluntary Relief Association is In Flttsburg on official business. One of the tellers selected to canvass the .vote for membership of the board to serve for tho ensuing year has died and another has left the employ of the'company. The board Is la session to select two new tellerj instead of them. Agent Newel), yesterday sold two tickets to San Francisco and return to Dr. Coleman and daughter. The route laid out Is from .here to Kansas City on the Wabash thence over the Santa Fe to Colorado Springs, thence to Gi and Junction on the Colorado Midland thence to Ogden on the Rio Grande Western, thence to San Francisco on tbe Southern Pacific. The return ticket* read via the Canadian Pacific. The Pennsylvania "limited," say a the Plttsburg Post, which will be put on the Foit Wayne between that city and Chicago today, besides being the fastest running train whloh baa ever been on the track between the two points, will also be one of the best equipped. The outfitting will be entirely new. The train will be made up of library, smoking, dining, sleeping and observation oars and will be lighted by electricity. The time between the two cities will be only twelve and one-half hours. It will be a hummer. A plot to "do up" Evan Harris, night operator at tbe Wabash station was effectually squelched a few night* ago. A gang of hobos had been making themselves obnoxious around the depot and were fired by Mr. Harris. They held a consultation and decided to punish him. They decided to "lay 11 for him and to give him a thorough threshing. A boy who overheard them Informed Mr. Harris of the plot who reported the matter to the police" When they arrived the bum* dispersed. The April report for coal consumed on the locomotives of the Richmond division of the Pan Handle has been made public. It demonstrates the fact that the coal saving plan is profitable to both the company and the engine crews. Fireman H. A. Miles has the largest saving to hit credit, namely $13.95 closely followed by Engineer J. W. Barrett who earned $13.36 extra. Engineer John Hugo effected the smallest saving namely 5 cents. But three men exceeded their allowances. Has Been Provon to be Catarrh tb« KldueTs. A letter from Mrs. Mary A. Shear, Of Jennlnga, La,,, states: "I am recommending your Pe-ru-na to every one I hear complain. Several people have already commenced taking It. My disease was.Brlght's disease of the kidneys and catarrh of the bladder. I am quite well now." The symptoms of Brlght'a dteease are: Dull pala in the back; scanty, high-colored urine, containing albumen and various sediments; nausea, and sometimes vomiting; puffnecs of the face and feet; dropsy of the leg; shortness of breath and general weakness; palor and dry ness of tbe skin: chilly feelings, alternating with fever and slooplesnesa. The treatment is: A tablespoonful of Fo-ru-na before each meal, between meals, and at bed. time, and enough Man-a-lln at night to produce one natural action of the bowels each day. Send to The Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Company, of Columbus. Ohio, for a free copy of the Family Physician No. 2, devoted to catarrh In all forms and stages. Tbe War .Book Picture*. Attention la again callon to tbe Memorial War Book, and partieular'y to the very choice lllustratious, 2,000 of which embellish its pates. Most of these Illustrations are reproductions from tbe celebrated pi oto.'iaphs made by M. B. Brady and Alexander Gardner, under authority of the U. S. gov. ernment. These pictures are original photographs taken during tho war of the rebellion. It is more than a quarter of a century since tbe sun painted these real scenes of that great war, and the "negatives" have undorponj chemical changes which makes it Mew and difficult work to get "prints' 1 from them. Of course no more "negatives" oan be made. , as the scenes represented by this series of war views have passed away forever. The great value of these pictures is, therefore, apparent. Just how things looked ''at the front," during the groat war, Is, with the most of us, now, after the lapse of nearly thirty years, only a fading memory, cherished, it is true, but after all, only the vision of a dream. Artists have painted, and sketched, and engraved, with more or lens fidelity to fact and detail, these "scenes of trial and danger," but all of tbelr pictures are, in a greater or less degree, imaginary conceptions of the artist. Happily our government authorized, during the war, skillful photographers to catch with tbolr cameras the reflection as in a mirror, of very many of those thrilling and Interesting scenes. These views vividly renew the memories of our war days. The camp, the march, the battle field, the forts and trenches, the wounded, the prisoners, the dead, the hurriedly made graves, and many other of those once familiar scenes are photographically portrayed and perpetuated. These are not sketches or Imaginary scenes *ut are the original photographs taken on the spot. The wonderful progress in the art of photo-engraving enables tbe publisher of the Memorial War Books to place these Inestimable records in permanent form and thus preserve them for future generations for all time. If you have not begun taking the Memorial. War Books do not delay doing so. It should be in every home and the Journal offers It upon terms which tbe poorest oan accept. Listen! Back from the BOW* tain of Discovery and PropHa> in the treatment of dteeawjft. comes the echo, "Curable." Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer Is a part of this progress, and rings the echo, "Curable," to every suffOK \ from fits, epilepsy, St. Vitus dance, or other nerve disorders, because fc- cures all of them as it cured Mrs. Lena Cooper, of 1554 Lorain Strert . Cleveland, Ohio, who says of the Vitalizer: "I began to use it—growing better at once. The improvement w» . wonderful—quieting my nerves and refreshing me, until J feel like anoth« person," Mrs. Cooper had St. Vitus dance from birth. It yielded to no medfat treatment p.nd was aggravated by fits when she became 16 years oJ& Is now a healthy and happy wife. M/f ftffpr $cnft tn a "y Physician - YVCUllCr j?5UU Clnii.lstwho.by an . alysis or otherwise, can show that this remedy contains Morphine, Opium, Cocaine, or other harmful drug's Price. $1.00 a Bottle Free Sample for convincing trial,of druggists, or if not found at dealer* may be obtained by writing us. E»* cfose 5c. (stamps) for postage. If in doubt about your trouble, state your case f and the Doctor will give free advice. All welcome. Address THE J. W. BRANT CO., Makers, Albion, Mteh. or 49 Dey Street, New York For Sale by Ben Fisher. 311 Fourth St. VANISHING CONNECTICUT SHAD (100 Beward, (100. The reader of this paper will b« pleased to learn that there Is at least one dreaded diseases that science has been able to cure In all Its stages and that Is Catarrh, Hall's Catarrh Cure Is Tbe only positive care known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dlseiise, requires a constitutional treatment, Hall's Catarrh Cora Is taken Internally, acting directly on the blood and mucus surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up tbe constitution and assisting nature In doing Its work. The proprietors have so mueh faith In Its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that It falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address, F. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, 0. 17 druggists. VsmdnllK Iilne Excursion Rate. Excursion rates June 4tb and 6th, round trip tickets to Indianapolis 92.35 to return to and .including June 7th. Muncie Ind,, round trip $2.10, June llth and 12th. Evansvllle, Ind., round trip |6.80, June 8th and 9th, good to return including June 13th. For further particulars call on J. C. BDQEWOBTH, Agt. Pe»- Itlvcr Ob»tructl<>u,t und Destructive Flili Ing Have Nearly Done This Work. The famous Connecticut shad is sc nearly extinct that the predictions o many years ajo that ho would becomi so have been nearly fulfilled. So far as learned by tho fisherman here, not one has been caught thus fai in either the Connecticut or Thames rivers, although "hard bargains" (alewives) have boon here some time. The Connecticut shad season opens usually on March '20. Connecticut shad are regarded by many as a much more delicious fish than either the Hudson river shad or Its Potomac river prototype, which is already in tho markets. It. was but a few years ago that a haul of one thousand five hundred or two thousand shiwi at one dip of a purse net was a common thing on both the Connecticut and Thames rivers. In very old days the colonists used to back their carts into the shallow head waters of these streams, at the time that the annual run of these fish for spawning places in the sand was due, and sit down and wait When the shad came the school would frequently be several feet deep, a vast wriggling; floundering mass, hunting for fresh water sands, and the colonists would load their carts with them by the pitchfork full, so plentiful were they. ' N The war of extermination against the shad began first by damming up the headwaters of the rivers to afford water power for manufactories. The state never exorcised proper diligence, in maintaining fishways, over the dams, so that the fish could climb over in search of spawning grounds. Strange to say, fishermen were allowed to draw seines directly below these dams where the shad would collect in large numbers and struggle for hours in the instinctive effort to get beyond the dam, and, consequently, both fish and inconceivable millions of shad roo were destroyed. This was especially true at tho great Greenville dam, and did more to help on the great war of extermination than anything else. Then the factories were allowed to pollute the streams and poison the rivers. This, with the building of piers to aid navigation at the mouth of the Connecticut river, has so killed the. •fishing in that stream that many of the seine hauls have been abandoned. The | piers hinder the shad in discovering the true mouth of the river. On the Thames river the same causes have operated in a similar manner, but the fishery has been effectually squelched there by the federal government. In building dykes along the edge of the canal at tho upper end of the river to improve navigation the walls have been built directly through tho old seine hauls, so that for the Thames shad fisherman, his occupation, like Othello's, is gone.—N. Y. Sun. A Dmlrrnuut's Opinion. There Is nothing I have ever for muscular rheumatism that glvM me as much relief as Chalmberlal»'« Pain Balm does. I have been uiinff it for about two years— four bottlee i» all—as occasion required, and alwaj* keep a bottle of It In my home. I believe I know a good thing when I get hold of U, and Pain Balm Is th*. best liniment I have ever met with. — W. B. Denny, dairyman, Netr Lexington, Ohio. 50 cent bottles for Ml* by B. F. Keesllnff, Druggist. A Pointer for Traveler*. While Mr. X. J. Rlchcy, of Alton*. Mo., was traveling In Kansas he wBfl taken violently ill with cholera mar. bus. He called at a drug store to get some medicine and the druggist recommended Chamberlain's Colic, Cbolertv and Diarrhoea Remedy so hlgbl/ h* concluded to try it. The result wai immediate relief, and a few dose* cured him completely. It Is made for bowel-complaint and nothing else. It never falls. For eald by B. F. ling Druggiet I*dlM *}f O. A. B. The members of Lincoln Circle are invited to atUnd Msmorlal lervtoes at the Broad way Presbyterian Church, Sunday, MajSTth, »U1 o'clock?* tn.v and for thli purport will aa«t *t tot boat of CNr*' Frank Swlgari ' ' NWrth Low Bate t* IndlanapolU vl» KflTsunM Linen. June 4 and 5, excursion tickets to Indianapolis account Grand Lodge E. of P., will be gold at one fare for round trip from ticket itatlons In Indiana; valid returning until JUDO 7, Inclusive, For ratei, time of trains and any desired Information please apply to Pennsylvania line nearest ticket agent. • ,. CM* Conmcll X«. 4*, O. C F., ... . , Will otUbnto the 15th annivarwry p( Order A Mnl Pltwbn'i, A Homing- i-igoon'» Innmct. A remarkable instance of tlic instinct of the homing pigeon has recently been experienced b^r a well known fancier at Moseley. Some three years ago the' gentleman in question purchased a bird of a famed strain from a breeder at Widnes, and for a couple of years kept it in close confinement. Ultimately lie, resorted to "cutting' the wing down," and at the end of twelve months allowed the bird Its freedom. The pigeon could not possibly fly many yards at a stretch. Still it gained the roof, and rap(dly marched along the ridges of several houses, until its recapture was out of tho question. Several •weeks elapsed, when the Moseley fancier received a letter from Widnes stating that the bird had returned to its former home. It was then in very poor, condition, and the state of its wing showed that it could not hare flown the distance other than by short flight* «t a time.—Birmingham (Eng.) Port. —Farmer- -"If you want work Til ffir* ioua Job." Wi«lsjr Waggle*— "WeU, I'd like to take advantage o' y*r oft«, boss, but I n» a man oomia' A Popular The promptness and certainty of t« cure have made Chamberlain 1 ! Cough Remedy famous. It Is intended especially for coughs, colds, croup and hooping cough, and is the most «f» ectual remedy known for these diseases. Mr. C. B. Main, of Union City, 'a., says: "I have a great sale om lhaimberlam'a Cough Remedy. I warrant every bottle and hare new ieard of one falling to give entire aaU sf action." 50 cent bottles tor s*ta >y B. F. Keetlln?. Druggist. Home S«eken> ExcnrMeB NortfewMfc We*t, MoBlhwest, and. South via PeUMylvattl* Line*. May 29th. special excursion tickets o points in Northwest, West, Southwest and South, will be sold atprlnoi- al ticket stations on the Pennsylvania nes. Tickets will be good returning hlrty days. For details please apply. to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent or address F. Van Duwn, Chief Assistant General Passenger Agent, Plttsburg, Pa. _ Spring Medicine*. The almost universal habit of using some kind of spring medicine to improve the blood and cleanse tha syetem has its advantages, If the proper remedy Is used. What is needed Is to arouse the liver and stimulate the kidneys. The best remedy to us* Rinehart's Pills. For sale by B. F. Keesllng and Keystone drug store. La Grippe Vantruished. PHFI P'9 4 f '• a . rnDL-r o t-u FICtotnu< dlseaie, M most sur resident ol ItfcMMD City can testttf. i__i Santa Fe Railroad Boys Heard From. UB.B.B. FBiLFst DRIB SIB,-I take f Nat plttMN fet recommending your Four* for oonihs MM colds. Hiving given It a trlsl, I cnnlifrosMi mend no better medicine (or my frlwds. Ten trulj, L. W. KBNMBDr, 8t«Uim B»«aiso«a, A Santa Fe Engineer's Story. 1 contracted a bad cold; was a» boats* t oould only ipesk above a whimr; tb* < wuv«7 dlstMssine; pgreUMit a bot . toor rour-C; It enrol tfmott tna ths t tUk»cn*tpl«uur«ln

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