Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 1, 1933 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 1, 1933
Page 3
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* ^ .V' Itf^ . ? 7V> r-C" : "• ' " j. "i/; TELEPHONE 821 Intend to dd clehce tells you to, rlt roused you— < f?bw? i Wined «ff itttow high WR in by-and»by? "tor bow and let 'er fly— . now. ntmehffnilng law Is stern; 1 Buys Will hbt mum— ' bit of what you eorn-^ -Jt nbw, toy, !*§ome day I'll begin, »ii.-- J "^ I 0 **? ship comes In"— rowi thtttt launch your ship to win. , , Boil H&fr. tt yo\i wHni to jfet a kick guibf l!&v-without a brick, Tackte wftttitnlntf lough-and stick- D«i It now. ujfo$ a flkjf «nd this your cue- PW* tte fame-it's up to you- Show the world what you con do NiNMirid how! "_ —tony's Scrap Book. ,M§* Helen McRae is spending, the we** *hd with her sister, Mrs. Jack fflitt Mr. Meek, In feradley. Percy Sharp ot Mooringsport, La., Vni> ntt «p*nt the past few days vis- Iting With fricndi; in the city, left Friday fbf' Bryan, Texas, where he will rttumo his studies in the Texas A. & M. college. Circle No. 2 of the Womans Missionary society of First Methodist churcli Will hold their April meeting on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock, ut the home of Mrs. Lex Helms, on South Main street, with Mrs. Dock Wiggins nnd Mrs. J. M. Phillips as nssocint hosts. The Womans Missionary Society o First Christian church will meet at o'clock, on Monday afternoon at t homo of Mrs. W. Q. Warren on South Main Stt-cct with Mrs. W. W. Ducket as leader. U& IS". D. Varncr and two daughters ofijplermnn, Texas, arc week end guests of Mrs. Varner's mother, Mrs Patit Riser. Mr. and Mrs. Earl While and little son..wero'Sunday guests of friends nnd relatives in Blevlns. Georgia Plunges Into Matrimony Complimenting Mrs. Cecil Wyatt. a recent bride, Mrs. Charles Briant entertained, at n miscellaneous shower on Friday afternoon at her home on South MuJn street. Beautiful spring flowers adorned the rooms and the entertainment, for the afternoon, was writing rct'cipes and hemming tea towels for the honoree. Miss Cornelia Whitehurst was awarded the prize for the best and neatest work in sewing. A number of beautiful and useful gifts were : showered on the honoree, and following the presentation of gifts, a delightful Ice'course. Was served with ungol food cake. Circle No. 1 of the W. M. S. First Methodist church will meet at 3 O'clock on Monday afternoon at the home of Jws. D. B. Thompson on South Pine stt-cet- with Mrs. J. W. Welborn and Mrs.-• Leon Bundy as associate hostesses. .'Mrs. James Martlndale is Icad- er ( of the circle. Miss Ruth Taylor and Miss Hazel Arnold will be hostesses on Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the home ec- ortomics cottage for the April meeting of the Young Women's Missionary Circle of First Methodist church. gpl^NS.'TS'V* , «'' : »''. Methodist church will meat gfterttomi at a o'aiatek m this tt*m« of Mrs. 1 Stlth Davenport 61ft Fifth and Qrady strdets, with Mht A, C. Miller, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. ft, L. fifoath and Misses Ida nnd MoNle Hatch ns host* esses. Mrs. Sue S. Clnrk who has gfrent (he post two weeks with her sister, Mrs. Ross R. Oillespie nnd Mr. dllleiple left Salurdny for her home In Little Rock. Circle No. 4 of the W. M. S First Methodist church will meet Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. George turner on f>ond street, with Mrs. Sam Womack and Mrs. J. A. Henry ns associate hostesses. Mrs. W. O. Allison left Snturday morning for a short vgfit with friends and relatives in Little Rock. Miss Lynetle McKomey entertained a group of her young frfcnds at n rhost delightful dance on Friday ev. ehing at her home on West Third street, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Horroll have ns house guests, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sykes of Little Rock. Mrs. Harrell nnd iifcr guests, nnd Mrs. P. S. Hnrrell nnd Mrs. Dewey Hendrix and Miss Francos Harrell will be Saturday guests of 'rientls und relatives in PfescoU. .A\*. tOIL By M&tN must be taste softawfiere fW rtln to rfe, oini.te buy lamp $!&w and to&fs fcnd fire** A CW (Senier ift NaJSfeth Ibng ago Said laborers ire woHhy of their hira, . j! still is Q6od~no't all the 'wotk is "** FieWs Wail untiiy, till twes tec rtftaf tr* sVy Hold" dreams of houses tlose against the earth-* There must be vtefens of the fcfcopie i* pftlt>£ 366s whefi Men are weary with the searth, ~ So easily a tired heart breaks lA two.... 'We faring ho prayers for conquest # for weatth 1 *Dear God, please givfe each on« »tofe ivftrk t« do' Shapely Georgia Coleman Olympic diving champion, wore a revealing jeach costume at the recent fashion show at Coral Gables, Fla., as this picture attests 1 ; hut she didn't disclose lint she and "Ruf" Gilson, hansome rcprcsenlalivc of golf concern, were secretly wedded at Ft. Lnudernale, •"la. Both gorgeous Georgia and Golf- r Gilson declared their romance was a case of love at first sight. In celebration of her birthday anniversary, Miss Dorothy Gunter cnter- ained a group of her friends on Frilay evening at her home on West 'ifth street. Bridge was played from our tables, with the favors going to Hiss Daisy Dorothy Heard and Miss illc Porter. Mary beautiful gifts .vere showered on the hostess and a most delightful ice course was served o (he following. Lucille Porter, Le- iorn Routon, Daisy Dorothy Heard, "ranees Holt. Gornldine Murphy, Mildred Drake, Gladys Coleman, Marie Erwin, Mary and Helon McAclams, Ruth Lewis, Mclva Lee Russell, Lynn Bay less, Mary Jcancttc Jobe and Mary Jane Richards. Circl No. 4 of the W. M. S. First SUNDAY (Matinee & Nile) MONDAY (Nite.Only) TUESDAY (Matinee St Nile) The Smash Musical Hit of 1933 ! \\ —With— WAKNER BAXTEK, BEBE DANIELS, UKll. BRENT, UNA MERKEL, KUBY KEELEK, Dick Powell, Ginger Rogers —and 200 gorgeous girls— '42nd Street,'New Music Show, Here Ruby Keeler, in Musical Comedy Smash, Opening Sunday "42nd Street," an all-inclusive dra- natic musical comedy spectacle of the American theater, opens at the Saen- •er playhouse Sunday, with an all tar cast of noted screen and stage layers. The screen play, based on the popular novel of Bradford Ropes, is said to contain every ingredient that makes for a really great picture. It is snappy, colorful and packed with laughs. It has, also a dramatic underlying th'eme and reveals the mammoth spectacle of a musical comedy show in preparation and when it is finished. Because it is a story of the backstage world of the theater, each member of the cast was selected with an eye to stage experience as well as screen talent. The stelar names in- cude IWnrnor Baxter, Btbc .Daniels George Brent, Una Merkel, Ruby Keeler, Guy Kibbee, Ned Sparks, Dick Powell, Ginger Rogers and Allen Jenkins, ail of whom have been prominent on both stage and screen. "42nd Street" has one of the most imposing picture casts since "Grand Hotel.' Behind its dramatic story of the lives and loves of the stage folk, there is presented a complete musical comedy show, which has been heralded as the most novel and spectacular ever produced for the screen. One hundred and fifty of the most beautiful girls from the stage or screen were selected by Berkeley from 5,000 applicants to take part in the chorus. A "Flip the Frog" cartoon, and the latest News, complete trie three day engagement of "42nd "Street." (Copyright* 1933, by NBA S*rvk*, In«. All if|tnnl and song rights reserved.) HERE AND THERE (Continued from page one) man's belt here in N. O. See you later BOLL & SANDRIDGE. xxx The Hope Garden club is undertaking a fine and worth-while task in distributing crepo myrtle 'for planting along the highways entering this city. Filling stations have bought 300 of the plants, and are passing them along. Every citizen should lend a hand. Arkansas, with many miles of hard- surfaced road laid down in the last five years, looks ragged to the tourist, who sees only the bare shoulders and scarred ditches left by the contractors along the right-of-way. A few plants, a little shrubbery, and many trees, will make these concrete highways a thing of beauty. Is it worth while? Is the charm of Louisiana, with its famed highway foliage, worth while? Hope Junior Play to Be Given Friday "The Patey" Will Be Presented at City Hall by Students "The Patsy," an entertaining comedy, will be presented by the students of the Junior class of Hope High School at the city hall next Friday night. As a motion picture starring Marion Davios, "The Ptttsy" was a popular feature. The stage play has also met with success in many Arkansas cities. It was entitled the "Love Lesson." Miss Fern Garner has been cast as the leading lady. Paul Jones is portrayed as the dashing young hero and Patsy's lover. Hendrix Spraggins arid Frcdia Mae Jones will be seen as Patsy's parents. 'Other characters arc Nancy White, Jack Turner, Rufus Hemdon, Mary Lou Collier and Norman DeiVis. The play was written by Barry Connors. tin-Fight in Defending Home Old Man, 2 Nephews Slain, Brother Wounded, by Virginia Robbers LA CROSSE, Va.—(tf'J-Ben L. Can non, 77, and his two nephews, Thomas, 56, and Bill, 28, were killed, and his brother, Willis A. Cannon, 81, was believed mortally Wounded in the robbery of their home near here Friday night. Investigation revealed Saturday that the killers enticed Ben to the smokehouse ,on a pretense of buying meat. Ben was found dead in the smokehouse, and his nephews evidently battled from the front door of the home, where they were found dead. Big Double Bill —NOW— JACK HOLT "MAN AGAINST WOMAN" —And- JOHN WAYNE IG STAMPEDE" i 11 Serial Cartoon —Added Joy— Flip the Froy "Funny Face" Paramount News TOTAL OF $12,000 (Continued from Page One) NBXTWEEK . , . , . Send us Half of Your Bundle .... and Then Compare ! ! NELSON HUCKINS than the average for last year's loans, Mr. Reid said. "This is the third year that the federal crop production loans have been available to Arkansas farmers," he said. "Two years ago loans totaling 59,289,257 were made to 51,867 farmers. Last year tlu> number of farmers who obtained loans was slightly decreased, and the average amount of the loan was much less, the total amount being ?4,094,522 loaned to 47,457 farmers, or an average loan of $86,25. Total Is Declining "It is apparent from the loans already made this year that the amount which farmers borrow from fhis source will be less than last year. The average size of the loan is now more than 20 per cent less than the average last year. This seems to indicate that farmers are meeting more of their needs by producing foods and feed on the home farm and are gradually breaking away from the old system of obtaining credit each spring for making the crop for that year. "It will take a number of years to achieve this end, but progress has been made along that line in the past three years. If the depression helps in bringing this accomplishment to the agriculture of the state, it will be of great future good.' New Trial Denied Winnie Ruth Judd Convicted Trunk Murderer Under Sentence to Die April 14 PHOENIX, Ari.-(/p)—Attorneys for Winnie Ruth Judd, condemned "trunk slayer", failed Wednesday in their at- empt to obtain for her another trial on an unused muder charge. Her at .orneys adopted the strategy of the defense in the Tom Mooney case in California without sucess. Superior Judge Howard C. Speak- nan declined to act on a motion that Mrs. Judd be tried on a charge of murdering Hedvig Samuelson, one of her two women victims, and ordered dismissal of the information in this case. Mrs. Judd* is under sentence to be hanged April.14 on conviction of mur. dering Agnes Anne LeRoi. She sought trial on the Samuelson charge because, she said, she desired to tell her story of self-defense in open court tise in Hope 'Sunday afternoon, before a jury. In the trial for the Le- The Rev. and Mrs. Jackson spent Roi killing insanity was the defenseSunday with their daughter, Mr. and and she did not testify. Mrs. Merrial Huckabee. Harmony Folks are busy farming and gardening in. our community. Harold Sanford spent Sunday afternoon .with Joe Daugherty. G. H. McMillen and family ,and Mr. and Mrs. Ray McWilliams spent a while Sunday afternoon with Mack McWilliams and family. Mr. a"nd Mrs. Thad Vines and children, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Britt, and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Rogers spent Sunday with Mrs. Ella Hodnett. J. M. McWilliams and Ray McWil-- liams were Hope visitors Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Hoyett Laseter spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mitchell. Earl Whitten and Edgel Mitchell called on Mr. and Mrs. Hoyett Laseter Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Kennit Mitchell and baby spent Sunday with his parents, •^* ^H«M^^^SgJgJJ^^^^Jd House of Morgan Is Behind Mo. Pac. R«)fg«h!*atioh by Vfttt SWerinten*' Bankers to Be Effected WASHiNGTO^i^^)-The Interstate Comirierce Comfflissloft Saturday horn- iftahjy 1.2 men from whom tmV St. .Louis federal court, will select the operators for the Missouri Pacific R&ftroad company a'nd allied lin*s, which Friday took advantage 6f the new federal bankruptcy law. trie list included L. W. Baldwin, Missouri PA- cific president, St. LoUis: and C..H. Moses, Little Rock attorney. •NEW YORK.-f/P) — The Missouri Pacific railroad, which filed a pstitioh In bankruptcy In federal court in St. Lbuls,- is one of the, group of,roads Which passed through reorganization dlifin gthe war years, but,as a result of that reorganization and isubsequeht additions to its funded debt, its capital structure in recent yeaVs has bV cortle abnormally heavy with bonds. On trie basis of par valufe, bonds approximate $405,000,000, preferred, stock, ?72,000,(»C, and cOnimon stock, $33,00d,- OOfl. Nevertheless, the roaii earned it fixed charges With a small margin ti spare as recently as 1931. The present Missouri Pacific Rail road Company Was : incorporated .In 1&17 succeeding'the old Missouri Pacific Railway Company, and the St Louis, Iron Mountain and Souiherh The reorganization mahageri of .the plan from which it sprang were Kuhti Loeb & Co., ftnd the new company was operated under a voting t whieh expired April" 1, 1929. Soon after expiration of the voting trust, virtual control was acquired by O. P. and M. J. Van Sweringen of Cleveland, through Allegheny Corporation, their holding company. This brought the House' of Morgan, as bankers for the Van 'Sweringens. into this road. Railroad bankers expressed keen interest in the effort of this big southwestern road to seek relief under provisions -of the new federal law. Frob- '.bly the most important feature of .his la wis that it permits a reorgan- zation to be made effective with the approval of only two-thirds of the creditors. Under the old plan small groups of bondholders could delay reorganization almost indefinitely. It Was said in usualy well informed mnking quarters that preliminary discussions of a plan of reorganization or the Missouri Pacific have included >lans for replacing part of the bonds >y an exchange of preferred stock, ssuing common stock to the present referred shareholders, and reducing he equity held by the present common stock. Matsuoka Vi: at HTiite Noted Jnpftii«si« Envoy C.llg on President Rbbgfevelt suoka, defeflder of churla, called o« President and Secretary Mull of the State 6^. partment Friday and will '^i (he capltol Saturday to meet Vi^«ft*M« dent Garner, 'Speaker Jikhtey and mtmbers Or the s4rtal6 and eign affairs committees. WSihed wrt Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mitchell. Miss Louise Karber and brother, Donnie, of Centerville spent Sunday with Maggie and Lela oJrdan. Rosa Todd and brother spent Monday with her sister, Mrs. Mack McMillen. Mrs. Nellie Leach and son Leo Farmer, and ^Vernon McMillen were Hope visitors Monday. ' family and visiting rela- George Jrandma Crews and Crews were THIS CURIOUS WORLD \\illisville Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Waters, Mrs. Hattie May Silvey and daughter Betty Jean spent Satuiday night und Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Martin. Mrs. W. T. Simpson and children spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Rosco Simpson. Mr. and Mrs. Carrie Martin visited Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Dixon at Waterloo Saturday night and Sunday. TO THE FIGHTINS A6ILITY OF G£N£HALJOSE D£ -E4A/ MAKTIN. ANTIPODES CAN BE LOCATED AT ANY PLACE ON THE ENTIRE GLOBE/ -AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND, OFTEN SPOKEN OF AS ARE ONLY THE ANTIPODES OF PERSONS LIVIN& NEAR. SREAT BRITAIN, FOR THE WORD "ANTIPODES'- DENOTES ONiV THOSE RB&IONS- DIRECTLY THR006H THE EARTH FROM WHERE YOU ARE;. o i»3J >y HCk ccnvicc. me. 3 L R. Banks Ask 3-Million Loan Now Before R. F; €.-—P.eo- ple's Trust May Open . as Worthen's Did WASHINGTON.-(/P)-Marion Wason Arkansas state banking commis- ioner, said Friday night he and a roup interested in a proposed mer- er of three banks of Little Rock, Ark., vould go before the board of trie Re- onstruction Finance Corporation to ask for $3,000,000. ' "With that sum,' he said, "we believe we could make available 75 per cent of the deposits of the banks now under restrictions. Whether we can obtain that much remains to be seen." Examiners for the Reconstruction Finance Corporation have completed their work of scrutinizing assets of the three banks at Little Rock still operating on a restricted basis—the Bankers Trust Company, the Peoples Trust Company and the Union Trust Company. This examination was undertaken to ascertain whether the R. 'F. C. could purchase preferred stock in either of the institutions or in a new bank which may be formed to take over the closed institutions. Maintaining a position taken at the start of the banking emergency, officials of the Peoples Trust Company Friday reiterated a desire for permission to open on an unrestricted basis, separate from the other two banks. However, Peoples Trust officials continued participation in the merger conference. THE DEATH STRUGGLES WOUNDED ANTELOP& UNCOVERED QfcE DEPOSITS AND LEO TO THE DISCOVERY OP THE ROAN ANTELOPE MINE, ONE OH THE WORLDS GREATEST COPPER MINES'. jjL? wamfKN RHODESIA, AFRICA. I9OS Roosevelt Family Lovers of Picnics Just an Old Family Custom—Taking Luncheon Out-of-Doors oka's visit to Washington rumors that he *6oh»may be Vntfll&te of foreign affairs,' or even premier, of Jap&fi, as a result of his struggle at Geneva to gain recognition .fpi; Mdrt- chukuo and because of His mjumer in which he has set Japan's side of, the Manchurian conflict before Ihfe world He will leave Saturday 'night* for Detroit to study the motor industry and also will stop in Chicago on his Way to the Pacific coast,..where his alma mater, the University of Oregon will confer on him an honorary degree before he sails from San Fran^ cisco for Japan. Jim Farley Given Confederate Bill Postmaster Finds Civil War Banker Had Same Name as His • WASHINGTON.-This Jim Farley, promoted from czar of New York's prize fight business to the job of chief dispenser of postmasterships, 1 a sort of a national battle royal, may not be so smart as his Broadway training should make him. He is already taking Confederate money down here. «M It must be said for Farley, however, that the Confederate currency, an oversized and-valueless dollar/bill, was given to him. In other -words, Jim can take it.. R. L. McKinney of Columbia 1 , Tenn.. was the donprj Of ,the bill which stood for something; when Jeff Davis was still in busiricsk ' The reasoji fof the ppesehfeltidn of the bill Was fovind in the signature upon it. It was sighed by.jJatnog A, Farley,:the then presiaent of the Farmers bank of Alabama at Mbntgorhv ery. McKinney wanted the pdstmast- er general to know that in those i days the Farley family was'a big^ioise below the Mason and Dixon line.' Battlefield Sunday will be regular, preaching day at this place. Every one is, invited to .attend. • ' ':''['* Mr. Otis Murray of Smackdver, Was visiting in .this community lastThurs- day. •'•• .,,,. Mr. Tom Vickers, Mr. .tohii Wilson and son; Stacy, and- Henry &nd- Bill Williams of Garland were • visiting with relatives and friends at this place Saturday and'Sunday. . ,•• Mrs. H. E. Reid spent r Saturday night and Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Otis Butler at Holly Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank. Hill spent* Sunday afternoon with Mr. Elbert Tarpey and family. ,., Mrs. Ben McBay is spending the week with her aunt, Mrs. Otis Butler, at Holly Springs. ' " Mr. and Mrs. Dump Smith and children spent Sunday with Miv Millard laltom and family near Fairview. Mr. J. A. Smith and Ben Wilson nade a business trip to Hope' Monday fternoon. it the pfbseprouii a Gwtfqftoft garage, bul^.. drive a car; he $&i riot;*! Lllutt llli..^ .-..JJ14J [, M * j^. I.,.*. H, / ' » of now an,-^ • «»i Rnd| like / ffi M! ^ . a h . % lAjjjfeijEi ••iwk-vrAJDVfi; Jim njccfiaHidii is just about limited W> gt Itahk. ' J > . -*th« gttfag* Was wishe^i 29 years In the' jewelVb'Wfl toffloblll's wire ]u«,f in whlitt to'fide. in wiu<;u lu nut;, /uiu^umi ntef operator of the gfira^ 5 * meet terms of the lease " was persuaded 16 take i The garage is strictly . the new owner. He lets , mechanical knowledge do ing. . -" -^»*<i. Michigan;* 1932 reforestation gram brought the state's total*, ested acreage to llO.OttO, „}• ,'j,^ When the University ,ofL spring awarded the greatest of degrees of any year,In its j the presentations passed an' total of 25,000. , ^. %t , Tabulating the vote at , required ?,S58,52l figures, ficials estimated. ? V"> iAT_L& Too Late to WAITED: To trSde'.... Chevr61ets, Plymouths and,^ all models, on hew -•• Y7 *" J nfew Plymouth Six. Motor Co. _,, •,, .... . . , .... .!-aiwtji bfu Plate Lutich-~35c 1 Pint Ice Cream _ _ 1 Quart fee Ci-eam Fountain and Curb It's Sate to Be Hungry at,thetl McCarths 1 ^ rj Absolutely Fireproof \ .tj ' »^ All Rooms Outside Exposure ,!• COFFEE SHOP \ ExceHent Cuisine Texu-kann's Hest " ^. I ', 4 Vlace to Dhi* <, - DO YOU WANT A GOOD POSITION? There are always ispm'e. changes taking place in our business offices. Our Employment Department reports a large number of positions offered to, or accepted by; our students since January 1, j 1 .... You' can never .hope to securfe OP .hold a good position until yqu have "secured'the hec&sar"£'trpipi.n#> Now, when so many are unible to attend school, is the best time for YOU to go Jjhead, For detailed information about couises, rates, terms, 'etc., filhout the blanks below and return. • ' ~ " Name .... Address Meadpws-Draughon Business College Shreveport, Louisiana ! WASHINGTON.(^P)-If social Washington finds the new President of the United States sitting under a tree in his shirtsleeves, eating a sandwich, it will have discovered another of the Roosevelt family customs—the picnic. The Roosevelt picnic is just a different picture of the informal life the "first family" leads. Its origin dating back past Franklin Roosevelts entrance into his first public office, the picnic has in recent years given relaxation from the cares that rode his shoulders at the capital of his state and nation. During the years when his law prac- taice kept him at his desk in New i York city Mr. Roosevelt bought an old farm located a few miles east of | his mother's estate at Hyde Park. i To escape ihe heat and hustle of the : metropolis (he family fell into the j habit of running up to the farm, tak- i ng with them a lunch and spending j the day in a cool, Dutchess county i landscape. j And that's where the picnic idea began. Four hundred Fort Myers. Florida, school children will receive dental , treatment through a co-operative clinic j formed by local dentists. Kvngsway Hotel and Bath House Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas HIGH IN TRADITIONS — Unchanged in Service No hostelry in Hot Springs is more modernly equipped for the comforts of living. None is so centered in the heart of the city's business activity. The KINGSWAY in Hot Springs, "Where. Hotel Life aiid Comfort Blend Perfectly" 500 FIRE-PROOF ROOMS — Violet Ray Sun Parlors COFFEE SHOP and DINING ROOKV Most Delightful Place to Dine When in Hot Springs It's the KJNGSWAY HOTEL BRUCE E. WALLACE, Manager

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