Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 1, 1933 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 1, 1933
Page 2
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«t stir bu " i .^l^ijiiAOft C.RPALM m««*f at the Act of d*v*16£« «8ftMr&, a > furnish that te ._ elvlliMtlott 16 _>, tittough wWftif government Which ',. HL R. McCtorrmck. q. ,, M ..».J, fwssi ffc* Atefeittttf ftfeto Is 6f i!1h«*w attd al*J dispatches WStefn tfM a * m.<i C'haf*^ Will b* mad* Id* all tributes, arids, toatttafay thfr tfcpteted.. Cotni th th« news columra'to fifotect their nftdefft iMindHals. The Star disclaims (Always PS^sble in Aclvarice)! > By city «frl*r, pttf „„._,,*«} 'ft«t jrwtr $5.06. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada ? arid tsfttfette fettmtles, J3.00 per year; elsewhere $5.00. Th« Star'* Platform cut* *•«*!>««** of if* municipal porter plant to itteetop "* •-'*-" *" •-- rtjfof Hope., 1933, ond * loft&l Afc tfa*rt»er ot (Commerce. •>' f *r , couNtsr j,-" [y MdntMtf' ptoffrdm providing for the tiM 61 Bli-toedther road each i/enr, to gradually « .a ! <> and economic *uppor « /or et»er» fcH dd^i practical benefits to H«npst«io*-%bfint|>'« *r«*<e(rt " i • .- SWcttirrifr* firmer erganJzaiions, belieoins that eo-operativfe effort l» <a*pr«*«c«l i« th» coutttrt/ w it i* in town. .-,«•/•' » STATE \ , Coiifyied protrtn on the state hiphtcay proorttm. , Jt*fai.<Uuc reform, *n*t e» mote e//icient jrouerli*ne»it through th« InWlifei! )rD*)«n o/ Let's Finwh Economy Job and the'nation are taking definite steps to about sweeping economies iii the operation of gov- Governor'Mitrell is shbwing the way in Arkansas dtihe Roosevelt is tllfe national leatJer. iB*penses'6f the state goverhment, through the Machinery j&omrioir Futrell's program, and with the, aid Of the leg- Ifislature^ are being slashed ,50 per cent. President Roosevelt f /i£*attfethpting to cut off 25 cents from every dollar spent by 4he federal government. , 1 t The 'state and national economy programs will bring a- '"Boiit great 1 savings.. For the first time in many years honest -and sincere efforts afre being made to bring ddWn government The Power of Example week tor sure she vfotild-go. Holly Grove ... newspaper ancj other dailies of Arkansas, including > Arkansas Gazette, have been giving detailed accounts of _^)W phase of Governor Putrell's program. ? V<*' Slashing of government costs is one of the most import- 'ant present-day problems. It is good to know that the state ;i and .national governments are tackling the job, and will con" ft "-tte at work on it. > J Economy,' however, must be more complete. ,The start has Jen .made at Little Rock and Washington^ It Should contin- ~'i>ftdown the lirife to^the smallest governmental sub-division, e old saying "charity begins at home" may well be applied economy, Much of the taxation burdens remains in the s, school district*, improvement districts and cities— i',Where by far the larger$>art of the burden always has rested ^—and until there is economy in home affairs the job will ^ ,npt have been completed. The efforts of some'counties and cities to reduce costs •have been fairly sucessful and highly commendable. Some ir ^jtood resUlts have been obtained. Economy,'however, it a %* statewide undertaking. \ "Expenses of counties, cities, schools and various improve- jrnent districts need attention.' The recent legislature did some \gOO'd work> but it only scratched the surface/The same is k \tvue of county reorganization. - , Child Training Is Given a T^«t BEGIN -HEIU3 TODAY JANET HIM, lenrnii CARl.¥I,E fc«» been breikk- Inir eXdKrnent* with her la meet nETTY KENDAM.. 0 tocletr Ctrl. •h« fell* HI" -their mnrrlnge -U »«. Jane* lfc-33. #r*tlT and » BHOCE HAMII/TON. nd- vertlkln* nanncer ot Every Home >^f LITTLE'less than a year ago a group of New York psy- /» chologist got the chance to take over the training of two newly born twin brothers. They set out to giv6 all of their elaborate theories of child- training a test. One of the lads, named was put through a stiff course of sprouts from the start—daily courses of exercise,'systematic instruction, in the use of his limbs, and so £, _ on. Jimmy the other youngster, was pretty much let alone to develops in his own way. He got the same food and the gen efral care that Johnny got, but he was allowed to spend mos of his time in his crib, playing with his toes, gurgling anc conversing with himself in blissful solitude. ••'•-• The other day the assembled phscologists got the children out and put them through their paces to see which one had developed the more. Johnny, who had had all the training, outshone his brother all the way through. He excelled at climbing stairs, at paddling about in a pool, at manipulating little brain-testing gacjets and at other feats of skill and strength. Jimmy, as a racing fan would say, finished nowhere. But the most interesting thing about tHe; whole business was this : .. Jimmy, badly outclassed in every test, was neverless the j^ happier of the two. *"'; BJxpeyt Johnnny wore premature frown most of the time. tttS responsibility seemed to rest heavily on his wee shoulders. He,was serious, very much in earnest, quite engrossed by all of his cares. And Jimmy, unskilled and unworried, kept wearing a cheerful grin. He was no great shakes as an jnfant prodigy, and he didn't care. His failures depressed him not at all. He was, in short, a perfectly happy child, Just how much important ought to be attached to this fascinating experiment isn't clear. Probably the psychologist themselves don't know. But any parents who shares the old feeling that a flock of laughs and a long strtch of utterly carefree happiness are among childhood's most invaluable possessions will feel old-fashioned, unscientific regime emerges from this test with the greater part of the laurels. So They Say ! W E don't want an almighty state that will destroy all liberty and create subjects without any will of their own- Viee Chancellor von Papen, of Germany. * The order must be full speed ahead and damn the torpe- does.~—Confjressmtin McDuffie of Alabamrl. An emergency does not justify nullification of the Constitution.— Senator Borah of Idaho. «he *tlll love* Rolf and cannot fortet Mm. JEFF GRANT. » ron** engineer. *nv*«" her pane ttom • holdap man one night *nd the nnd JelT become friend*. Wlien •he re**-* In n aejY.paiier that Holt hn* cloned with Hetty Kendall •»• tell* Jeff nbont her broken engagement nnd *ny* *be can never core for anyone el»c. Hamilton len»c* the mngnilne •ad becnn*e of retrenchment there In no lob for Jnnet. However, Hamilton tell* her hi* alater. MRS. CURTIS, need* n *dclnl *ec- relory and Janet •ecurc* .the lob. "It I*' *evcrnl day* before «he leant* Mr*. Cnrtl* I* Iletty Kendall'* mother. Janet feel* «he •hould gl"e np the job but hn* no •lace to co. She decide* to :*tny *« lone a* Rolf nnd Belly lire out Mr*. Cnrtl*' wcddlnB gift to Betty I* to be n coiiuilelcly fur- »l«hcd npiirtment nnd to June! fall* the tn*k of Hndlnic Hie nimrt- nient. The youne couple ttrrive •ooher Ihnn they nrc expected. Jnnet wiint* trt leave but clrciim- «inncc» prevent. Belty nnd Holt move into Ihcir npnrlnicnl nnd Janet *cldam «ce» Hull. One ilny when Janet ha* the afternoon to hernelf »he BOC* do»vn town to n movie. She panne* before a ulinii n-lndon and turnlnic. almost buiiipn luto a man. NOW CO ON WITH THE STOHY CHAPTER XXXIII rpHB man stepped back. Janet •*• said, "Oh, I'm sorry—" and then her eyes lighted. "Why, Mr. SilvanI!" aha exclaimed. "I didn't recognize you." Pat's straw hat was ott In an Instant: "I didn't recognize you either, Miss Hill. How are you? Just the other day Rose was talking about you. She said sho hadn't seen you for quite a while." "Oh, I'm all right," Janet fissured him. "And I've been meaning to get out to seo Mrs. SilvanI and the children for'a long time. Somehow something always comes up at the last minute. How are Rosle and Tommy?" "Fine!" the father assured her. "They're a couple of lively kids all right. At least Rosle is. Tommy can make his share of tho noise too. Rosle's brown as a little Indian. Their mother takes them down to the public playground as often as she can. There's no plafie else for them to play except the street, first!" You know, Miss Hill, those kids are still talking about that circus you T took them to." J B UT Janet did not The heat wave continued and nights as well as days were breatnles* an'd stifling. Mrs. Curtis complained « sleeplessness, canceled two dinner engagements and spent the e?fr nings Quietly at borne. Sometimes she asked Janet io read to her and sometimes they played cards. There were other times when they merely sat and talked. Janet suspected It was more than the heat that was troubling Mrs. Curtis. She did not look well and she seemed restless. When Janet suggested calling Doctor Roberts, however. Mrs, Curtis objected. She talked of a trip to the lake where she usually spent the summers but postponed- it. The weather might change. Betty and Rol£ were to remain In town and she did not like to leave them. Jan.et came into the house one afternoon and hurried IQto the lit- tlo room off the library. She had been down town and, returning on the bus, had suddenly remembered that there were several checks In lier desk. Careless to leave them there. The checks should have been mailed off at once. She sat down and with pen and Ink began addressing the envelopes. Four of them. The first two were finished when Janet's pen suddenly paused in mid-air. There were voices in tho next room. Betty's voice and her mother's. They must have come In from © 1933 NEA SERVICE. INC yea. If I have to tear them up! I won't have that girl putting on airs the way she does!" "She doesn't, Betty; She's a very nice girl!" There was a sneer In the tone. "Shels a common little stenographer— that's what she Is!" "No, Betty." Mrs. Curtis spoke with sudden dignity. "You're mistaken. Janet doesn't put on airs. She's been very helpful and considerate and 1 really can't have you saying such things about hen" The ringing of the doorbell Interrupted and In a moment Lucy cam e to announce an arrival. There was the sound of footsteps and then the library was flulet. . Both Mrs. Curtis and Betty 'Imd evidently gone, to greet the newcomer. White-faced, Janet finished addressing the envelopes, Inserted the checks and then, taking her bat,.,, slipped out the rear door oJ the house. There was no real reason why the letters should be posted . immediately hut she walked six blocks to the nearest postbox, dropped In the letters and then walked slowly back to the house. So Betty felt like that about her! "Common little stenographer" was what sho had called her. She had said Janet put on airs and didn't know her place! • • • THMB girl's face was still pale hut her eyes were burning, Her chin raised defiantly. "Common" was she? Sho thought of Betty's noisy, tilts Hiirfe fttlif M Prltfey night With Mrs. Lola Gdrhflfn. Mr. nndjlrt. iWIIVim attended fcfutfth at BteVhv* StlWlny morning. Mr, and MfS. R, t* Elliott Spent Sunday wUH Mf, nnd Mrs. R. T. Hembree. Ross Roberts spent the week end wifh his sister, Mrs. Grndy Browning nt f*rovtdence. MlsSes Rubye Jack nnd Lina Bell* Sullivan called oil Miss Frances Willis Saturday afternoon. Misses Hafcel and Normn Clark spent fe^ days liSst week with their sister, Mrs. John Robersbri Seaf Hope. Little Miss Melba Coffee spent Tuesday night with Miss Beatrice Henibreei Mfg. Leon Willis Is spending a', few days St the bedside' of her gfaridmoth- er. who is very 111, Al bkttlorial Mr. and Mrs. Herman Worthy were the Sunday dinner guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. T, Hembree, The pnrty given nt the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Lurnpkirts Saturday night was welt attended, All report n nice time. Miss Curlie Lee Murphy wns the supper guest of Misses Riibye Jnck ond Llna Belle Sullivan Sundny. Mr. and Mrs, Cnrl Evans called on Mr. and Mrs. Yeftger Sunday after noon. Mrs. Marthn hV.'mbree and children visited Mrs. Jessie Atkins Snturdny. Mr. and Mrs. Lige Beartlen of Hope islted Mr. Derryberry, who Is very I, Monday night. "^^ *j >'O» Rocky Mound Scho'ol nt this place Is progressing ilcely. We only hnyb ohe more month. Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Silvy, Mrs. Flornce Fincher and Miss Parlee Bos- veil spent the week end with reln- ives nt Bodcaw. Mr. and Mrs. Chas Stevens and Tom, pent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Messcr at New Hope. Miss Mattie Lou Purtle was the Sat- irday night guest of Miss Helen 'incher. Mr. and Mrs. Sweeney Copeland of lope attended singing here Sundny night. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wnrron Picknrd were Sundny guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Chas. Hairston. Mr. nnd Mrs. B. M. Hnzfcnrd had as heir guests Sunday night Mr. nnd VTrs. Grover Warren of Wnldo, nnd sts Nora nnd Helen Hazznrd of ..anoburg. They also attended singirtg. Mr. nnd Mrs. R. H. Mitchell and Gnrlnnd Mitchell spent Sundny with Mr. and Mrs. Willie Mitchell of Holy Springs. Mr. nnd Mr. B. M. Hazzard spent he week end with Mr. nnd Mrs. J. T. inzznrd of Laneburg. the lawn back of the house where | half-tipsy guests, of parlies ending there were deck chairs and a huge at dayUght. Common! „..„ ..^h.olln Mno r-,.rll= ' »n. I dOflt PHfO Wlli! sun umbrella. Mrs. Curtis was speaking. lint she thinks about me," Janet told liovself. "1 and Rachel Thornton's going I tlon l ctlro next week," she said. "Oh. that re-1 But she did care. The fierce minds mo! Would you and Rolf like | declarations- were to quiet the to use my tickets lor tho concert i wounds In her heart. lOvpn Mrs. Tuesday night?" Curtis' quick defense did not "A concert In this weather?! make up for llelty'H sharp-edged ' comments. Tho words had cut Good heavens!" "It's for the milk fund," Mrs. Curtis explained. "And Rachel's on the committee. It's really going to be rather nice, I think. Thai Russian singer—I never can re like a knife. There was nothing Janet could do ohnnt It. She had been guilty of eavesdropping—quite uninten- tio,nally—and this was the result ivimoiuu o 111 MCI — j. 1.1 u * 11 LIU* i u - - i- - - memher her name-Is going to sing. ! She must never let anyone know _ . __ *V, « * A K ~ lir. /I * \\rn\> h nn i*/i f 11 A frill- Janet laughed. "I'm glad they are. I think about It myself some times. I'm sure I enjoyed It ]ust exactly as much as they did." They talked a little longer. Pat explained that he was down town. early today because he'd heard of R sale of second-hand fur-niture. If he could find anything cheap that was worth having he'd like to buy Rose a couple of chairs. They'd make the house look better and Rose was a great one-for always wanting things to look nice. Might find something, Pat said, t that with a little work be could turn into a pretty fair piece of furniture. "I hope you do," Janet told him, And Ohermler Is conducting." "Well, there's no use In my taking the tickets. I couldn't get Uolf to a concert unless he was drugged ANRT moved uncomfortably. Mrs. Curtis and Betty didn't know she was there and she didn't like to overhear their conversation. There was no escape, however, except the door leading directly Into the library where they were. Per' haps they would leave in a moment. But Mrs. Curtis and Betty did not leave and their next words held Janet speechless, "Then if you don't want the tickets," Mrs. Curtis said, "I'll give them to Janet. She can luvite some one—" Betty's voice interrupted, angry and crackling. "Give them to Janet! Well, you certainly won't, 1 can find better use for them than that! SIDE GLANCES By o i«J BY NU SMVKt me. «a.u.».Ht.O»t a Intf/ylar, eh? Well you can cshphalin to the. where ynn (jot. all of (honke milk bottle. . Mrs. Arcft Turner was able to re-1 Mrs. Elbcrt Jones spent Satu; home from the Josephine- hos-.with her sister, Mrs. Ernest RosS.| pitnl last Wednesday afternoon. She is convalescing after n successful op- [ Wesley Huckaboe and Idabcl, Okla., were thpt she luul overheard the eon versatloii. Whether or not Belly took tin? tickets .Innet was not to Itarn. [Inwcver nothing more was Bald about i.ho concert. filic didn't see Hetty until the next d;iy. A telephone nail name In the morning saying that Betty "and be sure to tell Mrs. Silvan! | Mother, Isn't it about time that that I'm coming out to Gee her. girl learned her place? Why, you'd Tell her I'll come some evening this weeU." Pat said he would. They'd be awfully gla,d to have her come. A moment more and he was on bis way down the street and Janet went on toward the motion picture theater. had left linr glovos. Would Janet bring them over? Janet ngrpcd hut sho was busy until after lunch, film wnlltcd to the apartinwit thr-n and the maid admitted her. There was a. young man talking to Hetty as .liinut entered the living room. Ho was slandln? before a window and Janet noticed that he was rather good-looking. His hair fciid "complexion were dark and he wore a suit of while linen. As Janet entered he turned, Betty said carelesuly,' "Oh—my gloves. Put them on the table, will you, Janet?" The young man came forward. "How about Inirodu'uiug me?" he asked. Betty seemed amused. "Why, of course, Van. Miss Hill. Mr- Bannister. »Miss inn 's m y mother's secretary." A moment luter Janet was In ( the hall, pressing a button for the eat with the other servants? Going ! elevator. The car was a lous to a concert! Aud sittlug down in t jme ascending, so it happened that she was mill there when Van Banuistur stepped into the halt. He came toward her, smiling. 'Hoped I'd catch you." he said. Providence Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Whittcn and Miss Sarah Louise Ray were the Sunday dinner guests or.Mr. and Mrs. Zan Jateman and family. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Campbell of Bright; Star is visiting Mr. and Mrs. , A. Campbell. The party given by Mr. and Mrs, Milton Simmons Saturday night was enjoyed by a large crowd. Mrs. Burgher Jones and children of Hope spent 'Sunday with Mr. and Mrs, E. S. Jones. Mrs. Milton Simmons and children spent Saturday with her mother, Mrs C. C. Browning. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Tonnemaker of Rocky Mound, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Campbell and baby and Miss Mary Morrow were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Campbell and family. Several from this place attended the singing at Emmet Sunday afternoon and reported some fine singing. Washington* e B. Y. P. U. visited the Epworth League Sunday night. W. E. Elmore, W. P. Nelson and Fred and Jim Norwood were in Hope Saturday. Friends of Mrs. T. J. Garner are glad to hear of her improvement after a serious illness. _ I. L. Pilkinton and family visited Miss Louise nnd Mr. James Pilkinton of Arkadelphia Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Booker of Little Rock are here on a visit to Mr. Mrs. J. L. Booker. T. G. Haynes was in Hope on business Saturday. Mr. Lester Booker and family returned Sunday to Little Rock after a visit to friends and relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Pruitt were in Nashville Thursday. Mrs. Buel Holt spent the week end with home folks in Hope. Arch DeLoney and family visited in Gum Springs Sunday. Mrs. Paul Bailey, T. G. Haynes and T. J. Garner have been attending the bedside of Mrs. T. J. Garner in Nashville. eration. Mr. and Mrl son. Elrrtor, called to the«bedsidc of her sister, Mrs. Alice Collins last week. They returned home Thursday. Miss Klovia Boyce was home from Tcxarkana for the week end to the delight of home folks and her many friends. , Mr. Thad Collins and son, Ray- mbnd, were Tuesday vlstors to,Hope. Miss Blanche McKce spent Saturday night with "Aunt Dump" Asberry. Mrs. T. T. Turner and children were down from Hope Sunday afternoon, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Foley. Mrs. Chester May and son Billy from the river spant the week with her home folks. Mrs. Henry Prather and sons. Mrs. Mollie Brinl and children were visitors in the old home town recently. Mrs Charlie Williams spentj week end wit hher daughter, •"red Camp near Hinton. Mrs. Roy Rogers and Miss Rogers of Shover Springs spentj dny afternoon with Mrs .Ernest:! nnd daughter B\nnche. |! Mrs. Lui Flontt spent Saturday;! Mrs. Err.est Ross. Misses Blanche and Culhrecnjj spent Monday aitcrnooh with | Lessic Piirtlc. '. Mrs. Jo^ Spraksiof Hope- Is . ing a few \lays willi her son, Clal Sparks. '. 1 i Miss Estt-r Bell Und GladysJ spent Satufdny with their G Jones of Slover Springs. Mr. and 'Mrs. HJward Coll| Shovor Springs speilt Monday^ noon with Mr. and Ijlrs. Ernes Emmet Oak Grove Mr. and Mrs. Fred Camp of Hinton spent Friday wiih her mother, Mrs Charley Williams. Mr. R. L. May *nnd family spent Sunday with Mr. Clarence Sparks and family. Mr. Luic Flontz and family callec on Mr. H". M. Ross Sunday afternoon Mrs. Algie Sherman who hns been sick so long is no better at this writing. Miss Opal Smith spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Jewell Ross. Mr. C. E. Sonlcrs and family called on their daughter a while Saturday night, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mullens. The young folks of Green Lascter surprised Miss Blanche and Cathreen Ross with a party Saturday night, wringing their portable with them, all •eportcd a nice time. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mullens spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Burl Ross. Leo Collier spent Saturday with his parents of Mope, Mr. anl Mrs. J. G. -oilier. Miss Blanche ROES and Mr. Lee England called on Miss Murl Ross Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Let:sie Purt'.e gave a quilting Wednesday and Mrs. Ernest Ross and daughter, Blanche and Cathreen. and Mrs. Claud Wilson and daughter, As- Mrs. R. A. Hammont of Littllj is spending the week|with Mrs. A. C. Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. A. ian, La., spent n few Dena Martindale. MP. and Mr-&,-Eme£y~B!(|lu land, Ohio, are visiting) J. A. Billue. Mrs. Calvin Lewis of 6tron| Ring Mrs. J. M. Johnsori ' Mr .and Mrs. 0. B. Hlyes|| moved to DeKalb, where they will make their h| Bob Hines of Monroe, La., ' Hines of Alexandria, La., span days here with Mr. nnd. Mr&| Hines. .., Miss Fannie Wiggins of Liltl spent the week end with relaf Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Price, ' and Magdolene Hood spent afternoon in Arkadelphia Mrs. Jean Hamilton of Ho a few days with Mr. and MrS|| Hamilton. Sr. Belton Sunday school and B Y P.J well attended. We are beglf new quarter next Sunday, ev'| come and study with us ' Mr. S. F. Leslie was a busir itor in Hope Saturday. Jim Dotson of Nashville wasj ness visitor here last week. leen and Miss Murl Ross served cake W. T. Daniel of Mansfield/and ice tea. visiting relatives here this we j THIS CURIOUS WORLD think she was a guest here the way you treat her!" "But, Betty—" "I tell you I think it's the limit. Why does she have to have meals sent to her room? Why can't she Sue 'told herself reproachfully | the trout rows, I suppose. .What that she should have gone loug ago ! would our frieuds thiuk?" to see the Silvanls. It had beeu al "But it's a charity performance. most three weeks since she had i Betty. I'm sure I dou't see auy rea "Hoped I'd catch y° u - w " e S1 ' 1 ; 1 >,„.„ .h Pre . She knew the children son why Jauet shouldn't go." "My car's downstairs. Won t jou Spring Hill Our farmers are very busy now tilling the soil preparatory to making another crop. Mrs. Alice Collins returned home Saturday from the Julia Chester hospital much improved after a few days treatment, her children who were all called home while she was so low, have returned to their -homes in Texas. Mr. and Mrs. John Kent were visiting in our community Sunday afternoon. The young people enjoyed a musical and dance at Mr. Guy Brown's Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Huckabee and little brothers, Warner and Wayne, went to Waldo Saturday to visit with his brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Huckabee. they also visited rel atives al Stamps. Bro. Rackley been there. She knew the children liked to have Her come aUd besides she *3ffl promised. Well, this honored T 1 '^" present"'!^. "Well, I do and 1 tell you she's let me sive you a II not goliiB. I'll tako the tlckeU— [ Ci'o IJ« Cou'.i I Williams and wife, T. G. Marlin and 'wife, Mr. and Mrs. Ashby, and Mrs. 'Dora Asberry. OF SOUTHWEST UNITED STATES ANOl MEXICO, IS THE ONLY POISONOUS LIZARD! IF THE WORLD WAR DEAD COULD MARCH PAST VOU IN SINGLE FIUE, TWO SECOHDS APAK.T; IT WOULD REQUIRE 460 PAYS TO PASS". 6UT LITTLE TIN... THBf REST BEING SHEET STEEL. 4-1 IN THC- UNITED STATES THERE ARE. TWICE AS AIRPLANE PILOTS AS TREBLE ARE PLANES.

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