Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 29, 1933 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1933
Page 2
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« 1 I ^-ucur^flUTC**iu W^hburt), Star building, ••"'W^v ,. 4 Mi Mattel at {he poastottu* at Hope, f to Aft ltt«itWtoh a*H»lop#d by modern elvtllMttWn ftt d«y, i» IMk» WrBfttefc* Mid industry, through *«•!* " ( '-«»«J Ho furnish that check upon govefnmwrt %Wen able to p?ovld(<j."-CoL R. R. McCownlck, |n Pwss Is of *il news dlspatehes credited to It of papef and also the local news published hereto. aSitt|e*'*ti be rttade ior all tributes, «rcfc r*«61u«b*i(, Or memoHals, concerning the departed. Commercial l JxjHcyJn the news columns to protect their readers -taMft* memorials. The -Star disclaims responsibility return of any unsolicited manuscripts. H IMej (Always fayable in Advance): By city carrier, per _. _*-«&ttnths !|B.t8; one year |5.00. By mall, In Hempstead, Nevada , littler and LaFayette counties, |3.00 p«' year; elsewhere |5.00. The Star's Platform ^ ««niic» of the municipal power plant to develop DM resources of Hope. city jMteetnent in 3933, and improved sanitary condition* In 6nttflen bacfc-yardi. the Chamber irf Commerce. \ A.«HOtiv >Miphtoai> proffrOm pronidiii0 /of the conatrueHon of • «^ •mount oj all-weather road each year, to gradually reduce the and economic tuppflrt for every scientific agricultural which ojfers practical benefits to Hempstead county's create* ^farmer er0ani;ations, believing that co-operative effort It •« irractiMl iit th« country as it is in town. AV !i ;<:'' " STATE progress on the state hightoat; program. _x reform, and a more efficient oouernment through the et tystim of expenditures. 1 m Ruseia's Way and Our Own By BRUCE CATTON NBA Editorial Writer olf the most interesting bits of news from Russia this wing is the announcement that the government is pre- ilto get very hardboiled toward workers who fail to work sjthe TOvernment thinks they ought. ' it' legislation makes it possible for the government »j$ye-a~workman and his family of a job, food and his fo*:\9. Single day's unjustified absence from work. inin himself urged that the dictatorship of the proleta- ^ttisfc »ot hesitate to use force against -the' proletariat it- men the occasion requires it. "t working class in Russia, as a class, is exalted as never •inW^toryjIjut the worker as an individual has per- b^is real freedom than any other worker in Europe or (ericja. , ... And this odd contradiction emphasizes once more the •and fascinating contrast between the things that ig .attempted in Russia and the things that are being in America. ' ' :f ;: ich country, at this moment, the greater part of the. ght and -energy of the people is being devoted to an ef- to fix things so that mankind's new productiveness can ted so,as to provide the ordinary man with a better, hap- hfe. That is the avowed purpose of the Communist ex; it is fundamentally, what is back of our own at- tp end this depression and make a new one impossible. Basically, then, we are seeking the same goal. But how dif- ;|ex$ntly we are going at it. >;- . 'Iron discipline, a rigid regime in which the indivdual counts for nothing and freedom is a discarded word—these actrize the working out of the Russian venture. To us _Jook like prices that are too high to pay. want the same things that the Russians want, but we to get them in our own way. The individual worker »y not 'be cock of the walk, in America, but he is absolute over his own„life. Freedom, prosperity and happiness u —'n with him if they are to mean anything. Compensating Veterans the utmost confidence in President Roosevelt's ,,, k| „ fairmindedness," say National Commander Louis A. John- k^'Sdn of the American Legion. "I don't believe for a moment - 5 "" 10 *; his efforts toward economy will cause him to cripple the k that is being done to help casualties—those for whom war will never end." Here, surely is a statement in which every American can ' i. Payments from the federal treasury to war vetrans are "gOMig to be cut heavly—but no one wants to see the men ho were maimed or crippled in action deprived of one cent their deserved compensation, To such men the government owes a debt which must be on the nail, come good times or bad. The men who en- fat compensation for injuries whose effect have long Since passed, the non-service-fionnected-disability pensioners »they are in a different class. Praise From Britain |1| OEJD MARLEY, deputy speaker of the British House of 3, made a fine impression during his recent tour of uAmerica. But he made an even finer one when he sailed for With words of praise for American airways. American and the general sympathy and understanding of the :ean people, fjnjrlish visitors don't usually say that sort of thing. They W r gome over to collect such dollars as may be floating loose, but ^V-tjiey leave with the air of those who can escape from a dreany i^-' desert, and as they leave they let us know, condescencling- ' |y, thst we are a benighted and witless folk whose ways are Outlandish and whose institutions are devilish odd. , Lord Marley is a refreshing exception. One trusts that he Hfiffart deprived of his position in the House of Lords because 4» Jiis break with the oldest of British traditions. So They Say! is horrible situation to see the president of the United calling upon Congress for beer legislation — Bishop on, Jr. ¥ au mey get fat on dark Munich beer, because of its sugar ^oatent, but not on the light Pilsener beer.— Albert Fis!", German consulting engineer. Women takfe to the beer habit, they have to look at some the beer drinkers in London slums to see what is ahead them. Beer makes fat.— W omens Christian Temperance w ,i" •*< lagk&v^'^..^:^^'- Yes, Bat Wha t WANT TO <£Q BACK AN»D GST BEGIN HERE TODAY When JANET HILL lenrn. BPI.F CARI.YI,I2 hum been breaking vnEPKPnient* with her to meet HETTY KBNOAI.I.. n society girl, •he fell* him their marrlnne l» off. . Janet •!• S3, pretty and •ecrelary to BRUCE HAMILTON. ndvertU- IHR Bianncer at Every Home M»K- •xl«C. She still l«T«n Rolf and ennaot forget him. JEFF CHANT, a TonaK engineer, (oven her purie froai a boldap man one nlRht and •he and Jeff become friend*. When •he read* In a ne<nrnpnper thnt Holt -ha* eloped with Hetty Kendall jihe fell* Jeff about her broken ennnsrement anil «ny» »lie can never care for anyone el»c. Hamilton leave* the mncar.lne and became of retrenchment there l» no Job for Jnnct, Honevcr. HamlHon tell* her hl> Kilter. MRS. CURTIS, need* a «oclnl Jiccrelnry nnd Janet «ccurc« the job. It U •evcral «lny« before »he learn* THr*. CartU I* Uetty Kcndull'* mother. Janet feel* *he ihonld Blve PP the Job but ha* no place el*e to co. She decide* to *lny n* lout a* Rolf nud Uetly are out of town. Down town one dny *he *ee* Jeff ivlth BOLOHIiS CALAIIAN, a •tennicraiilicr from the olllce n-licre he. work*, nnd Illofrlcnlly con- olnde* Jclf I* In love with her. \VUcii Jeff *ee» Janet later licr manner «ecm* chnneed and lie decide* It I* ueciiuic of her new ••xocintlon*. Janet eoc* iliopplne and buy* n new •nil. She return* home to hear nngrry voice* In Mr*. Curtl*' room. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XXX JANET pushed open the door and J then stopped. "Oh!" she exclaimed, and then again, "Oh—!" The room was In turmoil. A footstool had been overturned. Mrs, Curtis was mounted on another chair, the skirt of her negligee pulled tightly about her. Lucy had backed away against one wall, her eyes wide with fright. And In the center ot this havoc, firmly planted and imperious, stood Bus- will you tell Bertha to have the exterminator come tomorrow?" • • • TANET said yes and withdrew. J Half an liour later she encouni tered the maid in the hall. "My, but you've got nerve!" Lucy said admiringly. "I wouldn't have picked up that cat tor all the money In the world!" Janet smiled. 'nVell, It didn't hurt me," she said. "I've Just got one little scratch—" "I wasn't afraid of Buster scratching! I was afraid ot that mouse! Mrs. Curtis is afraid ot 'em, too. That's what people get tor keeping a cat around!" : "They don't get mice from keeping cats," Janet told her, "It's the other way around. All I did was take the cat down to Frederick." But there was no doubt that the incident had raised Janet In .Mrs. Curtis' eyes. Sho gave her tasks Implying more and more responsibility and when Janet carried off a difficult situation tactfully she praised her. "Jleally," Mrs. Curtis told her friend, Rachel Thornton, "I don't know how I ever got along without her! She's so capable." Mrs. Thornton said, "U-mm! Pretty girl. She'll be leaving you one of theso days." "Well—I'll do my best to keep her!" Mrs. Curtis declared vigorously. "I'm sure I don't know where I'd get another like her!" The attack of grippe seemed to leave Mrs. Curtis weak. Dr. Rob- ter, the yellow Persian cat. "Do something, Janet!" Mrs. Curtis screamed. "Oh, do something!" For, wriggling in the grip of Buster's sharp white teeth, was a mouse. The mouse was alive still and emitted sharp little squeaks. Buster held his prey proudly and looked from one woman to the other as though expecting commendation that was not forthcoming. "I'm afraid he'll drop It!" Lucy walled. "Take it away from him!" cried Mrs. Curtis. "Oh, Buster, how could you do such a thing?" Janet came forward. "Here, Buster!" she said authoritatively; "Come here!" But the Persian was not to be so easily cowed. Buster, the well- fed aristocrat, had gone out and for himself a common lie bad brought It to his caught mouse. mistress's bedroom and in that room he Intended to stay. There was much sport yet to be had with the victim. Buster's hunting Instinct bad been roused. No longer a docile bouse cat, Us glared at Janet forbiddingly. She took a step forward. The cat moved back. She reached out wasn't well nnd bad been to her. No, she -couldn't LAURA LOU BRQOKMAN b 1933. NEA SERVICE, ING common sense argued otherwise. She was making a.good salary and stie needed the money. To quit how, with nothing else In sight, would be ridiculous. Tbo sensible thing was to keep on working, to look for another job, and when she had found one take It. She was sorry for Mrs. Curtis who kind leave now when her employer needed her most of all. - So Janet searched for an apartment. And as sho surveyed baro living rooms and inspected clothes closets and compared green bathrooms with peach colored Ones and looked- at fire places and kitchens and discussed terms of lease Janet thought of the girl and boy who were to share that apartment. TT required several days ot searching before she found the apartment. An absolute Jewel ot a home at an atrocious rent. Mrs. Curtis heard the figures without the slightest protest, nodded and asked when the landlord could have t.he lease ready. ' -Janet consulted the landlord and returned with the papers. Two decorators from the most expensive shop in Lancaster wore summoned and after Janet had shown them the apartment they held long sessions with Mrs. Curtis. The rooms wore splendid, the decorators -agreed, but needed. numerous changes. Something In the new dark wall paper for the ^ ft3 ._ n ? th!ns * or | Ilvln S room. Lighting fixtures ot "" " "~ more modernistic design. Book her to do but rest and save her strength. No parties and no excitement. She was to stay at .home cases built across a certain wall space. And of course rugs and except for n brief a ring each day ful . n , tlll . e nnd draper , 08 nnd || n . iu the car Dr. Roberts gave her| en3 and B||vop- Tno ap£U , trnen t a thorough examination and re- wag to be a , )solnte i y complete, minded Mrs. Curtis it was Import- ,, And , t w| ,, ()e beailtiful ,.. Mfss "*„!?,' 63e insmictl0118 to tle Diiraham. the feminine decorator. said gushingly. "Your daughter will love it, Mrs. Curtis. For Its size there will be nothing in the city tli.it Is more charming. Oh, yes I know your daughter will love' it! 1 obeyed, E called Janet as the girl was passing the door of her hed- room one morning. "Come in, my clear," she said smiling. "I've some news for you. Instead of $30 I'm going to make your check $35 from now on." "Why, thank you, Mrs. Curtis. That's awfully ulce!" "You've earned It," the woman assured her. "And now there's something else I want you to do for me." Janet waited. "I want you to find an apartment for my daughter and tier husband," Mrs. Curtia said. "They'll be coming home before so very long. Oh, not for some time yet, but It isn't too Boon to start lookitig for a place! It's to be my wedding present, you see. I want It furnished and all ready for them when they get here." "What — what kind of an apartment';" "Oh, a small one," Mrs. CurtU assured her, "but of course it must be attractive. Not more than five or six rooms. Aud 1 want the rooms to be large and Janet thought so, too. Shq* didn't see how anyone could helEJj; but admire the large sunny roomj overlooking the park, wasn't sure about all the Improv YEAH Ernest Wingfield and Visited Arkadelphla M4 Tuesday, an* played a ma lentils at OuachitB Collcg Wright Reavts spent Washington. Qrrin Brittle and Rufu tended circuit court af yesterday. TftN YEARS ifx^v* «,*• *& Forrest Downs an Who is now engaged i ness In the El Dorado, here this morning on Miss. Bessie Olrnsteai grapher for the Swift Texarknna, will Spend home with her pnreni Mr. and Mrs. Ha have as a guest this Oastler, of Atlanta. v •ts^^ er 7t'^Mfm s*sf!BnlS .- .-'•.,,. B^w^Jvi.'., fek/ffvs Tol W. W. Portorfield, ant community wai to Tokio Saturday. A. C. Holt was a Nashville Thursda; T. A. and E, A. ness visitors to Ni Glair Nance wi to Nashville Satui Jesse Hatch of mother, Mrs. V. Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Steen ville Thursday, i" ( visited Mr. and Mrs. ;ThMrs. W. Mrs. Jones parents H. Harris at Biflgeiint com- l<«l f ^Bfekago of Neds it; but with a fbf every on his lip, and asters and f r^~*%& f H=3 **" i »f pofaMje! and pick as you ft**,. . t ' . to the man fie;the things that he buy tneht in seas* merely as I fhrough my mind as we rthis time, ..,'^purchased a miracle here -.'SJfOnef' <>'< iwmifte'fe wWth\of\p*>wer which J%sn con create, tli dlrrte*^ : ^orth of life in our «M<W ,' > x> 'Ve A dime's Worth of mystery, 'des- '^d Mrs. »/ Nash- •"Tearing alow lite that, through tfcfo lovely side! Anitcha (jot nr> poetry in j/a?" • i DeAnn cott Mrs. Dick White, Prescott, MI Suzanne Sage, Bodcaw. and ' Jam Olin Roberts, Detroit, . ..„...„ «v ^.,,B^ U1V tu ... , ... i Rev M. D. Williams filled nls rq* E. E. Gist of.ih«bkio Sat- The many fiiends of Mrs. Saluc appointme nt at Marlbrook Sun if / W hippie are very sorry to hear of her Both Mrvlccs wcre well attend- >latives nt I being sick. We wish her a speedy re- '• 'd covery. s visitor to The musical given by Mrs. J. W. i Samuel was well nttendcd by a large ^ ^^ W Mr. and time. Mrs . Perry Smith and -children Miss Maud SS* on Tuesday. Misses Irene Timberlake. Hilda Wi I- Beatrice and Mary Sue of Mrs. T. H. Sadness visitor lis and Mabel Breeding called .on Mrs. £°™ ' Aris , ona , are here on tut °x- H. G. Murpfiy crowd and every one reported n nice . nded ' v isit with relatives and -friends, to Nashville ilShitmorris re- Hollis Samuel Tuesday afternoon g H BatUe nn d.son.Gray-were Mr. and MM) Prescott Fri- Mrs. Charlie Roberts spent ™urs- •• n p scott Tuesday. , . ...ifci r . 7 ...iii-l ' - ...!n. i-— ivii,,,,. onrl oislor. Mr. J. isnoppinis munity was a urday. Alonzo Sanfi Bingen Saturdi H. R. Holt T« Nashville Fridi Miss Frances Francisco < spending the week with Mr. and H. Wode. sco - . ( | av s with clay with her father and Bister. Mr. J. - W. Boyelt and Mrs. John Slaton. * turned to day after ..,*».« , ... *~»j — • „ , relatives at^Vl Mrs. W. P. Mr. and Mrs. Dock Samuel were Mrs. FredtV nttondcd the the Sunday dinner guest of Mr. and Morris Jr., $Cv'.sid Huddle- Mrs. J. W. Tommy. quilting paittj Miss Mae Bell S ston's Friday; bus j n ess visitor Barnes, Miss Udell Samuel and Mr. Tracy Wat ' -' ' ' '- - 1 -— u "•««-"« to Nashvil|fa s a business vis- W. F,.Mf£, nesday . itor 1o Jim M Saturday, We ar Ray is Sunday. , There was a good size crowd at the Nashville visitor B y . p. U. program Sunday night. Little Miss Pauline Samuel is on report -.Mrs. Jim I the sick ij st this week. two „„, ot a re visiting Mr .and Mrs. » ^ week . mC e Dillard of Hobbs, New.Mox.co, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bonus guest of Mr. Wednesday, . Thursdav and Friday of inuisuKj •*>•« , Roberts is connected w.ith the The Blevins String Broadcast ic sick list tnis WCCK. The tsievms ot...^,—-- vrMC Bro. Leroy Samuel and Mr. Elston 3 0 minute program^ over KCM tended Sunday| -The eroy . ^ attended church services at T oxar kana, Saturday evening- nf . £ecrt Approximately 90 ack oM«« this writing. •v of Nashville at•y UL *•«« ,. ouluut - t at Sweet Home; s _ = „ 3,. 00 k Sunday afternoon. Jvrr . Mrs Rena Clark .is spending a .week havo been Issued for Bingen,. KO wilh -j, er brother and family, an d rural sections 01 Jr^e Sunday. • M ' d Mrs . j. c. Clark of near disbursement office. Wisdom of Doyle ^ uahton tor use . have enough seed '" '"" Mr McKoe was the Wednesday dm- abou t a quarter of an er gueat of Mr. E. M. Boyett. Gilbert Copeland of Misses Nina, Vesta and Anna Boyett j ecl at _ the ^Chvirch^f spent Thursday Iherc Sunday Claude Stewart ot Mr. and Mrs. Bon gafternoon . Daniels was shopping nday. iiuttj • I'll! IVllBa vn »*.".! *—• — .-.. - i— ooley was a NnEhvillc Thuvsday nig ht with Miss Obie Rob- cd to ly- , ..,— iJerts. - I Oren ickey was shopping In er ^, , gib , Samucl spen t Thursday Harc , students of Hender*» Jj» .. : _u. ...uv, Mi ou Mplba Coffee. Tcnchers college, were we«»R , ay Wisdom Mr. a visited Mr. Highla 3ooley Miss n Na: Mrs. visito: Mrs, Nash Mi aanfi Satu Hi liuddleston wns a visitor Cooley' and Miss Georgia -nded the singing at Mc- '.m^as a business visitor e Saturday. cLaughlin and family at- singing at Highland Sun- Boyett and Mrs. John Slaton. i f or i ne Dlc ,...^ . ' Arnold spent last Sunday . Every one is cordially Miss Valda Dean Mary Jflnc , , night with Miss Mclba Coffee. Teachers college, w ere and Maude Miss A]ve , 0 Robinso n spent Friday gues t s O f Mr. and Mis. P. H in Nashville iit . in Dc Ann with friends and Imon Bruce of Hope, spen -"' livcs - ° n lHe h wlrd -s voting Wynona UT*~ U^ oT McCaskill Saturday ond KleyUlS sauirday ^^ Rnd Mrs . Andrew Mrs. Nannie McCaskill died at her W hlte' were shopping in Prescott Sa - om was n Nashville vis- noniL- ..«.. Blevins Monday, March 20, | urday . of heart failure. She is survived by — sons, Jim McCaskill of Arkadel- and Fay McCaskill of Datroit, Michigan. Both came home_ for the ftcd Mrs J. K. McLarly ofNash- relatives here Sunday. Columbus land Mrs. David Mitchell Jr. pned Sunday at a family dmne, in Columbus, honormt JrWdT-f M£. Mitchell. C«v« ^•"rl^MK^M' » C. Reed and _Dora Ella Reec Protests Att Sale roland.-W-To -prevent valuable tapestry collection Mr. M,,. Jean itchell. was Ilk. them. Tbf^^oSe Kock spent ,ast The last word $|, eek en d with friends here. . . ments Miss Dursham advocated afbick Milan of Mineral glowingly hut no doubt Tlolf a Tw. M-ik* °e H- a \!" r Retly would were smart, style. Oh, yes. of course Holt Retty would like them! There were times, though, -wli Janet knew rebellion. She Jj? v j s iting hellnd ~" " monpy . _ _, _.. home. "Why." she asked p Hope were recent visitors \\jfm his brothers. R. C. and at the thought of |M T H gtuart. . _ , nf bnlng lavished on the f X ' R M. La Grone and Louis Breed of "uriiu " ulna n^ltpfl iK .. '_ , ,r,ooni visitors here. self, "do the people who alr^ have everything get more?" Everything? What more any Rlrl want than Rolf j love? Hetty had that. Sli Rolf. What did Oriental r t-SSs- toward him and Buster ducked. I sunny. I'd like something not too It was all ot five minutes before, j far from this neighborhood iu one finally cornered, Janet lifted the cat and bore him from the room. A few minutes later she reappeared. "It's all right," Janet assured her employer. "Frederick took it away Irom him." Mrs. Curtis had stepped down from her chair, "You're sure — '/" she began. "Ob, yes," Janet reassured ber. "It's all right. Except that Buster's pride seems to be badly burt. I left him in the living room louk- iug rather unhappy." The other woman moved toward the bed. "I'm feeliug rather weak," ebe said. llfi iow» tot. » "I believe I'll o£ the newer buildings—" And so It happened that to Janet fell the task she least ot all in the world desired. When she asked for more definite informa- In such moods she wou up her hat, plead an errj escape from the house. & the errands were authenl!$w>ugh. -Between the apartment,,HS decorating shop and the ot^t tasks that eauie her way her das were '••11. I The apartment was IBS than a Barney "Sianton of Saratogu was „ here last week. Brown of Hope was buy.ng last week. . Mrs R E. Jackson ami Johnson' were shopping in jvuu. tvuu<< "*« wi IKMH** .*««.-— ij Q ne aui'ay. , ,• Imported draperle^ and chrfjmro ° ' , W n s on of Dallas spent me and black coffee tables coufclor? ^ , end witn his parents, Mr. ana ------------ .,„ „,.» „,„..«..„», wee Miss Mabel Sipes and Miss Carrie Spates of Saratoa spent the week cs. full. e p end with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sipcs. turn Mrs. Curtis was vague. "Not for several weeks," she assured the girl. "Betty wants to spend some time iu New York after they leave tue Springs, t really don't expect them before the middle of next mouth." There were tiroes when Jauet was strongly templed to quit ber job. She couUlu't do thigl It was more than anyone bad auy rigiii, A.ud, Ja.net, I to. expect pi ber I, gut pi;aclicul tion about the young couple's re-(dozen blocks away andpnet preferred to walk rather tjja use the car. She came lu on$ itternoon bringing samples pf dfiperies for Mrs. Curtis to consider, She was already in the liviug woni .before she knew anyone was.liiere. Janet stopped tbeu ana said, "Oh— e.xcuse me!" Facing her, at the opposite side ol tha'roftw, Blood Roll and bis wife. Betty fts Springs Mrs . J. M. Holding. Mr and Mrs. C. C. Stuart and Mis Roberta "Stuart of Washington, v,s,te with relatives here Sunday. Rev. his of Mineral Springs evening. Mrs D. W. Hamilton, Mrs. J. M 'day. Time to dress up your home for Spring and Summer. We have some real Wall Paper Values "every taste and purse. P.WS, the roll, from g cents up In Sun-Tested Colors Co ' cahtiot Understand. Kt'llttlfe package, now isn't » i «™?,ve if 'difcie'fl Worth of something i«'«; toirfwh only to aodrv i , Stfeese arc seeds, but the plants and ,- A:, the blossoms ore here. * With .tholr ^petals of various hues; , s , Jn tHcse JHtle pellets, So dry nnd so ifhere is power which no chemist can ,, - fuse. 1 Mere Js'one of God's miracles soon to ; , , «nfold; 'V Thus for teh cents an ounce is Livln- ity.soltH"-E.,A. G. Mr. and Mrs. Robert WHson and daughter, Mary and Mrs. Mae Wilson s;pent the week end visiting with rol- , stives tin tittle Rock. r. and Mrs. T. L, McDonald have irned from a five day's'visit in Dallas" and Ennis,, Texas. Mrs. Tully Henry and Mrs. Terrell Cornelius were Tuesday Visitors in Texarkana. Mrs. Wilson Stuarf'an^ baby Bettie Anne, of Oklahoma City will arrive Saturday for a visit with Mrs. Wilson's ,parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mc- Lorty. ( Mr -and>Mrs. J. 0. Milam and little daughter "have'returned from a visit with relatives in Oklahoma points. • .Captain R. A. ,Boyett has returned from a visit with Mrs. Boyett and Mr. and Mrs. P. D.-Smlth in Dallas, Texas. .Mrs..Fat Rising and little daughter, Katherine of Texarkana are guests of Mrs! Rising's -parents, Mr, nnd Mrs. J. A, McLarty. Under 'the auspices of the Friday- Music Club, ihe Russian .chorus will give two concerts, one at 2:30 for stu- flents'and. oneTat 8 o'clock on Wednesday evening, March %), at the city iball.. Admission for.the matinee will 10 cents an dthe evening concert I be 20 cents for children and 35 ts for adults, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton McRae of Jackson; Miss., are spending a few days in the city visiting with Mr. and Mrs. JK.'G. McRae Jr., and Mrs. A. F. Han- ogan .and Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey McRa.e Mrs. John S. Gibso Sr., Mrs. Wallace Rogers, Mrs. Hugh Smith, Mrs. A. B. ^Spraggins and Mrs. John S. GibsoYi, "Jr., motored to Camden Wednesday to attend the Womans Missionary Union convening in that city this week. Mr. and Mrs. K. G. McRae, Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey McRae, Mrs. A. F, Hanegan, Hamilton Hanegan and Miss Louise Hanegan, motored to Camden Tuesday to attend the funeral of Messrs McRae's and Mrs. Hanegan's .•sinter, the late Mrs. J. H. Dawson, who passed ^away at her home in Beuna Vista on Monday night. Mrs. James Webb of Little Rock was the Tuedsay guest of Misses Marie and Nannie Purkins. Mrs. Webb will be remembered as Miss Ava Purkins. NOW JOHN GILBERT Mae Clarke Rolit, Armtrong —In— "FAST WORKERS" Our Gang Comedy and Hollywood Parade THURS, & FRIDAY #;30 Matine Thur. 15c SUN. WON. TUBS. STREET' Mr. and M.i's. Qrie house .guest. Mrs. R«e. Dwlght Blake of Mind HERE AND (Continued from pal f Rock Batiki U Three-W«y to Three Other*, Police Arfhur n SeweU Sunday." Mr. and Mrs. James, Grimes family want Surtday afternoon < their daughter and family, Mrs. Mr dS °a n nd Mrs. Maunt Montgomery! rrtsrarjrft«sri BSt- Aif HI** Other lino. BOLL it Si March 28, 1933, Texarkanttl Governor Futrell fu_the Ellis bond, refunding the protest of bondholders of suits by throe states Arkansas securities. Arkansas Is technically In tlon of a farm Debtor who that his debt be scaled do he Can honorably meet it. We are in Virtually the SB tion os France, which last iv vx fi 9 ** Marion Wasibn left jor Washington to nls of the Treasury tfc , [the ReconstrueUon Final regarding a olati tm utivesof the Bankers Tr fnton Trust Company a ist Company have a * ed against Palestine ^ ' ' IS defaulted on her war debt United States because she sa terms'were too stiff. These are the unpleasant con. tions that necessity has thrust, us, Yet Governor Futrell did the 1 thing when ho signed the Ellis b The state Is technically in de The Ellis'bill, : though it compels sacrifice by our -creditors, is n "w out." What the world needs today is equally decisive policy regarding '. debts—and when our good old Am ican rage rises because England h itated, and France boldly defaulte last'December, we only need to tak .a good look at ourselves, -and remem ber Christian charity. Henry's Chapel Mr. and Mrs, Arlis Rhodes of Emmet visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. Bishop Rhodes and family Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Riley Lewallen and Miss Cornelia Lewallen spent Tuesday night with Mr. and Mrs. Bailey's daughter, Mr. and Mrs. White of Magnolia. Mrs. Valentine of Hope visited her mother Mrs. Floyd Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. James of Hope spent 'Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs, V. C. Johnston. Mrs. Eunice Reece visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Erwiri Sunday. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Arlis E11U and children of Bluff Springs spent the week end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Andy Jordan. Mr. and Mrs. Silas Dixon and children, Ruth and Mary Jo, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ellis and family. Misses Ruth and Katherine Cumbie Ellen Byers, Clara and Denville Ellis spent a while Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Glen Fincheyf Mi\ and Mrs. John Bill Jordan spent Sunday night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Mitchell of Rocky Mound. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Jordan nnd son Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. John Bill Jordan and Mr. and Mrs. Arlis Ellis and children all enjoyed a birthday dinner at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Jordon Sunday it being for Mr. Ellis and- both the Mrs. Jordon's birthday. Miss Bernice Cumbie and Mrs. Par vis Fineher spent Monlay afternoon with Mrs. Glen Fineher. Mrs. Lola Ellis returned home Saturday after a weeks stay with relatives of Nevada county. Miss Estelle Davis of Hope spent Sunday with Miss Cornelia Lewallen. Mrs. Piirrish Fineher returned home Sunday afternoon after a weeks' stay with her parents at Bluff Springs. • Joe Taulbee was the dinner guost of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fineher Sunday. Mrs. Minnie Rhodes and daughter, Mrs. Harry Westerman and baby, spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Lela Ellis. Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Wiggins of, Hope were out to their farm Tuesday doing some improvement and putting out some flowers. Mrs. Lester Hamilton returned to her home at Prescott Sunday after n months' slay with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fineher. Miss Dorothy Rhodes spent Monday morning with Mrs. Glen Fineher. „ institution to be know ierclal bank. id new bank would taki nt ot the deposit llabill- •ee banks, protecting it- oVer approved assets, since February 27 will, ftidhmond Goad, trapped by .-in*td« the Southern Grain & Produce !o.'building in an attempted robbery [unday night, has confessed ««£«•• iSlpation in the robbery of three •bulk \l stations here within the last two kfi, officers said Wednesday. rolico said that Goad admitted- en- BU the Gulf, Standard and Loreco Bells Chapel are /«A*»ft fOWrf. -Sovlth Af.rica.-ttS 3 • - ninds 1 worth of hidden being blown 6ut. 6t u'done by a newVvlce something «i» • •"^./rrirs S SMART SHOE ,ald'in full. . . of state and national I on an unrestricted 1 1 •ased 10(175 Tuesday Banking Department ,ddltional state banks ire: ; uuiit owu»w«»-« «.-— — . ns ., The loot taken in the three ,rtes consisted of office equip-, w which amounted to a small sum. hile attempting to rob the Souln- l Grain & Produce Co. Sunday ,he unintentionally sounded a • alarm, calling officers to the •He waived a preliminary i«~ ; ln court Monday, .and was ftrt jail in default of ?300 bond, , said .that Goad recently'came Jonesboro. N. v. * the program. more young i Mr. With Mr. Guy had been found that were tine of recovery. ' Mi* Fav JVicuau ui * vfi«v.«-, -—- t -1 _ i who was here ^attend his mothers fttDi out her little baby «>«•—.>• , „ _,. mum^n av .«v... — -5*«* SfJJf* ^ gSWVK* preludes build- Vi SeU STiSS? Arizona, ing new «mHoria. & Trust Co., Bates- Trust 'Co., Arka- Fork, Mt. Pleasant, Sharp county. k-rs spent Saturday Rogers.' irt that Arl Barr victims of the ended here Sun- iliidge of Willis-' hight and Sun- Elledge and hily cnllod on Sunday >aft- endah.her parents, Mr. and Mrs, SimBwerW , MMfca Elledge, Mrs. Stella Adntris and W~ Buchanan called, on Mrs. Nett» a rden Monday afternoon. MrjK,a Simmons called on Mrs, John fin Monday afternoon. 1 MislJlima Foster spent Saturday With JfflU France Simmons. Mr. mars. Tommie Gibson called on Mr. iMrs, Cleve Moylon a while icon. Clean-U p I with lacy cut-out trim or ijl«h% » y, Coroan, White wfilaok. **"> 3 eights inch spike heel. $1,97 - $8-W I A lovely BROWNbilt three cyeiet lie with perforations. Jn Gray, Cotosan, White and Black Wdd, Two and 1 eights inch boulevard heel. $1.97 ,64 nit I dm .nt Saturday tome folks, spent Sun- family. Alt mot Th urda some Aar Pleasa Mr. a Saturd •Mrs. Elledge Gibson Mrs. Miss Ma Jean Jone and Miss day. Herman, the dinner! brooks and! Sim Miss Nora" children of it with her family imons Sat- inded and ily of Mt parents id family Irs. Rosa , Tommy pughtei Black [ednes- were fcddle- 'Sunday- Mrs. Hie Jones and daughter, Vada Sue.lve arrived here for an extended v» with her mother, Mrs. Mollie Wil4and other relatives. Mrs. JamlMcCaskill of Arkadelphia, and M*Faye McCaskill of De- roit, Mich., fere her to attend the uneral of th* mother, Mrs.. Nannie Bell McCaskii . Mr. and W| Sam Yarberry and Mr. and Mrs.|v.in Yarberry visited | relatives near^ughton Sunday. Miss Jettie Clis of McCaskill spent one night with ir sister, Mrs. Jimmie Head, last week! Mr. and Mrs\Al Thompson and family of BlevinWre Sunday guests of her parents, Ir. and Mrs. J. A. Huskey. I . . Mrs. James Bteks of Marlbrook community, spentthe week end here with her daughterttrs. Arthur Sewel . Mr. Gilbert Copilnd passed through here en route toBlevins where he preached Sunday. , . Quite a number %e and at Blevins enjoyed listening iiivhile Ihe Sweet Home band broadest in Texarkana Salurday from 4 to tSO o'clock. Mr. Dal Rushing Ad family spent the week end witi| relatives near attractive appearance. ew styles in BROWNbilt Tread-. raig^ht narrow toe calf or *kan- aroo oxfords. In Black orBrown. Well wearing-comfortable fitting. $1.87 T. $4.97 when they call. Respectfully requested OTYOFHOPE John P. Vesey MAYOR. HI IT'S Brown!*ShpcStor« -You Don't Have To Be Wch to «e iveek Marie and were shopping in Pre Carman | »tt Saturday'. W E . H A! KEN ON * COMPLETE Tinkling bells Hinton Sunday School was well attended here 'Sunday morning. Everybody come back next Sunday. Too Late to Classify Certified seed sweet potatoes. Quality garden and field seeds. Cotton sacks. Armour's fertilizer. McWilliams & Co. 2!)-Gc Less Suffering After She Took Cardui "Periodically I have a dull ache In tl)e lower part of my back," writes Mrs. Ruth Hill, of Charleston, W. Va. "I get real dizzy, my bead swims, and I have a weak, 'gone' feeling that keeps me from doing my work well. I have found that taking Cardui prevents this. I have been greatly benefited from Its use." When womanly aches and pains are due to a weak, run-down condition, take CARDUJ. It bus been used by women for over 60 yeurs. Cardui la a purely vegetable strengthening medicine and it cannot • harm you. Sola at the drug stores here. NEXT WEEK , , f , , Send us Half of Your Bundle . . . and Then Compare ! ! NELSON HUCKINS E 0 F an d th e c link of silver tol arc annoui 'Weatinghnnso Di add . . . thai: neve lieon so enthusiast! standing advantage modern refrigcrqtor. Every desirable fe overy detail of maun in Weslingliouae, PL Buill-iii Watchman cor liojiary Weslinghoiise fi ]>ilil y and double, assuran We want you lo see a way c.an you fully a,ppre (iiitomalic dependability, a that Westingliouse . . -, and ^ntmcnt aB your dealer in [frigeralors. And may >ve tears of business have we as we are with the out. performance of this t |alic refrigeration i i i ,ion . . . » combined [kablo advantage of. :clusive and revolu- ,vides double relia. iptcd performance.^ For only in this' 1 ifieanee of ihousft |ally invited to Wisplay. Come • The fam makes l\ automatic most llama refrigerator ^ ihrou&h all Uc/imflrt control only Juul- provides nl- keeping '''" running ma Chinese fairy stovy one reads about the Empire's garden, wh ere rare and coWul plants from »1. over the world were con- stantly flowering, ' . a !( : ( It was the duty of the honoraWe head gardener to watch for the beautiful of the bloo mB and tie to the stem of each a httle bell As the flowers swayed in the brew, the bells tinkled w!t h sweet music. Thus the courtiers and the distinguished visi- to,,, staling alon, the paths, we,, sure to see the finest 3 peei- mens. This was the Emperor's way of saying "I have something extra fine that you should see: look this way and you'H be repaid." !„ the advertising columns of this paper are simi.ar messages addressed to YOU. Read them and you will hear the clinic of silver. Our merchants are saying "We have some extm values. Come to our stores and you will be repaid.' You have nothing to lose when you accept this invitation. In fact, W hen you fail to do so, you're missing some of the vary news for which you bought this paper! l I'll' Miu«;| in « 41 Hope Phone 45

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