Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 29, 1933 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1933
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d-'' 1 srf-'" t lti , T[tt ^»:a^i^M3^iaaA^.^^^^.i^i l B^«ifla^«ti«^ Get f bttled! ) , -—*"•-- v»».^wiifa.<in,,.^.,iyi i rmtniiiinnliinniiii^. fflsh. Ijlfindow part. fiwt°1populous by the foody. '" i of the 44 Street. Isles. 45 Native metal. 4t FBJthful counselors. 48 Snowshoe. 43 Russian mountains. 51 Crystal gazefs 52 Spread of au arch. 53 types of s.J'irst Jewish plums. fIShigh priest. 55 Beam. " " i god. 56 To mention. Uneven. i rj.v>.»o of ab- 5t Rah! 'iorbing Mod 69 Secured. «0 Set of seven. 61 To pass again. VFIVflCAt, 2 Behold. 3 Boy. 6 Violent whirlwind. 6 Verbally. 7 Minor note. S Accomplished. 9 Like. 10 Governor general of Canada, Earl of '? 12 To regi et. 14 To offer, 15 Doomed. It Letters, ifrfo finish, 20 Some. 21 Poems. 23 Adding. 25 One who tends gardens. 26 contingent upon chance. 27 Portrait statue. 29 To guide. 31 To press. 33 Slender. 35 God of love. 37 Eras. 39 Ventilates, 41 Turtles. 43 Meat. 44 Metallic runner used ou shoes for Ice. 46 Violent Wave. 4§ Masts. 50 Insect secretion. 62 Portico. 54 Perched.-' 56 To soak up< 55 Masculine'' pronoun. 59 Myself. fe» iii ; Find It! Sell It! -With- OPE STAR INT ADS The more you tel£ ^ The quicker you selL £ 1*, insertion, lOc per line ^ ' minimum 30c rates for consecutive ( "-,! ' insertions. " tf , ^ ^S insertions, 6c per line frrv"! • minimum 50c V y ( insertions, 5c per line , "" " minunum 90c a "'. , '. 18 insertions, 4c per line . minimum $3.12 (•V (Average SVt words to the line) sWOTE—Waot advertisements ac- jcepted over the telephone may be trdMTfed with the understanding that tee bill is payable on presen- ,>tation of statement, before the first ' publication. & f Phone 768 ^WANTED TO TRADE-^Twenty ''•ere* of land for good light-used car. VCall 284 or write post office box 37. (28-31O FOR SALE ^ ^' $s.>. ' GARDEN and Field seefls, superior "Onion and Cabbage Plants. Baby Chicks and Supplies. 1 < MONTS SEED STORE 8-30tc s-/ & H" • Seed sweet potatoes, molasses, peas, and peanuts. 212 South Main. W. H. Gaines. dh. FQR SALK: 1930 Plymouth Coupe, practically new tires. In fair condition. License paid. 1929 Plymouth Sedan, 2 new tires. In fair condition. License paid, $75,00. 1927 Willys Kinght Sedan. Has been driven only 16,086 miles, 2 tires almost new. In fair runing condilion. A real bargain at 1*5.00. B. R. Hamm Motor Co. 27-31 ?,.> FOR RENT ^ BENT: Newly finished four room furnished apartment. Private bath *JW<* garage. J. A. Sullivan. 28-2tp :f* fvf , RENT—Two or three-room ; (uipished apartment. Mrs. R. M. Jones "• ghover street. 27-3t- j ROOM modern residence wit! m ^ f ^ r and garden space. 512 Wes Piyision, Newly papered and paint «$, Phone 166. Vincent Foster. 27-3tp John Gilbert, Star in Tast Workers' Robt. Armstrong and Mae Clarke Also in Saenger Feature Thrills on top of skyscraper's ninety stories in the air, romantic adventures that would bring blushes to Casanova, and a friendship that survived an attempt at murder are offered in "Fast Workers," John Gilbert's latest starring picture now showing at the Saenger theater. Gilbert has a characterization .that is strongly reminiscent of his bravado and dramatic prowess in "The Big Parade," with Robert Armstrong delivering one of his inimitable "lunk head" performances as the dumb friend'and assistant in handling red- hot rivets. i • Action on the skyscraper was photographed to obtain every possible thrill from sensations at a dizzy height with men walking on narrow girders and handling rivet guns as though they were squirt guns. Any question about the metal worker scenes being synthetic are immediately dispelled by the terrific spray of sparks from the hot rivets as they are hammered in with a defaening clanging of gun on steel. . Gilbert and Armstrong play thejr rotes to the limit of humor and dramatic skill Mae Clarke is convincing and amusing in her portrayal of a ady of questionable reputation who learly wrecks a perfect friendship. Kidnapers Return Ohioan to Father Peter Meyers, Jr., 15, Had Been Held Prisoner for Eight Days WARREN, Ohio.— l/P) —After eight days in the hands of kidnapers who threatened him with death if he attempted to escape, Peter Meyers, Jr., 15, of Masury, near here, was restored unharmed to his father Sunday. Blindfolded,' the father was driven in his own automobile for several hours last night by a man he refused to identify to a lonely country road between Akron -and Youngstown. Thre, in the darkness of early morning, the boy, also blindfolded, was brought in another automobile and delivered to him. FOR RENT: Five room house, 42 South Pine. Furnished apartment, pri bath, 622 S. Elm. Call 429W Fontaine. 25-3t] STRAYED OR STOLEN JfffOLEN: Model t Ford roadster frpm my home Thursday night. New license No. 41007. Notify F. M. Rus The elder Meyers, who operates the Gray Wolf tavern near Sharon, Pa., on the Ohio side of the line told Sheriff Roy S. Hardman of Trumbiull county he paid ?300 ransom. OUR BOARDING HOUSE .~m~jhi>.^.n^.-> ...v_..j«..i .j^Jiu^^.-ii, ,.. .1 Mfa^*f»*-<.jtt( fB1 it- T ^-.>,-i.j.... F :'AHD MlffipftE»i^^ANsMgi:i:':^^' .)felA^ f aaas^^^^^^a!«SS£T»^^^^iS]jTSIr!^a»i^*S» *?»» 'TT^K V,?,i, ' i .^^Sf-WJMBt ^i/S, 1 -;,*' .'. . '<- aillllllllllll iuLi "> f-i if 'S* -1 ^ By AH£RN OUT OUR WAY • ri ''-i •MUoj Hi?' ^3pf ft'^'p: J mk'.SL>»< f"^^1il^BK • v ;v<- j ;. ft 3**iri^B' i AW HUZZLeS-^ATS^ ^%j& UIW-THfc tSfeNlLt^ THEY MAKfe^M ON -puRPose M TENM^ ccwts ir -^jp .,. tO ttelV&VOU NUTTY P ITS *-f OUT frjfc ANOTHER) I CORK/ A SECRET SCHEME,! TELL YOU, / AIWHG / TO <5feT EVEfcYeObY WORKING, X CANtSlT "DOWN 'EM,SO TVteY'LL <SO GOOFY- ft TO ANY 6AM& & WITH THAT'S WHAT?-*-THIS \STU* J ^ ITH ^.'™5;: , -, LA^T ONE I TfcY TO WORK OUT.rJ ^SSS^JL S?l //^ TU" 1 'MJCZ.ES WITVA A 'BR^« >& T J OU&HJ J^*, , "V <5fli T V x^) LOOK AT J^VvL^M^cT « ^ ( VOURFACfe^ P^^fit^^-rr^-^^^^ V. OUGHT TO BE /I , . < UP ; v-^ *-s> X ^- \ c5 ^ f r^ s fo>' ^W^* & , ^=5 % ^«.<1=^ a :& <& QUIETT ^? •3-Z-B ^\ Ji^m ' - W&SS^f ^A", iaiuBiffli&j&aiufi. ^ -NUMBER 130 ,' ,|fii ' Ifcf' . fr.v * IM:,. w* I ,' . J7T 1 v>, - v 4 v-1 \ »v - r |\ '•' v'« "fr\y| \ *O -A* -vv $Lfe£^ hD. Meets Vi HP't fcf Xft v t/ Iv,< ock Regulation i; i < .< rSClD^CejrPrisoner ftSSJ pdedJeSaysin )ecial Message n'ls Broke •f '^^ fe _ f .$ i^fe^ W$$$ x- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Just Like a Woman ! M«J By MARTIN SALESMAN SAM F16KN A.CTVSUIV. £ \ I 3? "^rffi If '•• )-v_^>-^ MRVICC. INC.' Kt°' U i ' By CRANE MVT W The Alarm | v ^f* ^ tOOK 1 . M»TOUT PENiTS. L . <**,. iecurity lanagement BiLL~CHANGEDl ic Allotment Fea\o Be Added on Rewriting at "Walls";- ., •Chair" to t«cker Farm It looks ns if John D. Rockefeller has a new sweetheart. The aged old magnate frolicked so amiably with the youngsters at the village street fair at Ormond Beach, Florida, his winter home, that this demure little miss, Lucille Frasca, presented him with her picture, Which Rockefeller Is seen admiring. Here and There -Editorial By Alex. H. Washburn- • i, V^Epy so often a country's national spirit cracks wide open I H unuer the whip of intolerance, revealing it as just so much I * geography inhabited by quarrelsome tribes. Civilization for |"-i', the moment threatens to dissolve—until the national spirit is I ^'.^'aroused, and pulls order together again out of chaos. 'i-_. : ' C '.IT" ' ^ i; That is the situation in Germany, where the radical wing of the Nazists, thinking Boss Hitler as chancellor i-Foot Delegation Believe Farmers, Labor and Vets Will Control BY MORRIS GILBERT NBA Service Writer WASHINGTON.-America in flux. Time sand condition changing. New faces, new forces, new brains in pow„. urnum UL mull' A.U J Result: A House-of Representatives ment ten years ago. controlled by farmers, industrial ^ will remind Per _. i i itr.«u ...... .. A t n »n«^ Mollv McOuircs of inmKing BOSS - Hitler as chancellor . should practice what he preached as a "»«•-•"•• *-«•«! I- •MSVOlution1str ; is*'tounehing.\a-< drive vision of pun 1 against the Jews. < properties deal Hitler said and wrote in his early . He . als ° s P° k days things against the Jews that he ' n , ml "i VL C ° now regrets. Germany, owing billions saf , c ^ act . ic ^ "1 of dollars, and needing more billions a . nd dlrectors ° to revive her famous but paralyzed l °™ h t H I ""'• . DU11 "7" f u" "other six mainten-1 WA SHINGTON.— (H') — * »" """;industries, docsnJt look like a good . wnat , , JftreUirn to a supervisors of the otner a w Roosevelt for . risk to the bankers with her leaders ^ ""f ^jlthe ancient Lnce districts Tuesday^at Uttte_ R °= t e Wed nes ^Jook up^ ^ ^ flirting invitingly with the Kaiser and Uu , th that th . osc f---- —i- I --«-— *»•«, met J. R. «W" 1 .. | est conservai o ____, iu _ _ at(> her people killing one another off. ^.^"V 0 ™., 1 XXX The situation will remind Southerners of their Ku Klux Klan move- controlled by farmers, industrial " wl ", ^»'." lu ""'"'V"" 1 "' workers ,and World war veterans, MoUy McGuircs of the 1870s. The Klan was a Protestunt blow at Catholics and Jews. talwart, The Molly McGuires were a Cath- brown-eyed, six-foot dirt farmer! olic organization that aimed to remove " A 'u indications wen Spanish War veteran, Farmer-Labor- Protestants from important mining and m jttee would seek to Ue- industrial posts in Pennsylvania. Ar- ions f or insuring the . in thur Conan Doyle used it as the theme O f production on that , a _ of his.novel, "The Valley of Fenr." crop going i nto t ho do.. The economic world today is a Val- This would be a verst ... „» «•„.,,. ...;.u«,,. !,„!„ f „„!!„_ mcstic a ii 0 t men t plan, a incidc with the views worers ,an o with a speaker elected by them. Such is the vision of Ernest Luna- den, Minnesota congressman, stalwart, brown-eyed, six-foot dirt Sp Ite.' There are six Farmer-Laborites congress this session, including Sena tor Shipstead. Last session there ware only two the senator and Congressman FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Ninety statues under the care of the Office of Works in Lonron require the constanl atlenlion of six men to X_ 1 —~ 'if Deeper and|Ieper ! THEY ]_ffl3\lM) By BLOSSER —• \J ,. '''oil ''" ^ sell, Hope, Ark. 25-3tp look after Ihem. thatfascinatin WHY DID THEY LEAVE A 600D O.AAT I ItfF LOOK! THE BUNK5 HAVE. BEEN SLEPT IM.... BY THE LOOKS OF THIN65 SOMEONE LEFT HEEE IM A BIO THE WHOLE VAWI5HED-TO A, MAW....AMD MOT OWE OF THE LiFE 60AT5 15 <, MI55IK16// THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Paul J. Kyale. Six Largo Men • All six Minnesotans are picturesque. All six arc big and powerful, and most have callouses on their hands. Two of the newcomers to this session are actually old stagers on Capitol Hill. Magnus Johnson is one. B he was a senator. Now he hangs hat in the House, Lunsden is UK other. He was a war-time congressman, a hater of war, a conistent opponent of it, But, because of his record in '98, as well as because of the force and clarity of his views expressed in the middle of the war-fraught years, he had the signal honor of being invited by the National G. A. R. to deliver the Memorial Day oration at the National Cemetery across the Potomac in Arlington in 1919. He delivered it. "The soldier-element is growing in the Farmer-Labor, movement," said Lunsden, speaking in the lobby of the house, "and is going to put it in power some day. I believe the party will control of the house and will elect the speaker." Their Party Alms Asked wnat the ' immediate objectives of the party were, Lunsden mentioned legislation to re-finance farm mortgages at lower interest. rates, and the distribution of compensation certificates to World war veterans as a means ojE national relief and to accomplish the controlled inflation he considers essential to the country' welfare. Kvals is far from the typical story- ipk picture of a radical. Yet, they »y *in congress he is the "kingfish" of the Minnesota delegation. "AH five of us in the house voted against the Economies Bill," said Kvale. "We simply felt the country couldn't stand further leflation at this time." i Community Singing i for Zipn pn Sunday \V A community singing will be held t jl Sunday afternoon at Zion church on \ , ithe Ozan end Bingcn rosd. All sing- There's uotl \ K era w inyited. Several quartets will like mornwiif | take part oo the program, i^q. .i " •'-..'• • . . Pcnnsylvanias of Ihe ' The economic world today is a Valley of Fear, wilhoul help from religious intolerance. The Molly McGuires failed. The Simpson, president of Farmers Union. 2 Parties Ail Highest Mod Land and Air Expeu, Seek to Scale Moi Everest By OSCAR LEIDING , Associated Press Correspondc LONDON.— (/P)— Two great ai lures, which may develop into a' amp out 0:1 a irunip sieamcr for the are pointing toward the conquei West Coast and Alaska, we'll drop an- Mount Everest. . Klan failed. Hitler's radical allies in Germany will fail— because all men at heart want peace, prosperity, and happiness; and Ihey are going to have to work together lo win Ihem back. XXX A bullelin from Boll and Sandridge, Prescolt boys Alaska-bound: Dear Editor: We were jusl a liltle afraid you wouldn'l do us proud; bul, boy, you sure did. And we're for you. Texarkana Gazelle "fixed us up" Tuesday morning. Most of Ihese railroads have discontinued their service for "bums," and we're service for "bums," and finding the going slow; but e on Ihings are O. K. anyway. Al New Orleans, where we hope lo ship oul on a tramp steamer (Continued on page three) FLAPPER FANNY SAYS : REG. U. S. PAT. QFK. from her evening INGTON Roosevelt Wednesday JUi. J- A JLJJ-J *wv-'-*-'-. - demned negro, hangs fU u"tii there's enough money to^'fj electric chair from the can't electrocuted to irm he can i DC cjetiiu«-«-^— Akeady he has received a reprieve 30 days from Governor Futrell be. e at its recent session. i- him- not legally be put 'SCH W IJllnniiJ \.ww»v« *-— _ __ u Uo death until the chair was transferred to Tucker farm. He then granted TAM*»/lkS .mm 1 **""" j — Qf Legislative Policy on PubJK Schools Hope Superintendent Scores Record in Texarkana Speech "CRISIS FOR STATE*' Assembly Paid Out of Common School Fund, She Declares The public "'school'situation was the major topic discussed by delegates to the Arkan- « ._ , _J* Tl nM Av«4-ci QYIfl Boycott , on Berlin s Sh Then the po' in inte: sccuritl •* i. severe 1 o s ;tices that v il nor honest. [proposed to invoke federal government icrce to control new the reprieve until April 28. The expense of moving'the chair ye;" ago when"electrocution was JubstUutcd'for hanging in Arkansas. ' no The expense 01 IUUV...B — and the. dynamo to the prison farm will cost considerable and the penitentiary now lacks the funds toft, nanc it. Unless funds come m shortly Williams will get another stay. The negro is under death sentence for the murder of C. H. Atwood, a - • • al months ago sonate to legislation. the inters 1 ., the house, Thursday, and inlrodu ident's mesi ' To Sa President congress he ro^onsihle^thedela^n^ — Burnside Expected IMcAdoo Proposes Here Wednesday U. S. Farm Bank eu oy ucicB<*<''=< 3 "" v»»v sas Congress of Parents and Teachers at a district meeting Tuesday in Texarkana. ^ Delegates to the third annual con- lerence decided that either J*^ or Hope would be hostess for" the 193 session. DeQueen was formally de. cided upon, unless it withdraws from She district. In that event Hope would be chosen, it was said. Miss Henry Speaker . Miss Beryl Henry, «|permtendert of Hope schools, was the pi ncipal speaker at a noon luncheon in the Grim hotel. , , , • x v=n She declared the schools m ArKan- sas were facing a "crisis and that^education is now in the darkest hour ot action, that Prosecutor jed the proposals '11 after the prcs- icen read. properties also informed | ^ew Llistrict niB«w«j — pervisor to Take Charge of Hope Office Labor Relief Burnsi^TEl .Dorado, new | Jf£™™£^^™ bank with 50 million - cal anti un- he ma y be acconi^"";- "Vr, rman tt of officers Cargile of Arkadelphia, chairman |nd corpora- th e State "^^^rSon with ireturn to a Lu^vtoST-*'«''*" hcr six maintCI ?" Iv a very iew yvany !,««»*...-. - ^- .., ansas' will be drawn from the unfit; the flower of our young people ..will • drawn, into the profession.. —;i "Teachers of the state-and 1 mean "? the buck. privates^mUbe,get,erals- hlS Pkre fightirtg-wlth-thlir backs to .the P- I waV-rne without pay,^them Ferdinand Pecora, special counsel for the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency, launched an investigation of affairs of ihe Harriman National Bank and Trust Company, New York after George Z. Medalle, U. S. attorney, disclosed he had withheld prosecution of Joseph W. Harriman, former chairman of the bank, last December at the direction of the Department of Justice. Berlin City Suppl^J chased Only Frotti.!* erite Merchants s » ^v .. &t . HITLER MEN Ptf Boycott, Not Due Saturday b Step.,, Up Three D«^ci BERLIN, Germany-^ Germany's boycott 'of' Jews, although it does IB gin officially until AP' already nas begun to form. ' '' Wednesday morning the Bet-__ government ordered that front At 1st on, all supplies for murucip*l{P jects.and offices be purchased^ from Nationalist merchants. I Forty-eight Jewish shops, pu by Nazist (Nationalist) storm < were quickly closed by their • A number of other'Shops non-Jews, but on nwttejrl-.- from Jews, are also picketed.,,, Jewish professors are ».f«* from entering the classroom at the University of Wr "e Persecution Is Be^lui ^ BERLIN, Germany .-(ffHA t wide boycott against Jews Jo" Germany Tuesday night With tion of extensive detailed*} Adolf Hitler's Nazis to clamp < lid on all Jewish business i fessional activity at 10 a. m, j Unless the government P**-,--^ no phase of,-Jewish, life, judgmf.1 the proclamation- issued A atC N>« Socialist party ^headquarters^ii nich, wilf.be spared.^ '; ;• ^ Jewish m— 1 -—'- •»-*-«»« InC ICDUUiia* "•""•» -has increased, but the revenues House Debates Forest Bill I decreased. Rural • schools have been WASHINGTON.- W "0 hou- forced to retreat ,O icvican. Attacks Net Results ,of handling or usii money arc trustees, the president said.] .^^"pr^^ B -'^sfcjss£.^»K=-«". «* H=^>^ £-„ i^ bly - -J3S H&^-.M- 11 -" \^^^^^T^^'---^~''^^« n ^r,lp's Utoto maintenance supervisui. House MMUH.B' v _: n v,«. A :_^»;^, Rewrite . WASHINGTON.— vacy, the senate aj, tee Wednesday set a~, administration's swee bill. ""* ^ - ^g*} "" -' Jof tte •**=* -KJSL.'Bl-SfiASt. o,_»o, ; _,« r I ILlUa «*•« "" ~ ^ the entire system ot and now first vice iPoll Tax Books to Closejm June 15 Norwood Gi^s Requirements for Prohi Vote July 18 Unless . Wednesday, Bill Become Law i-uui Futrell up to 2 o ciui;* Wednesday afternoon had failed to veto the bill relieving his secretary DuVall Purkins and 75 other bondsmen of $43,000 liability in connection with the tax accounts of former Sheriff John C. Lee of Bradley county. Unless the governor acts before midnight Wednesday the bill will become a law without his signature.^ the Nazi pronunciamemo ,y«^"f« certain professions and eVen W '— ! — attendance^ ,Je! schools. '" •' f; boycott call i anti-German utterances x abroad ^ cooled down. 1 , «%* Release of the boycott annpxincgj ment at 9 Tuesday night mdicawg that the left, wing of the Nazis, Mflfe temporarily tr\umphed over'the wgX moderate wing °f Chancellor ffittey and Dr. Wilhelm Frick, ministeP« 5 interior. Ainong the Left leadenI art included Joseph Goebbels, propaganda.^ minister; Hermann Goermg, »iuitaU| without portfolio, and Hans £*%$ ?™^«*L^A?^j, Patmos to Stage . _ -m T« ' Court-Martial in England Convicts LY Friday Night| Brit i 8h I n terpret7Rernain J I ing Charges as Guilty 3-Act Comedy Will Be| School Counts I'tion July 18, Attorney General Norwood said Tuesday. assessments Wednesday aireruuwi ""'•"•""' ernor Futrell has completed his review of legislative bills, and either signed or vetoed all those on ' he expects to take action. Opinion in the capital city appears to be divided as to action, on the bill relieving Secretary Purkins, many expecting the governor to "let it ride becoming law without his signature, as many a preceding governor has done for members of his official fam- 11 On the other hand, strong pressure has been brought to hear on the gov- "Sporadic disorders reflecting '.antH, 1 ' ewish sentiment were reported If various parts of the country, upper Silesian town Jews were to close their scores and to v pay months' wages to their employes, . . •»••! ii_ £_1 J «afiY* RpT*llH_ StWv nonius wae c " "" "•— -LL'^v." •**„&,, At Bitterfeld, near Berlin, N»Ju r closed up Jewish market stalls A , dered their proprietors out,at-v town. . . Unidentified men swinging damaged a store at Neumuenstei opened after having been -„two weeks by the police. They drove school. of the court-i'»"*-»•— - . , ease of Lieut. Norman Baillie- to be reversed in Tuesday af- of -iiy^^s^^J!^"* 2 ^ 11 -^ D A. uraanam, jucomtin. «•• -•— —— Board of Education, and J B. Victor, state purchasing agent, both of ^ar- ot six stores of the ,,«—..-»--. -- - • I in various parts of Germany. It is understood that the Nazi stand against Jing for assessing Loftiest known el'ing 29,141 feet, r/vuruai ib uutug i sailed by land and air expeditions. First away to the task no one ! yet accomplished, though many lh have been lost in attempts, is the v of the land expedition headed b Hugh Ruttledge, a retired officer o Additional books this fund are to '33," to . rn^ved . War.en to Warren Eagle . The other seekers for the glory to' be first in the conquest, compose an air., expedition,., financed., by.. Lady Houston, England's "Lady Bountiful." II includes the Marquis of Clydesdale, member of parliament for East Renfrewshire; Air Commodore P. F. M. Fellowes, who is in charge as technical expert, and Flight Lieutenant Mclntyre. They are flying to their base in light planes. Two airplanes will be used, with the main base at Purnea, about 160 miles from Mount Everest. Longer is the task of the land party, which expects to reach the base camp north of Everest in April and have nearly two months to make is attack before the monsoon. This effort to scale the peak afoot, was formed by a joint committee of the Royal Geographical Society and the Alpine Club. WASHINGTON, Iowa.-(/P)-In the >+m-4ot-i t t-trt/^lr r\t 1*7£ .-,. mil.. I .-. C* penauy. ^ ,- - 25 "f ^ steals with a happy-go- toctor shall "coUect an additional ^ ,t» for failure to pay the tax: wun characters in the p ay: Ithe time prescribed by law un ^^^ a wl£e l es s hen-Gary the time is extended by executive ilamation. . . by Simon P. Chase, a humorous negro 1 - •" '•""" lied bv ' utler _ciement Broomfield. Buford B. Sawyer, a timid lawyer Milton Crews. . . Emily Jane Pink, a negro maid- Ruby Hubbard. . Sadie L. Boise, a widow by choice- Beatrice Formby. „„„„« Imogene McShone, the sweet young seven charges. Military custom, it has s learned, holds that Baillie- convicted on the seven counts he was not definitely, cleared. is MW u»v.—,., TJ^,. is contrary to American proc- 1 is overlooked, edure _ an d all American evening pa- days before his Tuesday regarded Bailhe-btewau I as exonerated, althugh actually he stood convicted on seven of ten charges, Oil Board Set Up WI-IL.& HOCK-(#)-An oil conservation board of five, with head quarters in the oil-producing counties, 'was created by an act signed Wednesday by Governor Futrell ^one with several others. , One of the latter acts reorganized the State Hospital for Nervous Diseases. ^ said the prig- naT Wool worth was e Jew. . Boycott demonstrations extenoea w i the officers of Jewish lawyers. At Vft-s . ribus places these lawyers were or, dered to pay off their employes and , close their doors. . „] On the initiative of the Na?i Physi- << cians Union, executives of German medical societies recommended to at^ ... .... m ember? < " 4nr>t ' ,1<<F J •M student body of 175 pupils i-i St. ' school here are eight In addition there are .11.UUC11I. UUUJ 1 UJ. lf\t ^JU^.11^ Mary's parochial school here are eight There's nothing to open a girl's eye$ pa i rs O f twins. T - —"!"— Irn .«.n»nl...tf ...nit f.".n. 1.HH tl -~1«» . .. ... piijjb ui iwuuj. in auuiLion mere are two other children who are twins, but whose sisters are not in the school. 'of a poll tax is required by male citizen, regardless of m the citizen desires to vote. charges. . . Bank Bandit Auto Found Abandoned mar A fore vote ii date otherw . to vote they 3y "laws governing time and for the payment of J^^.« 15 entitles an individual to y election held between that June 15, 1934 provided he is qualified, Mr. Norwood aid. bmlsiou I" Alabama MONTffoMERY. Ala.-(/P)-Over the objeoln of Gov. B. M. Miller, the Alabafc, legislature Tuesday told the peopletpf the state to decide whether to\i e tain the national prohibition laws! Acting spscdily after the governor vejped the measure calling for a prohiStion repeal convention, the legislatu» overwhelmingly passed it by moreUhan the bare majority required by lav- llllW&v.**'* —- — thing-Arlene Garrett. Walter M. Blair, a millionaire—Arnold Middlebrooks. Rosston Will Stage Minstrel Saturday "The Alabama Minstrels" a black- face entertainment, is to be Presented by Rosston Hish School in the auditorium at Rosston Saturday night "] I at 8 o'clock. The performance ,dve'rtised as "a democratic mter- of the Alabama ---" '" Car U?ed in the Springs Holdup Is Identified BBNTONVIt5rSk.-HMP)- A = t ° 1 en blood-stained automobile was identified here Wednesday by officeii, as that in which three men escaped an^r Ihe robbery of the Bratt State Bank, ^Tl^Tr waftf Sdoned near Springdale Wednesday. —Germany has says . 216 LTGreman travel bureau^. The spas were used by a million health seek- OT L 3» ^e income being estimat- HtK * **• »••*• ~~" / i Revoked by Disease LITTLE ROCK.- (/P) —The state plant board has cancelled psrnuls of p cabbage and onion plants into the state. ... The action was taken, Paul H. Millar chief inspector of the plant board, said, because the growers were found to be persistently shipping diseased and infetesd plant into Arkansas. Water Business Good MEMPHIS, Tenn.-0<P)-Business is always good with the Memphis artes- tan water department. The city-operated venture made a profit ol *««,816.62 last year. The department does not participate in distribution of tax money and is operated and niiuntain- ed entirely by revenue from water, all interest and sinktoK £uft ds also bei»$ cared for from this revenue. Ray Bradford, 17year-old negro, was held in jail at Washington Wednesday for theft of a cash register from a ne- gro pool hall on Front street. 8 Bradford took the empty cash register from the pool hall early Tuesday morning. Police recovered the day moriw e , , u __ HoUamon when register iruiu *j«*"«- -—the negro attempted to sell It. _ .^MP- • Too Cautious for War CANBERRA.-(^)-Thc federal nw istey has issued an order barring, married men from being recruited m the Royal Australian Air Force. U is fett that family men have less nerve than bachelors and are apt to be« toe|0j£ tious for the development of a young aU force. ^oUxer uwwteaUw^ the relatives of married led or injured in a"" 1 ' for compensation

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