Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 31, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 31, 1943
Page 4
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' n »tY»'<y i! »i'M* W&*" * PP^^^^g^^--^gKg, | «^^<^-^-».'"^'^-::^--^" i -.-^^ , i - Jki**ml im* 'ftfltei ilay Prove Great Disasferjorwazi • ••• ^r -^^^ ^^^ ^^M'^^r , f / T - * — i • ' '"• " '"" • n M • I. " _ ^ i i j^ _ .^ ^ ______J5E-— — —•— •'- i . ^... w««tiiMat<iit Brothers \nm MeKillli tenzie Editorial Comment «W«n Tbdoy dnd Movtd by Telegraph •r Coble. Classified Adi mu»t be In office day befort publication. All Want Ads cosh In °*ra" et ' Not token over th« Phone. word, minimum J0« «««•»*« wort, ,,,. frU month—tic word, mlnmlum $J.70 otes ore for continuous insertions only THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." For Sole WOOD FOR SALE. PRYE Press War Analyst iaiheispectacular surge of the Red Arrajlmest of Kiev, now beginning to»*^ang-In, flanking- movements notihjand south, and the apparent collapse ot the German line may tofi^ja Nazi disaster of staggering proportions. ."Theyhave not yet produced such a disaster, and it would be a little premature io assume that the war vrtll^W over next week because ol the'Sbxilliant success of General VifuWs Ukrainian Army. It may vetttfevelop that the line he has "smashed was not the main German terete',. t?appears ,to have happened at: the Russian offensive came PHONE 221. 14-lmo.c. 80 ACRE FARM ON COLUMBUS road. Good improvements. Apply Alma M. Robbins, Mouat Valley, Arkansas, 23-12tp 140 ACRE FARM, ONE HOUSE, barn, good pasture, one-half mile from city limits, on good road and highway, Prlce»$20 per acre. Ark. Floyd Porterfield, Hope, 24-6tc Unusual Football Season to End New Years Day By HAROLD CLAASSEN New York, Dec. 31 (/P)— A football season that saw a waterboy actually score points ends tomorrow in a lineup of bowl games in which a team that hasn't played 'or nine weeks is the 3 to 1 favorite in the Rose Bowl. That's only one oddity In a program that is expected to lure some 340,000 spectators out into the fresh air New Year's Day and has two pairs of elevens meeting for a second time this season, the Oil Bowl making its debut at Houston, Tex., and five teams giving all their receipts to charity. Washington, orphaned member of the Northwest Pacific coast setup, SPORTS BODNDDP Associated Press Sports/Columnist New York, Dec. 31 -W- The Yankees suffered their biggest loss since the departure of Joe glo when Charlie Keller entered the maritime service yesterday . . . • The figures prove It; although King Kong hit only .271, he knocked in runs and hit into only seven in- 86 field double plays When the llClU WWMVf**. *""•> ~ ' • , « Kentucky basketball team started east for last night's game against St. John's, the players had to ride in the baggage cnr from Lexington Ky., to Cincinnati . Wright is successful fights in Panama (he finally got plane space and is due there to day), Manager Eddie Walker will book him for three more in Peru at the same price, $10,000. If Chalky In his three a..*** !••*» rW Washington Brotntfi Bums Just One *** Big Happy Family Again back next fall playing with the foot ball Giants, who signed him up after he played four years at Ouch- ita College ... Bob Keneflck of the U.'S. Trotting Association send! word that harness racing stil draws huge crowds In Moscow with plenty of rubles passing though the mutuel .Windows . . .When the Tulsa football team had a little trouble getting breakfast the day it reached New Orleans, Joe David, San Corenswet and other Sugar By SID FEDER New York, Dec. 31 being the season o( the year man and his fellow-man to chummy their beer — Mitt in Letters have been received by Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Boyce, of Washington, Rt. 1, that their two sons, S«t. Van C. Boyce who has been in England .18 months and Pvt • Thomas D. Boyce who has been in —(/P)— This I England two months, accidentally for get, •' what Sam McKamie Is Killed in , Italy Fighting Snm M. •McKamie of Route I Fulton, Arkansas, received yestf today. Is a pleasure to report the Dodgers are one big happy family again The dove of peace brought the Bowl officials turned waiters to provide it.. cooks and Elni. Phone 459. PECANS, 404 South 27-6tpd. ONE 1938 CHEVROLET SEDAN. Good rubber. See J. L. Brown at Jesse's Lunch Stand. 28-6tp kthe« Germans were entirely Iff i6r" It;*" in* greater force .«_^,.hey "expected, and before the withdrawal ol the bulk of German troops'* from the Dnieper bend qpukb.be completed. 1 !flu»t2withdrawal may never be completed now, since the capture " " atin and the encirclement of ke.one pi the two i out of the area; but th£r«'>is every reason to believe th'atLthe withdrawal was well start- Sj-ap&fan.estimate of the number dtf Herman troops left there would . Wtfstrictiy a guess. 1'Affbne time, the Germans had a&ura*50,000 wounded soldiers in hospitals there, and huge numbers ofccombat troops. One guess is that, UjthfeBed Army offensive carries below Berdichev through Zhmerin- 5fa>to-the Bessarabian border, the Germans might lose as many as A S! 20 divisions by that flanking en•'•"~ velopment, would be lucky to lose a^iew'as 100,000 combat men. The ' sizefo£the transportation problem I involved in a withdrawal is indicat- & bf'the estimate that it would take'75 trains of 50 cars each a week&to take out the wounded JThe"'Nazi counterattacks in the .KieVpWiegion have been called a counteroffensive, and termed one ~ ' ?orst tactical blunders the Ihigh command has made arse of the war. If they a counteroffensive aimed 150 MULES, MARES, SADDLE horses, jacks, stallions and Shetland ponies. All stock guaranteed. Free truck delivery. At same location for 30 years. Windle Bros. 516 West Broad., Texarkana, Texas. 30-3mc SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY, sell, or trade furniture. The best place in town to buy furniture. Ideal Furniture Store. 31-lmp Services Offered ALARM CLOCKS AND STRIKING clocks cleaned and fixed. Prompt service and a reasonable price C. C; Otwell, 523 W. Ave. D 29-6tp then went into a nine-week hibernation. The Trojans of Southern California, six times a Rose Bowl winner, offer the opposition. Some 96,000 fans have tickets and $45,000 will be skimmed from the gross receipts for war charities. All the monies, above expenses at he East-West game in San Francisco and the Sun,Bowl contest at El Paso, Tex., involving New Mex- co and Southwestern of Texas, also will be spent; the same way. In addition, Randolph Field's Fliers will contribute their cut of the Cotton Bowl purse to the Army Air Forces Aid Society. The Filers, by statistics the best passing team In the country because of Quarterdack Glenn Dobbs presence, will oppose the Longhorns of Texas For Rent The Right Place In his high school days at Dedham. Mass. A few years ago, Sgt. Leonard O'Brien was twice picked for All-Eastern Massachuetts hockey honors . . . Then he enlisted in the army air corps and his Flying Fortress was brought down over Europe . . . Now a prisoner in Germany, Leonard couldn't be on hand to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters he had earned ... His mother, Mrs. Mabel T O'Brien, was chosen to receive the medals for him and'when army officials asked her where the presentation should be made, she chose the ice of the Boston arena between the periods of the Dedham-Hudson hockey game days ago. Today's Guest Star •Lev" Patcrson (N. J.) Morning Call: "The best pitching that was .erved up at Wrlgley Field this season came from the arm of fata Luckman. The Chicago Bears got that kind of pitching and wound up with the professional football Cham- Callfornla cattle farm by air mail today, pulling the fuse out of the last firecracker left from last summer's player strike and leaving the Daffinoss Boys as palsy-walsy as you please for 1944. It didn't take much to put on the big kiss-and-makc-up scene — just a letter from Arky to Proxy Branch Rickey of the Bums. In It the shortstop, who went on strike because Durocher _ r . admitted ! frankly there was no place to play | | the mess hall from me. I was never so surprised in my life. ' are both in the A.A.F. and B d on the same field some| where in England. Oil and Gas LaFayette County, Arkansas. Prepared by Mrs. Eunice Trlp> lett, Lewisvlllc, Arkansas. Royalty Deed: Dated March 28, 7/250 interest. 1942; filed Dec. me to express his deep rcgrcU Sot your son, Private First ClasS Harlnn C. McKamic, was: k«J In action In defense of his countt* on December 9 in Italy. Harlnn McKamie entered Army Mnrch 4, 1042 He Is survived v his mother, Nettie Kamic, his father, Kamie, and seven S Pfc.' McKamic's death was reported through Hope Chamberpot Commerce, where the senior Me- Kumic took the government tele- I ;—N'/4 and 15 S. ,. i pionshlp. The Chicago Cubs did not faut BrooWyn _ j or him. up behind the eight ball Service Dept. Major Billy Southworth, Jr., son £ the Cards' manager, again is iloting his plane over France and Germany after a "rest" as an op- ration' executive in England . . . Man Bites Dog Dgpt.: Seaman l-t, C L. Calcag I, better known to ight fans as Cal Cagnl. the middle- uiuiiatiiK* ***** "" CT r • j I IJUk *jiuuo.ij»» . •*'••» ....... get that kind o£ ptiching and wound I " And the trouble we had last summer, to me, is forgiven and for eotten " he even went so far as to Slr.-^" - ~isr2!£5£.sxs; Rgc. 25 West. Mineral Deed: l/16th interest Dated Dec. 11, 1937; filed Dec. 10 1943. T. A. Howe and wife to R. H SEV4 of Sec. 34 few University, who Idaho WORKING COUPLE OR TWO settled ladies to share home. Call 660. 7 ' tf SMALL APARTMENT FOR couple. Close in. Telephone 66. 31-3tc Wonted to Rent FIVE OR SIX-ROOM HOUSE. Prefer Ward 1 or 2. Employed in city. Reasonably permanent. No small children. Reference. Call Hope Star. 2-tfdn. Lost have the best pass defensive outfit. That clash will have an audience of 35,000. Coach Bernie Moore of Louisiana State and bald Homer Norton of Texas A & M are interrupting their mutual admiration society long enough to replay their Oct. 9 clash in Miami's Orange Bowl. In the first struggle, the Texas Kaydets triumphed, 28 to 13.' Tulsa's. unbeaten 4 T F's are betting underdogs in the Sugar Bowl classic with thrice-beaten Georgia Tech, all because it is believed the engineer's Eddi Prokop can . do more things better than the entire bevy of Oklahoma ball carriers. While the Oil Bowl is a newcomer, introductors won't be needed for the players. Arkansas A and M and Southwestern Louisiana Institute blocked and tackled to a 2020 deadlock in mid-season. One-Minute Sport.. Pages Mike Ryan, University of track coach, corresponds- with 35( former Idaho athletes In the armed forces. His six sons all are in the services and two of them wer leading the attack .on. Makm island Lou Nichols, who played for ward for the Arkansas basketbal feels the same.. To most of the bewildered ob-! servers in these parts, ready as 1 they are for anything in Brook- . ., Mineral Deed: 2.1/320ths Intcres (2.1 mineral acres). Dated Nov. • 1943; filed Dec. 17, Critcs and wife to 1943. C. William tho ived Bell Mo Sam M. Mrt brothers ah{j> gram. It was only four days December 27, that The Star puW ok(} lishcd a government press rfl lease announcing McKamic's pr motion to Private first class ' v serving iri Italy. h sent his ex-manager, Al Welll : a $25 war bond for a weight; Christmas gift. Cal. is with a shore patrol- 1 outfit at Jacksonyl le Fla. Recent arrivals at the New Orleans Naval Armed Guard Cen- sa[d he wouWn 't p i a y for Brooklyn ter awaiting assignment as conv | a galn if'Durochcr was boss, manders of merchant ship gun And when The! Lip started lyn this was almost as expected as Cries ana w«c io --- • Lefty Gomez hitting a homer with I Horner-S'A of Sec. 7, iwp. is a., the bases loaded — or maybe that is stretching a point. It is no secret that Leo the Lip and agile Arky were slightly less pally than ham and eggs last summer. In fact, the report Was that when the season ended, Arky was supposed to have crews, include Lieut (jg) Donald _______ Murchison and Ens. Paul who should make out all LaHue, right if captained torpedoed. Murchison the 1939 Southern Calica fornia .Water polo team and LaHue was ai -swimming star at Indiana U and spent five summers as a life guard instructor and examiner. Market Report his quiz program a 'few weeks back by saying there svas only one man on the club he couldn't get along with, Arky's name was the answer that came up most.'" But Vaughan's letter was full of the old Christmas cheer, and he wound up by expressing hope this olive branch he , was delivering would "clear up any trouble" from last year. Rgc. 23 West. Assignment of Oil and Gas Lease: Dated Aug. 1, 1943; filed Dec. 17, 1943. Magnolia Petroleum Company to Barnsdall Oil Company.—Lease dated April 20, 1937 covering the NEVi of NW% of Sec. 11, Twp. 15 S., | Rge. 24 West. Assignment of Oil and Gas Lease: M. E. Wakeficld to Barnsdall Company. Dated Aug. -1, 1943; filed Doc. 17, 1943. Lease dated June 25, Cotton Ginning to Dec. 13 Is 13,493 Up to December 13, 13,493 balas of cotton were ginned In Hcmpf* stcnd county from the crop of 10«i ns compared with 13,328 bales far the crop of 1942, according llo George- Wylic, special agent • 61- the Department of Commerce. ;,• Fights Lost Night By The Associated Press ; ' Fall River. Mass - Whltcyshaw, 143, Taunfon, Mass, outpointed Q. car Suggs, 145, Newport, R. I. Philadelphia - N ck ec . , 1941, from Ruth Darnell, et al., to 20, Philadelphia outpolntcc Gene Goff,.covering the SVfe of NE'X. Wilson, 200, Philadelphia. (8) of Sec. 14, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 Wcst. Assignment of Oil and Gas Lease: Dated Sept. 18, 1943; filed Dec. 17, Sports Mirror ST LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., Dec. 31 (/P) —Hogs, 8,500; active; 170 Ibs up steady to strong; ligher weights mostly steady; spots 10 lower; top and bulk good and choice 200-dUU Ibs 13.70 heavier weights scarce; 170-190 Ibs 13.00-50; 140-160 Ibs [1175-12.75; 120-140 Ibs 10.75-11.75; ®- to,, , of Kiev, blunder would Setheproper term. There has been repeated evidence, however, that tne*rw&e limited counterattacks, | aim«P*at kpeping the railroads opentlthrough Kazatin-Berdichev- Korasten to facilitate the withdraw- arSbm'the Dnieper bend, and as suchjjthey made the best kind of tactical 'sense. ~=£plunder was in ever trying •the Dnieper as a winter iand Hitler and his generals )rted to have disagreed over that. In recent weeks have enlarged their control-over military operations, e'gun what they'Wanted to do place withdraw tHi^Biga-Odessa line. •"IBut.because the withdrawal was -***•---' an d because the y ,l,ine of ; forces they left as a rear- Buard wa&inot strong enough to .*>»««, .^aws-..., ghty Red Armies through, the Ger- EJ-may" have to check off a ^Irreplaceable combat divi ?at 'a time when they are ^craping the bottom of the man- 'power barrel, and facing anothei •^ r __-,_L •_ Yir.»««»n Europe. WHITE FEMALE POINTER, AND brown spotted male setter. Return to S. C. Bundy. Phone 888. Liberal reward. 29-3tpd BAY FILLY COLT, 2 YEARS OLD. Bay horse colt, 1 year old, black mule with white nose, 3 years old. Notify J. A. Ellis, Prescott, Ark. Route 6. 30-3tp Lost, Strayed or Stolen GOLD LOCKET. AND CHAIN. Initials SAA on back .Reward return tt>_v,on AAve O., < v - TWO HORSES, O;NEJWHITE; ONE spotted, weighM?Op;?One blue mare mule.^tftl^Jre around neck. One bla,c^:Hprse mule with stocking leg. JOrie' black mule. Notify' Button Sale Barn, Hope, for Reward. i .-•.,..; 27 ' 6t P d Wonted lighter weights ranging down to 800; sows 12.0-12.10; mostly 12.05; stags.'12.00 down clearance com P Cattle, 1,200; calves, 300; hardly enough on sale to make a market- mostly about steady in dull cleanup trade; odd lots common and med ium steers and heifers 9.50-12.50 common and medium beef cow corn good and choice vealers 15.00;, medium its best year since 1938 with slight- y mixed tendencies due to profit taking on Thursday's broad rally. Tomorrow's holiday, when the nation's major exchanges will recess, caused the trimming of commitments here and there as protection against possible big war de- Found AT OUR OFFICE AT SOUTH ELM and 16th St. a small white dog. Call 24 or 924 if you have lost a dog. Will return to owner upon describing dog and paying for this ad. M. S. Bates. 29-3tc WANT IMMEDIATELY. SMALL farm, suitable for chickens, truck, pasture, . good improvements, electricity, ; hands, any high school. Cash deal. Write Box, Malvern, Ark. •. ' 3Q^f 7.75-10.00; bulls-scarce; few mpn and medium 8.50-9.75; and choice vealers 15.00;, rn^v..™. and good 12.50-13..75; coWslkeceirits approximately 40 per cent;- nominal range slaughter steers > 9.7516.00; slaughter heifers 9.00- 15.50; stocHer and feeder steers 8.00-13.25. *!»« 1 '- 000: - recel ?. ts J. ncl H?f.?!J! jjWe-deck of yearlings; balance *ii_—j t« i«*TnKc- on/1 <*u/f*«i* mark* tC*- vtwi* ".&****• . j jyi velopments over the week-end. Tax sales for "cash"'sti}! were plentiful but less than in the preceding session. Investment demand remained as a bolstering influence for mdl- vidual issues. The list churned at a fast rate at intervals, although there were slow-downs. Irregulair- ty prevailed at the close. Volume again was around 1,000,000 shares, NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans,- 'pe^ J&-JH/P)—Lasf minute year fend I^fe liquidation left the 'cotton' iftarket barely steady 55 to 90 cents a bale lower at the 1943 close here today . Mch high 19.88 — low 19.71 — close 19.71-76 o ff!8 1943. Southwood Oil Company to Barnsdall Company — Lease dated June 25. 1941, from Ruth Darnell, MM ' ' B , ,, et al. .to Gene Goff. covering the Personal rucked-in lambs and ewes; i not v established. Notice PERMANENT WAVE, 59C.I;, DO your own permanent with.Chjirm- Kurl Kit. Complete equipment, including 40 curlers and shampoo. Easy to do, absolutely harmless. Praised by thousands including Fay McKenzie, glamorous movie star. Money refunded if not satisfied. Morgan & Luidsey. 29-3tp GIVE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPT- ions. Not rationed yet. New or renewal subscriptions on any magazine. See Chas. Reynerson at City Hall. >,' . Paris Is Hit (Continued Brom Page One) which returned in an hour. Another great force went out between Folkestone and Dungeness heading toward the French coast with numerous squadrons of fighters flying top cover. The Fortresses and Liberators with their fighting escorts shot down 23 Nazi planes in their daylight forays yesterday which followed the RAF's 2,240-ton blockbusting of Berlin on Wednesday night. • , In return the Germans stabed only light at Southeast England last night, causing slight damage at one place but no casualties. Later, the Berlin radio confirmed reports Ludwigshafen, and Marin- hein, her ' twin industrial city across the Rhine, river,, were the targets of yeiter^.yiB^-h American assault. . Berlin's report, which tcrmec the operation a "terror attack," claimed 39 aircraft were shot down. • By The Associated Prest Today A Year Ago — N.C.A.Ai urges Army and Navy to pcrm.it -- „ ,- _ ,, c , men assigned to colleges to particl- of NE'/ 4 of Sec. 14, Twp. 15 S., Jn i ntcrco n 0 gi a tc athletics, en- Rge. 24 Wcst. ..,..,.. taring the one-year residence rule Assignment of Oil and Gas Lease: ' lt - b • -• - — Dated July 16, 1943; filed Dec. 15, 1943. V. V. Bull to Kcrlyn Oil Company. Lease from W. A. Long and wife dated July 16, 1943 covering the NWy< of NEV 4 o Sec. 19, Twp. 19 S., Rgc. 24 West. Assignment of Oil and Gas Lease: Dated July 14, 1943; filed Dec. 15, 1943. V. V. Bull to Kerlyn Oil Com pany. Lease from Hortense Ham- itcr -dated July 12, 1943, covering > r Three Years'Ago — Jim AvcrtA Chicago, wins National Junior Tcff* nis Crown, beating Dick Bender, Princeton. Five Years Ago — Wallace Butts named head football coach a Georgia, succeeding Joel Hunt; the NWVi of NEV 4 of Sec. 19, Twp. | Dated July 19 S.,-Rge. 24 West. Oil and Gas Lease Assignment: Dated July 16, 1943; filed Dec. 15, 1943. V. V. Bull to Kerlyn Oil Company. Lease from D. A. Bookstaff and wife to V. V. Bull dated 7/16/43 covering the NWM of,NE'/ 4 of Sec, 19, Twp. 19 S., Rge. 2OWest. -, , Assignment of Oil and Gas Lease? 1943; filed Doq. 15, 1943. V. V. Bull to Kcrlyn Oil Corftj pany. Lease from J. M. Barker arid wife, and R. P. King and wife llo V V. Bull dated July 9, 1943 covering the NW'/4 of SW'A of Sec. 8, Twp. 19 S., Rge. 24 West. a 30-lmc ronchitis ^.Jtaden phlegm, and. aid nature *Spt&e anTheal raw, tender. In. :^Zi bronchial mucous mem* , Tejl your druggist to sell you > of Creomulston.with the un. idjng you must like the way }t allays the cough or you are _. __.j your money back. 1.REOMULSION Salesman Wanted YOU CAN BUY U. S. APPROVED chicks with confidenpe. Hatched in our own plant. Will make deliveries, starting January 7. Gunter Hatchery. Phone 623. 23-6tp A ONE-EYED, BLACK JERSEY cow has been taken up. Apply Hope Police Department. 28-3tc_ WANTED - RELIABLE MAN QR -woman to succeed Emett Turnage as Dealer in Hempstead County. About 2500 families. Experience not necessary. A fine opportunity to step'into old profitable business where Rawleigh Products have been sold for over 25 years. Neighboring Dealer Boyett making sales over $75 weekly. Big profits. Products furnished on credit. Write Rawleigh's Dept. AKL-118-162, Memphis, Tenn. 30-2tp SPECIAL! MATTRESSES RE- made, 3.95 up.' Will receive old furniture as payment. Phone 152. Hope Mattress Co. Hazel. Legal Notice South 29-lmp "We Can't Hold Down Production Because Of Illness..," There's a big job of backing up our armed forces, and we can't afford to let illness stand in our way. Keep well and stay on job. That's YOUR duty in entif ica WARD NOTICE OF SPECIAL SCHOOL ELECTION NOTICE OF\ SPECIAL SCHOOL ELECTION. TO VOTE ON QUESTION OF DISSOLVING THE STAMPS SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT AND McKAMIE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 5 AND FORMING A SINGLE NEW SCHOOL DISTRICT OUT OF THE AREA OF THE TWO DISTRICTS TO BE NAMED STAMPS SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT. Notice is hereby given that in pursuance to an order of the County Board of Education of Nevada a ^ tia ^ County, Arkansas an election will t today> be held at the old school house at Falcon in Nevada County, Arkansas between the hours of 2 o'clock and 6-30 o'clock in the afternoon on January 8, 1944 for the purpose of voting on the question of dissolving the Stamps Special School District, located in Lafayette and Nevada Counties, Arkansas, and McKamie School District No. 5, located in Lafayette and Columbia Counties Ark., and forming a single new School District out of the area anc territory now comprising each o said School Districts, to be named and known as the Stamps Special School District. Given under my hand on this lotn day of December, 1943. BASIL H. MUNN, County Supervisor, Nevada County. Dec. 24, 31, 184.3, and Jan. 7, 1944. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, Dec, 31 — (IF)— A heavy buying movement upon the part of mills pushed all wheat con tracts into new seasonal high territory today, gains extending to more than 3 cents a bushel in the September delivery at one time. [t was the sharpest daily advance hi'many months. Other grains drew strength from the action of. the bread cereal. All rye deliveries hit new peaks for the season on buying coming mainly from commission houses. Oats and barley were strong. Offerings in all pits were light, although some profit taking came into wheat around $1.7.0 for the May delivery. Final prices were about a cen under ( the day's highs. Wheat closed 1 3-8—2 3-8 higher, May $.1.69 5-8—3-4, oats were up 1-8—1-2 May 78 1-2, rye was ahead 3-8— 1 3-8, May $1.27 14—3-8, and barley was up 1 cent, May $1.22 3-4. Cash wheat none. Corn sample grade yellow 75 1-2. Barley, malt- May high 19.62 — low 19.52 — close 19.52-53 off 1 Jly high 19.36 — low 19.24 — close 19.24-26 off 11 Oct high 18.92 — low 18.81 — close 18.81 off 13 Dec high 18.76 — low 18.71 — close 18.71 off 13 Spot cotton closed quiet 75 cents bale low retoday. Sales 267 ,low middlign 16.19, middling 19.59, good middling 20.04, receipts 2,978. Stocks 177,673. We can never be certain of our .courage until we, have faced danger.—La Rouchefoucguld. Punishment by.'pillory was generally abolished in 4837. Eat Siippir With Us 'Feature -Nightly—-<*».«.. • Select Oysters • Fried Chicken Choree Steaks' • Fried Potatoes and Salad CHECKERED CAFE It's Safe to Be Hungry THE OU> JVDGE SAYS Deaths Lost Night DEATHS LAST NIGHT Glandale, Calif. Zandt Bosworth, 76, Dean ing 1.22 1-2—1.44 1-2 nom.; feed 1.15 1-2—1.22 1-2 nom. No. 2 malt-" ing 1.40 nom. Field seed per 100 By .The Associated Press Hobart Van Zandt Bosworth — Hobart Van of the Hollywood Movie Industry, a writ er director and actor who appeared in more than 500 pictures A native of Marietta, O., he once was a: stage star on Broadway. M. F. Cunningham Washington—M. F. Cunningham, 84 former Idaho stale senator, known' as dean of Idaho newspaper editors and recently Wash- in oinn 1 correspondent of the Lewis- Ibs timothy 5.75-6.00 nom.; red top | — 14.00-15.00 nom.; red clover 31.50 nom.; sweet clover 10.50 nom. a> «<P"NEW YORK COTTON New Year, Dec. 31 — (/P)— Yearend liqudiation representing nervous selling influenced by the favorable war news, developed a reactionary trend in the cotton mark- Late values were 30 to 40 cents bale lower, Mch 19.68 .May 19.37 ! and Jly 19.13. Futures closed 35 to 60 cents a | bale lower. . Mch high 19.75 low 19.66 — last 19.66 off 9 ' , , May high 19.45 — low 19.35 — last 19.35-37 off 10 Jly high 19.19 — low 19.07 - last 19.07 off 12 Oct (new; , . , high 18.92 - low 18.80 - last] 18.83 off. 8 3ec (new) , . i high 18.81 - low 18.72 - last I 18.71N off 7 Middling spot 20.52N, off 9. N-nominal. ington' correspondent ton, Idaho, morning tribune. .A Sinclair Uwit' latest Best-Seller Another American novt full of characters you'll recogniw •ltd i problem you • houN know about! ft NEW YORK STOCKS New York, Dec, 31 (P)~ The stock market today stepped out <JJ' Starts Mondoy, January 3 in Hope Star "The men overseas don't mince any words about the way th/y want to find this country when they come marching home... ftQ they, Judge?" ' "They certainly don't, Herb...and they ,BhM4n,'t. They're doing a masterful job fighting over there to protect our rights and they have good license to expect us to pro- tecit theirs back here at home. One thing 'tijey're mighty clear on is their stanci on prohibitjpn." "I saw in the paper just the other day the results of a poll taken among American service men in England by the British Jnstii tute of Public Opinion, They asked hundreds of men point blank how they would vote 911 prohibition. 85% of them stated, in unmis» takable terms, that they would vote Vgainst it. There's no doubt about it, Herb ...the men overseas don't want any action taken on that subject while they're away.' 1 "And they're 100% right, Judge, because I know how J felt when J came home after the last war—only to learn that we had been over there fighting for so^mpractical 9 thing as Prohibition." Advertisement This advertisement sponsored by Conference of Alcoholic Beeera^ Inbuilt if i, Inf. (' t

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