Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 31, 1943 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 31, 1943
Page 3
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:u^^^^^^^» i^" iKttT^^^ WtflHnBIIMvt South Wtilmii ^ mdtt*f at M«aMdft«s>.M «elu«vfcly wrtlttodI o »tM fof t«0tifalW*tlon ol oil new* ««s- th« iritdHed to It or not otherwise Sited Ifi th» paper ond also the tocoi t published txarelrt. Ov«r T0lcy« < ,MJ D*ltt««,_li»t.' »«»ri*NI>««f*»-' M«»W*W<,.'« Wr- 400 North Mteh- iroir, prticn.. 4044. TT. GfQnd Blvd.; a Cilv, 41* Terminal IBdg.: Nfiw 7i2 Union St.. ^4S^^^fcr^i«Modiion i.; Betroit, Mteh., 2841 W. "I'm tellln* ya, if ya dorft let me go I'll be late for choir practJcel" "The' first electrically propelled ship of the U. S..Navy was the Langley. SIDE GLANCES By Galbrath I The Jap* stayed where they were. T^HE SIX JAPANESE pursuit ships were flying well J. above us in close formation. They were ugly black fighters. We watched them, waiting for them to dive, and hoped that if they did so that our extremely low altitude would cause enough of them to: crash before they could pull out. But the Japs stayed where they were, and we were in no mood to go up and fight them. _ _ • There was the gas to consider. All our auxiliary gas was gone now. We were starting on our wing tanks. We bored along our course through the long afternoon, all of us under considerable strain. Clever crawled up The weather wo* going bad. from.his bombardier's place and climbed into our com* partmeht. .. "Were you scared?" he nsked me. I told him I sure was. 1 guejs~\ve all wanted to be together now. We jmoked a cigarette and talked as best we could, and tried not to •notice- that the weather was going bad. Local showers splattered our windshields. Finding Choo Chow Lishui, without radio guidance, would be a tough job in ideal weather. Now it was beginning to be a terrific task. It got more and more nerve-wracking, flying blindly through I stayed low ... clouds and squalls and hoping I'd sec the islands in time to pull up. There were two courses open now. I could continue what I was doing and stay low, looking for some landing point, or I could climb, trying to get above the storm and fly due West on instruments until the wing tanks gave out. Then" jump. That latter course meant losing the plane. It meant too much to me. So 1 stayed low. Finally iMcClure said, "I don't think we'll over find anything this way." That made up my milid. 1 nfiulc three big circles, gaining altitude. At 500 feet we suddenly ran Drawings copyright. 1941. by Klnit Features Syndicate. Inc. Text cnnvrlitht 104.1. bv Random Hou«e, Inc. A Hook-of-thc-Montli Club Bclccllnn.. "Boys," I said, "we're going down." into a clear h6lc in the weather. Davenport yelled and pointed down. There directly below us was a clean, convex beach. The tiling to do, 1 decided, was sec if I could get dowa on the beach. I dropped low and .dragged the beach, inspecting it. It looked firm enough to support that touchy noSe wheel of ours. And there were no logs to lip us over. So 1 spoko into the inter-phone: "Boys, we're going down ..." (Continued tomorrow) 0 H-31 \\ } «.l'-'I kept my resolutions to give up golf and fishing.during IP 1943—now I'm looking over your bills to find out where ^ the money we saved went 1" FUNNY BUSINESS By Hcrshbergeir OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ^ /^^^'^^^ ,' f--~:~ .,..-> ..^.. i .- fefa^K^^ '^..eV... ...vo \\ I /r^..-r /--E-r V /.>..-.. . B nntA / uer .= etje * A.V.T A I "My buddy's been reading 'The Charge of the Light Brigade 1 1" The Skipper's Going, Too By Leslie Turnei ^MMlSXttACTW. Wf MUST NOT 6IVE V MOS<JUIT£ Y6OOO...OH, CCIONEL BSILL PROMISEP HE'P PO IT IRRE6ULAB \ HIS BEST TO 6ET CAPTAIN EASV OUT FORANA-2 \OF<SERMAN/, AND THE COLONEt ^ VWN'T THIMK IT'6 tCBEfiULAR FOR OFFICER TO I AM Of FICER TO KEEP HIS WORD*. ACCOMPANV MAIS5IONOF WS> SORT? B ivmfrt? \ •*«WIWT« f»* i«i*a* wi ww*. w m— ^^»*..— * T; —* W-H/WB \THiM Wt TIME NECESSARY to / BOWSER CREWS \JUST A MINUTE, BLACK W*OOW" I^WK \ I»1W*» ir^ iiiwfc rv^wtoMvi ••» i» / KW- — — — — -— !_;_. , 1 « iDUP \IEA»» FROM THAT BE«BPIN6( ABE ASSEWSUW6 lUEUTENAMT... ROLLED OUT ON HE UHE FOR ME. I'M 60IN6 ALON6 OM THIS RAID! WWC-H TAR&ET WE ABC 1 W THE BBIE7IM6 ROOM.COLONEL BRILL USKP TH' SKETCH •/' 4U4-RMW fj- * Getting Warmer Bv Fred Harmon ^ACCORD)!*' "E3 THIS . RECEIPT YOU SIGrJ&P,) "1 GAVE YOU TH' ' VOROfOG E11PRE5S fAQK/vse^RYJieRr THAV5ODD-1 HAVE 1 AXLE GREASE .' '^ &UT YOU SAY Y&LLOVO SPOT _ »AY FACE /VOT .. AXL.E 0REASE > v AND ^E \ / &RADY , Tr\ 6OT-UIA IT \ f GETTIN' AM OUTA YOURU IDEA- 1 COME AXLE //SEE IF TH' ("AN WE HAVE IN JAIL. OTHER RECE.IPT, ^w /2-5/I WErO COME \-OOKr\1HI5 PARTisJER- 1 ' Btw*. »r«l Her Happy Nev/ Year By Idaor Martin mil® W : fe-/J)f i_ -« * I CJTT 10 Y*\ *lv 4 »^ A Bmpiiflpilp She Should Also Do That to His Shoes iy Chic Younf =OFMV * -', IS I FOUMP rr. UPSTAIRS-MOW, ewe, ME THE- ) OTHER 1 OWf « ""-tir vou 4 CAN'T LOSE THEM 'SONG \i>—t ASAISJ THERE-ISEWEP WITH A PRETTY PIMKt?IBBOM LIKE < N IZ-3> AWATSTHEMATTEF?? DIP LITTLE KITTENS LOSE HIS MITTEMS ? STILL HN3 \ SELL9. AN' J: S'' , CO/VVES WERE FOR iTeLLHlML^NMN ....... LOO\<\M 3% TH= PAPERS AMD SEE IP A tAR BOM.P6D fAE: LAW MlfertT/- 4 -^ L5NA .' VJUAT OCCURRED AFTER X M.E.T TH£ F\^Je ACROB/XTS AMD « » CORPS.TOO/ 1p HERS SHECA.SVT \ WELL, LEMME PUT THESE MEW EMERY WHEELS OW- THEM VOU CAN GO OM WID VOUR STALLIM'--I'M IMT 1 RESTED IN MY WORK. DOM'T GET IK1 A BIG RUSH--CAM'T VOU SEE I'M THIS MACHINE ? GET AWV WORK DOME BECAUSE / \ OF MAINTEWA.IVJCE \ '- NAEN--AKV NO VvCRK \ DOME AT HOME '•) BECAUSE SHE ' GET A. NAAM OR PLUMBER/ THE MIWUTE MEN t* 1 Donald Duck Rugged Individual By Walt Disney tv'»«. *» """I *«****• W«U Wjbu lUuiv*; H C^LO HKE! WE'RS MAKlMS IT HOT FOR THENN OVEKT THERE; / ^ppy« "You Can't Lose!" POPEVe, 16HOULO SEND VOU TO dAIL 60UJASHOFFTHAT PAINTED EVE, SAPS. VOU 4QTO JAll-]_foH ( ^OOM'T IOORRV, UJE'U KEEPOHTOS5IM* UMTIL\T COMES OUT CHOW'S ABOUT TAII^?V- YOU 60 TO JAPAr AHey OOP The Map-Maekr By V. T. Hamlin IT WAS.' A MEAL MV BELT WAS JUST WHAT I'VE BEEN NEEPIN'. _, _£SSEE-PEIN'OOTSIDE NOW FORTH rS -^JH 1 CITV WALL?, I'LL •ROBtEM OF 6ETTW6),PO A BIT OF FIS- BWX T 1 WHERE T 76ERIW' WITH A STARTED FROM.' ASTICK IN TH r^s^A >«"•''-• -j j i- ~ ^ /2-a/ REMEMBER, WE CAME INTO TH 1 OTE FACIN6 TH' CLIFFS RIVER YAU.EY...THATD PUT " ' • I SHOULD PICK UP H' BACK TRACK WEUU OUT OF SI6HT OF TH'TOWERS.,.y^r>,^p HIT TH' SPOT OF MV ENTRY INTO THB TIME ZONE RI6HT TH' NOSE; v^.TH~Jt^ /?-3/^ frecklei and Nil Fr.endi . Fleeting Fame By Merrill Blcme. SOSH, HE SIC5NLP MiS ] WELL, WMAT DIP HES AM ACTOR/Hei AT THE BOLERO WEATC/2 THIS WEEK, PORTRAYING WINSTON CHURCHILL / S YOUR AUTOGRAPH PACK—AND THANKS VERY MUCH / ^•^^W^l^f^w^f;^,^?^ gjfeffliC^,' '"t 'V\''"'' '' - /J " S -~^^Y^^^^^~~--^ ^ ^{«UnJJPei,j 0fla | * j - i ' Wl "'d 4 PI m* « £l£i Calendar .lf, p , l » nyi De «mber 31st •'--"fof-9. Milton ~ cl i^jp^r^ss- E pssion.j.he ehurch, 2:30 o'clock I': i, tf OI vnNslian Service, Mrs T feB. Koonee nnd Mrs. H. p. Franklii Hs',*GflcJcrs4 will mn ( *u "'iK-Ui > with Mrs. V J™ C ' ° .o'plock. No. 2 of lhe W S p c: •»/,.„ |Don smith, leader wYn'ho emc ttnlncd.nt her home, 3 o'clock Mrs B "f* Mcl'herson nnd. Mrs. Do, is Whltton will bo co-hostesscs No. 3, Mrs.. F. C Crow V W.S.CS., will be enter I n i t li n t.».. - - _ _. IEW SAENGER Friday - Saturday HT COUID ONIY BAPPIN TO home , o'clock. Y.W.A. ^ of the , nn, Mfg. Lnwrenoe Martin' Mrs. Edwin Stewart, Mrs in"; Meeting at the home of Mrs. A K. Hollowny yesterday aflernnrm members of the Tuesday Co, trac" club played their bi-monthly con tract games. Beautiful Christmas te"! °!" !!£?""•»«- 'X s , Mrs. poms. the entertaining I guest other u,«n me club *vM°^ I ^ nd .«•«>•« wn th RIALTO Friday - Saturday A Round-up of Hold-ups! 1= and Roy Rogers in 'Song of Texas' **y^ f CORRIGAN v* 4 J£*nM9jin \ * 0I^N|* ">ORE "& " B i?";, SZss •;; r Seventeen Members Attend Executive Board Meeting Seventoen •'•—•— n i .1 i, 'Watch Night' RoforyHeo 0y /?£>&«/ 6. Duncan TH £ bells hove much fo say tonight, f ' And .t , s well to listen, not holf-heaf; f Proclaiming birth once more ofa ne^af, £$ A Ihousand-fhroafed voice booms deep ^ In measured, solemn syllabic it mourns Our shining, «ome.g,rt dead of year now gone, And then in rising tone it grimly warns Against erasing, os is human wont * AM memory of darkness, days mgh'fmarish " The twelvemonth post has forged a blade t Mill new, by it vast hordes must perish, S V," Before the Day of Lighr may dawn Cast of fold, embrace the flcw , the bells intone) Mrongth born of fire will vanquish heights ahead And end man's serfdom, that Peace may feign alone The bells in Tokyo, Berlin Toll forth no proud, determined din; The under tone of each paced boom' Scpulchrally is Sounding, "Doom!" ' All-put Drive Against Japs to Start '44 o from bases they hemo Speaker of the lhat "eation l "s,. whose statement echoes prediction of General Dwight d S p?, hOWer ' ? omm ^dcr of the d European invasion forces am hopeful and expectant" ,' ". lhot Ge ^any wiU D e during 1944. I am exneol ant that unremitting pressure on be continu " d "™ S 1 . Then he provided first, formal Ce Coming ond Going "Iriol ITII_I nwuitii 8eco nd and Pine Streets Robert B. Moore, P a6 tor' Sunday, January 2 1944 \ Chimes—9:30 a. m ' Church school—10:00 a rn Morning Worship-I 0:5 0 h' m Communion Sunday (' } Sermon.,by the pastor J ' : ! Vesper Service—5:30 p * Youth Fellowship-6:3o' p | m mBoard mooting, Sunday-|:00 p. And Serial RutJi Terry Frank Albert son in " V """^ «"Dins, Martha White j^tffi.S'^.TSBSl the University of Arkansas uary 0—' — L % ST. MARK'S EPISCOPALl Corner Elm and 3rd Street H. B. Smith, Rector i and Grady Strette P, Wlllii """». Minister Classes— 10:00 a. m . Preaching, Subject: lions."— n:oo a m Vocal Class-<J:30 p. m. that lhe ns r power to the Pacific already are on , ihe faook c £ siWy may not even wait for collapse of Germany. ' th P 6 now for several months," he said "looking to a shift of power from the European theater to tZ Pacif™ dSl 110 ' ?" ly whpn Germany to Miss Margaret Plunkett''wijj' be one of the, speakers at the annual Watch Night Service at the Taber- wm 1 ! F , rida 7 night ' T he * Tr'" * ^'"r yd Four Speakei at Luncheon °n « heard a threefold riro^ram involving four speakers- " ° f™ the , n ! emT0rial ^ the locaf ^OilltO the late Larry Akers Of Mdtftblifil PeS ' dnt ° f the -i —,. Rock, — teacher re t/•""'.'' '" WnJch he is a pioneer He said the Arkansas syst/nVS' late « P n e ri r cen * c ° ntr ">"«£ by thj late, and a like amount by the eacher. There are 550 teachers r J™?,, b ?"<*ts, aHd Ch K special piano numher. ened in^ er ' Who had be en;,a^ ?i» h , ay s P r °eram, spW'on deMri&f? trade and cof »Wce,' Describing the progress from Barter attack on Japan are already determined and means wm be used t a speak and render ™ inH u cordia "y invited attend these services. to --._..„ „.„ „,. U3( , u lo artrjltinnnll™ mptement the general strategy for defeaj..of Japan." States fleet is to shoot it out , warships at any -J, referring to recent stay the aircraft carrier Sara- Inroth" T ' eSCOrtin g Vessels to lure the Japanese out of Truk declared ''we've done several things and arp crnincr <« j~ . 6 State House Full Speculation on Congress, Senate Races By JOV PAISI c ',.. ® ' - v By JOY PAISLE Little Rock, Dec. 31 e oc, Dec. 31 M/P)—As Iho bearded .gentleman with the hour glass prepares to hobble out ofTI P ' 3 hous e °" J most : recent . Miss Mary Greening of " will be as follows: Communion and a. m. ho, the Rectory, 122 'Mystery Broadcast' lew K ^ " "^ ~^^^ ^^^^^ 1MV ' |Sunday - Monday - Tuesday *4f% with more entertain, m ent thrills than you've ever known! th p °a • 40li weekend. Births Mr. and Mrs. Dale Roue™ ™ *&£>*£& FIRST PENTECOSTAL West 4th and Ferguson cV/' Grave s. Pastor Sunday School—10:00 a m Lacie Rowe, Supt ' Morning Service—11; 00 a m Evening Service—7:45 p m ^ Prayer Service, \Vednesday-7:45 have'''" 3 '. n ' ght< the 31st ' we W 'U will be glad to have all who "will ..:.. ? e » ai . en J°y this snecial soi-. Arkansas Marine Cosualfies Listed Da ,T- Ma j n *"d Avenue D Paul R. Gaston, P a8tor .Sunday School-9:45 a. m. I Oui departmentalized Sunday • — -«— wj. ojjnnugi ^"Sunday So?^ S^' JJSen^r'^ t0 attend %* Moving Worshi p -n:00 a. m ine opening message -- - they are likely to put out" Boy Eagles Aim To Teach 'Em Young *^ C '2P-™* Boy then a m to 12 of an a here ^>V m o«c7uS n ttaHvS Placing their names on the baHot The latter,, who include some of on the chance of being elected . It is sponsored by Col. Heber L. McAljster n"L'"'J? 5r ' an " for nier Lieut •"< Bob Bailey of RusSellville. ' J Former Attorney General Holt was also being mentioned berna tonal race. Holt captain with the judge and associates return "* "" ment policy reducing tht of administrative officers. d.— win 'Kansas WC ns unnouncei avy Department today. In by tl e Pvt ' ame " t, Jr,, son of Mrs. Nell ~t. study^s C u a s? y A ° "^'^"e Revival Service—7:30 £ £ nm4nced - ^.fS™',,,^",,-" KtfSS^^-i ±n& VA\ritr«1 « • _ ... ' con- of South, , •• -t' •** «"*VM s0ys the idea ^^^.^SivS-'X endorsement from the avi »«* ''Inasmuch'as aviation will p i ay a big «,le ;„ the future of America, he says, "and more and th Mass at 10 o'clock every Sunday. Vegetable Oil to —./ «*. %» wcuuijiaiig ^«, WAV usefulness of the £to y od.» as can be wel1 under eveninawar^ alifC ^T 1 oMjnst opposition and frnm Vm» }t looks like there'll be £ two candidates for each of major posts. • fii^ S h' 6t ' ° nly one can <3idate ha wp )„ T co , rrupt Practices pledge He is J Rosser Venable, Littl nameh war veteran who name has appeared on the ballo in ma ny past campai •Circuit .T,,^^ Lawrence C t^**^«ir«« MIRANDA in Washington, Dec. 30 -(XP) - Th "' ddl n l ±" U0 ^. adml " J »l'-«'l' is missing j n lhe Asi ti •,,^' S ^ B i?-,,^ 6 E »™Poan a< Wounded In Action na"h^' S | Samuel c ap S ^°Ma f ria£ na, has been wounded in action? Missing In Action r &;' a ^,, A s-rs 1.0 by ih. y,, D«p,M, n " nl lodS" .pgt. Joseph C. i*"""' ""j. , Littlo **V j^^ii^^^ • - -."o. « ituy j. jackson of fceesboro, i n the Pacific area Mur Places Limited Where Eclipse Can Be Seen Washington, Dec. 31 i--f/pi _ There will be a total eclipse of th P sun next mnnth i,,,t u_.'• ^ Q * M 16 They wouid advance in the or gamzation through various states" oy completing proficiency r» quiremenls, and would wear unf" forms similar to a pilot's Take His Teeth Too Newark, N. J. —ww_ An A. U. S. Senator Hattie ("Took"? ' but as if *-'*.« ci ponce stat SS?"" "^ . robb ^ teeth. The total blackout will be obsery- to report two men. false t name foi --..-. ^..^ mam difference In being' warned instead of single is that the grocer gets the pay check the or b P H edtOSet We «^tomar?l f °L^l U . e r. ° r wor ^> now it's foV mere or less. er breathing comfoFt. 8 e it! Follow You'll l,ke it! Follow In folder. t« Tdtum's Market nothing but Choice Pnrl Q ' Pork Sausage, HIS. Main. Phone 007 8 ' Re P- state to -JVM^H^MMHpMp^kMwa^^HI^^^^^^^H I TO SUNDAY. MONDAY BQB BETTY HOPE * HDITOH A ,^ NEW SAENGER New Year's Preview F "day Night-11 p. m . SUSPtNSl! The put tea* you remenber in "Jake A Letter Darling"togef her again in a greater hit! lookout in Peru . Clouds hampered a good view at that time, however A spokesman for the Natioml " -;- the past we've-covered, eel pses nighty thoroughly," sa j d the --• . .^saP^I »«H< -ft^ RUSSllL MttMUHRAY ^^^^^^^^^™^*^^*^* ^ V99mm*\ ku ®% y?. 0 Peif y N »^ to Attend Thii Gala *ffoj r ] group -«.. »*j umt \V3Si He cited war restrictions of vari. us Icmds, including travel and the Acuities of getting the , special quipment needed "fetiai Various parts of'peru and Brazil will offer the best vantage points SS-™ r ? - ^WKC The governor's race seems to pe a wide-open matter and some poli- " NOTICf For Ta.xi.s em ce , — C A LC $79_ (Careful Drivers) IRVINQ T. URREV Owner and .Manager -,ke take u shape until Was the IN STOCK- Radiant Haters ^'' Automatic Water Heaters Automatic Water Systems D Harry W, Shiv«r Plumbing "—* To Our Friends and ynporary AA Chas Customers: Barters r nes tor *-—" t"«w*-p JJJ next October It urged industrial users of soy bean cottonseed, peanut and corn oils to switch to castor,-linseed or other inedible oils wherever DOS s'ble to bring the aggregate in and * Soybean, cottonseed p. corn oils are used in the mam lure of margarine, shortening sa i- ad oils and n,um&i-ou5 other food products. Normally, the uTi tTd hff s .f cu , res lar Se quantities of , - ^v,Die oils for such uses ^| southwest Pacific. Ttese —-• now cut off Jjy tihe w has been set up at 112 W. (Former Chas, Hqyn up SECOND ST. Grocery Location) Chas, A. Haynes Co. •••^M I i i- ««^iii 6 •^, '^ «*/ , .V -X~"~" tf, ,_

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