Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 27, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 27, 1894
Page 2
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le now ready for distribution and is devoted to the x following subjects: 1 Grand Plaza on Chicago Day. 2 N. W. from Roof of Government Building. 3 N. from Roof of Government Building. 4 Across Wooded Island looking N. E. 5 The White Star Building and Elk Bridge. 6 North Lagoon from Horticultural Building. 7 The Merchant Tailors' Building. 8 Wooded Island and Transportation Building, 9 N. E. corner of Grand Basin, 10 Life SaTing Station and Battle Ship. 11 Grand Promenade of Lake Shore. 12 The New Liberty Bell. 13 Barge of State and and German Fountain. 14 World's Congress of Beauties. 15 The Aztec Abode on the Midway. 16 Night Scene—Grand Basin. PART 17-THE STATE BUILDING NUMBER-READY MONDAY, .JUNE 4TH. As the time approaches for the completion of this Magnificent and unapproachable series of World's Fair Views, The T Journai wishes to impress upon all subscrib- the importance of procuring the complete eet Back Business IB Betuded by Strikes i and Storms. View* of Dun and Bradstreet on the Situation—The Latter'* Gloomy Prophecy for the Future. numbers can be secured by applying at this office, and arrangements have been made for the binding of the sets it the lowest cost. Don't fail to secure all the numbers. See Coupon on 1st page. Do You Love m. '"• Or are you one of those uniortunates who can't distin guifh ''Yankee Doodle" from "The Dead March in Saul?" IF YOU HAVE AN EAR And possess musical taste you cannot fail to be interested in the series of portraits and biographical sketches of GREAT SINGERS Which form Parts 12, 13 and 14 of "The Marie Burroughs Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities," Even if you have not been taking the proceeding numbers, You Want These Three Which constitute in themselves ihe most complete col- toction of representatives of lyric ait. Get Part 12 "Stage Celebrities" (the first musical number) with por- *raiteof Melfaa, Eames, The De Reszlces And other famous singers, twenty in all. You can get it from THE JOURNAL for Three Coupons and One Dime. No extra charge for postage on Portfolios sent isil. , ... After you have secured this number you will not to secure the remaining two numbers which com- DUN'S STATEMENT. NEW YORK, May 20.—R. G. Dun & Co.'s weekly review of trade says: "Storms and floods, prolonged strikes and large exports of gold have done their utmost this week to rive business a vucutlon, But wants unsatisfied during the last year, belated and much lessened, and yet greater than those ol any other nation, nave caused a volume at trade quite large for the season. Pricey of products still tend downward without much •peculation. "It la not surprising that {armors retain •boat at preuont priced where they can. Corn has been utronger, notwithstanding large receipts and Insignificant exports. Cotton has recovered a abode, to I'M cents, though receipts for tbe week were nearly as large a) la«t year and exports mu»h smeller. Fork products all declined with heavy receipts, and coffee in alao lower. Tbe autonkblng cheapness of wheat and cotton will affect tbe rapidity of the movement la tbe fall, and alao will directly lessen tbe amount of money required In moving the crops. "Wblle Ibo Iron Industry especially and many others to some extent have been restricted by ncaroltyofooaland coke the number of work* resuming have been greater than tbe number (topping from other onuses. But It la a aymptom not to be overlooked tbat the demand for manufactured product* Instead of Increasing appears for the moment ratber jmallor than before, and Indifference of buyer* 1* ihown In cancellation of orders hitherto given. Ills*-waiting aeaeon, bu» the disposition lo wait l» Ihia rear much intensified. "Failure! dlminlab In Importance, tbe amount of liabilities for tbe third week in May being only MJ»4,U6, end for throe weeks, ,1tfK,m,ot which SJ.048,687 were Of manufacturing' and 16,036,007 of trading concerns. Tbe number Of failures 'reported toil week 1» 168 In tbe United State*, 'against U6 la«t year, and In Canada C8, agalcit M last year, and again (ben are noted scarcely any of importance." Brmdstreet Says. Bradstreet says: "The unfavorable conditions prevailing In commercial and Industrial circles throughout tbe country, together with tbe prospect for no material improvement during tbe summeronark the present' seewm a* probably the dullest, relatively, for twenty years. At no time since panic end business depression manifested them•erne last year have reports a* to the volume of salee of merchandise.^ manufacture of staple foods, and IndliportOoo of merchants generally to buy except tor 'absolutely Immediate watats been so pronounced and- so general throughout the country as dwjng the lest few weeks, Superficial examinations of business ••conditions leading «o unwarranted optlnrietlo conolutiions as to the future of trade have not been vent-' Ingi bat, as a matter of fact, baaed on comprehensive and oareful eiaminsOon, tbe next lew month* promise a continuance if not an Intensifying of existing oopdttions of exMne duU- end depression. -•-.•• ••• unfavorable advices come from Pitts, where there are numerous sbut-downs, fcrfojving large numbers 'of men. The total riufnber of Industrial employe* Idle se a result at #o»l «oa>ol»7 !• pieced at JWCO, and tbe total Id]* ; nnmber on account ot the strike, which Dowappearslftelv to taU,U810,OOa inottier Industrial lines 16,000 men »« reported Idle as a' result of strikes, making the total number now idle MMOOi An encouraging Industrial feature Is tbe probable settlement of next sea- ion's iron and steel wage scale without a strike." ( •• . . THE BIO MATCH OFF. Tbe Corbett *>n<l Jackson Frlae FUfht Falls Through. CHICAGO, May M6.—The heavy-wel(fht championship fight between James J. Corbett and Peter Jackson la off, and the articles of agreement signed by both men become practically null and void within a week. The 810,000 a side posted with Manager Will J. Davis as a stake wager contingent on the outcome of the battle will be drawn down and the greatest flstio fizftle of a decade comes to a close. The agreement between the fig-biers called for a meeting in America north of Mason's and Dixon's line between June 30 and 80, of the present year, before any responsible cldb organization offering a reasonable purse. On ifext Wednesday, May SO, the time limit has but one month's life; there is no responsible club or organization north Owo*oo,May»», : FLOVB-Qulet and unqhaoged. -Quotations were as follows: WlntorJpatenta, t2.80®S.OOi straights, *J,flfta«,7B; clears, fcj.80iaii.40; seconds, (l.BOftl.lK); low grados, ll.Mi^l.TO. Spring —Patents, K.IMQAW; atratgbtu. t!.tO®100; bakers', M.TBiaz.lOi low grade», *l.«aai.60; Red Dog, li.aoiai.«); Rye, t2.40®s,6a WHJSAI— Active and lower. Cash, 54®MV4o; JulyMx<3B«c; September. MV,gi57Ho. Conn— Qulot and easy. No. 2, 37xe. No. 3 Yellow, asiio. No. S, 8fl|4o. No. 3 Vullow, 37«o. May, Ko under July. June, S7o. July, 37«@37Ko. September, SSHQiaSHc. OAIS— Moderate trading and prices lower. No. 8 cash, 88HQ83XC; May, S8)«o; Juno, 83XQ 88Ho; July, 80X®30«c; September, 8iX5>20Xc, Samples easier. No. 8, 84=K@38o; No. 3 Whitn, 30WQ37«o; No. 2, S4X®S5)ic; No. i White, 87Q 38c. HTB— In small supply and steady. No. 8 oa*h,4SKo; May delivery, 45^0! July, 45K@4ao, und September, 47Ho. Sample lots of No, 3, BAHLKT— Easy, but not changed. Cliolco by sample, toJJSOc; fair to good, ei@fi$c; common, 40®60c, with Screenings, $17,00^18.00 per ton. Muss POBB— Trading light and prloew lower, Quotations ranged at J11.67K<ail.72K torcush regular; I11.07MO11.73M for May; |ll.76®11.80 for July, and Sll.8G@ll.0o for September. LAJID— Bather quiet and steady. Quotations ranged at M.&oaaWH for cash; $0.90©O.W!-i for May, «1.70®0.eeHo for July, and «l.((Vfli(!.07V, for September. LIVE POUMBT— Per pound: Chlckonx, 7Q 8c; Turkeys, 6®7o; Ducks, 7M(S)8o; Gceao, $ao»aa.60 per don. DUTTEB— CYeomery, lES.ie<^c; Dairy, 8HQ) J4Ho; Packing Stock, 8®»o. * LIQUOBS— Distilled spirits steady on the basis of tl.lb per gaL for finished goods. OILS— Wisconsin Prime White, 7Xc; Water White, TMO; Michigan Prime White, 8Hc; Water Wblto, 9o; Indiana Prime White, B^o; Water White, 8J(o; Headlight, TO tost, 6Mo; Gatollne, 87 dog's, HVio; 74deg's,9o; Naphtha, TOLEDO, a, May 2& WHIAT— Lower, quiet. No. S cash and May, W; July, MMo; August, HKo; Beptembor, Conn— Dull . No. £ cash, 880; July, S8c bid. OATS— Steady. No. 2 mixed, Mo; No. 8 white, I7MO. ETB— Easy. Cash, 4»o. CLOVBBSSID— Lower. Prime cash , IS. 90; October, $4.70. _ IJve Stock. CHICAGO, May ea Hoos— Market ratber active. Heavy lots ruled Be higher, other irrodea uncbanged. Sales ranged at H4034.T5 for Pigs; W.fl6®4.80 for light; K«oa4.TO for rough pocking; «4.66®4.M for mixed, and H7I@fi.00 for heavy packing and shipping lots. CATTLI— Market moderately active and feel- lug firm. All desirable lots were &S10o higher. Quotations ranged M KIOQ4.46 for choice to extra sbipplog Steers: ta.8eQ4.BO tor good to choice do.; ft.t09a.86 tor fair, to good; t&SS® (.TOloroommou'to medium' do.; K.40®8,CO for butchers' Steers; $2,60213,40 for Stockent; I3.SO ®4.00 tor Feeders; tl.oaaa.e5 for Cows; (2.00® $.» for Heifers; »00ffl8,40 for Bulls; f<.7093.W lor Texis Steers, and Calves. f2.taQA.pp for ; Veal "by mail. the series, as they are both devoted exclusively to -fee Grand Opera. I PART 14 NOW READY. COT THIS OUT. •JAY 87. 1>94. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. OUT THIS OUT. CUT THM OUT. T, 1894. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon with two others of different dates, and Ten Cents, Is good for one pan, containing twenty portraits, oltbe Marie Burrough's Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE omr IBM OPT time is too short for one to spring into existence. Aside from this, Corbett is now making a provincial tour through Great Britain, and is booked until the latter part of Juno. Jackson, too, is tied down with theatrical contracts, and his American bookings, like those of Corbett, contemplate an early start on the .road, as early, possibly, as August. This, therefore, does away with a postponement of the buttle, unless it be deferred until after the season of 1894-1896. Victim o( Heart Disease. SYCAMOBE, 111., May SO. — George Churchill, city engineer at the waterworks, while riding a bicycle fell dead from tho wheel. Heart disease was the cause. Condition of Mlohlg-un Banks. LANSING, Mich., May 20,—State banks of Michigan report an increase of business of December of 81,~32,047 in savings and 91,431,844 in commercial do- posits. _ Lived with • JLnng- cat unt. One of the most remarkable surgical operations ever performed was that by Burgeon Lawson, of Hull, England, about eight months ago. The operation consisted in the 'extirpation of a portion ol the right lung of a patient suffering from consumption. It was a success that was highly gratifying to Dr. Lavrson,.who reports that within less than three months the pat hat was in usual health. Another Initaiioe, "Been any lynching* since I left?" asked the miner who had been out prospecting-. "O'ny one," answered the proprietor of the saloon, which, by the way, was called the "Mary Ellen," because it was a howling success. "Thattaere revivalist foller was strung up when he came back." "What far?" ' "He came back sellln' Bibles, and the boys kinder thought he might 'a' ben workin' a snap all the time."—la- dlsnapolis Journal. . . : A BBeoneUlmtlon. NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 86.—Mr. James Hunt Parke, tbe Detroit millionaire, .and his wife came to this city to meet their runaway'soil,'who had bean arrested at his father's instance In Meridian, Miss. The young 1 man was brought; bare from : the south Friday night and » very affecting meeting took: place between 'him and the old people, who were stopping incognito at the Duncan' hotel. There was a complete reconciliation. Mr. Parke, senior, and the young man left on a tour to Florida and other points south and Mrs. Parke returned to-Detroit Kills Himself In an Insane fit. ALLLLNCK, O., May SO.—Jasper Bacon, a wsalthy farmer, aged 86, residing near Newton Falls, in a- fit of insanity attempted to shoot his wife. The woman escaped and he shot and killed himself. ^ MeVltaoe Truck. ALKAKDBIA, Ind., May 20. — The Madison County Agricultural association, with a capital of 8(0,000, has elected A. C. tiordon president and L. A. Kilter secretary. They will equip a race track and oflfir good purses for speed contests in September. — "Never saw such a woman's champion as Wlbbles la. Misses no opportunity of standing up for the fair sex" "Humph 1 Guess'you never met him in a crowded street car.'-— Buffalo Courier. Tbe Orchestra Rattle, The antecedent of the artistic rattle used in onr orchestras was a gourd with half a dozen pebbles in it, ~Pa*Mip Fats.—Prepare as tor fritters, mold into paU, omitting the milk,/aid fry in butter till brown,Housekeeper. —For the dressing table, all- sorts of pretty' covers are offered. Those of dotted Swiss, or mull, with lace insertions and edgings, laid over ti&i«d silk or sateen, while very simple, are about as satisfactory as the more elaborate conceits. —Frog's Legs.—Lot thorn lie half au hour In lemon juice weakened with water. Bring them to table drained. Roll in flour and fry in plenty of sweet butter. Cooked in this way the delicate Uavor is not lost in spices.—Christian Inquirer. —Hash for Tea,—The meat left over from the soup dinner made into hash, add an onion, a bit of butter, a teaspoon of flour rubbed smooth in half a teacup of water, pepper and salt Simmer slowly. To boil hashes or minces makes them hard.—Housekeeper. —Indian Pudding, Plain.—One quart of milk, one and one-quarter pints of corn meal, one-half pint of molasses, one tcaspoonful each of ginger and salt Scald the milk and pour it on the meal; cook for ten minutes, stirring occasionally; add the molasses, ginger and salt Bake in a slow oven until done. Serve with cream.—Good Housekeeping. —Allow one tablespoonful of sugar and one teaspoonful of hot water to each banana. Pare the banana and cut in halves. Place them on a shallow dish. Melt one tablespoonful of butter in hot water and pour It over the fruit Mix a little salt and spice or lemon juice with the sugar, sprinkle it over the top and bake twenty minutes, or until brown.—St Louis Republic. —Savory Soup.—In two quarts of good soup stock odd one good sized onion, two carrots, one large turnip, two or three stalks of celery, a few sprigs of parsley, one leek (leaves and all), a dash of red pepper, a level teaspoonful of salt and a little white pepper, one-third of a teaspoonful of curry powder and two lumps of sugar. Cook an hour and a half, then strain and thicken very slightly.—Boston Budget -^Mother's Bread Pudding.—Cut a small loaf of baker's bread into thick slices; remove the crust, butter the slices, lay In a buttered pudding 1 dish, with stoned raisins, chopped citron, cinnamon, allspice and'brown sugar between the .layers. Pour over a pint of milk and let it set over night In the morning beat four eggs light, add aplntof raflk and pour over the pudding. Bs*e l One-hour in B moderate oven. Serve, with liquid sauoe.«-Go*I Honsekeeptas;. ' • ' " —Tenderloin Steak with Oysters.— Moisten tbe bottom of the chafing dish with butter.- When very hot lay in the tenderloin, which should be an Inch thick and nearly free from fat Sear one side and turn. Turn, often. In five minutes remove to e. hot plate and season with-salt. Put one pint trfoys-. ters In the pan without any of the liquor. Stir until the edges onrL. Add 'one teaspoonful .of. butter, creamed- with an equal amount ot, flour, salt, pepper and one tablespoonfnl,of lemon Juice. Let It thicken. Pour over the j hot steak and serve at once. Learned Women of Holland. The women of the Dutch republic are gratefully remembered by their countrymen. Anna Bigus rendered signal service to her country, for, with her, Dutch literature is said to have really begun, since she was the first Dutch writer to establish a standard of grace and precision and rescue the writings of tbe republic from weakness and incorrectness. Her abilities were of so high an order that she easily overtopped all contemporary writers. The daughters of Roomer Visscher were among tbe most learned in Holland during the Dutch renaissance of 1900. Later the Baroness Lnnoy achieved great fame for her poetical works. Thon come the Ladies Wolf and DeKen, the renown of whose brilliant and sarcastic writings, in the year 1800, was tbe theme of conversation in every court of Europe. It was at the siege of Haarlem that tho six hundred men- at-arms were assisted by three hundred women, and through their aid were able to turn back the Spanish cohorts. Kenan Hassalaer was the captain of these Amazons, and led them to many battles, both within and without the walls of tho Dutch city.—Philadelphia Ledger. Jfr. H. Jf. FttrWivrst Bane, Vermont. Could NotSee to Read Inflammation In the Ey«» A Easiness Man Cured by HcxxTe- Porfect Eyesight Restored. Read tbe letter of Mr. IT. N. Parkburst, S> dealer In granite and manufacturer ol granite- monuments at Iterre. Vt; "C. I. Hood &Co., Lowell, Mast.: i "lAst winter I was Ukeu with sorofnk»ss> sore eyes. I was totally blind lu one eve an* the other was so badly affected that I I Could Not See to reed or write. My eyes pained me very touch for three or four months, and for aboot- three weeks before I went to Burlington for treatment, the pain was hardly endurable. Osv my return from Burlington In April last. I oosdd not see any better than before I left home. AS. this Urns I commenced to take Hood's Sanapa- rllls> and bare now taken two bottles. | I Can Now Be* as well M before the affliction; can seetorea* end carry on my business, that of a msnsfas turer of granite monuments, without the aid ot glasses. When I left the doctor's care I c*«14.- bardly bear the light on «ny eyas, and hadtokav HOOD'S Sarsaparilla . c u RES very earefnl when out on the street slnesv ; Rood's Bsrsspsrlllk, has purinedasybtoodSBst- .been the means of restoring my eyestfhV J*f-; has also helped me In other ways. I sm SM. nowtnwbMwtth ooosOpaaoo,roTi: "SUJSlQ T^-^ «Meod'sT Pitta ««• »ur*lrYSgstsW*a»isls>. eotporte, pain w gripe, gold by all druggist* KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life mote, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to Its presenting In the form most acceptable and pleasant totte taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of s, perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevera ana permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met wifb.fthe Approval of the medical profession, because it acts on tho Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and It Is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in OOc awf$1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syn«P Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, alao the name, Syrup of Figs, ^ t and being well Informed, yon will no* f malaria, it Is unfailing and prompt, accept SAT substitute if offered gisuful ttuM times • d v. A, Mean Comparison. He; Permit me, noble Countess, to present you with this rose, as ombla- matic of your sweet «elf It's beautiful, pink is as the color of your cheeks She: And the thorns? Ho; Are for the happy possessor o) yourself.—Hollo. f hvrtaichteelawee. To wute jour monty on vile, dirty, watery mixture*, compounded by In* experienced persons, when you htv« the opportunity of testlnf Otto's Cure- free of oharfre. Why wilt you oon> tloue to Irritate your throat and lurjf* with tbat terrible baoklnf cough, when Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street, will furolsb jou a free sample bottle of thii greet remedy f Hold a bottle- of Qtto'tCure to the light and observe Its besmllful golden color and thick: ! heavy syrup. largest paokacw and purest ffoodi. Large bottletoOo. an& 25c - , •T»r Over n/tv> Tesure Mr*. Winslow'i Soothing Syrup hat been .used for over fifty yean by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect luooess. It soothes the child, softens tbe gums, allays all pain, cures wtad ooiio, and Is the best remedy for diarrhoea. I* will relieve the poor Uttle sufferer immediately. Sold by druggists tit every part of the world. Twenty-five oents a bottle. Be sure and ask for >Hrs. Window's Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. U Manias* • Fellere? Have you been trying to get the- best out of existence without health In your family t Have you been wear. Ing out your life from the effects ot dyspepsia, liver complaint and ^digestion f Are you sleepless at night? Do you awake in the mornteg feeling languid, with, coated tongae and ssl- low, haggard looks? Dont do it A. shout in the camp tells how Bacon's- Celery King has cured others; it will cure you. Trial package free. Large sizes 600. and 25c. at Ben Fisher's,. Sit Fourth street. Mistaken Identity. Mrs. Fancrle—Why didn't you ring the dinner bell, Bridget? liridifet—I couldn't foind any, ma'am. Mrs. Fangle—Why it's on the dining- room sideboard. IJrid>ret—Och! An' is it thot one it is? An' yersilf tould me last noight as thot wus the breakfas' bell.—Life Tbe Tellow Olew or ttae HorUen. Painted on tbe ikjbj tbe setting sun. Isbeaitl- fnL Not so the sallow, Mffton of a face tinged with bile. And oh! the onipeikRble dlseoDsfort thst bile In the wrong, place produce*. Twinges In tbe right side and under the Dent shoulder blsd*. nsases, Terugo. slek beadaebe, eonitlpa- tlon, faulty digestion. Not in an Instant em tbe symptoms of bUlonsness be dispelled, but persist ence In tne use or Hostettet'i Stomacb Bitten vlUefadioste tbem,nstore dltwtion and regularity to tbe bewels, and counteract tendencies to more sunrated complaints, whlobsn Interruption ot tbese tnnctions begets. Ebeomatlim, InactlTltrof thekldnejsaud bladder, nearalsla. snd intcUrttj to sleep, are also remedied 07 Uis nnlslprswaUwsndteittrsUTS of n*rw fores •adtrsnqnultr. Aianutldotetottie poison of A wins The Besom Wfcy. Children of two to six years of age- are often tick and fretful Is owing to stomach Worm. The best core l» Rinebart's Worm Lozenges. They remove all forms of worms and the worm nest; are pleasant to .take and need no cathartic. Children always show marked improvement in health and growth by their use. For sole by B. F. Keesllnr and Keystone drugstore. CkSMBcrlaliTs ty* art Bkto Otatant Is a certain cure for Chronic Sort Byes, Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nipples, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum and Scald Head, 25 cents pw bos. For sale by B. F. Koesllng. TO HOB8I OWHIBS. For putting a horse in a fine heal thy condition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old overworked horse. 25 oents per package. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. Always buy Bliehart's Woriri Lo» tengei, they remove both the worn* and worm nest. For sale by B. F, KeisllDg and Keystone drugstore.

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