The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 29, 1940
Page 2
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PAGE TWC BLYTHEVfLLE (ARK.) COURIER NElWS 1 S THURSDAY, PEBRUAUY 29, 1940' ! | Rite Price Store The Greater One Slop Shopping Center 111 &'M East Main; Just ^Blocks East of R.K. Crossing on Main, Across from Bakery m HlylheuUc Extra Specials Good Fri. Sat. Mon. March 1,2, 4 SUNSWEET Picket Pickets Picket's Picket ra* Extra Fancy Evaporated Fruit Prunes 12c; Pe'ai'hes 13C; Apricots, per box - 1 '* 0 HERSHEY COCOA U>. 15c DliWE BRAND MILK ™* SCOTT TOILET TISSUE -- Roll 7fe SEEIJII, Eft Residents Develop Ability To Distinguish Sounds And Shadows BEANS Brown lieftiity, 2 Chili, 1 linked 1 FREE, All For 29* MARSHMALLOWS Puritan .......................... Lb, He RAISINS .................................................... 2Lb.Pkg. 16c TURPENTINE ................ ............................. ......... i Pt. 10c Oft c **> Ail Hramls (i Small or 3 Tall HAIR OIL, Rose or Olive ........................................... 6c P. & G, GIANT SOAP 3 for 10c ............... Doz. 40c GldCOAT Johnson ............................ . 1 1-3 Pts. 49c Rlackhiiwk Fancy Sliced Rind on Ib 17 'Ac Rind Off Lt). ............ • ..... 2tfc GRAHAM CRACKERS ........ ........................ 2 Lbs. 17c LETTUCE OR CELERY Jumbo .............................. 10c GRAPEFRUIT Pink or Seedless ............ 3 lor ICc FLOUR 24 Pounds Shiblcy's liesl Sife 2-1 Pounds Omega . : $1.12 Swansdowh, 2'1 !bs. 1.12; Cnmbric Dressway Siic Close Out, 21 Ibs. 09c; All sizes & Very Best Prices FEEDS 16% Dairy $1;59 HAPPY CHICK STARTER 10 Lbs. 35c .DR. HESS TONIC FOR STOCK AND POULTRY For Spring Tune-Up PURE LARD Hulk' Lb. 7«/ic; <l Ibs. 3' S Lbs'. 6','if; 25 Ibs. §1.8!» f.O Lbs. $3.'15 lly SAMUKL DASIlllXI, nlled I'n-ss SfafT Correspomlciil PARIS IUP)—One of Ihc results of the wartime blackout In Paris Is that men, women nnd children (ire developing Ihc ability to see In the dark and lo distinguish sounds usually undetected by the ordinary car. To plunge Paris ihlo an iircn of complete Invisibility, slrecl Inmp^ have been dimmed to mere can- dlellghis concealed In litlle black sluules which project- pule cones ol light directly downward. At regular Intervals there at" litlle violet lights like Ihosc on Christmas trees which indicate lOtlcc posts, lire slnlions and olli cr points vital to ambulances, vatcliriieh ami troops of Ihc Phs- c lve Dttmwc, whose job l,v to pro- lecl nnd succor the population In cnsc of nn air raid. Kfslneflciis Arc f.esseiicil During ihc lirsl days ol liic blackoui. Paris was obscured even from Ihe Parisians who remained here. Later, wlicn it seemed thai the Germans could only set to Paris en occasional high • reconnaissance nights, Ihe hazards of night driving nnd walking were lessened nnd a few more lamps were llghled. At least, the Champs Elysees became navigable, but today Ihc blackout is rigorously maintained The lirsl tilings people did was (o equip themselves with little pocket electric lamps. These help on dark stairways, over Invisible cnrbslooncs. In tiixicabs, and in many other ways. Al first 11 was net permissible lo flash them on (lie slreels as such might be con- slrupd as siBnaling nn enemy within, but later police relented and a person cnn pi'occed now by flash- low aid the UMlflnccs 'and understand as' the disciples did not understand, it 1s this thai ought to enrich lor us the service of communion, tlic Lord's Supper which repeats and symbolizes in our experience what happened In that Upper Room. Stccle-Cooter Society—Personal Here's a labor tangle in (lie NI.RB's own home'town. The A. P. 1* painters' iiiiion picketed a WasliinfJloii "at shop where a paint Job was done by G: I. O. workers niul refused to withdraw unless A, P. U could paint it over. Next door, the C. I. O. retaliated by picketing dpnrirlirient £ 161 e where A. P. J-. men were doing a Jo!). Later the department store owner sent out a picket asking why .he was being picketed, rind posted s\gn (center) to back his case. SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON In the Upper IloOih light, turned nlwnys ground. Another essential duty was to Test: Matthew 26:1^30 • BY WU'UAM. K. CilLKOV, D. 1). Editor of Advance Our lesson, based oh Hie story of the Last Supper in '.the-.Upper Room where Jesus was observing the Passover with His disciples, brings us into the closing scenes of our Lord's earthly ministry ami His preparation for Calvary. It is upon this Last Supper and H6slcss to Hrldge'Cura Mrs. Tom Hopper was hostess to her Tuesday Drldgelccre Club and two guests Mrs. Alma G. Copeland and Mrs. Jack VVIinp at her Homo Saturday afternoon. The St. Patrick inotif was carried out in (lie decorations and shamrock favors were given. The high score prize went to Mrs. Floyd Wagster, second high to Mrs. Glynn While, bridge to Mrs. Wimp. The hostess served pear salad, cherry pie topped with whipped cream, crackers and Iced drinks. * * • Dr. and Mrs. E. L. Taylor spent Sunday In Memphis with the fuller's parents, Mrs. Taylor's mother Mrs. DuDard, returned homo will them and is reluming home today. Mrs. Jerry Holly has returnee from Little Hoek where she lint been the guest of her parents, .Mr. nnd Mrs. Jim Bass. Miss Robbie Wilkerson of Dyersburg, Tenn., spent last weekend here with' her lather, Vernon Wll- K'crson, and family. Mrs. Ruth Lawiion and son', El- berl. and Miss Eunice Gn'thric spent Sunday in Poplar Bluff as guest of Mrs. A. J. Outline, Charles Gulhrie nnd baby. Mr. and Mrs. T. I. Brooks 'and J. B. German spent Tuesday in Memphis where Mrs. Brooks consulted a specialist. Mrs. Linnie recovering nfter several weeks illness of in fUienzn, Mr. and . Mrs. Tom Lewis spen Liberty Cash Grocers PRICKS I'OU FRIDAY AND SATURDAY COFFEE Ciinovu or Max. House 1 1J>. Can 24!c MILK Carnation or Pet I! Kmall Cans .., .'i Large Cans . .. Milk 20c TUNA !•'I,ARKS No. i/. Tin OYSTERS Nigger Head, Tin.. CHRRIKS, Red Pitt«<i, No. 2 Can ir ir 10 School Days Peas 11 9 PKTIT POiS No. 2 Can .. •SEI/ECfBD No. 2' Can .. GRAPEFRUIT Texas Seedless ICach the symbolic eating of the PRESERVES Pure Fruit 25 Oz. 25c .PALMOLIVE TOILET SOAP 3 bars 17c FLORIDA ORANGES Large Doz. 19c SUGAR I'ure Cane 10 i'ounds.. Lbs CALIF. ORANGES Sweet Seedless 5 for iSc EGGS Fresh Country Doz. 17c SPINACH 2 Large Cans 17c VEAL CHOPS OR STEAK ^ 20 ONION SETS Gal 25c BUTTER Process Lbs. 32c; Country 25c BEEF ROAST Armour's Lb. 17V DELMONTE MIDGET PEAS HOMINY BROOKS 17c 2 Cans 15c sec that no light escaped from rooms or hallways Into the night, Lights were prohibited on stnir- wnys, except where they could be replaced by little blue globes which cast mysterious and ghostlike shadows on the walls. Windows cither were heavily cminlned or painted In the unlversnl blue wash. , EfTed aiuile Ai-li.slli- Later,' will) ,|li'.a t- remarkable adaptibilty which liie French have or any serious situation, the more nventtve .ones found tiiat green and even orange yellow could produce the same non-Illuminating I'OK HKTTBK CAKES FOR LIGHTER BISCUITS elTect. ns that dismal blue ''gunche" as It is called' Now numbers oi store windows arc tastefully boated with clear green or cheerful" or- nnge yellow and at dusk on" the Champs Elysees, there is RU usual panorama of colored lights until the 11 o'clock closing Unit;.turns them off. ' ' < • Jn addition to Ihe light .dimming colors, almosl all the windows of Parjs are. pasted with criss-cross bands of adhesive paper, which .prevents glass from splllUeflnj^tpc 'much when the bombs fail. Here again French Ingenuity has iin amusing cynicism and, lire papers with nil sorts of fd'e slifiis, pallenis and figures. It.does nol matter just so tlic paper is*.of the glass to prevent loo muc'l splintering, so why not make! i 1 artistic? No (Joiifusicn Over The 1 i o'clock closh strange results. In addition to -th" "cats' eyes" people, develop, 'on soon learns lo dlslingiiish ever; kind pi noire, lying in bed Hies long still nights. In (he early day of • the war every automobile hi lirsl speed sounded like (he brgin- nhiK of an air raid siren, sonic smnirted like Ihc approach of a bombing squndron, wliilc thei French fire apparatus in action} bread and (frink'ing.of the wine that the omniunion service in the Chrisian Church has been established. it is fitting— especially in these lays when there is such great need it drawing Jews and Christians ogether in tolerance and in love another— Hint, the last Supper, which founds' the" Christian service of communion, should have been the Jewish Passover, still observed with such solemnity and devotion by Jews throughout Hit world. THEY SAY SHE'S JUST BEEN INVITED TO A BIG PREVIEW/ Saturday night in Braggadocio a guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Lewis BUTTER qt.21c - .The Passover and the ri of communion have more In eominoh,' however, than this association in the lives of Jesus and His disciples. They arc designed to promote the same spirit of Faith and gratitude to God for His mercy ami salvation. Roth emphasize (he reality of religions fellowship and the consciousness o( a bond of unity in faith, hope and devotion. They also emphasize that clement ol sacrifice that has been so essentially. associated with religious service nnd with human welfare. The progress and betterment of man has been passible because o( those who hnvc borne heavy burdens and accepted great sacrifices to attain it. This last Passover of the disciples with the Master was a period of 1 Western States Seek Narcotics Hospital SACRAMENTO, Cal. (UP>—Western states have responded favorably to the suggestion of Gov. Cnl- bert Olson of California that the western group of states cooperate in seeking construction of a federa narcotics hospital in the west. Letters have been received fron most of tile states, agreeing to ask their congressional delegations to join forces to obtain such an in stltution. ....,;... - -Tlie federal government now op crates ilwo.-sucn hospitals, at. Lex inglon, Ky., and-Fort Worth, Tex CRACKKliS U); BOX IOYAL Gelatine Boxes MILK Can 14 C 14' 5 POTATOES 1(1 I,h. Sack C'OCOANUT Kach . YELLOW ONIONS Pound 15 •24' MATCHES Searchlight or Hose Bud, liox 3c Marshmallows 12'c STOKELY 15EETS No. ZVi Can HOMINY No.- 21/2 Can 10 MONARCH (iucscbcrrics No. 2 Can 25c Blueberries No. 2 Cati 25 Spited Crab Apple Can 21 L Apple Sauce No. 2 Can lit Wilson HAM Ceriiiieil Half or Whole Lb. 23c PORK CHOPS Ib. , , ^ (hc (ljsci)) , es used ii horn similar to the raid , bell , ji warning from thn policemen's control slalions. Farawuy laxicab doors banging In the night sounded like bombs and mosl any deep rumble soiuid- ed like anil-aircraft gun Jn action in the suburbs. No one ever mistakes anti-aircraft guns when thcjf are nturby. They roar and bar!; I with a terrific grinding detonation. But. alter live months Ihe slight- PORK CHOPS Hcsl Grade 2 Lbs. 25 PORK & BEANS Campbell's 2 for 15c CRISCO OR SNOWDRIFT Med 48c PIG LIVER Tender Sliced 71 C I 2 . The .shatl- ow of Ihe Cross wns very definitely upon Him, nnd Ihc disciples, who had turned from all dial thcv had i^lscd BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys If backache ami Icj; patns arc making you miserable, don't jir>t wunpliiin ami <!o nothing ab.out them. Nature in ay be warujnc you Ibat your fci<]neya need intention. Tlic kidneys arc N'tilurc's chief way c>E tnlfins excess acids mid poisono'is waste out ol the WoofJ. Tliey help inotjl pcoi>lo pa&a about 3 ninta & flay. ll the 15 niilca of kidney tubca an-1 fitters tlon't work well, iiouorjoua waste matter st.iy in the Mood. Thtec poi-ions may liarkarlies, rheuuialic fj,itnj. 1^ BUILDING PAPER 500 Sq. Feet 49c FRANCO-AMERICAN SPAGHETTI .... 2 (or 19c SALT MEAT Hc,sl Side Hi. 7'/ 2 t: SOUPS Campbell's Assorted 2 for 19c I' TAMALES 12 in Can (or He HAM Armour's Star, Center Slices, JCii. Hie; Wliole l,li 22V PEAS Fancy Pttit Pois LIMA BEANS Seaside ... No, 2CanlOc 2 (or 17c WE DELIVER Town or Country ('hone 23=1 Any Time, Anywhere Possible n SUn'dftj' Mornings Till 12 a. m. Hardaway Appliance Co. J. W. ADAMS, Slgr. 2n« W. Main 1'houc 233 csl sound is menially tabulated „ l]js Cimhlv and now if a shutter blows closed on the next block, It's n .shutter nnd not a bomb. A taxicab climb-. ing Hie Hue du Bac is a laxicab and not the .siren, and a dispatch motorcycle siieedinK in the night is nol an airplane. Dill when airplanes arc overhead, there Is llllle doiibl as lo ]\isl what, that soft, maintained' purring noise is. It. is n plane. French or German and one waits calmly for the siren or for stlr-nce (o return. Social Life Restricted There 'are more insidious results to this , biaekonl. Imagine nioad- wav al Times Squure. nn! only without, lights, wilhoul traltic. but wilh police enforcing quid 1m- ngmc an) central thoroughfare in any American metropolis suddenly blacked out nl U o'clock, wifh nothing .to do but go home, or quietly assemble In some Iriends house or hotel room Thus Vnri*. famed as lii villc lumlcrc, has been dcadtnnl. Mont- marlrc. once teciiiins wilh lit' from inidnlaht until dimn. is th6 darkest .sccllon ol Ihe city, Monl- inarlrc. high on Its sacred hill, I snd after closing lime. The cafes, nun" cabarets arc open but they close promptly at the horn bcforo What happens is this, f, prrsoi works, fals too much, drinks to 1 much, frequents Ihe same cute because wandering aboul takes u valuable lime, and alter dial Ilk PeVJvs, cither to bed ov t<i w parlies in appointed hut ct, oul places. Gaiety mu.-t bo vC strained to whlsl>crs and soil mu sic. The waislHiic cnlarsn-s I rum In activity. Ihc nerves div-lr- • anlicipnllon of most amUv.uLi b /arre or Iroproiupttt. am! Ijf,. 'j : care and warlike watchluim.s: in Ibis world lo follow Him. were n\i??,leil and disappointed to find thttt. Instead of setting up <"' earthly kingdom. He was going to some mysterious fate. Apparently Ihey did not oven understand what this falc would be or how. through suffering. Iheii Master was lo ful- But, in the dc|)lh of their .sorrow, ncy must have -sensed a deeper lyslery. They may nol have nncler- tood. bill when Jesus broke the read and gave it to them, and •hen He spoke ol Ihe wine In the up as Ills blood, "poured out for remission of sins." and when 1C spoke or Ihe time when He ould drink ol Hie fruit of the 'luc anew will) Hie;» In Ills filler's kingdom, although llicy nay nol have understood, they misl have sensed some world of lory atjovc the tragedy thai over- liadowcd them. We see Ihcsc things aller the acl. We can enter into these cx- .. nagging , fj,itnj. 1^ pains, Irxa Gf an-l energy, getting up n , K i,t ?i jiw, ncas unOcr tlic ryes. hcaflacJiea and ili«i- . Frc(|iicnt or srnnly p;t.s?^gC3 with snucl- • ick your kiilncys (if hta'hler. IKijl tnr Doafi .. ions for over 40 j-t.irs. They cht iiapiiy relief nncl iiill bcip tli !."> inilps of kitlney tutwa flu.ih out iioiaonoi -aale train the blood. Oel [Join's I' HAM HOCK, Lb.-' ... .,li)c PK; LTVER, i,h.:-.-...ioe PORK SAUSAGK, LI). K)c SPARK R!Hi~, Lb. .12i/ 2 e Blaek Hawk Bucojj, R'less Ih Kc Kind On, .Pound.',. ......20f rienic Ham, Pound .. ...i3; : jc Sail Meal, Pound"' lOo Uoilitif Meal Pound O'/jC [Salad Dressing qt. 19c Pull the Trigger on Lazy Bowels, and Also Pepsin-ize Stomach! tV'hcncopslirKilion brings on acid !"<"•<siting. dizey siwlls. gas, coat en tongue, sour l;istc, and had brcalli. your sloirt:icl) is prnhnhly lrnn!c<l tip wilh ccr- laiciutiffipc^lctUfxxfniKiyoxfrlxiwcNfl^i 1 '*- irtwc. S<) you need Ixith Pepsin !(> liclp hrcnktip hsl tli.ilrichnii(Iigci-l«l [(Vxl in ymirslomacli.iiiid laxative Senna lo pull the IrijRcr nti Iliosc Inzy boiycls. Ko he slirK laxative al*> con!;»»a Pepsin. Take Dr. CnMncll'sUisative, becauseils Synip 1'nvin lnl]>.i yon g.iin Ihnl \von- dcrlulstiiiuarhcumforl. while thcl^ixalivc Kcnna moves ynur lyji\cl>. Tcsls prove Ilia lx>\vcrDfl > cp,inlodis5olvelhoscliim)isiil (indigested prolciii fixid which j"ny linger in yonr sloni.nth. ioca«M belching, pislric ncidily nntl naiuoa. This is ho\y |wi)sni- iiingyrairslumachhcliwrcllcvcitofsucli distress. Al Ihe. same lime Ihi3 medicine Wakes up ]n/y nerves and muscles in your bowclj lo reli eve yoiir constiixi lion. Sio see liuw mnrli taller you feel by taKiDB l«c lasalive thai also pills Pepsin lo fcora mi Ihul slomacli discomfort, too. Even nil- icky children los-c lo taste this pleasant family Irmtlvc. Buy Dr. CaW\«il ! s Lax- nlivc- Scnrei with Syrup Pepsin at your dniggist today! Grapefruit Juice CO UN StntL No. 2 CUD . . CAMJMET liakinjr 1'cwtler, !,b. Can . . COCOA, Mothers 2 L)j. Kox 7 19 17 C Rose Mury Grape Juice Pt.14c Qt.26c COFFEE Ch;isc & Sanlioru J Ronco Spaghetti >- 5c Snowdrift or Crisco I.I). Can 1,1). Ciin hi). Ciin Steamboat SYRUP Ni>. 1 Vi C;in ..' .Si- No. 2'/ z Can Me '/2 Gallon 2-k Gallon -13c ANO ii's not only your wife hut YOU who will feel different once you have ,in electric water system. It pays in time saved, adds to crop and slock production. Gives dollars and cents v^Iuc. Prices are low now. Your income will he higher. It's good business to invest in awater system before costs sky- lOckci.Comcand let us give yon dill information. Install a Goulds Autom.illc Water System Tills Year SHOUSE-HENRY HOW. CO. "Tli(> 1'rogrcssivc Slorc" .!. \V. Khousc ,. Wilson l !cnl '>' I'lione 33 ' w»Ten SVSTSM HCAOOUM"*"' Corn Flakes Miller 5 Pure Lard 8 Lb. Carton 63c 4 Lb. Carton 32c [Vienna Sausage, can 5c Heinze Ketchup - 16c rolled Slcat. Can Tonialo Paste. Spaghetti, Hox... Halt, Ui Hi. l!ox CAMAY Hiir RU 3? Sntls dreft I ,ucg« iMediui'i 22c 13c

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